School Members of CCAL, MBL and SCCAL

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1916 In basketball Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Pacific Grove and newest member King City. Hollister and Gonzales were in the CCAL for track, but not Watsonville.

1920 Hollister and Gonzales added for basketball.

League was granted membership in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), which allowed the league to send championship teams to playoffs with other Northern California teams for the Northern California championships. Southern California and San Diego did not have playoffs.

1922 League went to A and B leagues. A league Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Hollister and Salinas. B league: Pacific Grove, Monterey, King City and Gonzales

SCHS played at the Casino for basketball

In 1930 Santa Cruz had 1100 students.

1931 Two schools would play a baseball game in the morning and the have a track meet in the afternoon. Many of the same athletes would participate in both events.

Before the season the players have to take hoes, shovels and wheel borrows to get the fields ready. Many blisters were found on hands.

The Watsonville football game was cancelled because of wet weather on Santa Cruz field. Watsonville wanted to play that day and turned in their uniforms. SC wanted to reschedule the game, but Watsonville declined. No game this season.

1932 New league alignment, no B league this year and Gilroy was added to the league.

Added to the normal A league of Monterey, Salinas, Hollister, Watsonville and Santa Cruz were King City, Gonzales and Gilroy.

added to the normal M, S, H, W, SC are Pacific Grove, King City, Gonzales and Gilroy. No B league and added Gilroy to the league.

Basketball new rule. Ten seconds to get over half court. To stop stalling.

Baseball did not start until track was over this year. In some years schools played the baseball game in the morning and track in afternoon against the same opponent. Both squads would be doubling up.

For 1933 and 1934 only football, basketball and track are considered major sports. The schools are not required to field a minor sport team. Salinas and Monterey dropped baseball.

1934 tennis practiced year around. In the Fall SC practiced three days a week on the Casa Del Ray courts and played tournaments against one another. Regular league was in Spring. Over the years SC had dominated the league.

1939 First all the schools in one CCAL, the league championship was won by Pacific Grove with SC second. Started an individual tournament in 1932.

1940 new rule in OT can have a choice on fouls if either shooting it or taking the ball out of bounds.

1942 played the basketball games during the day because of World War II and no lights were supposed to visible to the ocean at night. There was also gas rationing.

1944 Carmel stared playing in CCAL. Everyone is in one league for basketball and track. Watsonville is not in the league this year, but will be next year. Football and basketball has 5 members Hollister, Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and Carmel. In baseball only Monterey, Hollister, Santa Cruz and Carmel played.


1946 the league went back to the A and B league format. A league: Monterey, Salinas, Hollister, Watsonville and Santa Cruz and for track there was a Big Five meet.

1959 Hollister and Gilroy reentered the league for basketball and baseball.

1960 Added North Salinas

1962 Added Soquel

1964 Added Seaside

By 1965 the league felt that MBL Monterey Bay League would be a better or more appropriate name for the league then CCAL or Central Coast Athletic League and it was changed.

1966 Added Alisal

1969 Added Harbor

1970 Added Aptos

In 1972 the MBL grew too large for one league, so the league was divided into the North Division, Santa Cruz County schools in one league and Monterey and San Benito county schools in the South Division.

1972 Added SLV

MBL went to Northern and Southern divisions with playoff at the end of the seasons for basketball and baseball.

1976 The Santa Cruz County schools broke away from the MBL and formed the Santa Cruz County Athletic League and added Marello Prep to the league.

The Southern division or Monterey county schools continuing on as the MBL.

1979 North Monterey County (NMC) joined the SCCAL.

1981 Marello Prep left the league.

1993 North Monterey County moved to the MBL and Monte Vista Christian joined the SCCAL

2001 Scotts Valley joined the SCCAL.

2002 Monte Vista Christian left the SCCAL to go the MBL.

2005 Watsonville moved to the MBL.

2006 St. Francis of Watsonville joined the SCCAL.

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