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One thousand students enrolled at SCHS this year.

This was a year when there was talk about the need for more activities for students to keep them occupied and entertained. The principal, student commission and superintendent of schools talked about creating a Student Union in the old shop buildings across from the gym. The school board must approve of the plan, even though students seem to be in favor.

New recreation department is being started by the city of Santa Cruz to give students activities and places to go after school hours. One step is using the high school gym two nights a week for boys to play basketball. A folk dancing program will also be started. By the beginning of next year a city recreation director will have been hired to work on many of the programs that should be added.

Coaches: Roger Baer varsity football and track and lightweight basketball. Franklin Lindeburg, varsity basketball and baseball and assistant football.

FOOTBALL Practice games: St Elizabeth 6-0, Santa Clara 18-12 (last score by Stocky Sommers with 5 seconds left in the game for the win); Oakdale 7-13. Practice record: 2-1. League: Salinas 7-0, Hollister 19-7, lost to undefeated Monterey 13-41, Watsonville 0-13. League record 2-2, third. Season 4-3.

The Cards record this year bears out the old adage that “A good big man can beat a good little man.” This year, as last year, there was not enough weight to defeat the better big teams of the league. Despite this lack of weight the Cardinals finished with a 4-3 record.

Starting lineup: ends, Marvin Rickard, Ron Hindley and Cliff King; tackles, Mike Towne, Duane Johnson, Marvin Rickard and Ron Perrigo; guards, Bill Kirby, John Hamber and Wilford Pokriots up from lightweight to fill in for injuries; center, Jim Thomas; halfbacks captain, Gerald McCorkle, Gerard Kenly and Larry Warner; Fullbacks, Don Dickson and Dave Young; quarterback, Stocky Sommer. Others: Denis Welch, Bruce Williams, Gary Gittins, Don McKay, Bob Molering, Flay Rogers, Howard Wetzel, Robert Baker, Charles Roberts, Tom Neri, Frank Palmer, Dean Towne, Wallace Evans Clifford King, Carl LaMothe, Louis Wright, Fred Beans, Dale Bertch, Don Hope, Garvy, Dick Hagquist, Bob Mitchell, Doran Smith, John Fuller Jack Osorio and Al Boyle.

Cardinals Win First League Encounter Against Hollister 19-7. After starting the game by marching for two straight first downs, the Cards were forced to punt, which Hollister returned for 65 yards and their only touchdown. This score held through the first half. Nice runs by Don Dickson set up Stocky Sommers to take it in for six points making the score 6-7. In the third quarter, the Cards took the lead exploding through the line on plays by Dave Young and Dickson and a 20 yard run by Sommers. Dickson crossed over into the end zone and Sommers kicked the conversion. Late in the third quarter, tackle Duane Johnson intercepted a pass on the 15 yard line and galloped over for the last score, putting SC in front 19-7. The coach is still wondering what Mr, Johnson was doing in the backfield at the time, but it is our guess he was highly pleased. The Cards looked good on offense, but showed a need to improve on tackling and blocking. Co-captain, Dave Young played a tremendous game backing the line and carrying the ball. John Hamber, Bill Kirby, Duane Johnson, Will Pokriots, Marvin Rickard, Ron Perrigo and Jim Thomas played hard fought games in the line.

Cards Stop Salinas 7-0 for second straight league win. The Card TD came after a Cowboy fumble that was recovered by Marvin Rickard on the Salinas 30. After a play off tackle that netted 7 yards, Don Dickson went over on a 23 yard jaunt for the Cards only score. Dicksons’ kick for conversion was wide, but Salinas was off side. So on the next play he plunged through center for the point and ending the scoring for the game. Salinas reached the Cardinal 26, but Dave Young intercepted a pass to change the Cowboys ideas. Later in the quarter, the Cards tackling sharpened up and Duane Johnson nailed a Cowboy for a 14 yard loss. Another scare came at the end of the game as the Cowboys reached the 15 yard line on a long aerial. But they fumbled with 30 seconds left and the Cards ran the clock out.

ALL CCAL selections were: bullet passing quarterback Stocky Sommer and rugged guard Bill Kirby out of a 14 man squad. They were chosen by both the sports writers and the coaches who picked separate teams.

LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Practice games: Holy Cross varsity 9-0, Santa Clara 0-6, Oakdale 0-7. Practice record: 1-2. Beat Hollister who had won 4 already, 19-6; Salinas 0-0, Watsonville 0-32, Monterey 14-19. Monterey came from behind in the last two minutes to score two touchdowns for the win. What a difference a win would do to the league record . Would have been 2-1-1 instead of the actual record for League 1-2-1 and season 2-4-1.

Starting lineup; ends, Joe Neri and Bruce Gettys; tackles, Bill Underwood, Harvey Levine and Howard Crampton; guards, Ted Wittwer and Bill Wilson; centers, captain, Tony Anecito and Fred Wagner; quarterbacks, Jack Bueb and Paul Calendrino; wingbacks, Leroy Huggins and Bill Fairhurst; tailbacks, Don Waltrip and Pete Hendrickson; fullbacks, Dale Swire and Terry Erickson. Others: Bill Fairhurst, Bruce Gettys, Leroy Huggins, Richard Stefan, Paul Sandas, Malcolm Campbell, Lloyd Daniels, T. Malone, A. Welch, Marty Norman, Don Metcalf, Derril Millslagle, Richard Stefani, Wayne Bruce, Bob Schofield, Wes Martin, Bob Farrand, Bob Russell, Glenn Tickne, Dick Menefee, Dick Sutton, Sam Zanze, John Anthony, Dauin Waters, Charles McLean, George Anderson, Arnold Carpenter and Charles McDonald.

Cardlets Tie Salinas 0-0. In a exciting game that highlighted by long runs and hard drives, which failed to produce any scoring. The single wing meshed smoothly throughout, but was held scoreless, because of two costly fumbles and a last ditch stand by the Cowbabes. After receiving a Hendricksen kick the Cowbabes moved relentlessly down to the five, where the Cardlets dug in and held them on downs, On the second play after stopping the drive at the 5, fullback Dale Swire spun loose down the left sideline 90 yards to the Salinas 5. After a few plays a fumble turned the ball over. In the third quarter the defense holds again on the 10 yard line. A few plays got the ball out to the 19 from where Hendrickson ripped around end for 61 yards to the 20. Penalties wrecked the Cardlets chances. The Cardlets played hard all the way through. It is the best start of the league season in a while.

Cardlets Win First CCAL Game in two years with 19-6 win over Hollister. The Cardlets literally ran the Haybalers off the field with exceptionally good line play. Some instances found the entire Hollister forward wall pushed into their own backfield. After six plays in the game, the Cardlests started on their own 35 yard line and drove to the Hollister 35 from where Leroy Huggins sliced of right tackle for 35 yards on a wing back reverse registering the first of three Cardlet touchdowns. In the second period, Lefty Waltrip flashed around left end for 22 yards and the second score. Hendrickson’s pass to Swire for the extra point was good making the score 13-0. Hollister surprised the Cardlets with a guard around play for a 35 yard scoring play. Half time score 13-6. The Cardlets put the game on ice in the third period, when Pete Hendrickson pounding on the ground and throwing passes for a combined 48 yards to score the final touchdown making the final score 19-6. The Cardlets run up 218 yards to Hollister’s 106. The single wing formation functioned well through the contest by keeping possession of the ball most of the time.

Cardlet guard, Ted Wittwer received ALL CCAL honors on a 14 man squad.

JV FOOTBALL Boulder Creek varsity 19-18, 18-6; Holy Cross varsity 6-6, Watsonville a loss, Salinas 12-12, Monterey 13-16. Season record 2-2-2.

SC and Salinas played to a 12-12 tie on Saturday at Memorial Field. Salinas scored first in the second quarter. Santa Cruz did not hit pay dirt until the third quarter, when two touchdowns were scored. Neri went off guard for a 40 TD and Jack Osorio went over from the one yard line on a quarterback sneak.

The Cards had a 13 point lead on Monterey only to lose 13-16. In the second quarter after marching up the field to the goal line, Jack Osorio scored on a quarter back sneak. Pete Hendrickson converted. Shortly after Osorio passed to Dean Towne to set the stage for Bob Bly’s scoring run. Two blocked kicks helped set up the Monterey scores.

The team will participate in a football jamboree at Salinas to round off this years football season.

The JV team members are included in the varsity roster above.

BASKETBALL Practice games: Holy Cross 39-19, San Jose 21-36, Los Gatos 24-11, San Jose Frosh 23-57 (does not count on record), Santa Clara won, won; Fremont won, Bellarmine 40-38, Pacific Grove a loss and 20-43; Boulder Creek 61-31, San Jose Tech 35-23, 37-41. Practice record: 8-4. League: Salinas 41-43 OT, 34-28; Hollister 61-19, 33-30; Watsonville 39-38, 31-33 OT; Monterey 27-29, 39-43. A win in the two close overtime losses would have move the Cards up to second place, one win less than league winners Monterey 7-1 record. League 4-4, third. season 12-8.

Monterey the A league winner lost 15-12 to the B league winner Pacific Grove, who also beat SC twice. The playoff game was played to see who would represent the league at the TOC (Tournament Of Champions at Cal Berkeley). At the TOC, Pacific Grove won one and lost two. The first loss at TOC was to Lowell of SF, who had Ken Flower, who was hailed as the greatest prep star in City history. PG led 23-19 at half by deadly shooting from outside Lowell’s zone defense. In the third quarter Flower went to work.

Starting lineup: Ronald Hindley a three year veteran was named ALL CCAL for the second year. His move from forward last year to center, did not hinder his scoring. Ronald was high point man again this season scoring 184 points for an average of 9 a game.

Forward, Don Dickson a three year letterman and first stringer last year is an important player on the backboards. Ron was second on the team in scoring. The other forwards were high scoring Clark Arneal and senior Jack Rowley complemented Dickson in rebounding.

At the guard spots were Clark Arneal and two juniors, Wilford Pokriots up from the lightweight squad to fill the ball handling position and Duane Johnson from the Junior Varsity to do defensive work.

Subs: Dwain Fullerton, Dave Young, Bill McIntyre, Bill Kirby, Dale Swire, Ron Walters, Frank Brumblay, Cliff King and Bunky Millsap.

ALL CCAL selections were Ron Hindley and Don Dickson

LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL practice scores: Holy Cross 24-23, Los Gatos 16-28, San Jose 16-40, Boulder Creek 43-10, Santa Clara loss, loss; Fremont 25-26, San Jose Tech 36-51, loss; Bellarmine 26-40 and Pacific Grove 20-34, loss. Practice record: 2-10. League: Salinas 14-33, Loss; Hollister 38-32, 43-26; Monterey 24-41, 34-28; Watsonville 26-39, Loss. League record 3-5. Season 5-15.

After a slow start the team was much improved in February. In the last game of the season against Monterey, who they had lost to earlier by 19 points, the Cardlets for the first time this season looked like defending champions, by winning 34-28.

Starters: junior center, Bruce Gettys; guards, sophomore Paul Patrick and Nick Vomvolakis the only first stringer back from last year; forwards, co-captain and ALL CCAL selection, Fred Maroni and Chuck Reynolds. Others: Paul Calandrino, Don Waltrip, Perona, Mazzei, Norman, Adams, Dennis Welch, Ledgerwood, Menefee, Viviani and Carpenter.

Fred Maroni was selected for the ALL CCAL team.

JV BASKETBALL proved itself to be one of the best of its kind to come out of SCHS in a long while. They ended the season sweeping nine of their last eleven tussles and the last six straight.

Team members: Bill Kirby (who moved up to varsity toward the end of the season), Gene Pacini, Bob Kenyon, Bob Lindstedt, Walt Pokriots, Bill Nunes, Don Noren, Blasich, Baker, Wetmore, Morrison and Frank.

A fourth basketball team was started this year. It is a freshman team, which played the junior highs, Monterey frosh, Cardlet reserves, Del Mar, Boys Club and other local teams.

Members are Richard Breckon, Bob Keitz, Marcy Montoya, Al Peirona, Peter Van Houten, Mel Bowen, Dudley Walker, Harry Standel and Earl Beck.

All the teams had problems in the middle of the season with measles decimating the squads with up to 5 players at a time being out. It was good that there were adequate replacements ready to step in and fill the gaps.

BASEBALL Practice games: Los Gatos 3-5, Campbell 15-11, Lincoln 10-17, 2-4; Gilroy 4-0, 4-4 tie . Half Moon Bay 14-1, Carmel 0-12, Santa Clara 2-3, 13-15; Washington of Fremont 2-11, 14-3; Bellarmine 5-7. Practice record: 4-8-1. League: Hollister 13-5, 5-1; Watsonville 1-4, 4-6; Monterey 2-3, 7-6; Salinas 4-12, 7-0. League 4-4. Season 8-12-1. Salinas champions.

Joe Aliberti Paces Card Nine; Ball Team Hard Hit by Injuries. After twelve games the Cards have proved they are capable of hitting the ball as they have a .261 team batting average. Joe Aliberti leads the hitters with a .378 batting average, while being a player of many positions. Aliberti, the spark plug of the team is playing on a gimpy leg. Many other minor injuries annoy the horsehiders.

Cards Down Hollister 5-1. Paul Patrick worked the first five innings allowing two hits, one run and struck out six. Vic Carniglia then took over for the next two innings allowing two hits and whiffing two batters. The Cards first tally came in the second inning, when Bill Kirby drew a base on balls and was sacrificed along by McIntire. A well placed bunt by Harold Ward squeezed in Kirby. In the fifth it was the squeeze play that provided the winning margin. Ward led off the inning with a triple and was squeezed home by Patrick. The Cards tallied three runs in the sixth on a home run, which was a powerful smash into the running track surrounding the outfield by Gerald McCorkle. A double by Kirby and a pair of singles by Aliberti and Ward finished the scoring. Batting order: Sommer 3B, Walters 1B, McCorkle CF, Aliberti RF, Kirby LF, Hager SS, McIntire SS, Ward 2B, Sutton C, Patrick P and Carniglia P. McCorkle and Ward had two hits. Walters, Aliberti and Kirby had hits for a total of seven.

Highlights of the season both came against Gilroy in a 4-0 win. A no hitter by pitchers Paul Patrick, Joe Aliberti and Frank Brumblay. In support of that pitching effort Stock Sommers hit consecutive home runs. His only homers all year in one game.
Batting order: Sommer 3B, Ward 2B, Hindley CF, Aliberti SS, P; Dickson RF, Della Santina LF, Walters 1B, Sutton C, Patrick P. Replacements: Hayes RF, Bowen 2B, Van Houten 3B, Welch CF, Kirby LF, Boehme 1B, Hager SS, Brumblay P and Clair pinch hitter.

After losing their first game to Salinas 4-12, Frank Brumblay threw a one hitter against the league champs in a 7-0 end of the season win.

In a 4-1 loss to Watsonville, Paul Patrick gave up only one scratch hit, but due to errors took the loss.

In a practice game against Washington, winner of the PAL league, Bill McIntire threw a no hitter in the 4 innings that he pitched. Those innings were the only pitching he did for the year on varsity.

In a 3-2 loss to Monterey in the last inning, Joe Aliberti threw a 4 hitter. The locals played the best brand of ball that they have played this season. In the first inning Monterey scored a run on a walk and a double. The Cards rallied in the second, tying it up on a single by Bill McIntire, who stole second and scored on Wards single to right. Both teams scored in the fourth to tie the game up until the seventh inning. Monterey started off the seventh with a single and then the next batter hit into a double play that went from Sommers to Ward to Walters. It looked like extra innings coming up, but a walk and a screaming double ended the game. A very disputed play came up in the sixth inning, when Aliberti came home on a pass ball that went to a distant backstop. To quote a player, “a blind man could have saw he was safe”. But that was not the way the Monterey umpire saw it.

Second baseman, Harold Ward was unanimously elected team captain for his constant hustle and outstanding defense. Harold was also the team leader in stolen bases.

Joe Aliberti, who can play any position, but catcher was probably the MVP of the squad. Joe led the regulars in hitting with a .323 average, runs 16, doubles 7 and total bases 32, as well as playing superb defense. Joe pulled a shoulder muscle and was unable to pitch after his 4 hitter against Monterey. Joe had very good control walking only one and fanning 16 in fifteen innings.

Bill Kirby played for the JV team until later in the season, when he showed he was capable of hitting varsity pitching, by hitting .347.

Dale Swire was the only other regular to hit over 300, while catching and playing the outfield.
Listed by name position and batting average. Players with 50 or more at bats: Joe Aliberti SS, OF, 323; Harold Ward 2B, 236; Gerald McCorkle OF, 231; Ron Walters 1B, 235; Stocky Sommer 3B, 197. Those in the 30’s at bats: Ron Hindley OF, 1B, 229; Bill McIntire SS, 222; Dick Sutton C, 129. Twenty’s at bats: Bill Kirby OF, 347; Dale Swire C. OF, 304; freshman, Hager SS, 261; Don Dickson OF, 182. Teens: Daniel OF, 167; Louis Della Santana OF, 167; Vince Carniglia P, 147; Frank Brumblay P, 000; Hays OF, 571 and Welch OF, 143

Pitching was the strong point of the team. Most teams do not have 4 capable men on the mound. Pitchers with 15 or more innings pitched. Listed by name, games pitched, innings pitched, won and loss (W or L), strike outs, walks and earned run average.
Patrick 13 47 2 3 55 29 2.76
Carniglia 12 36 3 4 34 23 2.23
Brumblay 12 30 1 3 21 23 4.47
Aliberti 5 15 2 1 16 3 1.50
Hindley 2 2 1

TRACK at CCAL meet, varsity seventh and lightweights sixth.
After the main CCAL meet a consolation meet with the none scorers participating was held. SC took first place for the first victory in any meet this year.

At the Big Five meet, Watsonville 91, Salinas 58, Monterey 31 and Santa Cruz 25.
Ted Wittwer place first in the mile, bettering his record again this week with a time of 4:49.4. Bob Bly nabbed his fourth straight 440 victory with a :52.9 performance. Charles McLean took third in the 880. The good Cardinal 880 relay team was disqualified for running in the wrong lane.

Lightweight Big Five Meet. Salinas 47, Monterey 43, Hollister 22, Watsonville 21 and Santa Cruz 4. Fred Migues nabbed the pole vault with an excellent 10’ 6” jump.

At the CCAL championship meet varsity placers were: second place finishers were Bob Bly in 440 and Ted Wittwer in mile. McLean took fifth in the 880 and SC took fourth in the 880 relay.

Lightweight placers: Adams placed second in the pole vault. Menefee took third in the 120 high hurdles and fourth in the 220 low hurdles. Migues took fourth in the pole vault. Neil Gittens fifth in high jump. The 880 relay team took fifth place.

NCS at Cal Berkeley the varsity had two entrants Bob Bly 440 and Ted Wittwer in mile. Bly who’s best time of :51.2 is better then the best San Francisco runner, but .8 seconds off the meet record is expected to at least be in the top three. On the basis of previous times, his chief rival will be Rogers of Watsonville. Wittwer had to go against four runners from The City of the Golden Gate, who have bettered his best time. He did well against them as he ended up third at the State meet in LA against the very best.

The results of the NCS meet was not available.

Lightweight NCS entrants Dick Menefee high and low hurdles; Art Adams and Fred Migues pole vault and Neil Gittens high jump.

At the STATE meet at the Los Angeles Coliseum Ted Wittwer, the only participant from SCHS, placed third in the mile against the best in the state. Very high honors.

Other varsity scorers: Gerard Kenly, Charles McLean, Marv Rickard, Ken Frisbie, Don Dakan, Don Waltrip, Russell, Ron Perrigo, Pete Hendrickson, Dave Young, Howard Crampton, Towne, Hope, Millslagle, Reynolds, Root, Anders, Adams

Other lightweights: Kilpatrick, Burns, Norman, Bragden, Reynolds and Brown.

TENNIS went 1-7 in league. Players are listed in the order of their matches, the best player first. Don McPherson (who only lost one league match), Don Yee, Dale Bertsch, Richard Breckon and Bob Kurtz. Other members: Faley, Zamze, Brown, Payne and Dettle. All members of the team will be back next year.

GOLF third place. Top man is junior, Gene Paccine who is a basketball player of some renown. Several times he has scored in the 70’s at Pasatiempo, a fairly tough course. The player with the most potential is smooth swinging, sophomore, Skeeter” Cunard. Frosh, Mel Amaya will be very good by his senior year. Junior, Clark Arneal in his first year shot consistently in the 90’s. Fred Wagner another sophomore, shot in the high 80’s


Don Dickson was a three sport letterman. Don won ALL CCAL laurels for his superb basketball playing. He was varsity fullback for two years as a hard driver through the line as well as streaking around end. Don received second string ALL CCAL honors on the gridiron. Don patrolled the outfield for two years on the Card nine. He was forced from the lineup midway through the season by a recurrence of a water on the knee injury. Don’s biggest thrill was scoring all the runs a 7-0 win over Salinas. A three sport man.

Stocky Sommers won honors as an ALL CCAL quarterback after playing three years of football. One as a lightweight and two on varsity. On the baseball squad, he held down the hot corner for two seasons. As a freshman he lettered in golf. Although very light for varsity, Stocky mastermind the Cards to a successful season. He also was a force in the defensive backfield. The University of Arizona is his next probable stop.

Ron Hindley is known as Santa Cruz’s all-around athlete. A three year letterman in basketball, Ron was picked unanimously as an ALL CCAL performer for two seasons. In his junior season he led the league in scoring. This year he was third in scoring and was named team captain . Ron was a glue fingered end on the varsity for two years, headed for all league honors until receiving a back injury in the third game of the year. In baseball Ron played first base, outfield and pitched. He led the team in batting his junior year. Trouble seemed to derail Ron his senior year as midway in the second sport, he lost time with a throat infection. For what should have been a stellar year was not what it should have been for Ron. Much success to Ron as he continues his career at San Jose State.

Ron Perrigo, although light for a varsity lineman played first string tackle was known for his spirit and hard play. A big moment this year for Ron was when his fellow tackle, after making an interception, lateraled the ball to him and Ron ran the ball down to the 8 yard line. Ron ran the century for the cinder men and occasionally tried his hand at the hurdles. Ron is an excellent boxer and probably will be heard from in the near future as he plans to go out for the nationally ranked San Jose State boxing team.

Ted Wittwer took third place in the mile at the NCS meet. Which qualifies him for the State meet at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Ted has earned this honor for two years. At the STATE meet against the best runners in California Ted took third place. A very big accomplishment. Ted also ran the anchor leg for distance medley relay team. Ted’s other big sport was as first string guard on the lightweights for two years. This year he was honored as an ALL CCAL guard.

Dale Swire was the lightweight first string fullback for two years receiving second team ALL CCAL honors this year. Dale claims his biggest moment came when he ran 91 yards against Salinas, but did not score. Dale was the catcher and outfielder with a 300 batting average for the local nine.

Cliff King started playing football as a third string lightweight and in his final year emerged as a second string varsity player, a notable achievement. Cliff scored on a pass play, which was the only one registered against the “Magnificent” first team of Monterey. Cliff was also on the basketball and baseball teams.

Frank Brumbley played junior varsity basketball in his sophomore and junior years. Frank proved to be a valuable player on the ‘49 varsity court team. Frank pitched and played the outfield for three years. This year he was the main relief pitcher for the horse hiders, playing in more games than any other pitcher.

Harold Ward played junior varsity up until his last year, when through his constant practice and hustle, he patrolled the keystone area like a tiger for the varsity and was always a threat at the plate. For all his efforts he was chosen as team captain.

Joe Aliberti has been on the varsity baseball squad since his freshman year. Joe can play any position on the baseball field, but catcher was probably the MVP of the squad and he did it with exceptional ease. Joe led the regulars in hitting with a .323 average, runs 16, doubles 7 and total bases 32, as well as playing superb defense. Joe pulled a shoulder muscle and was unable to pitch after his 4 hitter against Monterey. Joe had very good control walking only one and fanning 16 in fifteen innings. Joe was also a promising football player until an injury kept him out of action.

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