1945 – 1949

Download complete file with overview and stats: 1940’s Overview


The first names listed are for All CCAL and league meet winners, The rest of the honors will be listed separately, such as North Coast Section (NCS), Northern California Invitational (NCI) for wrestling, State for track and All American honors

1940 FOOTBALL Dick Voris

BASKETBALL Bill Foote, Brad Trine and Don Griffin

TRACK TO NCS Marshall Broughton, Fred Dixon and Jack Coen
Lightweights to NCS Mario Esposito, Roy Deems, Wesley Curtis, Troyer, Jay Blaine, Lolis Simpson, Jim Smethers, Miller, Bob Puget and Phillips

1941 GOLF STATE TOURNAMENT top golfers Ernie King and Tom Butler

TENNIS Eugene Shatkin lost in finals of NCS

TRACK TO NCS Jack Scofield.
Lightweights: Malcom Macauley, Bob Stiffler, Roy Morgan and Bob McCullah

Tridents sports department picked the football ALL CCAL teams.
1941 FOOTBALL Johnny Davis, Vic Ghidinelli, Bob Steele and Jack Scofield
Lightweights: Ernie King, Bill Dickson and Jimmy Smethers

1942 The Sentinel-News picked the football and basketball teams this year.
1942 FOOTBALL Talbert Newhart and Andy Demos

BASKETBALL Dick Fassio and Eugene Shatkin
The starting lightweight team, who dominated the league: Mario Esposito, Jim Choisser, Bill George, Malcom Macaulay and Tom Osuki.

TRACK NCS Jay Blaine and Wayne Fontes.
Lightweights Malcom Macauley, Bob Stiffler, Harold Antonnetti, Dick Hachbarth

TENNIS Singles: Eugene Shatkin
Doubles: Mike Nittler and Eugene Shatkin

GOLF Dick King, Jim Wilson and Bob Searle

1943 No Interscholastic events. Did play city league and inter-murals.

1944 BASKETBALL lightweight: Malcom Macauley

TRACK Ron Hall and Irwin Cardiff

1945 FOOTBALL Ed Dsyle, Alvin Demos, Ed Withrow and sophomore, Roy Johnson

TRACK Ed Withrow

1946 FOOTBALL Ed Withrow, Rich Rampone and Don Silva

Lightweights, John Motta and Wes Juhl

TRACK Ray Kranich, Ronald Hall and Earl Blain

1947 FOOTBALL Roy Johnson.
Lightweights: George Vomvolakis, Bill Trotts, Henry Chin

BASKETBALL Wes Juhl and Roy Johonson.
Lightweights: George Vomvolakis and Jack Alzina

TRACK TO NCS Roy Johnson, David Orr, Gene Crowley, Bill Walker, Ray Kranich. Lightweight, Al Wright
TO NCS and STATE Cassius Bly and Ted Wittwer

GOLF Vernon “Bud” Troyer

1948 FOOTBALL Bill Walker and Wes Stanton

BASKETBALL Ron Hindley and Dick Garvey.
Lightweight Don Lusby and Barry Middaugh

TRACK TO NCS: Wayne Thorp, Ted Wittwer, Marvin Rickard, Don Dakan and Dave Jordan

1949 FOOTBALL Bill Kirby and Stocky Sommers.
Lightweights: Bill Wilson, Ted Wittwer

BASKETBALL Ron Hindley and Don Dickson.
Lightweight, Fred Maroni

NCS AND STATE Ted Wittwer.

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