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An attempt to get a suitable facility for the swim team did not materialize and there were 43 disappointed prospective swimmers who had signed up to be on the swim team. It is time for the school to build a pool, since we are a water background. Everyone should learn to swim to live in Santa Cruz.

Unbeknown to most students, but SCHS has on of the best rifle teams in the state. The team beat Merced in the Northern Cal finals, which qualifies them for the State meet in Sacramento.
Roy Arnold the shooting “bug” brought fame to SC this year when he captured the STATE rifle trophy.

Coaches: Roger Baer, varsity football and baseball; Franklin Lindeburg, varsity basketball and assistant varsity football. Will Morgan, track. Stu Fowler, lightweight football and basketball. Charles Smith, C and D basketball and golf; John Carey, tennis. Emmett Thompson, junior varsity basketball and assistant lightweight football. Jack Fiebig, wrestling.

FOOTBALL practice games: Santa Clara 13-12, Jefferson 18-6. Practice record 2-0. League: Salinas 20-19, 32-20; Watsonville 6-6, 14-20; Monterey 19-0, 24-18. League 4-1-1, second place to Watsonville. Season 6-1-1 The best season since 1944.

Starting line ups: ends, Gary Paden, Dick Towne, Wes Martin and co-captain, Tom Wilson; tackles, Harry Pappa, Chuck Sanflippo and “Fuzzy” Foote; guards, co-captain, Bill Bell, John Anthony and Keith Cutler; center, Glen Tichner; backs, Gene Mazzei, Rich Kirby, Al Cheney, Bob Scofield, Don Metcalf and Ron Hager.

Other players: Carrithers, Metcalf, Gregg, Reese, D. Towne, Applegarth, F. Mathes. Jim Simkins, Camera, F. Fehn, John Biondi, Smith, Martin, O’Conner, Goode, Moreno, Burns, Gillies, Warren Perrigo and Mattingly,

In the last Watsonville game the Cards led going into the fourth quarter and if they could have held on would be champs. They still had a superior season.

In the first game of the season swivel hips, Rich Kirby ran through the Santa Clara defense 54 yards for a touchdown. Tom Wilson’s crushing block on two Santa Clara defenders on the Panther 30 yard line gave Kirby clear sailing. Rich is also the Cardinal toe, drop kicking field goals and conversions with the ease and confidence of a seasoned pro. (At this point in football the drop kick is a lost art)

Twice at the same game, punter Gene Mazzei while deep in this own territory brushed aside the code of ethics and became a strategist. Instead of kicking the ball out of danger, he chose to run instead and made the first downs. It worked Gene, but please take it a little easier form now on our blood pressure as well as the coaches. We can not take it very often.

Mazzei has gained the title of “the mad magician” for his accurate bullet passes, spectacular faking and daring generalship on the field. Since Gene handles the ball on every play, he was pivotal in the success of the well oiled, smooth offensive Cardinal machine.

In a tight 20-19 come from behind win against Salinas, Bob Scofield piled up 173 yards on 15 plays for an 11.6 yards per carry. One of his runs was for a 40 yard TD. At the same game “The Toe” Kirby reached into his bag of tricks. Faking a drop kick, “Rapid” Rich passed to Tom Wilson in the end zone for the extra point. In the fourth quarter after hitting pay dirt on a five yard romp, Rich added the winning extra point.

In a disputed play against Monterey, Mazzei flipped a short pass to Paden, who after receiving the ball, lateraled out to Bob Scofield, who went over untouched. But a whistle was blown at the 10 nullifying the score. On the next play Hager ran to the two and on the following play Mazzei sneaked over behind the push of his line.

Bill Bell, a defensive lineman, scooped up a loose ball and ran it 54 yards for a touchdown. He is one of the few linemen, who end up in the scoring column. Linemen recover fumbles, but usually they are not quick enough to run half the length of the field to score.

The scoring for the season by the Cardinals: Rich Kirby 26, Bob Scofield, Ron Hager and Al Cheney 24, Gene Mazzei 18, Tom Wilson 13, Gary Paden 7, Bill Bell 6, John Anthony 2.

Ron Hager led the league in yardage gained. Bill Bell and Al Cheney were great on both offense and defense and according to the Trident deserved all league consideration.

Gene Mazzei was given honorable mention on the ALL NORTHERN CAL team picked by the San Francisco Examiner. Gene is leaning toward Oregon for a future school. Al Cheney, Cardinal block buster likes Cal.

This year separate offensive and defensive teams were picked giving more opportunities for players to be ALL CCAL selections. Four Cardinals were chosen. End, Tom Wilson; quarterback, Gene Mazzei; defensive back, Don Metcalf and back, Bob Scofield.

LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FOR THE FIRST TITLE SINCE 1933 Practice games: Santa Clara 12-7, Holy Cross varsity 38-11. Practice record 2-0. League: Salinas 12-7, 29-20; Watsonville 19-12, 7-13; Monterey 12-0, 12-12. League 4-1-1. Season 6-1-1. Ended up with the same record as the varsity except the lightweights won the championship.

Starting line up: ends, Bob Newton, and Bob Kranich; tackles, Bill Pike, Walt Henderson and Bob Sakata; guards, Skip Tara, co-captain Pete Likins and Todd Likins; center, Dave Herman; backs, Jim Vomvolakis, Norm Bedell, Ron Dillahey, co-captain Pete Thomas, Vern Huffman, Dave So and Dave Ingols.

Others: Murphy, Wallace, Skip Tara, Sakata, Nick Pagnini, Lance Bei, McLean, Phil Walters, Parr, Mathes, Papper, Likes, Kuhnau, Mando, Church, A. Mitchel, T. Mitchell, Coutts, Traylor, Packer, Brazil, Cardiff, Cook, Costa, Silva, Dunn, Martin , Sherman, Plattner, Fehn, Sutherland, Palmer, York, Watson, Huston, Raffin, Mathews, Tuttle, McCoy, Richey, Ash, Hansen, Partlow and Wagner,

The Cardlets potent offense led by Norm Bedell’s rifle arm showed up in the Monterey game with both scores in the game coming from his touchdowns tosses of 22 and 35 yards. The quickness and hard running by backs Ron Dillehay, Pete Thomas, Dave Ingols, Jim Vomvolakis and Verne Huffman were made possible by the fine blocking received from the interior line of, Bill Pike, Walt Henderson, Bob Sakata, Skip Tara, Pete Likins, Todd Likins and Dave Herman.

The coaches after the Salinas game thought highly of the play of linemen Walt Henderson, Pete Likins, Bob Newton and Dave Herman, plus backs Dillehay and Vomvolakis.

Walt Henderson did something a lineman normally does not get a chance to do. Walt picked up a fumble and scored, feeling the thrill of crossing the goal line for a TD. He is a demon on defense, disrupting other teams plays.

Coaches comments after the Monterey game were the offensive and defensive play of Thomas and Dillehay was outstanding all night. The passing combination of Bedell to Newton was something to marvel at. “Pistol” Pete Thomas shoots around the ends and picks up yardage for the lightweight team is one of the best in the league.

At a junior lightweight game on Saturday morning, some of the inexperience players were piling on after the whistle had blown. The coach went over and told them to quit their piling on. Instantly an unidentified player, sincerely asked quizzically “ we can jump on ‘em if they’re still wiggling, can’t we?”

This year separate offensive and defensive teams were picked given more opportunities for players to be ALL CCAL selections.
Six Cardlets who were chosen were guard, Pete Likins; end, Bob Newton; back, Pete Thomas; quarterback, Norm Bedell; back, Ron Dillehay and tackle, Walt Henderson.

BASKETBALL practice games: Fremont 38-46, 38-36; Bellarmine 47-37, Gilroy 41-38, Washington 47-31, Los Gatos 41-30, 39-43; Campbell 65-49, 56-49; James Lick 51-44, Santa Clara 37-40, 45-41; Willow Glen 41-39. Practice record: 10-3 League: Monterey 49-54, 45-48; Watsonville 41-52, 35-36; Salinas 48-46, 37-40. League 1-5. Season 11-8.

Starters names, position and points scored: Rich Montgomery, C, 119; Ron Hager, G, 73; Gary Paden, F, 127; Pete Van Houten, G, 50; Gene Mazzei, F, 152; captain, Rich Kirby, G, 65; Al Peirona, F, 100; Dan Childers, C, 32 and Norm Wadell, F, 70 Others: Don Ingols, 6; Dick Breckon 18; Jim Simkins, F, 6; Pete Thomas, F, 12; Wayne Lovelace, F, 11; and Milt Devitt, Glen Tickner, Jack Nystrom 0 each,

Quickies from the Trident: As an extra incentive to work on free throw shooting the varsity coach has posted a free trip to the Cal vs. Stanford game in March for the player registering the best free throw percentage for the season.

In the first three CCAL games Ron Hager is batting a thousand in the fouling out department.

In the first battle between the two dominate centers in the league, our 6’5”, Rich Montgomery and well built 6’7”, Chuck Howell of Monterey came out about even or a little to Rich’s side. Howell was limited to 4 points, but his rebounding proved to be the difference in the two clubs.

The story for the Cards is ‘as Montgomery goes, so go the Cards‘. In the second Monterey game, for all purposes for the championship, Monterey outscored the Cards 15 to 3 in the second quarter. Rich Kirby playing his best game of the season, scoring 12 points along with Rich Montgomery and Ron Hager with 10 each. The hustling Cards got the score margin down to one, but could not make the last push, losing a hard fought game 45-48.

Another tight game was a 48-46 overtime win against Salinas. With seconds left in regular time, Salinas had two foul shots, anyone of them would have won the game, but both were missed to give the Cards the chance to win in OT.

ALL CCAL selection Rich Montgomery

LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL practice games: Fremont 37-21, 36-28; Bellarmine 36-21, Gilroy 40-15, Washington 27-26, Campbell 30-38, 36-39; Los Gatos 36-28, 32-26; James Lick 35-40, Santa Clara 24-45, 20-27; Willow Glen 22-31. Practice record: 7-6. League: Monterey 30-45, 19-27; Salinas 21-34, 26-38; Watsonville 20-28, 19-31. League record 0-6. Season 7-12.

Starters names, positions and points scored: Len Klempnaur, G, 120; Phil Walters, G, 21; Joe Monachello, G, 75; captain, Ron Dillehay, G, 84; Aldo Mazzei, F, 18; Jack Church, C, 97; Norm Bedell, F, 28; and Leon Dunn, F, 42; Others: Phil Martin, G. 13; Don Nunes; Jim Fitzpatrick, F, 16; Marvin Gangloff, C, 1; Gerald Simkins 7; Jim Zackary, F, 5; and Bill Marlow, Don Nunes, T.J. Scott 0 each.

The loss of Joe Monachello with a broken foot, before the first league game was a large loss.. The team had a 7-2 record before Joe went down in the first quarter of the Fremont game, which the Cardlets won 36-28. The team proved they could still win. The Cardlets put the pressure on in the third period led by Dillehay, Klempnauer and Church increasing their lead to a nine point margin. Scoring: Dillehay 12, Church 10, Klempnaur 8, Dunn 4, Monaachello 2, Bedell, Mazzei, Gangloff and Walters 0 each.

Len Klempnaur came through scoring wise to lead the season scoring with a high of 120 points.

ALL CCAL selection Ron Dillehay was one of only seven selected.

C BASKETBALL scores Santa Clara 22-21, 37-20; Los Gatos 42-18, 34-6; Lincoln 27-28, 24-36; Willow Glen 22-21. Record 5-2.

Players: Len Klempnauer, Drew, Abrams, Raiche, Jim Monachello, Aldo Mazzei, Ron Busenhart, G. Simkins, Mallery, Allen, Baker, Murray and Summers.

D BASKETBALL scores: Santa Clara 21-20, 22-18; Los Gatos 16-22, 20-24; Lincoln 18-13, 22-16; Willow Glen 18-26. Record 4-3

Players: Bruce, Hones, Grant, Stears, Hadsell, Mike Vomvolakis, Steve Buffon, Ransworth, Adams, Fitzpatrick Stickles and Sutherland.

JV BASKETBALL high school scores: San Lorenzo 32-31, 43-35; Holy Cross 49-13, 57-43; Carmel 41-29; Salinas 48-25, 42-28. Undefeated against high school teams with record of 7-0. In City League play they were 10-3. Season 17-3. The only losses came in City league to the champion 20-30 Club and all three losses were by one point.

Starters Warren Perrigo, Terry Webster, Jim Gillies, Jim Vomvolakis, Dale Burns, Henry Papa, Bob Newton and Tom Elward. Subs: Dave Sutherland, Dale Noland, Mahlon Foote, Eddie Coutts and Ron Bellangere.

WRESTLING in just the second year of competition and still learning the team went 1-9 in dual meets. There only win coming against Fremont 30-13. (The experience the squad gained this year without any seniors will put them in good stead next year when they end up winning the league.)

Juniors Ron Dixon and Pete Likins were the top flight men on the squad. Dixon a 191 pound heavyweight, won 7 matches by pin, lost one by pin and another by decision.

At the CCAL tournament Pete Likins and Ron Dixon won their weight classifications and will participate at the Northern Cal championships. Others qualifying are Al Raiche and Ed Ferrell who won second place medals.

Pete Likins took second place honors at the NORTHERN CAL tournament. Ron Dixon went out in his second match and Al Raiche was sick. The tournament rule that two wrestlers of the same school can not compete in the same weight class kept Ed Ferrell from competing. (Ed will make up for it in the next two years.)

Other team members and their weight class: Stahlman, 112; Weaver, 127; McClug, 103; Packer, 138; McLean, 127; Murphy, 133; Ed Farrell, 145; Foster, 175; Larsen, 165 and Todd Likins, 154.

BASEBALL lost the first 5 games to the same opponent, rain! Finally with the start of the league only a week away, the team was happy to play their first practice game. Practice games: Los Gatos 2-3, 2-3; Fremont 10-5, Santa Clara 8-9, Bellarmine 5-11, 5-12. Three games that were losses are not listed. To match the pitching records the practice record is 1-8. League: Watsonville 3-0, 0-2; Monterey 21-5, 4-5; Salinas 2-13, 2-7. League record 2-4. Season 3-12.

Wet weather has caused game after game to be cancelled and the league season delayed and practices held in the gym, if at all.

Even though there were only two first stringers, Ron Hager and Pete Van Houten, back from last years team, this years team started the league season off with two wins, but it turned out they were to be the only two wins in league.

Starting line up name, position and batting average with 10 or more at bats: Norm Bedell, 3B, 188; John Simkins, 2B, 294; Al Van Sickel, 1B; 222; Pete Van Houten, RF, 220; Ron Hager, SS, 320; Milt Devitt, LF, 100; Bob Newton, CF, 190; freshman, Rich Hager, C, 200; Gordon Hangaard, P, 185; Rod Coburn, OF, 231; Jim Vomvolakis, OF, 200; Ron Rulafson, C, 176; Gene Mazzei, OF, 167; Ron Dillehay, OF, 077. Other team members: pitcher, Henry Pappa; Infielders: Mel Bowen, Joe Monachello, Pete Thomas and Carrithers.

Pitching records by name, wins, losses and earned run average:

Win loss ERA
Gordon Hangaard 2 4 2.61
Rod Coburn 1 6 4.48
Ron Hager 0 1 4.48
Henry Papa 0 1 10.22

SC reached the heights of glory as Gordon Hangard started the league season off by blanking Watsonville 3-0 on one hit. The next victims of Gordon’s slow ball was Monterey.

Pete Van Houten, Al “Lefty: Van Sickle and John Simkins are leading the Cardinal attack.

ALL CCAL. The power house, champion Salinas team had 5 all league players, Watsonville 4, Monterey 2 and SC 1 to round out the 12 man squad. Pete Van Houten was chosen ALL CCAL for the second year in a row. Van Houten has been a steady player through out the season. Not flashy, but always there when needed. A good hitter, Van Houten was the number five batter in the league.

JV BASEBALL won 8 and lost 2. Some of the wins were against Holy Cross, San Lorenzo Valley and Watsonville 13-4, 16-13. The only losses were to Salinas.

Team members with positions and batting averages following: Tom Carrithers, 2B, 455; Aldo Mazzei, 3B, 361; Arnold Gregg, 200; Tom Reese, 143; Pete Thomas, LF, 380; Bill Reese, RF, 286; Larry Parr, 1B, 393; Ron Ballanger, Ron Dillehay, CF, 077; Jim Zachary, SS, 350; Bob Cardiff, P, 333; Phil Walters, 1B, 206. Gerald Simpkins, Tom Silva and Larry O’Brien.

Varsity scoring at the CCAL Meet: Salinas 63, PG 52, Watsonville 32, Hollister 25, SC 19, Carmel 17, King City 16, Monterey 11, Gilroy 8, Gonzales 4.
Lightweight scoring at the CCAL meet: Salinas 74, Hollister 41, Gonzales 38, Watsonville 36, PG 20, Monterey 15, SC 13, Gilroy 6, Carmel 3.

Trident. At the CCAL meet, Al Cheney took individual high point honors and set a best for him in the shot put with a throw of 53 feet. Al the 215 pound “Iron Man” brought honor to SC in the 1952 track season, by qualifying for the STATE meet in Los Angeles winning the shot put at NCS with a heave of 52‘2 3/4“. Then coming through at STATE with a respectable sixth in the field of 18 of the best shot putters in California.

Sentinel May 25. At the State meet at the Los Angeles Coliseum before a crowd of 5,384, Al Cheney placed sixth in the shot put, one place off the five places that are scored. Leon Patterson of Taft set a new National Intersholastic shot put record with a heave of 60 feet, 9 7/8 inches. Jefferson of Los Angeles won for the second year in a row with 29 ½ points, followed by Compton 14 ½, Alameda 13, Selma 10, Edison of Fresno 9. No school or individual from the CCAL scored.

May 18. Al Cheney First In Shot Put; NCS Finals. Regaining mid-season form big Al Cheney threw the shot put 52-2 ¾ to take first place at the NCS finals and qualify for the State meet in Los Angeles. Cheney qualified in his low hurdles heat, but finished last in the finals. He failed to placed in the trials of the high hurdles. Santa Cruz tied for eleventh place with Napa both scoring 8 points at the NCS meet. CCAL champion, Salinas came in just ahead of the Cards with 10 points.
At NCS Bob Rader garnered a fifth spot in a lightweight low hurdles trial heat, which did not qualify him to go on.

May 11. Two Cards Qualify In Meet. At the NCS division two meet at San Jose. Al Cheney, who placed fourth in both hurdle events and third in the shot put. CCAL champion Salinas came in fourth with 21 points, while PG and Watsonville tied for sixth with 19 points.
Lightweight Bob Rader qualified with a fifth place in the low hurdles. Both will go on to the NCS finals next week at UC Berkeley.

May 12. At the CCAL Consolation meet for all who failed to qualify for the NCS division two meet can participate in the this meet in Hollister. Final varsity scores: Hollister 69, Salins 49, Watsonville 35, Monterey 27, PG 25, Gilroy 13, Gonzales 11, SC 10, Carmel 8. Varsity participants were Bob Younger, Norm Wedell and Ferrell Mathes. ( no mention of how SC participants did in their events)
Lightweight scores: Watsonville 71, Monterey 67, Hollister 33, Salinas 21, PG 17, SC 14, Gilroy 14 and Gonzales 13. Traylor Wins 660 In CCAL Cinder Meet. Coach Will Morgan praised Steve Traylor for his fine performance in the 660. Traylor ran his best race of the season to win. The race was all even at the halfway mark, but from there on Traylor started to leave the field behind, to finish in 1:34.2. Others who participated in the meet were Al Fehn Tom Palmer and Pete Likins.

Sentinel May 4. Cardinals Fifth In CCAL Finals. No First Places. Varsity scoring: Salinas 63, PG 52, Watsonville 32, Hollister 25, SC 19, Carmel 17, King City 16, Monterey 11, Gilroy 8, Gonzales 4. SC was unable to win a first place in either division. Al Cheney picked up 15 points, by placing second in three events, 180 low hurdles, 120 high hurdles and the shot put. Cheney’s heave of 51-5 beat the old record of 50-8, but the PG shot putter threw 51-11 ½ for the new record and the win. Bob Scofield picked up SC’s other four points, by placing third in the 440 and fifth in the broad jump.
Lightweights: Salinas 74, Hollister 41, Gonzales 38, Watsonville 36, PG 20, Monterey 15, SC 13, Gilroy 6, Carmel 3. Vern Huffman and Bob Rader, both placed in two events for the Cardlets, while Phil Murphy place third in the shot put. Huffman was third in the broad jump and fourth in the 150 dash. Rader was third in the 70 high hurdles and fourth in the 120 low hurdles.

April 27. CCAL Trials. SC Card Thinclads Qualify For Finals. Nine SC track men qualified, five for the Card and four for the Cardlets qualified for the CCS finals at Salinas. Al Cheney qualified for the 120 high hurdles, 181 low hurdles and the shot put. Bob Scofield placed in the broad jump, 440 and led the relay team to victory along with Al Cheney, Bob Younger and Norman Wadell. Neil Gittins tied for first in the high jump at 5-5..
Lightweights qualifying are Bob Rader in three events, the 70 high hurdle, 120 low hurdles and the broad jump. Phil Murphy is in the shot put and Al Fehn in the 330 yard run. Sophomore, Vern Huffman will do the 150 yard dash and broad jump.

April 6. At the Big Four meet, Al Cheney Wins Top Honors: Cards Last. Big Four Meet Score: Salinas 103, Watsonville 58, Monterey 44, SC 34. Al Cheney, SC’s version of Bob Mathias of Olympic fame, received the gold trophy for being the outstanding man of the meet. Cheney took two first and one second to rack up 21 points of SC’s total of 34. Cheney won the 120 high hurdles in 15.4 for what is believed to be a new meet record. The shot put of 49-3 was good enough to win, even though it was a little short of his best efforts. And he placed second in the 180 low hurdles. Gary Gittins captured first in the high jump at 5-8. Norm Wedell and Bob Newton accounted for the rest of the Cards points. Wedell was second in thr broad jump and fourth in the 440. Newton was fifth in the 180 low hurdles. The relay team was third.
Lightweights; Score: Salinas 119, Watsonville 59, Monterey 53, SC 14. Vern Huffman scored the majority of the Cardlets points, when he picked up a third in the 150 dash and a fourth in the 150. Other points were scored by Rader and Palmer. (no points or event results were included)

March 23. Cheney Wins Hurdles Races. A amazing group of SC track men who have never jumped a hurdle or raced in competition, pulled a big surprise at Monterey in a three way meet, when they finished second in both divisions. Varsity score: PG 67, SC 33, Monterey 31. Norm Wadell was second in the 440, the first time he had ever run a race and was third in the broad jump. Al Cheney sparked the varsity, winning both the 70 high hurdles in 9.3 and the 120 low hurdles in 14.1 and took second in the shot put with a heave of 48 feet. Bob Newton was fourth in the highs and third in the low hurdles. Neil Gittins tied for second in the high jump at 5-6 and was fourth in the 220. Farrell Mathes finished second in the mile. Ron Sanchez was third in the 880 and Bob Younger was third in the 220.
Lightweights: Score: Monterey 66, SC 40, PG 24. . The weather has been bad and Coach Will Morgan hasn’t been able to hold time trials, so he had to enter many of the younger competitors in events that even he wasn’t sure they could compete in. For example, young Bob Alemany, who had never ran a hurdle race before, finished third in the 70 yard high hurdles and second in the 120 low hurdles, despite the fact that he jumped the hurdles rather than hurdling them. Verne Huffman won the broad jump at 16-8 and tied for first in the 150 dash at 16.6 and took second in the 75 dash. Rader took second in the broad jump and Steve Trailler was fourth and he was third in the 660. Pete Likins was second in the discus with Allan McLean finishing fourth. Tom Palmer, who Morgan rates as a comer, was second in the 330 and Alfred Fehn was third. Sutherland took second in the 1320 and Murphy was fourth and also took fourth in the shot put.

April 2. Shot Put Record Is Broken By Al Cheney. Varsity score in three way meet: Salinas 90, SC 23, Montezuma 2. Despite the lop-sided score the meet, the first in four years to be held at the local track, was a success. Al Cheney set a new record for the shot put, when he heaved the 12-pound ball 53-4 ½ feet and was second in the discus. His effort also breaks the CCAL record, but won’t go into the record book, as it was not done a big four meet. The old Cards record was held by Jack Scofield. SC’s only other first place came in the high jump, where Ron Dixon tied at 5-9. Second place: Mathis, mile. Wedell, broad jump and third in 440. 880 relay team. Third place: Gittins, broad jump.
Lightweights; Salinas 88, SC 24, Montezuma 5. Second place: Rader, 70 high hurdles and board jump and third in 120 low hurdles. Murphy, 660. Huffman, 75 dash and third in 120 dash. Sutherland, 1320. Likins, shot put. 440 relay team.

April 19. Cards Lose Both Meets To Cats. Varsity score: Watsonville 72, SC 40. The 215 pound all-around athlete, Big Al Cheney provided three of SC’s six first place wins. Cheney won the 120 high hurdles in 15.9, 180 low hurdles in 21.5 and the shot put at 50-10. Neal Gittins won the high jump at 5-5. Gittins also did well in the relay won by Watsonville. Running the first lap, he took a large lead, but Watsonville made it up in the final 10 yards of the race. Bob Scofield won two events the 100 in 10.8 and broad jump at 19 feet and was second in the 220. Second place: Wedell, 440 and third in broad jump. Third place: Younger, 10.8 and 220. Mathes, mile.
Lightweights: Watsonville 77, SC 36. The Cardlets scored three firsts. Tom Rader won the 120 low hurdles in 15.5 and took second in the broad jump. Vern Huffman won the broad jump at 17-10 and took second in the 75 dash and 150 dash. Tom Palmer won the high jump at 4-11, took second in 330 and placed third in 120 low hurdles. Third place: Fehn, 330. Murphy, shot put. Ferrell, discus.

Trident. In a practice meet early in the year, Al Cheney scored over half of the entire total registered by the local cinder men. He scored in the 70 yard high hurdles and 120 low hurdles and the shot put. At another meet he broke all existing CCAL records in the shot with a heave of 53’4”, the second best mark scored thus far this season in Northern California.

Trident. Other letter winners: Bob Rader and Tom Palmer. Other team members: Anderson, Richey, McLean, Al Fehn, Dave Sutherland, Palmer, Steve Traylor, Sanchez, Saddler and Mancart.
Regulars on the lightweight squad are Vern Huffman, Phil Murphy, Howe Adams, Bob Younger and Pete and Todd Likins.

TENNIS won 7 practice matches from Santa Clara Valley squads including Los Gatos, who won the Santa Clara Valley championship. But against CCAL foes Monterey, Salinas and Watsonville, who are among the best teams in Northern California, the team is winless. Repeating CCAL champion Monterey is considered to be the strongest squad in this part of the state.

The team ended up with an excellent 9-3 record, winning the last seven matches in brilliant fashion. A big reversal from last year. Not given a ghost of a chance of accomplishing anything this season, our net enthusiasts have pulled the biggest surprise in the sports front at SC this year.

At the league tournament, SC coupled their one and two men, Dave Ingols and Ray Ewing, for the doubles event. They were defeated by last years NCS champions from Monterey. Rod McKenzie lost his singles match to a Monterey man.

Stand outs for the Card netsters are Ray Ewing, Dave Ingol, Rod McKenzie and Larry Marker. Rounding out the lettermen were Al Raiche, Don Binsacca, Keith Murray and Charles Beltz. Other team members: Allan Cornick, Jim Bagby, Bob Hansen, Jim Ceragioli and Bob Tobey.

GOLF LEAGUE CHAMPS The Cards are one of the best golf teams in Northern California. They won 15 matches against 3 losses and one of those was to the Stanford University Junior Varsity. In league they beat their main competition handedly: Monterey 9 ½-5 ½. Salinas 14 ½- ½ and Watsonville their perennial jinx 10-5.

In the championship matches, they were never better, winning by 16 strokes. The four best scorers, used to tabulate each teams score were Bob Ewing, Don Samuelson, Stan Pelz and Jim Samuelson averaging a remarkable 77, only six over regulation figures.

Bob Ewing took medalist honors at the CCAL tourney, shooting a fine 74 at the tough Pasatiempo course.

Others members are Mel Amaya, Art Warner, Roger Hope, Bert Wagner Peter Russsell,

1952 Ron Hager earned 8 letters. Four in baseball. As a freshman he was the first string shortstop while in the ninth grade at Mission Hill. Ron lettered in basketball for three years, two on lightweights and one on varsity. In football he letter one year each on lightweight and varsity.

Richard Kirby this year was starter and captain of the varsity basketball team and in varsity football, played offense and defense, led the team in scoring and kicked conversions. Rich started as a ALL CCAL fullback for lightweights his first year, before moving up to varsity his last two years. He played baseball for two years as a pitcher /outfielder.

Al Cheney “Iron Man” Al brought honor to SC in the 1952 track season by qualifying for the STATE meet in Los Angeles by winning the shot put at NCS with a heave of 52‘3“. Then coming through with a respectable sixth in the field of 18 of the best shot putters in California. Al has lettered 3 years in track. In the Fall, Al was a standout fullback and a defensive tackle. Al Cheney, Cardinal block buster likes Cal. In a practice meet early in the year, Al Cheney scored over half of the entire total registered by the local cinder men. He scored in the 70 yard high hurdles and 120 low hurdles and the shot put. At another meet he broke all existing CCAL records in the shot with a heave of 53’4”, the second best mark scored thus far this season in Northern California. At the CCAL meet Al Cheney scored 15 of the Cards 19 points. He took second in three events; the 180 low hurdles, 120 high hurdles and the shot put.

Gene Mazzei nicknamed “the mad Magician” quarterbacked the varsity football team in is successful 1951 football season. For his effort he received ALL CCAL honors. Gene Mazzei was given honorable mention on the ALL NOTHREN CAL team picked by the San Francisco Examiner. Gene is leaning toward Oregon for a future school. Gene lettered for two years in lightweight basketball, one in 1949 winning the championship, and one on varsity. This year he played left field in baseball.

Bob Scofield earned a total of five letters in football and track. Three came on the gridiron where he played fullback, defensive safety and punted. Bob was an ALL CCAL player in 1951. His two track letters were earned running the 100 and 220.

Pete Van Houten earned four letters. Pete was an ALL CCAL outfielder and steady hitter for two years. His other two letters were in varsity basketball.

Bruce Rayer was a three year letterman on the golf team. Bruce was a contributing factor in the winning of the championship this year, 1952. He was the second man and shot in the middle seventies.

Mel Amay was an avid golf enthusiast. Mel lettered all four years and was the number four man on the golf team.

Roy Arnold the shooting “bug” brought fame to SC this year when he captured the STATE rifle trophy.

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