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From the Trident dated September 13, 1922:
At last Santa Cruz High is to have a gym – the building for which she has hoped and worked so long and so enthusiastically. Carpenters are now working on the building, which is on the site of the old track barn. The work will probably be completed in a month or two.

One of the most appealing features of the gym is a large indoor basketball court with a seating capacity of over seven hundred. Goodbye to the old Casino court!

Many new showers are to be put in for the boys, and there will be twice as much locker and dressing room. The girls will have several showers and individual dressing rooms.
The class of 1923 decided to have a pictorial review in place of a traditional yearbook. The money they saved went towards a Memorial Gate at the entrance of Memorial Park.

Much was done toward discouraging the old ideas of class antagonism, which is a big step in the right direction. No more hazing. [racial hazing?]

Practice games:
Santa Cruz vs. Mountain View, 13-12
Santa Cruz vs. San Jose, 7-0
Santa Cruz vs. Oakland 13-13
Practice record 2-0-1
League games:
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 14-0
Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 14-0
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 7-10
League 2-1, second.
Season record 4-1-1.

Team members:
Center: J. Hill
Guards: Grover Crews and Armstrong
Tackles: Pitzer, Cooper and Young
Ends: Dan Frost, Royse and Caldwell
Backfield, captain Cleaveland, Tony Valine, Ingols
Quarterback: Manildi
Subs: O’Crews, L. Darcy, B. Darcy, Mulloy and Grover.


Undefeated Champions
won the CCAL title easily
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 7-4
Santa Cruz vs. Gilroy 27-12
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 13-3
Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 18-5
Santa Cruz vs. Pacific Grove 7-6 to win the cup
Season record 5-0
Team Members: Fowler, Day, Gregory, Keller, Ebert, Prentice, and Myers.

Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 26-15, 29-15
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 10-23, 11-25
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 19-14, 21-7
League and season, 4-2 for second place.

Team members:
Forwards: Oreal Beasley and Manildi
Centers: Valine or Dorcey
Guards: Royse and Armstrong
Subs: Rutherford and Hovey.

Limiteds (lightweights) Co Champs with Watsonville with 4-1 records. SC beat Watsonville in the playoffs 27-17.
Team members:
Starters: Sinnott, Hill, Bly, Pera and Manildi
Subs Frost: Pracht Thornton, Means and Dorcy.

Undefeated in six games, won the “cup”
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 13-8
Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 18-5
Santa Cruz vs. San Jose 17-14
Santa Cruz vs. Pacific Grove 7-6
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 7-4
Santa Cruz vs. Gilroy 27-12.

Team line up: G. Izant C; B. Meyers P; V. Prentice SS, .E Sadler 1B; A .Ebert 2B; W. Day 3B; D. Fowler RF; J. Jones CF; N. Rice LF. Subs H. Martin, M. Howland and M. Martin.

Practice games:
Santa Cruz vs. Los Gatos 10-8
Santa Cruz vs. San Jose 2-3.
League games:
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 6-7, 4-3
Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 4-3, 10-6
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 0-3, 4-1
League record 4-2 for second place
Overall 5-3

Team members: Hooey P; Andrews C; Manildi 2B; Valine 1B; Beasley 3B;
Captain Leo Harris LF; Mellott CF; Young RF; Royse P/OF; Houghton SS; Ingols OF


CCAL Champions
Scores: Santa Cruz 103, Salinas 76, Watsonville 29, Hollister 26.

First place finishers:
Kilfoyle, mile and 880
Royse, pole vault and broad jump
Rutherford, high jump
Borradori, shot put
L Dorcy, 440.

Second place finishers:
Relay team of Valine, Whaley, Stevens and Smith
Bly, 120 high hurdles
Whaley, 100 dash and relay
Valine, discus and relay.

Third place finishers:
Smith, 220 and second place relay
John Caldwell, javelin
Manildi, shot put

Other team members:
Jordan, 220
Sinnott, field
Jay Hill and Mason, 220 low hurdles
Moore and Burke, distance men.

CCAL lightweights: Captain T Hill was first in the 50 yard dash.

In dual meets against top teams in the section Santa Cruz won them all
Scores: Alameda 80-68, San Jose 80-68, Berkeley 78-71

The scoring for the top five teams at NCS:
Pacific Grove 20, Berkeley and Salinas tied with 17, Santa Cruz 16, San Jose 15.

At the NCS meet John Caldwell set a new record of 152’3” in the javelin
Royse tied for first in the pole vault
Rutherford was third in pole vault
Kilfoyle was third in the mile
The relay team of Valine, Whaley, Stevens and Smith took fourth.

Santa Cruz CCAL Champions

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