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SC Pom Pom Girls Place Third In State. Lead Pom Pom girls Susan Olivieri and Regina Zwerling spent a week at Redlands University and placed third in state wide competition. Why do they practice so hard in pursuit of such excellence? They said, “So long as we Cardinals keep those rusty Knights locked in their dungeon, we will be safe.” They plan to have a new routine with each rally and to explain them carefully, so school spirit will reach a new crescendo this year. This will be done along with the rest of the pom pom girls Penny McBain, Paula Pappas, Kathy Neef and Sandy Wilder. Cheerleaders are Brook Elliot, Janet Hopkins, Kathy Trinidad and Bob Hirth, who predict the most exciting year in terms of ‘esprit de corps”.

Kathy Trinidad Will Reign At Homecoming. Kathy Trinidad as the Homecoming Queen will be the star of this afternoon’s Homecoming parade and at halftime of the varsity football game. Princesses are Susan Olivieri and Regina Zwerling. Attendants are Penny McBain, Kathy Neef and Paula Pappas. Thirty three entries will participate in the parade.

Life As A Wrestler, by Scott “Lunchmeat” Ferguson as it appeared in February 8, 1963 issue of the Santa Cruz High School Trident.
“First call for match 156” the loud speaker blares. You jump up and head for the officials’ table, for that is your number. This is only a small part of the goings on of a wrestling tournament. When you walk into the gym, all you see are a lot of wrestlers sauntering around the gym, a table with time-keepers and score-keepers. You see the announcer’s table surrounded by impatient and victorious wrestlers picking up score sheets and returning them.

Wrestlers start arriving about 7:30 a.m. and weigh in early for they must starve themselves to make their weight. Those who do make it (most do) head for town to eat their first meal in a long time. The ones who didn’t make it start running to shed those few extra ounces before the second weigh-in.

About 9 a.m., a half hour before the matches start, the referees go over the rules.

The winner of a match wrestles the winner of another and so on until there are two men left in each division. You may have as many as four matches in a course of a day.

When the preliminaries are over the wrestlers get a two-hour break to eat and rest.

At 7 p.m. the finals start. This is where the champions are determined. The winner gets his bracket to take home. The bracket is a record of the winners and losers of his division. The medals go to the first and second place winners. The victors and not so victorious at last head for home after 24 hours of hard physical and mental strain.
Coaches: Bill Wood, varsity football. Assistant varsity football coaches Al Weimers and swimming; Laurence Jones and wrestling. Doug Severin, junior varsity football and basketball. Tex Ronning, lightweight football and lightweight track. Jack Alzina, lightweight basketball and C and D basketball. Tony Foster, golf. Mel Fishburn, cross country and track. Eade Jordan, tennis. Ray Hunter assistant lightweight football, varsity basketball and junior varsity baseball. Bill Dodge, basketball and baseball.


Practice games: Roseville 27-0, Awalt 24-0, Los Gatos 19-6. Practice record 3-0. League: Watsonville 26-20, Monterey 25-9, Salinas 13-13, Soquel 20-14 and North Salinas 42-20. League record 4-0-1. Season 7-0-1.

The Cards were listed twenty four in the nation in the National Imperial Sports Syndicates Interscholastic Football ratings.

With one game to go, the league standings and the season record. SC 4-0, 6-0-1; Watsonville 3-1, 5-2; Salinas 2-1-1, 2-5-1; Monterey 2-2, 5-3; North Salinas 1-3, 2-5-1 and Soquel 0-4, 1-7.

Last year the Cards only loss was to league Champion Monterey 7-14.

Some preseason comments from players. Quarterback, Bob Pederson, “we have a lot of desire and the right attitude”. Back, Dennis McNeely “We have the athletic ability and we are the strongest team. If we get the right mental attitude, we can do it. Guard, Richard McCombs, “we have a strong first team and we can win if we have the desire”. Defensive end, junior, Paul Masalta, ”Our defense has good pursuit. The team has the will power to do it this year”. Junior, defensive right tackle, Kim Joslin says “we have fast backs and a strong line and we have the best team ever.

Starting offense going into the season opening “A league” Jamboree of the CCAL at the Lettuce Bowl at Salinas high before a crowd of 6000. quarterback, Bob Pederson a 170 pound junior. Fullback, Mark Schultz a 200 pound senior. Halfbacks, Dennis McNeely a 200 pound junior, George Brumbaugh a 160 pound senior or Mike Olivieri a 165 pound senior and Gary Bowen a 160 pound junior who will go both ways possibly. Ends, Larry Griffin, a 175 pound sophomore and Bill Gilbert a 185 pound junior or Doyle Singer 165. Tackles, Bill Dalman a 215 pound senior and Dave Netto a 225 pound senior. Guards, Larry Warren a 168 pound senior and Richard McCombs a 180 pound senior; Center, Eric Taylor a 225 pound senior.

On defense: Tackles, Walt Olivieri, 220, senior and Kim Joslin, 210, junior. Middle guard, Mike Owen, 175. Left back or ends, Paul Masalta a 185 pound junior and right back, Don Gandolfi a 180, junior; Linebackers, Scott Cartwright 185, Tom Knapp 175 or Jerry Bailey 168. Wingbacks, Bill Thuringer, 160, junior and Bob Walker, 185, junior. Safeties, two way player Gary Bowen and Tim Erickson a 158 pound senior.

Other team members were: Tom Coffelt 156, halfback; Richard Young 165, end; John Brodvig,162, guard; Gary Zobrosky 165, guard; Bob Kreiberg, 195, tackle; Larry Latham 190, fullback; Joe Philips 205, end and Scott Ferguson 182, end.

Cards Take Second Straight CCAL Jamboree. The Cards ended up with 28 points, 4 more then runner up North Salinas. Points were scored by 3 touchdowns times six, two extra points and eight points for first downs made. The following are how the Cards scored. Gary Bowen on a 27 yard run and Dave Netto’s PAT. Mark Schultz on a one yard plunge. Dennis McNeely a 56 yard run and PAT by Netto. Rushing yards for the Cards were McNeely 99, Bowen 49, Schultz 34, Brumbaugh 30 and Mike Olivieri 29. Winning the Jamboree is not a sure road to the league title as the Cards learned last year, but it means they are a contender. Their line is possibly the best in the league, but the squad is short in number, because of the players moving to new Soquel High.

From the San Francisco Chronicle: In the Coast Counties Athletic league, it looks like a battle between Monterey and Watsonville for the crown. Santa Cruz, though losing players to new school Soquel High, is a dark horse pick with a good line featuring center Eric Taylor, an All Northern Cal candidate and tackle Dave Netto.

This years football coaches are Head Coach Bill Wood, Doug Severin, Al Weimers and newcomer, line coach Larry Jones.

Cards In Good Start; Win 27-0 in first game win over Roseville from the Sacramento Valley. A sign was posted in the field house saying, “Through these doors walk ? ? ? ?” Before the players could get back into the field house after the game, the sign was changed to “Through these doors walk the beginning of a football team.” The Cards scored in every quarter. George Brumbaugh took the opening kick off at the 22 yard line and ran all the way for a score without needing a good block. Roseville came right back and marched down to the 12 yard line, but were stopped short of a TD by Dave Netto and big Walt Olivieri on a fourth down run. The Cards marched down the field for 71 yards, but fumbled on the seven yard line. After a few plays, the second Card TD was set up when Netto burst through the line and dislodged the ball from the quarterback and Paul Masalta recovered on the nine yard line. On fourth down Bob Pederson passed to Gary Bowen on the two and despite a jarring tackle, he went up in the air and came down in the end zone, amazingly holding onto the ball. Netto’s place kick was good making the half time score 13-0. The third TD was also set up by the defense as Tim Erickson picked off a pass at the Roseville 28. McNeely went through right tackle untouched for the TD. Netto kicked the extra point to make the score 20-0. The Cards blocked a punt and recovered on the Tiger 41. The Cards took eight plays to get the ball to the two yard line from where Bowen scored. Netto again converted. The Cards had two other scores called back by penalties. Praise from the coach was given to Tom Knapp, who “really was belting them” Paul Masalta, Walt Olivieri, Jerry Bailey and Bill Thuringer for their hard hitting. Bailey intercepted a pass and returned it for 47 yards to the Roseville 16. From here the Cards crossed the goal line twice, but both were called back on penalties. Guard Rich McCombs was chosen as the top offensive linemen. The Cards out gained Roseville 244 yards to 124. Rushing yards gained were McNeely 86 in 14 carries, Schultz 75 in 10 carries, Brumbaugh 45 in 6, Bowen 28 in 6, Latham 7 in one. Pederson completed one of three passes and it was to Bowen for 11 yards. Pederson could have passed all day as Roseville had eight men in the box, but the running game was working anyway.

SC Tops Awalt 24-0 before 1350 fans. SC Overpowers Awalt On Dive Plays. Tim Erickson had an out of this world game, picking off four passes and personally ruining Awalt’s aerial game as he came out of nowhere to grab the ball. SC scored the first time it had its hands on the ball marching 51 yards in 10 plays. The drive was typical of the Redbirds play all evening as they methodically crushed out small gains. The drive belonged to big Mark Schultz, the raw boned Card fullback, as he bucked his way down field on numerous short gainers. He delivered the coup de grace from three yards out. The longest play in the series was a 13 yard keeper by Pederson who wiggled his way through left tackle. Bob Pederson ran for two touchdowns. One on a quarterback sneak for 5 yards behind Eric Taylor’s blasting out the only one in Bobs way as he went into the end zone untouched. The other was on a roll out were he straight armed one man and then out raced the secondary for a 21 yard TD. Gary Bowen shot through a big hole at left tackle, whirled out of a would be tacklers grasp and raced to the two from where George Brumbaugh raced around left end for the score. Steady drives by the Cards controlled the ball. The Cards out gained Awalt 330 yards to 123. Rushing yards were Brumbaugh 96 in 15 carries. McNeely 55 in 16 carries. Schultz 55 in 16. Bowen 30 in 5 and Pederson 27 in 7. Pederson completed two of seven pass for 19 yards. Bowen caught one for 12 yards and Larry Griffin one for 7 yards.

From former Sentinel Sports Editor Arnold Wechter. There is no doubt that this is the best SC squad since Larry Siemering’s wonder team of the 1958 season. It is hard to compare squads which play in different years. Having watched both squads I am tempted to believe ’58 had better depth and all around strength, but this squad’s offensive line would be hard to beat. The running of Mark Schultz, George Brumbaugh and Dennis McNeely may not be up to the par of John Kirby, Kenny Negro and Denny Cody, but it is mighty close. Pederson’s quarterbacking appears to be the equal of Ken Caldwell’s and that ain’t bad. If not only the best in the state. It would surprise us if the SC offensive forward wall from tackle to tackle on offense wasn’t the best in the north state. Not only is it talented, but line coach Larry Jones has done an excellent job. Tackles Bill Dalman and Dave Netto, guards Larry Warrren and Rich McCombs and center Eric Taylor are an effective unit.
From the SF Chronicle. In its prep football section of athletes of the week in Northern California, Eric Taylor was selected the top center. Listed on the defensive honor role were Taylor and Tom Knapp. Listed under NOR CAL’s top players for 1962 (football season) at tackle, Dave Netto; at center Taylor; at halfback, Dennis McNeely.

SC Gangbusters Rally, Top Los Gatos 19-6. Los Gatos took the opening kick off and in 14 plays for their only score. The pass for the extra point was intercepted by Bill Thuringer. The victory was fashioned by the excellent quarterbacking of Bob Pederson and the running of unsung George Brumbaugh, who broke the game open by running the second half kickoff back 84 yards for a TD and then added frosting to the cake by zooming 42 yards for another score. Unfortunately the officials inadvertently gave the Cards a fifth down, which allowed Brumbaugh’s run of 42 yards for the TD. Pederson fumbled the ball as he rolled out and as he picked the ball up he had the presence of mind to look down field where he saw Schultz and hit him with a three yard pass for the last score. The Cards still would have won without that score. The Cards won the game because they hit harder and harder as the game progressed and tired the Cats out in the second half. The Cards held the Cats top ball carrier to only 21 yards. The unheralded defense deserves praise . Mike Owen, Jerry Bailey, Bob Walker, Kim Joslin, Don Gandolfi and Paul Masalta are becoming tougher with each game. Defensive backs Tim Erickson and Bill Thuringer also did well. Erickson recovered a fumble as Los Gatos was closing in on the Card goal line. Thuringer knocked down a sure TD pass, when he came from nowhere. The yards gained were one yard apart, SC 235 and LG 234. Rushing yardage was Brumbaugh 11 times for 75 yards, Pederson 7 times for 38, Schultz 11 times for 37, McNeely 7 times for 22, Mike Olivieri 2 times for 12 and Bowen once for 4. Pederson completed 4 of 5 passes for 19 yards. Receiving yards were Brumbaugh 12, Oliveri 4 and Schultz 3.

Camden cancels their game with the Cards due to their wet field and refused to play at SC or reschedule the game.

SC Trails by 20; Then Wins, 26-20. Need Tranquilizers After Thrilling Tilt seen by 2200 fans at Memorial field. Watsonville scored on a 42 yard pass play with less than two minutes elapsing. Still in the first quarter the Cats scored on a 94 yard drive sparked by a 62 yard pass. Their last score came only a few minutes into the second quarter, when they drove 74 yards.
Behind Watsonville by 20 points in the second quarter, the rejuvenated Cards stopped the Cats from scoring any more and ran up 28 unanswered points for the win. The first score for the Cards came on a 46 yard drive capped by a one yard explosion into the end zone by Mark Schultz. With less than a minute left on the clock Bill Thuringer intercepted pass and ran it back to the Cat 38. With 41 seconds left on the half time clock, Pederson rolled to his left and as defenders moved up to stop him, he tossed a pass to the all alone Larry Griffin for the second score. Dave Netto kicked the extra point to make the score 13-20. After the kick off for the second half, the Cards went 60 yards in nine plays. The Card drive seemed to bogged on the Cat 38 yard line, when McNeely got the call and boomed over left tackle for 23 yards to the 15. One Cat rode him piggyback for 10 yards. Then Bowen hit for ten and McNeely for four, before Schultz again scored from the one. Dave Netto kicked his second PAT to tie the score. Then Watsonville moved from their own 40 to the Card 11 before Gary Bowen intercepted a pass. The last score was a 30 pass from Pederson to Griffin, who caught it at the one and stepped into the end zone for the final 26-20 score. SC heroes were rugged Dennis McNeely, the power running halfback and the unsung Griffin. The Watsonville coach commended the hard driving Card backs and the young quarterback Pederson for his faking while handling the ball and his two perfect passes for TD’s. Wood picked Bill Thuringer on defense for an exceptional effort and nose guard Mike Owen also received plaudits. Bob Kreiberg 198 pounder moved into a starting tackle spot this game. SC gained 335 yards to the Cats 277. Rushing yards were McNeely 11 carries for 77 yards, Brumbaugh 10 carries for 70, Bowen 6 carries for 40, Schultz 8 carries for 20, Pederson 3 for 19 and Olivieri 5 for 7. Pederson completed 4 of 9 passes for 81 yards. Receiving yards were Griffin 34, McNeely 8 and Bowen 7.

Pre game write up for the Monterey game in the Sentinel. SC has lost only one game in its last 12 and that was to Monterey 14-7 in the mud at Memorial field a year ago. Coach Wood, “We feel that we have yet to play our best game. We are on the verge of exploding with a real big ball game and we just hope it is this week.” Two lineup changes will be Bob Walker moves from linebacker to defensive end and Larry Latham takes his linebacker position. “We want to get more speed at the end position.” Bill Dalman returns to his first team tackle position. On offense Monterey’s line averages around 170, while SC is at 195. In the backfield SC is also bigger at 176 to 160. Monterey has beaten Oakland Tech 14-7, Paso Robles 41-6 and Napa 37-19.

In the San Francisco Examiner, by Bob Sprenger. Six crackerjack teams all shooting for respective league crowns, highlight the Northern California prep football scene this week. One of the three is Monterey vs. Santa Cruz in the CCAL. Undefeated are St. Ignatius, Santa Cruz, Bellarmine and Serra, while Mission and Monterey each have a loss. (The other undefeated teams are private schools.) Write ups about the top teams were listed. For SC vs Monterey there will probably be a capacity crowd in Monterey for their clash with SC. It has been a few years since the arch-rival battle meant something. This time it looks like the Coast “A” league championship is up to claim. Defending champion Monterey will have its hands full. It shapes up to be Monterey’s speed against the Cardinal’s strength. The Cards, a big surprise this year, boasts a big line anchored by center Eric Taylor, guard Rich McComb and tackle Dave Netto. They also have two of the Coast leagues top junior backs, quarterback Bob Pederson and halfback Dennis McNeely.

SC Wins, Nears CCAL Title. The champ is dead. All hail the heir apparent! The Cards finally turned loose their power against their worse enemy and hardest team to beat, Monterey winning 25-9. Coach Wood knowing his team could not out run the Toreadors played a ball control game and was content with the fact that his big line and husky backs would wear down the opposition. The success of the strategy is the fact SC had the ball for 69 plays to Monterey’s 38 and out gained them 403 to 281. Speedy Monterey made a battle of it for the first half, but the burly Cards left no doubt in the second half who was master. The Cards scored first going 65 yards in 13 plays, scoring on a 26 yard pass from Pederson to Mike Oliveri. The drive was aided by Gary Bowen rushing for 33 yards and Pederson for six. Schultz dived in for the extra point. Monterey came right back and tied the game 7-7. Another time consuming 61 yard drive ended with Schultz going in from the one. Schultz was stopped on the extra point attempt. At the start of the second half the Cards went on a 72 yard drive that took eight minutes before Brumbaugh drove five yards for the score. The final score covered 67 yards in nine plays with McNeely scoring. On this last drive Brumbaugh reeled of beautiful off tackle runs of 32 and 20 yards. Both times he should have been stopped, but whirled out of the hands of the tired Toreadore defenders. Quick thinking by Pederson on a bad pass from center, on a punt attempt that rolled into the end zone saved a TD. Pederson fell on the ball to give Monterey only two points rather than 7 if they had gotten to it first. Good defensive work was done by Thuringer, who intercepted a pass, which set up a touchdown. Bob Walker caught a Toreador runner from behind after he had gone 50 yards to save a TD. Monterey was on the SC 14 when Tom Knapp recovered a fumble to save another possible score. The core offensive line consistently drove back the Monterey front wall allowing the Card backs room to run. The score could have been more lopsided, but for the 14 penalties for 173 yards against the Cards. The real stars of the contest were Eric Taylor, Rich McCombs, Larry Warren, Dave Netto an Bill Dalman of the offensive line. Dennis McNeely was the top ground gainer powering for 96 yards in 19 carries. The whole back field ate up yardage. Bowen for 66 yards in 11 carries, Brumbaugh 62 in 8, Pederson 50 in 9, Schultz 38 in 13 and Olivieri 25 in 4. Bob Pederson connected on four passes out of five attempted for 62 yards. Receivers were Olivieri 26 yards, Bowen 25 and McNeely 11. Many times before, coach Wood felt the team had not played to its potential, but after this game he said “the team has arrived, but now we must keep from letting down in the next three games.”

“it’s a hard hitting sport,” were the words of Larry Griffin, who at 6’ 3” and 175 is the only sophomore playing varsity football were he is a first team offensive end. Kim Joslin thinks “Griffin has the potential to be great, but he must keep working hard like he has been doing.” Coach Wood says “Larry had exceptional physical ability.” Larry feels he and the team are “mentally and physically prepared for the homecoming game against the tough Salinas Cowboys.

SC Escapes With 13-13 Tie. Salinas Stuns Over Confident Cards As SC Blows Scoring Chances. Salinas spoiled homecoming and the Cards undefeated season by holding the Cards to a 13-13 tie. It was not all Salinas as 80 yards in penalties and three fumbles haunted the Birds with most of them stopping scoring drives. The Cards went out to an early 13-0 lead on Dennis McNeely’s two touchdowns on a 36 yard run, a three yard plunge and a PAT by George Brumbaugh. The first touchdown covered 61 yards, opened with a Brumbaugh’s 28 yard run around left end. Then a five yard penalty followed by a 14 yard run off left tackle by McNeely. Bowen ran for a first down to the 21. A 15 yard illegal use of hands penalty moved the ball back to the 36 from where McNeely ran out of the hands of a line backer and raced untouched the rest of the way to score. A fumble recovery by Tom Knapp on the Salinas 24 set up the final score. It took five plays with Bowen providing the longest gain of seven yards before McNeely punching it in from the three. Salinas scored in the second quarter and the fourth quarter. Bob Krieburg started at end, because he has been blocking very well in practice. The Card backs rolled up 278 yards rushing. McNeely had 108, George Brumbaugh 79, Mark Schultz 59, Gary Bowen 50, Mike Olivieri 3 and Bob Pederson minus 8 for a total of 278 yards. Salinas gained 227 yards rushing plus another 42 passing for a total yards gained of 269. Yards gained was almost a tie just like the score. There were only a total of nine passes thrown in the game and SC went 0 for 4.

Cards Triumph In ‘Real Gone’ Contest. Schultz Nips Stubborn Soquel 20-14. SC On Title Track Schultz 20, Soquel 14. Big Mark “The Crusher” Schultz scored all 20 of the Cards points and rushed 182 yards in 14 carries with the longest a 72 yard jaunt off right tackle behind the blocking of end Doyle Singer and tackle Dave Netto for the first score. Soquel came right back to score and go ahead 7-6. Still in the second quarter “The Crusher” was not through as he bulled 34 yards to the four from where he smashed off guard for the final four yards. The whole series went 88 yards in 12 plays. Mark added the extra point on a run to put the Cards back up 13-7. Bill Thuringer intercepted a pass and Mark went to work again going 19 yards off guard. George Brumbaugh carried to the two. Dave Netto and guard Rich McCombs opened a hole large enough for a freight train to get through and Mark did. Mark leaped into the end zone for the extra point to put the Cards up 20-7. Bruce Buckner one of the top backs for the Cards last year scored the next seven points for the Knights for the final score of 20-14. Bill Dalman made two straight tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Dalmin was praised by coach Jones “as a player who has been improving each week and has great potential. He still has not reached maturity. When he does look out.” The defensive starters for this game in the line from left to right: Paul Masalta, Walt Olivieri, Mike Owen, Kim Joslin at 225 and Bob Walker. Linebackers are Tom Knapp and Jerry Bailey. Wingbacks are Larry Latham and Schultz or McNeely. Deep backs are Tim Erickson and Thuringer. SC out gained Soquel 296 to 246. Two former Cards Bruce Buckner and Rich Simmons gained 184 yards between them. Rushing yardage was Schultz 14 carries for 182 yards and a 13 yard per carry average. Pederson 6 carries for 51yards. Brumbaugh 6 carries for 35, McNeely 8 carries for 25 and Bowen 1 carry for 3. Pederson completed one of four passes for 50 yards to Doyle Singer.

Pre game: Cardinals Seek Bridal Bouquet tonight for their third championship in seven years. They have been bridesmaids for the last three seasons finishing in second place. Had not the SC team been split up by the formation of new Soquel High, many Card followers believe this 1962 team would be equal to or better then the 1958 bunch. This group has played a tough schedule, but not up to the caliber of the teams the ‘58 team faced.

SC Racks Up North Salinas, Title with a 42-20 win. SC has its first undefeated season since the great ‘58 team. There is no doubt left in anybody’s mind that the Cards are the class of the circuit. The team reverted to their early season form as they ran, ran and ran some more in the clinching title win. North Salinas scored first, then the Cards came back and scored three first half touchdowns to lead at half 21-7. Heroes! SC had them by the team load. Start with the offensive line of Dave Netto, Bill Dalman, Rich McCombs, Larry Warren and Eric Taylor,who opened holes so big even a chubby newspaper man could run for big yardage. Move to the offensive back field. Big Mark Schultz closed out he high school career with 26 points. The hard running fullback scored four touchdowns on runs of 35, four, two and one yards and boomed in for two extra points. Mark carried the ball 13 times for 136 yards and a 10.5 average per carry. Little Gary Bowen was another running terror. The shifty half back carried the ball eight times picking up 92 yards for an average of 11.5 per carry. George Brumbaugh a speedy halfback, another senior, scored the first SC touchdown after the Viking scored. He raced down the sidelines 80 yards with Dalman leading the way to the end zone to tie the score. George also gained 59 yards on five carries for an average of 11.8 per try. He scored his second TD on a 35 yard gallop, plus kicking four for four PAT’s. Another senior who covered himself with glory was tiny Tim Erickson. Erickson a stick out defensive back all season was shifted to offensive halfback this game to replace the injured Dennis McNeely. Tim gained 34 yards in six carries. The defensive unit after faltering at the start did a good job of containing the Vikes. Big Walt Olivieri, Paul Masalta, Kim Joslin, Bob Walker, Mike Owen, Tom Knapp, Bill Thuringer and a host of other did an excellent job. Unsung Larry Latham aided on one of the touchdowns with an 11 yard run. The three Viking coaches had praise for this SC team. The head coach a former CCAL player and former Cal player, “This team is one of the finest I have seen in the CCAL. A former All Big Ten star at Michigan said “This SC team has the finest offensive line I have ever seen.” Former SCHS all league player Chuck Filice, “They are tough and big and I do mean big.” SC coach Bill Wood said, “the offensive has never looked better and Schultz finally rounded into form after being plagued by minor injuries early in the season. He is a great one, but so are all the boys.” assistant coaches Al Weimers and Larry Jones concurred. The Cards out gained the Vikes 341 to 274. Quarterback Bob Pederson threw only two passes completing one for 18 yards to Brumbaugh. There was no need to go to the air. From the Salinas Californian: The crunching blocking of Cardinal tackles Dave Netto and Bill Dalmin and center Eric Taylor knocked down every red jersey in sight all night. (the Cards wore white)

Team Statistics: Mark Schultz led the league in points scored with 65. He led the team in scoring for the season with 77 points followed by Brumbaugh 47, McNeely 24, Pederson 18, Griffin 12, Bowen 6, Olivieri 6 and Netto 6.

Cardinals Held Foes Scoreless In Third Period. Team statistics by quarters
Quarters 1 2 3 4 TOTAL
Opponents 26 27 0 29 82
SC 33 71 47 45 196

Total team and opponents offensive yardage.
Net yards rushing 2082 1468
Net yards passing 260 362
Total offense 2342 1830

Rushing stats by total times carried the ball, net yards gained and average per carry.
Brumbaugh 69 517 7.5
Schultz 96 502 5.2
McNeely 88 484 5.3
Bowen 49 313 6.4
Pederson 42 178 4.2
Olivieri 12 47 3.9
Erickson 6 34 5.7
Latham 3 22 7.3
Dalman 1 3 3.0
Rector 1 2 2.0
Total 367 2082 5.7

Pass receiving by number of catches, touchdowns and net yards gained.
Griffin 3 2 74
Singer 1 0 50
Bowen 4 0 43
McNeely 3 0 31
Olivieri 2 1 30
Brumbaugh 3 0 26
Schultz 1 1 3
Total 17 4 260

Pederson completed 17 pass of 39 passes attempted for 260 yards and a 43.6 completion average.

The offensive forward wall from tackle to tackle could be the best in Northern California. They are at tackles, Bill Dalman a 215 pound senior and Dave Netto a 225 pound senior; guards, Larry Warren a 168 pound senior and Richard McCombs a 180 pound senior; center, Eric Taylor a 225 pound senior.

Eric Taylor was honored by the San Francisco Examiner as the first string center on the ALL NORTHERN CALIFORNIA team and tackle Dave Netto was selected on the second team. Eric was first team center on the All North Coast team and tackle Dave Netto was honored on the second team. The Examiner teams were picked on recommendations from the North State’s prep sports writers and from votes cast by more than 250 high school coaches.

San Francisco Chronicle’s ALL NORTHERN CAL had Eric Taylor as the first team center. Dave Netto was selected on the fourth team.

San Jose Mercury’s All Central Coast team had Eric Taylor on first team and Dave Netto on the second team. Honorable mention for the backs was Mark Schultz.

Eric Taylor received honorable mention honors for the first ever Big 33 National High School All America football team. It is a 33 player all senior team chosen by scholastic football writers from each of the 50 states.

Dave Netto received the Doctor Pederson trophy for the best scholastic standing among the football players.

Mark Schultz was selected Most Valuable Player.
Rich McCombs received the Rotary Club award for the most inspirational player.
Larry Warren received the Dads Club sportsmanship trophy.
Coach Bill Wood presented a special Dads Club award to Eric Taylor as the most consistent player. “this was a complete team in that there was not an individual star and that is probably why we were undefeated.”

Eric Taylor was one of the top 25 players in Northern California to be chosen to play in the twelfth annual North-South Shrine game at the Los Angeles Coliseum on August 1. The training camp for the North will be at UCLA. The game will be televised by KTVU channel two of Oakland and on the air on KCBS. Eric becomes the fourth Cardinal to be selected for this honor. The other Cards were fullback Jack Knight in 1957 and halfback John Kirby and tackle Wally Hicks in 1959. Santa Cruz coach Wood gives Eric a great deal of credit for the Cards’ fine offensive efforts. “He is a natural blocker and I doubt if there is a stronger player in the state.” Eric is the North’s heaviest player tipping the scales at better than 230 pounds. Taylor also is an excellent wrestler. He is believed headed for Oregon State, but California and Oregon still have hopes of landing him. (Eric ended up at UCLA.)

From the Sentinel. South Over powers North Stars 13-6. SC’s Eric Taylor Praised Despite Loss. One of the bright spots for the North was the play of SC’s Eric Taylor, who played every offensive play. The UCLA coach described his play as ‘very promising and I was extremely pleased.” San Francisco writers described Eric’s play as the best of any North offensive lineman. Taylor led the quarterback over the goal in on a sneak for the North’s only touchdown.

(The next year in college, former teammates were on opposite sides of the line as UCLA’s Eric Taylor and Stanford’s Dave Netto were squaring away at one another in a frosh contest won by UCLA 12-0. Bruce Buckner, who had played for the Cards up to his senior year ran 67 yards for a touchdown and threw a 11 yard touchdown pass in his first frosh game at Utah.)

ALL MBL players were Bill Thuringer, Dave Netto, Mark Schultz, Rich McCombs and Eric Taylor. Former Cardinal Bruce Buckner, now at Soquel, also was selected on the team for the second year. Honorable mention were Bill Dalman, Larry Warren, Bob Pederson and Tom Knapp. This was the first year the league had an offensive team and a defensive team. Normally it has been an 11 man squad with two alternate linemen and one alternate running back.

LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Practice games: North Salinas Los Gatos 19-13 League games: Soquel 13-12, Watsonville 6-27.

The league standings with one game to play was Salinas 4-0, Watsonville 3-0-1, Monterey 2-1-1 were last years champs, SC 1-3, North Salinas 1-3 and Soquel 0-4. SC and North Salinas played in the last game.

From coach Tex Ronning, “The Cardlets were late finding themselves and their capabilities. The last three games were all close games and are a better yardstick of their capabilities. They had very bad luck with lots of injures. Look for these boys to come back strong next year.

There are five returning lettermen this year. They include Frank Fujimura an ALL CCAL player last year, Stan Pillsbury, Vince Lacariere, Bob Scott and Chuck Perry.

Starting lineup at the beginning of the season: Ends, Juniors Terry Atwood and Ron Smith; Tackles, Juniors, Tom Johns and George Strite; Guards, Seniors, Frank Fujimura and Vince Lacariere; Center, Sophomore, Ron Durkin; Quarterback, Senior, Stan Pillsbury; Backs, Sophomore, Bob Scott; and Seniors Chuck Perry, Jim Scott, Bill Bertao and Ron Mavis.

Other team members were: Chuck Di Mello-Pine, Buddy Smith, McNutt, George Strite, Dennis Hogan, Richard Long, Berry Lombardi, Don Caponigro, Steve Harper, Richard Geaso, Neal Smith, Darrell Meyer, Ron Smith, Dennis Henderson, Tom Johns, Arnott Austin, Ron Durkin and Fingston, Nick Skorski, Adrian Jones, Jim Axelrod, Curt Fetty, Jim Scott, Tom Stagnaro, David Kerr, Mike Rodriguez, Fred Gallaciono, Mike Moon, Dennis Hogan. Tom Ekloff, Ed Losnowicz, Mark Ridenbaugh, Mike Medina, Chuck Comstock, Jim McNutt, Mike Hopper and David Verhines. Coaches Hilding Ronning, Miran Viner and Ray Hunter.

Cardlets take an early lead against Los Gatos, when halfback Chuck DeMello-Pine plunged in from one yard out and added the extra point. Los Gatos tied it up. At the start of the second half Stan Pillsbury raced 53 yards for a score. For the second time the Los Gatos quarterback scored also to retie the game. In the fourth quarter Jim Scott scored from 23 yards out for the final score of 19-13.

Soquel scored first in the second quarter. SC came right back and scored on halfback Jim Scott’s five yard run to make the score 6-6. In the third quarter Pillsbury turned left end for four yards an the score. The extra point was good to make the score 13-7. In the final quarter Soquel scored, but the Cardlets determined line prevented the extra point for a 13-12 win.

Watsonville scored early and soon after Jim Scott went six yards for score to leave the Kittens ahead 7-6. Final score 6-27.

Stan Pillsbury was selected as an ALL CCAL player by the coaches and was also selected as the teams Most Valuable Player by his teammates.

Vince Laccarare received the Dads Club sportsmanship trophy for lightweights and Richard Long received the Dads Club sportsmanship trophy for the lightweight reserves.

JV FOOTBALL practice games: North Salinas 0-6 and Holy Cross varsity 0-27. The team lost every game.

From coach Doug Severin, “The main purpose of the Junior Varsity is to prepare boys for the Varsity. Even though they did not win a game many individuals gained valuable playing experience.

Three players were moved up to varsity early in the year. They were Jim Dalman, Dale Rector and Gary Zabrowski, who went out after three games with a broken leg.

The JV’s may have lost all their games, but they have turned out some prospects especially Gary Zabroski, Jim Dalman and Dale Rector for next years varsity. Most of the other teams were playing mainly with juniors and sophomores, but SC wanted its freshman and sophomores to learn the techniques of the game as well as get playing time to use what they had learned. It will pay off as these players move up to Varsity.

Line up listed by year in school, position and name
Freshmen players: end, Brian Loehr; tackle, Keith Parkhurst; center, Rusty Winters. tackle, Bill Bowen
Sophomores: quarterback, John King; halfbacks, Jim Dalman, Larry Oneto, Rick Halterman; end, Carl Graeber;
Juniors: guard, Gary Zabrowski; guard, John Brudvig

Other team members were: Cortez, Patoski, Gandolfi, Muhley, Rittenhouse, Ramii, Muller, Kasonovich, Parkers, Drew, Hansen, Don King and O’Nieto.

Keith Parkhurst was selected the Most Valuable Player.

Rusty Winters received the Dads Club sportsmanship trophy.

BASKETBALL practice games: Bellarmine 61-63, OT, Dads Club, North Salinas 69-48, Los Altos 55-61; Sacred Heart of San Francisco 35-38, OT for four place. Los Gatos 47-55, Madera 58-62, Irvington 63-51, Santa Clara 48-38, Wilcox 88-48, Castlemont of Oakland, 32-37, Irvington 61-36. Practice record 5-6. League: Watsonville 41-50, 66-49; Soquel 61-45, 75-47; Monterey 39-48, 57-75; Salinas 51-46, 77-73; North Salinas 68-42, 90-51. League record 7-3, second place. Season 12-9. (At one time Monterey was ranked number one in Northern Cal.)

League standings: Monterey and Watsonville co-champs at 8-2, Santa Cruz 7-3, Salinas 5-5, North Salinas and Soquel 1-9. Watsonville beat Monterey in the playoff to see who went to the Tournament of Champions at UC Berkeley.

The lineup: Forwards, senior, Mark Schultz and junior Dennis McNeely. Center/forwards, seniors, Roger Blanchard and Dave Netto and sophomore, Larry Griffin. Guards, seniors, Mark Conrad and Stan Pillsbury and junior, Gary Bowen. Guard/forwards, senior Dave Garbe and junior Bob Pederson.

Santa Cruz Cagers Drop Overtime Thriller. The Cards obviously tense in their season opener dropped a 61-63 overtime game to Bellarmine. But the Cards let it be known they will be a team to reckon with during the up coming season. Lacking in height, but compensating with hustle and determination, the Cards stayed with the Bells, who already had played two games. Stan Pillsbury swished a 10 foot jumper as the buzzer sounded to deadlock the score at 56-56. The Cards hit only 23 of 78 shots and the Bells were one better hitting 24 of 75. Mark Conrad was the outstanding player on the court. His drive, defensive work and take charge attitude on the floor obviously showed him to be the squad’s team leader. The pesky guard, stole five passes. Both teams started in racehorse fashion and SC led 20-18 at the end of the first quarter. Similarly both teams cooled off in the second stanza, Bellarmine leading 33-28 at the half and 42-40 at the end of the third quarter. SC lost the game at the foul line making only 15 of 30 attempts. SC had the superiority in rebounding 62 to 42. Card leaders were Mark Schultz with 19, Dave Garbe 12 and Bob Pederson 10. Scoring: Garbe 12, Schultz 7, Blanchard 16, Pederson 10, Conrad 7, Pillsbury 2, Netto 6 and McNeely 0.

Cards Outclass North Salinas 69-48 in the opening round of the seventh annual Dads Club Invitational tournament. The Redbirds set a tournament game rebounding record with 63. Mark Schultz and Dave Garbe led with 13 rebounds apiece. Larry Griffin a 6’4” sophomore was impressive in his varsity debut, who along with Roger Blanchard hauled down 11 apiece. Plus Bob Pederson had 8 and Mark Conrad had 5. The Cards did a terrific job on defense and an even better job on the backboards. Getting the position was the whole secret and if they can get the inside berths against the taller Los Altos team, they will have an excellent chance to make the finals again this year. SC had great balance as four men scored in double figures and four rebounded in double figures. The Cards broke a 4-4 tie with 15 straight points as their zone press forced numerous ball handling mistakes. All was not peaches and cream as the Cards made 32 mistakes of their own, either poor passes, losing the ball, taking a poor shot or making a dribbling violation. The Cards shot 26 for 71 for 37 percent. From the coach, “our reserves did a good job. They were really getting down on defense/”. Scoring: Blanchard 18, Conrad 13, Shultz 12, Garbe 10, Griffin 5, Pederson 5, McNeely 4, Pillsbury 2, Wilkins and Bowen 0.

SC was thrown into the losers’ bracket losing to Los Altos 55-61. SC dribbled away the game in the first half as the Knights pressed the Cards into mistakes. The Cards fell behind 24-33 in the first half, but fought a losing battle in the final two periods that found them three to five points behind, but with a chance to win. The Cards outplayed the winners in the second half, but could not overcome the first half errors. Sophomore Larry Griffin replaced Dave Garbe, who picked up three quick fouls in the first quarter, and made moves under the basket on offense that were well executed, he looked tough on both boards and defensively blocked a number of shots. Floor leader Mark Conrad kept the Cards within striking distance and was the only Card who could score with any consistency. He collected high point honors with 22 points, getting 20 of them in the second half. SC again was devilish on the backboards, out rebounding Los Altos 40 to 29 and were led by Blanchard with 11 and Griffin 10. From the field SC hit 18 of 46 for 39 percent and Los Altos hit 22 of 50 for 44 percent. Scoring: Schultz 8, Garbe 0, Blanchard 7, Conrad 22, Pederson 9, Netto 0, Griffin 9, Bowen and McNeely 0.

Sacred Heart Five Beats Cards 38-35 in OT. The city slickers from San Francisco taught the Cards a lesson on control basketball in a close and exciting game. With 35 seconds to play, Roger Blanchard tanked a jump shot that would have given the Cards the lead, but was called for traveling and the bucket was nullified. With 1:35 to play, SC missed three shots form close range, when one of them would have put the Cards ahead. On each occasion, the score was 35-36 in favor of Sacred Heart. SC jumped into a quick lead to start the game, but the Irish who executed their plays well throughout the tournament pulled ahead near the end of the second quarter. Larry Griffin, who is becoming more impressive with each game made a layup to put SC ahead 19-18 just after intermission. With three minutes to play Sacred Heart held the ball out at mid-court and the Cards went out after them. The Card press forced Sacred Heart into numerous mistakes as SC whittled away at the Irish lead. SC controlled the boards 27-20 with Mark Conrad and Roger Blanchard each getting six and Mark Schultz five. The Cards out shot their foe hitting 42 percent to the Irish 36 percent. Each team scored 16 field goals, but Sacred Heart won on foul shots 6 to 3. Ed Larsh, coach of the tourney champion Monterey had praise for Larry Griffin. Blanchard, Conrad and Bob Pederson also played good games. Scoring: Schultz 0, Griffin 8, Blanchard 9, Conrad 8, Pederson 6 and Garbe 4.

Mark Conrad was named to the Dads Club tournament team.

Whistle happy officials call 47 fouls in a loss to Los Gatos, coached by former Card four sport athlete John Paul Juhl 47-55. It was the Cards poorest showing to date. Four Cards fouled out and a fifth had four fouls. No Cat player fouled out, but four had four fouls. SC went only 15 of 29 from the line while Los Gatos shot a much better 25 of 35. The Cards went ahead 14-8 in the first period, but went frozen in the second quarter scoring only three points to 20 for Los Gatos. The Cards came back strong in the third period outscoring the Cats 13-6. Larry Griffins jump shot with 25 seconds to play made it 47-49, but Los Gatos made 8 of 9 free throws to close out the game. Scoring: Schultz 6, Garbe 4, Blanchard 12, Conrad 13, Pederson 2, Griffin 8, Netto 2, McNeely, Pillsbury and Bowen 0.

Eight Straight Victory For Madera in 62-58 win. Cards Drop Fourth In Row. (Against the eventual Fresno league champions Madera,) After their worst game last night, the Cards played a good game and just ran into a buzz saw of a shooter who scored 28 points. The Cards out played Madera in some areas, as in rebounding, having a 44-32 edge with Dave Garbe hustling 12, Blanchard wrestled 11 and impressive sophomore Larry Griffin came down with 8 bounds. After trailing by 12 points at one point, the hard working Cards were down only two, 57-59 with 2:45 to go on a Blanchard layup. In a rough physical game the Cards had 23 fouls to 18 for Madera. The Cards lost the game in the second quarter, when they were outscored 6 to 13. Scoring: Schultz 7, Garbe 15, Griffin 11, Pillsbury 0, Conrad 11, Blanchard 9, Pederson 3, Netto 2 and McNeely 0. The Cards balanced scoring could not make up for the two top scores for Madera, who score 45 of Madera’s 62 points. Scoring: Garbe 15, Griffin 11, Conrad 11, Blanchard 9, Schultz 7, Pederson 3, Netto 2, Pillsbury and McNeely 0.

Second Half Defense Brings 63-51 Win At Irvington. Netto, Conrad Star. After losing four games and starting the game against Irvington being baffled by their zone defense, the Cards finally got loose from the web and started playing. A tremendous second half rally, featuring good tight pressing defensive play, only allowed Irvington 10 shots in the second half and limited them to 16 points. The big story was the Cards aggressive defensive play and reduced number of fouls. SC had been making something like 25 fouls a game, but cut it to 18 yesterday. Dave Netto came off the bench to team with Mark Conrad in sparking the SC rally. The 235 pound three sport man hit five shots in a row of the six he took. Mark Conrad had one of his best nights, logging 17 points making 8 of 16 shot attempts and setting up plays. Mark Schultz hit 15 points which included making 9 of 10 charity tosses for one of his best shooting nights. Schultz’s foul shooting helped the Cards average of 79 percent on 19 of 24 attempts. The Redbirds went 22 of 51 from the field for 43 percent. The Redbirds controlled the boards 28-21. Dave Garbe led with 7, Schultz 6, Blanchard and Conrad five each. Comment from the coach, “If they ever decide they want to play a whole game, they could beat anybody. But they have not made that decision yet.” Scoring: Schultz 15, Blanchard 8, Griffin 4, Conrad 17, Garbe 6, Netto 11, Pederson 2, Pillsbury and McNeely 0.

Blanchard Hits 23 Points; SC In 48-38 Win over Santa Clara. A third quarter explosion led by Roger Blanchards 12 straight points gave the Cards a cushion that carried them to the win. At the time the Cards led only 24-21. The Redbirds hit nine of 18 shots in the third quarter and seven of 10 in the fourth stanza for a second half 57 percent. For the whole game they went 24 of 54 for 44 percent. Larry Griffin made the place buzz with excitement when he easily dunked one in the fourth period. He led the rebounding with 18 followed by Blanchard 10 and Conrad 11. Scoring: Schultz 10, Griffin 4, Blanchard 23, Conrad 8, Pillsbury 1, McNeely 2, Pederson and Bowen 0.

11 Point Lead Disappears; Watsonville Wins 50-41. Against Watsonville in the first league game of the season the Cards blew a 11 point lead. SC commanded the first half, Watsonville the second and that was the story of the game. SC led at the end of the first three quarters, 16-9, 26-21 and 36-35, then only scored 5 points in the fourth period. Inability to put together a coordinated offensive effort in the second half cost the ball game. SC worked well in the first half, but looked like a different team in the second half after the Cats put on a full court press. In one simple word, it was “panic“ by the Cards. Loss of the game can be seen in the error chart as the Cards made 36 mistakes. SC as usual controlled the boards 31-15. Blanchard led with 10. The Cards went 16 of 45 from the field for a 41.7 percentage. SC scoring: Garbe 7; Schultz 8; Blanchard 13; Conrad 4; Pillsbury 3; Pederson 6; Griffin 0.

Cards Drop Second Straight Game 32-37 to Castlemont of Oakland. The night after their last quarter loss to Watsonville, the Cards lost in the last quarter again. At half time the Cards were down 13-15, but went ahead in the third 26-23, but were outscored in the fourth 6-14. Larry Griffin was high point man for the game with 12 and also topped the rebounders with 10 followed by Roger Blanchard’s 8. Scoring: Griffin 12, Schultz 5, Blanchard 4, Conrad 7, McNeely 4 and Garbe 0.

Santa Cruz Cardinals Tie All Time Mark With 88 Points In Victory Over Wilcox. The game score was 88-48. The victory snapped the previous non league record of 79 points set against Carmel in 1958. In 1959 the Cards hit 88 against Hollister in a league game. Without a doubt, SC’ pressing defense was a determining factor, sped up the game and rattling the Wilcox players. In the first quarter the Cards shot 11 for 13 from the floor with only two shots outside the key and were hot enough to end up making 53 percent of 66 shots to score 88 points. Everyone on the bench scored. The most pleasing aspect of the game was the performance of reserve Gary Bowen, who’s hustle on defense highlighted the night. Gary also scored seven points and had a game high 5 assists. Dave Garbe was the top rebounder with 11. Stan Pillsbury topped the scorers with 19. The coach was pleased, “they all hustled. If they do that all the time, they are not going to lose many games.” Scoring: McNeely 4; Schultz 2; Blanchard 6; Conrad 16; Garbe 15; Bowen 7; Pederson 3; Pillsbury 19, Griffin 13.

Soquel Wins First Half; But SC Wins game 61-45. Soquel was ahead 30-13 at half time as they did everything right in the first half and the Cards did everything wrong. After the intermission the Cards played a completely different game, running plays and hustling. Roger Blanchard, Larry Griffin and Mark Conrad were driving for the basket with desire and they had too much speed for the slower Knights. SC won the second half 38-15. Bob Pederson made a big difference defensively and was praised by his coach, “Bob seemed to make the difference and sparked the team up.” The Soquel coach commented that Mark Conrad is tough and Schultz looked like a 9.8 sprinter in the press.” As the Cards pressed, Soquel made mistakes and the Cards capitalized. For the game SC hit 28 of 64 shots. In the fourth period they hit 10 for 14 shots with only two outside the key. Scoring: Schultz 3, Blanchard 16, Griffin 11, Conrad 24, Pederson 3, McNeely 2, Garbe 2, Bowen and Pillsbury 0.

Cards Rack Up Irvington For Third Straight Win 61-36. It’s longest winning streak this season. From the coach, “It looks like they are on their way now. The kids looked real good in the second half. It helps to get a few wins. It helps the old confidence.” The Cards were down 9-13 at the end of the first quarter, but led at half 21-17. Both teams pressed in the second half and apparently this was just what the Cards wanted as they scored 40 points in the second half. Bob Pederson came through with his second fine performance in as many games. Roger Blanchard is starting to play up to his capabilities and Dennis McNeely is doing a good job of getting good position. The Cards won the rebounding 34-20 as Blanchard led with 12 and Schultz followed with 9. After a cold first half shooting 5 for 26, the Cards came back to hit 17 for 31 the second half. Scoring: Schultz 10, Pederson 10, Blanchard 14, Conrad 9, Griffin 6, Garbe 6, McNeely 4, *Team 2, Bowen and Pillsbury 0.

Cold Shooting Cardinals Lose To Monterey Quint. Players Tight. Monterey the defending champs won a rugged, tension packed game 48-39. It was one of those games that SC deserved to win going away, but unfortunately did not. The Cards were really fired up and should have had a bigger lead at halftime. In the second period they had 15 shots inside the key and made only six. Three and a half minutes into the second period the Cards led 17-9 and at intermission 25-21. Then a technical foul was called on SC for throwing an elbow. At times the game threatened to get out of hand as the officials let a lot of slapping and pushing go underneath the basket in the tiny Monterey gym. Monterey, a quick reacting team, took full advantage of this. After the technical the Cards seemed to relax, but still giving their all, but they did not seem to be as tough underneath. A key to the game was the Cards good defense forced Monterey to try 34 of their 58 shots from outside, while SC had only 13 of their 49 attempts outside the key. Monterey as expected won the boards 40 to 35, but not without a battle. Roger Blanchard led the Cards in rebounding with 10 followed by Mark Conrad 7, Schultz 6, Pederson 6 and Griffin 5. From the coach who thinks the Cards still have a chance at winning the league, “I still think we have the best team in the league.” He was pleased with individual and the teams efforts, noting that the Cards were able to tip on the offensive boards against Monterey’s tremendous jumpers. Scoring: Schultz 8, Griffin 2, Blanchard 6, Conrad 8, Pederson 7, McNeely 2, Garbe 6 and Bowen 0.

Cards Drop Salinas Into Three Way Tie For League. The Cardinals, whom many believed would be the giants in the CCAL this year turned giant killers instead upsetting previously unbeaten Salinas 51-46. The Cards muscled their way to the front midway in the first quarter13-7 and held a four to six point lead the remaining distance. As the Cards have done so many times this year, they have played just as well or worse as its opponents. They have painstakingly managed to keep most of their games close, whether vying with a tough competitor or fumbling along with a weak sister. The Cards scoring was well scattered among six of the seven men that played and they all covered the boards with the same togetherness. The Cards won the rebounding battle 32-21 and amazingly enough 13 of the rebounds were on offense giving the Cards second and third opportunities to score. Center-forward Larry Griffin led in rebounding with 10 followed by Blanchard 9 and Schultz 7. Griffin continued to show improvement offensively and on the boards. The Cards hit 18 of 41 shots for 44 percent by shooting only twice from any distance. On the other hand Salinas shot 33 percent, but 40 percent of their shots were from the outside, because of the Cards defense. At the foul line the Cards won the game making 15 of 23 shots with many of the attempts came when the Cards hit the initial try on one and one situations allowing them to take another. Scoring: Schultz 7, Blanchard 13, Griffin 8, Conrad 13, Garbe 4, Pederson 6 and McNeely 0.

Cards Sink Vikes 68-42; Hold Lead for 24 Hours. The vastly improved Cards moved into a temporary four way tie for first place. The winner of the Salinas-Monterey game will end up alone in first place at the end of the first round of play. The Cards complete dominance of the backboards and close in shots made it a walk away game. Sixth man Dave Garbe had 8 rebounds and showed signs of leadership, when he took over Mark Conrad’s point guard spot. Blanchard had 13 rebounds, Griffin 9 and Schultz 8. The Cards pushed through 22 points in the third period aided by some fine screens and roll-offs. Conrad made the plays work as he garnished six assists and passed off another seven times only to have his teammates miss good shots. Dave Netto suited up for the first time since December, when he broke a bone in his foot, but probably will not see action for a while since he is a top pitcher on the baseball team.
The Cards can not lose a game in the second round or they will be out of contention. Scoring: Schultz 12, Griffin 9, Blanchard 12, Pederson 15, Conrad 14, Garbe 4, McNeely 1 and Bowen 1.

Cardinals Race to Lead Of 35-13 In Second Period, Then slow Game For Win over Watsonville 66-49. The Cards seem to be tiring a little in the second half and played for the very good shots and took advantage of 20 free throw attempts to sink 15 of them. The Cards tried only one shot outside the key in the second half and Schultz made it. SC made 14 of 24 shots the first half for 58 percent and finished with 21 of 39 for 54 percent. The Wildcats climbed within 11 points a couple of times, but each time the Cats got within striking distance the Cards put out a little something extra and sprung back in front more comfortably. The Cards sank 24 of 34 foul shots for a fine 71 percent. The Cards played as perfect game as possible during the first 13 minutes. They were running like a 100 yards sprinters, they had the best position possible to control the boards and they were making a fantastic percentage of their shots. But best of all was the defense. Watsonville was forced to castoff from outside and made only one of 12 first period attempts. All five Cards were each individually doing an excellent defensive job. At times, it looks like no one can possibly beat this team. Then at times, they look like they couldn’t beat the Davenport first grade team. Last night they had one of those unbeatable nights. Blanchard played one of his finest games this year, bucketed 22 tallies and grabbed 12 rebounds. According to his coach, “Roger can jump as high as players two to three inches taller. Plus he knows how to position himself to block of his man to keep him from the ball. Roger is a good shooter and has a lot of potential. He is a young senior.” Despite Roger’s brilliant performance the big show was Mark Schultz, who played his best game to date. Conrad had seven of the Cards 13 assists. Blanchard blocked 4 shots and hauled down 12 rebounds. Griffin grabbed 11 of the Cards 38 boards to the Cats 24. The Card coach was enthusiastic about the team and players ending with, “they’ve got the ole’ idea now.” Scoring: Schultz 14, Blanchard 22, Griffin 11, Conrad 8, Pederson 9, Garbe 2 and McNeely 0.

Soquel’s Star Hamm Hurt Early As Cardinals Roll To Easy 75-47 Triumph. Watsonville dumped Monterey, so this victory gained a four way first place tie for the Cards with just three games to play. Two of the games will be with other contenders. The Cards led 21-9 at the end of the first quarter, 38-14 at half time and 58-31 at the end of the third quarter. SC was clearly in control all the way, waltzing to its seventh win in its last eight games. All ten Cards and eight Knights scored and all ten of the Cards had at least a rebound. The Cards had 38 rebounds to the Knights 27. Top rebounders for the Cards were Griffin 8, Blanchard 6 and Schultz, Garbe and Conrad had five each. The Cards sank 28 of 64 attempts for 44 percent. Scoring: Griffin 10, Schultz 6, Blanchard 20, Conrad 14, Garbe 12, Pederson 2, McNeely 2, Bowen 4, Netto 4 and Pillsbury 1.

Hot Monterey Five Guns Down Cardinals. 75-57. Last night, nobody could have beaten Monterey. Everything they tossed up went through the hoop. The Toreadors sank an amazing 30 of 63 shots an almost unbelievable 48 percent, since only 33 shots, slightly over half were from inside the key. The Cards made a respectable 40 percent on 19 of 48 shooting. One of their top scorers this game hit 11 of 15 field goals and only one shot came from inside to score 23 points. John Reed going for his third ALL CCAL selection also scored 23. Monterey easily outscored the frustrated Cards in the first quarter as the three top Toreadore scorers combined to score 21 points. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the Cards were as cold as a bird who is unable to swallow a worm or a basket with a lid on it. The Cards ended up with only 8 points for the first quarter to be down 8-21. In the second period a magnet was removed from the Monterey basket or so it seemed and SC out scored the jumping jacks 19-15 for a half time score of 27-36. A strong defensive effort by the Cardinal five and team work in which six players scored, also helped the Cards back into the game in the second quarter. At the start of the second half, the Cards came right out and scored seven points to tighten the score. Larry Griffin, who played the best individual game for the Cards, intercepted a pass in Monterey’s backcourt and turned it into a three point play to cut the margin to 37-42. That was as close as the Cards could get as Monterey came back and stole the ball three times and took it in to score each time. After intermission, Monterey continued to swish the nets, out scoring the Cardinal’s 24-17 and 15-13 in the third and fourth quarters. At times the Cards played well on defense, but Monterey kept throwing them through the hoop. SC controlled the backboards early in the game, but Monterey had a 29-22 advantage for the game. Coaches comment, “I would have been willing to bet we were going to win.” Scoring: Schultz 6, Griffin 8, Blanchard 12, Conrad 13, Pederson 3, Garbe 4, McNeely 2, Bowen 8, Pillsbury 1 and Netto 0.

Cards Nip Salinas In Overtime 77-73. It looked like a battle for the championship and not a fight for third place. Another exciting game against Salinas, only this was a much faster and higher scoring game, as the Cards came out 77-73 winners. It had to be one of the greatest high school games ever played. Salinas shot 56 percent from the floor on 27 of 48 attempts and SC had 51 percent on 28 of 55 attempts. All ten starters for SC and Salinas hit double figures, an oddity. Mark Conrad hit a personal best in his high school career with 25 points, hitting 9 of 13 attempts. Salinas sharpshooter, Rusty Crichtfield also hit 25 points, sinking 10 of 17 attempted field goals with six coming from the 20 foot range. Sophomore, Larry Griffin led the rebounding department for the Cards with 11 and also managed to rack up 18 points. Roger Blanchard had 11 points and 10 rebounds. Schultz and Pederson tallied 10 points each. Dave Garbe did not make the double figures, but tallied 5 points. Dave made up for it with his ball hawking all out style of play. The scoring for the other Salinas players: King Hanway 16, David Shaw 12, Andy Ish and Hanway each had 10. With twenty seconds left and a two point lead a Cardinal tried to dribble a rebounded free throw away from the basket and Andy Ish, the top Salinas defender, flicked it away and went in for a lay up to tie the game in regulation. In over time Shultz scored to put the Cards ahead 71-69. Shaw and Hanway each sank a pair charity tosses to put Salinas ahead 73-71. Half way through the three minute over time Conrad sank a jump shot to tie 73-73. With 1:15 left Blanchard hit both of his one and one shots, SC 75-73. With 20 seconds remaining in the game, Salinas missed there one on one and Pederson came down with the most important rebound of the game. Bob hit a teammate streaking down court who missed the lay up. Luckily Larry Griffin was flying down the court just in case of a miss, rebounded the ball and jammed it in with authority. Final score SC 77-73. It is still possible for the Cards to share in the title. Both teams did a lot of pressing and both teams were beating it down the court. The Cards were down 9-19 in the first quarter, but came back and outscored the Cowboys 20-9 in the second quarter to lead at half 29-28. It is still possible for the Cards to share in the title, if leaders Watsonville and Monterey were to lose their last games, which is not too probable. Scoring: Griffin 16, Schultz 10, Blanchard 11, Conrad 25, Pederson 10 and Garbe 5.

Cards Enter Record Books On 90-51 Win over North Salinas. The score could have been higher, but the starters played about half the game and the team missed 17 free throws out of 29 attempted. The score was 44 to 13 at half time. With four minutes left in the half the starters were out of the game. Little used Stan Pillsbury led the scoring with 16 points and made the last two points of the game on one and one free throws to break the record. The happy Cards carried Pillsbury from the floor on their shoulders. SC hit 39 of 72 shots attempted for a fine 54 percent. Some of this accuracy came about since only 13 shots were attempted beyond the key. The Cards controlled the boards 31-22 with Griffin, who played more than the other starters got seven and Dave Garbe five. Monterey and Watsonville both won their final games to tie for the league title with 8-2 records followed by the Cards at 7-3. The six seniors and their scoring were Pillsbury 16, Garbe 15, Mark Conrad 14, Mark Schultz 13, Roger Blanchard 6 and Dave Netto 0, even thought he scored, but it was nullified on a charging call. Three juniors: Pederson 8, McNeely 4 and Bowen 2. Sophomore Griffin 12.

In league scoring Conrad was fourth with 137 points and Blanchard was sixth with 131. The rest of the teams scoring were Schultz 87, Griffin 87, Pederson 69, Garbe 61, Pillsbury 21, Bowen 15, McNeely 13 and Netto 4.

From the Sentinel, “although SC finished third in a tight competitive six team league, they were second in stats, out scoring the opponents by 99 points in 10 games for an average of almost 10 points a game. Monterey was first with a plus of 157 or almost 16 points a game“. The Cards had the highest scoring average of any team in the league with a 62.5 average.

Mark Conrad at 6’ and Roger Blanchard 6’2” earned ALL MBL HONORS. As sophomores on lightweights they both were All League. Schultz barely missed the second team.

LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL partial record At Salinas Invitational Salinas 44-57, Wilcox 44-37, Soquel 44-20, Watsonville 56-54, Salinas 43-61, Monterey 44-6, North Salinas 43-18

With one game to go the Cardlets are 5-4 in league and 13-7 for the season so far. They should beat NS 5-4 for fourth place. Season 14-7. Monterey won the league with a 9-1 record.

(The lightweight squad was composed of many players who were valuable members of SC basketball teams through their whole high school careers. Those with * played the next year on varsity. Most of the rest will be leaders on next years team.) They were *Pete Christensen, Greg Gordon, Pete Pappas, Terry Medina, *Paul Kadotoni, *Chris Conrad, *Buddy Smith, Everett Yee, Jack Seigle, Phil Davis, Warren Patten, Curt Fetty Ron Smith and John Wilson.

The Cardlet attack was led by forwards Buddy Smith and Curt Fetty and guard Paul Kadotoni.

In a 44-20 win over Soquel the Cardlets Paul Kadotoni scored 18 points in just three quarters of play. The team was 18 for 50 from the floor for a respectable 36 percent, Terry Medina led all rebounders with 10. Scoring for the Cardlets was well divided with the whole team participating. Kadotoni 18, Fetty 7, Wilson 5, Medina 4, Seigle 3, Conrad and Patton 2 Buddy Smith, Davis and Ron Smith 1, Christensen, Gordon and Yee 0.

The Cardlets edged Watsonville 56-54 ending the Kittens 22 game win streak. The Surf City men are led by their chief scorer and playmaker Paul Kadotoni and their leading rebounder Buddy Smith.

Scoring for games at the end of the season. Against Salinas: Buddy Smith 4, Fetty 13, Davis 1, Conrad 10, Kadotoni 6, Wilson 4, Patton 6, Medina, Christensen and R Smith 0. Fetty led the rebounding with 6. The little birds shot a fair 33.3 percent from the floor 17 for 51.

Against Monterey the scoring was Buddy Smith 13, Fetty 11, Davis 2, Kadotoni 10, Conrad, Wilson, Medina and Christensen 2 each, Patton and Pappas 0.

Junior, Paul Kadotani was honored with a first team selection for ALL MBL Sophomore, Buddy Smith was chosen on the second team.

C BASKETBALL WON THE LEAGUE with 8-1 record. Season record 8-2. The championship struggle came right down to the last game of the season with wins against Salinas for both teams.

Five varsity players are helping coach the C and D teams this year. The players are Mark Conrad, Roger Blanchard, Dave Garbe, Paul Cattery and Leroy Gray. They have the opportunity to work individually with the players to help them improve their skills.

This was a strong team with most of the players going on to be starters for either the varsity or lightweight team. Pete Pappas led the team in scoring with 117 points

Bellarmine stopped the Junior Cardlets string of 4 wins with a 46-61 whipping.

Scoring records of players. List by name, games played and total points. Pete Pappas 10, 117; Jake Seigle 10, 77; Pete Christensen 10, 70; Terry Medina 9, 66; Greg Gordon 10, 44; Don Cacace 8, 23; Vascondellos 6,7 and Jackson 6, 3. The average score for the C team was 40.9 and for the opponent 30.5

D BASKETBALL WON THE LEAGUE with 8-1 record.. Season record 9-1

This was a strong team as was the C team with most of the players going on to be starters for either the varsity or lightweight team. Bill Yue led the team in scoring with 81 points.

The team kept their 5 game undefeated string going by defeating Bellarmine 26-23.

List by name, games played and total points.
Bill Yue 10, 81; Everett Yee 10, 61; McClure 10, 40; Steve Ghidinelli 10, 36; Gangloff 8, 34; Gary Grellman 9. 16; Bishop 7, 12; Moon 5, 9; Torchio 7, 9. The average score for the D team was 31.4 and for the opponent 20.5.

Terry Medina received the Dads Club sportsmanship trophy for C and D basketball.

JV BASKETBALL partial record: Bellarmine 21-69, Los Altos 29-46, SLV loss, Wilcox 48-30, League: Soquel 35-18, 35-22; Watsonville 40-33, 42-32; Salinas 45-48.

Everyone on the team played the first game. Those scoring were freshman Glenn Griffin 14, Sophomores Bill Gilbert, Don Cacace and Steve Wood 2 each. Others who played: Don King, Ron Durkin, John Duffy, Al Schlee, Jim Dalman, Karl Graeber, Larry Oneto, Bryan Loehr and Larry Anderson.

The leading scorers against Soquel were Gilbert with 8, Griffin and Dalman 6 apiece. Scoring against Watsonville were Glen Griffin 22, Gilbert 9, Dalman 7, Duffy 2 Zobroski and Wood 0.

Against Wilcox the scorers were Gilbert 20, Griffin 9, Cacace 5, Wood and Duffy 4, Dalman 2, King, Durkin, Loehr and Schlee 1.

After their 42-32 win over Watsonville the Cards had a 3-2 league record. Glenn Griffin led the Redbirds on the boards with 13 followed byJim Dalman’s 10.

In a close 45-48 loss to Salinas, Bill Gilbert scored 18. Bill shot at a .647 percent rate. SC led in shooting for the game with a 375 average to the Cowboys .315.

In the second game against Soquel a 35-22 win, the scorers were Bill Gilbert 13, Glenn Griffin 10, Ron Durkin 5, Don Cacace 4, Jim Dalman, John Duffy, Don King and Larry Oneto 2 each, Bryan Loehr 1, Sandy Schlee, Steve Wood and Karl Graeber 0.

CROSS COUNTRY the team ran last at the league meet. In a dual meet the Salinas varsity won 15-48. The score is tallied by adding up the places the runners cross the finish line in. The number one runner gets one point. Low score means the team has the most top runners and is the winner of the meet. The top placers for the Cards was Ron Gruber who placed fourth, Rich Martinez seventh and Steve Cartwright eighth. Salinas also won the JV match up 19-38.

The cross country courses are 1.9 miles in length and with desire and determination there is satisfaction in knowing one is in the best possible physical condition and can stand up to anyone when it comes to a distance run. Coach Mel Fishburn.

The team is very short on experience with Rich Martinez the only one varsity returnee from last year. The best looking prospects at the beginning of the season were junior Steve Cartwright and sophomore Joe Otto. Others expected to develop as the season progresses include juniors Mike Machado, John Gruber and Tom Marini; Sophomores Paul Bertsch and Hunter Hammon; Freshmen Bill Stearns, Robert Ley, Chuck Cristiansen and Ron Vellutini.

A comment from the tall, lanky star of the team John Graleir, “all of us were pushed to our maximum, but I guess it wasn’t enough. We’ll get them next year, if we work harder at it.”
The coach comments that the two main requests for the team are desire and determination. You are only running within yourself.

Steve Cartwright received the Dads Club sportsmanship trophy.

WRESTLING At the CCAL meet Hollister won easily with 116 points, while SC took seventh with 39. Senior Mike Owen placed first at 175 pounds. He has never lost a match to a CCAL opponent. Senior heavyweight Eric Taylor and Scott Ferguson at 165 placed second qualifying them to go to the NCS tournament. At NCS Eric lost his first match to the man that eventually won the unlimited weight class.

Dual meets: Soquel 22-26, Monterey 17-25, 11-33; Salinas lost, won; Watsonville 25-12,

In a preseason Novice tournament the team came in sixth out of nine schools. A novice is one who has not lettered or placed in a tournament before. Five Cards placed. They were second place finishers Kim Joslin in unlimited and Randy Love. Third place finishers were Dale Wilson in 98 pound class, Keith Parkhurst in unlimited and Virgil Strong in 190 pound class. Thirty seven wrestlers made the trip.

Gilroy Wrestlers Whip SC 19-29. From coach Larry Jones, “We have six men who have never wrestled before. It’s a building year for us, but I was pretty well pleased.” Winners were Tom Johns 145, won by impressive decision; Mike Owens 165, won his thirty fourth straight dual meet match; Scott Ferguson 175, won by decision; Virgil Strong 191, won by pin and Eric Taylor heavyweight, pinned his foe immediately. Those who lost were Dale Wilson 95; Randy Love 103; Rich Martinez 112; Bill Gladhill 120, Phil Langrish 127; Frank Fujimara 133; Jim Scott 138 and John Brudvig 154.

SC, Watsonville Wrestlers tie 24-24. Mike Owen at 175 kept his dual meet victory string alive, running it to 39 with a decision. Cards scoring pins were Tom Johns 145, Mike Fox 154, Eric Taylor heavyweight and Jon Sinkinson 145. For the junior varsity a pin was made by heavyweight, Chief Parker and Paul Tara 112 impressed with a decision.

In a 17-25 loss to Monterey the experienced SC wrestlers did well and as the season goes along the rest of the squad will improve. The winners were sophomore Bill Gledhill 120; senior Frank Fujimura 133; senior Mike Owen 175 pinned his man; Junior Scott Ferguson 191 and senior Eric Taylor unlimited. Dale Wilson tied at 95. Losses were by Randy Love 103; Rich Martinez 112; Ed Lesnowicz 127; Tom Johns 145; Mike Wilhelm 154 and John Brudvig 165.
Coach Jones told loser Jim Scott, who lost to Monterey’s best wrestler, “every week you do better, but you also met a better man.”

Forty second Straight For SC’s Owen. North Salinas wins 26-18. Winners were Bill Gledhill 120 won by pin; Jim Scott 138 won by decision; Owen 177 pinned his man and Eric Taylor pinned his man. Losers were Maurice McMullin 103; Paul Tara 112; Frank Fujimara 127; Ed Lesnowicz 133; Tom Johns 145; Bob Scott 154; Scott Ferguson 165 and Virgil Strong 191. Coach Larry Jones, “it was the best wrestling as a team that we have done. I think we are improving.”

Grapplers Break Even against Salinas. Cards improved their scores in the second match winning 28-23 after losing their first match against Salinas. Paul Tara lost the first time, but tied his man the second night. Virgil Strong came back and beat his man after a tie the first match. Eric Taylor and Bill Gledhill pinned their men both nights. Frank Fujimura moved down a weight to win. Tom Johns won by a good margin. Ed Leanowicz moved up a weight and lost a close match. Nick Skorski, Bob Scott and Maurice McMullins lost to more experienced men.

Sixteen teams competed at the Gonzales Invitational. SC placed fifth, unlike winning the crown last year, but last years squad was a very experienced group that does not come along often. First place finishers were senior, Mike Owen in the 175 pound division. Senior, Eric Taylor in heavyweights. Junior, Scott Ferguson grabbed second at 165. Freshman, Randy Lowe took fourth at 95.

SC lost to Monterey in a dual meet 11-33. Frank Fujimura got a take down in his match to win 3-1. Scott Ferguson reversed and pinned his opponent. Mike Owen got the takedown in the first round and a reversal in the third round to win his forty fourth straight dual meet match.

In a loss against Watsonville, those scoring were first year man Jim Scott who won 8-5 by a take down and a predicament in the first period. His opponent went ahead by a point in the second period. In the third Jim escaped and got a takedown. Scott Ferguson won 5-1 by a takedown in the first period and a reversal in the second. Mike Owen won 7-0 scoring on a predicament in the second period and a reversal and a near pin in the third. Heavyweight Eric Taylor, “Old Ironsides” won 4-0 by a takedown in the first and an escape and a take down in the third period..

Soquel Dumps Cards 27-14. SC won the junior varsity match 27-14. Eric Taylor wrestled to a tie in a one to one score. Winners were Maurice McMullin 103; Rich Martinez 112 and Scott Ferguson 165. Those who lost were Frank Fujimura 127; Ed Lesnowicz 133 and Tommy Tucker 154. Some matches were not contested because of illnesses.

Senior, Mike Owens was voted the OUTSTANDING WRESTLER AT THE NORTHERN CAL TOURNEY. Mike was the first string middle guard and was the lightest man on the varsity football team. He also swims and dives. Mike was christened “yogi” when he first started wrestling, because of the unique way he wrestles. It has stuck with him. As a freshman wrestler Mike astonished the whole team by beating almost everyone he wrestled. His season was quickly ended with a broken finger bun-boarding. As a sophomore, Mike placed fourth at the Hayward Invitational. At the CCAL meet he took first place by defeating the two year defending champion. Junior year, Mike was first at the Gonzales Invitational and the CCAL meet and second at NCS. Senior year, first at Gonzales Invitational for the second year, CCAL for the third year and NCS. Mike competed at the Far Western Freestyle Invitational in San Francisco even though he has never wrestled freestyle, his style of wrestling is very adaptable to it.

Other team members were: P. Tara, D. Gledhill, F. Fujimura, E. Leznowitz, B. Scott, V. Strong, S. Pease, R. Martinez, P. Langrish, N. Skorski, B. Rittenhouse, M. Fox., M. Trotts, R. Woods, A. Archie, B. Midcalf, Alvarez, T. Tucker, D. Anderson, J. Panatoni, M. Dunn. T. Stagnaro, and J. Rochelle.

Practice games: Serra 1-4, 5-6; Del Mar 9-5, 4-2; Santa Clara 4-0, Leigh 3-2, Soquel 5-3 game played as a practice game, since the Monterey tournament had been canceled. Practice record: 5-2. League: Monterey 1-0, 10-2, 2-3 in 9 innings; Watsonville 2-1, 0-1 in 10 innings, 4-2; North Salinas 9-1, 5-0, 13-1; Soquel 3-1, 3-0, 2-0; Salinas 11-6, win, 3-2. League record 13-2. Season to date 18-4. The first annual Redwood Invitational “Tournament of champions” San Leandro 6-4, St. Elizabeth 2-0 and San Jose 4-2. 3-0 record Champions. Season record 20-4.

With over sixty kids going out for baseball this year the coach is running the team to death trying to separate the good from the bad.

SC Basebalers Drop Opener to last years Catholic Athletic League champion Serra 1-4(at Fitzgerald Field home of games involving minor leaguers in the off season.) Serra scored all four of their runs in the first inning. Bob Pederson drove a tremendous blow of 360 feet into the trees behind the fence for a home run and the only Card score. Mark Schultz and sophomore Buddy Smith had the other two hits. Pitching was the name of the game as SC had three hits and Serra four. Lineup: Erickson 3B, 3-0; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Wilkins SS, 3-0; Schultz C, 2-1; Smith LF, 3-1; Farrar RF, 3-0; Zabrosky 2B, 2-0; Netto P, 1-0; Pillsbury P, 1-0; Joslin 2B, 1-0 and Gilbert CF, 1-0.

Schultz, Pederson Star As SC Slugs Out 9-5 Win. In a wild second inning the Cards scored six runs winning 9-5 over Del Mar. Unlike last year, the pitching was off, but it is early and the pitchers are also basketball players. But the hitting made up for it. Last years ALL CCAL catcher Mark Schultz, a three sports star and this year All League in football and barely missing All League in basketball, bashed out a 350 foot home run to left. Bob Pederson also a three sport man singled and tripled. RBI’s by Bowen, Pederson and Schultz two each, Wilkins and Zobrosky one each. Lefty Stan Pillsbury started and gave up only one run while going the first four innings followed by Dave Netto for two innings and another lefty Pete Pappas closed out the seventh. Both teams had four errors as a cold wind blew through out the game and also affected the pitchers. Lineup: Bowen CF, 4-1; Pederson 1B, 4-2; Wilkins SS, 2-1; Schultz C, 4-1; Smith LF, 3-2; Farrar RF, 2-0; Pillsbury P, 2-0; Erickson 3B, 2-0; Zobrosky 2B. 3-1; Gilbert 3B, 1-1; Netto RF/P, 1-0; Brumbaugh SS, 1-0; Joslin RF, 1-0 and Pappas P, 0-0.

Cards In 4-0 Win Over Santa Clara. Unsung junior Gary Bowen and sophomore Bill Gilbert were the stars. Bowen cracked two singles in four trips to the plate and added two RBI’s. Gilbert collected two singles in three at bats and drove in a run. Gary Zobrosky had the other RBI. Senior lefty Stan Pillsbury started and went four innings, striking out nine, giving up only two hits and is credited with the win. He was followed by Dave Netto who finished up the next three innings. Netto retired the first five batters he faced and struck out three. Lineup: Bowen CF, 4-2; Pederson 1B, 3-0; Wilkins SS, 2-0; Schultz C, 3-1; Smith LF, 2-0; Gilbert RF/3B, 3-2, Pillsbury P, 2-0; Erickson 3B, 1-0; Zobrosky 2B, 2-0; Netto P, 1-0 and Joslin RF, 1-0.

Pillsbury Gets Third Win In Week as Cards defeat Leigh 3-2. Pillsbury picked up his third win in eight days. With two out, Smith doubled in two runs in the fifth inning for the winning run.
In the first inning Pederson was safe on an error, stole second, moved to third on a wild pitch and scored on Schultz’s line drive through the box. Netto started and might sue his teammates for non support as errors caused him to give up two unearned runs. Netto gave up the only two Leigh hits, both were infield hits, plus three errors allowed the Longhorns a 2-1 lead. Pillsbury relieved in the fifth, when the Cards scored two runs to go ahead and received credit for the win. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-0; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Wilkins SS, 2-1; Schultz C, 2-1; Smith LF, 3-1; Gilbert RF, 3-1, Pillsbury P, 1-0; Erickson 3B, 0-0; Zobrosky 2B, 3-0; Netto P, 1-0; Hartzell PH, 1-0 and Brumbaugh PH, 1-0.

Netto Sharp As Card Nine Makes Two Hits Produce Four Runs In Win Over Del Mar 4-2.
The two aces of the pitching staff were dialed in the second game against Del Mar giving up only three hits. Dave Netto went the first five innings striking out 9, allowing one hit, one walk and no earned runs. Netto retired the first four men in order and then last nine. Stan Pillsbury went the last two innings striking out three and giving up one earned run. The Cards scored all four of their runs in the first inning. Pederson started things off with a triple. Errors and walks did the damage for the Don’s. Lineup: Gary Bowen CF, 2-0; Bob Pederson 1B, 2-1; Rick Wilkins SS, 2-0; Mark Schultz C,1-0; Bill Gilbert RF, 3-1; Buddy Smith LF/1B, 3-0; Dave Netto P, 2-0; Gary Zobrosky 2B, 0-0; Tim Erickson 3B, 2-0. Substitutes: Stan Pillsbury P, 1-0; Chuck Farrar LF, 1-0; Gary Hartzell CF, 0-0,

Cardinal Rally Short. Serra wins 6-5. The game was one sided for the first four innings with Serra holding a 6-2 lead. In the fourth inning Serra scored four runs on five walks and two hits. The Cards came back and scored two runs, when Wilkins drove in two runs. Three runs were scored in the fifth. Smith drove in the first run with a double. Schultz drove in the next with a sacrifice fly and the third was scored on an error. Pillsbury worked the last three and a third innings walking only two, struck out five and did not allow a hit. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-2; Zobrosky 2B, 3-1; Smith LF, 4-1; Schultz C, 3-0; Gilbert RF/3B, 3-1; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Wilkins 3B/SS, 3-1; Netto P, 1-0; Brumbaugh SS, 1-0, Pillsbury P, 1-0 and Farrar RF, 2-0.

When Monterey called off the Annual Easter Vacation tournament because of wet grounds, the Cards were able to play Soquel at the upper diamond in a double header. They won both games 5-3 in the varsity game, the only game that counted on the record and 15-10 in the varsity reserve/JV game. In the first game, Soquel jumped right out in the top of the first with a run. The Cards countered with a run of their own, when Buddy Smith homered. In the second inning the Cards scored four more times. Gary Bowen drove in a run, Bob Pederson sacrificed in one and Smith drove in two to make it three RBI’s for him in the game. Stan Pillsbury started and earned the win, while striking out four, walking two and combining with Pete Pappas to give up only five Soquel hits. Lineup: Bowen CF, 4-1; Pederson 1B, 2-0; Smith RF, 3-2; Schultz C, 3-2; Gilbert RF, 2-0; Wilkins SS, 3-0; Pillsbury P, 1-0; Pappas P, 1-1; Zobrosky 2B, 2-1 and Erickson 3B, 2-0. In the second game regular shortstop Rick Wilkins pitched along with JV, sophomore Ron Durkin and freshman Glenn Griffin. Other JV players who participated were Pete Christensen SS, Jake Seigle 2B, Bob Scott C and Greg Gordon 3B.

Gilbert’s Triple Enables Hurler to Win Two hitter with a 1-0 victory over Monterey in the league opener. Pitcher Dave Netto and third baseman Bill Gilbert teamed up in a tight game at El Estero diamond. Netto pitched to only 27 batters. No batter reached third base and only two made it to second. Dave allowed only two hits, walked three and struck out nine showing good control on the mound. Sophomore Gilbert, a second stringer at the start of the season, is now hitting in the meat of the order as the fifth hitter. Bill drove in Mark Schultz, who had been hit by a pitch with a booming triple to deep center field in the fourth inning. At Harvey West it would have been a home run. The Cards were only able to generate three hits. Gilbert had two and Netto one. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-0; Pederson 1B, 3-0; Smith RF, 3-0; Schultz C, 2-0; Gilbert 3B, 3-2; Wilkins SS, 3-0; Farrar RF, 3-0; Zobrosky 2B, 2-0 and Netto P, 2-1.

Netto’s 360 foot Homer Beats Watsonville 2-1. Pitcher Dave Netto in the fifth inning hit an inside fast ball at the belly button for a home run that was gone the moment it left his bat. It cleared the 330 foot barrier by about 30 feet. As usual he won another complete game throwing 88 pitches even with throwing 23 in the first inning, when the lead off batter fouled off pitches and used up 11 of Dave’s total. Last years all leaguer and quick moving Ralph Ramirez walked, but then was cut down stealing by Mark Schultz’s fine peg. Watsonville scored its lone run in the second after Netto gave up two walks and a hit. The Cards tied the score in the fourth, when Bob Pederson led off with an infield single for the Cards first hit. Buddy Smith sacrificed and was safe on a throwing error and Pederson went to third and scored on a bobble by the pitcher. The Cards played a clean game with only one error. Schultz had the only other hit. Lineup: Bowen CF, 2-0; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Smith RF, 3-0; Schultz C, 3-1; Gilbert 3B, 3-0; Wilkins SS, 3-0; Netto P, 2-1; Zobrosky 2B, 1-0 and Farrar RF, 1-0.

SC wins Over North Salinas 9-1. The Cards got off to an early two run lead in the first inning. Gary Bowen drew first base on a error and then stole second. Bob Pederson doubled to drive in Bowen. Bill Gilbert drove in Pederson with a single. The Cards scored five runs in the second inning and two in the sixth. Netto started and went the first three innings without giving up a run. Stan Pillsbury finished up and gained credit for the victory and is now 5-0. Netto is 4-2 with two league wins. With the bases loaded, Buddy Smith made an outstanding catch in the outfield for the third out. The Cards had no errors, but Viking errors led to some Card scores. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-0; Pederson 1B, 4-2; Smith LF, 4-3; Schultz C, 3-1; Gilbert RF, 4-1; Wilkins SS, 3-0; Netto P/LF/RF, 2-1; Zobrosky 2B, 4-1; Erickson 3B, 2-2, Pillsbury P, 2-0 and Farrar LF, 0-0.

Soquel game missing, but Cards win 3-1.

Cards Maintain Perfect Mark In Strange Contest with Salinas in 11-6 win. Cards end the first round 5-0. Any resemblance to a baseball game was purely coincidental. In brief, here are the facts of the game. Much of the problems might be attributed to long layoffs caused by rain and Easter vacation. (1) It took slightly over three hours to play. (2) Seventeen runs, 14 hits and get this 17 errors. Ten for Salinas, seven for SC. (3) Some zany base running as a Card was called out for passing a teammate on the bases. A Salinas runner was called out sitting in the dugout as he apparently missed third base while scoring. (4) Eleven base on balls. (5). A grand total of 270 pitches and 157 of them were by the Salinas pitcher. Starter, Dave Netto threw 88 pitches in 6 and 1/3 innings and Stan Pillsbury 27 in 2/3 of an inning. The game was switched to the Cabrillo diamond for better playing conditions. The Cards scored two runs in the first inning, five in the second, one in the fourth and 3 in the sixth. Salinas got one in the third, two in the sixth and three in the seventh. Bowen and Smith had doubles. RBI’s were hit by Schultz 2 and one each for Smith, Gilbert, Bowen and Zobrosky. Each team had seven hits. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-2; Pederson 1B, 4-0; Smith LF, 423; Schultz C, 2-1; Gilbert RF, 2-1; Netto P/RF, 3-1; Wilkins SS, 2-0; Zobrosky 2B, 2-0; Erickson 3B, 3-0 and Pillsbury P/RF, 0-0.

Nine Bombards Monterey 10-2 at the start of the second round. Due to poor field conditions at Harvey West the game was played at the upper diamond where any balls hit over the close fences count only for a double. SC big bats connect for the first time in half a dozen CCAL games Bill Gilbert singled his first three times up to drive in a pair of runs. Stan Pillsbury scattered seven hits over five plus innings. Stan did not walk a man, while making 78 pitches and mixing his pitches well. Netto closed out the last two innings needed only 17 pitches in facing seven batters. The Cards were in their season long poor base running mode with four runners being thrown out unnecessarily. Before the end of the fifth inning, when a game becomes official, there were big black clouds hanging over the field and a cold wind blowing. There was considerable doubt whether a official game could be completed before the rain came. In the bottom of the fifth the Cards put the game away scoring six runs. All was well and the sun started peaking out from behind the clouds. The Cards have been able to get all their games in. The Cards played good defense again making only one error. Doubles were hit by Smith and Bowen. RBI’s: Gilbert, Bowen and Pederson two each. One by Smith, Wilkins and Netto. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-1; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Smith LF, 3-1; Schultz C, 3-1; Gilbert RF, 4-3; Wilkins SS, 4-1; Pillsbury P, 1-0. Zobrosky 2B, 2-0; Erickson 3B, 2-1; Netto P, 1-0; Farrar RF, 1-0; up from the JV’s as they did not play, Pete Christensen SS, 0-0 and Jake Seigle 2B, 0-0.

Tenth Inning Balk Cats Beats Cards 1-0. Tightens SC–Soquel Race. The Cards six game win streak came to an end with a balk call with a runner on third base allowing the Watsonville runner to score the only run of the game. A new rule this year on how to get off the pitching rubber cost the Cards. Though they had opportunities during the game to win. One case was a runner on third, who did not tag up on a fly ball and therefore could not score after the catch. Another runner was out going for an extra base and the next three batters walked. In the eighth inning the Cats had runners on first and second, but the Cards played good bunt defense and nailed the runner at third. Both sides made some exceptional plays on defense. The Watsonville starter and their ace went 8 innings and Dave Netto went the full ten for the Cards, throwing only 106 pitches for a game of this length for a fine game. Dave had fine control walking only three and striking out two. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-0; Pederson 1B, 5-1; Smith LF, 4-0;Schultz C, 4-0; Gilbert RF, 4-0; Netto P, 3-1; Wilkins SS, 3-1; Zobroskey 2B, 2-1 and Erickson 3B, 2-0.

Cardinals Bury North Salinas 13-1. Taking advantage of 14 hit’s the Cards scored in every inning but the first and sixth. Mark Schultz, who had cut both hands while sliding into second in the first inning did not let it hinder his swing as he hit a 360 foot homer in the fourth inning.
Stan Pillsbury breeze to the victory giving up five hits, striking out five and walking only two. Stan also hit a double. RBI’s: Bowen 3, Hartzell and Schultz 2 each, Smith, Pederson and Pillsbury one each. Lineup: Bowen CF/2B, 5-2; Erickson 3B, 5-1; Schultz C, 4-3; Smith LF, 4-1; Gilbert RF, 3-1; Wilkins SS, 4-1; Pederson 1B, 3-3; Pillsbury P, 2-1; Zobrosky 2B, 2-0; Hartzell CF, 1-1 and Farrar RF, 1-0.

Nettto Settles Old Score–SC Wins. Netto vs. Pierce. Cards 2, Soquel 0 in a fast moving hour and fifty minute, tension packed game that had the crowd of 300 buzzing all the way. Last year Dave and John led the Cards to the league title. This year they are on opposite sides. They pitched almost identical games allowing only seven men to run the bases and each struck out eight. This was Netto’s second 2-0 win over Soquel. Dave is currently leading the league in ERA’s. Mark Schultz showed off his arm by picking off a runner at second base. Netto also picked off a runner at second. Good fielding and thinking made this game an exciting one. This game put the Cards two full games out in front of the CCAL pack. Soquel hit a triple and then tried to squeeze the runner home, but Schultz called a pitch out and the runner was out easily. Schultz is not only a fine catcher and hitter, he is always in the game mentally. The Cards scored in the second inning. Schultz singled and was sacrificed to second by Bill Gilbert and Netto doubled him home. Wilkins tripled and on a safety squeeze held third while Gary Zobrosky beat the throw to first. Wilkins score on a wild pitch. Netto went to the bull pen in the fifth with his team at bat for some warm ups. It helped him for he finished strong, retiring the last eight batters in order. Each pitcher struck out eight in a game which featured brilliant fielding plays. Five of the 13 hits were infield hits, while four were for extra bases. There were some nice stops on infield singles. Wilkins had two hits and others not mentioned above who had hits were Bowen and Pederson. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-1; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Smith LF, 3-0; Schultz C, 3-1; Gilbert RF, 2-0; Netto P, 3-1; Wilkins SS, 3-2; Zobrosky 2B, 3-1 and Erickson 3B, 3-0.

Cards Lose On Error In Overtime Game to Monterey 2-3 in nine innings. An error in the bottom of the ninth inning broke up a game that featured brilliant fielding until then. There were two outs when a ball went through the legs of a Card infielder. Monterey scored two runs on a 270 foot home run to right field. (SC has always felt the short right field fence was to Monterey’s favor. The outcome would have been different at Harvey West with the bigger right field. While the right field fence is real close, the left field fence is 365 feet out and with the normal wind blowing in balls never go out.) Schultz and Netto hit balls to the base of the left field fence, but were not able to score. Both balls would easily been out of Harvey West. Good plays were made by sophomore left fielder Buddy Smith, who made a perfect strike to Schultz for a easy put out at home. Monterey threw out Bowen on a close play at the plate. Netto made a difficult play on a high hopper and made a perfect throw to nip the runner at the plate. In the fifth inning Wilkins singled and went to third as the ball got past the outfielder. Zobrosky singled him home. Zobrosky has shown the biggest improvement of any Card player this season, advanced on a pass ball and to third on Tim Erickson’s sacrifice. Gary Bowen placed a perfect squeeze bunt about a foot inside the first baseline to score Zobrosky unchallenged. Netto worked the first four innings and then was relieved by Stan Pillsbury, who made his best showing of the season as his fast ball was really hopping, but he received the unearned loss. He fanned nine in four and two thirds innings all on fast balls. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-2; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Smith LF, 4-2; Schultz C, 4-2; Gilbert RF, 2-0; Netto P/RF, 4-1; Wilkins SS, 4-1; Zobrosky 2B, 4-1; Erickson 3B, 3-1; Pillsbury P, 1-0 and Farrar RF. 0-0.

Pederson Paces Cardinals to 4-2 Win Over Wildcats. In an otherwise sloppy game, SC had four errors and Watsonville three, Bob Pederson, who went three for three and had all but one of the Cards hits, led the Cards come from behind 1-2 in the sixth inning to maintain their CCAL leadership. Pederson scored the first run of the game in the fourth inning. He put a bunt down the first base line and collided with the Cat pitcher breaking to cover first. Bob was awarded second on interference. Buddy Smith faked a bunt to pull the third baseman in an Bob stole third and then scored on a wild pitch. Another hit was a bunt single. He forced the infield to make plays and got hits and scored all on his own with fine hustle. It was the first game Watsonville had lost by more then one run. Both Watsonville runs were unearned. The rally at the bottom of the sixth inning featured two, some what, unusual plays. Gary Bowen literally stole home while the pitcher was taking a long stretch, but a balk was called and Bowen was given home. Pederson, who had singled Bowen to third after Gary had walked. Before the balk, Pederson had stolen second. On a balk call each runner moves up one base, so Pederson was given a base, which sent him to third. Intentional bases on balls are rather rare in high school baseball, especially in a pitchers league like the CCAL. Since Schultz is a top hitter in the league, the Cats did with Schultz, who then stole second with Pederson still on third. Sophomore Bill Gilbert singled in both of them for the only earned runs of the game. Making the score SC 4-2. Dave Netto threw a complete game with only 72 pitches, very unusually low pitch count. He gave up only three hits and no walks. Only once did big Dave go to a three ball count and then the batter grounded out on the next pitch. Lineup: Bowen CF, 2-0; Pederson 1B, 3-3; Smith LF, 2-0; Schultz C, 2-0; Gilbert RF, 3-1; Netto P, 3-0; Wilkins SS, 2-0; Zobrosky 2B, 2-0 and Erickson 3B, 2-0.

Schultz Bats Cards To Win Over Vikings 5-0. Chuck Filice former SC player and now coach of the Vikings said this is the first time this year that his team had been shut out. The top players in the game were the battery of Stan Pillsbury and Mark Schultz, who moved the Cards close to clinching the fourth straight CCAL championship. Pillsbury scattered five hits, while striking out nine and walking only two. But the star was Schultz who hit a home run, triple, double and had two RBI’s. Almost going for the cycle missing what is normally the easiest hit to get a single. Had Mark been able to pulled all his hits down the line, they probably all would have gone out. Buddy Smith drove in two runs with a double. Pillsbury doubled on a ball that bounced against the left center field wall 360 feet away and scored on a sacrifice fly by Gary Zabrosky. Others who had hits were Zobrosky and Tim Erickson. Lineup: Bowen CF, 2-0; Smith LF, 2-1; Pederson 1B, 3-0; Schultz C, 3-3; Gilbert RF, 3-0; Wilkins SS, 2-0; Pillsbury P, 3-1; Zobrosky 2B, 1-1 and Erickson 3B, 2-1.

Fourth Straight Title For SC; Netto, Schultz Star As Soquel Falls, 3-0. At this point in the season the Cards have a 17-4 record and are 11-2 in league. During the last four seasons SC has compiled an amazing record of 76 wins and only 14 defeats against high school competition. That’s an amazing percentage of .844. If one were to go back one more year to 1959, the Cards lost the last game of the year to miss out tying for the title. That year the Redbirds were 16-5 against high school teams, which makes them 92-19 over five seasons for .829 percent. The Cards had nine hits with Schultz getting the big ones, a run producing double in the first and a terrific 360 foot homer in the sixth. Netto has pitched some real beauties including a no hitter last year, probably hurled his best in this game. He retired the first eight men to face him and on a 3-2 count gave up a hit. He then retired the next five batters, before walking Pierce. Then seven more before the next hit. These were the only three Soquel base runners in the game. Netto was moving the ball around and getting his curve ball over to keep the Soquel hitters off balance. Dave walked one and struck out eight. He made 94 pitches a little over his normal in seven innings. The Cards scored two runs in the first inning. Bob Pederson drilled a long double down the left field line. Schultz lifted a long fly to right center that some thought should have been caught, for a double driving in Pederson. Netto drove and unquestionable double to nearly the same spot to drive in Schultz. The double gave Schultz five consecutive extra base hit’s, two home runs, two doubles and a triple all at Harvey West. It was an errorless game, plus some good plays. One was Soquel handling of a SC first and third double steal situation, easily stopping the Cards. Scouts were in the stands watching Schultz, Netto and Pierce. They got their eyes full. In a couple of years they will be bird dogging Pete Hamm, who played for the Cards last year. (Scout Bob Fontaine, later general manager of the San Diego Padres, saw Stan Pillsbury throw to Schultz in a batting practice try out situation after the season was completed and wanted to sign Stan, but Stan decided not too) Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-1; Pederson 1B, 3-2; Smith LF, 3-0; Schultz C, 3-2; Netto P, 3-2; Wilkins SS,3-1; Gilbert RF, 2-1; Zobrosky 2B, 2-0 and Erickson 3B, 2-0.

Salinas Hands SC Nine 3-2 Win In Finale. The final ever CCAL “A” division baseball game and championship was won by the Cardinals as the league becomes the Monterey Bay League (MBL) next year. A few players who have not played much this year got the opportunity to play. Stan Pillsbury pitched the first four innings giving up no earned runs. Junior left hander Pete Pappas, who has been the ace of the JV team most of the year relieved at the start of the fifth inning, gave up an earned run in the sixth inning, when the league leading hitter with a .474 average bombed a 3-2 change up over the 355 foot sign in Salinas Municipal stadium to tie the score 2-2. With one out and a runner on first in the seventh, Dave Netto came on for three pitches and ended the game on a line out to shortstop Rick Wilkins, who beat the runner on second to the bag for an unassisted double play. Rick had a fine day defensively. Schultz was robbed of a .400 average by a Salinas sophomore official scorekeeper as Salinas is the home team. The ball went to deep short and there was no way a play could be made. SC got the winning run in the seventh. Top pinch hitter Gary Hartzell, who started today, beat out an infield hit, sliding into first. Zobrosky sacrificed and Chuck Farrar was hit by a pitch to put runners on first and third. Tim Erickson hit a ground ball that was muffed to score Hartzell with the winning run. The Cards scored first in the second inning, when Farrar singled in Pillsbury. The Cards did not seem to have their heads in the game as they had two runners thrown out on the bases in the third inning, but still scored one run, when Wilkins singled in Erickson.
Lineup: Bowen CF, 4-1; Erickson 3B, 4-1; Pederson 1B, 4-1; Schultz C, 3-0; Wilkins SS, 3-1; Pillsbury P, 2-1; Pappas P, 1-0; Netto P, 0-0; Hartzell LF/RF, 3-2; Farrar RF, 2-1 and Smith LF, 0-0.

The first “Tournament of Champions’ was held at the lighted San Rafael City ball park as a for-runner of having section playoffs, which did happened in another four years. (The original intent of this tournament was introduce the idea that section playoffs were possible to fit into the school year.) Santa Cruz having won the league four years in a row was a logical selection for this endeavor.

Headline: Cards Win Tourney of Champs 4-2. Behind the pitching of senior Stan Pillsbury. Bob Pederson hit an inside the park home run in the fifth inning and pinch hitter Gary Hartzell, (who had come through in the same situation numerous time this season) collected his second clutch pinch hit of the tournament driving in two runs. Stan Pillsbury fanned 14 and allowed only four hits to beat San Jose High for the championship 4-2. San Jose’ two runs came in the last inning as Pillsbury tired a little having pitched some the day before. Stan ended the season with a fine 11-1 record.

In the first game of the tournament with the Cards down 2-4 to San Leandro, champions of the Alameda County Athletic League going into the sixth inning. Then pinch hitter, Gary Hartzell drove in pinch runner, Glen Griffin to make the score 3-4. Stan Pillsbury took over on the mound and retired the six men he faced in order, striking out three and getting credit for the win. In the Cards last at bats, Buddy Smith doubled to right center then “The Crusher” Mark Schultz slammed a 400 foot home run to deep center, a spot and distance non of the old timers at the park had ever seen before to put the Cards ahead 5-4. Pillsbury hit a sacrifice fly to center to plate an insurance run to make the final score 6-4. Starter Dave Netto went the first five innings and gave up only two earned runs. Neither Card pitcher gave up a walk. Schultz and Buddy Smith hit doubles. Netto also had a RBI. Lineup: Bowen CF, 4-0; Pederson 1B, 4-0; Smith LF, 2-1; Schultz C, 4-2; Netto P, 3-1; Wilkins SS, 3-0; Bill Gilbert RF 3-2; Zobrosky 2B, 3-0, Erickson 3B, 2-0; Hartzell PH, 1-1; Glenn Griffin PR, Pillsbury P, 0-0 and Pete Christensen PR.

At the 9 A,M game the next day, two eventual college tackles Dave Netto at 6’1” at 235 to Stanford and Kevin Hardy at 6‘7“ 250 to Notre Dame and who also played tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, had a pitching dual which ended with the Cards victorious over St. Elizabeth’s of Oakland 2-0. Netto gave up four hit’s a couple of infield dribblers with only a triple being hit solidly. Netto tripled and scored on a wild pitch early in the game. The second insurance run was scored on a succession of errors and an infield hit by the flying Pederson. The other Card hits were by Bowen and Zobrosky. There was electricity running through the Cardinal bench and onto the field. A St. Elizabeth player tripled and there was a bad throw to third and who was there to retrieve the ball? First baseman Bob Pederson who got to it before Netto. (It was the same kind of play that the Yankees Jeter made at home plate against the A’s in the play offs to save the game. It was not Bob’s role, but he was were he was needed on that play. The runner never scored. In the fourth with runners on first and second and no outs, Netto took a tap back to him to third baseman Tim Erickson for the force out, who then went to first for a double play. Netto fanned the next batter Kevin Hardy, who had gone four for four the previous day, by pitching very carefully jammed him for the third strike. In the fifth a perfect relay throw from Gary Bowen to cut off man Bob Pederson to catcher Mark Shultz, who had called for the cut, nailed the runner at the plate by a hair. It was a fantastic game considering the tough game the night before and then an early game the next morning. It showed the competitive spirit of this team. Netto gave up four hit’s a couple of infield dribblers with only the triple being hit solidly. The second insurance run was scored on a succession of errors and an infield hit by the flying Pederson. The other hits of the day were by Bowen and Zobrosky. One of the umpires said, it was the best high school team he had ever seen. Lineup: Bowen CF, 3-1; Pederson 1B, 3-1; Smith LF, 3-0; Schultz C, 3-0; Netto P, 2-1; Wilkins SS, 2-0; Gilbert RF, 2-0; Zobrosky 2B, 2-1 and Erickson 3B, 2-0.

Five members of the Champion Cardinals were named to the twelve man ALL CCAL squad by the league coaches and sports writers. (SC had almost half the All CCAL squad) Ace Cardinal hurler Dave Netto was a unanimous choice. Mark Schultz picked for the second year, missed being unanimous by one vote. Juniors, first baseman Bob Pederson and outfielder Gary Bowen, plus senior, short stop Rick Wilkins round out the Cards picked. Netto led the pitchers with a 7-1 record and 0.52 ERA. Schultz hit .390 and as noted in the write up for the last league game should have been at .400, ended up in third place in the league batting averages. Pederson led the infielders in numbers of votes and with his batting average of .340.

JV BASEBALL Practice games: SLV 6-5, Scores: Soquel 7-7 in eight innings. North Salinas 10-0, Monterey 3-6, Watsonville Salinas 1-5. Season record 10-8-1.

Team members were pitchers, Ron Durkin, Pete Pappas, Glenn Griffin and Steve Welch; catchers, Bob Scott and Phil Langrish; infielders, Pete Christensen, Greg Gordon, Steve Ghidinelli, Jake Seigle, Pete Pini and Everett Yee; outfielders, Larry Oneto, Chuck Comstock. Doug Koskela, Tom Eklof, Dave Hart, Darryl Kitchen and Ron Maves.

Against SLV centerfielder Chuck Comstock drove in the winning run with a timely single to send right fielder Tom Eklof across the plate in the last inning to win the game 6-5. Sophomore Larry Oneto was the top hitter going 3 for 4 and driving in three RBI’s. The batting order for the game and the positions played. Pini 2B, Christensen SS, Scott C, Oneto LF, Koskela 1B, Eklof RF, Gordon 3B, Maves CF, Welch P, Seigle 2B, Langrish C, Comstock CF and Durkin P.

The Soquel game was called on account of darkness with the score tied at 7-7. Here is how the eighth inning went. Pete Pini ripped a single and stole second. Pete Christensen struck out. Phil Langrish flied out to deep center. Larry Oneto drove in Pini with a single to left and went to second when the ball was bobbled. Doug Koskela grounded out to end the inning. The score now SC 7-6. In the bottom of the eighth Soquel tied the score when Lowell drove in Brashears. Larry Oneto led all hitters with three hits.

Pappas hurls one hitter, but JV’s lose to Monterey 2-3. Junior Gary Hartzell and freshman Larry Oneto were hot at the plate with two hits each. Hartzell drove in a run and Pete Christensen drove in another on a sacrifice fly.

Sophomore Ron Durkin tossed a no hitter against Salinas, but lost 1-5. Errors and walks contributed to the Salinas runs. SC had only three hits itself. Pete Christensen and Bob Scott both had doubles and Tom Eklof singled.

Cardinal pitching was excellent all year. In the last four games, the pitchers allowed only 2.25 hits per game. Fancy fielding short stop Pete Christensen, second baseman Jake Seigle and catcher Bob Scott stood out on defense. Glen Griffin has a lot of potential as a pitcher.

TRACK At the CCAL finals meet SC scored three points and placed eleventh.
At CCAL finals, Chuck DeMello Pine was third in the 180 low hurdles and was the only varsity Card to score and qualify for the North Coast Section meet. Tom Estrada placed in the top three in the lightweight 1320 to qualify for NCS. Neither placed at the section meet.

At the CCAL consolation track meet the varsity took fourth and the Cardlets third. Varsity finishers were Arnett Austin third in the 100 dash, fifth in 220 dash and fourth in broad jump. Dennis McNeely placed fourth in 100 dash and third in broad jump. Larry Griffin finished second in 120 low hurdles, first in high jump and second in broad jump. Dan Jasper ran his best mile of the year winning in 5:01.5. In the lightweight competition Rich Walton won the high jump and took third in the 330. Rich Martinez placed third in the high jump. Delbert Loney was first in pole vault. Steve Cartwright was third in 660 and fifth in 150. Mike Machado was fourth in 1320. Dennis Henderson was second in discus. Lombardi place fifth in high hurdles.

Sentinel March 10. Card’s White Wins 880 But Meet Halted. SC and Monterey ran off four events, before the rains came. At the time Monterey led in the Varsity 29-7 and lightweights 22-14. Marshall White won the 880 in 2:11.4. Doyle Singer was third in the 440 and Sandy Schlee was third in the high hurdles. Dennis McNeely was second in the broad jump and Bob Walker third in the shot put, before the rains forced postponement.
Lightweights: Monterey 22, SC 14. The Cardlets strong point was the 660 where Steve Cartwright won in 1:33.4 with Bruce Spencer a close second at 1:33.6. Dick Walton won the high jump at 5-2. Arnett Austin was third in the 75. Tom Chacon had cleared nine feet in the pole vault, but the event was canceled by the rain.

March 17. Soquel Rips SC Cindermen. It was the Knights first major sports victory over the Cards in a 89-24 win. Coach Mel Fishburn singled out Dennis McNeely, who won the broad jump with a personal best 19-7. Chuck DeMelloPine won the 180 low hurdles in 21.5. SC placers: 100, Kisin third and second in the high jump. 440, Walker third and in the shot put third. 880, Jasper third. Mile, DeVilleris second. 120 high hurdles, Schlee third. Griffin third in high jump.
Lightweights: In the lightweights it was completely the opposite as SC won 95-18 and captured 12 first place with four events Cardlet sweeps. Arnett Austin won the 75 in 8.6, 150 in 16.8 and the broad jump at 17-11. Dick Walton won the 330 in 40.6 and high jump at 5-4. Chriswell won the 70 high hurdles and was third in the high jump followed by Martinez third. Chacon won the pole vault at 9-9 as the Cards swept the event with Arrazom second and Criswell third. Henderson won the shot put at 39-5 and was second in the discus. Spencer won the discus at 107-4. Jim Parish was second in the 120 low hurdles and tied for second in the 75 and third in the shot put and was tabbed as a comer by Fishburn. Other placers: 330, Wilson second. 880, Spencer second. 1320, Moon second, Machado third. 70 high hurdles, Martine, second. 120 low hurdles, Chacon third. 440 relay team won in 49.9.

March 27. DeMelloPine Beats Mark By Almost A Full Second. Cardlet Triple. Chuck DeMelloPine set a school record in the 180 yard low hurdles, while lightweight Arnett Austin flashed to triple wins, but both teams lost to Salinas, the varsity 78-34 and lightweights 76-37. DeMelloPine, his right wrist still heavily bandaged from a football injury last October, seven stepped the lows gracefully as he was clocked in 20.7 seconds. He clipped .8 of a second off the old school record. He also was third in the 100. SC had two other firsts. Larry Kisin won the high jump at 5-6 and Prospero Devillires won the pole vault at nine feet even and was third in the mile. Cardinal ace, Dennis McNeely suffered a painful hamstring muscle just out of the blocks of the 880 relay, but grimly plugged along to finish 200 yards left to make his pass. He had already taken second place in the broad jump. Other scorers: 220, Walker third. 440, Wagner third. 880, White second. Mile, Jasper second. High jump, Griffin second. Pole vault, Jasper third.
Lightweights: Salinas 76, SC 37. Austin, a junior out for track the first time after playing junior varsity baseball for two years, pulled away from the field in the 75 in 8.3 seconds and the 150 yard dash in 16.2. He won the broad jump at 18-1. He also ran in the 440 relay. Martenis won the high jump at 5-2. Tom Estrada knocked 12 seconds off his best time in the 1320 for second place. Other placers: 330, Parmenter third. 880 Cartwright third. 70 high hurdles, Lombardi. 120 low hurdles, Parish third. Broad jump, Yue third. Pole vault, Chacon and Loney tied for second. Discus, Henderson second.

April 7. Griffin Stars In Reserves Track Meet. Larry Griffin won two events and tied for first in the other, but Soquel reserves eked out a 75-56 win over the SC reserves. Griffin won the 180 low hurdles in 22.5 in his first time running the event. Won the broad jump at 19 feet, while tying Larry Kisin in the high jump at 5-8. Kisin also whizzed through the 100 yard dash with a personal best of 10.5. White won the 880. Walker took second places in the 440 and 220 and fourth in the shot put. Jasper won the mile and was followed by DeVilleres second and Brady third. SC won the 880 relay in 1:36.5. Other placers: 100, Reime third. Singer was fourth in the 220 and third in the 440. Trotts was third in the discus.
Lightweights: SC 65, Soquel 49 and Holy Cross 22. Cardlet Dick Walton won both the 330 in 40.1 an the high jump at 5-1. Ron Vellutini won the pole vault at an even ten feet and went higher than the varsity winner. Criswell on the 70 high hurdles in 11.1. Jim Parish also impressed with a 15.5 clocking to win the 120 low hurdles. Henderson won the discus at 10.-10. Only first places were listed.

April 24. Thirteen Foot Pole Vault Paces 93-20 Rout of SC. Cardlets Also Lose. North Salinas’ pole-vaulted 13 feet three and one-half inches to beat the former meet record held by SC’s Jim Van Ness and Claude Schmidt at 11-6. Dennis McNeely was the lone Card to win and event. He leaped 19-10 and was only two and one-half inches off the meet record. McNeely also took second in the 220. Larry Griffin tied for first in the high jump at 5-8.
Lightweights: Salinas 81, SC 32. Arnett Austin won the 150 in 16.2 and the broad jump at 19-1 and was third in the 75. Tom Estrada won the 1320 in 3:22.8. Tom was one-tenth of a second away from tying the meet record. Ron Vellutini won the pole vault. Other placers: Cartwright was third in the 150 and 660. 330, Walton third. 70 high hurdles, Lombardi third. . 120 low hurdles, Parish second. High jump. Martinez third. Broad jump, Yue third. Pole vault, Gledhill third. Discus, Henderson third.

April 28.Watsonville Takes Varsity, Lightweight Titles Again at the third running of the CCAL-A division relay meet. Watsonville 64, Monterey 55, North Salinas 47, Soquel 42, Salinas 26, SC 9. Records were set in 20 of the 26 events during a warm, sometimes breezy afternoon. New marks were recorded in all varsity running events. The SC distance medley team was just beat out for first place by a crack Salinas team, which beat the meet record with a time of 11:16.2. Prespero DeVilleria lead off running the 1320, followed by Dan Brady in 880, Doyle Singer in 440 and Dan Jasper in mile. Since all the running events were relay, will just say SC for the team. 440, SC fifth. Individuals: High jump, Griffin fourth. Broad jump, McNeely fifth.
Lightweight final score: Watsonville 68, North Salinas 55, Monterey 48, SC 32, Salinas 27, Soquel 10. Ron Vellutini vaulted 10-4 to cop the lightweight blue ribbon. Tom Estrada closed ground on the 1320 anchor lap as SC took second place. Since all the running events were relay, will just say SC for the team. Sprint Relay, SC fourth. 1320, SC third. Mile and a half, SC fifth. Distance medley, SC second. 70 high hurdles, SC fourth. 120 low hurdles, SC fifth. 440, SC fifth. 880, SC fourth. Individuals: High jump, Walton third. Broad jump, Austin fifth. Pole vault, Vellutini first, Loney second. Discus, Henderson fourth.

Senior Chuck DeMelio Pine and sophomore Tom Estrada won the most valuable member on the varsity and lightweight track teams at the annual Spring awards assembly. Both advanced to the North Coast Section finals, but neither scored there. DeMelioPine does the 180 low hurdles and in the 100 dash he broke the school record three times this year. Estrada ran the 1320 in 3:31 as his best time.

Seven varsity members lettered with the number of points they have scored this season. They are seniors Prospero DeVillires 13, Doyle Singer 6 and DeMelioPine 15. Junior Dennis McNeely17 and sophomores Dan Brady 3, Larry Griffin 23 and Dan Jasper 14. Sixteen lightweights lettered. They are juniors Arnett Austin 44, Steve Cartwright 40, Mike Machado ?, Rich Martinez 18, Jim Parrish 20 and Richard Walton 33. Sophomores Tom Criswell, Tom Estrada 15, Steve Lane 4, Dan Moon, and Delbert Loney 6. Freshmen Dennis Henderson 22, Barry Lombardi 11, Chuck Parmenter 7, Ron Vellutini 16 and Bill Yue 4.

Participation awards went to Bob Agosti, Harry Alves, Tony Alvarez, Jerry Bradley, Perry Brantley, Robert Cattera, Ken Gledhill, Sam Gillen, Harry Karras, Mike Lopez, John Moreno, John Panattoni, Dennis Trotts and Paul Bertsch.

TENNIS Salinas 0-7, North Salinas 2-5, Carmel 0-7,
The only experience netters are seniors Jim Good, Tom Marini and Mike Fratis.

Racketeers lose all matches to Carmel. Those who played were James Good, Steve Wood, Dave Garbe, Robert Bishop Richard Walker, Mike Fratis and Tom Marini.

Other team members were Durham, Meyers, Barnhart, Adams, Wong, Olive, Castro, Nowak, Otto, Bates, Haxton, Carre, Wise and Mark Bergstrom. Coach Eade Jordon.

In the 2-5 loss to North Salinas in the last match of the season James Good and Brock Elliot won their matches.

GOLF No write ups available. Team members were David Taylor, Craig Lunt, Don Miller, Jack Gordon, Gary Grellman, Frank Fujimura, Bill Cowden, Paul Kadotani, John Wilson, John Duffy, Richard Johnson, Thomas Jackson and Bob Warne. Coach Tony Foster.

Coach Al Weimers. Work outs started in January building toward two things (1) health, by working their very best an putting a lot of time swimming and (2) victory.

At the CCAL league meet, Ken Strong sets a new league record for the 200 yard freestyle moving the time down from 2:00.1 to 1:58.4. Seven varsity and lightweight records were broken at the meet. Three SC swimmers made the finals. Ken Strong took first in the 200 yard freestyle and second in the 400 freestyle. Ron Leigh placed third in the 200 and 300 yard freestyle, which is outstanding for a freshman. Steve Cowden in his first year of swimming took a sixth in the 100 yard breaststroke. Most of the team swam in the meet for the experience. Dennis Cox, the only Cardinal diver placed third.

Varsity: Carmel 36-58. Lightweights: Carmel 36-48. A winner against Carmel was Ken Strong in the 440 yard freestyle and 200 yard freestyle. Second place finishers were Robert Ley in 200 yard individual medley and 400 yard freestyle. Robert Woodworth in 100 yard backstroke. Phil McRae in 100 yard butterfly. Ron Totten in 100 yard breaststroke. Third place finishers were Mike Olivieri, 50 yard freestyle. Mike Hooper, 200 yard individual medley and Dennis Cox, diving. Lightweight winners were Doug McBain, 200 yard freestyle and Bill Cowden, 100 yard breaststroke.

The top swimmers coming back next year are Robert Ley, Jack Verhines, Hunter Hammond, Steve Cowden, Jack Nichols, Mike Herman and Robert Rittenhouse.

Other team members were: G. Rochelle, J. McMurry, R. Winters, F. Gray, T. Walton, J. Nichols, D. Rasmussen, R. Lindsay, R. Dunham, D. Sherborn, S. Mowrey, S. Bowden, W. Olivieri, J. Malmin, H. Hammond, P. Bianucci, M. Craig, C. Nutt, S. Piffero, D. Sanders, T. Morgan, D. Carr and T. Knapp.

Senior, Mike Owens was voted the OUTSTANDING WRESTLER AT THE NORTHERN CAL TOURNEY. Mike was the first string middle guard and was the lightest man on the varsity football team. He also swims and dives. Mike was christened “yogi” when he first started wrestling, because of the unique way he wrestles. It has stuck with him. As a freshman wrestler Mike astonished the whole team by beating almost everyone he wrestled. His season was quickly ended with a broken finger bun-boarding. As a sophomore, Mike placed fourth at the Hayward Invitational. At the CCAL meet he took first place by defeating the two year defending champion. Junior year, Mike was first at the Gonzales Invitational and the CCAL meet and second at NCS. Senior year, first at Gonzales Invitational for the second year, CCAL for the third year and NCS. Mike competed at the Far Western Freestyle Invitational in San Francisco even though he has never wrestled freestyle, his style of wrestling is very adaptable to it. He has never lost a match to a CCAL opponent. Mike had 49 straight dual match wins. At the CCAL meet senior Mike Owen placed first at 175 pounds and ended his high school career being voted Outstanding Wrestler at the Northern Cal Tourney.

Eric Taylor starting center at 225 pounds on the football team for two years and one of the five interior offensive linemen on this years team that are evaluated by the local press as being on a par with the interior line of the Cardinal team which won Northern California team of the year honors in 1958. And this year claimed to be one of the best interior lines in Northern Cal.
Eric Taylor was honored by the San Francisco Examiner as the first string center on the ALL NORTHERN CALIFORNIA team. Eric was first team center All North Coast. The Examiner teams were picked on recommendations from North State’s prep sports writers and from votes cast by more than 250 high school coaches. San Francisco Chronicle’s ALL NORTHERN CAL first team center was Eric Taylor. Taylor was selected as the first team center on the San Francisco Chronicle’s ALL NORTHERN CAL. Taylor was selected to the first team of the San Jose Mercury All Central Coast team. Eric Taylor received honorable mention honors for the first ever Big 33 National High School All America football team. It is a 33 player all senior team chosen by scholastic football writers from each of the 50 states. Taylor was a ALL CCAL center and defensive player selected by the league coaches. By Bob Sprenger of the SF Examiner said, “The Cards, a big surprise this year, boasts a big line anchored by center Eric Taylor, guard Rich McComb and tackle Dave Netto.” Coach Bill Wood presented a special Dads Club award to Eric Taylor as the most consistent player. Eric Taylor was one of 25 players picked to play for the Northern California team against the Southern Cal team at the LA Coliseum. One of the bright spots for the North was the play of SC’s Eric Taylor, who played every offensive play. The UCLA coach described his play as “very promising and I was extremely pleased.” San Francisco writers described Eric’s play as the best of any North offensive lineman. Taylor led the quarterback over the goal in on a sneak for the North’s only touchdown. Eric went on to play at UCLA. Eric won first place at the Gonzales Invitational Wrestling Tournament. Eric placed second at the CCAL wrestling meet qualifying him to go to the NCS tournament. At NCS Eric lost his first match to the man that eventually won the unlimited weight class.

Dave Netto starting tackle at 225 pounds on the football team for two years and one of the five interior offensive linemen on this years team that are evaluated by the local press as being on a par with the interior line of the Cardinal team which won Northern California team of the year honors in 1958. And this year claimed to be one of the best interior lines in Northern Cal.
Dave Netto was honored by the San Francisco Examiner on the second team ALL NORTHERN CALIFORNIA team. Dave was selected on the second team of the All North Coast team. The Examiner teams were picked on recommendations from North State’s prep sports writers and from votes cast by more than 250 high school coaches. Dave Netto was selected on the fourth team of the San Francisco Chronicle’s ALL NORTHERN CAL team.
Dave Netto was selected on the second team of the San Jose Mercury All Central Coast team.
Dave was a ALL CCAL tackle selected by the league coaches. By Bob Sprenger of the SF Examiner said, “The Cards, a big surprise this year, boasts a big line anchored by center Eric Taylor, guard Rich McComb and tackle Dave Netto.” Dave Netto received the Doctor Pederson trophy for the best scholastic standing among the football players. Dave went on to play for Stanford. Dave played basketball and baseball all four years. In his junior year he pitched a no hitter against Serra the champion of the West Catholic league and helped the team win the league championship. In his senior year he was a unanimous choice on the twelve man ALL CCAL squad as a pitcher with a 7-1 record and an earned run average of 0.52.

Mark Schultz the team leading rusher in 96 carries and 502 yards, leading scorer for the season with 77 points and league leading scorer with 65 was named to the San Jose Mercury All Central Coast team as an honorable mention player. Mark was one of the few players who went both ways playing defense as well as his fullback duties. Mark was a ALL MBL back selected by the league coaches. Mark Schultz was selected Most Valuable Player by his teammates. He was also a ALL CCAL player in baseball for the second consecutive year and missed being an unanimous vote by one vote. He also missed being ALL CCAL in basketball by one vote. The Sentinel said he desired the honor of being a three sport all league player. Mark was third in league batting with a .390 average. At the Tournament of Champions in San Rafael, which the Cards won, Mark hit the longest home run ever at the park to drive in the winning runs. On graduation Mark signed a pro contract with the Angels.

Rich McCombs starting guard at 180 pounds on the football team for two years and one of the five interior offensive linemen on this years team that are evaluated by the local press as being on a par with the interior line of the Cardinal team which won Northern California team of the year honors in 1958. And this year claimed to be one of the best interior lines in Northern Cal.
Rich was a ALL CCAL guard selected by the league coaches. By Bob Sprenger of the SF Examiner said, “The Cards, a big surprise this year, boasts a big line anchored by center Eric Taylor, guard Rich McComb and tackle Dave Netto.” Rich received the Rotary Club award for the most inspirational football player.

Bill Thuringer was a ALL CCAL safety selected by the league coaches.

Stan Pillsbury this season at quarterback was a ALL CCAL lightweight football player selected by the league coaches. Stan Pillsbury was selected as the Most Valuable lightweight football player. Stan ended the baseball season with a fine 11-1 record. Stan was the winning pitcher in championship game at the Tournament of Champions in San Rafael. Stan was a guard on the varsity basketball team this year. In his previous years he played lightweight basketball.
Last year Stan was a first stringer in baseball as well

Bill Dalman starting tackle at 215 pounds on the football team for two years and one of the five interior offensive linemen on this years team that are evaluated by the local press as being on a par with the interior line of the Cardinal team which won Northern California team of the year honors in 1958. And this year claimed to be one of the best interior lines in Northern Cal. Bill was a honorable mention ALL CCAL player selected by the league coaches. Bill went on to
play at Oregon State.

Larry Warren starting guard at 168 pounds on the football team for two years and one of the five interior offensive linemen on this years team that are evaluated by the local press as being on a par with the interior line of the Cardinal team which won Northern California team of the year honors in 1958. And this year claimed to be one of the best interior lines in Northern Cal.
Larry was a honorable mention ALL CCAL player selected by the league coaches. Larry received the Dads Club sportsmanship trophy for varsity football.

Tom Knapp was a honorable mention ALL CCAL football player selected by the league coaches. Tom was one of the top defensive backs. Tom lettered in swimming.

Junior Bob Pederson. From Bob Sprenger of the SF Examiner, “The Cards, a big surprise this year in addition to a fine interior line also have two of the Coast leagues top junior backs, quarterback Bob Pederson and halfback Dennis McNeely. Bob was a honorable mention ALL CCAL player selected by the league coaches. Bob was a starter on the basketball team and played first base for the championship baseball team was chosen ALL CCAL. Pederson led the infielders in numbers of votes and batting average of .340.

“Big” Walt Olivieri was a big factor in the defensive line. Even had a fumble recovery and rambled for yardage. Walt went on to play at North Texas and was a last cut for the San Diego Chargers.

Tim Erickson at 158 played bigger as a defensive safety and picked off more than his share of enemy passes. Tim also played third base on the league championship baseball team.

Mike Olivier a running back was injured early in the season and made a comeback at the end. Mike gained 47 yards for a 3.9 average and scored six points.

George Brumbraugh was the team speedster skirting the ends and returning punts and kickoffs. He led the team in total yards 517 and a 7.5 average yards per carry. He scored 47 points for the season.

Doyle Singer was a starting offensive end on the varsity football team and was a varsity track man.
Ken Strong set a new CCAL swimming record in the 200 yard freestyle moving the time down from 2:00.1 to 1:58.4.

Roger Blanchard was ALL CCAL in varsity basketball this season and was ALL CCAL in lightweight basketball his sophomore year.

Mark Conrad was ALL CCAL in varsity basketball this season and was ALL CCAL in lightweight basketball his sophomore year.

Chuck DeMelio-Pine was the most valuable member of the varsity track team. He broke the school record in the 100 yard dash three times this year. Chuck also runs the 180 low hurdles. Chuck was a lightweight football running back and scored against Los Gatos.

Rick Wilkins a three year starter on the championship baseball team was chosen ALL CCAL.

Gary Bowen a junior outfielder on the championship baseball team was chosen ALL CCAL.
In his senior season he was a top running back in football.

Frank Fujimura was an ALL CCAL lightweight player as a junior and major player in his senior year. He also lettered in golf.

Marshall White lettered in cross country and track.

Junior Dennis McNeely. From Bob Sprenger of the SF Examiner, “The Cards, a big surprise this year in addition to a fine interior line also have two of the Coast leagues top junior backs, quarterback Bob Pederson and halfback Dennis McNeely.

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