Download complete file with overview and stats: 1931


Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis
Warren, midget football and basketball
“Doc” Fehliman, baseball

This year it was all one league
Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Palo Alto 6-6
Hayward 7-0
Fresno 6-6
Los Gatos 13-12
Practice record: 2-0-2

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Monterey 7-7
Hollister 12-6
King City 33-7
Salinas 0-6
Pacific Grove 13-14
Watsonville game cancelled
Monterey had a 5-0-1 record
SC league record 2-2-1
Overall 4-2-3

Starting line up:
Ends, Rittenhouse and Knott
tackles, Pearson, Lass and Theilla
guards, Montgomery and Elmo Williams
center, Fast
QB, Johnson
halfbacks, Clark and captain Roy Caldwell
fullback, Simoni
Subs Elmo Williams, Beaver, Cuneo, Wood, Nickels, Bob Knott, Warren Penniman, Harry Simerly, George Pear, Gelatt, McHugh, Knott, Hanser, Phillips, Hope, Maddock, Richardson, Dickson. Braverman, Acherberg, Staples, Bias Sinnott, Nystrom, and Harry Lucas

This years team made the longest trip by chartered bus for a Santa Cruz team, to play Fresno high in a night game. Former SCHS graduate and outstanding athlete, Leo Harris is the football and basketball coach at Fresno high, he was interested in playing his old school. The game ended in a 6-6 tie. Fresno went on to win the San Joaquin Valley Championship. The SC Cards scored in the second quarter and held the Fresno Bulldogs until the last two minutes, when the Bulldogs scored their touchdown to tie the game.

No schools in the CCAL league have lights. Later SCHS played some baseball games at Community Park on California St under the lights. In the 1932 rematch with Fresno the game was played in SC under lights.

Specific Games
Varsity SC vs. Hollister 12-6
Early in the first quarter, SC scored on a pass from Johnson to Rittenhouse, who raced over the goal with the entire Hollister team in pursuit. Hollister scored in the second period. Santa Cruz held them for three downs on the one foot line, but on fourth down the Haybalers punched it over the line. In the third quarter, the Cards pushed Hollister back to the Haybalers goal line. Hollister’s subsequent punt was blocked by Theilla and Nickels recovered the ball behind the goal line for the final score.

Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville — cancelled. On Friday night before the Saturday game, one of the biggest rallies ever held, was put on at the Santa Cruz Theatre. After the rally and during the rest of the night “Old Man Rain” took charge of the situation. By morning the football field was a sea of mud. Through some misunderstanding between coaches and principals, the game was postponed and the Wildcats turned in their suits. The Cards kept their suits expecting to hear from Watsonville. The fellows were “raring” to play, hoping to end the season with a win.

Tony Valine, former SC star who was an All CCAL player six years ago, is now coaching the Chaminade squad up the hill during the Spring drills after baseball season, as most schools did back then. They even played a Spring game against another school. Chaminade must have closed its doors because the following players transferred and played for SC in 1932: three Leonard brothers – Bud, Jim, and Mike, and Mazzoni, Gillen, and Lynn.

For the first time in seven years the lightweights did not win the league championship. It wasn’t because they didn’t have a good team, Monterey were just too good for them.

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Berkeley 7-28

League games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
King City 19-0
Monterey 0-35
Hollister 24-6
Salinas 13-0
League record 3-1
Season record 3-2.

The starting lineup for the King City game:
ends, Bergazzi and Carl Gelatt
tackles, Stagnaro and Hope
guards, captain Gillies and Kratzenstein
center, Cartwright
backs, Simerly, Jory, Hedgepeth, and Rodriguez.

Those earning their letters were captain Gillies, Kratzenstein, Carl Gelatt, Roy Bergazzi, Murphy, Hope, Lavigne, Simerly, Jory, Rodriguez, Lucas, Hopkins, Stagnaro, Stroppini, Hedgepeth. Other team members: Hopkins, Murphy, Huddleson, Hanson and Lane.

Lightweights Win From Salinas 13-0.
The lightweights came home the winners of a game that was hard fought with plenty of blood spilled on both sides. The team was out on the field with a different spirit and they seemed to know what it’s all about. The first score was called back, because of an offside penalty. The Babes came right back with the same play for a score with everyone on-side. The last score came on an interception by Jory, who ran 40 yards for the touchdown. The conversion was good.

Captain Gillies led the team in fine fashion. Carl Kratzenstein proved himself one of the best running guards. Harry Simerly played quarterback almost to perfection, knowing when and where to call the right plays. Gelatt and Murphy proved themselves a capable pair of wingmen. Hope was the best tackle on the squad. Hashimoto showed up well as the other tackle.

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Los Gatos 11-33
Chaminade 12-16
I couldn’t find the scores for some of these games, so are using the record from the Trident.
They are: San Jose, Hayward, Sequoia, Los Gatos and Alameda.
Practice record: 4-3

League Games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
King City 23-17
Hollister 29-9
Monterey 25-18
Salinas 29-19
Pacific Grove 11-20
Watsonville 20-27
League 4-2, second place
Season record according to the Trident 8-5
Watsonville won the league and the NCS championship as well.

The team had five lettermen from the 1930 varsity team and Gerald Gelatt, who captained the 1930 lightweight championship team. These six formed the nucleus of the squad.

Players: Captain Pearson, Loren Nickels, Caldwell, Gelatt, Bob Hughes, Carpenter; Bob Knott, Chisholm, Fast, Vose, Scott Donahoo, Pearson, Milo Warrenburg and sophomores, Manuel Netto and Ray Carpenter.

Santa Cruz vs. Salinas, 29-19
In one of the better games of the year Santa Cruz beat Salinas 29-19. The Cards scored 6 points in the first two minutes of the game. The Cowboys were bewildered by the sizzling attack the Cards threw at them. Bobby Hughes’ play stood out most vividly. Bobby played all except four minutes of the game. Chisholm took his place and was the only substitute for SC. While Hughes was out of the game the Cardinals made little headway.
Scoring (player, number of points): Loren Nickels 11, Hughes 9, Bob Knott 2 and Scotty Donahoo 4.

The first defeat of the season came at the hands of Pacific Grove. The Cards just couldn’t hit the basket. They missed enough shots to win two games.

The last game of the year against Watsonville proved to be the best game of the year. It was played at Watsonville before a packed house. The Cards took the lead in the first quarter, but the Wildcats gained the lead in the second quarter and held it till the whistle blew. The team is to be congratulated on the fine showing they made. Loren Nickels, the star Card center, was in every play and accounted for 11 points out of the 19 SC scored.
Scoring by quarters: first period SC 5-8, second 8-14, third 16-21 and fourth 19-25.
The lineup was Captain Pearson 0, Netto 4, Knott 2, Nickels 11, Chisholm 2, Donahoe, Hughes, Carpenter and Fast 0.

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Los Gatos 25-7

League games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
King City 24-17
Hollister 32-18
Monterey 9-18
Salinas 9-19
Pacific Grove 14-8
Watsonville 12-16
League record 3-3
Season record according to the Cardinal was 9-4.

The lightweights started out the season as though they would walk of with league honors. The team seemed to be playing hard at all times, but they lacked a real consistent shooter.

Lightweight basketball team members: Captain Phillip Sousa, Ray Bourriague, Roy Bergazzi, Mann, Carl Gelatt, Bob Kelly, Wilson, Famosi, Reghetti, Beaver and Root.

Card Lights Win First League Tilt. Over King City 24-17. The game started with SC taking the lead at the quarter 6-4. King City came back and led 11-8 at half and 17-16 at the end of the third quarter. In the final period, Santa Cruz came to life to win 24-17.
Scoring: Captain Sousa 8, Carl Gelatt 6, Whitson and Beaver 4 each and Roy Bergazzi 2.

Wildcat Babes defeat Cardlets 12-16 At the end of the first quarter the score was tied 3-3. At halftime Watsonville was one better or ahead 6-7, next quarter 9-12 and at the end 12-16. Scoring for SC: Gelatt and Souza each accounted for 3 points, Righetti the tall center had 2, Kelly 1, Beaver 2 and Bourriague1. Others who saw action were Bergazzi and Whitson.

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 15-6
Los Gatos 9-18, 5-4
Santa Clara 6-13, SC lost the second game.
Practice record 2-3.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Gonzales 3-7
Hollister 3-4
Monterey 7-1
Watsonville 7-11
Salinas 4-0
League 2-3.
Season 4-6.
Gonzales league champions.

The baseball team moved from the lower field up to the upper diamond next to the tennis courts. It took work with hoes, shovels, wheel barrows and many blisters for the team to get the field ready for the season

On some Saturdays, the baseball team will play in the morning and some of the same athletes will participate in the track meet in the afternoon.

Sophomores on this team are important players now and when they are seniors they should be a force to be reconed with.
Louis Castagnola Catcher
Dario Fassio 2B
Phillip Sousa 1B
Manuel Netto P
Reno Rosellini OF
Charles Johnson SS – Johnson has already earned two letters in football, one in baseball and one in track
Other outfielders: Dario Simoni P, OF; Tommy Kristinich, Tamagni, Jory, F Sandman and Carl Sandman, who also pitches.
Infielders: Sinnott and Bill Beaver.

Cecil Hedgepeth, a three sport athlete, is the main man on the mound. Hedgepeth did well in every game he pitched.
Castagnola was one of the best catchers Santa Cruz had ever had, while the work done by the reliable Kristinich in the outfield was commendable.

SC vs. Watsonville
In the last game of the season against Watsonville, the Cards established a four run lead in the early part of the game and up until the eighth inning it appeared they were to be the victors. But in the last part of the eighth inning the Wildcats staged a rally which netted them eight runs to win the game 7-11.

Santa Cruz was a hot bed for baseball activity during this period. Smaller towns in the area had teams made up of townspeople and possibly a few ringers. Locally, the top team was the Padres. In the sixties, Pete Pappas resurrected a semi-pro team using the Padre name. They played in what was called the State League with teams from San Jose, San Mateo, Stockton, Lodi and a community named Pacific Community. At one time in its history the standings were Santa Cruz 4-1, Stockton 3-2 and the rest 2-3. One pitcher, Goulds, was said to, “have a spit ball that had players fanning the air trying to make contact.”


CCAL meet
The SC varsity team took fourth place.
Salinas 39
King City 34
Watsonville 15
Santa Cruz 13
Hollister 10
Pacific Grove 7
Monterey 1

Lightweights took third.
Salinas 32
Hollister 17
Santa Cruz 15
Watsonville 10
King City 10
Monterey 9
Pacific Grove 5.

CCAL placers:
Bill Staples first in the discus and third in 100
Second places
Ron Clark in 220 low hurdles
sophomore and basketball player, Mike Warrenburg in 100 and 220
Loren Nickels 880.

Bill Staples scored 15 points at the Hollister invitational meet, one of the biggest events in Northern California. Staples always managed to score in the 100 yard dash and placed first in discus in every meet this year, even setting a CCAL discus record of 136’. In his time at SCHS, Staples scored more points than any man on either squad.

Other varsity men who placed most meets this year are Bob Fast and Reno Rosellini, a sophomore participating in both the high jump and pole vault.

Other letter winners this year are Albert Acterberg, who scored 6 points, and Ben Peterson with 5 points.
Glen Dickson and Bob Fast scored points in almost every meet, but couldn’t garner enough to make their letters.

Lightweights at the CCAL meet
Carl Gelatt and Joe Cacace, a freshman, tied for first in the high jump.

All the above mentioned men qualify for the next step to NCS. However, there was no report of NCS.

Other team members worth montioning are Huddleson, Hashimoto and Charles Johnson. All three earned points in the early season meets.

SCHS were the CCAL CHAMPS this year
SCHS can be justly proud of its impressive CCAL record in tennis, this year was no exception. The tennis team was the only SCHS team to win a championship this year. They sailed through the season, suffering no defeats and meeting little opposition.

Robert Hughes and Virgil Kester won the league doubles championship. At NCS the duo won their first match and lost the second.

During season play the number one doubles team were juniors, Kester and Loren Nickels. Through the entire season they lost only one match.

Namen Little played first singles. Robert Hughes and Glen Bickley performed in second and third singles, winning all their matches during the season.

Other team members rounding out the six league players are: Stan Smith, a freshman who shows much promise and Jack Sharkey, a sophomore who is also a comer.
Subs: Alfred Flynn, Curtis Trumbly, and George Conley.

The Casa Del Rey courts have been remodeled and are getting a lot of use. Even so, they have not started charging yet.

The following are seniors who played more than one sport.
Playing football and basketball: Harry Lucas, George Pear, Harry Simerly, Elmo Ray Williams, Bob Knott.
Playing football and track: Scott Sonahoo and Bob Hope.

Bill Staples scored 15 points at the Hollister invitational meet, one of the biggest events in Northern California. Staples always managed to score in the 100 yard dash and placed first in discus in every meet this year, even setting a CCAL discus record of 136’. In his time at SCHS, Staples scored more points than any man on either squad.

Cecil Hedgepeth, a two sport athlete, is the main man on the mound and played halfback on the
football team.

Joe Lantange went on to play for San Jose State where he helped the basketball team beat Fresno State.

Wayne Osborne is climbing up the ladder of fame. Wayne is now pitching for Stockton and in a recent game at Mission Park pitched a three inning affair and ended up winning the game.

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