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There were 866 students enroll at SCHS. Some are veterans coming back to get their diplomas. They can easily be distinguished by their sincerity toward their school work.

(This years local paper sports section does not have write ups explaining game action with who was involved. What you see on the screen comes from the stories in the Trident)

Coaches: Roger Baer varsity football and track and lightweight basketball. New coach Franklin Lindeburg, varsity basketball and baseball and assistant football. Stevens, tennis. Colwell, golf.

FOOTBALL Practice game: Santa Clara 6-13, Mountain View 6-20. Practice record 0-2. League: Hollister 7-6, Salinas 6-19, Watsonville 0-6, Monterey 0-30. league record 1-3, fourth. Season 1-5.

Starting lineup: ends, Wes Juhl, Eric Street and Jack Burkett; tackles, Dudley Hill, Anderson and Tom Campbell; guards, Wayne Thorp and David Orr; center, Dick Leslie; backs, Bill Walker, Bob Birchfield, captain, Bob Thorp and Roy Johnson. Seeing plenty of action: Perez, Faneuf, Dick Dietz, Nutter, Kranich, W. Thorp, Spitoni, Finta, Odom, McCrary, Graham, Kenny, McKimm, Gai, Dick Dietz, Scaroni, Stanton, King, Sweeney and Pedemonte.

In the loss to Santa Clara, Roy Johnson ran back a kick off 85 yards for the only SC score with the help of blocking from every man on the team.

Wildcats edges out Cards 6-0. The Wildcats had all the breaks all the way through the game, which set up their touchdown. No matter how good a team may be, they can not beat their opponent if the luck is against them. Even though they lost, They played hard. It was close and thrilling, right to the last.

Tailback Roy Johnson was chosen ALL CCAL. Roy was an ALL CCAL end as a sophomore two years ago.

LIGHTWEIGHT Practice scores: Santa Clara 0-12, Mountain View 26-12. Practice record 1-1. League: Hollister 19-0, Salinas 0-6, Watsonville 13-0, Monterey 9-13. league record 2-2, third place. Season 3-3.

Starting lineup: ends, George Vomvolakis, Bob Tolaio and Terry McCambridge; tackles, Dean Fidel and Robert Gill; guards, Bill Trotts and Don Waldemar; center, Larry Evans; backs, Stockton Sommer, Duke McCullah team MVP, Henry Chin, Bill Fairhurst, Wagner and Joe Meme. Seeing plenty of action: Anecito, Van Houten, Hill, Root and Bergen. Others: Graziani, Warner, Monnally, Brumbley, Watts, Gittens, McPherson, Root, Hope, McDowell, Kindley, Blan, McGray, Hill, Johnson, Espinosa, Lee, Bergen, Rickard, Gould, Thomas, Parke, West, Tichie, Hamber, Adams.

In a tight game, Cardlets lose to Monterey 9-13. The first Monterey score was the result of a blocked SC punt into the SC end zone that was recovered by Monterey for a score. The Cardlets first score came when Terry McCambridge blocked a Monterey punt into the Monterey end zone and again Monterey recovered to give SC two points for a safety. (If SC would have recovered it would make it a touchdown). After a few plays, once again Monterey blocked a punt for a score and added a conversion to make the score 2-13. The Cardlets gathered speed and drove for a touchdown and a conversion to make the final score 9-13. Every fellow was in there fighting for blood and deserves a lot of credit and praise for a job well done.

George Vomvolakis, end; Bill Trotts, guard and Henry Chin, half back were selected ALL CCAL.

The Junior varsity “Wonder squad of the year” went undefeated and what is more remarkable is unscored on. They did not play any other JV teams. Oh no that would be too easy. They played varsity teams of other smaller schools. The team members were Coe, Huxtable, S. Johnson and D. Johnson, Perez, Stanton, Young, Rickard, Dietz, Odom, Perrigo, Forester, Dickson and Bly.

ROOTERS SECTION FOR BASKETBALL Cheer leaders: Barbara Allen, Gordon McEdwards and Diann Miller want to give students a chance to display real school spirit with specially designed yells and the help of the school band. They have set up an area for an official rooting section to accommodate 250 students, band members and players for all games home and away. For away games buses will be provided with a fare of .35 to Watsonville, .75 to Monterey and Pacific Grove and .50 to Salinas.

Each rooter will receive a megaphone and a Boosters club card to identify themselves to a letterman society member, who will guard the section. Pep rallies will be held in the auditorium every Friday, when there is a game, during the last 20 minutes of sixth period.

BASKETBALL Practice games: Los Gatos 43-27, Lincoln 26-46, San Jose 19-42, Fremont 36-34, Galileo 36-21, San Jose Tech 31-30. Practice record: 4-2. League: Hollister 45-50. 48-43; Watsonville 26-42, 29-45; Salinas 34-32, 35-36; Monterey 36-35, 34-34. Tie rule at this time. If the score is tied after two 3 minute overtimes and neither team scores, the game stays a tie and each team gets half a win. The same thing happened with the same two schools in lightweights in 1940. League record of 3-4-1 for third place. (In practice games, according to the Trident, their practice record was 5-4 making the) season record of 8-8-1. (For the records will go with the Trident as there are pages with missing information and evidently games were played.)

Starting lineups: Third year first stringer, Roy Johnson. Wes Juhl up from the championship lightweight team and their leading scorer. Second year first stringers, Eric Street and Ted Winterhalder. Marvin Glaum, Don Dickson, and Albert Giraudo gained valuable experience last year as second teamers. Other players: Wayne Thorp, Eugene Pedemonte, Bob Tolaio, Leslie Mount, Jim Huxtable, Howard Watts and Henry Ilgenstein.

Wes Juhl a Cardlet star for two years started out his varsity career on high note with a 20 point game. Wes continued scoring in double figures for the rest of the season.

Cards upset Hollister 48-43. The Cards showed them the spirit that an underestimated team can have. The Cards showed expert ball handling and skill in making their field goals and free throws that could not be seen at just any basketball game. Although Hollister managed to take the lead from time to time, they found that it was hard to hang onto it, because those Cards were out for a victory. The game was one of the highest scoring games in a long time with 91 total points scored. Scoring: Juhl 16, Winterhalder 12, Street 9, Johnson 7, Giraudo 4, Pedemonte and Thorp 0.

Cards Come Through Against Monterey 36-35. Juhl, Street and Johnson worked a fast break in the first half, which had the Monterey team baffled for sometime. At the end of the half the Cards led 18-17. The Toreadors went ahead 29-27 at the end of the third quarter. Later in the fourth quarter, Monterey went ahead 32-31. With 15 seconds to play, Johnson sank a free throw to tie the score. At the start of overtime, Johnson sank a sucker shot to put the Cards ahead, only to have Monterey tie the score again. Winterhalder on a pivot shot, put the Cards ahead. With 55 seconds left, Monterey made only one of two free throws, which left the Cards out in front 36-35. From that time on the Cards froze the ball until the game ended. Scoring: Juhl 17, Johnson 9, Street 5, Winterhalder 3, Giraudo 2, Pedemonte, Tolaio, Dickson, Thorp and Perez 0.

League total points by individual and position: Juhl 80, F; Winterhalder 60, F; Street 54, C; Johnson 51, G; Giraudo 18, G; Pedemonte 12, F; Tolaio 8, F; Dickson 5, C; Thorp 1, G.

Roy Johnson and Wes Juhl were chosen ALL CCAL

LIGHTWEIGHT practice games: Santa Clara 39-20, Lincoln 17-23, San Jose 20-24, Fremont 21-34, Los Gatos 39-20, Galileo 29-28, San Jose Tech 26-11. Practice record: 4-3. League: Hollister 25-19, 16-18; Monterey loss, 20-23; Salinas 25-23, win; Watsonville 22-30, 34-21, For a 4-4 record in league. Season record 11-8 according to the Trident. The above has some games missing as it shows a 8-7 record.

Starters came from the following George Vomvolakis, Jack Alzina the leading scorer, Ron Hindley, Terry McCambridge, Henry Chin, Bill Hart and Jim Van Houten. Subs: Freddie Moro, Bill Trotts, Lou Bertorelli, Bill Phillips and Eddie Root.

Cardlets Beat Hollister 25-19. the Cardlets led all through the game. At the end of the first quarter the score was a remarkable SC 3-2. The second quarter it picked up a little to 10-9. Third quarter it was 16-13. To the final score 25-19. Bill Hart, the three year letterman center, showed his skill as a good ball handler and at scoring. He was high point man with 7 points. Seniors, George Vomvolakis a two year letterman and Jack Alzina both scored 5 points. Others who played and scored two points: Chin, Van Houten, McCambridge and Hindley. And Bertorelli 0 points.

Cardlets Bounce Wildkittens 34-21. The big game of the year was beating the league champions Watsonville handedly to end the season on a high note. They controlled the court with the perfection of professionals from beginning to end. The Cardlets controlled the court from beginning to the end. They only allowed the Wildkittens two baskets in the first half. Scoring: Alzina 13, Hindley 9, Vomvolakis 6, Bertorelli 4,Van Houten 2, Root, McCambridge and Moro 0.

League total points by individual: Alzina 67, Hindley 25, Hart 22, Vomvolakis 20, Van Houten 17, McCambridge 15, Chin 14, Bertorelli 6 and Moro 1.

George Vomvolakis and Jack Alzina were chosen ALL CCAL

Starting Line ups of each CCAL school pick an All Opponent Team.
At the conference of CCAL high school officers at Salinas last month, Watsonville proposed a plan in which each school in the CCAL, A and B leagues, have their starting line ups pick the best 5 players on the opposing league teams. Who would then make up an ALL OPPONENTS ALL CCAL TEAM. The group representing publications decided to go ahead with the selections and give them publicity.

The thought was who would know better than the players themselves, what players gave them the most competition. It would be a team that really deserves the honor. Surprisingly the results were not far off from the sportswriters selections, especially with Wes and Roy being on both squads.

All league schools except Salinas and Carmel in the B league followed through. Four out of the five schools in A league voted giving a total of 20 possible votes for A league candidates.

The results for heavyweights, FIRST TEAM in order of name, school and number of votes.
Tom Dufour, Watsonville, 13
Norm Lien, Watsonville, 11
Pierce, Hollister, 10
Wes Juhl, Santa Cruz, 9
Roy Johnson, Santa Cruz 9

SECOND TEAM none from Santa Cruz. Honorable mention, those who received votes from Santa Cruz: Eric Street and Ted Winterhalder

Results for Lightweight, FIRST TEAM
Jack Alzina, Santa Cruz, 13
Ken Kusumoto, Watsonville, 13
George Dujmovich, Watsonville, 9
Flores, Monterey, 9
Yenez, Hollister, 9

Second team from Santa Cruz only: Ron Hindley. 5
Honorable mention from SC only: Bill Hart, Terry McCambridge and Jim Van Houten.

TRACK CO-CHAMPIONS WITH PACIFIC GROVE. Santa Cruz tied with Pacific Grove for the CCAL title. Twenty six men participated this year and they had the best record in a long time.

All Trident articles. Cas Bly was 6’2” at 160 pounds will be going to Stanford to continue his track career.

Junior Ted Wittwer 5’6” and 130 pounds will be back next year to beat his times that have gotten him to State.

This has been one of the top performances ever for a SCHS heavyweight team. There have been more points scored by individuals, but none we know of for the whole team. For winning the league, all letter winners also received a gold track shoe, which they can all proudly show off, as they deserve a lot of credit for doing such a splendid job of winning the ’47 CCAL Championship.

Best record ever in track was the 1942 lightweight team which won both the NCS and STATE championships.
At NCS Cassius Bly took second in the 440. Lightweight, Ted Wittwer was second in the 1320. Both Cassius and Ted qualified to advance to the STATE meet in Visalia.

Lightweights who qualified for NCS through the CCAL meet were Al Wright first place finisher in record breaking time 660; Ted Wittwer first in 1320; Bob Bly third in 330 and Jim Van Houten third in the pole vault.

The first placers in the CCAL meet were: Cassius Bly in the 440; Roy Johnson in the high hurdles and the relay team consisted of David Orr, Gene Crowley or Bill Walker, Ray Kranich and Cas Bly. Second place finishers were: Jack Burkett in the high hurdles; Gene Crowley in the 440; Jack Stagnaro in the high jump; Ray Kranich in the 100 and 220. Third place was Marvin Glaum in the discus. Fourth place finishers were: David Orr in the 440; Bill Walker in the 100 and 220. The first through third place winners at the CCAL meet qualified to participate in the NCS meet at Berkeley.

May 25. Card Runners Set Record At Modesto Relays. SC’s terrific and undefeated mile relay team set the a new Modesto Relays record for the high school mile, when it defeated all high school competition in the last event of the evening. Ray Franich, Tex Orr, Gene Cowley and Cassius Bly, ran the mile relay in 3:32.5 for a new relays record. SC , who previously had won the mile relay at the Burlingame Relays and later the Hollister relays, won the event out of a field of 12 squads. In winning the event, the Cards finished fourth in the high school division, won by Compton with 34 points, followed by Inglewood, Modesto and SC. The Cardinals won gold belt buckles for winning the race.

The Cards came in second at the prestige’s Hollister Invitational, which brings in schools from a far. Hollister won with 41 points and SC scored 29. In this meet Jack Stagnaro stretched a 20’9 mark to break previous broad jump records. The relay team of David Orr, Gene Crowley, Ray Kranich and Cas Bly ran the mile relay in 3:34.2 to set a record. They won by 25 yards over their nearness competition.

Cards Win Over Salinas Track Team, 69-44. In the dual meet the heavyweights won 10 first places out of 13 possible. The top scorer was Roy Johnson, who won three first places by taking both hurdles and the pole vault. Other winners were Bill Walker in the 100 yard dash; Bly is still undefeated in the 440; Ray Kranich in 220; Jack Stagnaro in broad jump; Glaum in shot put; Trotts in high jump and the relay team is still undefeated. Second place finishers: Wes Stanton in 880; Orr in 440; Colwey in 220; Burkett in 180 low hurdles; Scaroni in shot put; Third place finishers: Jack Burkett in 120 high hurdles and high jump; Deluchi in 880; Kranich in 100; Wildemar in mile;
For the lightweights there were only three first places taken: Bob Bly in 330; Wright in 660; and Van Houten in pole vault. All three of these fellows are undefeated. The Cardlets took quite a beating, but kept on fighting all the time. Salinas 90 and SC 23.
Second place finishers: Ted Wittwer in 1320; third place finishers: Tyree in 75 yard dash and the 150; Johnson 110 low hurdles; Anecito in pole vault; Hendrickson in broad jump.

Other heavyweight team members who score points at the dual meets: Jack Cross, Wayne Thorp, Herb Scaroni, Paul McBride, Gerald Kinley, Dudley Hill, Don Waldemar, Wes Stanton, Bill Kirby, Bob Birchfield, David Delucchi, Larry Warner, Bill Trotts, Winterhalder and Joe Meme.
Other lightweight members: Cliff Tyree, Leroy Palmer, Tony Anecito, Pete Hendrickson, Bill McIntyre, Leroy Huggins, Bruce Gettys Don Dakan and Carl Nunes.

BASEBALL Practice games: Campbell 8-11, Bellarmine 8-35, Fremont 11-7, Santa Clara 1-0. Practice record 2-2. League: Hollister 10-5, 13-4; Monterey 4-5, 0-3; Watsonville 1-2, 3-6 Salinas 5-9, 2-4; League record 2-6. Season 4-8.

Starting line up: Richard Forrester C, 125; Dick Dietz RF, 222; Dick Nutter CF, 235; Roy Martin P, 085; Dick Finta 2B, 280; Roy Johnson SS, 280; Eugene Pedemonte LF, 157; Albert Giraudo 3B, 250; Don Faneuf, OF, 166; George Quadros 1B, 347. Sophomore Joe Alberti, form Davenport, came on later in the year and took over as the lead off batter and played in the outfield.

Other players: Don Waldemar, Ron Hindley, Leslie Mount, James Bias, Ron Perrigo, Louie Bertorelli, Bob Birchfield, Ken Yoder, Dan Daniels, Frank Brumley, Harold Ward, Terry McCambridge and Gilbert Silva.

Roy Martin pitched well enough to win more games, but it was not to be. The most hits he gave up were 8 with some games he gave up only 2 hits. Team errors were a big problem for the team. Roy is following in the foot steps of many good pitchers at SC. Roy and the team ended the season with some good games. One being a 1-0 eleven inning loss against Santa Clara, pitched all the way by Roy.

In a 3-6 loss to Watsonville, the Cards scored first on Al Giraudo’s double to drive in a run and held it to the third when, Watsonville scored three. In the sixth, SC tied the score on Dick Finta’s home run, which drove in another run. In the seventh the Cats scored three to win the game. During this three run rally, Roy Johnson made a beauty of a double play unassisted, but the Cards were unable to stem the tide. Ray Martin pitched one of his best games, as he allowed only 8 hits, one walk and struck out five. Batting order: Nutter CF; Martin P; Finta 2B; Johnson SS; Pedemonte LF; Giraudo 3B; Quadros 1B; Dietz RF; Forester C. Quadros had two hits. Finta, Pedemonte, Giraudo and Dietz each had a hit.

Cards Edged Out By Monterey. Unable to overcome an early Monterey lead of four runs, the Cards went down to a 4-5 defeat. Pitching a four hit game, Martin fanned one man, but allowed six walks. The Cards scored twice in the second inning, when Dietz walked, Foerster singled, Martin sacrificed and Nutter drove in two runs with a single. Gene Pedemonte scored on Giraudo’s single in the fourth. The Cards tied up the game in the seventh inning, when Martin scored on another single by Nutter. The batting order and position: Nutter CF; Quadros 1B; Finta 2B; Johnson SS; Pedemonte LF; Giraudo 3B; Dietz RF; Foerster C; Martin P. Nutter went 3 for 4, plus driving in 2 runs. Pedemonte, Forester and Giraudo each had a hit.

TENNIS team lost a match to Salinas, which does not normally happen. Team ended up with a 2-3 league record. The expectation for the season was higher as there were returnees from last year. Most of the team also played golf, just as many baseball players also participate in track. (During this period of time many players doubled up on teams. There are a few like Malcolm Macaulay in the early forties, who did three baseball, track and golf in the Spring and was good in all of them.

Vernon Troyer was first man in tennis as well as golf. Dan Duckering made it to the league semifinals. Other team members: Allen Gove, Jack Payne, Don Yee and David Stade.
For the league final match, scheduled for the same time as the golf final, most of the team opted for golf instead.

GOLF went 4-1 in league. Team members: Vernon “Bud” Troyer took first place at the CCAL league meet and Leo Amaya was fourth. Other team members: Jack Payne, David Stade, Dan Duckering, Faneuf, Don and James McPherson.

Jean Stagnaro was elected president and Consuelo Yee, secretary-treasurer of the GAA, the girl’s athletic association.

Roy Johnson as a sophomore was ALL CCAL on the contending 1945 football team. 1946 ALL CCAL in basketball. In baseball played short stop on the undefeated 1945 team. Many of the baseball players also competed in track also. Roy won the high hurdles in the 1947 CCAL meet, which qualified him to go to the NCS championship meet.

1947 George Vomvolakis played and started in lightweight football and basketball for 3 years each. Played baseball for 3 years. All CCAL in football and basketball in 1947. In 1949 he played basketball for the 4th Air Force team at Camp Mc Chord, WA.

1947 Jack Alzina was ALL CCAL in lightweight basketball. Went on to play in the service and at Whitworth College in Washington. Jack coached lightweight basketball for ten years and varsity for two at SCHS and then to Soquel as varsity coach.

1947 Cassius Bly 6’2” 160 pounds is going to Stanford. At NCS Bly was second in the 440 qualifying him for the STATE meet in Visalia.

1947 Sophomore, Ted Wittwer 5’6” 130 pounds took second in the lightweight 1320 at NCS qualifying him for the STATE meet at Visalia. In 1949 he made the NCS and STATE meets in Berkeley.

The 1947 the track team took a fourth at the prestige’s Modesto Relays. The mile relay team of Ray Kranich, Gene Crowley, Davie “Tex” Orr and anchor Cassius Bly beat the school record with a 3:32.5 finish.

There are a few like Malcolm Macaulay in the early forties, who did three in the Spring: baseball, track and golf and was good in all of them. (In response to problems with golf and tennis players not being able to cover the matches. In an earlier time, there were not so many matches and games.)

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