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FOOTBALL Practice games: Stevenson 15-42, Carmel 19-14, Soledad 13-34, Calvary Temple 28-35. Practice record 1-3. League games: Aptos 13-23, Monte Vista 34-18, Watsonville 14-30, SLV 0-24, Harbor 7-20, Soquel 28-21. League record: 2-4 tied for fourth place. Season record 3-7.

Yearbook. New coach Basil Faltas installed the fly offense, which is perfect for our fast running backs. Many teams had trouble keeping up with Daniel Garcia sweeping to the outside and the running up the middle by Santos Garcia and Robbie Swenson. Whenever the opposition played the sweep, quarterback Sean Croghan would toss it to Reuban Miller or Jared Hunter.

Roster: Joseph Brown, Chris Noel, Michael Cortez, Steve Pinther, Brandon Kluzniak, A.J. Pappas, Tim Morton, Chris Kamahao, Jace Allen, Tony Rivas, Kyle Jensen, Jeremy Duke, John Chiv, Santos Garcia, Sean Croghan, Daniel Garcia, John Budnick, Nick McKay, Robbie Swenson, Neal Kunkell, Florian Meinen, Evan Hansmann, Reuben Miller, Jim Anderson, Steve Marchisio, Willie Palmer, Luke Wetmore, Jason Garcia and Jared Hunter.
Head coach Basil Faltas and assistants Jesse Trumble, Bytheal Ratliff, Brad Hilliard, Terry Jones and Erik Redding.

Sentinel ALL COUNTY. First team defense: Chris Kelly, punter.

Yearbook. The team did not win a lot of games, but picked up a lot of experience. There best attackers were the passing of quarterback Paul Croghan to Keith Woessner and the running of Danny Concepcion.

Roster: Daniel Santos, Guillermo Marquez, Aroon Delacroix, Ryan Dinatele, Chad Allen, Jose Hernandez, Brad Hillier, John Avila, Trent Lindgren, Noah Bobey, Ulysses Marquez, Sam Marticious, Andres Alvarez, Brandon Slack, Jared Jenkins, Michael Durland, Shane Relph, Matt Draper, Kris Kibak, Alex Eklof, Clint Warmoth, Tim Neel, Arthur Carroll. Coaches Erik Redding, Bytheal Ratliff and Brad Hillier.

Yearbook. Roster: Mike Fig, Martin Case, Jason Paris, Jamal Hunter, Nic Tom, Jeff Hallman, Paul Hoffert, Mike Frye, Kaj Kibak, Christian Ramos, Tyler Wood, Will Scally, Ben Jaffe, Steven Perez, Jeff McCormick, Che Crowell, Erick Erickson, Kyle Milburn, Jose Godoy, Diego Alvarez, Matt Belli, James Vega, Joe Escobar, Avatar Valles, Bret Mille, Michael Vega, Greg O’Connor, Mark Adams, Joseph Mata, Dylan Windt and Adam Spear. Coach Eaden.

Yearbook. The season was not marked with a lot of wins, but the team showed a lot of heart as well as potential for a strong future. Veteran runners were Pedro Rodriguez, Jim Owen, Chris Bartlow and Kennan Schreher, who ushered in young talent of Jonah Stuart-Brundage, and Riley Freshour. Stuart-Brundage advanced to the CCS finals as did the entire girls team.
Rest of squad: Ben Baker, Evin Murphy, Victor Dubin, Anthony Brown, Reese Ornellas, Cory Kolbedk, Connor Murphy and Graham Lee.

Yearbook. The entire team advanced to the CCS finals.

Roster. Jessica Elb, Christina Ando, Lily Cheng, Jessica Wishard, Steph Fried and Julie Odron.

Yearbook. (no information)
Roster: Danielle Braun, Carmen Powell, Sandra Hoenle, Jessica Rose, Cassidy Devine, Heather Loosley, Breana Blazo, Laureen Robinson, Monique Posadas, Kendra Kirkpatrick and Antonia Hogg. Coach John Hartquist.

BOYS WATER POLO Fourth place in league.
Yearbook. This was a rebuilding year and the team placed fourth in league, but the players tenaciously challenged teams that went far in CCS. Pat Jacobson was definitely the team leader, followed closely by senior Balta Barrios who played great offense and defense. Kent Cramer led the league in steals. Freshmen Cody Griggs and Marshall Sommers were big contributors. Milan Kocic, an exchange student from Serbia stepped in to play goalie. Enforcers on the team were Ivan Barrios and Donald Salter, who attended every practice on time. Rest of squad: Kole Kocic, David Hill, Luke Cordero, Will Yeager, Mike Belli, Cole Barthel, Josh Clerisse, Kyle Davenport, Max Schultz, Sean O;Grady and Anthony Tashnick. Coaches Nick Drummond and Pat Malo.

GIRLS WATER POLO finished second in league and twelve in CCS for the third consecutive year.

Yearbook. It was another exciting and successful season for the team. The 13 member team finished second in league and twelfth in CCS for the third consecutive year. Plus the Cards performed well in competition outside the area. At the Clovis Invitational, they finished eighth out of 32 teams entered. At Valley Christian Tournament, they placed fifth out of 16 teams and won their Division at the Willow Glen Scramble.

Senior were co-captains Kelly McCormick and Rachel Willis, plus Iris Burnett, Diana Abrams and Paitra Sharp.

Five members of the team were selected out of the total of 15 picked for All League first and second team honors and added two honorable mentions.

Rest of squad: Rachael Budnick, Colleen Laurent, Amber McQugh, Irene Whitney, Molly Laughlin, Amanda Calhoun, Marie McCormick, Kelly McCormack and Amy Lezin. Coach Larry Willis

Yearbook. Roster: Quinne Salameh, Dee Ann Garza, Phia Foxworthy, Sarah Kunkel, Lacey Piper, Caitlin DeWorken, Sarah Frampton, Katia Stewart, Leonora Bittleston, Annie Harper, Christy Zentner, Roseann Scrivens, Carmen Stryker, Molly Miller, Maggie Jacoby, Arlene Alvarez, Linnea Powell, Jessica Arnold, Jessica Malley, Micaela Eastman, Alicia Weeks and Kate Lewis. Coaches Dana Blankenship and Maria Zavala,

Yearbook. The team was definitely competitive. Coaches split times they coached. New coaches Jon Smith and Jenny Wolters, led strict but successful afternoon practices. Returning coaches Nick Druman and Royce Perez did the 6 AM in the morning practices. Despite the weather and splitting practice time between Santa Cruz and Harbor high, the team improved immensely and had a good time.

Juniors Pat Jacobson and Jackie Calhoun had another great season. There were only three divers, sophomore boy Alex Farrow and two girls, sophomore Brittney Long and junior Megan Baker all expect to be contenders in league and qualify for CCS.

Combined squad: Colleen Laurent, Sean O’Grady, David Hill, Irene Whitney, Monica Grova, Kelly McCormick, Tommy Hall, Kent Crammer, Michael Belli, Amanda Calhoun, Jessica Gintert, Lindsey Robinson, Jackie Calhoun, Laurel Tanza, Max Schultz, Ivon Barrios, Gabe Scrivens, Pat Jacobson, John Daly, Annie Harper, Diana Abrams, Liana Bryer, Mitch Crews, Ana Davenport, Nicole Perez, Jessie Perez, Kyle Davenport, Christy Zentner, Linnea Powell, Carmen Stryker, Rachael Budnick, Jessica Cabo, Alicia Weeks, Roseanne Scrivens, Maia Lipschutz, Luke Cordero, Amy Orlando, Molly Miller, Leonora Bittleston, Lesley Matthews, Katie Ortiz, Sandra Hoenle, Kellyn McDougall, Amanda Stein, Stephanie Paureau, Micaela Eastman, Ariana Grova, Sylvie Nelson, Patria Sharp, Arlene Alvarez, Phia Foxworthy and Jessica Arnold.

Yearbook. This years team was an outstanding group of athletes. They managed to pull off many stellar victories. They won a couple of first places at important tournaments, including an awesome win at the Santa Cruz High hosted tournament. With only three seniors, the team accomplished much.

Roster; Robin Terry, Emily Reed, Katie Hanson, Lauren Tashima, Abbie Schindler, Jill Himlan, Flaura Coren, Sophia De Malvinsky, Monica Grova, Mia Azzaro and Andrea Woliczko. Head coach Kim Cave and assistants Eric and Reed.

Yearbook. The team tied with Aptos for the league title and beat rival Harbor four times. Team MVP’s were Brittany Kruse-Vidales and Anika Dunkell. Other top returnees from last year were Jenny Putt and Jessica Wyant. Two top freshmen were Ariana Grova and Jessica Cooper.
Rest of squad; Gena Bergstrom, Brittany Long, Kim Auer and Shiavon Irvin. Coach Matt Paine.

In its second season, the team had a wonderful time despite going 2-12. They tied four matches, but lost all four by tie breakers. The squad consisted of four seniors Julia Cato, Michelle Crawford, Sarah Bell and Nicole Orgain plus two underclass players Charlotte Sylvan and Monica May. Coaches Dennis Mullen and Marshall Sylvan.

In the preseason the Cards lost to tough teams Palo Alto, San Marco’s and Seaside, but when league started the Cards used their losses as motivation toward playing better that helped them pull through.
Practice games:
League: Harbor 57-37, 60-35; Soquel 55-51, 48-47; Monte Vista Christian 60-35, 60-51;
League record 12-0, league champions. Overall record 30-3.
SCCAL championship tournament: Monte Vista 71-35 and Soquel in finals 74-69 in overtime.
CCS Division III playoffs: San Mateo 62-41, Seaside 70-52 and Riordan in the semifinals 54-55.

League standings from Sentinel by school, league record and overall record.
SC 12-0 30-3
Soquel 10-2 23-8
MVC 6-6 19-9
Harbor 6-6 16-14
Aptos 4-8 8-18
Watsonville 3-9 8-18
SLV 1-10 4-19

Roster from the yearbook: Scott Walls, Josh Rhodes, Ryan Graham, Lamar Lee, Kyle Reagan, Ian Swift, Murphy Stewart, Kajahl Benes-Trapp, Emanuel Townsend, Kamau Norman-Terrance, George Murphy, Maurice Stewart, Trevor Williams, Logan Wells, Sam Heft-Neal, Willie Palmer, Tim Pearson, Josh Chirinos and Dee Harris. Head Coach Pete Newell and assistant Louie Baty.

Sentinel preseason write up on December 18. Coach: Pete Newell, twenty-seventh year. Last season 26-6 overall and 9-3 second place in league and tournament champions. Key players: Seniors: Murphy Stewart 6-8, center and Kamau Norman-Terrance 6-2, guard. Juniors: Josh Rhodes 6-6, forward and Emmanuel Townsend 6-2, guard. Outlook: No team has a combination of athleticism, depth and skill to match the Cards. Newell is looking for leadership from guards Townsend and Norman-Terrance. Each has looked impressive. Townsend appears physically stronger and more confident. Norman-Terrance has emerged as a potent outside threat. He made five 3 pointers in the Dad’s Club title game against Salinas. Rhodes was the All County MVP as a freshman and returns with better range and passing skills to augment his leaping ability and natural talent. He and Murphy Stewart will give SC a formidable edge inside. Ian Swift and Ryan Graham are versatile players, who well add solid contributions. Newell noted that Scott Walls, Kyle Reagan and Trevor Williams as his most improved players. SC should break the will of most teams with a fierce half court defense and multiple second-chance baskets. Newell was pleased with his teams focus and intensity in the Dad’s tournament and looks for SC to have both in every game. A mental let down may be the only chance for other SCCAL teams to steal a game from the Cards.

Sentinel. Jan. 6. Rhodes Guides SC Past Harbor. SC 15-3, 1-0 in league handled Harbor 57-37 behind a double-double from junior forward Josh Rhodes, who scored 16 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. “Bragging rights are at stake when these two teams get together,” said forward Ian Swift, who contributed seven points. “I knew it was going to be intense when we came out and the crowd booed us. That just makes us want to play even harder.” “This was a pretty big game and we came out pumped,” said Rhodes, who scorched Harbor from inside and long range. “We’re a pretty good running team. I think our transition game gave them some problems.” Emanuel Townsend had nine points. SC went on runs of seven points our greater four times, which deflated Harbor any time they got close. By the time Harbor got settled down, the game was out of reach. SC had a bye for the first round of league games, which allowed them extra practice time. “Our practices this past week have been a reflection of the practices at the beginning of the season, where we stressed fundamentals, such as defense and our inside game,” said Coach Newell.

Jan. 12. Rhodes Shows Way For Cards. SC Wins Battle Of The Boards In Key Victory Over Soquel. With the game on the line, Josh Rhodes and the SC team turned to their strength. They crashed the offensive boards, turning missed shots into made ones. And in the end they pulled down a big victory. Rhodes had a key three point play with 1:36 left and the Cards grabbed a 55-51 win over Soquel, snapping their ten game winning streak and taking over first place in the SCCAL. “The difference in the game was our offensive rebounding against their offensive rebounding,” said Newell. “We won the war, which offset the other battles they won.” SC is 17-3, 3-0 in league. Soquel 3-1 in league, got within 51-49. Forward Ian Swift made a follow shot and although SC missed 4 of 6 fouls shots in the last minute, their dominance in the paint was enough to pull away. The Cards strength inside overcame the quality effort by the Knights, who executed well in their slow-tempo offense and fairly solid defense. But with 6-9 Rhodes, 6-5 Swift and 6-8 center Murphy Stewart muscling up rebounds on ever shot, SC gained an extraordinary advantage. SC made 23 field goals, ten of which came on second and third chances. “We knew we had had to crash the offensive and defensive boards,” said Rhodes, who finished with 12 points. “We felt with our height advantage we had to get as many rebounds as we could and put them back.” Kamau Norman-Terrance had 11 points, Swift had ten and Stewart eight. Soquel took a 43-42 lead in the fourth quarter, but SC responded with a 6-0 run punctuated by a Rhodes dunk. Newell cited Norman-Terrance’s effort against Curtiss, Soquel’s star shooter, even though he got his points.

Jan. 17. SC Rolls Over MVC. There are some who may of thought that SC is a one man team. That player of course is Josh Rhodes, who leads his team in scoring 16.3 points per game and leads the league in rebounding with 11 per game. SC 19-3, 5-0 discarded that notion in an emphatic way with an impressive 60-35 drubbing of Monte Vista Christian and did so without Rhodes and point guard Kamau Norman-Terrance. Both out with injuries. “We just kept our same intensity that we have been playing with,” said guard Trevor Williams, who was one of the several players to step and add scoring in the absence of the two starters, who accounted for an average of 25 points per game. “It’s still a factor not having Josh an Kamai in the lineup, but this proves to us how well we can still play without them,” said Williams, who finished with 12 points and four 3-pointers. Monte Vista 15-4, 3-2 had a great opportunity to pull off an upset and draw even with SC atop the league standings. But the Mustangs were overmatched by a deep SC squad that got on top of them quickly and never backed off. SC led by as many as 14 in the first half, but let MVC surge back to make it a seven point game at halftime. The momentum didn’t carry over for the Mustangs into the second half as the Cards built a double digit lead that escalated to a final margin of 25. Ryan Graham led SC with 13 points and Ian Swift added 11. Rhodes is out an estimated two to six weeks after fracturing his middle finger in practice two weeks ago. Rhodes continued to play the next three games, still averaging over ten points a game, but will now sit to give the injury time to mend. Norman-Terrance suffered a slightly separated shoulder and is expected to be out ten days.

Jan. 27. CARDS THRILL PACKED HOUSE. SC Rolls By Harbor. Just when Harbor appeared to be making a serious run, SC had a solution. The Cards stopped worrying about the surging Pirates and got back to playing their game. Senior center Murphy Stewart had six of his game high 12 points in the third quarter and the Cards turned back Harbor’s lone threat and pulled away 60-35 before a capacity Fehliman Gym crowd that was treated to a halftime ceremony honoring famous graduate Glenallen Hill. Hill, a member of the World Series Champion New York Yankees, had his jersey retired at halftime, during which he gave a gracious speech. The Cards then made a statement on the court. Harbor was within 35-31 midway through the third quarter. Stewart responded with three quick baskets as the Cards held Harbor to four points the rest of the way. “We were getting nervous and everything and we were not really thinking,” Stewart said. “We just kept playing.” It was the latest in a series of blowout wins over Harbor 12-10 overall and 4-4 in league for the 20-3, 7-0 Cards who have won eight straight in the series in a span of the past three plus seasons.

Sentinel boys standing as of January 30. Listed by school, overall record W-L, league record W-L, total points, high game and average per game
SC 21-3 7-0 24 1482 89 61.7
Soquel 18-5 7-1 23 1372 76 59.7
MVC 16-6 4-4 22 1293 79 58.7
Aptos 5-15 1-6 19 1047 81 55.1
Harbor 12-10 4-4 22 1144 72 52.0
SLV 4-16 1-7 20 984 66 49.2
Wats 8-13 3-5 21 1022 75 48.7

Sentinel boys scoring as of January 30. Listed by place in standings, name, games played, total points, high game and average per game.
4 Josh Rhodes 21 344 28 16.3
15 Norman-Terrance 22 183 17 8.3
18 Murphy Stewart 24 181 17 7.5
19 Ian Swift 24 181 20 7.5

Sentinel boys rebounding as of January 30. Listed by place in standings, name, games played, rebounds, high game and average per game.
1 Josh Rhodes 21 233 15 11.0
4 Murphy Stewart 24 210 10 8.8
9 Ian Swift 24 141 8 5.9

Sentinel shows as of January 30 SC is the leading team on offense and defense. SC’s numbers are listed by SC, games played, two point field goals scored, three point field goals, foul shots, total points, high /low score and average points per game.
SC 24 497 89 221 1482 89 61.7
SC 24 318 74 240 1098 28 45.7

Sentinel individual scoring leaders by place in list, name, games played, total points, high and average per game.
4 Josh Rhodes 21 344 28 16.3
15 Norman-Terrance 22 183 17 8.3
18 Murphy Stewart 24 181 17 7.5
18 Ian Swift 24 181 20 7.5

Tops In Rebounding
1 Josh Rhodes 21 233 15 11.0
4 Murphy Stewart 24 210 10 8.7
9 Ian Swift 24 141 8 5.9

Feb. 2. Cardinals Make Swift Ending In One-Point Win. Steal, Free Throw Seals Game For SC. Forward Ian Swift intercepted a Soquel inbounds pass with 7.6 seconds remaining and hit one of two free throws to provide the margin of victory as the Cards got past Soquel 48-47. Soquel battled back from a 13 point second half deficit to pull within one with under a minute to play. Soquel made one of two free throws and the miss bounced off a Card out of bounds giving the ball to Soquel to inbound. Then came Swifts heroics. “Teams will make a run against us, but it depends on how we respond. Soquel could have won the game, but Ian made something happen,” said Guard Kamau Norman-Terrence. Swift swears he had nothing but positive thoughts as he approached the line, despite hitting nothing but air a few series earlier. “The crowd was on me after the air ball, but that’s the way I like it. I just put it out of my mind and sank it,” said Swift, who finished with ten points on 8 of 12 foul shooting. The game was essentially for the championship as Soquel was only down one loss to the Cards, but is down 7-2 to the Cards 9-0 with three games remaining. Both Soquel losses have been to SC. Soquel trailed by eight at halftime and was down by as many as 13. The game marked the return of Josh Rhodes, who was sidelined three weeks with a fractured finger. Rhodes didn’t start, but still contributed ten points and eight rebounds. Murphy Stewart played big on defense, pulling down six rebounds and swatting two shots in crunch time. “This was a great game. They came back on us in the third quarter with some 3-point shots, but give a lot of credit for that steal to bail us out,” said Rhodes.

Feb. 7. SC Beats MVC 60-51, Clinches Title Outright. In winning their eleventh straight, the Cards 25-3, 11-0 learned they still have plenty of room for improvement. “I think there was an expectation that we would clinch tonight,” said coach Newell. However, Newell noted it was just the first in a series of goals, which includes going unbeaten in league, winning the SCCAL tournament and playing playoff caliber basketball in the process. Ian Swift scored 15 points, Joah Rhodes canned 13 and Trevor Williams had two huge 3-pointers. But Cardinal mistakes, nine first quarter turnovers and just 5 of 12 foul shooting, were reasons for a timid celebration. “I think we did some good things and some bad things,” said senior guard Kamau Norman-Terrence, who scored nine. “We probably need to work on smarter play overall.” Monte Vista closed the score to 50-44, when Williams, who finished with 11 points, then drilled consecutive three pointers to put the game out of reach. Monte Vista took advantage of SC’s senior night lineup, which featured seniors Josh Chirinos, Logan Wells and Lamar Lee making rare starts. Monte Vista went out to a first quarter 15-8 lead. Josh Rhodes came off the bench in the second quarter and the game immediately changed. He score 11 points in the quarter, mostly on put backs and the Cards went into the break comfortable. SC did not shoot well against Monte Vista’s 2-3 zone, but the defense allowed Rhodes and others to slip down the baseline for second shots. Eight of SC’s 16 first half goals were point blank put backs. SC also rejected six Mustang layups, including a great one from behind by Norman-Terrence after appearing to be beaten.

Feb/ 16. Santa Cruz Boys Roll Past MVC. The SC players know exactly what time it is, playoff time. Furthermore the Cards know what is expected of them. Win. SC didn’t disappoint man handling Monte Vista 71-35 in the semifinals of the SCCAL Tournament. Coach Newell said he shortened the bench in order to get more key players increased floor time. “We competed tonight and a lot of our players got quality time on the floor, that was the biggest thing for us tonight. We came out and played our game.” After getting off to a slow start, SC didn’t score until there were 4:19 left in the first quarter. By the end of the quarter SC had a six point lead. At halftime the lead was up to 20 points 34-14. By the end of the third quarter the lead was up to 25 points, 49-24. SC 27-3 used a different philosophy than the team had during the regular season, using fewer players for more minutes. Seven players had the bulk of playing time for the team and did the bulk of the scoring. Still, 12 Cards scored. Josh Rhodes had a typical outing, scoring 15 and controlling the lane with flair. Although he didn’t score in the first quarter, he scored 13 in the second and third quarters, including the first six of the second half. Kyle Reagan was the only other Card to reach double digits with 11, but Emmanuel Townsend had seven, Kamau Norman-Terrence nine and Scott Walls eight made key contributions.

Feb. 18. SC Boys Top Soquel In OT. Cardinals Earn Undisputed League Championship. Soquel pushed SC to the absolute limit, but still lost to SC 74-69 in overtime. Chase Curtiss (son of former Cardinal athlete Tom Curtiss) led the Knights with 33 points and hit an off balance three pointer with two seconds left in regulation to send the game into overtime. Soquel asserted control early in the extra frame, but Kamau Norman-Terrence’s three pointer halfway through the extra session gave SC a 70-67lead and swung the momentum the Cards way. Free throws by Ian Swift and Ryan Graham forced the Knights to press for a shot, but they couldn’t answer in the final minute. “We knew they were going to play hard until the final buzzer, so we wanted to match their intensity,” said Swift. The victory put the cap on the Cards undefeated SCCAL season as undisputed Champions. “We go hard all game, every game,” said Graham, who paced SC with 15 points. “We play the same no matter what the score, what the situation. But give them credit, they played awesome.” Norman-Terrence scored 13, Swift and Rhodes scored 12, and Emmanuel Townsend added 11 points. The Knights have come closer to knocking off SC than anyone else. Playing before a sold out and then some crowd at Cabrillo College, both teams were a buddle of nerves in the opening minutes of the contest, especially Soquel. Eventually the players settled down to play a spectacular ballgame.
Feb. 23. Santa Cruz Beats Up San Mateo 62-41. It didn’t take long for SC to establish control of the CCS Division III quarterfinal game against San Mateo. A minute and a half to be exact. The fifth seeded Cards 29-3 let the Bearcats 21-8 know who they were dealing with, when junior forward Ian Swift connected with Josh Rhodes for an alley-oop dunk for the first two points. Rhodes had two more dunks in the first period, in case the message was not clear the first time. “We wanted to start the game with an alley-oop, or something strong like that, to get our intensity up,” said Rhodes, who led the Cards with 16 points, including eight in the first quarter and five steals. San Mateo trailed 14-3 at the end of the first quarter and the game was not as close as the score indicated. The San Mateo coach, “When you see 19 kids running out, most of them pretty tall and athletic looking, it can be a little unraveling.” San Mateo only got off eight shots in the first period and two of them were blocked. By the time they realized they were not going to get anything within ten feet of the basket, the game was already beyond reach. Murphy Stewart had one of those blocks and finished with 13 points and 13 rebounds. Ryan Graham added nine and SC had balance scoring with nine players scoring. “It’s nice to win the way we did,” said Rhodes with the starters getting plenty of rest. “We’ll be ready for Seaside.”

Feb. 25. Energized Cardinals Dominate Rematch With Seaside. SC deserves a lot to credit and respect after its performance in the CCS Division III quarterfinal win over Seaside. The fifth seeded Cards 30-3 played one of their best games of the season, and they needed it, to knock off number four Seaside 70-52. Josh Rhodes turned in a monster performance leading all scorers with 26 points, 12 rebounds and four steals. “I don’t think we’ve played a game as tough and physical as today’s game was,” said Rhodes. “The refs let a lot off stuff go so we had to step up and play as tough as Seaside. Both teams were in top form from the start to the finish. SC extended a 13-11 advantage after the first quarter into a 17-13 lead, before Seaside 21-5 went on a 10-3 run to go ahead. Seaside’s powerful forward was having his way inside the paint and on the boards and he was not shy about a little contact on both sides of the court. SC called timeout to regroup and played nearly flawlessly the rest of the way. SC limited Seaside’s ability to penetrate and getting the ball down low for easy buckets, which was working well for the Spartans up to that point. SC really turn it on to start the third quarter. SC scored on nearly every trip down the court in the opening four minutes to turn a two point halftime lead to a 14 point advantage, 42-29. Seaside’s inability to hit outside shots made it difficult to get back in it. Seaside managed to trim the lead to eight points with 5:30 remaining, but the Cards pulled away again with some timely put backs and solid free throw shooting to cruise to a 18 point victory. “We had to constantly match their energy on the court. They’re constantly changing their energy, which makes it a tough team to play against. It also makes them a fun team to play,” said Kamau Norman-Terrence, who finished with 13 points on the strength of three 3-pointers. Ian Swift had ten points, Emanuel Townsend nine and Murphy Stewart pulled down nine rebounds. “Making free throws were a big part of our game,” said Rhodes, who was 6 of 7 from the foul line. “If we didn’t make our shots, it would have been a much closer game.” SC made 22 of 30 from the free throw line and were nearly perfect down the stretch. SC avenged an early defeat to Seaside,

March 1. Riordan Defeats SC At The Buzzer. Cardinals Season Ends Abruptly. SC appeared to be on its way to Saturdays Championship final, but everything that could go wrong did for the Cards in the final seconds in a 55-54 loss. Number five seed SC 30-4 battled top seeded Riordan 23-8 for the duration and held a one point lead at 54-53 with 19 seconds remaining in the game. Riordan in bounded the ball from half court and found themselves in all kinds of trouble. Two Cards had the ball handler trapped against the half court line. He sailed a jump pass to the right side of the court that was batted around and fought over along the sideline. The big Riordan center Tofi , got hold of it and sailed a desperation pass outside to the three point arc, where Riordan’s best shooter collected the pass and was bumped by Norman-Terrence, who was trying to make a play on the ball. Contact was minimal, but the referee whistled a foul with three seconds remaining and the game on the line.
The shooter’s free throw hit the back rim and bounced out to the left side of the court, where the shooter collected the high long rebound and put it back up. The shot hit off the back iron and was tipped in by Riordan’s center Tofi, a fraction of a second before the final horn. “I didn’t think it would count, because that last sequence felt like an eternity,” said Tofi of the winning put back. “I didn’t hear the buzzer go off, but it didn’t matter. I was going to finish the play, whether it was late or not.” Tofi was killing SC on the offensive glass all night long and finally dealt the death blow. Ten of his 16 points were on put backs. “I saw the shot go up and was so happy when he missed it, said Rhodes. “But then that tip went in and everything just hit me all at once.”
Rhodes and his teammates were visibly upset and shocked when the referee signaled that the basket counted. The pro SC crowd was outraged, but the referee’s decision stood and the game was over. (the clock should have started when the free throw hit the rim. The ball bounced high in the air and just that time without the return shot had to come close to using up the three second) Rhodes continued his dominant play in the CCS tournament, finishing with a team high 26 points. Murphy Stewart added ten points and Norman-Terrence had nine. SC erased a five point halftime deficit with a big run to start the third quarter.
SC had a 12-2 run to take a 36-31 lead that held up until the fourth quarter. “This is the second time we lost to them in the semifinals,” said Rhodes, recalling the 44-33 defeat in 1999. “We came out with a lot of intensity and played a good game, but sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. It’s disappointing.” Said Ian Swift, “Everyone is really depressed. To come so far and have it end so suddenly. This was the last time that we are all together as a team. It’s sad, especially for the seniors.”

On February 11 the following stats for scoring and rebounding for twenty-nine games for the top six players were out. By name, games played, scoring or rebounding, high game and average.
J. Rhodes 24 394 28 16.4
Swift 29 241 20 8.3
Torrance 27 215 17 8.0
Stewart 29 199 17 6.9
Reagan 25 127 14 5.1
Graham 25 124 15 5.0

J. Rhodes 24 267 15 11.1
Stewart 29 256 15 8.8
Swift 29 167 10 5.8
Walls 27 81 5 3.0
Reagan 25 75 8 3.0
Graham 25 74 7 3.0

Team states: Offense: 29 games, total points 1790, high 89 and average per game 61.72.
Defense: Total points allowed 1337, low 28, average 46.1.

SCCAL ALL LEAGUE selected by the league coaches: Josh Rhodes was selected for the first team ALL LEAGUE. Josh was first in rebounding with 247 rebounds, averaging 10.6 and high of 15. Kamau Norman-Terrance and Ian Swift were on the second team.

Yearbook. Consisting of twelve awesome players and one fantastic coach, the JV’s once again had a great year.

Roster: Markus Thesman, Cameron Dauterive, John Mullen, Nick Miller, Matt Cherry, Chris Futch, Jimmy Garcia, John Kovacevich, Chris Kamahao, NicTorn, Matt Merrill and Ryan Beach. Coach Charles Burks.

Yearbook. Head coach Kristy Netto and assistant Phil Netto (both former SC stars) worked hard with their team to show improvement throughout the season. Leading scorers were Brenton Kranich and Tim McManus. The team ended the season with a win over SLV, one of the top teams in the league.

Roster: Jeff McCormick, Nate Whizin, Brenton Kranich, Tim McManus, Jonah Stuart-Brundage, Josh Sterett, Areil Ben-Levi, D.J. Anthony, Adam Cress, Sage Peterson, Keegan Foster and Kyle Milburn.


Yearbook. With five seniors and three returning starters, the Cards were an experienced team that became increasingly dominant as the season progressed.

Roster: Ruth Klotz-Chamberlin, Monica Grova, Irene Whiney, Jessica Elb, Andrea Woliczko, Jill Himlan, Tameka Blue, Tenaya Fihe, Lauren Tashima, Anika Dunkell, Sasha Kochen, Mia Azzaro and Rita Case. Head coach Pat Jones and assistant Danny Paz.

Sentinel. Jan. 12. The fourth quarter started with SC ahead of Soquel 50-34. Soquel was trailing by five points with a little more than a minute remaining, began to foul to stop the clock. SC sealed the victory going 9 for 10 from the foul line. We came out fired up in the first quarter, but we lost some intensity as the game progressed,” Himlan said. “They’re a good team and they weren’t going to let their first quarter play carry over for the rest of the game. Luckily we played hard enough to pull out the win. Blue had a team high 17 points. Woliczko and Himlan each scored ten points. SC was 14 of 18 from the line with Blue going 6 for 6. SC mixed up its defensive presses a lot and got Soquel rattled a little bit. “Our girls played well tonight, but we just got off to a slow start,” Soquel coach John Wilson (former SC athlete of the year, girls basketball coach and baseball coach) SC played great. Their press created easy baskets for them.” The Cards next game is against Aptos. “It’s going to be a big game,” said Himlan. “Our coach told us that it will be one of the games that determines the league championship. They have a lot of strong players and it is going to be a good match up.”

Sentinel. Jan.27. When the first round of SCCAL play wrapped up last Friday, SC, Aptos and Harbor each had a share of first place. Harbor had beaten SC in the Cards league opener, but Harbor lost by one point to Aptos. SC handed Aptos their only league loss. With the Aptos staff and players watching, SC 14-7 overall and 6-1 in league, set the tone early against Harbor, when Tameka Blue drained a three point basket for the games first score. As Grova took control in the paint, SC lit up the scoreboard from the outside. Tenaya Fihe had two consecutive three pointers and Anika Dunkell and Jill Himlan brought the total to five in the first quarter alone. Harbor, which had success in the first game breaking the notorious full court pressure defense of the Cards, rarely got the ball into its territory for most of the first quarter. Trailing 25-8 at the start of the second quarter, points were hard to come by for the flustered Pirates. Trailing 36-20 at halftime the Harbor coach attempted to bolster her teams confidence in the locker room. SC shut down Harbor in the third, outscoring them 17-0. With a 33 point lead under their belts, the Cards showed little mercy, playing their starters well into the fourth quarter. SC finished with ten 3-point baskets. Grova and Blue scored 14 points each. Fihe had nine. The Harbor coach, “When SC is on like they were tonight, you have to worry about their outside shooters and Grova down low. SC shot really well and they were intense and we weren’t.

Sentinel soccer standing as of January 30. Listed by school, overall record, league record W-L-Tie, goals for, goals against and points for wins and ties.

Sentinel girls standing as of January 30. Listed by school, overall record W-L, league record W-L, total points, high game and average per game
Soquel 16-5 4-4 21 1205 88 57.4
Aptos 15-6 6-1 21 1128 76 53.7
Harbor 14-7 6-2 21 1017 82 53.5
SC 14-7 6-1 21 1026 75 51.3
SLV 8-11 2-6 19 777 48.6
Wats 9-12 3-4 21 752 55 41.8
MVC 1-19 0-7 20

Sentinel girls scoring as of January 30. Listed by place in standings, name, games played, total points, high game and average per game.
4 Monica Grova 20 268 26` 13.4
14 Tameka Blue 20 154 19 7.7

Sentinel girls rebounding as of January 30. Listed by place in standings, name, games played, rebounds, high game and average per game.
1 Monica Grove 20 249 19 12.5
5 Andrea Woliczko 12 96 11 8.0
13 Tenaya Fihe 20 112 9 5.6

Sentinel shows as of January 30 SC is the leading team on offense and defense. SC’s numbers are listed by SC with the place in the league below, games played, two point field goals scored, three point field goals, foul shots, total points, high /low score and average points per game.
4 21 319 78 154 1026 75 51.3
4 21 292 42 155 865 25 43.3

Sentinel individual scoring leaders by place in list, name, games played, total poins, high and average per game.
4 Monica Grova 20 268 26 13.4
14 Tameka Blue 20 154 19 7.7

5 Andrea Woliczko 12 96 11 8.0
13 Tenaya Fihe 20 112 9 5.6

Yearbook. The record breaking team did it with seven freshmen and two sophomores. Coach Monique Jones (former top player for SC had a lot to do with this success)

Roster: Marissa Klluzniak, Christina Ando, Amanda Ornellas, Zabia Bryan, Bracely Williams, Elizabeth Matteuci, Ariana Grova, Lindsey Wallraff and Francine Sorenson.

Yearbook. Eight wrestlers placed in league and four qualified for CCS. The team is losing only two wrestlers Edward Murray and Cody Bressler. Top wrestlers back are Steve Pinther and Luke Wetmore. Coaches Pete Gustafson, Marti Hines and Steve Williams. Rest of squad: Kaj Kibak, Jared Jenkins, Steve Williams, Paul Hoffet, Cody Bressler, Kris Kibak, Tarik Sabankaya, Diego Alvarez, Andres Alvarez, Mike Ward, Jason Paris, Danny Concepcion, Edward Murry, Alex Scott, Dash Pomerantz, Danny Harber and Brian Brandt.

Sentinel wrestling leaders as of Jan 30. Listed by name, weight, record won-loss, won by major decision (MD), technical fall (TF) and fall.
Steve Pinther 136 13-8 5
Luke Wetmore 189 11-6 6
Danny Concepcion 130 11-6 4

Yearbook. The Cards started off the season on fire, posting a 5-0-1 record and outscoring their opponents 22-5. Then things began to go downhill, when the team lost close games to Aptos, Watsonville and eventual league champion Harbor.

Long time coach Sergio Sierra retired at the end of the season and going with him were seniors Eric Gelwicks, Matt McCloskey, Rene Guerra, Chris Morris and Travis Talbot. Returning are five sophomores and four freshmen, all of whom received ample playing time.

Rest of squad: Matt Skanazy, Kent Cramer, Tommy Hall, Wes Seth, Graham Gelwicks, Alex Diego, Isaac Noble, David Esparza, Gullermo CeCent, Peter Van Sent, Ryan Thatcher, Will Crick, Victor Garcia. Coach Sergio Sierra.

Sentinel preseason write up: Coach: Sergio Sierra, thirteenth season. Last season: 6-10-1 overall. 3-8-1 for fifth place. Key players: seniors, midfielders Eric Gelwicks and Matt McCloskey; forward Travis Talbot and freshman Pete Vansent goalkeeper. Outlook: After suffering through the toughest year of his coaching career in 1999-2000, Sierra is optimistic about his teams chances this year. SC will be improved in both the midfield and on defense. Senior midfielder, Eric Gelwicks, who tore his ACL in the second game last year, returns and the team will put freshman Pete Vansent, a year around player in goal. The youth movement will continue to bolster the defense, as sophomore David Esparza will play fullback. Although Esparza is young, he brings a ton of experience to the Cards. SC fans will be happy to see their team back on familiar ground, battling for a CCS playoff berth.

Sentinel. Jan. 27. Aptos 3, SC 2. The hard luck continued for SC as Aptos broke a 2-2 tie with only eight minutes remaining to record Aptos’ fifteenth win. SC scored first. Ryan Thatcher beat three Aptos players down the right sideline before blasting a shot into the left corner. Aptos bounced back in the twenty-fifth minute, when a player dribble by three SC defenders for an unassisted goal. Aptos 6-1-1 in league, got another unassisted goal to go ahead 2-1. Not to be denied, SC struck back, when Travis Talbot beat two defenders down the left sideline and scored in the high left corner to tie up the game 2-2. Aptos’ winner came on a corner kick. The loss may have ended the Cards playoff hopes, as they dropped to 6-5-2 overall and 3-4-1 in league.

Sentinel soccer standing as of January 30. Listed by school, overall record, league record W-L-Tie, goals for, goals against and points for wins and ties.
Harbor 16-2 8-0-0 71 9 16
Watsonville 11-4-2 6-2-1 36 13
Aptos 15-2-2 6-1-1 65 13
SC 6-5-2 3-4-1 35 16 7
Soquel 3-7-1 3-5-0 14 6
MVC 4-8-2 1-4-2 21 4
SLV 0-11-4 0-8-1 5 1

Sentinel soccer individual scoring as of January 30. Listed by place in order, name, games, assists and points.
11 Matt McClosky 6 5 17
13 Eric Gelwicks 2 11 15
14 Travis Talbot 7 1 5
16 Matt Skenazy 5 3 13
21 Rene Guerra 4 2 10

Feb. 4. Longtime SC Coach Stepping Down. After 21 years, Sergio Sierra Leaving Team To Raise Family. After 21 years of involvement as a player, assistant and for the past 12 years as head coach of the boys soccer team at Santa Cruz High, it’s time for Sergio Sierra to say goodbye. Sierra’s decision to step down was a reluctant one, but in the end the long-time coach decided he needs to spend more time with his family. “Its time to be a full-time Dad now,” said Sierra’s wife, Mary. Sierra said he wants to focus his energy on raising his three daughters–Erica, 10, Carina, 9, and Sophia, 6. “It’s been hard since all three girls are in school now, “ Sierra said. “But in the winter, during high school soccer season it’s even harder.”

On weekday mornings Sierra leaves for his job at Deluxe Foods in Aptos at 4 a.m., where he works until 1 p.m. Then he picks up his daughters from school, before heading to soccer practice at 3:30. Mary works full-time at UC Santa Cruz, dropping the children at school before going to work. “I don’t want to look back and regret not spending time with my kids when I had a chance,” Sierra said. “I have lessons I want to teach them, I want to be there for them if they have homework questions, basically I want to be closer to them.”
Sierra, who will turn 36 in March, is setting one legacy aside for another. “I will still be around, I will definitely be there as far as assisting in the hiring process for the next coach at Santa Cruz High,” Sierra said. “I will be on a hiring committee and have input about who will be the next coach.”
Memories of past achievements are vivid in Sierra’s mind, but the relationships he developed with the players are his most cherished. “I think the thing I’m most proud of is that over 240 players have gone through my coaching,” Sierra said. “It’s special to reflect back to the relationships with all those players and to think about the positive impact I had in their lives.”
As a coach, Sierra served a three-year stint at the junior varsity level, and then one year as varsity assistant in 1988-89–for year another league championship team–before taking over the varsity boys. In 1989-90, his first year as head coach, the team finished with an 8-8-2 record. The next season, Sierra directed Santa Cruz to the school’s only CCS Division II boys soccer title. The Cardinals entered the playoffs that season as the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League runner up, but beat Gonzales 4-3 in overtime in the first round, and top seeded Live Oak 1-0 in the semi finals. Santa Cruz ended up sharing the CCS crown with Gilroy after playing a double-overtime, 110 minute match that ended in a 1-1 tie.
Sierra directed the Cardinals to two more SCCAL championships in 1996-97, a team that finished with a 20-2-1 record, and in 1997-98, a team that was co-champion with Watsonville. Sierra’s overall record at Santa Cruz will not be complete until after the Cardinals game against Monte Vista Christian on Monday. Through Friday his record stood at 123-75-24. His teams also outscored their opponents by over 150 goals, 425-273. Harbor boys soccer coach John Dunn said he learned a lot about soccer by facing teams coached by Sierra. “Sergio is leaving some very big shoes to fill,” Dunn said. Sierra and the Cardinals will go for one last victory Monday at Memorial Field when they take on MVC at 5:15 p.m.

Yearbook. With only thirteen players, they had to work hard to be in shape to play the whole game.

Roster: Lars Davenport, Juan Chavez, Andrew Ow, Nat Curry, Ullysses Marquez, Nathaniel Helman, Rob Goodman, Walter Singaram, Johnny Hall, Timothy Degrasse, Sean Noble, Lizandro Salazar and Ali Sabakaya, Coach Sebastian Honnef.

League: Soquel 2-1, Harbor 0-0. Aptos 0-1, League record 5-5-2 for fourth place.
CCS Division III playoffs. First round, Carmel 3-0. Quarterfinal, Santa Catalina 4-0. Semifinal, against Presentation, SC won on a shootout 5-1 (all five Cardinals put the ball in the net) Final, Cupertino 0-1 for second place. Overall record 12-7-4

Yearbook. The season started with an awesome preseason record. The rest of the season was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Hard work paid off as the Cards tied Harbor 0-0 to end the league season. With the tie, the Cards earned enough points to make it to the CCS playoffs were they would have a chance to defend their CCS title earned last year. The team had five returning starters.

Roster: Sarah Frampton, Ilysa Iglesias, Maya Russell-Nava, Nina Peeples, Nicole Perez, Brittany Vidales, Ali Hatcher, Britsy Bruland, Claire Shonick, Lea Oliver, Liana Wayne, Jenny Putt, Loucy Escobar, Jessica Schindler, Holly Vansant, Emily Schwertly, Tina Fuller, Juila Cato, Tina Fuller and Jessica Shaffer. Coach Sierra.

Sentinel preseason write up. Coach Jose Sierra, ninth season. Last season: 15-3-1, 10-2 second in league. Key players; Maya Russell-Nava, senior midfielder. Sophomores: Brittany Vidales, goalkeeper; Jenny Putt, defense and Jessica Schindler defense. Outlook: SC took second in the league last year and the went on to win the CCS Division III championship beating Menlo 1-0 in the finals. SC returns nine starters, but lose Marie McCann, now at St. Mary’s and Callie Grigg, the leading scorer, is at Cabrillo. The two combined for 29 of the teams 43 goals last season. SC finished non league 3-1-2, but beat Live Oak 3-0 in the last meeting. That was comforting, because the Acorns tied SC in the final three minutes of the previous meeting. “We working to be able to put teams away. We’ve been focusing on that because we lost our best at it in McCann and Griggs,” Sierra said. While SC prides itself on defense, Vidales allowed only seven goals last season and recorded 14 shutouts. Russell-Nava.

Sentinel. Jan. 16. Cardinals Solid in 2-0 Victory. Teamwork Strong For Santa Cruz. Not only did the Cards come through with a much needed win against Soquel, there was also a component present that had been sorely lacking for SC during the first part of the season. Teamwork. Goals from sophomore Jessica Shaffer and senior Julie Cato gave SC a 2-0 victory. SC improves to 6-4-2 overall and 2-3 in league. “Today, we played together as a team. We have a lot of individual talent on this team and it’s been hard to bring it together and play as one, There were times when it looked really pretty today,” Russell-Nava said. Russell-Nava, a four year player, who plays both the center halfback and forward positions, said her team was expecting a tough match from the Knights, who beat Harbor in preseason play. SC has lost to Harbor and SLV. Comments from Russell-Nava: We actually played well today. We were in kind of a slump. Against Soquel, we knew we had to turn our play around and we did. We came out fired up. We definitely came out with a passing game, but there were times we let it go and there was some boom ball going on. SC scored in the nineteenth minute off a cross from Liana Wayne that was headed in by Shaffer. Two minutes later, Cato hooked a high floater into the top left side of the goal. SC appeared to control the momentum for much of the match, except for a brief spell at the beginning of the second half. Soquel had one shot at goal in the first half and three in the second half.

Jan. 30. Aptos Blanks Santa Cruz 1-0. In a make up game, Aptos scored a goal 25 minutes into the game. After the goal, the Cardinals rallied and sustained pressure for the remainder of the half. SC had numerous opportunities to equalize, the best chance being a breakaway by forward Britsy Bruland. Bruland collected a pass from behind the defense and appeared to be hauled down from behind in the box. But no foul was called.
Aptos regained control in the second half, frustrating the Cards in the midfield and counterattacking on offense.

Sentinel soccer standing as of January 30. Listed by school, overall record, league record W-L-Tie, goals for, goals against and points for wins and ties.
SLV 14-1-4 6-0-3 67 15
Harbor 11-2-2 7-0-1 63` 7 15
Aptos 12-2-2 3-2-2 61 6 8
SC 8-5-2 4-4-0 20 8
Soquel 6-4-4 1-3-3 23 5
WUHS 6-9-0 2-5-0 15 4
MVC 5-10-2 0-8-1 31 1

Sentinel soccer individual scoring as of January 30. Listed by place in order, name, games, assists and points.
21 Maya Russell-Nava 6 3 14
22 Bristy Bruland 5 4 14
24 Jessica Shaffer 3 6 12
26 Tina Fuller 4 3 11
29 Jessica Schindler 3 4 10
30 Sarah Frampton 4 2 10

Sentinel. Feb. 2. Tie With SC Doesn’t Sit Well With Harbor. Cardinals Execute ‘Technical Defense. The only things missing in a physical SCCAL soccer game between cross town rivals was boxing gloves and a goal. Harbor, in prime position for an eighth straight league title with two games remaining, out shot SC 17-1 in a scoreless tie. After the game, Harbor let the verbal punches fly. Having lost its two leading scorers from last year, the Cards have relied on their defense to contend with better attacking teams. SC played five defenders and just one forward in the match. “That’s the only way to beat Harbor. What we were looking for was a counter attack, but our halfbacks didn’t release the ball quick enough. Technically, there’s no one better than Harbor,” said coach Sierra. The tie will help SC have a better chance of an at large bid for CCS. SC goalie, Brittney Vidales made ten saves, all of which were crucial. On one of the shots, she made a diving save to her right and on another pulled in a header attempt on a pass from the corner. “We hoped to hold them on defense. We figured if we could send a couple of balls through, we could take advantage of those opportunities. Our scoring has been a problem, so we had to rely on our strong point,” said defender Lea Oliver. SC is now 8-6-4

Sentinel. Feb. 15. Bolstered By Good Crowd, SC Girls Blank Carmel 3-0. Defending CCS Champion Cardinals Step Up Level Of Play. “We were nervous before the game. We had a roller coaster season for sure, but getting to CCS seems like the luck has changed our way,” said Maya Russell-Nava team co-captain and senior forward. Despite having 19 matches under its belt SC took the field feeling like a brand new season was waiting. When the day was done, SC was already feeling a lot better about their quality of play than in the recent past. Although the eighth seeded Cards 10-6-4 for the season had only a slim chance of making CCS, they were pretty excited about going back to the playoffs to defend their title. SC threatened often in the early going, it wasn’t until Russell-Nava sent a crossing passes toward sophomore Tina Fuller in the twenty-fourth minute, that SC got on the scoreboard. Fuller made the stop and sent a low kick past the goalie. After the goal, SC was greeted by a sound they rarely hear, the roar of the crowd. “It was awesome to see such a big crowd. It’s great that the principal sent out a letter to the fourth period classes to come out and watch. I always thank the administration here. They do a good job and are so helpful with every sport,” said Coach Sierra. Reserves on the bench commented that the bleachers looked more like they do for football games, then soccer matches. In the twenty-ninth minute, senior Julia Cato pushed the ball toward the goal with her left foot and put the ball past the goalie to make the score 2-0. “We played well, but at other times, we were really scattered. We weren’t as competitive as sometimes we’re able to be, but there were definite periods of continuous passing and communication,” said senior co-captain Lea Oliver. SC had 15 shots at goal. Ninth seeded Carmel was 9-5-2. Next up for SC is top seeded Santa Catalina 15-1-3. The Carmel coach, “SC beat us to every single ball today, ours and theirs. They flat out hustled us. We had one shot on goal in the entire match.

Sentinel. Feb. 18. SC Girls Defeat Top Seed. Offense Carries Cardinals To Win. An early goal was all SC needed to take control of its playoff match. Now, the Cards turn their focus on a long term goal, defending their section title. Maya Russell-Nava scored twice and had an assist. Sarah Frampton scored twice in a two minute blitz in the second half as SC blanked top ranked Santa Catalina 4-0 in the CCS Division III quarterfinal at Alisal. SC 11-6-4, who needed a late surge in the regular season to earn a playoff berth, now appear to be playing their best soccer of the season. Coach Jose Sierra said the turn around started with the 0-0 tie against SCCAL champion Harbor, which gave SC enough points for the CCS bid. “It was a relief that we were in. Everyone seemed so happy because we got refocused. We made it and now we have a chance to repeat. We have a whole different attitude now. We’re play with confidence,” Sierra. In posting it’s thirteenth shutout of the season, eighth ranked SC used a different strategy for success, its offense. After relying on a dominant defense all year, it was SC’s constant offensive pressure that offset some defensive mistakes. “The offense has been carrying us all along. It was nice to see the offense carrying us for a change,” Sierra. Sierra said the quick start was almost counterproductive. Russell-Nava scored 4:30 into the first half off an assist from Liana Wayne. The Cards seized the momentum, but also lost a bit of their edge in intensity. It was 1-0 at halftime. “It seemed like we let up after that, even though we were in control of the game. It almost backfired,” Sierra. After Sierra emphasized that point at the break, the Cards returned to the field with renewed energy. Russell-Nava scored 13 minutes into the second half after she headed in a shot by Jessica Shaffer that deflected off the crossbar. Sensing that Santa Catalina’s confidence was damaged, the Cards made sure they wouldn’t relent again. With assists form Russell-Nava and Shaffer, Frampton notched back to back goals in a blistering sequence between the seventeenth and eighteenth minutes. Looking at the teams seeds, SC’s win over Santa Catalina, which had one loss, appears to be a substantial upset, but it was hardly that. SC had routed Santa Catalina twice before in CCS games and along with the 3-0 win over Carmel, the Cards didn’t approach the game with an underdog mentality.

Feb. 23. SC Wins In OT Thriller. Forget singing in the rain, SC was screaming in the rain. After waiting for two days for better weather conditions, SC knocked off six time CCS champion and fourth seed in the playoff, Presentation 5-4 on shootout kicks in the semifinals. (each team has five players, who get free shots at the goal and the team with the most had shots wins and goes on to the next game.) “This team just keeps winning. I can’t describe it. They just don’t give up. The team finally found its character,” said Coach Jose Sierra. Forecasts predicted heavy rains on Tuesday, so CCS delayed the match. Oddly, Tuesday was beautiful and Thursday night was miserable, cold, wind, rain and toward the end of the contest, thunder and lightning. And the Cards enjoyed every second of it. After playing 80 minutes of regulation, two overtimes and two five minute sudden death overtimes scoreless, a shootout would decide who would face number two seeded Cupertino. SC shooting first in the shootout would jump to a 3-2 lead after Maya Russell-Nava, Jessica Shaffer and Britsy Bruland converted their attempts. Sophomore goalie Brittney Vidales had punched away the shot of Presentations top player. “I saw her foot came around the ball to the left and I went,” Vidales said. “As soon as I put my hand on the ball, I knew we had it, because I had faith in our kickers. Jenny Putt and Liana Wayne made their shootout kicks to secure the victory for SC 12-6-4, the fourth place team in league, who qualified for the playoffs with an at large bid. With a young front line, SC had trouble on offense for much of the season, but the Cards have shown new life in the playoffs, scoring a total of seven goals. “We tried to knock the ball behind their defense and figured we would be able to get it through, but it didn’t happen,” Sierra. Both coaches sung praises of Vidales after the contest. Time and time again, Vidales kept the final line of defense composed and effective. Helping the cause, Card defenders, Illysa Iglesias and Jessica Schnidler cleared some of Presentations best chances in the penalty box. While Sierra couldn’t prepare for the weather, he did prepare his team for a shootout and the short grass at Wilcox, by having his team practice on the tennis courts. “We practiced penalty kicks all week,” Vidales said. “Every day of practice. We prepared enough.”

March 1. After A Few Days Of Rest, Cardinals Stumble In Final. SC hadn’t allowed a goal in its previous six CCS playoff games. And when the Cards finally saw a ball get past goalkeeper Brittany Vidales, it was good enough to lift Cupertino to a 1-0 win in the Division III championship at PAL Stadium. It was the number two seeded Pioneers, second CCS title in three years. Last year the number five seeded Cards won the CCS title. Cupertino 18-2-1, winner of the El Camino Division of the SCVAL, opened with a furious first half attack and finally scored. “It was an innocent looking pass in the middle. I thought that on of the girls would pick it up and clear it, but they beat us to the ball,” said coach Jose Sierra. Cardinals defenders Lea Oliver, Jenny Putt and Ilysa Iglesias were the most active players in the opening 25 minutes. Cupertino believed it was only a matter of time before they converted one of many quality chances, which usually ended up in Vidales’ hands. The scouting report told us Vidales would be one of the best goalkeepers we faced all year. We worked on going against the flow and going opposite post.” When Cupertino scored using the game plan, Vidalles had no chance to make a save with 30 minutes left in the game. Maya Russell-Nava had SC’s only shot in the first half, from well outside the penalty box. “They were getting it out as quick as possible and didn’t give us a chance to set up,” Russell-Nava said. As lopsided as it was in the first half, Cupertino took 16 shots, SC 12-7-4 made a late run in the game, hoping to force overtime. In the semifinals SC knocked off six time CCS champion Presentation on penalty kicks. The championship was delayed for two days, which gave SC a couple of extra days rest after playing in a bone-chilling rain the previous game. Oddly SC was beaten to many loose balls and didn’t play with the vigor they showed in the previous three games. “At halftime, I told the girls we couldn’t play any worse. And it worked. We came out hustling more, but we didn’t come away with a goal,” Sierra. SC had quality chances in the second half on a free kick from Jessica Schindler and a through pass from Bristy Bruland, when several Cards crashed the net. Sierra was proud of his teams accomplishments: reaching the final for the second straight year after finishing SCCAL play in fourth place. “In a sense, it’s really not a bad way to lose. It would’ve been worse to not play better in the second half,” Sierra.

GIRLS JV SOCCER Placed third in league
Yearbook. Team captains were Sarah Fang and Sarah Langley. The team played and practiced rain or shine and gave their supporting fans great games to remember.

Roster: Sarah Fang, Gretchen Haussler, Stephanie Rasmussen, Ashley Eklof, Nora Slade, Elizabeth Dutre, Amy Seliz, Ana Andrade, Jessie Perez, Alana Andrade, Laia Wilens, Erin Anderson, Mary McCormick, Lauren Takahashi, Sarah Langley, Asia Dotson, Nicole Lanier and Beth Osborn.

(games missing)
Practice games: Woodland Tourney: Pacific Grove Arcadia Tournament: Watsonville tournament:
League: Soquel 10-1, 3-0 , 13-4; Harbor 12-5, 4-2, won; MVC 1-2, 13-0, 6-0; Watsonville 5-4, won, won; Aptos 7-1, 9-8, 10-0; SLV 11-1, 1-2, 16-2. League record 16-2 Champions.
CCS playoffs: first round defeated Los Altos and lost to Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Yearbook. Unlike last year, the team has great unity and enjoys each others company. With seven returning starters and the addition of “The Dominican” Aaron Lautman, the Cards are expecting to finish on top. The key returnees are Daniel Garcia, OF; Travis Talbott, P/LF; Joseph Allegri, RF; Sean Croghan 3B; Brett Lindgren SS; Kyle Hartz, 1B and Neil Kunkle, C. With support from the great parents, fans and great coaching, the Cards should pose a threat to any opponent.

Rest of squad: Nick Tanza, Zack Fusari, Luke Wetmore, Travis Bearden, Neil Walton, Steve Marchisio, Robbie Swenson, John Civ, Peter Carroll, Matt Hawkins.
Head coach Bob Kittle and assistants Mike DiTano and Darryl Ratliff.

Sentinel preseason write up. Bob Kittle fifth season. Last years record 15-11 overall and 10-8 in league. Key players: Travis Talbott, senior pitcher/outfielder; Brett Lindgren, senior shortstop/pitcher; Kyle Hartz, junior first base/outfield; Joseph Allegri, senior outfielder; Travis Bearden, junior pitcher. Outlook: SC’s strength is its experience. Six starters return, plus five more squad members. Coach Kittle, “ We’re really excited. This is one of the better squads we’ve had. We are pretty experience. I think we’ll be a complete team. I think we’ll be solid in all three areas, pitching, hitting and defense. We’ll be solid. Our yearly goal is to win league and win CCS. “We’re working for the goal again. It should be a solid league.”

SCCAL Baseball Opening Day. Cardinals Strike First. Talbott’s No-Hitter Stops Soquel Dominance. Soquel had gone undefeated last year, 18-0 in league. “Eighteen games is a long season, but it’s important to get off to a good start,,” Coach Kittle. SC 10, Soquel 1.
“Talbott has been pitching like this all year long,” Coach Kittle. “He has three pitches he can throw for strikes and has great composure on the mound.” Talbott struck out 15 batters and served notice to the rest of the league that hits are going to be hard to come by and wins nearly impossible when number 22 is on the mound. “Soquel is kind of a rival of ours so this was an important game to win,” said Talbott, who struck out at least two batters in all but one inning. “We’ve been doing well in the pre-season so we came in pretty confident.”
SC 3-1, 1-0 took control early, putting up five runs in the first inning. Right fielder Joseph Allegri got SC on the board with a hot shot to third, which was to hot to handle to score Adam White. Daniel Garcia drove in two runs with a single. A Soquel error allowed two more runs to score. All nine Cards batted in the first inning. Luke Wetmore hit a home run and another run was scored in the sixth inning. Two more runs were scored in the seventh inning. SC pounded out 14 hits and drew four walks.

Santa Cruz 3, Soquel 0.
Senior lefthander Travis Talbott with a 4-1 record struck out nine batters, gave up just two hits and gave up no walks. In SCCAL play Talbott has two no-hitters to go along with a three hitter and now a two hitter. Talbott also went two for four with a pair of doubles. He scored in the seventh on Joe Allegri’s single. SC is 7-0 in league and 9-1 overall. First baseman Kyle Hartz hit a two run homer in the first inning. Neil Kunkel was on base with a leadoff double when Hartz hit his third homer of the season.

MVC shocked league front runner SC 2-1 in ten innings to improve its record to 3-6. SC is 8-1 in league to drop into a first place tie with Aptos. SC took a 1-0 lead in the second inning when Aaron Lautman hit a single to drive in Joseph Allegri from third. MVC answered in their half of the inning with a squeeze bunt to tie the score 1-1. Bearden went nine innings, giving up one earned run on seven hits. He recorded six strike outs and gave up six walks.

SC 13, Soquel 4. First baseman Kyle Hartz started a rally in the third inning with an RBI single to score Neil Walton and SC rolled past winless Soquel. SC is now 10-1 in league and 14-4 overall. Hartz was 2-3 and scored two runs. Joseph Allegri had a RBI double in the second to drive in a pair of runs. Winning pitcher, Pete Carroll, now 2-0 on the season was able to get out of jams with the Cards timely defense behind him. Carroll went five innings, struck out three and walked 3.
Scoring by innings
Soquel 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 runs 4, hits 6, errors 4
SC 0 2 7 3 1 0 runs 13, hits 17, errors 3
Doubles: Lindgren, Hartz, Allegri and Carroll
Multiple hits: Lindgren 2-4, Hartz 2-3, Talbott 2-2, Lautman 2-3.
Multiple RBI: Allegri 3, Lindgren 2
Multiple runs: Hartz, Talbott and Lautman two apiece.

SC Puts Hurt On Harbor. Travis Bearden put some undue pressure on himself. His challenge: “How do I follow up Travis Talbott’s outing.” Bearden’s quest for a no hitter ended when the number two hitter doubled, but he did throw a complete game 12-5 victory. “I’m actually lucky I gave up that hit, it erased any thought of a perfect game in my mind,” Bearden struck out seven, walked five and allowed five its in seven innings. Harbor trailed 12-1 entering the bottom of the seventh and scored four runs with the help of two walks and two errors.
Coach Kittle, “You try to tell them to be realistic. To throw a perfect game every time out is not an obtainable goal, but to throw a well pitched game is an obtainable goal. He can throw much better than that.” Bearden was a little upset about the timeliness of his walks, but credited the defense for bailing him out of some jams. SC 2-0 in league a 4-1 overall is one of the top hitting teams in the league, was paced by catcher Neil Kunkel, who went 3-4 and a walk. Luke Wetmore hit a two run homer. Wetmore has two home runs in five games.
SC scored three runs in the second inning when Dan Garcia hit a two run double to score Joe Allegri who walked and Pete Carroll, who reached base on a fielders choice. Sean Croghan drew a walk and scored on a single by Kunkel.
Scoring by innings
SC 0 3 0 3 2 1 3 runs 12, hits 13, errors 5
Harbor 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 runs 5, hits 5, errors 3
Doubles: Kunkel, Garcia
Home run: Wetmore
Multiple hits: Kunkel 3-4, Allegri 2-3, Garcia 2-3
Multiple runs: Croghan 2
Multiple RBI: Garcia and Wetmore two each

March 22. ANOTHER NO-HITTER, SC’s Talbott Blanks MVC. Travis Talbott threw his second consecutive no-hitter in SCCAL play as SC stomped MVC 13-0 in a six inning game called by the ten run mercy rule. Talbott was absolutely nasty once again, striking out 11 batters and allowing only five balls to be put into play in six innings, when SC scored six runs to get over the ten runs necessary to stop the game. SC is 3-0 in league and 5-1 overall. In three league games, SC has out scored their opponents 35-6. SC’s formula for success has been a simple one, spectacular pitching and a potent offense scoring in the double digits.
“It’s a lot of fun out there with everything going so well,” said Talbott, a humble and unassuming senior, who still managed to crack an occasional smile on the mound as he plowed through the Mustang lineup. SC jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first inning pounding five hits including a bases loaded triple by Luke Wetmore. Daniel Garcia drove in Wetmore with the fourth run. Joseph Allegri also hit a three run homer and scored two runs himself.

March 27. No No-Hitter No Problem. SC’s Talbott Tosses 3 hitter As Cardinals top Mariners 7-1. SC ace pitcher Travis Talbott didn’t throw his third straight no hitter, but he helped extend another more important streak, as the Cards have won five straight SCCAL games without a loss.
“I just wanted to hit the ball,” said Kyle Hartz. “I know he was going to throw me outside. I think it let them know, We’re here to play and we’re not going to fall down to you guys.” Joe Allegri and Pete Carroll reached on errors on routine ground balls, which allowed Hartz to score. Dan Garcia earned a one out walk to load the bases for number nine hitter Neil Walton. Walton, who along with Talbott went 2-3, belted a two run single. “I wanted to help break it open.” Walton said of coming up in and ideal situation. “You can’t get much better than that.” Talbott would get a second at bat in the inning and hit a two run double to help his cause.
The Mariner coach said, “We lost it mentally. The errors killed us. Kittle complimented his team for making no mention of the upcoming game against the Mariners. “This team is very focused,” Kittle said. Talbott finished with seven strikeouts, allowed just one hit in the final five innings. He did hit a batter and walked three during that span. “We preach to him not to change his approach,” Kittle said. “He started with his off speed stuff, but he lives off his fastball. That’s what he did late in the game.”

April 30. SC Rallies To Hold Off Watsonville. Lindgren Saves Cardinals with Game Winner in Seventh. Brett Lindgren sliced a ball down the right field line to score Joseph Allegri and Neil Kunkel for the comeback victory. “We let our pitcher down by not scoring a couple of more runs early. We decided to come out in the last inning to show what we can do,” said Lindgren. It was the second time in a weeks span that SC came from behind to steal a game. They came from three runs down last Wednesday to stun Aptos in the final inning in a battle for first place.
“It’s the confidence we have that no matter how far we’re down, we know we can still win the game,” said starting pitcher Travis Bearden. As has been their trademark all season long, the Cards put up multiple runs in the first inning. Clean up hitter Kyle Hartz cleared the left field fence to score Neil Walton and put SC up 2-0. Watsonville tied the game with two runs in the fifth inning. SC regained the lead in the bottom half on a sacrifice fly by Lindgren, but Watsonville came back with a run in the sixth and another in the seventh.
To start the bottom of the seventh, Allegri walked and was followed by a single from Kunkel and Lindgren’s stroke that drove in two runs for a 5-4 win. Kunkel went 3-3 with a walk. “Watsonville played a good game. Fortunately we turned it on at the right time,” Coach Kittle. The league leaders will get their first day off this week before meeting up with MVC the only league team to beat them this season. Said Kunkel, ”That’s the team we really want to get back at. We’re fired up for that one.”
Scoring by innings
Watsonville 0 0 0 0 2 1 1 runs 4, hits 8, errors 1
SC 2 0 0 0 1 0 2 runs 5, hits 8, errors 1
Winning pitcher Bearden 5-1.
Doubles: Allegri, Kunkel
Triple: Walton
Home run: Hartz
Multiple RBI: Lindgren 3, Hartz 2.
SC 12-1 league and 16-4 overall

SC 11, SLV 1
Scoring by innings
SLV 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 run, 4 hits and 1 error
SC 0 4 0 0 3 4 11 runs, 14 hits and no errors
Only six innings because of the ten run rule
Winning pitcher Talbott
Doubles: Allegri, Wetmore
Home run: Talbott
Multiple runs: Kunkel two
Multiple RBI: Lindgren and Carroll two apiece. Talbott 4
Multiple hits: Lindgren 3-4, Kunkel 2-4, Talbott 2-2, Lautman 2-3.
SC 11-1, 15-4

Cardinals Pull Out A Wild One. SC’s Late Rally Stuns Aptos 9-8. One of the biggest games in the SCCAL went down with an SC win. Aptos 8-2 in league and 10-5 overall jumped out to an early 8-2 lead, but could not hold off a determined Card squad, losing 9-8 in a wild affair. Four RBI’s in the final two innings by Kyle Hartz and lights out relief performance by DH turned pitcher Travis Talbott in and eventful bottom of the seventh were the determining factors in the SC victory.
“This is the best game I’ve ever played in, in my life,” said Hartz who drove in six runs, going 3-3. “We stayed calm even though we were down and came back for a great win.” SC is 9-1 in league and 13-4 overall appeared to be done in after a grand slam in the third inning and a two run shot in the fourth inning swung a 2-2 game in favor of Aptos.
(rest of story missing)
Scoring by innings
SC 2 0 0 0 0 3 4 runs 9, hits 10, errors 4
Aptos 0 2 4 2 0 0 0 runs 8, hits 8, errors 3
Winning pitcher Bearden
Home runs: Hartz, Allegri
Double: Walton, Hartz
Multiple RBI: Hartz 6
Multiple hits: Hartz 3-3, Allegri 2-3, Walton 2-4

SC’s Lindgren Silences MVC With Shutout. Cardinals Cruise To 6-0 Win. Junior shortstop Neil Walton had a hand in nine put outs, including a snazzy catch on a pop up for the final out. Waltons efforts helped incumbent shortstop Brett Lindgren and the Cards. Lindgren making just his fourth start of the year on the mound remained unbeaten as the Cards avenged their only loss in SCCAL play be beating MVC 6-0. Walton is usually stationed at third base, when Lindgren plays shortstop.
“When you have the best shortstop in the league, it’s tough to take him out of that spot,” said coach Kittle of Lindgren. “But we moved Walton from third to short and we haven’t missed a beat. He played great out there.” “Our team was ready to play,” said centerfielder Dan Garcia. “We were out for a little revenge. Brett pitched an awesome game.” Lindgren didn’t walk any batters and recorded four strikeouts, two to start innings and two to end them. “I was just working on throwing strikes and letting my defense go to work for me like they’ve done all season,” said Lindgren. Considering Lindgren’s earned run average is a mind boggling 0.96, should we expect to see more of Walton at shortstop? “We don’t have a lot of inning to spread around. Talbott has only pitched 42 innings,” coach Kittle.
Part of the low inning total is that the Cards have ended several games early because of the ten run rule. Lindgren is one of four starting pitchers, including Talbott 5-2, Travis Bearden 5-1 and Pete Carroll 2-0.
Lindgren was given a 2-0 lead in the second inning, when Garcia drew a one out walk, moved to second on Aaron Lautman’s bunt single and scored on Carroll’s two out single. Lindgren also scored in the inning. Lautman scored on a throwing error. Garcia added a two run single in the third scoring Walton and Kyle Hartz. SC added another unearned run in the sixth when Joe Allegri hit a single that was misplayed and ended up in deep right field. The relay throw trying to get Allegri at third went into the SC dugout, which allowed Allegri to score. As the Cards joked that Allegri hit a home run, he responded, “I pulled a McDougall.” Last season, senior outfielder Derek McDougall hit and infield chopper that ended up reaching the center field fence. McDougall rounded the bases for and inside the park home run.
With the win SC improved to 13-1 in league and 17-4 overall. Scattering six hits over seven innings, Lindgren kept the Mustangs off balance for the most part, throwing 89 pitches.

May 6. SC Clinches Share of League Title. Cards Blast Aptos 10-0. Aptos turned to their number one starter in the fourth inning, but two costly errors didn’t help him as six runs were scored against him in 1.1 innings. The game was called after Neil Kunkel hit a walk off single in the fifth inning. The ten run mercy rule calls for games to be terminated any time after the fifth inning.
With the win, SC 15-1 in league and 19-4 overall earned a sweep of Aptos and no worse than a share of the SCCAL title with two games remaining. Aptos is 13-3 in league. “Familiarity is the key to baseball,” coach Kittle. “We have kids who have 30 or 40 at bats against the Aptos ace. We were keyed up to face him because we’ve seen him so much.” SC was ahead 4-0, when the ace took the mound. Aaron Lautman started off the fourth reaching base, when the third strike got away from the catcher. The next two batters went out on ground balls. Kunkel then got on base on an error. Brett Lindgren was hit by a pitch and Neil Walton, on a full count, followed with a two run triple. Walton scored on Kyle Hartz single.
“I like hitting off him,” said Walton. “This feels great. Aptos has always been kind of a rival. To win by the ten run rule in the last meeting, there aren’t many things better than that.” In the fifth inning, Dan Garcia, Lautman and Joe Allegri all went after the first pitch and successfully reached base. Luke Wetmore drove in Garcia with a sacrifice fly and Kunkel end the game with a shot to the fence in right field, but was only credited with a single. Every player in the SC lineup reached base and the top seven hitters all scored.

SLV 2, SC 1.
The Cardinals 19-5 overall and 15-2 dropped a league game to SLV, who is now 8-9 in league.
SC was only able to collect five hits in the game. Travis Bearden, 6-2 record pitched a complete game and allow only two hits, struck out five and walked five. SLV scored in the fifth when Bearden walked in a run. SLV added their last run in the seventh on a two strike, two out blooper RBI single to center field. SC tried to rally in the bottom of the seventh when Travis Talbott hit a double and Aaron Lautman hit a two out RBI single. Joseph Allegri ended the Card threat when he flied out to center.

Lautman Led Santa Cruz Tops Harbor To Wrap Up SCCAL Title. “I know we would be good, but we have all=leaguers at every position.” Aaron Lautman, SC infielder. After SC topped Harbor 4-2 in the SCCAL final, Lautman had a new T-shirt to keep him warm. Coach Bob Kittle distributed “2001 SCCAL Champions” shirts to his team and even though Lautman had survived colder conditions, he put it on without hesitation. “This is unbelievable,” he said, looking at his shirt like high school girls look at lettermen jackets. Lautman grew up in New York and came to Santa Cruz in January after spending the past four years in the Dominican Republic. He is staying with his brother, who was a former standout for the UCSC tennis team. “I knew we would be good, but we have all leaguers at every position.” The team made him feel welcome and Lautman earned a spot as the starting second baseman, bumping incumbent Sean Croghan. “He ’s really a great addition,” Coach Kittle. “And really a great kid. Croghan paid the price, he would start on any team in the league. But we put Lautman in and we haven’t lost a step.”
Lautman’s offensive contributions were huge against Harbor as the Cards improved to 16-2 in league and 20-5 overall. Batting in the number seven spot, he had a sacrifice bunt in the second inning, a two run home run in the fourth and a double in the fifth. In the previous two games against Harbor, 12-6 and 4-1 wins, Lautman described his outings as “horrible.” “Lately, I’ve been swinging the bat real well,” he said.
Good timing. SC will likely receive a top four seed in CCS Division II playoffs. “We’re excited, this is the best, if not the best, teams in SC history,” said Kittle. The Cards five losses are by a total of six runs.

May 20. Aggressive Cardinals Down Eagles.
(only part of article available)
“Los Altos is a tough team, these guys are not in the playoffs because they’re bad.” said coach Kittle. “It’s one and your done at this point, so getting a win is all that matters.”
Kunkel, Walton and Hartz led the offensive attack with two hits each. Walton scored two runs and drove in one. Cleanup hitter Kyle Hartz had three RBI’s, the final one coming on a 370 foot home run to left in the sixth. The pitching and defense let Los Altos down at times, but the offense was solid. They managed seven hits against Talbott.
On the strength of a good record against quality competition, the Cards earned the right to host a first round game. Dodge Field was lined by hundreds of supporters that spilled onto Weeks Avenue. Even some players from Aptos were in attendance to root for the Cards, discreetly.
“Having all of our fans here to give support made us more comfortable. It’s always more fun to play at home,” said right fielder Joseph Allegri. All the rest of the games will be on neutral sites. The Cards next game will be at 4 p.m Saturday at Washington Park in Santa Clara.

SC lost to Sacred Heart Cathedral of San Francisco. (not much of article available)
Coach Kittle, “I don’t think they have a better team than us. And that makes it hurt way more. But that’s the way it goes sometimes. They would hit whomever we put in hard. They hit the ball well. The bottom line is you have to score more than two runs to win.”
Trailing 2-1 in the bottom of the third, number nine hitter Joe Allegri drew a four pitch walk to start things off for the Cards. Neil Kunkel reached on a bunt, completely catching the Irish off guard.

End of season Stats from the Sentinel ( no date available)
Individual hitting by place in the order of average, name, at bats, runs, hits, runs batted in and average.
5 Garcia 66 17 27 16 .409
7 Walton 76 19 30 9 .395
9 Lautman 73 16 28 14 .384
10 Kunkel 87 25 33 10 .379
15 Hartz 84 21 30 31 .357
24 Talbott 80 19 26 17 .325

Doubles: Kunkel 7 and Talbott 6
Home runs: Hartz 6, Lautman and Allegri 3 each
Stolen bases: Garcia 20, Kunkel 18, Talbott 8. Garcia and Kunkel were one-two in stolen bases
Walks: Garcia and Kunkel 16 apiece and Talbott 15
Team pitching by place in order, name, won-loss, innings pitched, hits, earned runs, base on balls, strike outs, earned run average per game.
1 Lindgren 5-0 29.1 22 3 5 24 0.72
2 Talbott 8-2 68.2 30 9 24 94 0.92
7 Bearden 6-2 66.1 47 25 35 52 2.64
Saves: Talbott 2

Yearbook. Roster: Paul Croghan, Nick Boroughf, Simon Mandel, Jared Jenkins, Evin Murphy, Lauren Gagnier, Wes Seath, Keith Woessner, Drew Bontadelli, Jimmy Garcia, Tim Morton, Trent Lindgren, John Avila and Robert Daniel. Coach Jesse Trumbull.

Yearbook. Roster: Graham Gelwidks, Adam Cress, Mike Brown, Che Crowell, Jason Paris, Steven Perez, Kenneth Taylor, D.J Anthony, Carlos Rubio, Cowell Hope, James Vega, Michael Vega, time Degrasse, Tyler Wood, Mark Adams, Adam Spear, Dylan Windt, John Orlando and Graham Lee.

Yearbook. The team is off to a great start this season with new uniforms and high hopes for success. Seniors Alicia Perez, Ashley Arnott and Allyson Machado lead the Cards on offense and defense and junior captains Rachel Pena and Rachel Ellis put their hearts into every game. Junior pitchers Jenna Mann and Marissa Grellmann are to strike out the opposition.
Rest of squad: Molly Laughlin, Nicole Perez, Cassidy Devine, Chancy Brokaw, Megan Nutt, Kaitlynn Redell, Breann Sampson, Leigha Bare and Alana Escobar. Head Coach Lou Caviglia and Bob.

Yearbook. The Cards played well early at the Watsonville Tournament and against teams like Del Mara and Soledad. They also did well in league. Team leaders were co-captains Lily Valdez and Amanda Young, plus another returnee Amie Raugust. Kate Daly and Liliana Valdes were the pitchers. The outfield was led by Mary Gularte. Armanda and Marissa were the top hitters and Jamilla Pemberton and Joanna Rossi were the top defensive players. Rest of squad: Lily Valdez, Keshia Caviglia, Mary Gularte, Monica May, Erica Torres, Ava Jaackson and Amanda Ornellas. Head coach Kim Cave and assistants Tom Keck and Joe Escobar.

Yearbook. The increase in the number of track athletes to 49 gave the team the motivation and encouragement needed to ensure a positive and fun running atmosphere. Returning coaches Anthony Brown and Victor Dubin brought back their positive attitudes and experience. The team was young but determined. Top returning athletes were Megan Baker, Adey Anthony, Jill Himlan, Jenny Greenburg and Chris Bartlow.

(there was a picture of the whole squad in the yearbook with 49 individuals with no names)

BOYS VOLLEYBALL (no info other than two pictures of Andrew Ow and Scott Walls.

Yearbook. (no write up)
Roster: Daniel Haber, Wesley Chin, Matt Plumb, Rory Martin, Ryan Ismail, Caulder Nold, Isaac Dwyer, Andrew Freitas, Joshua Sonnenfeld, Daniel Sarran, Nikhil Patel, Connor Murphy and Matthew Mohamed. Coach John.

Yearbook. (no write up, but a few pictures with three names, Eric Hutchinson, Reuben Miller and Benjamin Worthen.)

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