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EDITORIAL IN TRIDENT. Hats Off To You, Students. The school spirit was really tops and sportsmanship was even better. We should be proud of our teams for their work during the season. It takes many strenuous workouts and practice to make a wining team such as ours. Hats off to the cheer leaders for their splendid work. Could not have been a better job. Let’s keep up the fine school spirit and enthusiasm in the coming basketball season.

Hats off to local druggist, county coroner and alumnus, Walter Bettencourt, who donated his public address system and much of his time to announce all of the games played at Memorial Field this year.

Coaches: Roger Baer varsity football and track and lightweight basketball. Franklin Lindeburg, varsity basketball and baseball and assistant football. Stevens, tennis.

FOOTBALL Practice scores: Santa Clara 19-6, Mountain View 26-6 Practice record 2-0. League: Hollister 9-0, Salinas 13-2, Watsonville 0-19, Monterey 7-39. League record 2-2, third place. Season 4-2. League standings: Monterey 4-0, Watsonville 3-1, Santa Cruz 2-2, Salinas 1-3, Hollister 0-4.

The Cards had one of their best seasons, since 1944 when they took the CCAL championship.

This is an explanation of the code to signify what year of experience the players have. This is at least the second season on the team for all the starters, so there is no need to put a star after every name. If there is a ** behind their name it means they have won two letters already. *** stands for three letters or this is their fourth year playing football.
Starting lineup: ends, Marvin Rickard was very fast, Gene Pedemonte** and Ron Hindley very tricky and good pass receivers.
Tackles, Ron Perrigo very good on offense and defense, and Wayne Thorp** outstanding on defense and an excellent punter.
Guards, Dave “Tex” Orr very good at pulling and leading wide plays, plus being rugged on defense and captain Wes Stanton *** carried a go-get-um attitude into each game, causing much damage to enemy plays.
Center, Norman Sweeney** “The Alaskan Kid“ always got the ball to the quarterback and punter without question.
Quarterback, Richard Foerster in the last game of the season used every play in the book including the guard around with guard Tex Orr carrying the ball around end.
Half backs Bill Walker**leading runner and scorer was superb on line bucks, broken field running and defense; Ray Kranich*** made a number of spectacular runs.
Fullback, Don Dickson** ran both inside and outside with equally good results.

Against Santa Clara in the first game of the season in a 19-6 win an unusual play occurred. Tackle, Dick Wilson intercepted a pass on Santa Clara’s 18 yard line and carried it to the 12, where he lateraled to fellow tackle Ron Perrigo, who ran to the 8 yard line. Normally linemen do not get to run with the football, especially two of them on the same play. All ended well as Bill Walker ran it in for a touchdown on the next play. Bill made spectacular runs all night and ran for another touchdown.

In the 7-39 loss to Monterey, the Cards evened the score part way through the second quarter on a pass from Foerster to Hindley in the end zone. Sommers passed to Pedemonte for the extra point. By the end of the half the score was 7-20.

In the last game of the year the Cards beat Mountain View 26-12. Bill Walker provided the scoring punch with three touchdowns in the final quarter for the win. In the first quarter, Dick Foerster tossed a beautiful 55 yard pass to Ron Hindley, who made one of the best catches of the season. Stocky Sommers kick split the up rights for the extra point. Santa Cruz 7-0. At half the score was 12-7 Mountain View. In the fourth quarter the Cards went wild. Sommers passed to Gene Pedemonte who ran to the 20. On two running plays, Walker slashed down to the 5 yard line and then on the next play plunged it in for the score. Summers passed to Pedemonte for the extra point and the Cards led 14-12. After the kick off, Ray Kranich intercepted a pass and ran it back to the 40 yard marker. From there, Walker took it to pay dirt on a scintillating run, which saw almost everyone on the Eagle team have a shot at him. But they could not stop him. Three plays after the kick off, Walker intercepted a pass and ran it to the Eagle 30. On the next play he broke loose again to make the final score 26-12.

This year was the first time a SC team had use the “T” formation. The backfield was considered the fastest in the CCAL and the line the lightest.

The Cards were very conscientious in practice this year. With every practice resulting into a gay colorful affair with plenty of bruises and bloody noses.

To show how well the T formation worked for the Cards were the offensive numbers piled up in some games. In the first league game against Hollister, the Cards rolled up 243 yards on the ground and 73 in the air. Next game against Salinas 324 on the ground and 115 in the air.

On the night before the last league game of the year, the students backed the team with a bonfire rally. The game captains, Bill Walker and Ray Kranich were given the honor of lighting it.

Captain Wes Stanton and Bill Walker were chosen ALL CCAL

LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL practice games: Santa Clara 2-21. This is the only game score reported in the Tridents available or pages were missing.

A lot of veterans from last years second place team came out and brought up expectations for the season. All but two did not make weight for league play.

Starting lineup: ends, Dick Adams and Wilfrod Pokriots; tackles, Don McCrae and captain Ray Bergen; guards, Bill Wilson and Ted Wittwer**, the track star; center Tony Anecito*; quarterback Nick Vomvolakis; halfbacks, Tex Palmer and Tom Neri; fullback Dale Swire. All the starters earned their letter last year, If there is a ** behind their name it means they have won two letters already and this is their third year on the team..

BASKETBALL practice games: Half Moon Bay 22-36, San Jose 22-44, Campbell 35-26, Livermore 30-29, Lincoln of San Jose 35-33, Balboa of San Francisco 48-39, Santa Clara 34-27, Cambria 60-32, 48-21; Galileo of San Francisco 38-49, Fremont 28-29. Practice record 7-4. League scores: Watsonville 24-44, 26-31; Hollister 51-42, 33-26; Monterey 44-39, 30-34; Salinas 52-42, 26-24. League record 5-3 second. Season 12-7. League standings: Watsonville 7-1, Santa Cruz 5-3, Salinas 4-4, Monterey 4-4 and Hollister 0-8.

The asterisk system works for basketball as well. As one can see from the asterisk, this is a veteran team. Starting lineup: forwards, Don Dickson**, Ron Hindley**, high point man and Gene Adams; center and captain, Dick Garvey outstanding on defenses and on the back boards, second in scoring; guards, senior Terry McCambridge**, Bud Towner and junior Gene Pedemonte**. Substitutes “Speedy” Freddy Moro, Joe Kestner, Dick Dietz, Eddie Root, Lou Bertorelli and Leslie Mount.

Coming from behind the Cards beat Salinas 26-24 for their second league win. The Cards did not waste much time when they were in possession of the ball and penetrated the Salinas defense quickly and efficiently. The SC defense was hot keeping the Cowboys away from the bucket and taking the ball on clever pass interceptions. At the end of the third quarter the Cards were ahead 23-16 and held on to win 26-24. Bud Towner was high point man with 6 points.

Cards Drop Game Garvey Scores 12. In the 39-48 loss to Galileo, the referees called 28 fouls on SC and 16 on Galileo. The fouls hurt the Cards as Bud Towner, Gene Pedemonte and Don Dickson were ruled out in the last half (fouled out). The Cards outplayed Galileo on the floor and shot very much, but did not make a very high percentage of their shots. Scoring: Garvey 12, Dickson 6, Towner 4, Hindley 4, McCambridge and Pedemonte 3 each, Mount and Dietz 2 each, Moro 1, Root, Adams, Bertorelli and Kestner 0.

Last Period Rally Beats Hollister 51-42. Taking an early lead, Hollister held a 12-4 advantage at the end of the first quarter and 19-18 at half. At the end of the third, it was a 29-29 deadlock. In the last quarter SC out scored Hollister 22-13. Scoring: Garvey 14, McCambridge 14, Hindley 10, Pedemonte 8, Dickson 4, Stelling 3, Towner 1, Winterhalder and Adams 0.

Cards Spur Cowboys 52-42 Redbirds take second place in league, before 1300 excited, frenzied fans. The Cards played a bang up game with nearly everyone entering in the scoring. The Cards even picked up two points with help from Salinas. When the Cards were passing the ball around under the basket and a Salinas man tipped the pass and the ball glanced into the basket for a SC score. As no SC man made the basket, the goal is credited to the game captain who is Dick Garvey. So instead of only scoring 3 points he ended up with 5 instead. The tight game was broken wide open in the fourth quarter as SC made 17 points to Salinas’ 10. A total of 43 fouls were called in this hard fought game, 24 on Salinas and 18 on SC. Scoring: Hindley 12, Dickson 10, McCambridge 9, Pedemonte 7, Garvey 5, Mount 4, Berterelli and Kestner 2 each, Moro 1, Towner and Dietz 0.

Team scoring for the season: Hindley 157, Garvey 131, who left right after the season to go to Alaska; Terry McCambridge 89, Pedemonte 80, Towner 58, Berotelli 21, Mount 19, Moro 14, Adams 11, Dietz 7, Root 6 and Kestner 2. Kestner got his two points for the whole season in the last game of the season and in the last minute, when he picked off a rebound shot and put back up for a score. A roar went up in the stands.

The Cards scored 685 points for the season and their opponents 640.

Ron Hindley, who was high point man for the team and in the league made ALL CCAL. Captain Dick Garvey made second team ALL CCAL.

Scores for practice games: Half Moon Bay 17-12, San Jose lost by 3 points, Campbell 23-15, Livermore 35-14, Lincoln 18-23, Balboa 30-25, Cambria 34-13, 52-15; Fremont 25-35; Santa Clara 29-41; Galileo 35-34. Practice games 7-4. League: Watsonville 32-30, 7-21; Hollister 43-24, 36-21; Monterey 29-19, 44-35; Salinas 35-25, 31-36. League record 6-2. Season 13-6.
Salinas had to forfeit their last game to Monterey due to playing an ineligible player, so instead of having an identical 6-2 record with SC, they ended up with a 5-3 league record making SC league champs. League standings: Santa Cruz 6-2, Salinas 5-3, Watsonville 5-3, Monterey 3-5, Hollister 0-8.

After the league decision to have the Salinas lightweights forfeit the Monterey game giving Santa Cruz sole possession of first place in the league, Santa Cruz principal Lee Sims, spoke out and said. “Although the Cardlets won the championship on a technicality violating CCAL rules, it is a hollow victory for we lost squarely to Salinas Friday night. Nobody was to blame for this mistake as it was just an unfortunate, but costly clerical error.”

In their winning games, the Cardlets played like champs. Although they were comparatively small, they played and baffled much taller teams with their bursts of speed.

All of the starters earned letters last year. Starting lineup: center, Barry Middaugh was the highest (tallest) in the lightweight circuit, whenever he was on the court he would usually score. Forwards: Clark Arneal was cautious, but a good ball player and captain Don Lusby one of the fastest boys on the court, a dead eye on side shots and third in league scoring. Guards were two sophomores, Wilford Pokriots who started every game and Nick Vomvolakis who is following in the footsteps of his brother George. Nick was second string ALL CCAL. Substitutes: Bruce Gettys, Tom Neri, Roy Thuringer, Bunky Millsap, Fred Maroni. Don Waltrip, Chuck Reynolds and Paul Calindrino.

Paced by Barry Middaugh with a sensational 23 points, the Cardlets beat title contending Salinas 35-25. The Cardlets started fast and were ahead 8-2 at the end of the first quarter and 12-9 at half. In the third the Cardlets jumped to a 25-14 lead on the consistent scoring by Middaugh and Don Lusby. In the last quarter Salinas made a desperate effort to win, scoring 11 points. But is was of no avail as Middaugh kept SC ahead with 8 points of his own.

Pokriots Sinks Winning Bucket Against Wildcats, 32-30. With less than twenty seconds to go, the score tied 30-30, Wilford Pokriots dropped in the winning score against Watsonville, before a capacity crowd at the Civic Auditorium. The lead changed hands many times. At the end of the first quarter it was Santa Cruz 8-7. At half 19-18. Third quarter 24-23. Barry Middaugh sparked some magnificent plays and tallied 16 points for half the Cardlet total. Other scoring: Pokriots 6, Nick Vomvolakis 3, Don Lusby 6 and Arnel 1.

SC Lightweights Defeat Galileo From San Francisco 35-34. Middaugh sinks winning bucket, Lusby scores 18. With only a minute left to the game, Barry Middaugh dropped in a free throw for the last score for a 35-34 win. The game was close all the way with the score tied 16 all at half time. Don Lusby scored five field goals in the third period to help put the Cardlets up 28-27. In the last quarter, the fans saw Middaugh get hot to tie up the score and then win the game. Dan Lusby looked about the best he has all season with his speed and accurate eye. Wilford Pokriots and Nick Vomvolakis played their usual steady floor games. Lefty Waltrip scored one point and looked tip top in the game. Scoring: Lusby 18, Middaugh 12, Vomvolakis and Pokriots 2 each, Waltrip 1, Arneal, Gettys, Maroni and Calendrino 0.

Cowbabes Edge Cardlets 31-36. Cardlets Take League First. Playing way below par the Cardlets lost two men, Don Lusby and Nick Vomvolakis via the foul route. Trailing 8-7 at the end of the first quarter and 11-13 at the half and continued behind in the third 19-21. With less than two minutes left and the score tied 31-31, Salinas scored five points to tie for the championship, before they had to forfeit a game. The fouls were nearly even also with SC having 21 and Salinas 23. A total of 44, a lot of fouls. Scoring: Middaugh 13, Arneal 10, Pokriots 4, Vomvolakis 2, Lusby and Maroni 1each, Waltrip and Calendrino 0.

Forward, Don Lusby and center, Barry Middaugh were selected ALL CCAL.

JV BASKETBALL In the City League the JV’s lost to the Lumbermen 22-32, Holy Cross varsity 33-24, 42-24; In City League the team has won two games and lost four.

BASEBALL Practice games: Holy Cross 7-3, 6-0; Los Gatos 3-1, Fremont 1-3, 8-7; Santa Clara 2-13, 0-3; Bellarmine 5-7, Campbell 4-2. Practice record 5-4. League: Hollister 10-4, 6-3; Monterey 4-6, 6-3; Watsonville 0-3, 1-2; Salinas 0-8, 0-1. League record 3-5. Season 8-9 the best record recently. Salinas champs with a 6-1 league record.

Listed by name in the batting order, then by position played and seasons batting averages: Daniel, RF, 209; senior, Fred Moro, SS, 217; Dickson, CF, 212; Ron Hindley, 1B, 282; senior Gene Pedemonte, LF, 147; captain and senior, Lou Bertorelli, 2B, 250; Sommers, 3B, 105; senior Dick Foerster, C, 159; senior Dick Dietz, P, 317; senior, Terry McCambridge, P, 212; Outfielders Lou Della Santina, 160; McIntyre, 266 and freshman Joe Aliberti 099.

Players with the most at bats: Dickson 42, Hindley 39, Sommers 38, Moro 37, Pedemonte 34, Foerster 32, Bertorelli 32, Della Santina 25, Daniels 24 and Dietz 23.

Lou Bertorelli was elected team captain, because of his outstanding sportsmanship and playing ability.

In the first league game of the year a 10-4 win against Hollister, Dick Dietz hit the first of two home runs hit by the Cards during the season and was the winning pitcher. Dick also ended the year with the best batting average on the team. With the score SC 5-4 going into the fifth inning, the Cards plated five more runs in the next two innings with six hits

On the tenth of May, the team traveled to play a double header with Campbell in the morning and Santa Clara under the lights at Washington Park. The Cards saw the ball better in the day winning 4-3, but had trouble under the lights losing 0-3.

Stocky Summers started the first inning hitting the only other homer of the year in a win over Monterey 6-3. Monterey came right back to tie the score. SC went back in the lead in the second and finished their scoring with four in the sixth.

In a 4-6 lose to Monterey, Dietz again pitched a good game striking out five batters, walking four and allowing 4 hits. Hindley when 2 for 3 at the plate. Pedemonte and Dietz got one hit apiece. The batting order: Sommers, Moro, Dickson, Hindley, Pedemonte, Daniel, Bertorelli, Foerster, Dietz.

Watsonville blanks Cards with no hitter. In the fastest game of the year lasting one hour and 15 minutes, Watsonville pitcher throws a no hitter in Wildcat win 3-0. Dick Dietz did a commendable job also hurling the whole game and giving up only five hits. Batting order: Daniel, Moro, Dickson, Hindley, Pedemone, Berorelli, Sommers, Foerster and Dietz.

Dick Dietz and Terry McCambridge carried the load pitching wise for the Cards. Dick had the most innings pitched with 49 and Terry was close behind with 40. They had excellent earned run averages. Terry led with a 1.10 average per 7 innings and Dick allowed a 1.90 ERA. Others who got in some innings were: Carneglia with 10, Patrick 7, Pedemonte and Aliberti with 2 each and Neri with one.

Six players graduate from this team: Dietz, Foerster, Pedemonte, Moro, McCambridge and Bertorelli.

JV BASEBALL Holy Cross varsity 6-0. Paul Patrick gave up only one hit in two innings. Vic Carniglia pitched three innings and got the win. Gene Pedemonte pitched the last two innings.

This year was a first for SC baseball in that a Junior Varsity team was started and played against other high school teams. Members were Ron Walters 1B, Bill McIntirye SS, Swire LF, Sutton C, Perrierra LF, Aliberti 3B, Bill Kirby CF, Cliff King CF, Patrick P, Vic Carniglia P.

TRACK Lots of rainy weather this Spring hampered the team greatly. The outstanding individuals would include Bob Bly, who reached a very good mark in the 440. Wayne Thorp took a lot of first places in the pole vault. Ted Wittwer in the mile. Ray Kranich in the sprints. Durmond Tucker did well in the 880.

Outstanding lightweights were Don Jordan in the sprints. Tony Anecito in the pole Vault. Dan Dakan a winner in the 660.

(Were not able to find the results of the CCAL meet or NCS, but have the names of individuals who qualified.)

Qualifiers for the CCAL meet: Ray Kranich, Don Dakan, Wayne Thorp, Bob Bly, Durmond Tucker, Marvin Rickard, Terry McCambridge, Howard Crampton, Ted Wittwer, Dave Jordan, Charles McLean and Bob Farrand.

Qualified for NCS: Wayne Thorp, Ted Wittmer, Marvin Rickard, Don Dakan and Dave Jordan. To qualify means a person had to take a first or second in the CCAL meet.

TENNIS Did not find match results. Team listed in order of their playing position, number one player, etc. Number one, Don Duckering, Jack Payne, Don McPherson, Don Yee, Dave Stade and Dave Faley.

GOLF fourth place in league. Leo Amaya took third at the league finals. Freshman, Robert “Skeeter” Cunard was second best on the team. Others Jack Payne, Don Duckering, Stade, “Tex” Palmer.

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