Download complete file with overview and stats: 1936


Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis (coaching his thirteenth championship team out of fifteen years)

SC won three championships for the second year in a row by the same teams. Basketball were co-champions with Watsonville. Baseball and Tennis won straight out. Tennis won doubles in NCS and both singles and doubles at CCAL tournament. The track team captured two points at NCS.

PE classes. A new system in gym classes will be tried. In an attempt to get athletes home in time for dinner, especially the boys who live out of town, all athletes will take gym sixth period so they can start practice sooner. Anyone planning to go our for a team next semester should sign up with his coach now.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Palo Alto 0-13
Jefferson 6-13
Montezuma 0-0
Los Gatos 20-0
Gilroy 7-13
Mountain View 0-15
Pacific Grove 0-26
Practice record 1-5-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 0-0
Salinas 0-6
Watsonville 6-13
Monterey 0-0
League record 0-2-2. SCHS takes fourth place
Season 1-7-3.

League standings:
Watsonville 4-0
Salinas 3-1
Hollister 1-2-1
Santa Cruz 0-2-2
Monterey 0-3-1.

Returning players Bill Pinard, Bob Williams, Don Ley and Bill Clemenson.
Players by position:
Ends, Ray Hegepeth, Andy Maranta, Thornton and Bob Williams
tackles, Elmond Gransbury and Bill Pinard
guards, Vic Foster, Lyle Loehr, Tefertiller, Forde
centers, Louis Mazzuchelli and Reese
quarterback, Bill Clemenson and Don Ley
halfbacks, Nick Matulilch, Lusby, Ernie Pinkham, Stan Miranda and George Twitchell
fullback, Mel Padella.

Padilla leads Cardinals to tie with Hollister.
Before a fine crowd the Cards outplay the Haybalers. The Cards were determined that Hollister should not cross their goal line and held themselves to it; the only time the Haybalers crossed the goal line was when they slowly walked across it during half time on their way to the locker room. The most outstanding play in the first quarter occurred when Mel Padella broke away for thirty yards around left end behind good blocking. The best play of the second quarter was a fake and pass from Pinkham to Hedgepeth for 10 yards and a first down. Santa Cruz opened the second half of the game. Early on Lynn and Clemenson combined to gain 22 yards lugging the ball. Clemenson gained another 8 yards over right tackle. A pass from Pinkham to Padilla and a line dive brought them up to the Hollister 30 line stripe. An attempted pass was fumbled and Hollister recovered. Later, in the last four minutes of the game, Padella intercepted a pass and lugged the ball back 20 yards. Hollister intercepted a pass as the game ended.

Padella’s runs during games are nothing when compared to his runs home all the way to Aptos every evening after practice to keep in shape.

The Cards are in full strength to meet Salinas, who has won the championship for the last 10 years in their new stadium. Cards out play the Cowboys, but still lost the contest 0-6. Cards make 12 first downs to Salinas’ 8.

On Armistice day SC scored the only points the undefeated Watsonville had given up in the season. It started when Padilla, an outstanding safety, broke away on a nice gain on an end run late in the game. Pinkham slashed off about 20 yards through the line. A long pass from Pinkham to Hedgepeth put the ball on the 3 yard line. Three plays netted 2 ½ yards and on the fourth down Clemenson drove over the remaining inches for the touchdown.

SC and Monterey played to a scoreless tie on Thanksgiving day.
The only high spots of this game were when Mazzuchelli intercepted a pass on the SC 25 yard line and ran it back 65 yards to the Monterey 15 yard line. The other was Pinkham’s 40 yard pass to Don Ley down to the 20 yard marker.
Starting line up:
ends, Thornton and Williams
tackles, Connolly and Gransbury
guards, Foster and Tefertiller
center, Louis Mazzuchelli and Reese
quarterback, Padilla
backs, Matulich, Clemenson, Ley and Austurias.

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Watsonville 0-19
Los Gatos 6-0, 27-0
Practice record 2-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 6-6 won on forfeit
Salinas 6-0
Watsonville 0-26
Monterey 7-0
League record 3-1 SC takes second place
Season record 5-2

Final league standings:
Watsonville 4-0
Santa Cruz 3-1
Hollister 2-1-1
Salinas 1-2-1
Monterey 0-4.

Starting line-up:
Ends, Mullin, Wilson
tackles, Hendricks, Maloney, Young, Barrowclough and Alexander
guards, Parker, Hazelton and Boell
center, and captain Scott
quarterback, Sid Carter
halfbacks, Ross, Davis, Richardson and Burchett
fullback, Parker
Subs: Alexander, Noah, Schmidt, Macauley, McMurphy, Hayford, A. Carter, Thompson and Sco Thoma.

Attack gives Cardettes victory over Salinas.
SC held back a Salinas team that outweighed them greatly. Carter and Richardson proved to be the “big guns” of the Cardlet attack. It was always this pair who crashed the line and skirted the ends for gains. A pass from Carter to Mullin was the lone score. Defensively Hazelton, Hendricks and Barrowclough consistently broke up Salinas plays. But it wasn’t enough, a 30 yard pass gave the Salinas Babes a 6-0 win.

In the last league game the Cardlets outplayed Monterey throughout the game, winning 7-0 and producing 8 first downs to Monterey’s 4. In the first quarter the Cardlets marched to the 10 yard line before an intercepted pass stopped the drive. Midway through the second quarter, Ted Parker intercepted a pass and ran 30 yards for the only score. Bert Boell converted the extra point. Sid Carter put two punts out on the 5 yard line. Captain, Jim Scott, Alexander, Wilson and Mullins were outstanding in the line. It has been a successful season.

SC shares co-championship with Watsonville

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Los Gatos 44-22
Palo Alto 25-21
Montezuma 31-30
Chaminade 15-16, 26-22
Boulder Creek 23-12, 20-13
Practice record 6-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Monterey 28-12, 33-15
Salinas 17-19, 19-15
Watsonville 20-12, 20-29
Gonzales 29-14, 28-21
Gilroy 32-11, win
League record 8-2 ending the league tied with Watsonville for a Co-Championship.
Season record 14-3 including the playoff game

League standings:
Santa Cruz and Watsonville 8-2
Salinas 7-3
King City 6-2
Pacific Grove 3-5
Gonzales 3-5
Monterey 2-8
Gilroy 0-8
SC lost to Watsonville 17-18 in playoff to go to NCS.

Usual starters:
center and captain, Willard Lentz
Forwards: mainstay from last years team Russ Mullins, Ernie Venturini and Sophomore Andy Maranta
First off the bench Bob Scholk a transfer from LA, Donald Ley and Bob Williams.
Others: Casimir Forde, Ryan, Norman Thorpe, Les Ley and George Twitchell

Red Birds trounce Monterey Toreadors 33-15. Only one starter was in the opening line up. Scoring and points: Don Ley 2, Maranta 7, Mullins 11, Williams 1, Scholk 2, Lentz 2, Venturini 4. Whichelow 4, Twitchell, Les Ley, Forde, Ryan 0.

Cardinal Casabamen whip Watsonville 20-12.
Ernie Venturini played a whale of a game defensively and broke up a great number of Watsonville plays. Whichelow was in good form playing one of his best games of the season. Watsonville took 59 shots at the basket connecting on only 3. Watsonville would take 5 or 6 shots at the basket before SC could regain possession of the ball. SC took 38 shots and made 6. The five starters played the whole game and all five scored. Maranta and Lentz 6 points each. Whichelow 4, Venturini 3, and Newlove 1.

The Cards ended the league season with an 8-2 record tied with Watsonville, who beat the Cards in the last game of the regular season 29-20 and forced SC into a playoff to go to NCS. Santa Cruz, while playing good basketball, could not fathom the Wildcats fast break or in some instances were just too slow to cope with the speed of the Apple City hoopsters. With the championship at stake, the Santa Cruz and Watsonville fans conducted themselves in such a commendable manner as to cause favorable comment from all sides. Too bad such fine spirit can not continue. Whichelow did not score much, but with his towering height kept the other team from getting many push in shots under the basket.
Line up and scoring:
Forwards, Maranta 10 and Venturini 3
Center, Lentz 7
Guards, Whichelow and Newlove
Subs: Mullins and Scholk.

Playoff game to determine who would represent the league at the NCS playoffs:
Headline: Cardinals Great in Defeat by Watsonville 17-18.
Before a crowd of 1,000, in a fast and furious battle, the Cards led their stronger rivals the entire game until the last minute of play, when Watsonville forged into the lead. SC played one of their best games of the season, fast and hard, but playing clean. The Cards matched every effort of the Wildcat five. No single SC player can be singled out as it was a team game with every player doing his best to keep ahead of the Apple Pickers. Captain, Willard Lentz climaxed his career with another of his usually brilliant performances. He scored two sensational baskets to help keep the Cards in the game. Russ Mullins topped his season with a whale of a game. He was a veritable ball hawk and broke up Watsonville threats time after time. He was high point man with 5 points. The two stellar guards Al Newlove and John Whichelow, both made wonderful recoveries off the backboard and it was through their excellent guarding that the game ended so close. Newlove swished in a beautiful bucket to start the second half and Whichelow added a foul shot. Sophomore flash, Andy Maranta was closely guarded all evening, but still came up with 4 points. Ernie Venurini the only other Cardinal to play, broke up numerous Watsonville threats in the few minutes he played and sank a free throw for the last point of the night.

Champion Cards had two All CCAL players: Al Newlove and John Whichelow both guards.

SC takes Second place.

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Los Gatos 29-15
Palo Alto 25-10
Montezuma 38-28, 16-17
Chaminade 23-19, win
Boulder Creek 15-19, 33-9
Practice record 6-2

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Gonzales 26-11, win
Salinas 26-15, 21-25
Watsonville 16-12, 23-25
Monterey 22-19, 23-25
Gilroy 20-17, 36-13
League record 7-3, second place.
Season record 13-5.

League standings:
Salinas 8-2
Santa Cruz 7-3
Pacific Grove 6-3
Watsonville 6-4
Monterey 5-5
King City 5-4
Gonzales 1-8
Gilroy 0-9.
Salinas won a playoff with Pacific Grove, B league champion.

Forwards, Sid Carter, Bill Hertle, Maloney and Walt Medina; Centers, Alfred Ball and Fomasi; Guards, Mullins, Kennedy, Richardson, George Wilson and Harry Davis.

Before 500 raving fans, the Cardlets beat their Hill Top foes Chaminade 23-19. With three minutes left, Chaminade sank a field goal to go up one point. Harry Davis tied the game at 19-19 with a free throw and on the throw in the gun went off. In the overtime period Wilson swished a free throw, Carter also sank a free throw to put the Cards up 21-19. George Wilson looped in a field goal from the foul circle as the gun sounded. Wilson was high scorer for the game with 12 points.

In a 26-15 win against Salinas, the Cardlets played like champs piling up a lead of ten points in the first quarter and held it throughout the game. Alfred Ball popped them in from all angles and was high point man with ten points. Sid Carter handled the ball nicely and made a basket now and then. Scoring: forwards, Carter 5 and Medina 8; center, Ball 10; guards, Davis 1 and Wilson 0; Subs: Fomasi 0, Hertle 2, Richardson and Kennedy 0.

In a tight game, Monterey beat the Cardlets 23-25. Players and scoring: forwards, Carter and Hertle 2 each; center, Ball 11; guards, Wilson 1 and Richardson 0. Subs: Davis 3 and Medina 4.

SC take the championship – The second championship in a row and 3 out of the last 4 seasons.

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 5-6
Montezuma 20-5, 19-2
in a three game series with Chaminade won, 6-0, and 0-2. (Chaminade three game series 2 wins 1 loss)
Practice record 4-2

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 8-4, 8-9
Salinas 9-1, 4-0
Watsonville 2-0, win
League record 5-1 for the championship.
Season 9-3.

League standings:
Santa Cruz 5-1
Watsonville 4-2
Hollister 2-4
Salinas 1-5.

Tuesday night the team was drilled on rules and signals. All players must pass a rules test before starting practice. The players were measured and a rumor prevails that new uniforms will be purchased for the team.

When is a homer not a homer? In the practice game with San Jose, two San Jose batters hit the old apple out of the park and both times were called out for failing to touch a base.

The line up and batting order for some games: Harry Davis SS; Burt Kitahara LF; Don Ley 3B; Don Knapp, C; Emmett Freitas CF; captain, Jim Jessen 2B; Bob Scholf RF; Les Ley 1B, Bill Clemenson P; Irving Pelligrini P; Paul Simi OF; Norell OF; Cecil Sweeney OF;

In the first league game SC gains an 8-4 win against Hollister. Bill Clemenson had things under control for most of the game, but was in hot water in the second inning. With the bases loaded, Bill promptly settled down and fanned the next two batters. He caught a pop up for the third out to end the threat. Hollister showed flashes of good play, but blew up when SC worked a perfect squeeze play.

Santa Cruz loses the second league game to a team it had already beaten, Hollister.
Headlines: Cards fail to hit in crucial moments.
The Cards out hit their opponent 11 to 8, but lost the game 8-9. SC left 12 men on base and Hollister left 3. The big inning for both teams was the first when each scored five runs. Clemenson was out with an injured leg incurred while fishing for trout on the opening day of the fishing season. Burt Kitahara started and went two innings. Lefty Pellegrini took control the rest of the game. Top hitters were Knapp with 3 hits, and Kitahara and Freitas with 2.

Clemenson and Pellegrini issued only one hit in 9-1 win over Salinas. Knapp, Jessen and Les Ley led the team at the plate with two hits each. Clemenson pitched the first three innings, fanning 6 and giving up no hits. Pellegrini pitched the last four innings fanning 5 and giving up the only hit of the game in the seventh.

Clemenson was back in the line up to shut down Watsonville with 2 hits and no runs. The scoring started in the fourth inning. Jessen led off with a walk, Scholk followed with a two base hit sending Jessen to third, and Les Ley followed with another double pushing Jessen and Scholk home. Ley was left stranded. Davis and Knapp had the other two SC hits of the game.

Behind Lefty Pellegrini’s flawless throwing, the Cards cinched the crown by defeating Salinas 4-0. In the second inning, the Cards scored without a hit. Three free passes and a Salinas error allowed a run. In the fifth a walk and two hits filled the bases. Freitas’ single plated two runs. Knapp followed with a fly ball sacrifice to bring in the final tally. Norell, Freitas and Davis had the only SC hits. Brilliant catches by Davis and Freitas helped keep Salinas with no runs.

From the Trident, it is a custom for championship teams at SC to enjoy feeds or parties given by the leading merchants of Santa Cruz. The boys are out soliciting. It is a giving year for the merchants as SCHS has won 3 titles this year. College Daze and Casons’ Creamery will be treating the team to milkshakes. The New Santa Cruz Theatre has planned a party. Hux of the Hux Service Station may possibly give the boys a feed.

In the last week of the season, between high school and legion ball SC won five games. Les Ley and Davis were the only ones to play in all five games. Legion ball is for players who are juniors or lower. Seniors are not eligible. The young legion team won two games, beating Hollister 16-1 and the Watsonville Pippins 13-1. The Cardinals beat Watsonville 2-0, and Salinas twice 9-1 and 4-0. In one week the teams scored 44 runs and allowed only 3. Pitchers Clemensen went 15 innings and Pellegrini 10 most in the high school games and Holton went 10 in the legion games. All three pitchers play legion ball and will be back to play for SCHS next year.

Trident writer: Attended the San Joaquin Valley baseball championship game and instead of playing before empty stands, as what normally happens locally, Merced, a school about the size of Santa Cruz beat a much smaller school Reedley before 2,000 enthusiastic and we mean enthusiastic fans. A former SCHS player was a relief pitcher for Merced.

SCHS took Fifth in League. Scored 2 points at NCS and zero at STATE

Track members:
Tichenor and Asturias 100, 220 and relay along with Ray Mullins and Al Carter.
Carter 440
Norm Ryan and Intersimone 880 and mile
Ray Mullins 120 high hurdles
Hayford 220 high hurdles
Grandsbury and Ball pole vault
Smith and Mullins, high jump
Mazzuchelli and Ball broad jump
Maranta and Pinard, football throw, shot put and discus.

Al Thompson, 440 and 120 high hurdles. At NCS Al ran the varsity 880 and did well for himself.
Henry Stevenson high jump
Lynn, discus
Joe Bilgri 660.
Al Ball qualified for the pole vault at NCS. He did not place at State, but equaled his best jump.

Other track men: Al Nittler, Al Smith, Ray Fomasi, Silva, Norman Thrope, Faraola, Mit Kawaguchi, Scofield Thoma, Walt Alexander, Fisher, Pelligrini, Hayford. Paul Smith, Lee Macauley, Burchett, and Ryan.


The doubles team of Melliar and Vanselus are the first from SCHS to win the North Coast Section of California Interscholastic Federation title. The matches were held at Stanford University. In the first round they defeated Alameda High 6-3, 6-8, 7-5. In the second round beat Mt Diablo easily 6-2, 6-4. In the finals the Cards surprised onlookers by upsetting the powerful Tamalpais combination 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. Both boys will be back next year.

Cardinals successfully defended its CCAL championship with a phenomenal clean sweep over Monterey, Pacific Grove and Salinas. Only Watsonville was able to win two individual matches again them.

In practice matches the Cards have beaten Los Gatos twice and lost to San Jose and Polytechnic of San Francisco.

Listed in order of the ladder: Arthur Melliar, Norman Thorp, Mervyn Jeantrout, Clark Johnsen, Fred Vanselus, Milton McDowell, Bill Bowen and Hemut Dekkert. The team will only lose three players next year: Thorp, Johnsen and Dekkert.

Arthur Melliar and Fred Vanselus won the CCAL doubles title again this year. But this year they also won the NCS doubles tournament.

Melliar was the CCAL singles champ as well.


Darold Young at San Mateo Junior College took first place in the mile at 4:34.1 at the Junior College meet at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.

Kenny Gleason, now at Fresno State, took third place in the discus and fourth in the shot put in the Far Western Conference meet. Gleason received his varsity letter and was second highest scorer on the team with 30 points. He is only a sophomore.

Harry Hooper Jr., the son of major leaguer Harry Hooper, won his varsity letter in tennis and is now playing varsity baseball at St Mary’s. Hooper Jr. had never played baseball before this season. He is a fast base runner and is developing into a fine outfielder.

Dave and Bill Beaver both earned their varsity letters for participation in baseball at Fresno State.

Reno Rosselini won a college golf tournament held at Fresno State. Rosselini also won his varsity letter in football.

Hod Kelly if Fresno State was chosen All Western Conference guard on this years basketball team.

Loren Nichols of Fresno State was given honorable mention as a forward in the Far Western Conference.

Joe Lantagne is a first string right end for San Jose State.

Allan Stoodley, John Halam and Harold Williams earned their freshmen numerals in basketball at San Jose State.

George Nelson has been winning wrestling matches for San Jose State.

Ray Carpenter is the heavyweight boxing sensation at Cal Poly kayoing every opponent facing him. He has won 12 consecutive bouts.

Joe Arminini and Brad Lynn have reported for football practice at San Mateo Junior College.

Les Voorhees placed fifth in the two mile race at the Coast Conference Meet at Cal’s Edwards field. All ten Coast Universities were entered. Voorhees won the two mile event against Washington State in 9 minutes 54.7 seconds. He is reported to be improving fast. Against the National powerhouse USC, he took second in the two mile. Voorhees has the reputation of never quitting in a race, he never gives up. Voorhees won his sweater and Big C this season.

Roy Connolly played frosh football as a tackle at Santa Clara last year. He has reported for varsity practice this year.

Jim Nicholson is trying out with the Coast league Missions of San Francisco. Reports from SF papers say Nicholson is a fine prospect for the shortstop position and if he is not retained this year will be sent to Oklahoma in the Western League. He is not the only SC player now playing professional baseball. The other is Wayne Osborne now with the National league Brooklyn Dodgers. Osborne was released by the Dodgers and picked up by the Boston Bees also of the National league. He is being used as a reliever and in his first game went in and held the opposition scoreless.

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