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Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis.

New league rules went into effect this year. There will be no playoffs between A and B leagues. The result of the league division is the small schools no longer have to compete against the larger schools in league action.

Only football, basketball and track are now recognized as being the major sports required for league competition. The minor sports are now baseball and tennis. Schools no longer are required to field teams in these sports to participate in league competition. Monterey and Salinas did this for a few years.

League football starts on October 7, basketball on December 8, track on March 17, and baseball on May 12. These schedules will keep seasons from over lapping one another so athletes are able to participate in all four sports. There are more track dual-meets scheduled, which allows athletes to have a better chance to place during the season. However, it does cut into the baseball season.

This was a down year for SC sports because many of the experienced athletes of the successful 1933 teams graduated. With experience this new group of athletes will make itself known next year. Tennis was the only team with a winning record.

At the Boy’s Athletic Association meeting it was voted to spend $475.00 for football helmets, shoulder pads, pants and jerseys. All members of athletic teams and all the coaches must be members of the Association. Possibly in response to this the president of the school board said that since SCHS is the biggest school in the league, its teams need to be more successful and have better fan support if the school is going to spend the kind of money it was on athletics.

The tennis team started the season with five of the finest new courts on the Pacific Coast. They are equipped with a quick draining system, bleachers and the best of tennis nets. In addition to the five courts, the school has purchased many racquets for the use of the students in the physical education classes. Because of the new courts, interest in tennis has been greatly aroused and it’s hoped that it will develop into one of the schools major sports.

To facilitate a quicker, better run meet, only 6 participants per event will be allowed in the track CCAL finals. A qualifying meet will be held preceding the finals to pair down the number of participants, ultimately, reducing the number of preliminary heats needed during the meet.

BAY STREET or CALIFORNIA STREET PARK. The boundaries of the park were from California Street to Seaside Street and from Trescony to Bay Street. It was a lighted field used for both hardball and softball. SCHS played some baseball and football games there. This year the Cards played a football game against Fresno at the field for the first night game on the Central Coast. During Spring the baseball team played two night games on the field, which were thought to be the first night high school baseball games in the area.
At the time there weren’t any houses in the area, just trees and the ball park. Some of the softball players lived around the corner and would bring their families to practices and games. The players and spectators pulled their cars up to the logs that lined the parking area facing the field and families could sit in the car to watch the games.

The field had no fences in the outfield, so if the ball was hit over the outfielders heads, they had to run for their life to retrieve the ball to stop a home run. Unfortunately, by the mid 1940’s the whole park was replaced by houses.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Fresno 0-13
Palo Alto 20-6
Sequoia 0-19
Practice record 1-2

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Monterey 0-0
Lost to Salinas
Hollister 0-7
Watsonville 20-6
League 1-2-1

League standings:
Salinas 4-0
Hollister 3-1
Monterey 1-2-1
Santa Cruz 1-2-1
Watsonville 0-4

SCHS Season 1-5-1.

Lineman: Bill Beaver, Connolly, Arthur McLaughlin, Joe Armanini, Bob Loehr, Wise, Reno Rosellini and Don Rodriquez.
QB: Johnny Haslam
Halfbacks: Bill Clemenson, Dominic Lippi, Vandiver
fullback and kicker: Kenny Gleason. Gleason went on to play and coach at Fresno State where he recruited other Santa Cruzan’s to play for Fresno after graduating.

Other players: Clark, Salmonson, Oliphant, McMurphy, Webber, Thorpe, Wilson, Haber, Pinard, Hilliker, Corey, Tefertiller, Wood and Cursi.

Halfback and track star in shot put, Ralph Basset, broke his collar bone in the second game of the season.

Cardinals and Toreadors Battle to Scoreless Game Before 1500 Spectators.
The Santa Cruz-Monterey game officially opened the CCAL conference in a 0-0 tie under the lights at Community Athletic Park. The teams were evenly matched and both played a competitive game of football.
Although SC threatened to score several times, they fell short each time. Linemen Beaver, McLaughlin, Connolly, Armanini, Rosellin, and Rodrigues were stoppers, instrumental in breaking up many plays as well as throwing the Toreadors for losses. The Cards line was heavier and consequently made more first downs. Playing the position of back, Kenny Gleason ran around the ends and through the line. He made the longest run when he intercepted a pass and ran the ball 30 yards to the Monterey 18 yard line, the closest either team got to the goal line. Johnny Haslam returned punts and made fast dashes around end. In his first year of football, Bill Clemensen did well running interference from his fullback position.

Before 2500 spectators, Santa Cruz defeated Watsonville 20-6 in the annual Armistice Day game. The Cards entered the game with a fighting desire, but didn’t score until the second quarter. In the third quarter both teams scored and in the last round SC again pushed the ball into the endzone to win the game.

In the Spring, the PE teachers had their classes working to replace the grass which was worn away during the season. Some of the boys have been put to work cleaning away the weeds that make it hard to see the stakes used to mark the starting and ending points for track. A good use of people power rather than motor power.

Although SC had few victories, six members of the squad were chosen to be All CCAL for first and second teams. First team members were Kenneth Gleason, Arthur McLaughlin and Joe Armanini. Second team members were Bill Beaver, Reno Rosellini and Don Rodriguez.


League games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Monterey 0-7
Salinas 0-6
Hollister 0-7
Watsonville 0-0
League record 0-3-1. SCHS was last in league.

League standings:
Hollister 3-0-1
Monterey 3-1
Watsonville 1-1-2
Salinas 1-3
Santa Cruz 0-3-1.

Owing to the fact that most of the championship players of 1932 graduated or were eliminated by the new more stringent lightweight ruling on weight, height, and age, only one veteran player returned this year. Many of the current sophomores should be returning next year.

In heavyweight games, the Cardlets played their best game against Salinas but still lost 0-6. Salinas made the winning touchdown by recovering a fumble behind the goal line.

In the last game of the year, Santa Cruz battled Watsonville to a scoreless tie. Although touchdowns were threatened a number of times, neither team succeed in pushing the ball into the endzone.

Lightweights linemen:
centers, Bastade and Peterson
guards, Foster, Matulich, Buck and Loffoli
ends, Freeman, Miltz, Manildi, Loyst and Nelson
Quarterbacks, Iwanaga and Bennett
halfbacks, Strong, Masamori and Bowles
fullbacks, Johnson and Hedgepeth.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Boulder Creek 23-20, 15-13
beat Los Gatos
Palo Alto 28-23, 16-32
Chaminade 27-16, 22-13
San Jose 11-13
Practice record 6-2

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 17-27, 23-27
Monterey 23-17, 21-17
Watsonville 14-17. 13-15
League 2-4, third place
Season 8-6.

League standings:
Watsonville 5-1
Salinas 3-3
Santa Cruz 2-4
Monterey 2-4

Varsity players
forwards, Dominic Lippi, Dowden and Al Adams
guards, Kenny Gleason and Reno Rosellini
center, Ormsby
Subs: Whichelow, Holsey, Hughes, Pinard, Corey, Thorpe, Williams and Baldwin.

Five hundred enthusiastic fans attended an excellent game between Salinas and SC. The top players for SC were Lippi, Dowden and Adams. Salinas led most of the third period, when SC put on a spurt to gain a 4 point lead. But Salinas regained the lead to win 23-27.

In SCHS 21-19 victory over Monterey, the score was tied 5 times in the second half. But the Cards pushed ahead with a free throw and a basket to win the game. Acting captain, Dominic Lippi turned in the most spectacular game, accounting for 10 points, nearly half the Cards total points. Dominic has proved himself to be the fastest man on the team and has been high point man in the last three games. Time and again Lippi broke through the Toreador defense and intercepted their passes. Al Adams played well at guard and scored the winning basket. Kenny Gleason played steady ball, as did Max Dowden, who scored 5 of the teams points.

CHAMPIONS (5-1 record)

Practice games:
Chaminade 22-6, SC won
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 17-16, 28-11
Monterey 13-5, 13-18
Watsonville 18-14, 29-14
SC League record: 5-1 to win the championship
Season record: 7-2

League standings:
Santa Cruz 5-1
Watsonville 3-3
Salinas 3-3
Monterey 2-4

Unlike the football lightweights, basketball has four lettermen returning from last year.

forwards, Ley, Stoodley and Miranda
center, Stoodley
guards, Johnson and Newlove
Subs: Lynn, Haslam, Hedgepeth, Cacace and Richardson.

The only league loss came against Monterey, who ended up second to last in the league. SCHS second-team started the game. By the time the first-team went into the game SC was already behind. In total, SC only scored 13 points in the game.

Card Babes Cinch Title by 29 to 14 score.
The Cardlets ability to play as a single unit instead of as individuals allowed them to double the Wildkittens score. Very few opportunities were missed by the SC squad, their passes clicked and their shots found the hoop, it was a good fast game that had Watsonville playing defense most of the time. Hedgepeth was high point man for SC with eight points and Haslam made four for four on the foul line.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Chaminade 3-5, 9-2
Practice record 1-1.
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Gonzales 13-0
Gilroy 12-13
Hollister 0-4
Watsonville 2-3
League 1-3, fourth place.

Season 2-4. Monterey and Salinas did not play.

This years baseball team is a rebuilding team with only one member of last years team returning.
The batting order for one of the league games:
Jim Nicholson SS; Ben Perry 1B; Tony Medina 2B; Cecil Hedgepeth 3B; Don Rodriquez LF; Al Haber CF; Merton Wilson RF; Bill Clemenson P; Bill Beaver C; Pitchers, Dowden, Holsey and Rosellini. Sub: Merino Cursi.

Bill Clemenson went on to pitch in the major leagues.

Cardinals Defeat Hill Toppers In Final Game.
Bill Clemenson held the Panthers scoreless for the first four innings. In the fifth inning the Panthers scored their only two runs of the game. Ben Holsey pitched the last two innings. Bob Baldwin hit 3 for 4 and Bill Beaver hit 2 for 4. Medina, Perry, Haber and Rodrugues each collected one hit.
Nicholson, Medina, Perry, Beaver, Haber, Hedgepeth, Baldwin, Rodrigues, Clemenson and Holsey.

The 15 men chosen for the Legion team are SCHS players who will be back to play next year. Players and positions:
Knapp and Newman, catchers
Clemenson, Cursi and Pellegrini, pitchers
Miranda 1B
Jesson 2B
Doug Ley 3B
O’Loughlin SS
Nicholson L
Simi CF
Mullins RF
Utility: Mazzoni, Pinkham, Loyst, Clark, Ron Hedgepeth and Silva.

SC took seventh place in the league, scored 12 points at NCS, and 2 points at STATE.

Before the season began the track team members worked during their PE periods and after school to grade and level the track and now it’s in fine shape.

In the opening three-way meet with Pacific Grove and Monterey, the lightweights took first place and the heavyweights third.

Against Salinas and Montezuma the lightweights again took first place, while the heavyweights took second.

Against Watsonville and Hollister the heavyweights took first and the lightweights third. In a dual meet with Watsonville the heavyweights won.

There will be a qualifying track meet before the CCAL finals to pair down SCHS participates to 6 individuals for each event. Event coordinators are working to cut down the time it takes to run all the events and speed up the finals.

Hollister won CCAL with 39 points, Salinas took second with 28 points, and SC came in seventh with 6 points. This was the poorest showing from the SCHS Cardinal track team ever.

This years team included Ralph Basset who broke the CCAL record for the shot put at 49’11” to qualify him for NCS. At NCS, Basset nearly tied his record throw with a 49’6” for second place. At STATE, he placed sixth.

At the Watsonville meet Glenn Rawley won the 100 yard dash in 10.6 seconds and 220 in 24.6 seconds.

Came in fifth in league.

Brad Lynn set a new CCAL record for the discus at 159’10. Brad also participated in the shot put.
Others who placed:
Don Johnson, broad jump, high jump and hurdles
Alan Nittler, high jump and 440
Harry Phillipion, 660

Other team members:
Pedemonte, sprints and broad jump
Rowley, sprints
Braverman, discus
Sid Ormsby, 880
Templeton, mile
Dodd, hurdles
George Nelson, pole vault (his best was 10‘6”)
The Dotta brothers transferred from San Jose, both participated in the pole vault
Reed, 440


Monterey beat SC in the tournament finals.

Number one singles player in the league Bill Bibbins, will also advance to NCS matches.
Other players: Smith, Hill, Lewis, Soria, Bennett, Hooper and Wright.
The doubles teams:
Bibbins and Wright
Lewis and Hooper
Smith and Soria.

The tennis team started the season with five of the finest new courts on the Pacific Coast. They are equipped with a quick draining system, bleachers and the best of tennis nets. In addition to the five courts, the school has purchased many racquets for the use of the students in the physical education classes. Because of the new courts, interest in tennis has been greatly aroused and it’s hoped that it will develop into one of the schools major sports.

The tennis team practices all year around. In the Fall they practice three days a week on the Casa Del Ray courts and play tournaments against one another. The regular league play starts in Spring. Over the years SCHS has dominated the league.

Represented by a strong team, SC entertained fond hopes of securing the championship title this year, but lost their match to Monterey 4 to 7. They did defeat last years champions, Pacific Grove 10-1 and beat Watsonville 11-0 and Hollister Junior College 11-0.


Bud Beasley was a three sport star at SCHS. Beasley’s main sport is baseball, a sport he continued to play throughout his life. Beasley also played lightweight football and basketball. Beasley went on to play baseball for the University of Nevada and was a long time baseball coach and teacher at Reno, continuing to teach into his eighties. He and his wife had five of their own children, and took in many foster children who needed their help. Beasley played minor league baseball and for many years played for the Reno town team.

Henry Leibbrandt was a starter for San Jose State winner of the Far Western Conference.

Bill Staples was a speedy, hard hitting player on Fresno State’s frosh football team.

Bob Hughes, a former SCHS tennis star, is now a member of the Cal tumbling team.

As a Cal freshman, Les Voorhees won the mile race against Stanford this year, running his fastest time ever at 4:29.3.

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