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Coaches: Bassel Faltas, head varsity football. Assistants: Jesse Trumbull, Scott Vitale, Bob McCann, Rich Price, Tim Morton and Jeff McCormick. Head Coach Bytheal Ratliff and assistants Austin McCann, Daniel Turner, Sonny Davila and Josh Brose. Alexis Tashima and Lawrence girls volleyball. Julie Roth, JV volleyball. Lucas, frosh volleyball. Thomas Silverstein, girls tennis. Mark Townsend, girls and boys varsity water polo and assistant Alicia Weeks. Dennis Mullen, girls golf and assistants Terry Ow and Pete Pappas. Will Power and Nataliya Munishkina, girls tennis. John Corona, wrestling and assistant Deane. Jay Gomez and Mark Hogenhout, girls soccer. Semih Sabankaya, boys soccer and assistants Ali Sabankaya and Mike Palhamuus. Allen and Scott, boys JV soccer. Tim and Hanna, girls JV soccer. Pat Jones, head girls basketball and assistants Monique Jones and Danny Paz. Charles Burks, head boys basketball and assistant Duane Garner. Kristy Netto, boys JV basketball. Tony Lopez, boys freshman basketball. Kelly Andrews and Danny Paz, girls JV basketball. Pete Pappas, boys golf. Bob Kittle, head baseball and assistants Mike Ditano, Darryl Ratliff, Brian Walton and Jesse Trumbull. Matt Windt, JV baseball. Joseph Allegri, frosh baseball. Bob Pena head softball and assistants Tina and Rachael Pena. Renee Pena, Kasondra and Monica Rees, JV softball. Ari Mellow, lacrosse coach. Will Power, boys tennis. Greg Brock, head track and assistants Don Roberts, Marcus Bryant, Anthony Brown and Bob Sanders. Cristen and Mark boys volleyball. Jeff Wickum and Kim Gomez, boys and girls swimming. Bob Sanders and Steiny surfing.

Practice games: Pacific Grove 7-37, Palma 14-48, Pajaro Valley 40-6, Watsonville 0-16. Practice record: 1-3. League: Soquel 35-34, SLV 7-6, Aptos 14-28, Harbor 6-28, Scotts Valley 7-12. League record: 2-3. Season record 3-6.

Yearbook. The highlight of the season was defeating Soquel 35-34 at homecoming. Soquel led most of the game, but in the final seconds, with the help of kicker Steve Young, a soccer standout, the Cards brought home the infamous Stump for the first time in five years. SC fans stormed the field and carried Young off in celebration. The following week, the Cards traveled to SLV for the Cougar’s homecoming. In the final seconds, SC beat the perennial SCCAL champions 7-6.

The young team with young sophomore quarterbacks Gino Delucchi and Peter Miller and with their experience gained have a promising future. Return is junior Quinn Garner a two way player was named to the All County defensive team. Head coach Bassel Faltas is leaving SC to take the offensive coordinators position at Cabrillo. Long time assistant and former SC player Jesse “Bubba” Trumbull will be the new head coach.

Roster: Ryan Schofield, Max Myers, Edgar Oliva, Alex Potter, Jamie Tashnick, Quinn Garner, Mark Miller, Josh Strong, Cody Boaz, Nick Gemme, Bobby Sanders, Alex Geise. Zeke Sanders, Andrew Odron, Jonathan Mata, Andy Rivas, Chris Murray, Evan Milburn, Guerrero Villareal, Joseph Papa, Robby Emberson, Daniel Estrada, K.C. Schmidt, Patrick Montejano, Julio Chavez, Raymond Cramer, Steve Young, Alvaro Flores, Osvaldo Reyes, Travis Whitley-Johnson, Victor Hernandez, Jose Gaona, Elmer Flores, Edgar Gonzales, Eric Rodriguez, John Mathews, Osvaldo Chavez, David DeLeon, Marco Zamora, John Christian, Dwight Miller, Joseph Patron and Alex Ayers.
Head Coach Bassel Faltas and assistants Jesse Trumbull, Rice Price, Scott Vitali, Bob McCann, Jeff McCormick, Tim Morton

Sentinel All County team. Defensive team: junior, defensive lineman, 6-3, 240 pound Quinn Garner.

ALL SCCAL Quinn Garner, Junior of the Year. First team offense: none. Second team offense: Daniel Estrada, lineman: Alvaro Flores, running back; Max Meyer, receiver;
First team defense: Gary Villareal, lineman; Bobby Sanders, secondary;
Honorable mention: Zeke Sanders, Gino Delucchi, Edgar Oliva, Jamie Tashnick and Chris Murray.

Yearbook. The Cards consisted of a lot of players who had never played tackle football. It was not a simple task to teach intricate plays on both offense and defense. The tradition before every game is to do the SC chant to pump themselves up. During the hot summer days, weighted down by several pounds of equipment, the players run, work out in the weight room and go through weeks of play repetition.

Roster: Trae McNeil, Ben Damon, Guaraci Ferreira, Peter Miller, Evan Langer, Eli Ledwith, John Warren, Drew Johnson, Chad Boling, Dana Burdick, Tristan Gavin, Sean Conroe, Codi Bell, Max Dapper, , Miguel Nunez, Alex Kirkiles, Tyler Miller, Alex Lerikos, Marcus Padilla-Bates, Dominick DeGracia, Daniel Ikalani, Alex Fennell-Torteledo, Daoud Anthony, Jalen Porter, Daniel Flores, Yeboah Norteye, Johnny Halbleib, Cole Collins, Felipe Jauregui, Robbie Wright, Sean Linkletter, Ted Kovats-Wildenradt, Felipe Jauregui, Calvin Otake, David Armstrong, Gustavo Cortes, Dylan Fukai, Jake Pruger, Dmitri Palmer, Jaiah Silvah.
Head Coach Bytheal Ratliff and assistants Austin McCann, Daniel Turner, Sonny Davila and Josh Brose.

Yearbook. The Cards scored 99 points in the league meet for fifth place. Michael Landry, Brennan Lynch and Colin Meyer, who had a time of 17:19, all earned individual berths to CCS.

It is a sport where pacing and endurance are key to winning or increasing ones times. Depending on where the meet is held, runners could be running across dirt paths, sandy rocks and uphill roads. The team has sent a handful of runners to CCS and even to state. At Toro Park for the CCS Division IV meet, Michael Landry won with a time of 15:55. With determination, he ran throughout the rain soaked course and smiled at the end.

Roster: Tim Kelly, Caleb Rabadan, Michael Landry, Devlin O’Brien, Anthony Martin, Ryan Bogaard, Ben Kletzer, Colin Meyer, Colin Boyle, Natallya Munishkina, Kelsey Johnson, Christal McCrary, Chris Esposito, Theo Lopez, Brennan Lynch, Nick Rossini, Sam Rose, Mallory Pickett and Luci Shook. Coach Greg Brock.

Yearbook. The Cards had a fabulous season, sweeping the SCCAL team tournament winning both the singles and doubles events. SC earned both spots in the singles finals and the doubles finals. SC girls number one seed Alyssa Roberg faced SC’s number four seed Keiko Kurita and won 6-2, 6-1. In doubles Jessica and Vanessa Silverstein closed out the tournament defeating a Scott Valley duo 6-3, 6-1.

SC ended the season tied with Aptos for the title. In the crucial playoff match, the Cards defeated Aptos 5-2 to earn the right to represent the SCCAL at the CCS team playoffs.

Roster: Lauren Miller, Natalie Smithers, Lauren Volkman, Chelsea Heil, Alyssa McNeal, Vanessa Silverstein, Emma Migdall-Wilson, Emily Blythe, Jessica Silverstein, Alyssa Roberg, Keiko Kurita and Suzanna Wong. Coach Thomas Silverstein.

ALL SCCAL Singles: Alyssa Roberg. Doubles: Jessica and Vanessa Silverstein.

Yearbook. In defeating Aptos, the Cards broke Aptos’ record 67 in league wins over the course of almost six years,

In order to accommodate all the girls, who wanted to play teams, varsity coach Thomas Silverstein volunteered his time to the team, along with Gary Pancharian, who helped they girls with the skills like serving and volleying and how to become better tennis players. April Lambert was an integral member of the team as team mom.

Roster: Samatha Moore, Lauren Lambert, Sahara Ray, Kylie Muhly, Page Taylor, Samantha Barrow, Amber Papa, Lisa Duffy, Sofia Domene, Shannon Green Emily Jackson and Abbey Horton.

From MBayPrep. Practice: Rosenbrock Tourney: Mt. Pleasant 14-3, Saratoga 7-12, Lynbrook 8-6, Monta Vista 5-6; Independence Tourney: Homestead 6-8, Harbor 5-1, Saratoga 7-8, SLV 13-3; Live Oak Tourney: Sunnyside Fresno 9-4, Woodside 9-3, Lemore 8-7, won the tourney. Practice record 7-4.
League: SLV 8-1,, 10-2; Aptos 9-2; 6-2; Harbor 9-6, 8-5; Soquel 3-11, 2-13. League record 6-2. In the SCCAL playoffs beat Harbor 7-4 and lost to Soquel 3-11 in finals. In the CCS Division II playoffs beat Carmel 12-6 and lost to Sacred Heart Prep 6-12. Overall record 15-8.

Yearbook. For practice the team not only swims laps in the pool, but does dry land workouts as well. At six am practices with the chilly air and cold water, the barely awake swimmers are soon wide a wake. They work hard and long for the adrenaline rush during games and tournaments.

Roster: James Rooney, Grant Staudt, Jens Nordgaard, Hunter Armor, Neil Crews, Mike Powers, Alex Wright, Tizoc Velasco, Mircea Forte, Viva Hansen, Andy Scott and Benjamin Lezin. Coaches Danny Robertson and Nick.

From MBayPrep. Stats
Scoring leaders: Mircea Forte 44, Mike Powers 37, Neil Crews 35, Alex Wright 17, Andy Scott 13.
Assist leaders: Armor 14, Velasco 6, Forte 4, Crews and Wright three apiece
Steal leaders: Armor 61, Crews 16, Wright 11, Forte 9, Rooney 8
Ooalie Armor had 270 saves in 23 games

ALL SCCAL Andy Scott, Sophomore of the Year. First team: Goalie, Hunter Armor, Mircea Forte and Neil Crews, all seniors. Second team: Michael Powers, senior. Honorable mention: Alex Wright, Tizoc Velasco and Andy Scott.

Yearbook. Some of the JV players stayed in their speedo’s after their JV games to be available to play in the varsity games as well due to the shortage of varsity players. The boys who would do it were Rudi Raimondi, Carson Staudt, Joey Thomas, Viva Hansen and Cody Wall.

Roster: Joey Thomas, Cody Wall, Viva Hansen, Sasa Miiljkovic, Alexander Ivany, Rudy Raimondi, Aaron Marquez, Tyler Friedrich and Carson Staudt. Coach Danny Robertson and Nick.

From mbayprep. Practice games: Clovis tournament: Sanger 3-0, Monache of Porterville 2-10, Kingsburg 6-3, Buena Vista of Fair Oaks 2-3, Sunnyside of Fresno 3-8. Independence Tournament: Los Gatos Academy 1-13, Independence 8-4, Livermore 8-3, Newark Memorial 5-4, Woodside 5-2, SLV 5-6, Live Oak 2-4 and Wilcox 17-0. Los Gatos 3-11. Practice record 7-7.
League: SLV 7-3, 7-5; Aptos 10-5, 9-2; Harbor 15-2, 16-0; Soquel 4-5, 7-3. League record 7-1. League playoff: Beat Aptos in semifinals 6-3 and SLV in finals 7-5.
In CCS Division II first round lost to Burlingame 3-5. Overall record 16-9.

Yearbook. Goalie Claire Putman-Pite not only blocks shots, but makes offensive and defensive calls for her teammates. At the SCCAL finals at SLV, from her position in the goal at one end of the pool, Claire calls out to Rosie Stewart, who has the ball, “help the ball” which means Rosie has no open teammates to pass to and for someone to move to the ball to receive a pass. When the ball is lost, Claire yelled “back on D” so everyone knows to get back to help her protect the goal. Time is dwindling down in the fourth quarter and the girls are fiercely defending the goal to the last second, The horn sounded and the game is over, A commotion of splashes and cheers erupted, we had won the CCAL title and Coach Mark Townsend was dunked into the pool.

Roster: Karina Tolentino, Michal Ross, Terra Weeks, Claire Putman-Pite, Olivia Shull, Rosie Stewart, Sophie ‘Calhoun, Lianna Kelly and Gigi Goldeen. Coach Mark Townsend.

Scoring: Kelly 57, Ross 29, Stewart 19, Calhoun 18 Goldeen 14.
Assists: Stewart 21, Kelly 20, Calhoun 11, Ross 10, Putman-Pite 9.
Shot on goal: Kelly 130, Stewart 73. Ross 64, Calhoun 50, Goldeen 34.
Steals: Stewart 17, Kelly 14, Calhoun and Goldeen 13 apiece, Ross 12
Goalie saves: Putman-Pite 188

ALL SCCAL Lianna Kelly, senior Most Valuable Player and First team attacker. First team: Rosie Stewart, junior. Second team: Claire Putman-Pite, junior goalkeeper; Michal Ross, junior and Sophie Calhoun, freshman. Honorable mention: Olivia Shull, junior and Gigi Goldeen, senior.

Yearbook. The team bonded during three hour practices, six days a week and at all the tournaments they played in. To show for it they went undefeated.

Roster: Annie Hamdani, Kim Thoits, Alex Rubi, Danielle Qing, Lily Perry, Olivia Waller, Adriane Baade, Julia Esposito, Heather Mullowney, Chelsea Cox, Kristin Kelly, Hilary Park, Ashley Harried, Nikki Dussault, Lihi Benisty, Bianca Grossi, Maya Spencer, Nicole Pettel, Alyssa Tselepis and Kayla Cytron.

Practice games: Santa Cruz Invitational: Harbor 0-2, Monterey 1-3, Woodside 0-2, University of San Francisco 2-0, Chico 0-2, Hollister 0-2, St. Mary’s of Albany 0-2 Notre Dame 0-2. Practice record 1-7. League: Harbor 0-3, 0-3; Mt. Madonna 1-3, 1-3; Soquel 0-3, 3-1; SLV 3-2, 1-3, St. Francis 0-3, 0-3; Aptos 0-3, 03. League record 2-10. Season record 3-17.

Yearbook. A new coach and nine new players to assimilate with the five returnees, including three seniors, the girls kept their spirits up and always played hard to come out with a good record of wins and losses.

Roster: Krista Dickey, Kaiti Kuzinik, Fern Lightfoot, Riley Sisk, Alyssa Landry, Hanna Whizin, Maya Frota, Megan Bradley, Cassie Tinetti, Justine Vicknair, Pam Cabrera and Rose Carmen. Coach Lucas, Lawrence and Alexis Tashima.

Yearbook. New coach Julie Roth taught the players how to work together as a team. Two of the players improved enough to move up to varsity. The team members improved greatly as the season continued and our team chemistry as well,

Roster: Bailey O’Regan, Chelsea Cater, Kelly Brokaw, Morgan Rollo, Daisy Brightman, Brittany Manley, Fearon Hosmer, Kylie Woodhead and Kelly Davis. Coach Julie Roth.

Yearbook. Roster: Hannah Sullivan, Katie Carollo, Makenzie Sisk, Elle Sanders, Juli Young, Carina Sierra, Kira Wong, Hailey Worthen. Coach Lucas.

Yearbook. The girls and boys spent some time practicing and playing against one another at the De Laveaga Golf Course. According to Junior Josie Pappas a three year starter, “We really wanted to beat the boys, they are good, but we are better.”

Josie Pappas and senior Alyse Brokaw were selected first team All SCCAL and both played at Seascape Golf Resort to qualify for CCS.

Roster: Kaja Vaughn, Lyndsie Slakey, Giana Tinetti, Erica Sierra, Michelle England, Anya Kraus, Alessia Pope, Elyse Brokaw and Josie Pappas. Coaches Dennis Mullen, Pete Pappas and Terry Ow.

ALL SCCAL First team Josie Pappas and Elyse Brokaw. Second team Lyndsie Slakey.

From Mbayprep. Practice games: Dads Club: Harbor 46-57, Paso Robles 52-41, SLV 34-49. SLO tournament: San Marcus of Santa Barbara 32-74, Lompoc 37-64. Palma tournament: Seaside 52-46, Pinole Valley 28-72, Salesian of Richmond 40-38. St. Francis of Mt. View tournament: St. Francis 43-83, University of Irvine 47-51, Homestead 51-40. Woodside Priority 38-43, Soquel 56-51, North Monterey 63-59, Valley Christian 48-70, Monte Vista Christian 41-43. Practice record
League: Harbor 42-40, 40-37; Aptos 53-61, 49-64; Scotts Valley 54-53, 49-41; SLV 51-54, 46-50; Soquel 44-54, 46-51; St. Francis 47-35, 58-37. League record 6-6. League playoff: Harbor 46-48. CCS Division IV playoffs: Soledad 58-54, RLS 48-59. Season record 13-18.

Yearbook. According to athletic director Eric Redding, “The season took some time for the team to actually come together and be a team, but they eventually did.” The team qualified for CCS Division IV playoffs. The first game against Soledad was a nail biter 58-54 win. SC was eliminated three days later by a tough RLS team from Carmel.

Senior Adam Hyman led in scoring with 279 points, followed by fellow senior Bobby Sanders and junior Justin Hightower. Hyman and Sanders were also steal and assist leaders as was sophomore Sean Conroe. Hyman also joined seniors Ryan Schofield and Jene Nordgaard in leading blocking and rebounding totals. Sanders, Hyman and Conroe had the most steals. Hightower, Conroe and fourth year player Alex Geise led in three point field goals. Said head coach Charles Burks, “I feel we had another successful season dispute not winning league. We as a team overcame a lot of obstacles. Yes, we probably could have done better. I feel the boys gave their all. I would like to thank all players, parent, students and staff for your support to the program.”

Rest of squad: Gino Delucchi, Gabriel Shields-Estrada, Bryce Jacobsen, Derek Daniels, Alex Potter, Cody Boaz and Peter Miller. Assistant coach Duane Garner.

Feb. 6. SC lost to Soquel 46-51. Soquel jumped out to a 10-4 lead in the first quarter, but the Cards came back in the second quarter to go ahead 25-21. Soquel outscored SC 18-10 in the third quarter, which was the difference in the game. Scoring: Sanders 11, Boaz 2, Hightower 15, Nordgaard 6, Hyman 6, Potter 6.

Feb. 9. SC beat St. Francis 58-37. The Cards led at halftime 24-15. Scoring: Sanders 4, Jacobsen 7, Geise 1, Hightower 5, Miller 3, Nordgaard 9, Hyman 14, Potter 2, Delucchi 2, Schofield 11.

Feb. 14. Harbor had a high scoring fourth quarter to come from behind in a 48-46 win over SC. SC led 12-10 in the first quarter and 25-19 at halftime and extended its lead to 38-26 in the third period. Harbor turned the tables on the Cards in the fourth quarter outscoring them 22-8.
Scoring: Conroe 1, Sanders 6, Jacobsen 4, Geise 12, Boaz 4, Daniels 2, Hightower 7, Nordgaard 2, Hyman 6, Schofield 12.

Feb 22. In the first round of the CCS Division III playoffs SC defeated Soledad 58-54. Soledad took a 13-11 first quarter lead, but the Cards tied the score 29-29 at halftime. SC came out in the third quarter and outscored Soledad 16-7 to take a 45-36 lead. Scoring: Conroe 0, Sanders 10, Jacobsen 4, Shields-Estrada 0, Geise 4, Boaz 8, Daniels 5, Hightower 4, Hyman 11, Schofield 12.

Feb 25. RLS beat SC in the second round 59-48 to drop SC out of the playoffs. RLS took a first quarter 15-12 lead and extended it to 27-20 at halftime. SC outscored RLS in the third quarter 18-15, but were only able to score eleven points in the fourth. Scoring: Sanders 7, Jacobsen 5, Zeke Sanders 0, Shields-Estrada 2, Geise 3, Boaz 2, Daniels 2, Hightower 6, Baldemar 2, Nordgaard 0, Hyman 13, Potter 0, Schofield 6.

From Mbayprep. Scoring leaders by name, games played, points scored and average points per game.
Hyman 25 227 9.08
Sanders 24 166 6.92
Hightower 24 123 5.13
Jacobsen 23 111 4.83

ALL SCCAL Second team: Adam Hyman, senior forward. Honorable mention: Bobby Sanders, senior guard and Alex Guise, senior guard.

Yearbook. Roster: Zeke Sanders, Michael Johnston, Jared Sammet, guaraci Ferreira, Gino Delucchi, Derek Mori, Peter Miller, Glenn Baldemor, Nick Carollo, Myron Chandran, Chris Anderson and Erik Rodriguez. Coach Kristy Netto.

Yearbook. Roster: Matt Hopkins, Ben Damon, Eli Ledwith, Sasha Miljkovic, Anthony Martin, Rudy Raimondi, Cole Collins, Max Dapper, John Wiley, Kai Zajac and Chris Esposito. Coach Tony Lopez.

From Mbayprep. Practice games: Irvington tournament: Mission San Jose of Fremont 80-55, Foothill of Pleasanton 32-50, Milpitas 73-68. Salinas tournament: Le Grand 60-29, Arroyo Grande 63-69, Salinas 55-52. Alisal 47-29, St. Francis of Mt. View 45-43. Palo Alto tournament: Newark Memorial 44-39, Pinewood of Los Altos Hills 29-72, Palo Alto 49-61. Seaside tournament: Bahach Colony of Atwater 54-29, Westmoor of Daly City 33-66, Merced 43-42, Golden Valley of Merced 43-42, Seaside 51-52. Practice record 9-6.
League: Harbor 47-31, 34-26; Aptos 58-48, 48-40; Scotts Valley 44-52, 62-48; SLV 50-29, 41-50; Soquel 33-71, 41-58; St. Francis 56-50, 49-44. League record 8-4. League playoffs: St. Francis 43-40, Soquel 40-58.
CCS Division IV playoffs: Carmel 62-42, Gunderson of San Jose 58-34, Mercy of San Francisco 47-39,. Lost to Valley Christian 37-53 in the finals. At Northern California Division IV playoffs: St. Patrick/St. Vincent of Vallejo 43-80. Overall record 21-13. Rated twenty-first in CCS.

Yearbook. League record 8-4 and season record 21-13.
In their usual heavy preseason schedule, the team traveled to Fremont, Palo Alto and Seaside to play in tournaments against teams from other areas. In the postseason CCS they defeated Carmel at home and then Gunderson 58-34 at Mercy High in San Francisco. Three days later they returned to Mercy to beat them 47-39. These win put the Cards in the CCS finals at the University of Santa Clara against Valley Christian of the very tough West Catholic league, which they lost. Since they were in the finals, SC qualified for the Northern California Tournament. They traveled to Vallejo to play St. Patrick/St. Vincent, but ended their season their.

“We had fun this season. It took awhile for us to get over our differences, but we did,” said Allison Harger. It seems the foundation has been laid for next year’s title quest.

Seniors Stephanie Dickey, Eriana Neiblum-Lamkin and Cole Conroy were scoring leaders. Dickey and Neiblum-Lamkin were also steal leaders as was fellow senior Alexis Tashima Tashima was in good company with Dickey and Conroy as the top three in rebounding. Petite but tough junior Sarah Takahashi was an assist leader along with Neiblum-Lamkin and Conroy.
Rest of squad: Cassie Tinetti, Gianna Tineti, Kaiti Kluzniak, Malia Santos, Sally Schuchard, Kayla Perkins and Carly Johnson. Coach Pat Jones.

From Mbayprep. Scoring leaders by name, games played, points scored and average points per game. Not for the complete season.
Dickey 16 185 11.56
Tashima 15 143 9.55
Neiblum-Lamkin 16 147 9.19
Conroy 16 135 8.94
Takahashi 13 41 3.15

ALL SCCAL First team: Stephanie Dickey,senior forward. Second team: Cole Conroy, senior forward. Third team: Nriana Neiblum-Lamkin, senior guard and Alexis Tashima, senior center. Honorable mention: Sarah Takahashi, junior guard.

Yearbook. Roster: Elle Sanders, Celeste Deruisa, Morgan Rollo, Hannah Sullivan, Caylah Novak, Rebecca Machado, Leah Bratton, Makenzie Sisk, Shaunay Day-Smith, Nikki Duffy, Kayle Cytron-Thaler and Katie Corollo. Coaches Kelly Andrews and Danny Paz.

Yearbook. SC won all their league matches and won the league tournament finals by one point. The last time SC won the league title was 1989. The team and coach John Corona stressed from the beginning of practice their goal was to win league. It all played out as they won the league and had seven wrestlers qualify for the CCS meet. They were Guerrero Villareal, Timo Karachristos, Dominic DeGracia, Joe Patron, Josiah Frampton, Neil Crews and Daniel Estrada. Only Villareal and Frampton made it to the second day and only Frampton placed, the team was still ecstatic that they were league champions.

Guerrero Villareal took first place at the top meet Coast Classic. Comments from the two top wrestlers, Frampton, “It’s an amazing state of mind you get in when you walk out on the mat.” Villareal, “getting up every Saturday morning at 4 am for tournaments.

Rest of squad: Drew Johnson, Tyler Miller, Calvin Ohtake, Gary Villareal, Andrew Schuchard, Dwight Miller, Aaron Marquez, Nicholas Rossini, J.P. Chaufar and Ryan Farley. Head Coach John Corona and assistant Dean.

BOYS VARSITY SOCCER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS and ranked where ranked number one at one time in CCS Division II

Practice games: Evergreen Valley of San Jose 3-1, Woodside 1-1, Wilcox of Santa Clara 3-0, Gunn of Palo Alto 1-1, Valley Christian 3-0, Yerba Buena 8-1. Homestead tournament: Los Gatos 0-0, Lincoln of San Jose 1-2. Practice record 4-1-3.
League: SLV 3-0, 0-1; Soquel 1-0, 1-0; Harbor 1-3, loss; Aptos 1-0, 4-2; Scotts Valley 2-0, 1-0. League record 6-3-1. Overall record 10-5-4.

Yearbook. Captains were Reed Johnson, William Alvarez, Steve Young and Raul Guerrero, all of whom managed to keep the team in line. To know when to have fun and when to be serious. Coach Semih always said, “we are the fittest team and could beat anyone.“ Before every heart pumping game, coach Semih Samahkai, would come in the locker room and give a motivating lecture to the team.: In the words of coach, “Lets win this stupid thing!”

Rest of squad: Kevin Halasz, Josh Strong, Timmy Blanc, Thomas Muhammed, Miguel Pacheco, Dylan Fallero, Zack Fang, Edgar Gonzales, Ben Rangell, Jose, Trevor Ross, Colin Van Zandt, Fabian Cabrera, Anthony Ponca, Christian Salgado, Kevin Mendez, Alex Torro and Alex Gomez Head coach Semih Samahkai and assistants Ali Samahkai and Mike Plahameus.
Reed Johnson, William Alvarez, Steve Young and Raul Guerrero,

ALL SCCAL Raul Guerrero, senior, offensive Player of the Year. Reed Johnson, senior midfielder of the Year. Coach of the Year Semih Samahkai. First team: Steve Young, senior, and sophomores, Trevor Ross and Kevin Halasz. Second team: Christian Salgado and Thomas Muhammed, juniors and William Alvarez and Jack Fang, seniors.

Yearbook. The starting lineup was goalie, Andrew; defenders, Edwin, diego and Vince; midfielder, Shakaim, Felipe, Gerardo and Martin; forwards, Cesar and Jose.

Roster: Paul Morgan, Max Turigliatto, Noah Sturm, Andrew Odron, Henry Ortega, Adan Serrano, Adrian Ruiz, Tony Yang, Massimo Migliore, Edwin Chavez, Cesar Aguilar, Gerardo Hernandez, Steven Smith, Oscar Gonzales, Matthew Como, Diego Pio, Vincent Cheung, Logan Banks, Christian Guizar, Felipe Cameros and Martin Ortega. Coaches Allen and Scott.


Practice games: Monte Vista Christian 4-1, Santa Teresa of San Jose 0-0, Harbor 2-0, Los Gatos 1-0, Livermore 0-0, Bishop O’Dowd of Oakland 0-2, Campolinda of Moraga 2-0, Dublin 4-0. Practice record 5-1-2. League: SLV 1-1, 2-0; Soquel 8-1, 6-0; Scotts Valley 0-0, 1-1; St. Francis 3-0, 7-0; Harbor 3-0, 2-0; Aptos 3-0, 1-0. League record 9-0-3. CCS playoffs: defeated Kings Academy of Sunnyvale 1-0, Woodside Priory of Portola Valley 5-4 in four overtimes and Scotts Valley 1-0 for CCS Championship.

Yearbook. Won the league title and had eight players selected on the All League team. Coach Jay Gomez was selected Coach of the Year. In CCS play, the Cards had to go four overtimes in the semi-finals in order to get to the finals, to take all the marbles.

The recognized players were senior SCCAL Defender of the Year Chelsea Muir. Forwards were senior Kelsey Johnson, who had 10 goals and 10 assists and sophomore Catherine Sardo. Although the team did so well, numbers are not what make a good team. The team persevered through injuries and stormy games, but throughout the course of the season, they stayed united as a cohesive unit where the girls really cared for one another. The had seven freshman and only three seniors. The freshmen stepped up and played like veterans. Freshman Lucy Shook was an inspiration to her teammates as she played so hard every game. Sophomore goalie Halina Cathrein helped the team record a number of shutouts. Captains were juniors Jane Shook and Lyndsie Slakey and senior Chelsea Muir. Coaches Jay Gomes and Mark Hogenhout in their fourth year of coaching the team, plus all the girls on the team were all champions in many different ways.

Rest of squad: Natalie Jed, Olivia Morgan, Ashley Wilhelmsen, Lauren Miller, Sophie Coelho, Emma Cuniff, Emily Stover, Keiko Kurita, Christian Ruiz, Sarah Lezin and Carly Bagnell.

Rest from Mbay.Prep: Leaders stats
Scoring: Sordo 16, Morgan 12, Johnson 10, Wilhelmsen 6, Slakey 3
Assists: Johnson 10, Ruiz 8, Sordo 7, Wilhelmsen 6, Stover 3
Goalie saves: Halina Cathrein 9

ALL SCCAL Chelsea Muir Defender of the Year. Coach of the Year, Jay Gomez
First team: Kelsey Johnson, sophomore forward; Catherine Sordo, freshman forward/midfielder; Christian Ruiz, junior and Colette Virostko, senior midfielders; Lyndsie Slakey, junior defender.
Honorable mention: Forwards: Olivia Morgan, senior and Ashley Wilhelmsen, freshman; Jane Shook, junior defender.

Yearbook. Coaches Tim and Hanna taught us a lot. With many wins, some ties and a few losses, we all had fun playing our hardest and keep the games full of strategic moves to dazzled our opponents. Everybody was important to the team and it took everybody’s participation to win.

Roster: Reilly Sisk, Bailey O’Regan, Jackie Bates, Kelly Keutman, Kaja Vaughan, Kylie Woodhead, Hiley Worthen, Jordan Jenkins, Hillary Park, Michelle England, Sage Ferreal, Juli Young, Carina Sierra, Fearon Hosmer, Aly Pomerantz and Ariana Pacheco. Coaches Tim and Hanna.

Practice games: Mission Classic: Santa Clara 5-2, Lynbrook 12-0, Wilcox 3-2, Valley Christian 0-3 in finals. Atherton Tournament: Sacred Heart Prep 20-1, Menlo 20-0. Menlo tournament: Carlmont 8-8, Woodside 5-1. Los Gatos 2-0, St. Ignatius 0-1. Fresno Easter Classic: Leemore 8-11, Jesuit 0-5, Lincoln of Stockton 9-1, Hoover of Fresno 8-6. Crown Classic: Wilcox 3-4, Hollister 3-4, 5-7; West Tracy 6-0. Practice record 10-7-1.
League: Harbor 7-0, 10-2; SLV 4-1, 14-1; Soquel 4-3, 8-2; St. Francis 22-4, 8-1; Aptos 5-6, 4-2; Scotts Valley 6-7, 4-2. League record 10-2 for first place. CCS playoffs: Live Oak 2-1, Monterey 0-1. CCS record 1-1. Season record 21-10-1.

Yearbook. The season started of with 11 wins in the first 13 games. It was the best start in 12 years. Our pitching staff and defense has been tremendous.

The team played in three leagues throughout the year, a Summer, Winter and Spring leagues. There are also Summer workouts, where the players weight lift, swim and ran to stay in shape. SC has won five consecutive league championships and a CCS Division III championship in 2002.

Coach Kittle has taught the team to strive for perfection and to have fun doing it. Also to play as a team and to sacrifice oneself for the good of the team, whether it be by laying down a bunt to move a runner or taking a fast ball in the back to get on base.

Roster: Mark Miller, Quinn Garner, Alex Potter, Miguel Pachecho, Nick Gemme, Alex Taku, Chris Kaye, Dylan Gavin, Max Meyers, Chris Freeman, Peter Miller, Matt England, Winston Amaro, Steve Young, Eric Ruiz, Chris Murray, John Matthews, Dayne Quist, Eli Kass, Dustin Harrison and Dustin Torchio. Head Coach Bob Kittle and assistants Mike DiTano, Darryl Ratliff, Brian Walton and Jesse Trumbull.

ALL SCCAL First team: Pitchers: junior, Alex Taku and senior, Dayne Quist; Dylan Gavin, senior infield: Utility/DH, sophomore, Chris Freeman. Second team: Catcher Winston Amaro; Dustin Torchio, infielder; John Mathews, outfielder.

Yearbook. The team started out the season with the toughest preseason schedule in recent memory. The lessons they learned served them well as they are dominating the league. Big hitting by Gino Delucchi and Jared Rosso led the team to a .500 batting average. Combined with quality pitching from Parker Watkins and the whole staff, allowed the Cards to continue their winning ways, Another league crown is squarely in their sights.

Roster: Patrick Freeman, Giovanni Caviglia, Jared Rosso, Gino Delucchi, Chad Boling, Alex Lombardi, Michael Johnston, Nick Carollo, Greg Yurich, Noah Hutchins-Fuhr, Paul Webster, Derek Mori, Ryan Navaroli, Aubrey Paine, Trevor Ross, Dominic Boegel, Parker Watkins and Dana Burdick.

Yearbook. Roster: Eli Ledwith, Doud Anthony, Kodi Bell, Max Tungliatto, Tristan Gavin, Ben Damon, Paul Webster, Ted Kovats-Wildenradt, Felipe Jauregui, Brett Lantry, Liam Healey, Alex Ivany, Massimo Migiore and Esteban Smith.

Practice games: North Monterey 0-8, Watsonville 0-6, 1-2; Watsonville tournament: Silver Creek 5-4, Woodside 3-5, Hollister 1-11, Monterey 1-5, 9-5; Live Oak 0-10. Practice record 2-7. League: St. Francis 3-11, 5-3; SLV 5-11, 4-14; Aptos 6-8, 0-5; Scotts Valley 15-13; 11-6; Harbor 13-10, 1-13; Soquel 0-6, 0-11. League record 4-8. Overall record 6-15.

Yearbook. A new beginning for the softball program. (Last years coach Tami King-Jones was hit in the temple by a line drive last year that is still troubling her, so she is not able to continue as coach) The Pena family is running both the varsity and JV teams. They are rebuilding the fields and the teams. Girls sports need more respect and that’s what we are trying to gain for our team and our school,

Roster: Anna Eklof, Allison Harger, Shaunay Day-Smith, Kylie Muhly, Kelly Bokaw, Jesse Feinsey, Paige Kovats-Wilenrad, Elyse Brokaw, Tida Lane-Howe, Sofia Espinoza, Pamela Cabrera and Bobbi Pena. Coaches Bob Pena, Tina and Rachel Pena.

ALL SCCAL First team: Allison Harger, junior infielder. Second team: Bobbi Pena, junior infielder. Honorable mention: Lisa Conway and Sofia Espinoza.

Yearbook. The team defeated Aptos 7-6 and lost a close game to Harbor in the last inning. Freshman pitcher Michelle McCrary pitches every inning of every game like softballs college ace Jennine Finch.

Roster: Katrina Cartwright, Michelle McCrary, Amber Hamilton-Kliger, Bailey O’Regan, Francesca Marques, Kieran Kahoano, Evie Damon, Chelsea Cater, Felicia Fusari, Elisa Sahagun and Shannon Green. Coaches Renee Pena, Kasondra and Monica Rees.

Yearbook Roster; Ben Klezer, Dylan McDonald, Max Dapper, Evan Milburn, Will Walker-Hillman, Caleb Rabadan, Zeke Sanders, Justin Hightower, Bobby Sanders, Parker Allwardt, Alvara Flores, Brandon Bagnall, Myron Chandran, Glen Baldemor, Dezmond Marshall, Will Roberts, Elie Sanders, Gianna Tinetti, Jackie Bates, Chelsea Muir, Colin Meyer, Jalen Porter, Devlin O’Brien, Otto Markell, Christopher Calmes, Sage Farrell, Christal McCrary, Daniel Robertson, Caesar Aguilar, Justin Johnson, Nick Rossini, Brennan Lynch, Kelsey Johnson, Olivia Morgan, Fearon Hosmer, Tatianna McKinze, Katy Carollo and Brittany Williams.
Head Coach Greg Brock and assistants Don Roberts, Marcus Bryant, Anthony Brown, and Bob Sanders.

Yearbook. The team is full of many talented students that are not only able to swim a 50 free in under a minute, but are able to keep straight A’s in all their classes and still have time to do extracurricular activities like Model UN, or French club. The swim team is also in contention for the prestigious title of having the highest combined GPA, honor that was had two years ago by the whole team. Last year the girls came in second and the boy first.

Coaches Jeff Wickum and Kim Gomez run practices that are never dull. There is always something different to do part of the practice every day, which is invigorating rather than just swim laps the whole practice. The average practice has the team swim at least 4000 yards, which probably is why the team is doing so well in league. Senior Alex Wright has qualified already for CCS for his 50 freestyle time and the girls 200 medley relay team is in good contention to qualify.

Roster: Evan Morris, Andy Scott, Lihi Benisty, Kim Thoits, Min Kim, Viva Hansen, Ben Lezin, Grant Staudt, Heather Mullowney, Nikki Dussault, Sophie Calhoun, Jamie Nickerson, Jenna Davenport, Alex Wright, Lianna Kelly, Danielle Qing, Megan R. Bradley, Rosie Stewart, Olivia Waller, Jena Nordgaard, Elliot Geise, Nicole Pettel, Karina Tolentino, Terra Weeks, Olivia Shull, Claire Putnam-Pite, Christine Boston and Amelia Barisone.

Yearbook: Roster: Alyssa Showalter, Lucia Huchinson-Trujillo, Rebecca Machado, Sasha Eisenpress, Ellen Mintz, Abbey Horton, Bianca Grossi, Nikki Duffy, Maya Spencer, Kristen Kelley, Alyssa Tselepis, Adriane Baade, Chelsea Cox, Ashley Harried, Lisa Duffy, Kaitlin Ankele, Anya Kraus and Luci Shook.

Yearbook. The team hasn’t been active since 2002. This year we were able to round up enough players to form a team. Some of the key players were setters William Alvarez and Zack Fang; middle block Hunter Armor and Jens Nordgaard; outside hitters Paul Morgan and Timmy Blanc.
In addition to practicing at school, we also go down to the beach and play for fun at the courts on the main beach. James Rooney was the driving force to restart the program and with the players that are out now, expectations are to keep the program available like all the other sports at SC.

Roster: Hunter Armor, James Rooney, Timothy Blanc, Paul Morgan, Zack Fang, Tizoc Velasco, William Alvarez and Luke Hart. Coaches Cristen and Mark.

BOYS TENNIS Second in League one spot down from the championship last year. Record 8-2. “There are a lot of really good athletes at SC and even if other sports are their main sport, they pick the game up extremely fast, have fun and pick up a win,” stated senior Daniel Brown.

Roster: Daniel Brown, Ari Anthony, Wiley Schultz, Ian Atken, Thomas Muhammed, Tyler Nodine, Ryan Attema, Tony Yang, Ben Rangell, Theo Lopez, Jonathan Kurkess, Seth Crumine, Nick Morris, Trevor Kraus and Max Bucholz. Coach Will Power.

Yearbook. The team ladder started with the number one golfer Greg Auer, Kevin Di Tano, Robby Pappas, Sean Linkletter, George Bigere and Drew Magranet helped them to medal at the SCCAL match against Aptos on the front nine. Completing the team, Anthony Martin, Trae McNeill, Colin Boyle and Chris Esposito. Coach Pete Pappas.

ALL SCCAL Greg Auer, League Most Valuable Player. First team: Kevin DiTano. Honorable mention: George Bigere.

Yearbook. This Native American activity requires a minimum of ten players per team: one goalie, three defenders, three midfielders and three attack men. Since this game is so intensely physical, replacements are frequently needed. Many of last years players graduated and his years squad has only twelve players leaving only two substitutes, the team labors to play large portions of the games. The small team consists of a good mix of players from all grades, even a girl. We have openings for next year.

Roster: Thomas Richards, Walker Hum, Daniel Wagman, Devin Williams, Max Pomerantz, Logan Malcom, Danny Wamsher, Walker Hum, Dylan, Sarah Woobert and Allen Freeman. Coach Ari Mellow.

ALL SCCAL First team: Max Pomerantz, senior attack. Second team: Daniel Wagman, sophomore attack.
Yearbook. There is a SC surf team that participates with other schools in various competitions. Sahara Ray and Nat Young are two SC students are in the limelight locally due to their extraordinary skills at such a young age.

At the regular season finale on February 24th, our undefeted team beat Soquel at The Hook. After the team part, team members went on to place first at every individual event. Sahara Ray won the women’s short board, Gigi Goldeen in women’s long board, Miles Clanton in men’s short board, Paul Steinburg in men’s long board and Reilly Sauer for body board.

At the Interscholastic Surfing Federation’s High School State Championships, Paul Steinberg and Reilly Sauer placed second in the individual championships and Sahara Ray placed fifth in women’s short board. The team took the Championship.

Roster: Tyler Nodine, Nat Young, J. P. McNicholas, Sean Burns, Paul Steinberg, Kyle Theirmann, Sierra Partridge, Hailey Partridge, Sahara Ray, James McCaughan, Conrad Robinson,Tyler Gottsegen, Reilly Sauer, Miles Clanton, GiGi Goldeen, Chris Sanders, Jeff Petersen, John Willson and KC Grieve. Coach Bob Sanders and Steiny.

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