Download complete file with overview and stats: 1937


Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis.

High School Has New Athletic Field. During the summer months men have been busy rebuilding the field. The track is now four hundred and forty yards long, to make one lap cover the 440 yard dash needed for track meets and four times around will equal a mile. The same finish line can be used for the 880 and mile races. The grass part of the field is now fifty yards longer, Leaving more room past the end zones.

The bleachers that ran along the side of the gym were torn down. The newly constructed bleachers are on the far side of the field, next to Myrtle Street and will seat 1800 persons. An additional 1000 can be seated on moveable bleachers that can be put at one end of the new ones.

A new wire fence now encloses the entire playgrounds with gates at Laurel and Myrtle streets. Spectators will enter the main entrance and the Myrtle Street gate. If they want to drive cars in, they will enter at the Laurel Street gate.

Boy’s Gym to Have New Electric Scoreboard. It is three feet wide, five feet long and four inches thick. It will be a big improvement over the small hand operated score board now in use.

From the Trident sports column Sport-O-Torial: All the Cardinal teams are the best dressed teams in the CCAL except the track team. Last year baseball had new suits. This year the football and basketball teams got new suits. Every person on the track team has a different colored suit. If a spectator did not know the person in the suit, they would have to guess what school they were from. Don’t these same boys in track play on other school teams? So we say “Make the track team look its best also.”

The Northern California Junior College Conference has added three new members this year to make it an eight team league divided by the size of the schools into A and B sections. Salinas is one of the three schools. Santa Cruz athletes will now be able to stay at home and play junior college ball. Salinas JC runs a bus from SC to Salinas.

Just before the start of the game between Watsonville and Monterey, one of the Watsonville forwards was declared ineligible by their coach as he is a nine semester man. The player was a star on the undefeated football team, who played in all the games. What will happen?

At a league meeting in mid-February the board of managers decided not to award a football championship this year. Due to ineligible players at the leagues leading school, Watsonville, and league second place holder Hollister the board voted to not award a championship. With these two games becoming wins SC had a 2-2 record in league this year.

The board also made the following changes:
A $15 fee/school to be paid to the school holding the CCAL meet to pay officials.
Because the basketball season was excessively long this season, it was decided to start play on December 10 and have all games finished before February 15.
Instead of having A and B section meets in track, the schools will be divided by counties. Santa Cruz and San Benito in one meet and Monterey county schools in another. The big CCAL meet will involve all schools and will be rotated around to the different interested schools with the necessary facilities.

Trident sports column “the Squawk of the People”:
Seriously, compliments are in order for this year’s supporters of the teams, school and townspeople alike. It seemed to make little difference whether SC had a losing team or winning. During the basketball season, we have had a good deal of the winning complex and large groups of home town rooters have followed the squads to all games, both out of town and at home. Although SC had a very poor football season, the rooting section was always well filled. With this same encouragement next year, winning teams may be produced. The two vocal cord straining yell leaders, Ed Danforth and Bob Lilly should be recognized for the great amount of effort they put into their work, which brought forth results.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Palo Alto 0-7
Sequoia 0-12
Los Gatos 19-0
Pacific Grove 34-6
Practice record 2-2.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 0-6
Salinas 7-13
Monterey 7-15
Watsonville 7-25
League 0-4.
Season 2-6.

After the first game of the season one of SCHS top athletes returns to school. Junior, Andy Maranta has been working hard all summer, is hardened up and is in the pink of condition to have an outstanding seasons in all sports for the old school this year.

Led by big Ernie Pinkham, the Cards passing fullback, the Cards were just too much for Pacific Grove who were beaten by a 34-6 score. Pinkham and his bullet passes can be given credit for all five touchdowns scored with Ray Hedgepeth and Andy Maranta as receivers.

Starting line up for some of the games:
ends, Andy Maranta, Roy Hedepeth, Walt Alexander and George Rau
tackles, Bill Pinard and Les Ley
guards, Svend Hansen, Ray Voris and Totten
center, Hayford and Loehr
backs: Sid Carter, P. Lynn, Parker, Tichenor and Pinkham
Other players:
Linemen: Beebe, Dunham, Intersimone, Nelson, Poletti, Roach, J. Rittenhouse, Melvin Tefertiller, Tucker
Backs: Harry “Red” Davis and Asturias

In the 7-15 loss to Monterey the Cards lone score came in the third quarter after Hayford intercepted a pass, the Cards marched down the field with Ernie Pinkham carrying the ball for most of the yardage to the one yard line. Pinkham then took the ball around left end for the Cards only touchdown.

The Hollister Free Lance chose Ernie Pinkham for ALL CCAL. Pinkham has been given a chance to go to Stanford, but his grades will hold him back.

At the awards assembly for football, Roy Hedgepeth was honored as the outstanding heavyweight player.


Practice game:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Los Gatos 6-6.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 0-6
Hollister 0-19
Monterey 7-6
Watsonville 10-19
League record 1-3, fourth place.
Season record 1-3-1.

The starting line up for some of the games:
ends. Russ Mullins, Borden and Gozdenica
tackles, Panattoni, Van Selus, Bruno, Faneuf and Skelton
guards, Sco Thoma, Nicholson and Mc Murphy
center, Jim Scott
backs: Bill Leonard, Alexander, Ken Hickey, Ray Fomasi and Al Thompson
Other Lineman: Trumbly, Kawayucki, Mahood, Nelson, Owens, Butler, Gibbs, Dunn and Byler
Other Backs: Maloney and Shively.

The lightweights only win this season started off with Monterey scoring in the first quarter. The extra point kick by Monterey was blocked by captain, Jim Scott, a move that turned out to be the difference in the game. Later in the quarter, Scott blocked another punt over the goal line and it was recovered by SC for a touchdown. Ray Fomasi kicked the extra point that ended the scoring for the game. Final score 7-6. After the game many of the players remarked the game was the roughest they ever saw action in. Fomasi and Bill Leonard were injured and will be out for the rest of the season.

At the awards assembly for football, Kenneth Hickey was honored as the outstanding lightweight player.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Palo Alto 26-24
Montezuma 23-10, 29-24
San Jose 29-23, Chaminade 23-29, 25-18
Los Gatos 27-11, 26-10
Mission (SF) 35-14
Practice record 8-1.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Monterey loss, 28-21
Salinas 23-19, 28-20
Pacific Grove 39-5, 35-7
Watsonville won, 18-25
Boulder Creek 24-16, 30-23
League 8-2, second place.
Season 16-3.
Monterey won the league and the Cards beat them in the last game.

Returning varsity starters are junior, Andy Maranta and two year starter Russell Mullin, plus lettermen Francis Venturini, Les Ley and Bud Ryan. Up from lightweights, two year starter George Wilson and Harry Davis.

The starters for the title contending varsity:
forwards, Bill Leonard and Andy Maranta
center, Therman Fought
guards, Francis Venturini, captain George Wilson and Russell Mullin
Top subs: Bob Loehr, Harry Davis and Les Ley
Others: Julian Hayford, Alvin Harris, Stan Mac Carty and Les Stocking.

The Cards had only three practices over summer vacation and have been working hard to get in shape for the opening of league against the strong Monterey quintet. These two teams are very different in their manner of playing. The Cardinals are a sucker shot (lay ups) team with a tight defense under the basket. The Toreadors are the sort of team that has five deadeyes and make many of their points from long shots. They form a circle around the basket (much like the teams do now with the three point line).

Staging a strong come back after being defeated by Monterey in their first league game the Cards 28-20 win over Salinas was one of the roughest games we have seen. Salinas had 13 fouls to 3 for SC. The Salinas star was forced from the game with an injury caused by a spill going after a ball with Andy Maranta. Likewise, George Wilson had to leave the game late in the second half, because of a bruised hip, when knocked down by a Salinas player. The Cards missed many shots, but their passing was much improved. So was their defense, which gave up few sucker shots. Therman Fought, a tall and strong recent transfer from Los Banos, started and played well. Starters and points:
forwards, Maranta 9, Fought 0
center, Venturini 6
guards, Davis 5 and Wilson 3
Subs: Mullins 5 and Ley 0.

Watsonville had problems finding a court to practice on as the Watsonville auditorium was converted into a skating rink.

An indication of the progress the SC team made was in their final game win 28-21 over league Champion Monterey, who was previously undefeated in league play. If the Cardinals played ball all season the way they did this game, they would have more than a moral championship victory to show for it. The team came out of the slump they were in with a heads up, full out effort. George Wilson was praiseworthy for his defense and passing. The scorers were Maranta 12, Leonard 7, Wilson 5 and Venturini 4. Other players who contributed mightily to the win: Fought, Hayford and Ley. This game showed that championship material was there. Only one other game this season was comparable. The Palo Alto win 26-24 early in the season.

Andy Maranta was the league leading scorer with 114 points. Andy was also a ALL CCAL forward.

League stats for players listed by name, points scored, league games played and average points per game:
Maranta 114, 10, 11.4
Venturini 40, 10, 4
Leonard 27, 5, 5.4 (graduated mid term
Wilson 21, 9, 2.3
Fought 18, 9, 2
Mullins 17, 8, 2.1
Davis 6, 7, 3
Loehr 6, 7, 0.9
Hayford 4, 9, 0.5

The Cardinals scored 265 points in league play for a 26.5 points per game. They gave up 183 points for an average of 18.3 per game, up 8.2 points a game.

There will be no NCS playoff games as the coach has the track teams to get ready for meets.

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Palo Alto won
Los Gatos 19-15, 16-15
San Jose 17-13
Montezuma 31-10, 38-4
Chaminade 17-15, won
Mission of San Francisco 18-14
Practice record 9-0

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Monterey won, 23-19
Salinas 20-13, 23-19
Pacific Grove 17-8, 13-6
Boulder Creek 38-6, 26-8
Watsonville won, 25-9
League record 10-0
Season record 19-0.

Seniors starters:
forwards, Sid Carter for the third year and Ken Hickey
guards, captain Ray Fomasi and Lowell Kennedy, plus reserves Joe Panottoni and Ray Mullin.
Center, Bob De Witt, Bob Bruno and Charles Dowden will be moving up to varsity next year.
Returnees will probably be Leonard Ross, Irving Pellegrini, Lloyd Hebbron, Louie Panattoni, Mac Fisher, Le Baron Bliss and John Maloney.

Pellegrini Stars in Deciding Victory over Watsonville.
Carteretts cinch CCAL Championship by Drubbing Wildkittens 25-9.
The Trident named the team Carteretts after the blond flash, Sid Carter for his three years of excellent playing for the lightweight team. The team was at its best tonight, with Lefty Pellegrini going wild to score 10 points and Carter accounting for 7, the Carteretts were just too much for the Kittens. After the game, even the Watsonville coaches were heard saying that SC was no doubt a championship team. Line up:
forwards, Carter 7 and Hickey 1
center, DeWitt 3
guards, Fomasi 2 and Kennedy 2
Subs: Pellegrini 10, Fisher, Maloney, Ross, Panattoni, Mullins and Bruno 0 points.

Lowell Kennedy, the flashy guard was the star of the final game of the season with his long shots that thrilled the crowd and accounted for 8 of his 9 points in the 23-19 win over Monterey to preserve an undefeated season. The Cardlets did not look good the first quarter although they out played their opponents, but they could not make their shots. Not until late in the second quarter did the boys find their eye and began to pull away. Fomasi was forced out of the game with his fourth foul early in the third quarter. Kenneth Hickey, although a small scorer, always turns in the best floor work for the team, played one of his best games. He stopped many of Monterey’ scoring chances. With three minutes left in the game, the second team entered the game with the score 21-12. They seemed to want to settle scores from the football game than play basketball. The lead got down to three points at one time. The line up for the game and points scored:
forwards, Carter 4, Hickey 0
center, DeWitt 4
guards, Kennedy 9 and Fomasi 0
Subs, Pellegrini 6, Maloney, Panattoni, Mullin, Bruno, Ross and Fisher 0 points.

Since the team was not able to enter the NCS playoffs, they can feel good about defeating San Jose High champions of the Santa Clara and San Mateo county league called the PAL (Peninsula Athletic League), who they would normally have played in the NCS playoffs.

League stats for players listed by name, points scored, league games played and average points per game.
Carter 51, 10, 5.1
Pellegrini 43, 10, 4.3
Kennedy 36, 10, 3.6
De Witt 30, 9, 3.3
Hickey 21, 9, 2.3
Fomasi 15, 10, 1.5
Ross 10, 9, 1.1
Maloney 8, 8, 1
Dowden 4, 3, 1.3
Bruno 3, 9, .3
Mullins 2, 6, .3
J. Panattoni 2, 7, .3
Fisher 2, 7, .3
L. Panattoni, Hebbron and Bliss did not score, played in two games.
The Cardlets scored 227 points for an average per game of 22.7. Their opponents scored 116 points for a per game average of 11.6, up 11.1 per game.

Bill Leonard was given the team MVP trophy by the local Lions club.

Three lightweight players were chosen ALL CCAL: Sid Carter, Irvin “Lefty” Pelligrini and Bob De Witt.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Chaminade 0-3, 4-2
Pacific Grove 3-2
Practice record 2-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Watsonville 4-2, 2-6
King City 3-1, 3-2
Hollister 7-3, 3-5
SC tied with Watsonville with a 4-2 league record to be declared Co-Champions

In playoff:
SC 8, Watsonville 6.
Season record 7-3.

The exceptional pitching duo of senior, Bill Holton, and Junior, Irvin Pelligrini, had a lot to do with this success. They had the advantage of being caught by quick, sure handed and strong throwing senior, George Wilson.

At first was senior and third year letterman Les “Feltonite and iron man” Ley, who made many great plays at first saving wild throws. Positions:
2B is sophomore, Ray Mullins
3B, Therm Fought
SS, Bill Leonard
Outfield, Tony Vierra, Donne Norell and Bill Holton, when not pitching
Others: Warren Byler, Lowell Kennedy, Bob Loehr, Hickey, Walter Pimentel

Cards In Disputed Win Over KC 3 to 2.
Bill Holton held the Mustangs to three hits. The disputed play occurred when the King City catcher hit a triple in the last inning, only to be called out by the umpire, when Ben Holsey claimed the catcher missed first base. We think this was a rotten decision, because to most of the spectators it looked like the runner hit the bag in dead center, but the ump is always right, at least that is what he thinks. Bill Leonard was the star of the day, when he knocked out a triple in the first inning, which resulted in the first run. Again in the fifth, he connected to drive in Ray Mullins who was on second. The final and winning run came when Les Ley worked the “Old Coaches squeeze play”, which scored Don Norell from third on the dead run. The Cards have improved a lot in hitting, but not in fielding. In the sixth inning when King City scored their runs, the Cards could not get their hands on the ball. One grounder went through a players legs and the only thing stopping it was the fence.

Baseball Team Take Cats In Close Game.
Cards eked out a 4-2 victory in the eighth inning when Watsonville made three errors. Byler, the first man up, singled, Fought followed suit, and Leonard doubled scoring both Byler and Fought. Ley whiffed, Kennedy walked, and Leonard was caught stealing. Pellegrini and Wilson were both safe on errors and Kennedy scored during the errors. The other Card run came in the third, when Holton was walked home, while the bases were loaded. The Cards were alert and took advantage of every break in the game. Bill Holton gets credit for handcuffing the Cats power, but he received plenty of support in the pinches. Two double plays, Leonard to Mullins to Ley and Fought to Wilson to Ley, pulled the team out of a couple of bad holes.

Hollister Haybalers Bow to Santa Cruz Batsmen. Six Run Rally In Sixth Inning Features Come back win 7 to 3.
At the time the Cards were trailing 1-3 and it was beginning to look bad. But the hitters began hitting hard grounders, which were to hot for the Balers. Before they knew what happened the Cards had scored six runs, mostly due to errors. Les Ley accounted for three hits. One was a home run in the first inning. Hollister countered with two homers, one of which drove in a runner also. Bill Holton held the Haybalers to 4 hits, while SC collected 8.

Cards Win Second Game From KC. Holton Outpitches King City Chucker For 3-1 Win At Bean City Diamond.
The Cards out hit their opponents 8 to 7. Santa Cruz scored first when George Wilson walked, went to third on Holton’s single and scored on Mullins base hit.

Cards Win 1937 Baseball championship. Pellegrini Hurls Team To 8-6 Win over Watsonville In Play Off Game. Ley, Wilson, Fought Star in Wild Game.
With the support of a half crazed crowd, the Cardinal baseball team fought their way out of a 5 to 0 hole, to take the game from the Wildcats. In the first four innings the Cards played their poorest of the season. Despite this poor support, little Lefty Pellegrini was working like a million on the mound. Still carrying that old smile of his. Captain, Les Ley never gave up and fought to keep his team together and in the running. The fireworks started in the fifth inning. after Mullins and Ley managed to get on base, they scored on Therman Fought’s triple to deep center field. (The end of the story. Guess they ran out of room.)

Les Ley has never failed to play in a league game, since the middle of his sophomore season. He has also played in every league game in the American legion for three years straight. Such a fine laddie. Conclusion: As he is a first baseman also, Ley may take Lou Gehrig’s place in the major leagues with the Yankees as he is the local “iron man“ just like Lou.

Third place in league. At NCS scored 3 points and at STATE scored 2 points.

At NCS there were 240 trackmen from 39 Northern California schools. Piedmont High won the meet with Berkeley coming in second. Santa Cruz scored more points than any other CCAL school and came in seventh out of the field of 39 schools.

Andy Maranta set a new record in the football throw of 213’7”, which was 20’ better then the previous mark set by Manuel Netto in 1933.

CCAL meet
Al Thompson won the 880 and took second in 440.
Larry McLean a transfer from Berkeley won the 120 high hurdles and was second in the 220 low hurdles.
Dick Shively varsity track was second in the 220 and third in 440 at the CCAL meet. In 1939 Dick was a starting half back on the title contending football team.
The relay team took third. Members Sid Carter, Oscar Asturiss, Stan McCarty and Larry Mc Lean.

Other team members:
Distance runners, Dan Mac Carty, John Intersimone.
Tom Brown high jump and pole vault
Les Ley shot put
Phil Lynn discus.
Ottillio Dogliotti, Therman Fought, Julian Hayford, Ed Faneuf, Ted Parker, Harold Bowen.

NCS Meet
Larry McLean had to run 6 trials to qualify for the finals of the 120 high hurdles and took third place. There was only 10 minutes before the start of the 220 lows which should have been able to place in, if had not had so many races in a row to run ahead of time. Larry was too tired and scratched.

In a field of 28 runners in the 880, Al Thompson was boxed in some and took a fourth place for one point. Ralph Busby took sixth place behind Al in the 880.
Andy Maranta could not keep his throws between the white lines.
John Mc Gown ran the 100, but did not place.
To have four participates at this level is an accomplishment for SC.

The STATE CIF is broken up into four sections: North Coast, Valley, Southern and Los Angeles. San Francisco wants their own section, just for the city. The STATE meet moves from section to section each year. A section will host a STATE meet every five years. Next year the meet will be at Hollister, which has very fine track facilities.

At STATE Larry Mc Lean placed third in the 120 high hurdles for 2 points


SCHS was second to Watsonville, Watsonville 31, SC 24.
Senior, Ralph Busby scored 8 points by winning the 660 and taking second in the 440.

Senior, Ray Fomasi won the 50 yard dash and took second in the pole vault.
John Mc Gowan took seconds in the 220 and the 120 low hurdles and a third in the 100.
Dick Shively took thirds in the 100 and 220.
The relay team took second with Clarence Alexander, Ray Fomasi, Shively or John McGowen and senior Henry Stevensen.
Mit Kawaguchi tied for third in the pole vault.

Other team members: David Coen, Bill Fisher, Ray Mullins, Scofield Thoma, Leonard Ross, Lee Macauley, Bill De Venney, Kenny Hickey, Bob De Witt, Angell, Whaley and Carras.

For five years the SC lightweights have dominated the 660 yard race, probably the longest string of consecutive record breaking victories in one event in the league. In 1930 Davis set the record as that was the first year it was run. In consecutive years 1934 and 1935 Harry Phillipson broke the previous records. In 1936 Al Thompson set a new record. This year Ralph Busby smashed all previous records. These times were not all run during the big CCAL meet, but represent the fastest time these boys have run in big meet competition.

When the track team does something they do it in a big way. Hollister was minus 33 towels last week. This was the only event that SC made a clean sweep in. All boys who took these towels, please return them to the gym.


Tennis team hands Salinas a 8 to 3 beating. Up to this time both teams were undefeated and the championship was at stake. Matches are listed in order of the playing ladder.
Captain and first man, Art Meillar defeats Salinas player who had not lost a match up to now.
Johnston lost.
Dekkert and Ashton won.
Van Selus lost.
O’Hara, Bliss and Hall won.
In doubles, winners were:
Meillar and Van Sellus
Ashton and O’Hara
Lost, Dekkert and Johnson.

Although there are many stars on this championship team that we are very proud of, there is one player who makes them all look bad. It is little Jimmy O’Hara, at 4’ 6’ one of the shortest students at the school, who is the only low sophomore on the team. He will be a bigger star in the years to come, even if he does not grow an inch. Jimmy has never failed to win a match this season.

Gerald Hanson of Watsonville won the individual CCAL title.
In singles competition, Barry Bliss reached the semi finals of the NCS individual matches without losing a set.
In doubles competition at the CCAL matches and at NCS, the team of Art Melliar and Fred Van Selus were Champions.

Bill Ashton, stroke stylist of the tennis team, advanced to the third round in the State Junior tournament after the season and not a school event.

Russ Mullins was a 3 year starter on the winning varsity basketball teams. The team won the league in 1935 and 1936. In track Mullins high jumped and ran the 220 low hurdles and 120 high hurdles.

Philip Lynn played football and threw the discus for three years with the first two years as a lightweight and the last on varsity.

Les Ley played every league game from mid sophomore season in four sports: football, basketball, baseball and track. Ley played on two championship baseball teams and was a starting guard on this years championship basketball team.

Sid Carter was a forward in lightweight basketball from 1935 to 1937. This years team was undefeated for the season and CCAL champs. Carter was also a halfback in lightweight football two years and this year a starting halfback on the varsity. Additionally, he was on the lightweight track team for two years and last year he joined the varsity track team as one of the top dash men.

Ken Hickey was on the track team from 1936-37, participating in discus, broad jump, and the football throw. He was on the lightweight football team in 1935-36, a starting forward on lightweight basketball championship teams, and played golf in 1936


Joe Armanini, 270 pound guard on the 1933 Cardinal team is now playing at San Mateo JC. Armanini was on the team last year and this season is rated as the leading lineman. He was elected president of the student body at the school. San Mateo lost to Modesto in the State Junior College championship game. Other former Cardinals on the team beside Joe are John Scott and Stan Dowling.

Bill Clemenson, who is 17 years old, weighs in at 190 and stand 6’1” is likely on of the most valuable baseball players to come out of Santa Cruz so far is expected to sign a pro contract soon. Gene Valla a former San Francisco Seal and current scout says that Clemenson possesses a powerfully wicked fast ball and a sharp breaking curve. Clemenson has averaged 10 strike outs a game and averaged giving up only 5 hit’s a game in five appearances at the Pittsburg Pirates training camp against older players. In one game, he struck out seven men in succession. Gene has been working and guiding Clemenson. One of Clemenson’s chief assets is his control. Very few pitchers have his control, especially ones who are as young as he is. Clemenson should rise through the leagues quickly as he is a fast learner. Clemenson is regarded as one of the best young right handers produced in California. Although Clemenson is very eager to sign a contract, his father who is the boss, wants him to get a college education before he starts his pro baseball career.

Kenny Gleason, 1934 captain of the Cardinal football team, is now in this 1936 football season holding down the first team fullback position at Fresno State and was elected captain of the next season 1937 Bulldogs. Gleason scored two touchdowns against Nevada, the second one was a twenty three yard run.

Also playing for the Bulldogs is Dave Beaver from Felton another star player, who also won his letter for the 1936 Fresno State football season.

Darrol Young, ex-SC track man who two years ago showed CCAL runners his heels, and who is now at San Mateo JC, came into greater glory in a meet at Sacramento JC by setting a new Junior College 880 record of 1:56.4. At the top quality Fresno relays, Young ran on two relay teams that set two new Junior College records. They were the medley relay and the two mile relay. San Mateo finished second with 29 points, behind Pasadena with 32 in the JC competition.

Lloyd Dodd, another former Card, is now at San Mateo. Dodd took both hurdle races in good times at the meet at Sacramento JC.

Norman Thorpe, one of the top players on the SCHS tennis team for the past three years and captain of last years championship team, is second man on the San Jose State freshman tennis team.

Chick Johnson, who held down a guard position for the Cardinals championship 1935 team, was elected captain the San Jose State frosh basketball team. Also on the team is Clark Johnson. The San Jose State frosh have yet to lose a game this season.

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