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Byron Wilson, football, basketball and track standout was named the Outstanding Senior Athlete at the SCHS spring awards assembly in the campus auditorium. Wilson is shown displaying the trophies awarded him including Outstanding Athlete, Outstanding Track Man, most valuable track man and the Dads Club most inspirational award for track. Wilson competed last weekend at the state track meet in San Diego, won the MBL 100 and 220 dashes and also in the CCS Region III meet. Other Dad’s Club inspirational awards were given to Dana Henderson, varsity baseball; Chuck Frazier, junior varsity baseball; Bob Borelli, golf; Bob George, tennis; Todd Booth, swimming and Ken Gregory, lightweight track.

Coaches: Dick Logan, varsity football. Tex Ronning, assistant varsity football and wrestling. Doug Severin, junior varsity football and basketball. Don Dempwolf, football. Al Weimers, lightweight football and swimming. Ray Hunter, junior varsity baseball, assistant junior varsity football and assistant basketball. Mel Fishburn, cross country and track. Sam Maynard assistant track. Bill Dodge basketball and baseball. Eade Jordan, tennis. Tony Foster, golf. Jack Alzina, lightweight, C and D basketball.

FOOTBALL practice games: Pittsburg 13-26, Leigh 12-19. Practice record 0-2. League: Monterey 12-7, Seaside 6-7, Watsonville 13-21, Salinas 18-32, North Salinas 21-18, Alisal 19-27, Soquel 0-44. League record 2-5, tied for sixth place. Season 2-7.

Linemen: ends, Wes Bergazzi and Steve Paul; interior line, Kent Balch, Jerry Johns, Jim Sutherland, Dan Poston, Greg Larsen and Tim Holtz. Quarterback, Mike Puget; backs, Byron Wilson, Dave Bilardello and Steve Grever. Other players: Ted McCarroll, Don Lowery, Boyd Barnette, Tom Hebert, George Arnott, Dave Trybom, Lovon “Lolly” Lowery, Joe Bentley, Phil Myers, Mike Lewis, Allan Becker, Greg Martin, Alan Rochelle, Dick Stubendorf, Mike Schwab, Ken Oakes, Jerry Malmin, Rich Ross, Todd Booth, Tim Collins, Frank Edwards, Walt Edwards, Alex Rossi, Bob Henderson, Tim Tosta, Tom Crichton, Bob Edwards, Ed Pettyplace and Mike Cahaley. Managers: Ernie Penrose, Brian Shontz and Ken Hawkins.

The first score in a 12-19 loss to Leigh was started by a series of short gainers. The longest gainer was on a double reverse with Byron Wilson ending up with a 20 gain. The key play of the series was a fumble by Mike Puget who turned the bad thing into something useful on a fourth and two situation from the Leigh 11. Mike decided to keep the pigskin, but he fumbled, recovered and hit Wes Bergazzi on the 8 from where Wes fought his way to the 5. Steve Grever then punched his way to the one. On a perfectly timed pitchout to Byron Wilson the Cards had their first TD. The second touchdown was set up by a fumbled punt return on the Leigh 23 yard line. Jim Sutherland was the first player to the ball, but Wilson ended up with it. Lolly Lowery scored from the four yard line. Late in the four quarter Lolly Lowery intercepted a pass on the 50 yard line and ran it all the way to the 20, but penalties stopped the chance to tie or win.

The Cards intercepted four passes against Seaside, but were not able to turn them into scores. Byron Wilson did run opening kick off back 80 yards for a score, but the PAT was missed and the final score was 6-7 in favor of Seaside. Our hats are off to Wes Bergazzi for his fine punting and to Jerry Johns and Mike Lewis for their defensive play. Both Johns and Lewis recovered fumbles. Dave Bilardello and Mike Puget teamed up to push the Redbirds to the 15 yard line in the second quarter, but the drive was stopped there.

The Cards scored 19 points against Alisal who scored 27. After Alisal scored first, the Card Machine averaged five and a half yards a play for 11 plays, before Greg Larsen scored from the one. The Cards were stopped on the five by the half time gun. On the second half kick off, Dave Trybom fielded the ball and on a reverse to Lolly Lowery who took it to the sidelines and 82 yards for a score to leave the Cards down only 13-14 after Puget scored for the extra point. Lowery scored again on a one yard run. Lowery’s speed is a big asset to the team. Jerry Johns stands out on defense and continues to let no one by. Dave Trybom roams the defensive backfield intercepting passes and stopping TD bound runners.

George Arnott was awarded the Rotary Inspirational Award. Tim Tosta received the Athletic-Scholarship Award with a 4.0 grade point average. The Alisal football team awarded Jerry Johns a trophy for being the “player they would least like to meet on the field again.” Dave Bilardello was presented the Dad Club sportsmanship award. Team captain awards went to Wes Bergazzi, Bryon Wilson and Dave Bilardello. Exceptional team players were Most Inspirational, George Arnott; Most Improved, Dick Stubendorff; Most Tackles, Jerry Johns; Most Yards Gained, Mike Puget; Best Blocker, Dan Poston; Outstanding Back, Greg Larsen and Outstanding Lineman, Wes Bergazzi.

Sentinel All County team: Offense: Senior end 6-2, 200 pound Wes Bergazzi;
Defense: senior end, 5-10, 165 pound, Mike Puget; Junior linebacker, 5-11, 160 pound Jerry Johns; Senior deep back, 5-11, 148 pound, Greg Larson. Honorable mention on offense: tackle Kent Balch; center, Don Poston; backs: Byron Wilson and Mike Puget.
Defense: Interior lineman, Ken Oakes; linebacker Dan Poston; Deep back Tim Holz.

LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Practice games: Soquel 27-31. League: Alisal 20-14,

Starting Line-up in different games during the year: Ends, Randy Hall, Scott Stolle, Dale Lyster and Don Roberts; Tackles, Barry Nash, Rick Neumann, Jim Hopper, Guards, John Garcia and David Valdez; Center, Arne Croce; Quarterback, Kip Herren; Halfbacks, John Thomas, Kim Gregory, Bill Johnson and Dee Herren; Fullback, Jim Bartell and Phil DeGirolomo. Rest of team were Jim Gilespie, Dave Withrow, Bob Skidmore, Robert Struthers, Steve Baldwin and Sha.

The Cardlets made a come back in the second half of their 27-31 loss to Soquel. Touchdowns were scored by Den Gregory, Jim Bartell and Kip Herren. The Cardlets passed for 46 yards and rushed for 161 for a total yards gained of 207.

The Cardlets severed a 16 game losing streak by crushing Alisal 20-14. Down 14-6 at halftime, the Cardlets mighty power came through. Dee Herren dove in from the two for a TD. With help from his brother Kip’s blocking Dee scored again on a reverse to put the Cards ahead for the win. The Cardlets dominated the second half controlling the ball and stopping their opponents from scoring. The first score came on a John Thomas 84 yard kick off return. Greg Bartlett provided some outstanding offense in vital situations.

ALL MBL PLAYERS were Jim Bartell, at defensive tackle, who had the most tackles for the season and was also selected as the most valuable player on the team. Jim Hopper was ALL MBL at center.

Top team members: Rich Cordero, second team ALL LEAGUE defensive back; Barry Nash, best blocker and second team ALL LEAGUE tackle; Kip Herren, team captain and starting quarterback; Ken Gregory, first team wing back and sportsmanship winner; Robbie Struthers, defensive end; Bruce Berry, Turtle of the year.

JV FOOTBALL Practice games: Pittsburg loss. Season record 5-4.

Starting Lineup in different games during the year: Lineman, Steve Seymour, Tom Mitchell, Daryl Henderson, John Agnone, Dan Matthews, Jim Hopper, Pat Pennell, Roy Trowbridge, Ben Krupp, Bert West, Jerry Vellutini, Gene Anderson, Jim Carrithers, Corney Brown, John Aspesi, Steve Modena, Dave McClure, Tim Collins and Mark Motell. Backs: Kirk Waller, Scott Graff, John Ebie Joe Hebert, Marty Gilbert and Steve Mendoza. Others were Rick DeWorken, John Carniglia, Patheal, Jim Lindblad, Batista Bregante, Gary McCune, Ron Niel, John Slaughter, Rusty Meyers, Al Rossi and Ken Scofield.

Penalties cause of Cards’ loss to Pittsburg. When 10 players make a real effort and one guy causes a penalty, it nullifies the effort of the other ten. Scott Graff was commended as the best defensive player.

For the Seaside game, John Agnone was declared the best defensive player for intercepting a pass and the best offensive player was Marty Gilbert, who ran for a 50 yard touchdown.

Top team members; Kirk Waller, quarterback and team captain; Marty Gilbert, MVP; Tim Hopper, Sportsmanship award; Tim Collins, Scott Graff, Tom Hebert, Sam Mathews and Steve Mendoza.

CROSS COUNTRY In the last two years the team has lost heavily, because of the lack of experience. The most experience runners this year are John Witaker, high point man; Paul Westburg, most improved; Eric Smith and George Hightower.

Varsity Runners: Eric Smith, Kent Webber, Paul Westberg, Scott Pitman, Casey Webber, Tim Christensen, Mike Moore, Frank Smith, Chuck Spray, Harry Huskey, Rivera, Tony Alvarez, Norbert Neuman and Linsey Cramer.

Practice games: Mora 79-37, Los Gatos 50-39. Dads Club, Salinas 31-25, Soquel 60-54, Monterey 58-51, SC DADS CLUB CHAMPIONS. Carmel 29-17, SLV 73-54. Practice record 7-0. League: Soquel 51-57, 62-48; North Salinas 42-51, 82-47; Salinas 34-22, 59-41; Watsonville 50-30, 53-54 two OT‘s; Monterey 59-38, 33-29; Seaside 54-44, 64-52; Alisal 71-41, 71-53. League record 11-3, co-champion with North Salinas. Beat North Salinas 50-46 in OT in a playoff to see who would represent the league at the Camellia tournament of champions. Season 19-3. Camellia Tournament Foothill 47-49 OT; Edison of Stockton, 64-71 and Yreka 53-55. Final record 19-6.

Final league and season standings: Santa Cruz 11-3, 19-6; North Salinas 11-3, 19-5; Monterey 10-4, 16-8; Watsonville 9-5, 16-8; Soquel 7-7, 10-11; Seaside 4-10, 9-14; Salinas 3-11, 3-18 and Alisal 1-13, 7-15.

The 1967 team had three sophomores, who helped SC through a pretty significant streak of excellent, exciting basketball for their era. They were Tom Foster, who was a first line substitute on varsity his freshman year and from the lightweight team All Leaguer, Gary Ghidinelli and sixth man, Kris Sorensen. The rest of the first eight, who played regularly, were seniors who played important roles in the success of this years team. Returning starters and seniors were team forward and captain, Wes Bergazzi and starting guard and top outside defensive player Mike Puget. Other returning players were Frank Edwards this years top inside defender and rebounder made the deciding one and one free throws to beat Monterey. Forward and rebounder, Don Fassio a starter or one of the first off the bench, who had a break out game against co-champions North Salinas scoring 18 points to help secure the co-championship. These seven players were interchangeable. If a player did not start, many times they would still play as much as the starters that game or even more than when they started. Seniors, Dana Hendersott played an inside spot in all but one game during the season and guard, Dave Billardello, who was especially effective on press defense. Other players were juniors, Dan Rodriguez, John Florek and Gary Castiglinoni.

(Practically all of the following is from the Sentinel.)
This team showed the preseason expectations for them were wrong, winning Dads Club and the rest of their practice games. The first league game was at North Salinas, which was considered the best team in the league this year, which the Cards lost. The Cards also lost the second league game to Soquel putting them in the hole right from the start, but they kept improving and lost one more game in the second half to Watsonville, who ended up being a spoiler the second half of the season, beating all three contenders for the championship. Going into the last game of the season, if Monterey had beaten North Salinas it would have been Monterey playing off with the Cards for the league title instead of North Salinas.

Cards Impress In Cage Debut beating Mora 79-37. All the Cards scored but three year varsity player Wes Bergazzi, who played on 12 minutes and spent his time passing off. Along with Bergazzi two other seniors started. They were returnee varsity player 6’2” Don Fassio and 6’4” Dana Hendershott. Two sophomores rounded out the starting five. Returning letterman Tom Foster and lightweight MVP and All League player Gary Ghidinelli. Scoring: Hendershott 9, Fassio 8, Foster 20, Ghidinelli 2, Edwards 15, Puget 6, Sorensen 13, Rodriguez 4 and Castiglioni 2.

Cardinals Defeat Los Gatos 50-39 for their second win. It was “merchants night” which allows spectators to purchase tickets from a group of merchants at half price as SC tries to acquaint spectators, who may not otherwise see a game with the Cards. The Cards led 27-15 at half. The Cards out rebounded the Cats 38-26. Tom Foster and senior Frank Edwards pulled in 9 rebounds, senior Dana Hendershott had 6 and Wes Bergazzi 5. (Bergazzi’s uncle, John Paul Juhl a former Cardinal was coach of the Cats.) Mike Puget and Gary Ghidinelli were stealing passes and setting up scores. Edwards covered his man like a blanket and appears to be the top defender. The Cards appear to be a well balance squad with good depth. Edwards, Puget and Kris Sorensen a 6’ 5” sophomore all came off the bench. Sorensen did not score, but was impressive. Scoring: Bergazzi 11, Fassio 4, Foster 13, Ghidinelli 8, Edwards 6, Puget 4, Hendershott 4 and Sorensen 0.

Cards Top Cowboys In Defensive tilt 31-25 to advance to the Dads Club semi-finals. The Cards beat Salinas at their own game, defense and deliberate offense. SC led throughout, but Salinas tied the score 25-25 with 3:05 to play. The Cards went into their “Kentucky offense” working the ball for a good shot. With about a minute left Tom Foster beat his man on a drive to put he Cards ahead. As Salinas made a pass to the inside Foster made a quick move intercepted the ball and was fouled. Foster made both. Then on a offensive rebound Foster scored again. SC put up a tremendous tight zone and Salinas played man to man. The Cards switched to a man to man press in the late going. SC controlled the boards 39-28. Foster led the rebounding with nine. Don Fassio turned in his best game in three appearances with some fine defensive work, eight rebounds and a team high of three assists. Scoring: Hendershott 2, Fassio 1, Foster 12, Puget 0. Bergazzi 5, Edwards 2. Ghidinelli 5 and Sorensen 4.

The Cards defeated Soquel 60-54 to earn their way to the championship game. A devastating zone defense the Knights had not faced before was a factor in the game. Tom Foster has improved steadily since the first of the season. Comment, “ Foster has always had good moves. He has just quickened his moves as has gained confidence.” The Cards exploded in the first quarter taking a 20-8 lead. At half time it was SC 35-22. Don Fassio went 5 for 5 from the line and Bergazzi had 6 for 8. The team made 22 of 28 free throws. On the whole SC’s offense worked smoothly, but when it did not the Cards were hot and hit from outside. Foster, Bergazzi and Edwards threw some nice passes for assist on plays. Scoring: Bergazzi 12, Fassio 11, Edwards 8, Foster 18, Ghidinelli 7, Sorensen 2 and Puget 2.

Soph Stars Cinch Dad’s Tourney For SC as Cards defeat Monterey 58-51 for the title. Three sophomore sensations Tom Foster, Gary Ghidinelli and Kris Sorensen, plus senior three year letterman and two year starter Wes Bergazzi sizzled in the Civic to win the third Dad’s title for SC. The others came in 1961 and 1965. It is difficult to pick out one individual, but if you did it would go to Ghidinelli a cool ball handler, scorer and good defensive player. This was easily the Cards best game of the season and it earned them a 5-0 record. At halftime the score was 22-25 Monterey. SC scored 21 points in the third period to go ahead 43-35. The Cards won the boards as well 37-17, with Edwards leading with 12, Foster 8 and Bergazzi 7. Scoring Bergazzi 15, Hendershott 2, Foster 12, Ghidinelli 17, Fassio 3, Edwards 4, Sorensen 5 and Puget 0.

The selection committee made their choices of All Tournament at halftime of the last game. Tom Foster was selected for SC. If they had waited, they would have to give the Cards Ghidinelli and Bergazzi a berth also.

Ghidinelli Scores 32 Against SLV in final game before league play. The Cards beat a solid SLV team 73-54. The Cards are the only undefeated team in the entire Central Coast Counties encompassing 23 prep schools. With six minutes left in the third quarter and SC only ahead 38-35, Ghidinelli’s scored seven points in 30 seconds. Then the Cards pulled away. Ghidinelli could easily of beaten James Smith’s record of 39 points in a game, if he had not sat out six minutes of the game and the Cards not gone to a more deliberate offense in the fourth quarter. “Ghid” as he is known to his teammates hit 11 of 16 from the field and 10 of 12 free throws. He was not the only star on the court, Mike Puget playing his best game of the season stood out offensively with 12 point and seven assists. Frank Edwards turned in a good defensive job as usual. The Cards only turned the ball over seven times. SC shot an amazing 53 percent on 27 for 51 attempts from the field. The Cards opened with a full court man to man press and fell behind 4-9. They switched to a zone press and quickly took command. Scoring: Edwards 6, Fassio 8, Hendershott 2, Puget 12, Ghidinelli 32, Foster 5, Sorensen 4, Bergazzi 0, Castiglioni 4, Bilardello, Rodriguez and Florek 0.

Dad’s Tourney Curse Strikes Again. Cardinals lose 52-41 to North Salinas after beating them in the tournament. The Cards started out ahead 10-6 and stayed ahead right up to halftime with the score SC 27-26. North Salinas dominated the second half as the Cards handled the ball as if it were red hot losing six times, which turned into 10 Viking points. SC started the game in man to man and switched to zone the rest of the game. The Card defense was impressive as always with Wes Bergazzi, Frank Edwards and Gary Ghidinelli hustling all the way. Ghidinelli led the Cards in scoring with 14 points all in the first half. Sorensen 2, Fassio 7, Ghidinelli 14, Bergazzi 4, Puget 0, Foster 5, Bilardello 2, Hendershott 5, Edwards 3, Rodriguez and Florek 0.

Soquel Knights Upset Cards In Shocker, 57-51 for the Cards second loss of the season. A capacity crowd of 1200 at the Civic saw an inspired Knight team completely out play and out hustle the Cards. Three-fourth of the way through the lightweight game, The fire department stopped SC frp, selling any more tickets. (That when people climb on to the roof and come in the windows. It happened sometimes.)
Soquel led the first quarter 16-12 and then pulled away the second quarter as the Cards appeared tense, forgot their patterns and forced bad passes. At halftime it was Soquel 29-19. With the score 39-28 the Cards put on a vicious full court press. Hustling for the first time, the Cards made it 39-35 at the end of the third quarter. With 3:40 left to play it was 45- 47, but with 1:25 left Soquel was up 55-48. Praises was given to Bergazzi, who had his best game of the year scoring 21 points and pulling off 16 rebounds. Sorensen had 10 rebounds and scored 7 points. Scoring: Edwards 2, Bergazzi 21, Foster 2, Puget 9, Ghidinelli 10, Sorensen 7, Fassio and Hendershott 0.

Cards Back On Track With 34-22 Victory Against Salinas. The only good thing about this contest was that it gave sleepy eyed reporters a chance to catch a few winks. The Cards led at the end of each quarter. Starting with the first quarter 7-6, 14-10 and 22-16 when the Cards went into what some people call a “stall”. Actually they just want to pull the defense out from around the basket. As the defense spreads out it opens up space to make passes inside and driving lanes to the basket. Don Fassio turned in an excellent game under the bucket with three offensive rebounds and five more on defense. Wes Bergazzi had four offensive and three defensive. Gary Ghidinelli had five and Tom Foster four rebounds. Scoring: Bergazzi 7, Fassio 2, Foster 9, Ghidinelli 5 Sorensen 5, Puget 4, Rodriguez 2 and Edwards, Hendershott, Bilardello and Florek 0.

SC Dominates Boards To Rout Watsonville 50-30. With a height advantage and a tight zone defense, SC controlled the backboards by the same 20 point margin they had on the score board, SC total rebounds 52-32. Kris Sorensen a 6”5” sophomore, who is coming of age, had 14 rebounds and Tom Foster another 6’5” sophomore had 9. Two seniors, both standing 6’2”, Don Fassio and Wes Bergazzi pulled down 8. In the second game in a row the Cards have force opponents to shoot poorer than 20 percent. Offensively SC got off to a poor start as they hit only 7 of 32 attempts in the first half. SC had 22 turnovers for the game, most coming in the first half. Watsonville began to press in the second half and the Cards improved their shooting going 12 of 26. Scoring: Bergazzi 15, Fassio 3, Foster 12, Sorensen 4, Puget 4, Ghidinelli 5, Edwards 7 and Hendershott 0.

Cards Down Monterey 59-38. The Cards played their best game so far against their old nemeses and league leaders before this game. The Cardinals beat Monterey, for the second time this year with outstanding defense holding the Toreadors to a 21 percent shooting average. This was the third consecutive game the Cards have limited the opposition to 20 percent shooting or less. The score at the end of the third quarter was Santa Cruz 33-25. Monterey started to press to no avail as the Cards went on to score 28 points the last quarter.
Top rebounders were Foster and Fassio with 9 each with four under the offensive boards for each one and Kris Sorensen had five rebounds. Foster led the team in assists with four. The Cards had 18 assists on 24 buckets another impressive statistic. Shooting wise Foster was 7 for 14, Fassio was 4 or 7, Ghidinelli was 5 for 7 and senior, Dana Hendershott, who played his best game, came off the bench to go 4 for 7 and grab 6 rebounds. Foster ended up with 20 points for high point honors and Ghidinelli was next with 10.
Comment, “this was our best game, period. We may have played better offensively in the Dads tourney game, but we played better defensively this game and better overall.” Heroes were numerous. “Everyone helped. Even if a player is in for only a few minutes and does not do their job, we get beat.” Scoring: Bergazzi 7, Fassio 8, Foster 20, Puget 2, Sorensen 4, Ghidinelli 10, Edwards 0, Hendershott 8, Rodriguez and Florek 0.

Cards Tip Seaside 54-44. The taller Cards refused to give up inside position under the backboards in the second half and nipped the Spartans. SC led only 47-44 with 1:10 to play, but as Seaside pressed and fouled the Cards made five out of nine free throws to win. The Redbirds missed 14 free throws in the game and have to be the worst team at the charity stripe in the league, but they made enough at the end. The Cards hit only 31 percent of their shots, while with their tight zone defense kept the Spartans from getting close in shots. The Cards won the rebounding 43-29. The ball handling is improving as the Cards only turned over the ball eight times, even with Seaside using the full court press part of the time. Scoring: Bergazzi 16, Fassio 0, Foster 14, Puget 0, Sorensen 4, Ghidinelli 10, Hendershott 3 and Edwards 7.

In their fifth straight victory the Cards were unimpressive while beating Alisal 71-53. Monterey beat North Salinas to put the Cards one game out from first. Alisal was tough on the boards with the Cards winning out 47-42. Tom Foster led in rebounding with 13. He turned in seven assists, a high for his two year varsity career and scored 14 points. Frank Edwards in another outstanding defensive game came up with 12 rebounds. Out of their 88 shots taken, the Cards only took four from beyond the key. Despite the good shot selection. they only connect on 27 of the 88 attempts for 31 percent average. Their foul shooting was not much better 17 for 32. Wes Bergazzi had probably his best game yet with 22 points on 9 for 15 from the floor driving very well for layups. He sparked a second quarter drive to put the Cards ahead 30-20. Scoring: Bergazzi 22. Sorensen 8, Foster 14, Ghidinelli 6, Edwards 9, Puget 4, Fassio 6, Hendershott 2, Bilardello and Florek 0.

Ghidenelli Pots 18 In Sixth Straight Win. The Cards outclassed Soquel 62-48. The Knights played a fine zone defense and held the Cards to six points in the first quarter for a 10-6 lead. With a little less then six minutes left in the second quarter and Soquel ahead 11-10, the Cards switched to a man to man defense and shot ahead with 24 points in the quarter. Soquel had some trouble with the man defense and the Cards took advantage of nearly every break. And that was the story. Second half play was fairly close, but neither team played its best. The thing that kept the Cards in the game was their 74 percent free throw effort which included 20 successful attempts.
By the end of the game both teams were in a man to man. Soquel stuck to a zone most of the game, while SC changed around. Foster and Puget, although they only scored nine and five points respectively were the primary figures on offense. They garnered 11 assists between themselves with seven for Foster and Puget with four. Assists were an important factor in the contest as SC was forced to use every trick in the book to penetrate Soquel’s tough defense. High scorer for the Cards was Ghidinelli with 18. Ghidinelli hit five of 13 field goal attempts and went 8 of 12 from the line. The Cards hit 33 percent from the floor and 74 percent from the line. Scoring: Bergazzi 13, Edwards 5, Foster 9, Ghidinelli 18, Sorensen 9, Puget 5, Hendershott 1, Ross, Rodriguez and Florek 0.

SC Rips Vikings 82-47and it was not as close as it sounds. The Cards played a perfect game. Santa Cruz’ inspired Cardinals were Tigers, both on offense and defense. Some of the assists looked like the National Basketball Association. North Salinas is a good team. It has lost only two games this season, both to Monterey. SC did everything right and nothing wrong and vice versa for the Vikings. The Cards broke a 4-4 tie on a lay up by Tom Foster off an assists from Don Fassio and the Cards were never headed thereafter.
The Cards zone defense stopped the Viking play maker before he could get to the top of the key to set up the offense. They forced seven turnovers in the first quarter and ten the second quarter as the Vikings became frustrated, when the Cards changed from zone pressure to man to man pressure. And something unheard of, the Cards went 7-7 at the foul line. At the half the score was 34-15.
In the second half the Vikings had to apply pressure and the Cards took advantage of beating them down court. SC turned in their best offensive showing of the year, led by Don Fassio’s 18 points. Total tally for the second half was 48 points. On the boards SC had a 46-23 advantage. Tom Foster led in rebounds with 12, Kris Sorensen had 8, Don Fassio and Frank Edwards 7 each. Mike Puget led in assist with seven followed by Foster with six–all things of beauty. In addition, Gary Ghidinelli had four assists, Fassio three, Dana Hendershott two and Kris Sorensen and Wes Bergazzi each had one. In the shooting department SC was 30 for 73 for 41 percent average. At the foul line the Cards were 22 for 31, their best night in this department. North Salinas 13 for 56 field goal attempts for a poor 23 percent, but another tribute to the SC defense. Scoring were Fassio 18, Foster 16, Ghidinelli 14, Sorensen 10, Bergazzi 8, Edwards 7, Hendersott 6, Puget 2 and Florek 1.

SC Shares MBL Lead with Monterey and North Salinas with 8-2 records. Cards defeated Salinas 59-41. Normally the front line does not lead a team in assists as happened this game when three Cards, Foster, Bergazzi and Edwards passed out four assists apiece. To account for 90 percent of the assists in this game. Edwards is not normally among the leaders in this department and deserves special credit as he does not normally handle that much. Bergazzi was ever alert with six of the eight Santa Cruz recoveries of free balls.
For the first time in three meetings the Cards started right off fast breaking. The score quickly went to 6-0 as Foster benefited from two great passes. At the end of the quarter it was SC 14-7. SC has become known recently as a tremendous second quarter defensive team. This was no exception. Against a tough man to man defense most of the time the Cowboys hit only one for 11 from the floor.
SC hit 51 percent of their shots going 22 of 43 attempts, all good close in shots. The Cards controlled the boards 38-26. The Cards main offensive threat was Bergazzi, who scored 17 points on 7 for 14 from the floor. Despite fouling out for the first time in quite awhile, Sorensen played a better game and had 8 rebounds. Scoring: Bergazzi 17, Sorensen and Foster 11 apiece, Hendershott 6, Puget 5, Ghidinelli 4, Fassio 3, Edwards 2, Bilardello and Florek 0.

SC Falters In Two Overtimes–Behind 8 Ball. Cards lose to Watsonville 53-54. Watsonville in their previous game beat Monterey to send the Toreadors into a tie with North Salinas with 9-2 records. SC is now 8-3. Scores by quarters were SC 14-12, 30-25, 48-38, 52-52, first OT no score still 52-52 and 53-54. Watsonville played a tremendously inspired game. The Cards played fair for three quarters, but it was not an overly impressive performance. The Cards led all the way through the third quarter with a ten point lead. Within 2 minutes the Cats had scored ten points, while the Cards scored two, to bring the Cats within two points. In the past SC has held the ball and been able to get open lanes to the basket, but this time it backfired. SC did not make a field goal during the final 14 minutes as Watsonville controlled the ball for eight minutes straight. Once Watsonville tied the score with four minutes left in regulation, it became a game of cat and mouse as the teams played for the last shot. In overtime it was more of the same. Watsonville did most of the Cattin’ around and the Birds became the mouse on defense. With two minutes to play and the score tied, Watsonville stole the dribble from the Cards as they were running down the clock. Now it was Watsonville’s turn to play for one shot. A shot from the corner missed and it was overtime.
In overtime Watsonville controlled the tip and held the ball out until eight seconds were left, but missed the shot. Second overtime they controlled the tip again. Foster blocked a layup attempt out of bounds. With eight seconds left Edwards nearly had a interception, but the ball went out of bounds. On the inbounds pass the Cats scored the winning basket with a Card right on him and two seconds to play. A Cat player knocked the ball on the floor to celebrate and a technical was called. Ghidinelli made the free throw and SC had the ball out of bounds with two seconds left. The pass went to the corner and the shot was missed. Most fans thought there were better options available for the Cards. Scoring: Bergazzi 10, Edwards 8, Foster 12, Ghidinelli 17, Puget 6, Sorensen, Fassio and Hendershott 0.

SC 33 Monterey 29. Unsung seniors Mike Puget and Frank Edwards came through when the chips were down to keep the Cardinals in the race for the league championship. For the third time this year the Cards beat Monterey. This time 33-29 in a tense battle. Puget broke a 29-29 tie with a minute 15 seconds to play putting Santa Cruz ahead to stay. After the shot, Mike made a quick sprint to intercept the inbounds pass and was fouled on his way for a lay up. Mike missed the free throw, but got his own rebound and passed it out and the ball was worked around. It ending up with a pass underneath to Foster for a lay up. Mike also got three big rebounds in the final two minutes of play. At the end of all this, Edwards very calmly sank a pair of free throws on a one and one situation with 16 seconds to play to put the Cardinal lead out of reach. We understand at the time out prior to his shot, captain Wes Bergazzi had advised Frank to just relax and Frank’s quick rely was “no problem its made”. Despite a tremendous amount of heckling from the Toreadore followers, he calmly sank both free throws as if he hadn’t a care in the world. Monterey’s game strategy marked the fourth time this year an opponent has tried to slow down the fast breaking Cardinals with a deliberate style game. And it was the fourth time the Cards have ended up ahead. It has not worked so far. But it is something the Cards have been known to do themselves a few times, when ahead in the second half of a game to get the opponents to bring their defense out to open up more passing lanes. Santa Cruz used a zone defense, picking up the Toreadores near half court. Monterey could not penetrate it and held the ball for long periods of time. As a result Santa Cruz had only 26 shots making 11 for 42.3 percent. Monterey shot 10 for 30 or 25.6 percent.
The foul shooting was not good for either team. After losing the rebounding battle 11 to 20 in the first half the, Cards turned it around with a 20 to 8 advantage the second half. Leading in rebounding were Edwards 8, Bergazzi 7 and Fassio 6. And do not overlook the Cardinal zone defense, which held “deadeye” Sal Cardinale to 8 points and a tie for high point man with Ghidinelli. So the league race is anything but over. The pressure cooker is just starting to get steamed up.

Cards beat Seaside 64-52. Head lines, Cards, Monterey, Vikes In Three Way Deadlock. As usual in crucial games, SC started slowly and Seaside led 7-4. After a time out they went ahead 13-10 at the end of the quarter. Mid way in the second quarter Gary Ghidinelli and Wes Bergazzi put the Cards in command for good as the Cards outscored Seaside 19-8 for the quarter. Kris Sorensen who came to play scored 10 points in the third quarter and had 18 points for the game and 15 rebounds. Sorensen seems to rise to the occasion when the game gets rough. Last night was no exception. With he and Tom Foster, who had 14 rebounds, going to work on the boards SC had the boards 48-31. SC shot 24 for 39 from the line and 20 of 46 from the field for a fine 44 percent. As Ghidinelli was dribbling with about 5 minutes to play, there was a sudden cheer from the stands. He may have wondered what he did for the cheer. Card fans had radios tuned into the Watsonville game and heard the Cats had just beaten North Salinas 50-49 to make a three way tie for the title. Scoring: Bergazzi 15, Sorensen 18, Foster 3, Ghidinelli 16, Edwards 9, Puget 3, Fassio and Hendershott 0.

SC Faces Vikes In Playoff Tomorrow. Cards beat Alisal 57-46 to gain a share of the MBL championship. The will play North Salinas to see who will make the trip the Camellia City tournament. Both teams were 11-3 in league and split their league games. With 5:25 left in the first half and the Cards ahead 14-12, the Trojans took their first time out. Both teams had been using zone defenses with the Cards sinking back a little more than normal to stop Alisal’s big center and league leading scorer. The Cards changed to a man to man with pressure on the ball, which enabled the Cards to make some interceptions and get layups. The halftime score was SC 29-20. The Cards started the half holding the ball out trying to pull the Alisal defense, but it did not work as turnovers allowed the Trojans to tighten up the score to 29-24 with 6 minutes left in the quarter. Don Fassio entered the game and with a flurry of five points by Don the Cards took a 45-31 lead. From there on it was a matter of killing the clock. The Cards controlled the boards 38-28. Two sophomores Tom Foster had 11 rebounds and Kris Sorensen had nine, five of them on offense. SC shot 24 for 56 from the floor, 43 percent. SC had 12 turnovers. The leagues top scorer with a 20 point average was held to 12 points. Scoring: Bergazzi 17, Sorensen 12, Foster 9, Edwards 3, Ghidinelli 7, Puget 1, Fassio 8, Hendershott, Florek and Bilardello 0.

Cards 50, North Salinas 46. In a playoff game with North Salinas, on a neutral court at Soquel, before a jam packed standing room only crowd and the tension at an all time high, under these conditions the game actually was pretty well played. Oh, there were times when passes slipped through fingers, or an over anxious player was guilty of taking too many steps. But on the whole the Cardinals played a better game than they have since losing to Watsonville. Wes Bergazzi, a 6’2” senior, who was in Sacramento with the Cards in 1965, was the Cardinal standout. Although Kris Sorensen, playing despite a virus, could not be overlooked as he had eight rebounds, all in the second half and two big ones in the overtime. He also scored 10 points and broke the overtime tie with a 12 foot jump shot. Bergazzi was 3 for 3 in the overtime period at the foul line and made five of the Cardinals eight points in this three minutes. It was at the foul line that the Cardinals won the game. Santa Cruz finished with 20 for 34, while North Salinas was 10 for 14. The Vikings acted like they would rather have the Cards shoot foul shots then field goals. The lead changed hands five times during the game and the score was tied eight times. Santa Cruz led 7-1 in the opening minutes and that was the biggest lead of the night. The score was tied at the end of every period but the third when the Cards forged ahead 38-35. As mentioned before Bergazzi and Sorenson took over during the over time. The line up: Bergazzi 14, Sorensen 10, Foster 5, Ghidinelli 7, Puget 6, Fassio 4, Edwards 4, Hendershott 0.

The Cardinals prevailed and earned the trip to Sacramento for the Camellia Tournament of Champions. The CCS playoffs did not start until the next year. At the end of the regular season the Cardinals record was 20-2.

League stats: North Salinas edged out Santa Cruz by six points for the league team scoring the most points. North Salinas won 775 point to 769 for game score averages of 55.3 and 54.3. Monterey was in fifth place in scoring with 733. This shows that the league was well balanced in scoring as well as the won, loss records. It was a tight league. On defense Santa Cruz and Salinas tied with 614 for a 43.9 average per game. The Salinas scores are low, as they are playing slow to keep the scores down and usually close. It gives them a better chance to win. The real story is the spread. The difference between the offensive scores and the defensive scores, where Santa Cruz had a 6 point edge +11.0 scoring over defense and North Salinas a + 5.9.

Santa Cruz scoring for league games: Bergazzi 179, Ghidinelli 144, Foster 142, Sorensen 94, Edwards 67, Fassio 61, Puget 46, Hendershott 31, Rodriquez and Bilardello 2, Florek 1,

Going into the Camellia tournament the team will be counting on the leadership of their senior captain, Wes Bergazzi, who is a veteran of the 1965 tournament and Mr. Clutch for the Cards down the stretch drive as the Cards were tied for the league lead only seven days. After losing the first two league games and seemingly out of the title race, the Cards lost only one other game, an overtime loss to Watsonville. Watsonville went on to beat North Salinas and Monterey to put the Cards back into the race. The Cards have played under pressure all season, so should not be intimidated by any team.

Against top competition the Cards lost all three games in Sacramento. In front of a crowd of approximately 3000 more than double any other crowd this season, the Cards lost to Foothill of Sacramento 47-49 in over time. Make no mistake about it, there was tension on the court, but under the conditions, the college scouts here thought the SC players did an admirable job.
A comment from a USC assistant coach was “the best team” did not win the game, but “the best” player did. The Cardinals played more deliberate on offense and had the best defensive game in the tournament. Foothill’s one man gang, 6’6” Larry Webber, the top scorer of the 22 school Sacramento area, tried almost half of his teams shots with 33 attempts, but made only made eight. (He went on to play first string at Oregon State). Frank Edwards did a tremendous job of defending him. On screens his teammates switched and played him tight. Foothill went on to play in the finals. John Karsten, an important member of the 1953 Cardinal championship team, (considered one of the best teams to ever play at SCHS) is the coach at Foothill. Line up: Edwards 5, Bergazzi 10, Foster 19, Sorensen 2, Fassio 0, Ghidinelli 9, Puget 2.

The next night it was Edison of Stockton. The Cards trailed by 15 early in the second half. But It looked like they would pull it out, when they closed to within three at 62-65 with 1:30 to play. This was the first time the Cards showed any indication of being tired, physically and emotionally. They have had two overtime games already this week and then had to play a team with a lot of natural ability and tremendous speed. Edison added five more points to their score in the last minute. Edison shot 50 percent from the floor and Santa Cruz shot 42 percent. (One of their 6’11” centers went on to play for the New York Kinks) Scoring for SC: Bergazzi 15, Edwards 10, Foster 12, Ghidinelli 10, Puget 2, Sorensen 9, Fassio 0, Hendershott 2, Bilardello 4 and Fassio 0.

Cards lose to Yreka 53-55. The tiring Cardinals ran out of gas in the second half and blew a 10 point lead they had early in the third quarter. At the end of the third it was still Santa Cruz 44-39, until a scrappy Yreka team started pressing the Cards into turnovers. With two minutes to play Ghidinelli calmly sank two free throws to give him 27 points for the game and put the Cards ahead 53-52, but it was not to be. Ghidinelli, who has a tendency not to shoot enough hit 8 for 19 plus 11 for 15 from the line. Team scoring: Bergazzi 14, Sorensen 3, Foster 6, Ghidinelli 27, Puget 2, Fassio 1, Edwards 0, Hendersott 0, Bilardello 0, Rodriquez 0.

Even though the Cards lost all three games, the tournament officials are impressed with the Cards potential. There has been some speculation that the MBL might be dropped from this tournament as the league has now lost 17 while winning only one. The director of the tournament told the Sentinel on Saturday, “It looks like we will be seeing Santa Cruz here the next two years”.

Cards Earn Compliment from the Camellia Basketball Tournament. “Dear Mr. Nelson: On behalf of the Camellia Basketball Tournament, we would like to thank you and your school for the excellent showing you made in the recent Camellia Basketball Tournament. I am pleased to say that the high school students that represented your school did so in a manner which brought credit to themselves and to their school. I hope that we can have your school represented in future years at an ever growing and better Camellia Basketball Tournament. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, James R. Erickson, Camellia Tournament Chairman”

SC cage coach finally heaps praise on Cards with these comments, “what helped the most was the team effort. Someone was always picking the other guy up. Always someone came through in the clutch and the kids felt this too. They all felt they were part of the team. That’s why the season was a success. He also cited the team balance in scoring, rebounding, assists and other areas. It was a true “team” effort.” “Four pressure games in six days was too much to ask from anyone. Every game was tight an allowed no time to relax. If we hadn’t had the playoff game on Monday night things could have turned out different. We would have had a little more steam left.” “Everyone I talked to was impressed with the team. A USC coach made a comment after our first game, saying the best team did not win, the best player did. I was proud of the way they played and don’t feel they have anything to be bad about, but rather can feel good about their efforts. Everyone exceeded our expectations.:

The final Cardinal individual statistics listed by name, number of games played, total points and point per game average.

Bergazzi 25 280 11.2
Ghidinelli 25 272 10.8
Foster 25 266 10.6
Sorensen 25 146 5.8
Edwards 25 133 5.3
Fassio 24 105 4.2
Puget 25 84 3.4
Hendersott 24 52 2.1
Castiglioni 4 6 1.5
Rodriquez 4 8 1.1
Bilardello 10 10 1.0
Florek 11 1 .1

Ghidinelli had the hottest night of the season against SLV with a 32 points early in the season and end the season with 27 as he tried to pull the Cards through their final game against Yreka. Ghidenelli tried the most shots 256, scored the most free throws 87, and had the best percentage on the line 75.6. He also gained the most possession of tips off jump balls with 29.

Tops in rebounds were Foster with 211, Bergazzi 150, Sorensen 149, Edwards 148. In assists Foster 94, Ghidinelli 77, Puget 70 and Bergazzi 63.

Bergazzi made the most field goals 107 and had the best field goal percentage .463, most free throw attempts 127 and the most recoveries 60. In addition he scored the most points 280.

The Cards have a rating system at the end of the year combining all the facets of the game into a plus or minus. Plus points are given for field goals and free throws made, assists, recoveries, gaining a held ball or a tip and rebounds. Minus points are given for shots attempted, free throws attempted, fouls, letting a held ball happen, bad passes and violations. The difference in the total is a players score. No one on the squad ended up with a minus score. Top point makers were Foster 483, Bergazzi 396, Ghidinelli 251, Edwards 251, Puget 216, Sorensen 193 and Fassio 182. There’s that balance again. Each member of the team receives a sheet with his record to show to his grand children what a fine player he was.

Wes Bergazzi has been the captain all year, He and Foster were voted most valuable. Kris Sorensen was voted most improved.

Sentinel All Santa Cruz County Cage Team has four Cardinals out of the ten selected. They are senior, Wes Bergazzi and sophomores Gary Ghidinelli, Tom Foster and Kris Sorensen. Senior, Frank Edwards was chosen as an honorable mention.

ALL MBL honors went to Wes Bergazzi and Tom Foster. They were also selected All Dads Club tournament.

With the experience and confidence from this year, the three sophomores along with junior, Dan Rodriguez should help the team rise to higher heights the next year.

Season record 20-1. Had 18 straight wins. In all the Cardlets have won 33 out of their last 34 games. Over the last two years the combined record is 39-3.

Many scores are not available. Los Gatos 67-35, Watsonville 59-41, Soquel for only loss of year, Salinas 50-49, 40-34; Alisal 62-34, Monterey win,

This team has an abundance of excellent athletes that do well in a variety of sports. This group is part of one of the best athletic groups ever at SC. Just about everyone on this squad plays at least one other sport and some do three.

In the second game of the season the Cardlets took the Los Gatos Frosh-Soph team 67-35. Rod Fleming and Bill Kypreos did a good job setting up the offense after Los Gatos started pressing. Kirk Waller led all scorers with 24 points followed by Wilson 10, Nunes 10, Rod Fleming 6, Murray Fleming 5, Torchio 4, Gilbert 2 and McFall 2.

The Cardlets won the preseason Salinas Invitational beating Salinas in the finals 51-29 or their eighteenth straight victory counting 13 wins from last year and four wins this year. The Cardlets held Salinas to one field goal in the fourth quarter, while they tallied 17. Top scorers were Grant Wilson with 18 points and Kirk Waller with 14. In the semifinals the previous night the smooth operating Cardlets trounced Watsonville 61-31. SC jumped out to a 32-19 lead at the half and kept scoring. Kirk Waller potted 24 points on outside long jump shots. Grant Wilson scored in double figures for the third night of the tournament scored ten. Other scorers were Rod Fleming 8, Roger Barat, Bill Kypreos and Murray Fleming had 3 each, Don Torchio and Bob Nunes 2 each, Steve Vomvolakis and Marty Gilbert 0 each.

Cardlets Beat Cowbabe ‘5’ 40-34 to knock Salinas from the ranks of the unbeaten in MBL play. The Cardlets are now 2-1 in MBL play and 9-1 for the season. Kirk Waller was high point man with 15. Grant Wilson scored 11, three on clutch second half field goals. Steve Vomvolakis, who scored only one point, made a clutch free throw in the final two minutes to eliminated the possibility of Salinas tying the score on a three point play. Score by quarters SC 10-10, 23-22, 31-29, 40-34. Other Cardlet scoring: Marty Gilbert 8, Rod Fleming 5, and Bill Kypreos 0.

In the only loss of the year came against Soquel, on a bad shooting night, but there were still two outstanding players on the floor in Doug Ley and Bill Kypreos. In a close game against North Salinas, Marty Gilbert brought the team from behind, by scoring 13 points and clearing the boards.

In beating Salinas 50-49, the top players were Steve Vomvolakis and Bill Kypreos again

Even though the Cardlets are on a ten game win streak, the last four games have been particularly better by putting up a tougher defense and more passing and scoring. Grant Wilson and Kirk Waller still lead in scoring and rebounding. Rod Fleming and Bill Kypreos do a fine job of getting the ball to the scorers. Freshman Marty Gilbert at center has been rebounding well and has picked up his scoring.

Monterey gave the Cardlets a tough battle being behind by only one point 34-33 at the end of the third quarter. The fourth quarter was another matter as the Cardlets added 17 points to their side of the ledger for the win. Again Waller with 19 and Wilson with 16 led the scoring. Guard Rod Fleming drew praise for his play as well as Grant Wilson for his consistent board work.

Grant Wilson unofficially set a SCHS lightweight single game scoring record with 33 points while playing Seaside. Twenty two of them came in the tightly contested first half.

Comments from coach Jack Alzina, “The team uses patterned plays to get certain shots and also to set up the top shooters. It has been working with perfection. The fact that the team had no upper classmen on the time makes it even more of an accomplishment. The team was a real good disciplined ball club with real poise and confidence on the floor. This was only accomplished by really hard work and self sacrifice. Competition teaches team work, self sacrifice and pride in what a person is doing. It gives the boys a good knowledge of what life is because, it is a competitive world.”

The team: Kirk Waller and Grant Wilson led the team in scoring. Bill Kypreos was the play maker. The rest of the starters were hustling Rod Fleming and rebounders Marty Gilbert and Doug Ley. Providing strong reserve strength were freshman standouts Dee Herren and Steve Vomvolakis and sophomores Bob Nunes, Roger Barat, Murry Fleming, Dennis McCarthy, Alan Badger and D. Torchio. The Cardlets stormed to their second consecutive MBL championship compiling a 20-1 record. They also won the early season Salinas Invitational Tournament with Kirk Waller averaging 21.6 points a game and Grant Wilson 16 points a game.

Kirk Waller and Grant Wilson were ALL LEAGUE selections. Honorable mention went to play maker Bill Kypreos. Kirk Waller was the most valuable player and Grant Wilson was the second player chosen. Even though these two players were the best in the league and also the top scorers, the real strength of the team was their overall team play and desire.

JV BASKETBALL Practice games: Carmel won, SLV won,
League: Soquel 53-57, win; Watsonville 42-45, 32-34; North Salinas 37-75,
Season record was 8 wins and 10 loses. Six of the 10 losses were by 3 points or less. With just a few more points, the team could have had a winning season.

Players were Al Marshall, Steve Seymour, Steve Canepa, Gary Castiglioni, Dan Rodriguez, Dave Hendershott, Tim Collins, C. Hightower, Jim Sutherlin, C. Blade, Baldwin, Ross and Reese.

From the coach, “The team this year is pretty good offensively, but needs work on defense. Fourteen of the 17 boys on the team are new this year, so it has been pretty hard, but they are steadily improving,”

In the 32-34 loss late in the season to Watsonville, the Cards coach Doug Severin felt his team played a better game than the Cats. “We held them defensively, got more good shots and rebounded better, but just could not get the ball in the hoop. The kids played a good game, we just did not win.” Dan Rodriquez and Gary Castiglioni were high point men for the Cards.

The combined records of the C and D teams was 22 wins and 2 losses. Both losses were by one point. The combined two year record is 49 wins and 6 losses.

Games; Alisal 61-23, 63-22; North Salinas 50-24, Palma 72-40, Watsonville 39-28, Soquel 47-22, 52-40

In the season opener against Alisal, coach Alzina was pleased with the game, noting good passing, running the offense, and balanced scoring. Bill Kypreos 19, Alan Badger 13, Steve Vomvolakis 12, Bob Nunes 11, Don Torchio 4 and Steve Canepa 2.

Against Alisal, Bill Kypreos scored 15 points, Steve Vomvolakis 10, Don Torchio 8, Bob Nunes 8, Lamb 7, Alan Badger 3 and Cunha 2. Coach Alzina was pleased with the defensive play of Nunes, Badger and Torchio.

North Salinas scoring: Torchio 15, Kypreos 13, Nunes 8, Fleming 7, Canepa 4 and Badger 3.

Against Palma in a 72-40 win Murray Fleming topped the Cards in rebounding. Scoring: Vomvolakis 15, Kypreos 14, Torchio 10, Canepa 7, Nunse 6, Ken Lamb 6 and Fleming 6.

Watsonville scoring: Kypreos 10, Vomvolakis 8, Fleming 6, Torchio 6, Nunes 5, Lamb 2 Canepa 2.

Soquel scoring: Vomvolakis 11, Kypreos 11, Nunes 9, Lamb 4, Fleming 5, Torchio 7. Nunes and Badger were commended for their play on the boards.

In the final game of the season against Soquel the scoring: Kypreos 12, Fleming 11, Torchio 8, Badger 6, Lamb 5, Vomvolakis 4, Nunes 2 and Canepa 2.

Steady team play and excellent defense were the teams trade mark. Their record was 11-1 identical to last year. Scoring punch was provided mainly by Bill Kypreos, Bob Nunes, Murray Fleming and Steve Vomvolakis. The tough defense and rebounding was handled by Alan Badger, Steve Canepa, Ken Lamb, Steve Cunha, Don Torchio and Monte Puget.

In the last game of the year a 52-40 win against Soquel, the scoring was Kypreos 12, Fleming 11, Lamb 7, Torchio 8, Canepa and Nunes 2 each, Badger 6 and Vomvolakis 4.

Games: Alisal 28-29, 53-23; North Salinas 48-18, Palma 39-16, Watsonville 26-19, Soquel 37-29, 27-22,

In the season opener against Alisal the Cards lost by one point 28-29. They missed numerous free throws late in the fourth quarter. A technical foul in the fourth stanza gave Alisal the lead.

Against Alisal Murray Fleming tallied 24 points followed by Herb Corbone with 14, Hughes 11, Arnott 8, and McCarthy 6.

North Salinas scoring: Tom Hughes 14, Dennis McCarthy 12, Carbone 9, Steve Cunha 6, Mel Arnott 4 and Bruce Wagstaff 2.

Tom Hughes led the offensive punch against Palma and Mel Arnott and Dennis McCarthy cleared the boards in a 39-16 win.

Watsonville scoring: Carbone 9, Hughes 7, Cunha 4, Dennis McCarthy 4, Chuck Frazier 2.

Soquel scoring: Carbone 13, Hughes 7, Cunha 10, McCarthyy 4 and Frazier 3. Carbone was commended for his all around work.

In the final game of the season against Soquel scoring: Carbone 8, McCarthy 6, Cunha 5 Hughes 4 and Don Foster 4.

The only loss came in the opener and was by one point. The squad won the next eleven for a 11-1 record. Leading the scoring was Herb Carbone along with Dennis McCarthy and Tom Hughes.
Don Foster did a fine job at guard both offensively and defensively. Other players were Chuck Frasier, Mel Arnott, S. Curka, Bruce Wagstaff, and Larry Smith.

WRESTLING At the MBL meet the Cards took third place behind the winner Salinas by one point and runner up Monterey.

Earlier write ups were cut out of the Trident. End of the season dual meet scores were Alisal 45-11, Watsonville 24-22, Soquel 31-18.

With only one dual match left, six wrestlers have already earned their letters by scoring 30 points. These points do not include the last dual meet plus the MBL meet, CCS and Northern Cal were most of these wrestlers added to their point total. They are Kip Herren and Pat Pennell, who have 40 points, Jerry Malmin 36, Phil DiGirolamo, Allan Rochelle and Bob Borelli.

At the end of last season Kip Herren had 84 points. Kip’s won loss record is the best on the team with 11 wins, one draw and one loss by two points.

At the Homestead Invitational the Cards scored 25 points against top teams in the Bay area. Kip Herren took second place and Pat Pennell placed third.

At the MBL meet the Cards placed in nine events and won four matches. The winners and their weight divisions were Brenden Baer, 133; Allan Rochelle, 138; Pat Pennell, 145 and Jerry Malmin, 165. Kip Herren, 120, took second. Tom Mitchell, 191 took third and Dave Anderson, 112 took fifth.

The first and second placers are eligible to advance to the CCS finals at South San Francisco. Kip Herren the most valuable Card earned a third place that qualifies him to go to the Northern California finals. Baer and Pennell won one match and lost one. Rochelle and Malmin lost both their matches.

Kip Herren kept his torrid pace going, taking another third at the prestige’s Northern Cal finals for the top wrestlers form Bakersfield to the Oregon boarder.

Tournament top scorers listed by name, weight division and place in what tourney. Kip Herren, 120, second at the Homestead Invitational, second in MBL, third in CCS and third in the Northern California Invitational. Brenden Baer, 133, MBL champion. Allan Rochelle, 138, MBL champion, Pat Pennell, 145, third at the Homestead Invitational, MBL champion. Jerry Malmin, 165, MBL champion.

Other team members were P. Langston, S. Langston, Rott, Roach, Steve Belcher, B. Wylie, Garcia, Johnson, Lambright, Knowels, Alaniz, Roy Trowbridge, Tietz, Jerry Lezin, Sam Trybom, Temmerman, F, Mendez, Royals, Vierra, Crider, Tom Pederson, Brown, Honorio and Willie Head.

JV WRESTLING with one match left the team has won 5 and lost 8. The most impressive victories were against Half Moon Bay 45-11, Seaside 32-11, Alisal 28-20. Other win were against Soquel 16-13 and Salinas 24-23.

Best examples of SC wrestling power are Phil DiGirolamo, Bob Borelli, John Garcia and Jim Vellutini.

BASEBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Practice games: Del Mar 5-2, Saratoga 11-4, Carmel 8-1, MBL/Salinas tournament: Salinas 3-0, Soquel 6-1, Alisal 2-5 for second place. San Lorenzo Valley 1-1, Marin Catholic 10-4, 2-1; Bellarmine 2-1, Wilcox 8-1, Alumni not counted 3-3. Practice record 9-1-1.

Rain cut out the first round of league games, so extra games were played were played against Watsonville and Soquel. One with Watsonville, and four with Soquel were played as practice games. Watsonville 3-5 and Soquel 6-4, 3-4, 7-1, 4-5. All the Soquel games were played at Soquel due to the good drainage at there field. These games went 2-3 and some were played under bad conditions just to try to get some playing time in.

Due to all the postponed games the league decided to play only a single round of games.
League games: Watsonville 2-0, Soquel 4-3, North Salinas 12-0, Salinas 4-3, Monterey 10-2, Seaside 2-6, Alisal 3-1. League record 6-1 for championship.

San Rafael end of season Invitational tournament: Marin Catholic 1-6 and El Camino of South San Francisco 13-12. Record 1-1.

CCS tournament: Sequoia 9-5, South San Francisco 4-3, Willow Glen 1-2 in semi finals. Record 2-1. Total record 20-7-1.

The Cards in their first game of the season beat Del Mar 5-2 at Harvey West (this has to be a first to play so soon in the season at Harvey West) with great four hit pitching by three Card hurlers. Dan Rodriguez started and went four innings for the win followed by Dana Hendershott for two innings and John Florek for one. They only gave up four hits and one earned run. The Cards got all their runs in the first two innings. In the first inning, Dave Trybom led off with a walk and stole second. Dave Bilardelllo double against the right centerfield wall scoring Trybom. Bilardello swiped third and tallied as Tim Holz slammed a two bagger. In the second, Dan Poston walked and went to third on Rodriguez’ single. Trybom drove in both runners. Crichton doubled in Trybom for the last Card score. Bilardello was the only player with two hits. Hendershott picked of two runners at first base.

Cards win two beating Saratoga 11-4 on Friday and Carmel 8-1 on Saturday. Against Saratoga the Cards were down 2-4 going into the fifth inning and came back to score two in the fifth to tie the game and the one in the six and then a break out seventh inning scoring 6. Dana Hendershott started and went three innings, then Dan Rodriguez went two and Mike Puget the last two for the win. Top hitters were Dave Trybom, Rodriguez and Jerry Malmin with two each.

In the Saturday 8-1 win over Carmel Bergazzi hit a bases loaded homer a “grand slam” and Trybom a three from homer. Those with two hits were Trybom, Crichton and Bergazzi. The whole squad saw action. Lineup: Bilardello C, McCarroll Lf, Trybom CF, Arnott 2B/SS, Crichton SS, Holz 1B, Bergazzi RF, Florek 3B/P, Rodriguez P, Joe McCllelan LF, Tom Turner 2B, Jim Sutherland RF, Allen Badger LF, Hendershott P, Puget P and Mike Cahaley PH.

At the MBL/Salinas Tournament the Cards beat Salinas 3-0 in the first game in the morning and came back in the afternoon to beat Soquel 6-1 in the semi-finals to put themselves in the finals against Alisal. Dana Hendershott went the first five innings against Salinas for the win. John Florek finished up he last two. The lineup against Salinas: Trybom CF, 4-0; Bilardello C ,1-0; Crichton SS, 3-2; Arnott 2B, 4-2; Bergazzi RF, 4-2; Holz 1B, 1-0; Malmin RF, 2-0; McCarroll LF, 3-1; Poston 3B, 2-0; Hendershott P, 1-1; Florek P, 1-0.

Against Soquel in a 6-1 win, the Cards had ten hits and scored four runs in the first inning. Dan Rodriguez is the first Card pitcher to pitch a complete game. Dan gave up five hits, walked three and struck out three. Crichton and Florek both had triples. RBI’s were Florek with two and Bergazzi, Holz and Crichton had one each. Lineup: Trybom CF, 3-2; McCarroll LF 4-2; Crichton SS, 3-2; Arnott 2B. 4-1; Bergazzi RF, 3-1; Holz 1B, 3-0; Florek C, 3-1; Poston 3B, 2-1; Rodriguez P, 3-0; Malmin RF, 1-0 and Jim Sutherland 1B, 1-0.

Under the lights at Salinas Municipal stadium Alisal beat the Cards 2-5 for the tourney championship. It was a strike out night with the Alisal pitcher striking out the Cards 16 times out of 27 at bats. Starter for the Cards, Mike Puget struck out 8 in four innings. John Florek struck out two in one inning and Dana Hendershott had five in two innings. Dave trybom was the only Card with two hits. Others with hits were by by Malmin, Bilardello, Crichton and Bergazzi.

SC Dumps Marin Catholic 5-3 on ten hits. Starter Dana Hendershott went five innings giving up two hits, walking none and striking out five for the win. John Florek finished up the last two giving up only one hit. The Cards seem to score in the first inning and it was no exception in this game as George Arnott lined a double down the left field line and score on Dave Trybom’s single. Catcher Dave Bilardello foiled a squeeze play by calling a pitch out to get the runner from third. In the third inning Hendershott singled to left and went to third on Bilardello’s sharp double. Trybom singled to score Henershott. Bergazzi singled in Trybom. Jerry Malmin singled to right and Bergazzi lit out for third and scored on a bad throw that went into left field. Malmin kept on running and scored when the next throw got away from the pitcher. A wild inning. Bill Kypreos came up from the JV team did his job fill a a spot in the infield, plus getting a hit. Lineup: Bilardello C, 3-1; Arnott SS, 3-1; Trybom CF, 3-2; Bergazzi LF, 3-2; Malmin RF, 3-1; Holz 1B, 3-1; Poston 3B, 3-0; Kypreos 2B, 3-1; Hendershott P. 1-1 and Florek P, 1-0.

Bellarmine had lost only one game, before the Cards beat them 2-1. Astute base running by catcher Dave Bilardello and centerfielder Dave Trybom in the first inning put the Cards ahead right away 2-0. Bilardello led off the game with a walk and moved around to third on a short pass ball and a throwing error by the catcher. Trybom put down a perfect squeeze bunt to score Dave and was safe at first and then stole second. Then went to third as Crichton beat out an infield hit. On the double steal, Trybom scored from third. Two runs without the ball getting out of the infield. Later in the game Tim Holz hit a triple. John Florek pitched the first three innings giving up the only Bell run. Mike Puget went the next three and Dana Hendershott then mopped up the seventh inning setting the Bells down in order. Three Bells were thrown out on the base paths by the alert Cards, who also had clutch pitching. Probably the key play was made by Tom Crichton on a hard hit ball to his left and made a strong throw to Bilardello to get the runner. (who was Dan Pastoruino a college and NFL quarterback)

Cardinal Hurlers Blank Cats 2-0 at the upper diamond. After many postponements the Cards won their first league game beating Watsonville 2-0 behind the pitching of Dana Hendershott, who went the first 5 1/3 innings giving up only three hits and striking out seven. Dan Rodriquez came in with runners on base and one out. He struck out the next two batters. The first batter on four pitches and the next on three pitches. He then stuck out the next two batters to led off the seventh inning to tally four strike outs in a row. A super game for Dan. Ted McCarroll walked, stole second and Dave Trybom drove him in with what proved to be the winning run with a single in the third frame. Wes Bergazzi added an insurance run on a squeeze play scoring Trybom from third in the sixth inning. This gave the team a 2-0 league record and 8-2 for the season. Lineup was McCarroll LF, 2-0; Arnott 2B, 3-2; Trybom CF, 2-1; Crichton SS, 3-1; Bergazzi RF, 2-0; Holz 1B, 3-0; Florek 3B, 2-0; Bilardello C, 2-0; Hendershott P, 2-0; Rodriguez P.

The second league game ended with a win over Soquel 4-3. After taking a 2-0 lead in the first inning, Soquel battled back to tie the score 3-3 in the sixth. Then shortstop George Arnott led of the seventh with a prodigious shot 330 feet to left center to make the final score SC 4-3. Mike Puget pitched the seventh inning preserved the win and gaining credit for the win.

In a 8-1 win against Wilcox their only run was unearned. Dana Hendershott went the distance scattering four hits, walking one and striking out six. The big hits were two home runs, each driving in two runs, by George Arnott and Dave Trybom. The Cards scored their 8 runs on four hits. The other two hits came off the bats of catcher Gary Ghidinelli and left fielder Mike Puget.

Card Batmen Runs Cheaper By Dozen. Beat North Salinas 12-0. If I had told you two weeks ago that the Cards would outscore their next two opponents by 20 runs to 1, I’d probable be in one or two places, Stockton or Napa. The Cards beat North Salinas 12-0 behind a masterful pitching performance by tall and gangly junior Dan Rodriquez never in trouble through out as no runner got as far as third base. Dan had fine control as only three batters ran the count to three balls on him. He allowed only four hits, allowed two walks and struck out five in a complete game shut out. In the third inning, Dave Bilardello became the first Card to reach base when he walked. Dan Poston sacrificed and was safe at first. Rodriguez sacrificed the runners to second and third. George Arnott drove in Bilardello with the first run. In the fifth inning with two outs, Dave Trybom singled, Tom Crichton was safe on an error. Wes Bergazzi backed the left fielder to the wall, where he dropped it to load the bases. Tim Holz drove in Trybom. Bergazzi then on second acted like he slipped going back to second, attempting to draw a throw from the catcher, who did and the throw went into centerfield and Wes and Tom scored to make it 4-0 SC. In the eight run sixth inning, the biggest hit was a three run homer by John Florek. Arnott and Trybom had doubles. RBI totals were Holz and Florek 3 apiece, Arnott and Trybom 2 apiece and they also had two hits along with Holz.

Cards Rip Early, Top Salinas 4-3. The win gives the Cards a 4-0 record in league and Salinas a 1-3 mark. Scoring three runs in the top of the first inning and then playing at half power the rest of the afternoon, the Cards hung on. Dan Hendershott went 6 2/3 innings to record the win, but got some assistance from Dan Rodriguez to nail down the matter. Ted McCarroll started things off by beating a bunt down the third base line and then took second on a passed ball. He took third when the fourth ball got away from the catcher and Dave Trybom went to first. Tom Crichton singled to left and to score McCarroll and went to second on the throw to the plate. Wes Bergazzi singled in Trybom and Crichton, who made a great fall away slide at the plate. Salinas came back and scored an unearned run. McCarroll started off the fifth with a walk, stole second and scored on an error. Salinas came right back and scored. Salinas led off the seventh with a hit and was aided by a throwing error scored. Rodriguez entered an got the last out. Lineup: McCarrol LF, Arnott 2B, Trybome CF, Crichton SS, Bergazzi RF, Holz 1B, Florek 3B, Bilardello C, Hendershott P and Rodriguez P. Florek and Hendershot had hits not mentioned above. Each team had two errors.

Cardinals Breeze 10-2 over Monterey. The win put the Cards 5-0 behind the driver’s seat in the league race as each other team has lost at least two games. The Cards would have to lose the remaing two for anyone to tie them. The Cards scored 10 runs on 10 hits in the first four innings. Dana Hendershott pitched the first five innings and allowed only three base runners and then picked off two of them at first base. The other batter never got past first. Dan Rodriguez pitched the last two innings to get some work and gave up a couple of runs when balls were lost in the sun in the outfield. Lineup was McCarroll LF, 3-0; Arnott 2B, 3-1; Trybom CF, 4-3; Crichton SS, 4-1; Bergazzi RF, 4-2; Holz 1B, 4-2; Florek 3B, 3-2; Bilardello C, 1-0; Hendershott P, 3-0; Rodriguez P, 1-0 and Poston 3B 1-0.

Flashy centerfielder Dave Trybom had three hits, a triple and two singles, scored twice and drove in two runs against Monterey, the MBL champion the last three years, who was one game behind the Cards before the game. Now they are two behind. Dave kept the Monterey base runners honest with his accurate arm. Trybom is all hustle. He lives and breathes the game. The San Francisco Giants think so too and have invited him play on their Winter league team on the SF peninsula. Players in this league are either just graduated, played in college or have been playing in the minor leagues so the can keep improving their games. There have been a good number of players from this league go on to play in the majors. Dave has the attitude, ability and most of all the love of the game itself. He should make it –big.

So with an unblemished league mark and an air of over confidence about them the Cards went on the road to oppose winless Seaside. Seaside is winless no longer winning 2-6. The loss sets up a possible three way tie with Monterey and Alisal. Alisal beat the Cards in the Salinas tournament, but Dana Hendershott did not pitch that game and he is the Card ace. In any event, “support your local baseball team.“ It needs it.

Wrap Up MBL Crown. In the last game of the season against Alisal with the league championship on the line, the Cards jumped out to a one run lead as the first batter of the game Dave Trybom walked and stole second. Wes Bergazzi drove him home with a single to left. In the bottom of the fifth Alisal tied the score. In the Cards next at bats, John Florek singled to left and on a wild pick off throw to first went all the way to third. George Arnott hit his second single of the game to drive Florek home. Tim Holz sacrificed Arnott to second and was safe at first. Ted McCarroll also bunted trying to get Arnott to third and Holtz to second. Holtz reached second, but Arnott was forced out at third. Dana Hendersott singled to score Holtz to put the Cards up by two runs. Dana Hendershott pitched a masterful game, while striking out 10. After the game Hendershott was approached by the University of San Francisco coach and offered a scholarship. (Dana did go to USF and did so well he has been selected to the school athletic Hall of Fame. He also pitched up to double AA professional baseball, from were a good number of big leaguers are able to jump straight to the major leagues. Tom Crichton from this team also played all the way to AA ball). The MBL crown was on a Cardinal head for the first time since 1963. The Cards finished with a 15-5 season record. Lineup: Bilardello C, 3-1; Crichton SS, 3-0; Trybom Cf, 3-0; Bergazzi RF, 3-1; Florek 3B, 3-1; Arnott 2B, 3-2; Holz 1B, 2-0; McCarroll LF, 3-0; Hendershott P, 3-1 and Puget RF, 0-0.

Cards Drop Redwood Invitational Tournament Game 1-6 to Marin Catholic. The Cards scored in their first time at bat as catcher Dave Bilardello led off with a Texas league double to left field. Tom Crichton bunted him to third and beat the throw to first for a base hit. Wes Bergazzi hit a fielders choice and Bilardello scored for the Cards only run of the game. Marin Catholic scored in the next three innings. Dana Hendershott had only given up three extra base hits in the whole season gave up an equal amount tonight in three innings. Mike Puget came in and pitched the rest of the game.

Card Hrs Net 13-12 Win over El Camino of South San Francisco co-champions of the North Peninsula League (NPAL) in a consolation game of the Redwood Tourney. Round trippers by Dave Trybom, John Florek, Kirk Waller and Tom Crichton. Top sophomore JV players Gary Ghidinelli and Kirk Waller played big roles in this game. The regulation nine inning game ended in a 9-9 tie. El Camino scored three in the tenth to make the score 9-12. Gary Ghidinelli led of the last half of the inning with a single and scored on a home run by Trybom to make the score 11-12. Florek singled, then Crichton coming in as a pitch hitter, hit a ball high in the air and with the strong wind that was blowing out all day it flew over the fence for the winning home run. Mike Puget started and went four innings. Dan Rodriguez went the next two and Florek relieved in the seventh and got the win. Top hitters were Trybom with two doubles, a homer and five RBI’s. Waller went four for five and drove in two runs.

CCS Baseball Tournament. Late Rally Gives SC 4-3 Win against South San Francisco co-champions of the NPAL with El Camino. Dave Trybom’s line drive single scored Dave Bilardello from second in the bottom of the seventh for a come from behind win. After almost blowing their game in the sixth inning, the Cards bounced right back in their last chance at the plate to score two, the last one when two were out. Ted McCarrol led off the winning rally with his second hit of the day. Pinch hitter Mike Puget sacrificed Ted to second, who then went to third on a wild pitch. Dave Billardello walked on a 3-2 pitch and stole second. With men on second and third, George Arnott hit a sacrifice fly to score McCarroll to tie the score. Then Trybom on the first pitch drove in the winning run. Lefthander Dana Hendershott recorded his ninth win in ten decisions this year. Any trouble the big senior got into was no fault of his own. He gave up six hits, struck out six and walked only one, but the Cards had five errors in the game. Three miscues in the sixth inning allowed South San Francisco to score two unearned runs for a 3-2 lead. The Cards kept their heads up and came back. In the first inning Arnott tripled to right center. Tom Crichton singled Arnott home for a 1-0 lead. With two outs in the second, McCarroll and Hendershott both walked and Billardello hit a hit bouncer through the infield to make the score SC 2-0. In the fifth inning South City got their only earned run. Lineup: Bilardello C, 3-2; Arnott 2B, 3-2; Trybom CF, 4-1; Crichton SS, 2-1; Bergazzi RF, 3-0; Florek 3B, 3-1; Holz 1B, 3-0; McCarroll LF, 2-2; Hendershott P, 1-0 and Puget PH, 0-0.

In the semi-finals the Cards were nosed out by Willow Glenn 1-2. Starter and complete game pitcher Mike Puget pitched his best game of the season and was undeserving of the loss. Mike gave up six hits, walked three, struck out nine and allowed only one run. The Cards jumped of to a one run edge in the first as lead off man Dave Bilardello pasted a triple to right center. With two outs, Crichton walked and on a double steal, Bilardello scored the Cards only run. Willow Glen scored in the second inning, but had a second runner cut down at the plate. The second Willow Glen run was scored with the aid of the only SC error of the game. SC had a runner at second, but a poor coaching decision ended with the runner being thrown out. Dave Bilardello was hit in the head and went to the hospital. He was replaced by sophomore Gary Ghidinelli, who did a fine job in a pressure situation. Lineup: Bilardello C, 3-1; Arnott 2B, 4-0; Trybom CF, 2-1; Crichton SS, 2-0; Bergazzi RF, 3-0; Florek 3B, 3-0; Holz 1B, 3-2; McCarroll LF, 3-1; Puget P, 3-0 and Ghidinelli C, 1-0.

Cardinals Capture Third in CCS Tourney beating Sequoia 9-5 in extra inning. SC saw their two run lead vanish in the bottom of the seventh inning and then rallied for four runs in the top of the eighth at Santa Clara University’s Buck Shaw stadium. Dana Hendershott worked all eight innings for the win. He gave up seven hits, walked four, gave up three unearned runs and struck out 12 to record his tenth win. Dave Trybom made two classic piracies of shots into deep right center with over the shoulder catches and then came in and blasted a 340 foot home run down the left field line. Tom Crichton had a great day at the plate and on the bases. H went four for five at the plate with a triple and two RBI’s. Tom stole third on a delayed steal and scored on an infield out. He next scored after stealing second, going to third on a wild pitch and then scoring. Tom and Trybom both score three runs. RBI’s were Arnott and Crichton 2 apiece, Holz, Trybom and Florek one each. Sophomore Gary Ghidinelli filled in admirably for the injured Bilardello. Lineup: McCarroll LF, 4-2; Holz 1B, 5-2; Trybom CF, 3-1; Crichton SS, 5-4; Florek 3B, 1-0; Arnott 2B, 5-1; Bergazzi RF, 5-0; Ghidinelli C, 4-0 and Hendershott 3-0.

Hendershott, Crichton and Trybom Top SC stats. The team batting average for the season was .266. Tom Crichton lead the team in hitting with a .442 average followed by Dave Trybom at .375. Trybom drove in 25 runs followed by Crichton with 18, second baseman George Arnott and right fielder- first baseman Wes Bergazzi, who had 17 apiece. Trybom also led the team in home runs with four and runs scored with 30. Cardinal ace lefthander Dana Hendershott headed the pitching staff with a near perfect 10-1 record and a 1.10 ERA. He struck out 79 and only walked 10 in 76 1/3 innings. Only 12 earned runs were scored off him the season.

Other team leaders were:: At bats, Arnott 99 followed by Trybom 96, Crichton 86 and Bergazzi 83; Doubles, Trybom 7; Triples, Holz 3; Stolen bases, Trybom 14; Walks, Bilardello, 23; Strike outs, Florek; Errors, Crichton. Following Hendershott in throwing strikeouts were Puget 45, Rodriguez 44, Florek 20 and McCarroll 7.

Final hitting stats by at bats, average and RBI’s
Crichton 86 .442 18
Trybom 96 .375 25
Poston 24 .292 5
Bilardello 55 .273 7
Holz 71 .239 8
McCarroll 72 .236 0
Florek 68 .235 10
Rodriguez 21 .238 2
Bergazzi 83 .229 17
Arnott 99 .222 17
Kypreos 5 .200 0
Puget 27 .148 0
Malmin 28 .143 2
Hendershott 23 .130 1
Ghidinelli 16 .125 0
Sutherland 14 .071 0
Waller 5 .800 3
Fleming 1 .000 0
Totals 794 .266 115

Pitching stats by won- loss records, innings pitched hits and ERA.
Hendershottt 10-1 76 66 1.10
Rodriguez 4-2 53 37 1.45
Florek 2-1 18 11 1.98
Puget 3-3 45 38 2.47
McCarroll 0-0 7 6 3.00

Players who received varsity letters and the number obtained in baseball: George Arnott, 4; Wes Bergazzi, 4; Dave Bilardello, 4; Tom Crichton, 3; John Florek, 3; Dana Hendershott, 3; Tim Holtz, 4; Jerry Malmin, 3; Ted McCarroll, 3; Dan Poston, 2; Mike Puget, 3; Dan Rodriguez, 2; Jim Sutherland, 3; Dave Trybom, 4; Managers Blocks, Ernie Penrose and Henry Jaime.

On the Sentinel ALL COUNTY team of fourteen players, SC had five. They were pitcher Dana Hendershott with a 10-1 record and an ERA of 1.10. Tom Crichton with a .406 average, George Arnott at .222, Dave Trybom at .375 and Wes Bergazzi at .229. Honorable mention were John Florek and Dave Bilardello.

ALL LEAGUE players: Tom Crichton, Dana Hendershott, Wes Bergazzi, George Arnott and Dave Trybom Five of the fifteen players are from SC.
George Arnott SC’s flashy fielding and hustling second sacker was one of only four players who received all eight votes. George hit .375 in league and .240 for the season.
Pitcher Dana Hendershott lost the Most Valuable Player award in a run off vote. Not all coaches in the league saw him during the season. Henderson was the “Money Man” for the Cardinals, winning four league games and compiling a 8-0 record so far this season.
Dave Trybom was literally robbed of an all league berth last season, batted .318 in league this year and is boosting a .384 season average.
Tom Crichton the only junior on the team, powered MBL pitching for a hefty .458 average and hit .424 for the season.
The selections of Hendersott, Arnott, Crichton and Trybom, illustrate were the Cards were strongest this year, right up the middle.
Wes Bergazzi, although batting only .229 in league play, led the league in RBI’s and hit the ball well throughout the season with a .285 average.
SC coach Bill Dodge was selected coach of the year.

Three Cards on All CCS team. Centerfielder Dave Trybom, shortstop Tom Crichton and pitcher Dana Hendershott. The team is composed of 12 players from the eight teams participating in the recent CCS tourney. (This shows the kind of talent this team had.)

Pirates draft SC’s Arnott. George Arnott, Santa Cruz’ flashy fielding second baseman has been picked by the Pittsburg Pirates in the major league draft.

JV BASEBALL goes 12-2 for the season
Practice games: Mora 6-1, Soquel 4-3, Wilcox 8-3, Bellarmine 6-2,
League: Alisal 8-2, Soquel 4-5, Salinas 7-0, North Salinas 5-4,
Season record 12-2.

In the first game of the season against Mora High, Scott Graff, Ted McCarroll and Sam Trybom pitched a no hitter and struck out 12 batters. The top hitters were Tim Hopper, Kirk Waller and Ted McCarroll.

A practice game against Soquel went nine innings, before Marty Gilbert doubled then stole third and scored on the over throw to third to win the game 4-3. The win was the sixth in a row.

Steve Seymour’s power hitting helped score 8 runs against Wilcox, who had a six game win streak going.

Zero hour–JV victory. To a baseball player. Who is a hitter, there is no better sound than the sharp crack of his bat or for the pitcher, the dull thud of a pitched ball against the catcher’s mitt, which he himself fired across home plate. These sounds are as satisfying to them as a harmonious note is to a musician. The JV’s definitely produced these sounds in their 7-0 victory over Salinas. Kirk Waller allowed only four hits, walked none and struck out seven. Marty Gilbert, Rod Flemimg and Kirk Waller all had three hits.

During this season the JV team has continually demonstrated their power hitting and shut out pitching. In past tilts Scott Graff and Steve Seymour have contrived many hits, while the trio of Ted McCarroll. Kris Sorensen and Roger Barat have pitched spectacularly.

The season ended with a 8-2 win over Alisal. Some memorable games which demonstrate the JV playing power are numerous. In the last game against Alisal, Kirk Waller compiled 12 strike out and allowed only three hits. Waller helped his own cause, by hitting a home run in the second inning. Chuck Frazier and Rod Fleming each went 2 for 3. The games in between were just as rewarding.

Jim Sutherland with a home run along with Scott Graff and Steve Seymour produced the hits needed for the 7-2 victory over Bellarmine. Ted McCarroll and Kris Sorensen hurled the triumph. “The Spider” Sorensen striking out the side in the seventh. Comment from the coach “they pitched a smart game”.

Marty Gilbert, by stealing third base aided the team in scoring the winning run against Soquel. Rod Fleming had two home runs against Salinas. Tim Hopper getting three hits against Mora. Kris Sorensen and Roger Barat united to pitch a no hitter against North Salinas.

Team members: Rod Fleming, Bill Kypreos, Gary Ghidinelli, Dale Lyster, Scott Graff, Marty Gilbert, Jeff Gordon, Jim Sutherland, Sam Trybom, Kris Sorensen, Steve Seymour, John Slaughter, Chuck Frazier, Craig Foust, Ted McCarroll, Bob Nunes, Roger Barat, Kirk Waller, Tim Hopper, John Carniglia, John Agnone, Doug Alsberge and Mike Christensen.

TRACK At the MBL meet Varsity scoring: Watsonville 63, Seaside 54, SC 39, Alisal 32, Monterey 23, Salinas 12, Soquel 2, North Salinas 0. Lightweight scoring: Watsonville 62, Salinas 37, Soquel and Alisal tied 31, Seaside 30, North Salinas 14, Monterey 12, SC 8.

Bryon Wilson had a brilliant year winning the 100 and 220 yard dashes at the MBL league meet as well as at the CCS division III meet. He won the 220 at the CCS region meet and competed at the STATE meet at Balboa Stadium in San Diego..

May 14. At the MBL Track meet at Alisal. Watsonville won both the varsity and lightweight meets to defend their titles from last year. SC was third in varsity and last in lightweights. Two new SC school records were made. The teams outstanding sprinter Bryon Wilson won the 100 in 10 flat and the 220 in 21.9. Bayard Smith set a new SC school record in the 440 finishing one-tenth of a second out of first place in 50.3, followed by McCune in third place, in 51.2. Don Lowery took second in the 180 low hurdles, establishing a new SC record of 19.8 and the set another SC record in the 120 high hurdles at 15.5, for fourth place. Tom Mitchell was second in the shot put. SC was third in the 880 relay. Fourth place finishers were Don Lowery in 120 high hurdles at 15.5 and Frank Edwards in high jump at 5’ 8”. Fifth place finishers were Scott Pitman in 880 at 2:50.7; John Whitaker in mile at 4:50.7 and Greg Larson in discus at 135’ 6”.
Lightweights: Jim Cecy finished fifth in the 880 in 2:05.1 to establish a school record. George Hightower finished second in the two mile in 10:12.6 for a new school record. Coach Mel Fishburn had praise for freshman miler Rick McCullah, who finished sixth in 4:53.2. Ken Gregory, placed fourth in the discus at 111’ 10 and the 880 relay team was fourth in their best time of the year at 1:37.4. Jim Kirksey did his personal best in the broad jump at 19’ 10”.

May 21. Wilson Takes First In CCS Region III championships at Gonzales. Bryon Wilson won both the 100 in 9.9 and the 220 in 22 flat. The meets top four finishers qualify for the CCS finals at Mt. Pleasant high in San Jose. Other qualifiers are Bayard Smith, second in 440, Don Lowery, fourth in the 180 low hurdles and Walt Edwards fourth in the discus. The relay team of Lowery, Roy Dierflinger, Smith and Wilson also qualified, by finishing fourth.
Lightweights: George Hightower took fourth in the two mile and Ken Gregory fourth in the discus to also qualify.

May 21. Salinas Wins Consolation Track Meet of the MBL with athletes not moving on to the CCS meet. Paul Westberg ran a 10:48.6 two mile and Bartell won the 180 low hurdles in 22.4 to become the only SC first place finishers.
Lightweights: Dee Herren, Tom Hughes and Doug Harvey captured top honors for SC. Herren won the 100 in 11 flat. Hughes won the pole vault at 10 feet and Harvey won the 220 in 24.5.

March 5. Cardinal Thinclads Win. The Cards opened the season by defeating Monterey in both the varsity and lightweight competition. Varsity score, SC 74, Monterey 40. SC won seven firsts, 11 seconds and six thirds. SC swept the varsity and lightweight relays. Bayard Smith and Jim Bartell got SC of to a good start in the varsity competition with second and third places respectively in the 70 high hurdles, the first event of the day. Smith hit the finish line in 10.3, while Bartell was one-tenth behind. Scott Pitman turned in a win in the 880 with a 2:08 clocking. Dave McCune finished third in the event. Bryon Wilson turned in a fast time of 10 flat in the 100. Roy Dierflinger grabbed second place in the 100. Wilson was first in the 440 in 52.5 with Greg Larson two seconds behind. Other varsity first are Bayard Smith the 220 in 23.7, John Whitaker the mile in 4:55 and Don Lowery the broad jump at 19-9. Bryon Wilson won the 100 and the 440.
Lightweights: SC 75, Monterey 48. SC won 11 firsts, five seconds and eight thirds. SC winners were Don Roberts, who won the first event, the 70 yard high hurdlesin 11.0 and a second in shot put and 120 low hurdles. Senior new comer Jim Cecy won the 880 in 2:14.6. Ken Gregory won the shot put at 41-2 and discus at 105 feet. John Thomas the 220 in 25.0 and took third in the 100. Dean Hogan won the pole vault at 10 feet. Kirksey won the broad jump at 18-11. Hughes won high jump in 5-5 and second in the pole vault. McCullah won the mile in 5:09.6. The relay team of Herren, Thomas, Kirksey and Hayden won in 1:45.7. Second places: Herren, 100 and third in broad jump and 220. West, high jump and third in 120 low hurdles..
Third places: Mathues, 880. Cecy, 440. Perkins tied in shot put. Fleck in two mile.

March 12. In a tri meet with Westmont of Campbell 77, SC 53, Salesian 18. In the three way meet in between light rain showers Byron Wilson scored another double victory winning the 100 in 10.0 and 440 in 51.5.
First place: Pitman, 880 in 2:08.0. Smith, 220 in 23.4 and second in 100.. 880 relay team of Smith, Dierflinger, Larson and Wilson in 1:34.2. Larson, discus in 130-5 and second in 440.
Second place: Edwards, 120 high hurdles and third in high jump.. Whitaker, mile.
Third place: Bartell, 120 high hurdles and 180 low hurdles. McCune, 440 and fourth in high jump. Dierflinger, 220. Fourth place: Ambuhl, two mile. Rochelle, pole vault.
The lightweights won their meet: SC 79, Westmont 52, Salesian 10. SC won the lightweights despite splitting the team to make a frosh-soph team for this meet.
First place: R. Neumann, 880 in 2:11.9. Thomas, 100 in 11.1 and 220 in 25.4. Cecy, 440 in 56.5. Hightower, two mile in 10:37.5 and high jump in 4-10. 880 relay team of Kerksey, R. Neumann, N. Neumann and Thomas in 1:44.0. Hughes, pole vault, 8-3. Gregory, shot put. 39-7.
Frosh-soph; Team scoring: Westmont 75, SC 69, Salesian 2.
First places: Roberts, 70 high hurdles in 11.2. Herren, 100 in 11.1. Westberg, two mile in 11:28.7. McCullah, mile in 5:07.5. 880 relay team of Mitchell, Mendoza, Hayden, Herren in 1:42.5. Hogan, pole vault at 8-3. Mitchell, shot put at 45-3. Henderson, discus at 99-8..

March 19. Alisal Spikers Tip Cards. An improved SC fought speedy Alisal down to the last two events, before losing 62-60. The meet was decided on the discus and high jump events and SC placed one-two in the high jump as Lolly Lowery an Frank Edwards topped the Trojan jumpers. In the discus, senior Greg Larson won, but needed the second place, but Frank Edwards, who was third, just missed out. Larson also took third in the 220. SC winners: Wilson, 100 in 10 flat. Lolly Lowery won the high jump, 180 low hurdles in 20.9, and was second 120 high hurdles. Edwards was second in the high jump, third in shot put and discus. Relay team won in 1:33.4.
Second place: Pitman, 880 and 440. Mitchell, shot put. Westberg, two mile. Withaker in mile.
Third place: Dierflinger, 100. McCune, 440 and mile. Spear, broad jump. Don Lowery in 180 low hurdles. Thomas in pole vault.
Lightweights: Lost 87-37. (No lightweight scoring available)

April 23. Watsonville Raps SC Thinclads. The Wildcat varsity won 54-40 and the Cat lightweights won 66-38. SC won four firsts. Byron Wilson continued his domination over the league with a 10.0 in the 100 on a slow track. His best so far is 9.7. He also won the 220 in 21.5. Baynard Smith took the 440 in 51.3 and was second in the 220. The relay team won in 1:33.0. Lolly Lowery won the 180 high hurdles in 20.5. E. Smith took third place in the mile.
There were no high jump or broad jump events as the pits where under water.
Lightweights: Dee Herren led the team with a win in the 100 in 10.9 and tied with teammate John Thomas for first in the 220 in 24.3. Ken Gregory won the discus at 119-6, which rates as the best in the area so far. The relay team took first in 1:38.7, which is their best for the year.

Byron Wilson was voted the outstanding track performer at the Palo Alto relays. Bryon won the 100 yard dash in 9.7. His 880 yard relay team took first place with a team of Bayard Smith, Roy Dierflinger, Greg Larson and Wilson. The Mile relay team of Dave McCune, Larson, Smith and Wilson took second in 3:29.9. Byron won two races and was second in the third. He earned his award.

April 26. Wilson Tops SC Area Track Marks. Coast Counties top track bests by event, compiled by Jack Fourcade of the Salinas Californian by event, name and time or distance for the first three places. Varsity athletes. 100, Wilson, 9.7 for first. 440, Wilson, 51.5 for third. 220. Wilson, 22.5 for second. 880 relay, SC, 1:32.6 for second.
Lightweight stats. SC didn’t have any that qualified.

April 28. Bryon Wilson Stars In Quad Track Meet. Seaside defeated SC 73-48 and Salinas beat Soquel in a double dual meet at Memorial Field. If the meet had been scored on a quad-triangular basis the final score would be Seaside 90, SC 69, Salinas 48, Soquel 11. Bryon Wilson, who has the third best 100 yard dash in Northern California with a time of 9.5, broke the field record in the 440 yard dash with a clocking of 50.9. The old field record was 51.4. Wilson’s time did not break the school record of Cassius Bly in 1947. Wilson won the 220 in 22.5, but was off by one-tenth of a second of breaking the field record. Coach Mel Fishburn was happy with his teams running times, but admitted that Seaside was too much in the field events. He was pleased with the improvements shown by Frank Edwards and Tom Mitchell in the shot put. Both put the shot more than a foot over their previous bests. Distance coach Sam Maynard also expressed satisfaction in his group. Dick Westberg’s 10:41.8 in the two mile was his season best. SC captured a bulk of their points by sweeping the 440 yard dash and the 880 relay in 1:32.8. Wilson won the 440 in 50.9, followed by Smith and McCune. Don Lowery was second in the 120 high hurdles and the 120 low hurdles. Larson was third in the 100, Smith was third in the 220.
Scott Pittman was second in the 880. Frank Edwards won the high jump at 5-6, third in shot put and was third in the 120 low hurdles. Don Lowery placed second in each of the hurdle events. Both teams will enter their starters in the King City Invitational tomorrow.
Lightweights: SC winners: Cecy won the 880 in 2:09 and was second in the 440 in 55.8. Gregory won the discus at 120-2. Second places: R. Neumann, 440. Hightower, two mile in 10:26.6. Kirksey, broad jump at 18-9. Hughes, pole vault at 9-6. (no score)

March 28. No Clear Cut Favorite In MBL Track And Field. MBL coaches failed to choose a clear cut prospective champion at their meeting. Coach of Watsonville’s defending champions doesn’t expect to repeat. He does have 160 boys out. He chose Alisal as top contender followed by SC and Seaside close behind. SC coach Mel Fishburn commented, the Cards strong point is in the short races, with potential in the hurdles. Byron Wilson leads the sprinters with a 9.7 time in the 100 last week at Palo Alto. Transfer Bayard Smith has potential and has been alternating in the 100, 220 and 440 and also run legs in the relay. Strong points in the field are in the shot put and discus. Tom Mitchell a sophomore and junior Walt Edwards give strength to an otherwise mediocre field department. Fishburn looks for Seaside to win the league meet.

April 30. At the King City Relays SC took seventh place in the varsity division. Top seven teams scoring: Madera 31, Watsonville 30, Seaside 18, Monterey and King City 11, Overfelt 14, Paso Robles and SC 13. Byron Wilson tied the meets 220 yard dash record by clocking a 21.3.
Lightweights: Ken Gregory set a new lightweight discus record held since 1938 with a throw of 120’ 2”. He placed high in the both the shot put and discus. The top six team scores: Westmoor 33, SC 22, Watsonville 16, Soquel 15, Atascadero 12, Madera, Overfelt and Pioneer tied at 11.

May 5. SC Thinclads Down Salinas. SC swept both varsity 71-51 and lightweights 82-41.
SC took nine of the 14 first place finishes in the varsity meet. Don Lowery won three events, taking the 120 high hurdles in 20.7, 180 low hurdles in 20.7 and the broad jump at 20.2. Tom Mitchell and Greg Larson established personal bests. Mitchell took second in the shot put at 49-2 and Larson, second in the discus at 138 feet and third in 100. SC swept the 220 with Wilson first in 22.2 followed by Smith and Dierflinger. Frank Edwards won the high jump at 5-5. Briggs won the pole vault at 10-6. Pittman won the 880 in 2:06.5. Smith won the 440 in 50.7. 880 relay team won in 1:33.6. Other second placers: Whitaker, mile. Third places: Edwards, 120 high hurdles, the 180 low hurdles and shot put. McCune, 440.
Lightweights: George Hightower normally a two miler took second in the mile,running a school record 4:51.7 and was second in the 440 and high jump. Jim Cecy ran the leagues third fastest 880 in a time of 2:07 to take first place. Gregory won the discus at 124-10. Dee Herren won the broad jump at 18-3. Hughes won the pole vault at 9-6. Second place finishers: Roberts, 70 high hurdles. Hogan, pole vault.

May 7. At the Seventh Annual Dads Club Relays with more than 250 cinder men from 19 different schools in the MBL, MTAL and San Jose area participating, the Cards took first over Watsonville with a score of 52 to 51. It was the first time in the meets history that the Cards had come up with a victory. The Card victory must be credited to four of the SC athletes, who taxed themselves to the limitations of the events they could enter. Don Lowery, Roy Dierflinger, Byron Wilson and Greg Larson all put out everything they had to help the Cards win. Bryon Wilson ran a 10.1 to win the 100 yard dash. Wilson’s 10.1 is one of his slowest times of the year, but in the morning trials he tied the meet record with a 9.9. The only other individual place winner was Greg Larson with a discus toss of 142’ 3”. Three SC relay teams won, the sprint relay in 3:43.9, the 880 relay in 1:31.5 and the mile in 3:26.4. The 440 relay team took second in a time of 44.6. The distance medley took third in 11:56.6. Another big point in the SC win was the makeshift distance medley crew. The team consisted of Paul Westberg, who had been sick all week, Eric Smith, Tom Mitchell a shot putter and George Ambuhl a foreign exchange student. Lowery and Dierflinger both played major roles in the SC 440 and 880 relay teams, as each usually led the pack when they passed off the baton. Other personal bests for SC were Tom Mitchell’s 50-4 shot put, Ken Gregory’s 142 foot flip of the discus and Frank Edwards 5-9 high jump. Bayard Smith also bolstered the running point makers as he made up a leg of the mile relay team that won it all for the homeowners.
Lightweights finish eight in team scoring. The only individual placer was Ken Gregory with a fifth place in the discus. The distance medley took first in 11:33.4 and a fifth in the 880 relay. Del Mar won with 54 points and SC was eighth with 13 points.

In a frosh-soph meet with Soquel the Cards won 75-47. First place finishers were Dee Herren who ran a sparkling 10.9 in the 100; Steve Mendoza won the 220; Eric Smith ran the 440 in 55.7; Rick McCullah ran the mile in 5:00.5 and the relay team ran the 880 in 1:45.

At a reserve meet in Watsonville the following scored points: Eric Smith took second in 440; Steve Mendoza took a first in 220 at 23.5; Daryl Henderson tossed the shot 106’ for second place. Lightweights Rainer Neumann took a first in the 880 at 2:11.8; Norbert Neumann took a first in the two mile in a time of 11:24.5.

Varsity Letterman: George Ambuhl, Jim Bartell, Roy Dierflinger, Frank Edwards, Daryl Henderson, Greg Larson, Don Lowery, Dave Mc Cune, Steve Mendoza, Tom Mitchell, Scott
Pitman, Bayard Smith, Eric Smith, Charles Spray, Glenn Thomas, Roy Trowbridge, Paul Westberg, John Whitaker, Byron Wilson.

Lightweight Letterman: Jim Cecy, Ken Gregory, Gay Hayden, Dee Herren, George Hightower, Dean Hogan, Tom Hughes, Jim Kirksey, Tim Mathues, Rick Mc Cullah, Norbert Neumann, Rainer Neumann, Don Roberts, Pat Sines, John Thomas, Bert West. Participation certificates go to: Bob Atwood, John Atwood, Mike Sheldon and Kent Webber.

SWIMMING The MBL swim meet was not for team scoring, but to see who would qualify to continue on to CCS competition. Senior team captain and four year letterman, Todd Booth set a new 100 yard freestyle in a record time of 53 seconds at the MBL finals. He also won the 200 yard freestyle. He will compete in both at CCS.

Sophomore Johann Kerkove placed first and is undefeated in his 100 yard backstroke event at 1:02.8 and also in the 200 individual medley.

His brother Maarten Kerkove a third year letterman won the 4000 yard freestyle and took third in the 200 yard freestyle.

The 100 yard freestyle relay team of Jake Moran, Johann and Maarten Kerkove and Todd Booth placed third and qualified in this event for CCS.

The lightweight qualifiers are Jim Hopper and Jack Halderman in the 200 yard freestyle. Hooper also qualified for the individual 100 yard backstroke. Ed Douglas will compete in the 50 yard fly. The medley relay team of Dave Withrow, Ed Douglas, Bruce Zenner, Jim Foster and Jeff Rice qualified along with the 200 yard freestyle relay team of Jim Foster, Dan Foster, Ed Douglas and Jim Hopper. Lightweight divers Dave Withrow and Harley Gilespi qualified.

SC was second at the MBL Relays. Jake Moran and Maarten Kerkove won the 200 yard freestyle relay in 1:41. Johann Kerkove and Todd Booth won the 400 yard freestyle relay.

In a dual meet with Salinas the Cards won eight out of the eleven events. Todd Booth and Johann Kerkove were double winners. Booth set a new 50 yard freestyle record of 24.3 and Ed Douglas set a new record for the 50 yard fly of 28.6 seconds. Other winners were Moran in 200 freestyle and Baldwin as a diver. Second place finishers were Brown in the 200 medley, Rideout in 100 backstroke. Third place finishers were Pete Aspecie in the fly and Jerry Lezin in 100 freestyle. Scott Stolle was a fourth place finisher 100 breaststroke. Tracy finished fifth in 400 freestyle.

Lightweight winners were Jim Hopper in 200 medley, Jim Halterman in 200 freestyle, Dave Withrow in diving and Edward Douglas in the fly. Second place finishers were Jeff Rice Medley, Jim Halterman in 100 freestyle, Jim Hopper in 100 backstroke and freestyle and Bruce Zenner in 100 breaststroke. Third place finishers were Jim Blade in 200 medley and 200 freestyle, Don Foster in 50 freestyle and Jeff Rice in 100 backstroke. A fourth place finisher was Bruce Zenner.

The team was over powered for the first time this year losing to Watsonville 39-56. The lightweights lost 25-61. The waterproof swim team has broken every record this year that was set last year. The varsity is in second place and the lightweights are fourth. Their mind set is of champions as some swimmers are undefeated for the year. Todd Booth is undefeated in the 100 freestyle as is his relay team of Maarten and Johann Kerkhove and Jake Moran. Dave Withrow is undefeated in diving.

Winners against Watsonville were Todd Booth in the 100 freestyle, Johann Kerkove in 100 backstroke and the 400 freestyle medley relay team. Second place finishers were Maarten Kerkove in 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle, Todd Booth in 50 freestyle, Dick Stubendorf in diving, Scott Stollie in 100 breaststroke and the 200 medley relay. Third place finishers were Pete Aspecie in 100 butterfly, Lief Rideout in 100 breaststroke, Jack Moran in 400 freestyle.

The Cards won all the events accept one in a dual meet with North Salinas. The 400 freestyle relay team of Johann and Maarten Kerkove, Jake Moran and Todd Booth set another meet record at 3:47.5. Johann Kerkove and Todd Booth again set individual school records. Johann made the four lap 100 yard backstroke in 1:03.7. Booth did the 100 yard freestyle in 52.4 for his third first place in the meet.

Varsity Letter winners: Brendon Baer, Steve Baldwin, Todd Booth, Johann Kerkove, Maarten Kerkove, Jack Moran, Scott Stollie, Dick Stubendorff, Jim Yates and Lief Rideout.

J V Swimmers: Pete Aspecie and Jerry Lezin.

Lightweight Swimmers: Edward Douglas, Jim Foster, Don Foster, Harley Gilespie, Jim Hopper, Jim Halterman, Jeff Rice, David Withrow and Bruce Zenner.

Participation Certificates: Larry Brown, Jim Blade, and Joe Tracy. Manager: John Hoover

Back for an encore this year are Bob George, Wick Haxton, Gary Akin, Gary Brush and Dick Beuse. Freshman Pat Swafford has good form, style and power according to his coach and will be expected to contribute to the success of the team this year.

The one man that does more to solidify the team is number one man Bob George, who is one of the top players in the area. His style and form is smooth and natural and the power he displays is awesome. Bob has the potential to win the league, if it breaks right.

After two defeats the racqueteers beat Alisal 4-2, winning all the singles matches and losing the two doubles. In doubles the Cards played the end of their roster and Alisal played their top players. The singles winners were first man Bob George, Wick Haxton, Gary Akin and Gary Brush. The doubles losers were a team of Pat Swafford and Brian Anderson and a team of Dick Beuse and Gary Brush.

Letter winners: Bob George, Wick Haxton, Gary Akin, Pat Swafford, Gary Brush, Dick Beuse, and Brian Anderson. Coach Eade Jordon.

GOLF won 6 and lost 8 matches. Much practice and match time was lost by the weather. The team beat Monterey 10-5 in their last match. Captain Bob “Bird” Borelli called the shots for the players, who were mostly underclassmen last year. Steve Canepa and George Pappas were two of the more outstanding players this year. Pappas was really outstanding against Monterey. The coach said “the team managed to knock out the leading teams, but lost too many 8-7 games.” If some of those 8-7’s could have been turned around the championship could have been possible.

In addition to the three mentioned above, veterans back from last year are Tim Kennedy, Bob Duffy, Bruce Perry, Gene Pini and Pete Pringle. New members are sophomore Kim Stoner and freshmen Scott Macaulay, Dennis Pedemonte, Jeff Wells and Chuck Kilpatrick. Coach Tony Foster.


Wes Bergazzi the Sentinel’a 1967 North county Athlete of the Year, lettered in three sports, football, basketball and baseball and was a varsity player in basketball and baseball for three years. Wes was captain of the football team as well as the basketball team. Wes was All League on the championship basketball and baseball teams his senior year. As a Star forward he led the team in scoring and in baseball led the team in runs batted in. Wes is now attending the Navy Preparatory school in Bainbridge, Maryland, before attending the Naval Academy.

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