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FOOTBALL Practice games: Stevenson 7-7, Carmel 6-19, Soledad 8-12, Oakland 15-14. Practice record 1-2-1. League: Monte Vista 0-35, Watsonville 19-12, SLV 8-34, Aptos 6-54, Soquel 6-48, Harbor loss. League record 1-5 for sixth place. Season record 2-7-1.

Yearbook. Roster: Omar Diaz, Patrice Smith, Micheal Cortez, John Crissara, Brandon Kluzniak, Tony Rivas, Joseph Brown, Eric Paris, Luis Godoy, Jace Allen, Josh Long, John Budnick, Sean Crohgan, Daniel Garcia, A. J. Pappas, Jason Alvarez, Aaron Longinotti, Nick McKay, John Chiv, Alex Winterle, Chris Kelly, Jesse Santiago, Nick Flemming, Danny Ramirez, Tom Lanjhair, Sterling Marizette, Jared Hunter, Jordan Hunter, Alden Orgain, David Escalante, Cliff Sullivan, Luke Wetmore, Ricky Salgado and Sam Cherry.
Head Coach Bob Parker and assistants Bytheal Ratliff, Jesse Turmbull and Rodriguez.

Trident November. The first win of the season came in the homecoming game a 15-14 win over Oakland High, even though the team lost star seniors Sterling Marzette and Josh Long to injuries. Quarterback Luke Wetmore was 6 of 7 passing for 90 yards with a 14 year TD pass to Daniel Garcia. Jesse Santiago returned a fumble for a touchdown. Fullback Chris Kelly rushed for 79 yards.
The following week, SC improved its record to 2-3-1 overall and 1-1 in league with a 19-12 win over Watsonville. Luke Wetmore threw a 22 yard TD pass to Jared Hunter. Fullback Chris Kelly added a TD and running back Aaron Longinotti scored SC’s final touchdown, while gaining 83 yards on 13 carries.

Trident Dec. 17. Junior Sean Croghan and sophomore Luke Wetmore shared the quarterbacking duties. Junior receivers Daniel Garcia and Jesse Santiago had good games. Garcia finished fifth in the league catching 17 passes for 283 yards and 4 touchdowns. Fullback Chris Kelly had three touchdowns and 317 yards rushing. Running back Aaron Longinotti rushed for 371 yards.

Sentinel All County team: none

JV FOOTBALL Season record 4-5-1.
Yearbook. A big win was beating Oakland at our homecoming game.

Roster: Shane Ralph, Jason Garcia, Jim Anderson, Steve Marchisio, Jameson Hamilton, Reuben Miller, John Martisius, Robbie Swenson, Chris Reese, Willie Palmer, John Daly, Andrew Fratis, Brandon Slack, Jeremy Duker, Billy Joe Butler, Mike Shirley, Andres Alvarez, Jesse Valdez, Alfredo Rodriguez, Steve Pinther and Rodrigo Moralez. Coaches Todd and Cleo.

FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Season record 2-5.
Yearbook. At the end of the season we were looking like a team. We ended the season with a win over Soquel.

Roster: Arthur Carroll, Paul Croghan, Mike Durland, Tim Neil, Matt Cherry, Zachary Parke, Jesse Garcia, Tim Morton, Jared Jenkins, Noah Bobey, Pablo Saso-Perkins, Jamie Knutson, Jim Garcia, Justin Hamilton, David Stearns, Keith Woessner, Trent Lindgren, Nigil Throop, Juan Perez, Danny Concepcion, Marco Delgado, Jose Hernandez, Chris Higgins, Jeremy Perez, Chad Allen and Louis Opolinsky. Coach Carl Lund.

Yearbook. This years team was untraditionally composed of upperclassmen. Dan Graybill led the guy’s team, running a supreme season, winning many meets.

Roster: Jim Owen, Chris Bartlow, Josh Wittman, Daniel Graybill, Liam Murphy, Wesley Johnson, Reese Ornellas, Michael Dibiasi, Kennan Schreher, Xinning Zhang and Elliot Hogg.
Coaches Claire Choate and Jim Russell.

Yearbook. Laurie Zentner led the girls team of Isis Sien, Christy Zentner, Kathryn Gordon and Ailin Conant. Coaches Claire Choate and Jim Russell.

Second place in league. Season record 9-3.
Yearbook. The highlight of the season was defeating league champion Aptos. The Cards got an at large entrance into the CCS playoffs and defeated York School in the first round 5-2. Number one Kendyll Whiting and number two Maggie Bollinger won their matches as did the number three doubles team of Audrey Waller and Kendra Kirkpatrick, who also won their singles matches. Against the CCS powerhouse Leland, the Cards lost 4-3 in the second round.

Number one singles player Kendyll Whiting took first place at the SCCAL finals. Other top players were Maggie Bollinger, Kendra Kirkpatrick and Audrey Waller.

Rest of the roster: Sara Dalbesio, Lauren Robinson, Simone Leask, Carmin Powell, Joanna Kimball, Cassidy Devine, Danielle Braun, Annie Dillon, Amanda Hill and Amanda Scott. Coach Rick Bassalone.

Trident. November. Finished second in league with a 9-3 record and was twelfth in CCS. Season record 17-8.

Soquel defeated the Cards in the SCCAL playoff finals, by starting out with a big lead.

In the CCS playoffs, SC lost to 17-10 Willow Glen 7-1. Junior Rachel Willis took a pass from Kelly McCormick for the lone goal. Willis had five steals, while Amanda Calhoun and Irene Whitney had three steals a piece. Evamarie Brittlestone had 15 saves.

After eight league games, the team is 6-2. One of the losses was to Soquel in a close match 6-4 in a defensive game. SC was held to its lowest point scored in three years.
Junior Rachel Willis is the teams top player. She is a force on offense and a dominating player when in control of the ball. Other top players were Iris Burnett, Kelly McCormick and senior twins Katie and Michelle Overbeck.
At the Clovis tournament, near Fresno SC won four and lost one.

After taking second in league last year, the team lost six players and gained six good players this year. Coach Larry Willis said, “The offense and defense is more balanced compared to last year. This years girls are getting along really well and are respectful and hard working. So far they are on their way to a great season.”
The team averaged 9 goals per game and held their opponents to 4 scores a game.

With the exception of the goalie, all the players on the squad scored at least one goal.
The team ranked second in the CCS for grades with a 3.82 GPA.

Rest of the roster: Katy Overbeck, Amanda Calhoun, Michelle Overbeck, Jenny Greenburg, Kelly McCormick, Colleen Laurent, Irene Whitney and Diana Abrams.

ALL SCCAL Three girls were selected for the All League team: Evamarie Bittleston, Rachael Willis and Iris Burnett. These three seniors also played in the Senior All Star game.

Yearbook. Everyday the girls do drills like egg beatering, ball handling, shooting and sprinting pushing themselves to perfection. Every member contributed every bit of effort they could. Amber McQugh and Amy Lezin led the defense and Autumn Doland dominated the offense. Rachael Budnick made numerous saves as the goalie. Other solid players were Lacey Piper, Amy Clerisse, Molly Laughlin, Arlene Alvarez-Vasquez and Sarah Frampton. Coaches Maureen, Maria and Eric helped the team win the league championship, along with defeating Soquel twice. The team lost only one game.

Rest of the roster: Katia Stewart, Molly Miller, Leonora Bittleston, Mary Montgomery, Dee Ann Garza, Sasha Kochen, Monique Gibbons, Kate Lewis, Linea Munson, Alicia Weeks, Katyln DeWorken, Erica Terrence and Amanda Calhoun.

Trident Dec. 17. 10-2 for second in league. 19-9 overall record.
Won the Independence of San Jose Tournament.

Yearbook. The team took second place in league and qualified for CCS as the five seed in Division II, but lost their first game to fourth seeded Palo Alto.

Trident. November. The team is led by nine seniors and three sophomores. Coach Tisman’s goals for the season are “getting them to play well together, interact and have fun.”
In a tournament with some top teams in Santa Clara County, the team won two and lost three. At the Independence High tournament in San Jose, the team won the title and a huge trophy.
In the leagues first round, SC has beaten Harbor, SLV, Aptos and Watsonville, but lost to Soquel in a match they want to forget.

At the SCCAL tournament finals, the Cards fell to round robin league champion Soquel in a well played match. Soquel did an excellent job containing sophomore sensation Pat Jacobsen, by stopping him from getting break away goals. Seniors Cory Atkins and Matt Cohen played well.

The San Jose Mercury News named Pat Jacobson to the “Honor Roll”, which mentions the top CCS players of the week. Jacobson was one of only three players mentioned out of CCS. Senior Marlon Henton played outstanding at goalie, while Cory Atkins and Matt Foster contributed on both offense and defense.
In the second week of October SC was ranked fourteenth in the Mercury poll of the best teams in CCS.

Roster: Peter Whitney, Corey Atkins, Matt Foster, Anthony Tashnick, Balta Barrios Marlin Henton, Josh Clerisse, Todd Hedgpeth, Chris Hohn, Kris Kibak, Gregor McNabb, Pat Jacobson, Sean O’Grady, Catlin Malady, Kevin Atkins, Cole Barthel, David Hill, Kent Cramer Matt Cohen, Jesse Cordero and Tim Daly. Coaches Terry Tisman and Nick.
ALL SCCAL Pat Jacobson

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL tied for fourth in league. Season record 25-12. Won the Santa Paula tournament.

Yearbook. The team has a 15-1 preseason record and their only loss came in their own Santa Cruz Invitational. The swept the Santa Paula tournament going 7-0 for the championship. Three players, Abby Schindler, Emily Read and Chana Orescan were named to the Santa Paula All Tournament team. These three girls also were also selected All League by the coaches and to the Sentinel All County team.

After preseason the team had a rough start with the opening of league play going 2-3 in the first five games. The team stepped up with three victories over Mt. Madonna, Watsonville and SLV. Against Mt. Madonna the Cards only surrender three point in all three set played. With a younger team this year, experience is a major factor. With junior blockers Tenaya Fihe and Monica Grova and sophomores Floures Coren, Katie Hanson, Jill Himlan, Megan Christopher and Emily Reed, the future is bright.

Roster: Seniors: Chana Orescan, Callie Griggs and Amie Meja. Juniors: Abby Schindler, Monica Grova, Sophia DeMalvinsky and Tenaya Fihe. Sophomores: Megan Christopher, Katie Hanson, Flaura Coren, Jill Himlan and Emily Read. Coach Kim Cave.

ALL SCCAL and All County Abby Schindler, Emily Read and Chana Orescan .

Yearbook. Defeating the usual powerhouses Aptos and Harbor shows the team was very strong this year. Team leaders were Rachel Cummings, Mia Azarro, Brittany Vidales, Jessica Schindler and 6’1” freshman standout Robin Terry. Rest of roster: Jessica Elb, Lauren Tahsima, Magan Baker, Iiysa Iglesias, Jenny Putt, Jessica Wyant and Elizabeth Matteucci. Coaches Allison and Ashley.

Yearbook. Volleyball is becoming a sport more people want to play. This is the first year in the history of SC girls sports that there is enough girls, let alone a coach for the team. Coaches were head coach Eric Nelson and assistant Matt. Roster: Domonick Gross, Annie Kolar, Ellen Johnson, Tierney Graham, Shiavon Irvin, Lola Vinson, Jessie Perez and Anna Frazer.

Team had three wins

Yearbook. It was the first year for the girl’s golf team. Like always, coach Bob Kittle received a large turnout. In a very competitive SCCAL, the first year team defeated Scotts Valley, Soquel and Watsonville, so their season was deemed a success. They attributed their success to all the hard work and practice spent on those Fall afternoons at De Laveaga golf course. Top players coming back next year are Charlotte Sylvan and Sara Bell.

Roster: Annie Gierke, Charlotte Sylvan, Mary Sagano, Jennifer Sosa, Justine Migdall-Wilson, Sara Bell and Miriam Swaffer. Coaches Bob Kittle, Dennis Mullen, Marshall Sylvan and Jerry Sosa.

Practice games: Palo Alto 75-58, Alvarez 63-56, Monta Vista Christian 62-23, 71-50;
Jefferson Tournament: Lowell of San Francisco 63-60, Seaside 59-63, Jefferson 55-47 for third place.
Dads Club Tournament: Paso Robles 48-38, Salesian 60-48, Salinas defeated SC for Championship.
Fremont-Sunnyvale Holiday Tournament: Silver Creek 78-45, Independence 46-37, Fremont 41-39, Del Mar 59-47 won the championship.
Soquel Tournament: Jefferson 59-58, Los Gatos 57-39, Soquel 63-39 won championship
League: Soquel 63-48, 44-54; SLV 67-53-4-58; Aptos 75-51, 48-58; Harbor 64-36, 51-46; Watsonville 57-45, 75-44. League record 7-3 for second place
SCCAL Tournament: Harbor 67-50, Aptos 66-60 in finals to be co-champions with regular season winner Aptos with a 8-2 record. SC was second with a 7-3 record.
CCS Division III playoff: Alvarez 70-50 and Mitty 55-57. (game missing) made it to the third round of CCS. Season record 26-6, by the Sentinel. Above shows record 22-5, (some games are miss)

Yearbook. Seniors Tyler Williams a four year varsity player, Derek McDougall, Gabe Crafts, George Czechowski, DeJaun Williams, Jared Hunter, Mike McDonald and Scott McCormick, provided outstanding leadership for a talented group of sophomores and juniors. Two returning players Josh Rhodes and Murphy Stewart, who proved this year they could block shots and dunk among other basketball skills.

Roster of juniors: Murphy Stewart, Kyle Reagan, Josh Chirinos, Kamau Norman-Terrance and Kris Vitug. Sophomores: Scott Walls, Ian Swift, Ryan Graham, Emmanuel Townsend and Trevor Williams. Head Coach Pete Newell and assistant Aaron Woliczko.

Sentinel preseason write up of December 8. Coach: Pete Newell, twenty-sixth season. Last years record: 32-1 and 12-0 league champions. Key players; Seniors: Tyler Williams 6-2, guard and Derek McDougall, 6-5, forward. Junior Murphy Stewart 6-6, forward. Sophomore Josh Rhodes 6-6, forward. Outlook: With the veteran leadership of Williams and McDougall and super-athletic forwards Rhodes and Steward, SC is again headed toward a great year. Rhodes was last seasons league MVP and Williams and McDougall were All SCCAL first stringers. Under Newell’s guidance, expect SC to improve as the season goes on and play its best late in the season. Personnel wise, there’s probably no match. The chief concern of Newell’s is at point guard. Newell has encouraged opponents to press his point guards, knowing that is the only way they will get better. He has rotated three so far: George Czechowski, Kris Vitug and Emanuel Townsend. Newell said he’d settle on one if there is a clear choice, but isn’t afraid to do it by committee. The Cards are no doubt favored to win the league title, but there will definitely be some challenging games.
Newell’s is at point guard. Newell has encouraged opponents to press his point guards, knowing that is the only way they will get better. He has rotated three so far: George Czechowski, Kris Vitug and Emanuel Townsend. Newell said he’d settle on one if there is a clear choice, but isn’t afraid to do it by committee. The Cards are no doubt favored to win the league title, but there will definitely be some challenging games.

Nov. 30. SANTA CRUZ SURGES. Smart Playing Lifts SC Over Palo Alto. Josh Rhodes and Murphy Stewart made some spectacular dunks. But their willingness to do the dirty work is what elevated SC to another level. Rhodes scored 28 points and Stewart had 10 of his 14 points in the second half. SC used a balanced second half attack to beat Palo Alto 73-58 in a well played game at the Civic Auditorium to give them a 2-0 record. Rhodes and Stewart started the game with back to back dunks. The bulk of their work was done in the second half. “Josh can make awesome plays because of his physical gifts,” said Newell of Rhodes a 6-6 sophomore forward, who had four dunks. “But he also makes the right play almost every single time.” Stewart, a junior who came off the bench last season was sharp as a starter. He made some impressive post moves and effectively timed his quick jumps to the glass for rebounds. “He’s probably the most improved player right now. He really responded in the second half,” Newell said. Rhodes has eight points in a third quarter flurry in which SC turned a 34-30 deficit into a 46-44 lead. Stewart had eight points in the final quarter and an assist on Derek McDougalls layup that put it out of reach at 66-58 with 2:40 left. “I’m more focused in the game now. Last year I was learning under fire. I know the game more now,” Stewart said. The forward tandem was backed by an assortment of contributions from other starters and reserves. Tyler Williams and Kamau Norman-Torrance made three pointers and McDougall made a jumper to close out the third quarter with a 54-49 lead. Norman-Torrance, whose three pointers ignited SC runs, had ten points. Kyle Reagan made two mid-range jumpers and Newell made a point to mention the attributions of backup point guard Emanuel Townsend and reserve forward Ian Swift. Palo Alto was outsized and had only seven health players, but maximized their strengths by using court spacing and perimeter jumpers to build an early lead in the second quarter. SC took advantage of its depth after the break with traps and full court pressure defense, which wore down Palo Alto when it wasn’t forcing turnovers. “We have some experience, but we’re still a very young team. We won’t breeze through the preseason.
We must compete every game,” Newell said. For the most part, the game was played at a higher level than most early season match ups. Stewart made a three point play to beat the Vikings 56-55 last season. That would stand as the closest call for the Cards, who set a county record by winning 32 straight games.
Scoring: Williams 5, McDougall 7, Rhodes 28, Stewart 14, Norman-Terrance 10, Kyle Reagan 6, Swift 3,

Dec. 1. In the first game at the Jefferson Tournament SC defeated Lowell of San Francisco 63-60. Lowell lead 14-13 at the end of the first quarter and 26-23 at halftime. SC went ahead 40-38 in third quarter. The score was tied 55-55 at the end of regulation. Murphy Stewart scored five points and Derek McDougall hit a three for eight points, while Lowell hit a three pointer and a two. Scoring: Tyler Williams 5, Czechowski 0, Mc Dougall 9, Rhodes 21, Stewart 13, Vitug 2, Norman-Terrance 2, Craft 0, Swift 2,Townsend 4, Graham 2, Trevor Williams 2. Assists: Rhodes 2, Townsend 4, McDougall 2, Stewart 3, Norman-Terrance 3, Vitug 1, Craft 1. For a total of 16. Rebounds: Rhodes 12, Stewart 11, Norman-Terrance 4, Graham 2, McDougall 2, Swift 1, Townsend 1, Hunter 1 for a total of 34. Made 10 of 15 foul shots for 67%.

Dec. 2. In their second game of the Jefferson Tournament the Cards lost to Seaside 63-59. Seaside went ahead 13-8 in the first quarter and 26-23 at halftime. The end of the third quarter 42-37 and the fourth quarter was high scoring with SC scoring 22 points and Seaside 21. Scoring: Czechowski 0, McDougall 18, Rhodes 20, Stewart 25, Vitug 1 Craft 1, Reagan 2, Swift 1, Townsend 0, Trevor Williams 0, Graham 3, Hunter 2. Top rebounders: Rhodes 12, Stewart 7, McDougall 5, Craft 4, Hunter 2. Tops in assists: Craft 4, Townsend 4, Czechowski 3. McDougall 2, Rhodes 2. Made 14 of 25 foul shots for 56%.

Dec. 3. SC defeated Jefferson 55-47 for third place. SC led 15-8 in the first quarter and 27-17 at halftime and 35-32 at the end of the third. Then SC out scored Jefferson 20 to 15 in the fourth. Scoring: McDougall 14, Rhodes 13, Stewart 0, Vitug 3, Norman-Torrance 3, Craft 0, Reagan 4, Swift 2, Townsend 2, Trevor Williams 6, Graham 7, Walls 1. Tops in assists: Norman-Townsend 3. With two, Czechowski, McDougall, Rhodes, Stewart, Swift, Townsend. Rebounds: Swift 4, McDougall 3. Those with two: Rhodes Norman-Torrance, Graham, Hunter, Mike McDonald, DeJaun Williams. The Cards were 11 of 14 from the foul line for 79%.

Dec. 9. In the first game of the Dads Club Tournament SC defeated Paso Robles 48-38. SC led 14-7 at the end of the first quarter and 33-15 at halftime. It was 44-24 at the end of the third. Scoring: Vitug 3, Rhodes 19, Hunter 2, Czechowski 0, Graham 4, Norman-Torrance 2, Stewart 2, Townsend 2, Reagan 3, Tyler Williams 9, McDougall 2. Played but didn’t score: Tyler Williams, Swift, Walls, McDonald. Top rebounding: Rhodes 17. Those with three: Graham, Norman-Torrance, Stewart, Tyler Williams. Swift and McDougall two each. Tops in assists: Graham 3, Tyler Williams 3, Norman-Torrance 2, McDougall 2.

Dec. 10. In the second game against former SC player Bill Mellis’ Salesian’s team from Richmond, the Cards won 60-48. SC won the first quarter 12-8, but Salesian went ahead at halftime 29-25. SC came out and scored 18 points to Salesian’s 8 in the third quarter to go ahead 43-37.

Dec. 11. Dad’s Club final against Salinas only have access to SC’s individual player stats. Have no final score, but according to the records up to now should be a SC win and Championship. Scoring: Vitug 2, Rhodes 15, Norman-Torrance 0, Graham 0, Walls 0, Stewart 10, Swift 2, Townsend 1, Tyler Williams 6, McDougall 12. Rebounds: Rhodes 18, Stewart 14, Tyler Williams 5, McDougall 6, Walls 2, Vitug 1, Norman-Torrance 1. Assists: Norman-Torrance 5, Stewart 3, McDougall 3, Tyler Williams 2, Townsend 2, Rhodes 1. SC 8 for 19 at the foul line for 47%.

Dec. 14. SC defeated Alvarez 63-56. Alvarez went out to a 13-6 lead in the first quarter, 32- 27 at halftime and 41-39 at the end of the third. SC made a come back of 24 points in the last quarter to 15 by Alvarez. Scoring: Vitug 2, Stewart 0, Rhodes 19, Craft 1, Czechowski 3, Tyler Williams 12, McDougall 16, Norman-Torrance 3, Swift 2, Townsend 0, Trever Williams 0, Graham 5, McDonald 0, DeJuan Williams 0, Walls 0. Rebounds: Rhodes 11, McDougall 5, Norman-Torrence 5, Graham 3, Craft 2, Tyler Williams 2, McDonald 1, Walls 1, Swift 1. Assists: DeJuan Williams 3, McDougall 3, Craft 3, Rhodes 2, Norman-Torrance 1, Swift 1, Tyler Williams 1, Stewart 1. From the foul line 11 of 15 for 70%.

Dec. 17. In the opening game of the Fremont-Sunnyvale Holiday Tournament, SC defeated Silver Creek 78-45. SC led 17-9 in the first quarter and 42-19 at halftime and 63-27 in the third quarter. Scoring: Rhodes 16, Craft 6, Czechowski 2, Tyler Williams 17, McDougal 11, Norman-Torrance 9, Swift 3, Townsend 0, Graham 6, Trever Williams 3, Hunter 2, McDonald 0, DeJuan Williams 3, Chirinos 0, Walls 0. Rebounds: Rhodes 7, Craft 7, Swift 6, McDougall 4, Vitug 2, Walls 2, Tyler Williams 1, Norman-Torrance 1. Assists: Norman-Torrance 4, Swift 4, Townsend 3, Graham 3, Vitug 2, Tyler Williams 2, DeJuan Williams 2, Czechowski 1, McDougall 1, Trever Williams 1, Foul shooting 8 of 16 for 50%.

Dec. 18. In the second game of the Fremont-Sunnyvale Holiday Tournament, SC defeated Independence 46- 37. SC went ahead 20-18 in the first quarter and then the game slowed way down when SC scored 8 points and Independence 7 as SC led only 28-25 at halftime. SC was ahead 39-33 in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was even more low scoring with SC scoring 7 and Independence 4 points. Scoring: Rhodes 20, Graham 2, Swift 2, Townsend 3, Tyler Williams 8, McDougall 11. Rebounds: Rhodes 8, McDougall 7, Townsend 5, Graham 4, Norman-Terrance 3, Swift 3. Assists: McDougall 5, Graham 3, Norman-Torrance 3, Swift 2. Townsend 2, Rhodes, Vitug 2. From the foul line 1 of 5 for 20%.

Dec. 20. In the third game of the Fremont-Sunnyvale Holiday Tournament, SC defeated Fremont of Sunnyvale 41-37. SC led 10-4 at the end of the first quarter. Then Fremont went ahead 25-19 at halftime. SC entered the fourth quarter down 34-26, but went on a 12-2 run to draw even on a driving lay up between two defenders by Derek McDougall with two minutes left. McDougall also hit a big three pointer down the stretch and scored seven of his team high 11 points in the fourth quarter. Tyler Williams scored ten against Fremont, who is 8-4.
Scoring: McDougall 11, Tyler Williams 10, Rhodes 7, Swift 4, Graham 4, Vitug 1, Townsend 2, Norman-Torrance 2, Craft 0, Wall 0. Rebounds: Rhodes 12, Graham 6, Swift 3, Tyler Williams 3, Norman-Torrance 2, McDougall 2, Walls 1, Townsend 1. Assists: McDougall 4, Rhodes 3, Graham 3, Craft 2, Swift 2, Tyler Williams 1, Norman-Torrance 1. Foul shots 9 of 17 for 52%. The Cards are now 10-2.

Dec. 21. In the fourth game of the Fremont-Sunnyvale Tournament, SC defeated Del Mar 59-47 for the tourney Championship. Del Mar led the first quarter 17-14, but SC held them to seven points the second quarter and led 31-24 at halftime. SC led in the third quarter 42-33. Scoring: McDougall 24, Rhodes 24, Tyler Williams 7, Norman-Torrance 2, Graham 2 were the only scorers. Rebounds: Rhodes 20, McDouall 5, Vitug 1, Graham 1, Swift 1, Tyler Williams 1. Assists: Tyler Williams 6,
McDougall 4, Townsend 4, Rhodes 2, Czechowski 2, Graham 3, Swift 2. Foul shooting 1 for 2 for 50%.

Dec. 22. In the first game of the Soquel Tournament, SC defeated Jefferson 59-58. Jefferson led off ahead 13-12 in the first quarter. SC scored 20 points, while holding Jefferson to 8 in the second quarter to go into halftime with a 34-21 lead. In the third period, Jefferson outscored SC 18 to 10, but SC is still ahead 44-38. In the fourth quarter Jefferson outscored SC again 20 to 15. SC’s 13 point halftime lead was enough to stand up. Scoring: Rhodes 13, Tyler Williams 14, McDougall 17, Walls 5, Craft 2, Norman-Torrance 2, Swift 6. Played but didn’t score: Vitug, Czechowski, Graham, Townsend, Reagan, Trevor Williams. Rebounds: Rhodes 6, Swift 3, Tyler Williams 3, McDougall 2, Walls 2. One each: Vitug, Craft, Norman-Torrance, Townsend, Reagan, Trevor Williams. Assists: Townsend 7, Tyler Williams 4 , Vitug 3, McDougall 2. One each: Rhodes, Czechowski, Trevor Williams, Norman-Torrance, Swift. SC is now 12-2.

Dec. 28. At the second game of the Soquel Tournament SC defeated Los Gatos 57-39. Los Gatos led 13-12 in the first period and 25-21 at halftime. At the end of the third period the score was tied 35-35. In the fourth quarter SC outscored Los Gatos 22 to 5 for the win. Not too many whistles were blown in this game. SC had three fouls called on them and Los Gatos only five. Scoring: Rhodes 16, McDougall 12, Vitug 2, Norman-Torrance 9, Swift 4, Townsend 7, Tyler Williams 7. Played but didn’t score: Craft, Czechowski, Graham, Reagon, Chirinos. Rebounds: Rhodes 12, Swift 7, McDougall 10, Norman-Torrance 2, Tyler Williams 2, Vitug 1. Assists: Rhodes 6, Tyler Williams 5, Norman-Torrance 3, Vitug 2, McDougall 2, Swift 1.

Dec. 29. In the championship game of the Soquel Tournament SC downed Soquel 63-39 for the Tournament Championship. SC led 13-9 in the first quarter, 36-20 at halftime and 53- 27 at the end of the third period. Scoring: Rhodes 20, McDougal 16, Vitug 3, Czechowski 3, Graham 4, Swift 6, Townsend 3, Tyler Williams 5. Played but didn’t score: Craft, Trevor Williams, Walls, DeJuan Williams. Rebounds: Rhodes 10, Swift 4, Norman-Torrance 2, Townsend 2, Tyler Williams 2, DeJuan Williams 1, McDougall 1. Assists: Townsend 7, McDougall 6, Vitug 2, Rhodes 2, Tyler Williams 2, Graham 1, Swift 1. Foul shooting 6 for 7 for 86%.

Jan. 4. In the first league game, SC defeated Soquel 63-48. SC exploded in the first quarter to outscore Soquel 17-6. At halftime it was still SC 28-18. Soquel came out shooting in the third period and outscored SC 19 to 12, which must have upset the Cards as they came out and scored 23 points to Soquel’s 11. Murphy Stewart was back out on the court and garnered two rebounds and scored two points. Scoring: McDougal 16, Graham 11, Rhodes 11, Tyler Williams 11, Swift 7, Townsend 5, Stewart 2. Played but didn’t score: Vitug, Czechowski, Norman-Torrance. Rebounds: Rhodes 16, Tyler Williams 5, McDougall 4, Townsend 3, Norman-Torrance 2, Stewart 2, Swift 1, Graham 1. Assists: Rhodes 5, Townsend 5, McDougall 4, Each of rest one: Stewart, Czechowski, Graham, Norman-Torrance, Tyler Williams.

Jan. 7, SC 67, SLV 53. SC went out to a 21-7 led in the first quarter but SLV out scored SC 18 to 11 in the second quarter, which put SC ahead 32-25 at halftime. In the third period SC ahead 49-40. In the fourth quarter Rhodes scored 14 of his 29 total points. SC is now 16-2 for the season. Scoring: Rhodes 29. Tyler Williams 14, McDougall 13, Vitug 2, Stewart 2, Czechowski 2, Townsend 2, Norman-Torrance 1, Craft 0, Walls 0. Rebounds: Rhodes 23, Stewart 7, McDougall 6, Graham 3, Norman-Torrance 3, Vitug 2. Assists: Rhodes 5, McDougall 5, Vitug 3, Graham 3, Czechowski 2, Townsend 2. At the foul line 10 of 17 for 59%.

Sentinel. Jan. 11. SUBSTANCE VS STYLE. Santa Cruz, Aptos Meet For SCCAL Top Spot. Both schools have 16-2 records and a history of success. For both schools, the similarity ends right there. This all started last season, when Aptos was more curiosity than a contender and SC was on its way to a historic 32-0 win start. Aptos nearly beat SC. Nearly. These teams are the polar opposite ends of the basketball globe. SC coach Pete Newell prefers an up tempo game that is cerebral, sound and calculated. Aptos prefers a run-and-gun affair that is instinctive, wild and spontaneous. SC’s approach lends itself to consistent performances, while Aptos tend to experience extreme highs and lows. SC has two 6-6 fluid forwards, who can dominate, but has rotated three point guards. Aptos has no starter over 6-3, but two of the leagues best guards. In the BCS ratings, Basketball Comparative Strength, both teams come out about equal. SC has played in better tournaments, period. They have played traditional powers Palo Alto, Los Gatos, Jefferson twice among others. Both teams won their last league games easily. With a catch, SC was sharp and Aptos was sluggish.

Jan. 12. RUNNING AWAY WITH IT. Mariners No Match For Santa Cruz. Derek McDougall and Tyler Williams made sure their was no need for last seconds heroics. In the most anticipated SCCAL game this season, McDougall and Williams combined for 39 points as SC trounced Aptos 75-51. The senior tandem was a picture of calm rising above the pressure of a capacity road crowd and first place hanging in the balance. Both teams were tight in the opening minutes. McDougall and Williams set and maintained the tone with their steady play. “In a way, I think we did feel a responsibility to set an example,” said Williams a shooting guard who scored 15 points. Williams scored 11 points in the first half, including three 3-pointers in the crease of the Aptos zone defense. Aptos was so intent on limiting SC’s second shots, their defense was late in rotating to McDougall, a 6-5 forward who made strong and balance drives to the basket. He scored a game high 24 points. “The seniors stepped it up big time. They’ve been there before. Tyler’s 3’s allowed us to increase our lead when we had several players in foul trouble,” Newell said. “What impressed me most was that Tyler shot an air ball, then made his next 3.” SC led 10-7 at the end of the first quarter. McDougall had 10 points and Williams third 3-pointer with time winding down sent the Cards, 17-2, 3-0 in league, into the halftime break with a 31-27 edge. Aptos got within 33-32, but then things got away from Aptos. Rhodes scored three baskets, McDougall hit a transition jumper in an 8-0 run that further damaged Aptos’ already fragile psyche. Williams made a 18 foot jumper from the right corner a the third period expired an the rout was on. Rhodes scored 11 of his 17 points in the second half. He punctuated the night with a follow up dunk to make the score 68-46. SC never trailed. Newell said he was impressed with his three man rotation at point guard of Emanuel Townsend, Kris Vitug and George Czechowski. Though they scored just six points combined, the avoided the costly turnovers on which Aptos thrives.
Scoring: McDougall 24, Rhodes 17, Tyler Williams 15, Stewart 4, Vitug 4, Graham 4, Craft 2, Czechowski 2, Norman-Torrance 2, Trevor Williams 1, McCormick 0. Rebounds: Rhodes 16, Stewart 10, Tyler Williams 7, Norman-Torrance 5, McDougall 5, Graham 4, Vitug 3, Townsend 1, McCormick 1. Assists: Norman-Torrance 6, Rhodes 4, Tyler Williams 4, McDougall 3, Townsend 2, Vitug 1, Stewart 1. Foul shooting 12 of 25 for 49%.
Jan. 13. SC defeated Harbor 64-36. SC was ahead 13-9 in the first quarter and 30-15 at halftime. In the third period it was 47-21. Scoring: Rhodes 18, Stewart 10, McDougall 10, Tyler Williams 6, Graham 4, Vitug 3, Czechowski 2, Norman-Torrance 3, Swift 2, Townsend 2, Reagan 2, Chirinos 2, Walls 2, Craft 0, Hunter 0, DeJuan Williams 0, McCormick 0. Rebounds: Rhodes 12, Graham 3, Tyler Williams 3, Stewart 2, Norman-Torrance 2, McDougall 2, Hunter 1, Craft 1, Czechowski 1, Swift 1, Townsend 1. Assists: Townsend 5, Rhodes 5, McDougall 4, Graham 3, Tyler Williams 3, Czechowski 2, Craft 1, Reagan 1. SC is 18-2 overall and 4-0 in league.

Jan. 15. SC defeated Monte Vista Christian 62-23. SC led 11-6 in the first quarter and 16-12 at halftime. Scoring: Rhodes 19, Tyler Williams 15, McDougall 13, Graham 4, Norman-Torrance 3, Swift 2, Vitug 2, Chirinos 2, DeJuan Williams 2. The whole squad played except Stewart who set the game out. Rebounding: Rhodes 10, Swift 6, Tyler Williams 6, McDougall 5, Graham 4, Hunter 3, Craft 2, Norman-Torrance 1, Townsend 1, Trevor Williams 1, Chirinos1, Vitug 1. Assists: Townsend 3, Vitug 1, Rhodes 1, Craft 1, Graham 1, Norman-Torrance 2, Swift 2, Tyler Williams 1, Hunter 1.

Jan. 18. SC defeated Watsonville 55-45. SC led 13-7 in the first quarter and 30-23 at halftime. In the third quarter SC outscored Watsonville 13 to 4, but in the fourth quarter Watsonville outscored SC 18-12. All the Cards had time in the game. Scoring: Rhodes 18, McDougall 13, Tyler Williams 6, Vitug 6, Stewart 4, Norman-Torrance 4, Townsend 2, Graham 2 were the only scorers. Rebounding: Rhodes 11, Tyler Williams 8, McDougall 6, Townsend 5, Stewart 4, Swift 4, Vitug 1, Norman-Torrance 1, Trevor Williams 1, Walls 1. Assists: Rhodes 6, Townsend 3, Norman-Torrance 2, Swift 2, Tyler Williams 2, Czechowski 2. SC is 20-2 overall and 6-0 in league.

Jan. 25. Soquel pulled an upset win over SC 54-44 in the first round of the second half of the league season. Soquel out scored SC 14-6 in the first quarter and 31-18 at halftime. In the third quarter itself, Soquel out scored SC 12 to 7. SC made a comeback in the fourth quarter out scoring Soquel 19 to 11. Scoring: Graham 12, Rhodes 10, McDougall 7, Tyler Williams 3, Stewart 4, Gzechowski 4, Norman-Torrance 2, Swift 2. Rebounds: Rhodes 13, Stewart 4, Graham 4, Tyler Williams 2, Walls 1, Swift 1, Norman-Torrance 1, Vitug 1. Assists: Vitug 2, Rhodes 2, Graham 2, Czechowski 1, Tyler Williams 1, McDougall 1, Walls 1. SC is now 20-3 overall and 6-1 in league.

Jan. 28. SLV defeated SC 58-47 to improve its league record to 5-3, while SC dropped to 6-2. The first period ended in a tie 8-8. At halftime SLV was ahead 24-21 and in the third quarter was ahead 40-36. In the fourth quarter SLV outscored SC 18 to 11. Scoring: Rhodes 16, Townsend 8, Czechowski 6, Vitug 5, Craft 3, Graham 2, Graham 2, Tyler Williams 3, McDougall 2. Rebounds: Rhodes 15, Steward 8, McDougall 3, Tyler Williams 2, Townsend 1, Czechowski 1, Graham 1. Assists: Rhodes 4 Czechowski 4 Graham 2, McDougall 3, Tyler Williams 2. One each for the rest: Vitug, Steward, Norman-Torrance, Graham, Czechowski, Townsend, Tyler Williams. SC is now 6-3 in league.

Feb. 1. Aptos defeated the Cards 58-48. Aptos won the first quarter 13-6 and was ahead 22-15 at half time. SC outscored Aptos 15 to 6 in the third quarter and took the lead 43-28. The score was tied in regulation 43-43. In overtime, Aptos scored 15 points to SC’s 5. Only six Cards scored, the least in any game this year. Scoring: Stewart 17, Rhodes 12, Tyler Williams 9, Townsend 6, McDougall 3, Vitug 1. Rebounding: Stewart 17, Rhodes 14, Townsend 3, Tyler Williams 3, McDougall 2, Vitug 2, Czechowski 1, Graham 1. Assists: McDougall 3, Tyler Williams 2, Townsend 1, Graham 2, Stewart 1.

Feb. 4. CARDINALS SNAP LOSING SKID. Sophomore Lineup Energizes SC; Tough Harbor effort Falls Short. SC defeated Harbor in an emotional game 51-46 to end a three game losing streak. Sophomore Ian Swift hit a three point basket with 5:50 left in the fourth quarter to give SC a three point lead and a boost the Cards needed to finish the game strong. “Ian did a fine job. His three, I thought was a pivotal shot. It gave us a big boost,” Newell said. The win gives SC, 21-5, 7-3 alone in second place in league, behind Aptos at 8-2 and ahead of Harbor 6-3. SC started the fourth quarter with a two point lead 38-36 with Harbor very much in the game. But after Swift’s shot, the Cards outscored Harbor 8-6 to hold on for the win. SC started the game with four sophomores, who gave SC the early lead with a 9-2 run to start the game. Senior co-captains Derek McDougall and Tyler Williams came off the bench midway through the first quarter. “We played a real good team on their own court and our starters set the tone. Harbor did a great job to get back into the game,” said Newell. Harbor found itself down 18-8 to start the second quarter and used solid team rebounding to get back into the game, holding SC to zero second chance points. Harbor outscored SC 15-10 to cut the lead at halftime to five, 28-23. Harbor used a 7-0 run to start the third quarter and grab its first lead and then trailed by just two points heading into the fourth quarter. SC had a huge advantage at the free throw line making 11 if 21 compared to Harbors 4 for 4. Josh Rhodes led all scorers with 13 points and Murphy Stewart had 12.
Scoring: Rhodes 13, Stewart 12, Czechowski 6, Swift 9, McDougall 4, Tyler Williams 3 Townsend 2, Norman-Torrance 2, Walls 0, Graham 0. Rebounds: Rhodes 14, Swift 3, Czechowski 1, Stewart 3, Norman-Torrance 2, Swift 4, McDougall 3. Assists: Rhodes 1, Tyler Williams 2, McDougall 2.

Feb. 5. SC 71, MVC 50. In a tight first quarter SC outscored MVC 17 to 14, but then in the second quarter scored 20 points to MVC 5. In the third quarter it was SC 54-35. The whole team played in the game. Scoring: Rhodes 15, Stewart 6, Swift 11, Craft 5, Czechowski 0, Graham 5, Norman-Torrance 5, Townsend 4, Tyler Williams 4, McDougall 5, Trevor Williams 3, Mike McDonald 2, DeJuan Williams 6, Walls 0. McCormick 0, Hunter 0, Reagan 0, Scott McDonald. Rebounds: Rhodes 7, Stewart 5, Swift 5, Craft 4, Townsend 2, McDougall 2, Mike McDonald 2, Trevor Williams 1, Graham 1, Norman-Torrance 1, Walls 2. Assists: Czechowski 4, Tyler Williams 4, Rhodes 3, Townsend 3, Swift Norman-Torrance 1, Graham 2, Craft 1, Vitug 1, Reagan 1, Mike McDonald 1, DeJuan Williams 1.

Feb. 8. SC defeated Watsonville 75-44. SC played excellent defense in the first half allowing only four points in the first quarter and six the second. SC led 38-10 at halftime. The score at the end of the third period SC 54-30. SC is now 9-3 in league and 23-5 overall. Scoring: Rhodes 14, Graham 11, McDougall 10, Swift 8, Tyler Williams 5, Townsend 4, Czechowski 4, Craft 4, Stewart 4, Norman-Torrance 3, Walls 4, Vitug 2, McCormick 2. The rest of the lineup played, but didn’t score. Rebounds: Rhodes 13, McDougall 5, Stewart 4, Graham 3, Swift 3, Walls 3, Chirinos 1, DeJuan Williams 1, McCormick 1, McDonald 1. Assists: Townsend 6, McDougall 6, Czechowski 3, Graham 2, Tyler Wiliams 2, Swift 1, Trevor Williams 1, Stewart 1.

Feb. 18. ONCE MORE AND FOR ALL AND FOR ALL. Fitting Final: Aptos, Santa Cruz Meet In Title Game. In the SCCAL Tournament at Cabrillo College, SC defeated Harbor 67-50 to advance to the finals against Aptos. SC used a strong third quarter to blow the game open and build a 16 point lead, 53-37, after trailing 30-27 at halftime. The second seeded Cards, 24-5 were led by Tyler Williams, who made three 3-point baskets and scored 13 of his game high 18 points in the third quarter. The potent offense and a smothering defense that held Harbor to seven points in the third proved to be too much for Harbor 18-9 to overcome. SC has won four of five against Aptos over the past two seasons, but Aptos beat them 58-48 in overtime, three weeks ago. “We just came out focused. We’re just trying to be a better team. We didn’t play well in the first half and we just tried to get things going,“ said Tyler Williams. That’s just what SC did. They outscored Harbor 26-7 and with an exception of a basket with just 15 seconds left, held Harbor scoreless over the last five minutes of the quarter. “We got fired up for the second half, Derek McDougall said. “I think Harbor came out and tried to bang us, they’re a physical team, but we were confident in our team.” The game started slow as both teams struggled on offense, but the Cards were ahead 16-15 at the end of the first quarter. Harbor out rebounded SC 16-5 in the first half and outscored SC 15-11 in the second quarter to build a three point lead before the pivotal third quarter. SC had one three point basket in the first half compared to Harbors three, but in the second half, the Cards hit five to Harbors two. Williams had four for the game, all in the second half. SC came out smoking in the second half and that was the difference in the game. SC made some adjustments and got their offense going. SC closed out the game with a 14-13 advantage in the fourth quarter as both teams emptied their benches with just two minutes left. “They’ve been here before and they’ve done it,” said Newell of the play of his seniors. Newell used his bench well, rotating players to keep them fresh for the finals the next day. “Depth is very important. We look at the tournament as a 64 minute game, we’re barley at halftime,” Newell said. Seniors Williams with 18 points and six rebounds and McDougall added 14 points.

Feb. 19. Santa Cruz Endures, Repeats. There was probably no better summary of the SCCAL season than this game. The regular season champion Aptos was spectacular and woeful in the same minute. The number two Cards were solid and resilient despite their own ups and downs. At the end, SC had a burst of brilliance when it counted. SC broke open a deadlocked game midway through the fourth quarter to win 66-60 in front of a sellout crowd at Cabrillo College. It was SC’s second straight tournament title, but should go down as more memorable. Last season the Cards started 32-0 and was a clear favorite in the tournament. This season was a different story. After starting league 6-0, SC 25-5 dropped three straight and struggled to recapture its top form. Aptos 25-5 capitalized and won the regular season title. The immense celebration at the buzzer was more a triumph of a successful soul search by the Cards than the immediate impact of winning the title game. “We learned a lot about ourselves through adversity. This is our ninth straight Cabrillo Friday and I can’t be more proud of the team than I am right now,” Newell said. Aptos showed why they deserved recognition and the regular season title. SC’s win was its second in three games against Aptos in a match up that gained notoriety with two exciting finishes last season. Each team won on the others home court in the regular season this year. Tied 52-52 early in the fourth, SC went on a 8-0 burst that held up as the difference. In a lighting fast sequence, George Czechowski made a driving basket. Josh Rhodes made a layup and Czechowski drove and dished to Tyler Williams for an open three on a delayed fast break. Kris Vitug made one free throw to start the run. Aptos scored four points and then Derek McDougall all but sealed it with a driving layup with 53 seconds left. But the game might have turned in the first half, even though Aptos led 38-32 at the break. Both teams lost key players to foul trouble. For SC, Murphy Stewart and league scoring leader Jose Rhodes were on the bench. But the reserves held their own enough that Aptos couldn’t take control. “We had to feel good just the fact that we were only down six and the two starters could play the whole second half,” Newell said. Newell made a point of mentioning reserve forward Scott Walls, who played much of the second quarter. Williams had four 3-pointers and a team high 15 points. Rhodes scored all his eight points in the second half. Ryan Graham and Kamau Norman-Terrance had eight apiece.

Feb. 21. Santa Cruz Boys Earn Number 2 Seed. SC co-champions with Aptos earned a second seed in the CCS Division III playoffs and will have a bye in the first round. Sophomore forward Josh Rhodes is the SCCAL third leading scorer with a 16-5 point per game average.

Feb. 25. SC Boys Pull Away From Alvarez, 70-50. Rhodes Leads Way With 25 points. Having won their second round game of the CCS Division III playoff game, SC will play seventh seeded Mitty of San Jose next. At the 4:52 mark in the first quarter SC took its first lead in the game on Josh Rhodes three pointer and never trailed again. But SC was unable to pull away until the waning moments, when they scored the last eight points. SC led 35-30 at halftime. SC turned the ball over 12 times in the first half with some of them turning into Alvarez layups. SC cut down significantly on their turnovers in the second half. “We played pretty well tonight,” said Rhodes, who led SC with 25 points and 12 rebounds. ‘We turned the ball over too much in the second quarter, but we knew we just needed to play smarter and get into our offense better,” SC opened the second half with a 8-3 spurt and went into the final quarter ahead 54-40. Two baskets by Derek McDougall pushed the lead to 14 points and an emphatic dunk by Rhodes, in which he stepped inside his defender and went strong to the rim via the baseline, near the 3:30 mark of the fourth quarter all but ended the hopes of Alvarez. SC was able to control the boards and get two, three, four shots. “We were able to limit them to one shot most of the time,” said McDougall, whose eight boards helped accomplish that goal. “We are going to have to play better on defense and remember to box out,” Rhodes said.

Feb. 27. Santa Cruz Falls Short At Buzzer. The team was down. It was evident on the scoreboard and in the eyes of the players. SC rarely stares at deficits such as the 15 point gap it faced in the first half, against Mitty of San Jose. But reserve forward Gabe Craft took it upon himself to regenerate the Cards. “He started tell the players to get refocused on their game,” SC assistant Aaron Woliczko said. “It was a real awaking for the rest of the team.” SC rallied to draw even, but evenly fell short in a 58-56 loss. A break away layup by Mitty with 50 seconds left gave Mitty a 57-55 lead and the eventual winning points. But SC had its chances. Emmanuel Townsend missed a chance to tie, when he made one of two free throws with 45 seconds left. After a Josh Rhodes rebound and outlet pass, the Cards missed a chance at a fast break basket when a lead pass was a bit too far to convert a layup. Still, ball movement on the possession resulted in a good look from Derek McDougall, who missed from the right wing just inside the three point arc with six seconds left. SC had to foul and Mitty made one of two free throws, but it gave SC one final shot. In bounding the ball from its own basket SC, with five seconds left, senior point guard George Czechowski went coast-to-coast, but his off balance runner from 12 feet at the buzzer glanced off the rim. “We were trying to get someone open and George had the best chance,” Newell said. For a while it didn’t look like SC would come so close. Mitty’s physical defensive play and the Cards poor shooting put them in a 50-35 halftime hole. But a 13-0 run within a span of three fourth quarter minutes, capped off by a Tyler Williams three pointer, drew SC even 49-49 with 3:23 left. Mitty built its lead back to 53-49. SC got a spark from McDougall, a first team All SCCAL player, who sat out most of the second half. “He just need to adjust to what they were doing,” said Woliczko of the decision to keep McDougall on the bench. “He’s a perfectionist who wants to do things 100 percent. If he’s not playing to his potential, it affects his game.” McDougall told Woliczko during the fourth quarter, “I’m ready to go.” The information was relayed to Newell, who put McDougall back in and the move paid off. McDougall knocked down his next three shots to score six consecutive points in a 6-2 run that tied the score 55-55 with 1:12 left. In the final seconds, Mitty put there best player on McDougall and he prevented any chance of McDougall getting open. Williams led SC in scoring with 11 points. Rhodes had ten points, 13 rebounds and four assists.

From the team score book up to the twenty-seventh game as of February 6. Listed by name, games played, total points scored or rebounds, highest points or rebounds made in a game and average per game for the top six players. Included are assists at the end.
J. Rhodes 30 495 29 16.5 85
McDougall 30 340 24 11.3 84
Ty Williams 28 255 17 9.1 63
Stewart 22 139 17 6.5 28
Graham 30 105 12 3.5 41
Swift 29 98 11 3.4 28

J. Rhodes 30 326 23 12.1
Stewart 22 124 17 5.8
McDougall 30 111 10 3.7
Williams 28 84 8 3.0
Swift 29 74 7 2.5
Graham 30 63 6 2.2

Team states: Offense by games played 27, total points scored 1614, high 84 game and average 59.7. On defense: total points given up 1268, low score 23 and average per game 46.9
SCCAL ALL LEAGUE selected by the league coaches: first team, Josh Rhodes who led the league in scoring and rebounding. He scored 465 points for an average per game of 17.2 with a high game of 29. In rebounding he had 326 for 17.2 per game with a high game of 23. On the second team were Derek McDougall and Tyler Williams.

Yearbook. The team took second place out of sixteen teams at the Homestead Tournament. They also beat Harbor with the help of Willie Palmer and Sam Heft-Neal.

Roster: Alez Page, Reuben Miller, Kajahl Benes-Trapp, Josh Smith, Maurice Stewart, Jim Anderson, Sam Heft-Neal, Willie Palmer, Nick Tanza, Time Pearson and Daniel Wynn.
Coach Charles Burks.

Yearbook. Some of the key players were Nick Bourghf, George Murphy and Matt Cherry.

Rest of roster: John Mullen, Lauren Gagnier, Simba Jones, Victor Chavez, Joe McGough, David Stearns, Jimmy Garcia, Chris Kamaha’o, Chris Futch, John Kovacevich, Alfanso Carrasco, Ryan Beach, Dan O’Brien and Case Mandel. Coach George Kovasevich.

GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS For Sixth Consecutive Year. Lost in the CCS finals to qualify for the Northern Cal playoff making the semifinal game.

Yearbook. Coach Pat Jones’ team won the league again with only one loss to Harbor. In a big game against Aptos the Cards won 48-43. Continuously they upset many of the teams that they competed against. Point guard Tameka Blue contributed more than enough along with Marisa Boyce and Monica Grova.

Rest of the roster: Nicole Woodie, Jessica Elb, Ruth Klotz-Chamberlin, Lauren Tashima, Megan Kennedy, Jill Himlan, Tenaya Fihe, Rita Case and Sasha Kochen.
Head Coach Pat Jones and assistants Danny Paz and Maile Jenkins.

Sentinel. Jan. 11. In the Monterey Bay girls basketball rankings, SC at 11-4 is ranked number one.

Feb. 18. Cardinal Girls Dominate Underdog SLV. Top seeded Santa Cruz Despite Long Layoff; Cougars Finished. It has been ten days since SC has played a game. At the SCCAL Tournament semifinals, the regular season SC champions showed no signs of rust. SC 21-5 took the first step in defending their league tournament title with a 61-21 win over SLV. SC had a bye on the last game of league and got a bye in the tournament as it is the number one seed.
SC received solid performances from its post players to pull away from a 4-4 tie to put the game quickly out of reach. Junior post player Monica Grova was the top scorer for SC and had a black eye after the game to show for her rebounding efforts. “It was a good game for us,” Grova said. “We got back together and we got used to playing with our new players.” Over the break, SC brought up five players from the junior varsity team that went 11-1 in league and won the championship. The only league loss came from SLV. Center Marisa Boyce scored 12 points. Coach Jones said that he doesn’t expect his team to have any trouble finding motivation against Aptos in the finals. “We should be ready. The girls are excited to play,” Jones said.

Feb. 19. Down at halftime, Cards come back to beat Aptos for the tournament title and the SCCAL championship all by themselves. Coach Jones questioned his team at halftime, “I’m proud of how they responded. This is our sixth consecutive league title and I don’t think we’ve ever lost the tournament in those six years. This was a hard fought, intense game the whole way.” Tameka Blue was 8 for 10 from the foul line and finished with 16 points. Tenaya Fihe had 11 points and seven rebounds. Monica Grova scored 12 points. Marisa Boyce said, “We were too excited or jittery at the beginning, but we did what we needed to do in the second half.”

March 16. A Painful What Might Have Been. It may be off the mark to believe the SC girls would have reached the State Division III championship game if the Cards had gotten past Petaluma in the Northern California semifinals. SC lost 51-48, after leading by as much as 11 points in the third quarter. Petaluma went on to rout Sacred Heart Cathedral 53-44. Sacred Heart Cathedral beat SC in the CCS final 53-44, but the results illustrate the balance among these three teams. And SC would have had another shot at SHC. Petaluma, amazingly beat SHC with out its best player, a flamboyant guard, who scored a game high 19 points against SC and is headed to the University of Portland on a basketball scholarship.

ALL COUNTY and ALL SCCAL (not available)

Yearbook. Roster: Anika Dunkell, Lizzie Matteuci, Mia Azzaro, CiCi Smith, Rachel Cummings, Bracely Williams, Carmen Stryker, Lenora Bittleston, Megan Nutt, Flaura Coren, Irene Whitney and Emily Martin.

Yearbook. This was the biggest team turnout in years with 22 wrestler suited up. All weight classifications could be covered for the first time in years. Many new athletes joined and became very important players. Several wrestlers placed high in tournaments or were winners, (no names). The ferociousness of Jeremy Perez and Jared Jenkins were key to SC victories in matches.

Roster: Alex Winterle, Luke Wetmore, Brian Criswell, Pete Gustafuson, Karl Lund, Cliff Sullivan, Cody Bressler, Billy Butler, Mike Ward, Keith Woessner, Andres Alvarez, Danny Concepcion, Louis Opolinsky, Spencer Biddiscombe, Jared Jenkins, Chris Higgins, Alex Scott, Dash Pomerantz, Jeremy Perez, Carlos Perez and Steve Pinther. Coach Eric

Yearbook. Key players were Eric Gelwicks, Nick Fleming, Travis Talbot and Marcus Reuman. Most of the players will be coming back next year.

Rest of roster: Chris Morris, Matt McClosky, Elliot Kruger, David Esparza, Ryan Thatcher, Tony D’Elia, Michael Coe, Tristan Membranz, A.J. Pappas, Andre Beaureguard, Rene Guerra, Wes Seath, Ken Cramer, Eduardo Bibriseca and Saul Gonzales. Coach Sergio Sierra.

Sentinel preseason write up. Dec. 15. Coach Sergio Sierra, tenth season. Last season: 7-4 third in league and 8-5 overall. Key players: Seniors, defender Nick Fleming and midfielder Marcus Ruemann. Junior midfielder Eric Gelwicks. Outlook: Young, but many have played under Sierra and Paul Holocher with the SC Breakers Class I club team, giving the plenty of high level experience. The problem is that many must learn new roles with the Cards and success hinges on how quickly they can do so. Players to watch include Midfielders Michael Coe and Matt McCloskey, recovering from pneumonia and scoring threat Travis Talbott, an excellent athlete.

Yearbook. Roster: Ullysses Marquez, Nicolas Alvarez, Nat Helman, Isaac Noble, Endre Gabrielsen, Tommy Hall, Will Grick, Andrew Ow, Jesus Deara, Lizandro Salazar, Guillermo Sensente, Victor Gallegos, Juan Chavez, Nat Curry, Ernie Boffy, Chris Kruger and Simon Mandel. Coach Lars Davenport.

League games: Soquel 3-0, Harbor 0-1, 1-0; SLV Loss. League record 10-2 for second place.
CCS playoffs: quarterfinals, Valley Christian 2-0. Semifinals, Pinewood 1-0. Finals Menlo 1-0 into second sudden death period for the CCS Championship. Overall record 15-3-1.

Yearbook. The team rocked this year. Callie Griggs and Marie McCann two seniors with years of experience led the team to a very successful season. Rest of roster: Cassandra May, Claire Shonick, Julia Cato, Brittany Bruland, Emily Schwartly, Jessica Schindler, Liana Wayne, Jennifer Putt, Jessica Schaffer, Sarah Frampton and Erin Bregman.

Sentinel preseason write up. Dec. 14. Coach: Jose Sierra. Last season: 12-5-3, 8-3-1 for second in league. Key players: Senior midfielders, Callie Griggs and Marie McCann. Juniors: midfielder Julia Cato and forward Maya Russell-Nava. Sophomore forward Leigha Bare. Outlook: Griggs was the SCCAL Co-Midfielder of the Year and leads a team that reached the CCS Division III semifinals last season, the same level as Harbor. McCann and Russell-Nava may be the best in the league at their positions. Bare and junior Liana Wayne are capable of big seasons. Look for the Cards with five returning first team all league players, to be in the playoff hunt again and they appear to have the best chance to unseat Harbor.

Sentinel. Jan. 13. SC played and looked like a team in a 3-0 victory over Soquel. Sporting identical, Cardinal hand-stitched beanies, players stayed warm on the bench and supported runs by their teammates on the field. When substitutions were made, off came the beanies and warm-ups. Players who came off the field to the bench were then given fresh beanies by eighth year coach Jose Sierra. The beanies were a gift from Ilysa Iglesias’ mother Cathy. “She said, ‘Happy New Year and gave me this big bag. That was awesome. I didn’t have to put mine on,” he said pulling on his none matching beanie.

Sentinel. Feb. 9. Cardinals Put End To Harbor Shutout Streak. Griggs Provides Lone Goal, Leads Santa Cruz To Victory. The seal that seemingly guarded Harbors team goal for the first 15 games this season was broken by SC at Memorial Field. The shutout streak was the sixth longest in state history and nine short of the state record. SC won 1-0. SC is 10-2 in league and 12-3-1 overall and Harbor is 9-1 and 15-1. Callie Griggs broke the scoreless tie about 30 minutes into the game. Griggs found herself open near the top right corner of the penalty box, fired a shot at the Harbor goalie. The ball was partially blocked, but rolled toward the Harbor goal. As the goalie crawled after the shot, Griggs alertly followed and poked it into the open net. “There was no uncertainty in my mind. I just went for it,” said Griggs. “It’s about time someone scored on them. Harbor is overrated,” With the win, it is the first time since 1998 that SC has beaten Harbor, when it snapped Harbor’s 43 game winning steak. It also marked just the second time in nine seasons the Cards left a game against their cross town rival victorious.
In the first half it seemed SC controlled about 99 percent of the balls. The second half was a different story. For the first 20 minutes Harbor controlled the ball and launched several attacks on the Card defense. But each time, the Pirates came up short, Or more accurately wide. Harbors best second half scoring opportunity was when a Harbor shot sneaked behind goalie Vidales. But Britsy Bruland cleared the ball just before it could do any damage. Bruland’s save was the second such brush of fate SC encountered on this night. Early in the game, Jessica Schindler made an even more impressive save in a similar situation. Two Harbor players appeared poised to punch the ball into the net just before Schindler cleared it to safety. “so many times in the past, the ball bounces Harbor’s way. You always need a little luck,” said Coach Jose Sierra. “When you come in like this ( SC has outscored its opponents 28-2 over the past eight games) and the ball bounces your way, you’re going to get the victory.”

Feb. 20. Cards Top Valley Christian In Playoff Quarterfinals. The number five seeded Cards defeated the four seeded Valley Christian 2-0 in the CCS Division III quarterfinals at Seaside. Coach Jose Sierra was not pleased by how his team played. “We’ve been off for 12 days. That’s too long to not be playing against anyone.” Judging from how the Cards started the game, they couldn’t wait to get back on the field. Marie McCann took the opening kickoff and nearly gave her team a quick 1-0 lead. No more than ten second in, McCann hit the crossbar with a shot from 15 yards. A few minutes later McCann hit the side of the net with another attempt. SC asserted such early domination that it took Valley Christian seven minutes just to gain control of the ball on the SC half of the field. In the ninth minute, Maya Russell-Nava gave SC a 1-0 lead. Russell-Nava took a throw in from Britsy Bruland and sent her shot over the goalkeepers head for a score. “They came out fast and we came out flat, said a Valley Christian coach.
Defensively, goalkeeper Brittany Vidales came up big each time she was challenged. In the fourteenth minute, she punched a shot safely over the goal on a well struck ball from 10 yards. On the ensuing corner kick, Vidales alertly came out to clear another dangerous ball. Vidales said she was unsatisfied with her twelfth shutout performance of the year and fifth straight. “I could have done better, with a huge grin flashed across her face. I didn’t come off the line as much as I could have.” With Vidales and the SC defense locking down the Valley Christian attack, Callie Griggs goal midway through the first half appeared to be the start of a SC blowout. Griggs scored the unassisted goal from just inside he penalty area on a kick that wasn’t particularly hard, but was able to squeak by the goalkeeper anyway. Throughout the latter part of the first half and for much of the second half, Valley Chirstian controlled the ball and forced Vidales to make several more key saves. SC plays number one seed Pinewood, a 1-0 winner over RLS in the semifinals.

Feb. 27. Cardinals To Play For CCS Soccer Championship. Santa Cruz Girls Beat Pinewood; Will Face Menlo For Title. For the first time in SC history, the girls soccer team will be playing for a CCS Title. The number five seeded Cards 14-3-1 earned that opportunity, after handing number one seed Pinewood 18-3 a 1-0 loss at PAL Stadium in the semifinals of CCS Division III playoffs. “I’m very happy for everyone, said coach Jose Sierra, whose team responded to the pressure of the semifinals. This was going to be our hardest game, because it’s a unfamiliar place.” Last year SC fell 2-0 to Capuchino in the CCS semifinal. The memory served as a constant motivational tool for Sierra this year. “From day one, I told them our goal was to get back here. I knew we might not win league, but we needed to get back to this point. Harbor playing in Division II, lost to Mitty on penalty kicks.
Now, SC has exceeded its goals, but its unlikely it will be hard for them to get up for their nest match. The girls seemed aware of the significance of their accomplishment. “Bringing home a CCS banner would be a big deal,” said Britsy Bruland, who scored SC’s goal. “We don’t really have any banners.” The Pinewood coach, whose team lost to Menlo earlier in the year, said the Cards are at least as good as Menlo, if not a little better. It should be quite even.” Against Pinewood, SC was definitely the dominate team. Despite scoring only one goal, SC was able to dictate play and out shot Pinewood 10-6, but had even more scoring opportunities. On the goal, forward Marie McCann sent a corner kick parallel to the goal. Two Cards attempted headers, but missed. Bruland was the benefactor. She ended up with an open net, by herself with the ball. Her shot ricocheted off the far post and into the near side of the goal. “We just try to get it in there and get some bodies on the ball,” If not for some tough breaks, SC could have easily been up 3-0 at halftime.
About 5 minutes into the game, SC had the potential first goal disallowed when it was ruled Bruland had hit the ball out of bounds, before making a perfect pass to Jessica Shaffer, who put the ball into the open side of the net. At the thirtieth minute, SC appeared poised to make it a two point margin, when SC sent a shot into the open side of the net. But a Pinewood full back was there for the save, which ricocheted off another SC player and hit the post. The goalkeeper then fell on the loose ball.

March 2. Cardinals Take Title In OT. Late Goal Gives SC First Sole CCS Title. For Maya Russell-Nava and the rest of the SC Girls soccer team, the wait to play the CCS Division III championship proved to be worth it. Junior midfielder Russell-Nava, scored with two minutes remaining in the fourth overtime to give the fifth seeded Cardinals a 1-0 win over number six seeded Menlo School at PAL Stadium in San Jose. The championship, only the Cardinals second in school history, was postponed for a week because of rainstorms left the soccer field in a vulnerable state. And because of the tightly contested midfield struggle, they waited a bit longer to have their team etched in history. Both teams battled through 80 minutes of regulation, two ten minute overtime periods and nearly two sudden-death five minute periods, before Russell-Nava scored the winner.
If the game was scoreless after the fourth overtime, the teams would have been named co-champions. There wouldn’t be a shutout, the means by which Mitty eliminated Harbor in the CCS Division II semifinal last week. “We knew we couldn’t go co-champions. “We had to win that game,” said Russell-Nava.
The SC boys team under Coach Sergio Sierra, tied Gilroy in the CCS Division II championship in 1991 for the schools first section crown.
Despite SC freshman goalkeeper Brittany Vidales and the Menlo keeper recorded three saves apiece during regulation time. SC controlled the ball near their offensive third of the field for much of the game. Menlo cleared the ball out well and on occasion staged a length of field run. “They desired it. They kept fighting and pushing forward. They showed a lot of positive attitude,” said eighth year coach Jose Sierra. After star forward Marie McCann, who will attend St. Mary’s next season; put on a series of jukes along the left touchline, she sent a through pass to the top of the penalty box. It was cleared to midfield, where the Cards regained possession. SC swung the ball out to freshman midfielder Jessica Shaffer on the right wing an she advanced it up the touchline before crossing it to Russell-Nava in traffic. Russell-Nava, who was sent to the ground minutes earlier with leg cramps, made good by scoring her second goal of the season. “I just saw the ball and it was a perfect, perfect pass. It hit off the goalkeeper. It was pretty lucky,” Russell-Nava said.
Russell-Nava also scored a goal in the 2-0 win over number four seeded Valley Christian in the quarterfinal on February 19. SC knocked off top seeded Pinewood in the semifinals on Saturday, which were also postponed because of poor field conditions. SC runners up in the SCCAL had numerous chances denied just outside the penalty box. But the final clearing by the Menlo defense set up the winner. McCann, tried to add to her team leading total of 14 goals, but was marked tightly by Menlo. But she got off two quality shots in the first half, but the goalkeepers stopped both. Callie Griggs, who has 13 goals this season, did a good job distributing the ball, but the Cards were limited to quality chances inside the penalty box. Griggs nearly converted a indirect free kick from McCann late in regulation play, but the goalkeeper came out of the net to challenge for the loose ball.
Co-captains Griggs and McCann are the only seniors on the team. With the win, SC 15-3-1 posted their seventh straight shutout and their fourteenth of the season out of 19 games played. SC took advantage, when the player, who was covering Russell-Nava, had to leave the game two minutes in the first sudden-death overtimes. Coach Sierra, “I told Russell-Nava, when the player went out, you’ve got to take it every single time from here on out. Maya really came through. She was everywhere. Russell-Nava finished with three shots, all of which came in the final eight minutes. (There is a picture of the team acknowledging their fans after the game.)

ALL SCCAl: Senior Callie Griggs was named Co-Midfielder of the Year, senior Marie McCann was Forward of the Year and freshman Brittany Vidales was named Goalie of the Year. Other star players were Maya Russell-Nava and Lee Oliver.

Yearbook. Top freshmen on offense were Tina Fuller, Aly Hatcher, Sarah Fang and sophomore Nina Peeples. Megan Rappa guarded the net as goalie. Tracy Frazier and Lily Gilbert led the defense that shut down the opposition as a common occurrence.

Rest of roster: Qwin Salameh, Sarah Langly, Gretchen Jaussler, Ana Simmons, Stephanie Flores, Marina Hauze, Alana Andrade, Christy Zenter, Lauren Fuhrman, Gridget Cordero,
Ana Andrede and Macayla Eastman.

Practice games: Woodland tournament: Davis 4-14, El Camino 0-11, Vallejo 16-10. Pacific Grove win, Monte Vista win.

Yearbook. The team is excited and eager to play on their new home field on campus that they have been working on for a very long time. With many solid players, a good coach in Bob Kittle, these guys are sure to pose a threat to everyone they encounter.

There are 11 returning players and six of them were starters last year. Key players to watch for are Danny Garcia, CF; Chris Kelly, 3B; Brett Lindgren, SS; Eli Karon, 2B; Jason Georganas, P; Travis Talbott, P; Derek McDougall, P/OF; Kyle Hartz 1B/P and Andrew Ackerman P.
Joseph Allegri OF; Travis Bearden P: Sean Croghan P: Neil Kunkel C: Tyler Williams P.

The games started with the Woodland Tournament, where the team went 1-2 with a win over Vallejo and losses to Davis and El Camino. Against Vallejo, SC went 24 for 37 at the plate. Top hitters were Eli Karon, 2 for 3, 1 RBI; Chris Kelly, 2 for 3, HR, 2B, 2BB, 3 RBI; Kyle Hartz, 4 for 5, 2B, 2 RBI; Joseph Allegri, 2 for 4, 2B BB, 3 RBI; Daniel Garcia, 3 for 5, 2 RBI; Sean Croghan, 1 for 2, RBI. Pitchers were Andrew Ackerman, Derek McDougall and Travis Talbott. Tyler Williams and Jason Georganas provided good defense.

SC won the non-league game against Pacific Grove 6-4 despite leaving 10 runners on base and allowing two unearned runs. Starter Travis Beardon went 3.2 innings, allowed two hits and struck out four. Travis Talbott came in for the save, logging two innings and allowed one hit. Joseph Allegri went 2-4, Brett Lindgren went 2-3 and Chris Kelly had three runs batted in. “We played a good baseball game against a good team,” said coach Bob Kittle.

San Jose Mercury on March 28, League By League Baseball Up Dates. SCCAL. Santa Cruz which finished last in the league last season, returns seven starters and the Cards are off to a quick start 4-3, 6-1 behind the big bats of Joseph Allegri .495 and ten RBI’s and Brent Lindgren .470.

March 24. Aptos 3, SC 2. Mariners Rally Again. Late Heroics Familiar Sight In Aptos Win. In a battle of unbeaten teams, Aptos rallied for three runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to win 3-2. SC pitcher Travis Talbott gave up only two hits in the game.
Scoring by innings
SC 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 runs 2, hits 7, errors 2
Aptos 0 0 0 0 0 6 runs 3, hits 2, errors 3.
SC 6-3, 4-1
Losing pitcher Talbott
Double: Allegri
Multiple hits: Allegri 2-2, Lindgren 2-3

March 29. MVC 12, SC 8.
Scoring by innings:
MVC 0 0 2 0 1 2 7 runs 12, hits 11
SC 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 runs 8, hits 9
SC is 6-5 overall and 4-3 in league.

Losing pitcher McDougall 1.1 innings pitched.
Doubles: Allegri, Karon. Triple McDougall. Home run Kelly
Multiple hits: McDougall 2-4, Lindgen 2-4,
Multiple runs: McDougall 2, Kelly 2.
Multiple RBI’s Kelly 2.

SC 15, Aptos 1
Scoring by innings:
Aptos 0 0 0 0 1 runs 1, hits 5, errors 0
SC 5 5 5 0 runs 15, hits 14, errors 4.
SC 9-6, 7-4.
Winning pitcher: Ackerman 4-1, 3-1.
Doubles: Kinkel, Lindgren, Talbott
Multiple hits: Talbott 3-3, Allegri 2-2, Karon 2-3, Kunkel 2-4
Multiple RBI: Lindren 3, Talbott 3, Garcia 2, Karon 2
Multiple runs: Hartz 3, Allegri 3, McDougall 2, Kelly 2, Lindgren 2, Garcia 2.

At the Santa Ana Elks Club tournament, SC defeated Santa Ana 22-14. Neil Walton did it all, going 4-5 at the plate and picking up the win in relief. Chris Kelly had two doubles, a triple and four RBI’s. Joseph Allegri was 4-5 with two doubles. SC lashed out 26 hits and is now 11-10.

May 3. Aptos came from behind again in the sixth inning to defeat SC 5-4 to win the season series 2-1 and remain in second place. Coach Bob Kittle, “One single and they score a run. I liked the way we scrapped back, but we didn’t get it done.” Kyle Hartz scored in the second and starting pitcher Derek McDougall scored in the third on Chris Kelly’s double for a 2-0 lead. Aptos took the lead with a three run fourth. The Cards re-took the lead with a pair of runs in the fifth on a bases loaded two out single from Joseph Allegri. Earlier in the inning with Eli Karon and McDougall on first and second, Chris Kelly hit an apparent double to the right field fence. But when Kelly reached second he noticed Karon was at third and McDougall between them. Kelly sprinted back to first and McDougall to second to load the bases. Torres recorded a strike out for the second out, but Allegri made sure the damage was done.
Scoring by innings
SC 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 runs 4, hits 11, errors 1
Aptos 0 0 0 3 1 1 runs 5, hits 8, errors 3
SC 14-10, 9-7
Ackerman losing pitcher
Doubles: McDougall, Kelly, Wetmore
Multiple hits: McDougall 2-3, Allegri 2-3, Kelly 2-4, Hartz 2-4
Multiple runs: McDougall 2
Multiple RBI: Allegri 2

May 16 Sentinel SCCAL end of league Prep Stats
Individual hitting by place in the order of average, name, at bats, runs, hits, runs batted in and average.
6 Hartz 83 21 32 16 .386
9 Kunkel 64 15 24 7 .375
11 Karon 65 22 24 13 .369
13 Lindgren 74 21 27 10 .365
16 Talbott 80 22 27 16 .337
17 Kelly 86 21 29 25 .337
18 Allegri 83 19 28 18 .337

Team batting
Hitting by place in the order of average, name, at bats, runs, hits, runs batted in and average.
1 SC 735 186 258 142 .351

Doubles: Talbott-8, Kelly-8
Triples: Kelly-3
Home runs: Talbott-2, Kelly-2
Stolen bases:

Individual pitching by place in order, name, won-loss, innings pitched, hits, earned runs, base on balls, strike outs, earned run average per game.
6 Talbott 3-3 43 36 15 21 34 2.44
11 Ackerman 4-2 31.2 28 18 14 15 3.98
12 Georganas 4-2 42 38 26 34 52 4.33
15 Bearden 1-2 27.1 30 24 22 20 6.15

Team pitching by place in order, name, won-loss, innings pitched, hits, earned runs, base on balls, strike outs, earned run average per game.
5 SC 15-11 176 167 162 110 105 138 4.58

Second team: Joseph Allegri

Yearbook. Roster: John Mullen, Jared Jenkins, Nick Boroughf, Ben Pennuto, Lauren Gagnier, Evin Murphy, Paul Croghan, Nick Ward, Drew Bontadelli, Keith Woessner, Trent Lindgren, John Avila, Jimmy Garcia, Wes Seath, Simon Mandel, Robert Daniel, Chris Higgins, Matt Zentner, Alex Scott and Chris Vasilev.

Yearbook and Trident. The team started strong with a lot of new players. Seniors Paige Nutt, Sara Dalbesio, Katrina Lynn, pitcher Liz Locatelli and Sara Keck played hard making it their best year considering that it was going to be their last. Top hitters were Megan Christopher, Katrina Lynn and Paige Nutt. Returning juniors Alicia Perez and Laura Arthur put their hearts into every game. Junior newcomers Ashley Arnott, Allyson Machado and Rita Case also played a role in the teams success.

Rest of roster: Rachel Pena, Kaitlyn Redell, Rachel Ellis, Megan Christopher and Jenna Mann.
Head Coach Lou Caviglia and assistant Bob Mann, Jerry Christopher.

Yearbook. The team took second place at the King City tournament. Pitchers are Merissa Grellmann, Mindy Keck and Lily Valdez. Co-captains are Cassidy Devine and Merissa Grellmann. The defense is led by Amanda Young, Elizabeth Doutre, Amie Raugust and Chancy Brokaw and outfielders Brittany Long, Ashley Serpa and Alana Escobar, who played their hearts out.

Rest of roster: Bridgette Quartararo, Zoe Tucker-Winters, Megan Nutt, Molly Laughlin and Breann Sampson. Head Coach Kim Cave and assistants Joe Escobar and Tom Keck.

May 16 Sentinel SCCAL end of league Prep Stats
Individual hitting by place in the order of average, name, at bats, runs, hits, runs batted in and average.
(no information from SC)

Yearbook and Trident. Two new coaches Anthony Brown, a former Olympic trials runner brings great knowledge to the core of about a dozen sprinters and promising dedication to the rest of the team. He is looking to resurrect the sport at SC. He is assisted by Victor Duben as they have taken over both boys and girls teams. League champion Aaron Longinotti is back along with Brandon Slack, Todd Hedgpeth, Santos Garcia and Megan Baker. Look out for the four-by one hundred and four-by four hundred relay teams along with some field event and hurdle competitors.

Rest of roster: Kennan Schreher, Dash Pomerantz, Todd Hedgpeth, Jim Owen, Chris Bartlow, Paul Mosso, Jyle Reagan, Reese Ornellas, Ben Baker, Will Crick, Liam Murphy, Alden Orgain, Brandon Slack, Dan Graybill, Mike Shirley, Santos Garcia, Jordon Smart and George Murphy.

New coach Tami Wallace has gotten new equipment, warm-up jackets and with her coaching style has made this years team a lot more dedicated. The team has more than doubled in size over last year. Against Aptos, Aaron Longinotti proved to be the fastest man on the track with a 11.7 time in the 100 meters. Megan Baker won the 100 meter and ran the anchor leg on the winning 4×100 relay. Sam Crick won the 100 and 300 meter hurdles. The boys 4×100 relay team tied with Aptos at 3:47.

League champions Megan Baker, Adey Anthony, Jill Hilman and Jenny Greenburg are back this year. Rest of roster: Gretchen Haussler, Kendra Kirkpatrick, Louisa Ferrer, Mary Montgomery Ali Hatcher and Michele DiBiasi.

GIRLS AND BOYS combined information separate from the individual girls and boys below.
Yearbook. The teams were very strong this year. They were led by sophomore standouts Pat Jacobson, Sean O’Grady and Jackie Calhoun. Pat qualified and went to Junior Nationals in Anchorage Alaska. Many of the swimmers had personal bests and qualified for CCS. There were only a few divers: Megan Baker and Alex Jones are favored to win league and Brittany Long and Kate Lewis are expected to hold their own in league.

The combined roster for the girls and boys varsity and JV teams have a picture in the yearbook, but no names. Individual pictures were taken of Joe Herd, David Hill, seniors Michelle and Katy Overbeck, sophomore Pat Jacobson, Jackie Calhoun and Sean O’Grady. Coaches shown were Nick, Kyle and Larry.

Seniors Molly Devine and Diana Willis are girls varsity co-captains, voice similar opinions about the coaching staff, who and enthusiastic and fun. Head coach Larry Willis said, “We are a little over staffed, which helps in continuity over the time and years. Senior Royce Perez, varsity boys captain, likes having a number of coaches available to help. “It’s nice having different personalities, not having the same face every day.” The swimmers are more like a team this year. We have new blood.” Coach Willis plans to win league with the boys team and take third with the girls. Willis said, “We, the coaches, as a team, have made it harder and more consistent than last year.”

Third year diving coach Rob Holmberg plans to uphold a six year old tradition of SC winning the diving championship. “Going to CCS is an accomplishment in itself. School diving record holder, Laura Beach has graduated is now is diving for UC Davis. Beach was a four time winner. There are only four varsity divers this year. Alex Jones is the top diver this year.

Trident. The combined boys and girls squad produced 16 CCS swimmers last year. Under the instruction of Coaches Larry Willis, Kyle Brookes, Nick Drummer and Royce Perez, along with the intense practice schedule, which allows swimmers to practice ten times a week, the team is looking to improve as the season continues.

Trident. April 8. Senior diver, Alex Jones is defending league champion, Sophomore Megan Baker also went the CCS diving completion last year. The two have to travel to Harbor every day because Harbor has two diving boards.

Took fourth in the SCCAL meet.

Trident. Standouts Jackie Calhoun, Rachel Willis, Colleen Laurent and Kelly McCormick have come together to form a great relay team which has already swam fast enough to qualify for CCS even before the league dual meets have started.

Sentinel pre-league championship meet write up on May 5. On the girls side, the 200 individual medley it is a toss up between SC’s Jackie Calhoun and a Soquel swimmer.

May 7. SCCAL swim meet. Winner Soquel 327 points, Aptos 284, Harbor 225, SC 222, SLV 125, Monte Vista 72, Watsonville 32 and Scotts Valley 3. May 7. (the girls SCCAL swim meet individual results were not included.)

ALL SCCAL Jackie Calhoun, Rachel Willis, Colleen Laurent and Kelly McCormick. Diver Megan Baker.

BOYS SWIMMING AND DIVING combined varsity and JV
Boys were second at the SCCAL meet.

May 7. SCCAL swim meet. Cardinal Sophomore Breaks Meet Record In 50 Freestyle.
Soquel 345, SC 211.5, Harbor 191.5, SLV 158, Aptos 147, Monte Vista 126, Watsonville 7.
One of the highlights of the meet came from SC’s Pat Jacobson. The Cardinal sophomore broke the meet record in the 50 freestyle with his 21.16 finish. The previous record was 21.52 in 1982. “Breaking the record was a goal for CCS,” said Jacobson, a 15 year old. I didn’t expect to do it here.” His coach Larry Willis was pleased for Jacobson and wasn’t too surprise to see him break the record Saturday. “Pat is a very nice human being. Sometimes at his age, kids get their success blown out of proportion. Pat doesn’t do that at all.” The time was also a school record. Jacobson set another school record in the 100 free in 47.12. Fellow sophomore Sean O’Grady set a school record in winning the 100 butterfly in 53.27. He also won the 100 breaststroke in 1:04.22

Sentinel pre-league championship meet write up on May 5. SC sophomore Pat Jacobson is the leagues leading sprinter. He will likely win the 50 and 100 free and could break one of the oldest SCCAL records in the process. Three more swimmers make up the leagues elite. Sophomore Sean O’Grady is one of them, being a favorite in the 100 breaststroke. ( the girls SCCAL meet was not included)
ALL SCCAL Sophomores Pat Jacobson and Sean O’Grady. Diver Alex Jones.

Yearbook. The team is expecting to go far this year. They got out to a good start winning a practice game and going 2-1 in league. They were behind, when they played Aptos, but came back in the final fifth match. Then upset SLV in four matches. A new coach and 13 players gives the team a better chance to compete this season. The top players are seniors Michael Lightfoot, Jeff Horn, Kevin Kirkpatrick and Nico Macias and junior Dash Dunkell. The bench has also worked hard and is important to the team.

Rest of the roster: Shane Ralph, Ryan Graham, Scott Walls, George Ruger, Ryan Beach, Robin Moore, Nick Bassano and Lars Davenport. Coach Matt Paine.

A new coach took over a very young team this year. The veterans taught the underclassmen the fundamentals of the game, led by number one singles player Calder Nold and seniors Elliot Hogg, Josh Wittman and Elliot Krugar. Connor Murphy, Daniel Worthington, Matt Mohammed, Mitch Smith, Wesley Chin and Brandon Smith filled in the ladder for the team.
JV members were Forrest Davie, Josh Sonnenfeld, Nikhil Patel and Daniel Sarran.

Sentinel preseason write up. March 2. Coach: Pete Pappas. Outlook: Senior Isaac Weintraub, who shot a disappointing 83 in the SCCAL individual tournament last year and missed CCS a year after advancing to the Northern California playoffs, will surely have ample motivation in 2000. Marcus Reumann, Eric Hutchinson and Tyler Stock will help lead.

Yearbook. Seniors Isaac Weintraub, Marcus Reuman, Matt Telega and Justin Kerrick were team leaders. Eric Hutchinson and Ian Rice fill out the squad. Four time SCCAL first team All League member Isaac Weintraub has high hopes and expectations for this years team even though there are only six members, just enough to field a team for league matches.
Coaches Pete Pappas and Dennis Mullen.

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