Download complete file with overview and stats: 1938


Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis.

At present an athlete who is 20 years old is eligible to play in the CCAL as long as they have not completed eight semesters. There is discussion on this rule to drop the age down to 19 for next year. Two of the top athletes in football and basketball would not be eligible next year if this were to take affect.

There was also a proposal made at the last CCAL meeting to eliminate lightweight sports and replace them with a freshman-sophomore team. The Trident staff is very critical of this move, saying it will prevent the small athlete from competing.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Sequoia 0-7
San Jose 0-12
Montezuma 15-7
Pacific Grove 20-12
Practice record 2-2

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 0-0
Monterey 6-6
Hollister 0-6
Watsonville 0-18
League 0-2-2.
Season 2-4-2

At the start of the season this is a possible starting line up for the title contending team starting from the left to the right on the line with another sport they played abbreviated and in parenthesis (T for track, BB for basketball and BA for baseball):
Richard Dunham, Louis Rittenhouse, Ted Parker, Dick Voris (T),Clarence Verhines (BB), Attillio Dagliotte (T), Maurice Smith (BA), Lyle Loehr (BA), Backs: Lloyd Hebbron (BB), Dick Shively (T) and Therm Fought (BB). Andy Maranta did not return to school this year.

Cards Held Scoreless By Salinas.
This is the first time in a long time that SC has not lost to Salinas. Penalties hurt the Cards. Salinas did cross the goal line, but it was called back on a penalty. The team played as a unit and not as individual stars. All the starters, who ended up starting ever game of the season, all played their best. For the first time in a number of years, SC rooters out numbered the opposing rooters in an out of town game. A new spirit seems to have entered the student body this year. The schools enthusiastic backing has had a decided effect on our team’s morale. Keep it up students!

Cards, Monterey Battle to 6-6 tie.
The Cardinals score came after eight minutes of play. Starting from their own forty yard line a pass from Fought to Leonard went for twenty yards. Loehr, Fomasi and Leonard ran off tackle and short end runs to put the ball on the two yard line. Fomasi crashed over for the score. Monterey scored in the first part of the second quarter, but from then on it was all the Cardinals game. The Cards tried two field goals, which were long enough, but just barely missed.

Penalty Results in Hollister Win 0-6. Cards Passing Attack Hindered by Rain. Fought, Fomasi Star Against Haybalers With Long Runs.
SC got a bad break in the first quarter, when they received a twenty five yard penalty for hacking (Slugging) by one of the backs, who did not realize how much his little trick cost the team. The ball was placed on the one yard line from where the Balers scored the only points of the game. Only two subs, Maloney and Graff were used in this evenly matched game. Both teams gained yards, but only in the middle of the field. The rain made the field muddy and slick. Runners would get in the clear and slip. It was near impossible to pass the ball, which is one of the Cards strong points. This was almost like a win for the Cards. Hollister’s final record was 3-0-1 for a tie with Watsonville with their game ending 0-0. Watsonville won the playoff game 20-6.

Starting line up for the last game and for all the league games: ends, Alexander and Dunham; tackles, Attilio Dogliotti and Lewis Polletti; guards, James Totten and Captain Lyle Loehr; center, Julian Hayford; backs, Bob Loehr, Ray Fomasi, Bill Leonard and Therm Fought. Other linemen not listed above: Ray Borden, Don Gibbs, Walt McKenney, Ken Graff, Delbur Colclough, Vance Snyder, Keith Roach, Allie Tuana, Ed Maggiola and Silvia Gozzi. Other backs: Gene Lusby, John Maloney, Ted Parker, Ray Mullins, Matt Brazil, Dennis Bachtel.

In preparation for the traditional Armistice battle with Watsonville a successful parade was held on Pacific Avenue and a pep rally during lunch. A spectacular bonfire was set on the baseball field with yell leaders, players, students and coaches in attendance. The Trident had a full front page in red, just like the front page of a program. Saturday two buses went to the game to support the teams. Watsonville ended up winning both games and also both league titles.

Center, Lyle Loehr was elected captain of the team and was unanimous choice for ALL CCAL.


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Watsonville 7-26
Los Gatos 14- 6
Hollister 14-8
Montezuma 15-7
Practice record 3-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 7-0
Monterey 7-12
Hollister 19-12
Watsonville 0-31
League record 2-2 for third place.
Season 5-3.

Limited Team looks Poor In First League Victory.
The only score against Salinas was on an interception return by Ross for 25 yards. Alexander drop kicked the extra point. There was a lot of yards gained up and down the field by both teams, but penalties, dropped passes, fumbles, muddy rainy weather and much more kept either team from scoring after the initial touchdown.

Cardlets In Lucky Win Over Hollister 19-12.
Cardlets get many scoring breaks. Hollister fumbled on their first play of the game and SC recovered on the Hollister 33 yard line and in four plays scored. Alexander and Ross made a first down in two plays. Thoma sped to the 10 on an end run. Shively plunged over from there. It took only three minutes for SC to get on the score board. Next Hollister received the kick off and on fourth down made a bad kick to the SC 46. Ross took the ball all the way in for a score, following the best down field blocking of the season. The quarter ended when Bill Levy recovered a SC fumble on the Hollister 45. Hebbron made a nice 40 yard kick out of bounds on the Hollister 4. Hollister kicked back poorly to their 17. But the Cardlets were not able to score. Hollister fumbled again and Ross snatched the ball from the air and crossed the goal unmolested. Ross passed to Pellegrini for the extra point. With three minutes gone in the second quarter the score was 19-0. The second half was a complete reversal with Hollister providing all the scoring.

Limiteds Drop Game to Toreador Babes 7-12.
The lightweights had a slight edge in hard playing and general ability, but they learned the awful truth that games are won only by the team with the most points on the scoreboard. Monterey scored first. The dazed Cardlets came back fighting mad. In nine plays they passed and plunged for 65 yards and a touchdown. Hebbron, Ross, Alexander and Shively took turns carrying the ball until Ross went over from the 3 yard line. Alexander place kicked the extra point. This put the team ahead 7-6 at half time. Monterey monopolized the ball the rest of the game.

Starting line up for the last game against Watsonville. Ends, Irving Pellegrini and Tony Vierra; tackles, Bill Graham and Bill De Venney; guards, co-captain Sco Thoma and Lewis Nelson; center, Dick Voris; backs, Lloyd Hebbron, co-captain Leonard Ross, Clarence Alexander and Dick Shively. Other players: Bill Scofield, Jack Hickey, Lee Macauley, Robert Voris, John Jellison, Paul Juhl, Dennis Bouriate, Bill Scofield, Earl Van Dusen, John Penniman, Bill Yockey, Bernie Bourriague, Jack Coen, Louis Davis, Mike Demos, Ted Hubert, Jack Oney, Bill Ryder, Hamlin Witham, Louis Spitual, Ralph Robideaux, Ben Butler, David Coen, Derek Currall, Bill Levy, Leland Mahood, Bill Ganterbury, Bill Paulsen, Sam Hall and Brad Mac Donald.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 24-49
Santa Clara 22-10
Los Gatos 19-30
Mission (SF) 15-40
Chaminade 17-18, 18-23
Practice record 1-5

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 23-19, 25-16
Watsonville 22-14, 20-18
Monterey 21-19, loss
Pacific Grove 12-19, 12-20
Boulder Creek 21-7, 23-18
League 7-3, third place
Season 8-8. Monterey won the league.

Normal starting line up at the end of the season: forwards, Therman Fought and Bill Leonard; center, captain Francis Venturini; guards, Ray Mullins, Bob Loehr or Don Gibbs. All are seniors other than Fought and Gibbs.

In a loss to Los Gatos the first team did not play as the coach wanted to see what his other players could do under fire. Starters George Smiley, high point man with 8 points; Don Griffin, Clarence Verhines, Rodriguez, Perry Huntsman, John Maloney, Julian Hayford, Mathew Brazil, Harry Davis, and Allie Tuana.

In the 23-19 win over Salinas, forwards, Fought and Leonard combined to score 18 points, followed by Loehr with 3 and Venturini with 2.

Cards Nose Out Cats 20-18. Cards Play Inspired Ball.
In a thrill packed game, the Cards came from five points behind in the final quarter. It started with a bucket from Venturini (there was no explanation to what happened after that other than the fighting spirit pulled them through. The actual scores at the ends of quarters were not listed either). At the beginning of the game both teams played on fairly even terms. The Cats led by two points at the end of the half.

Francis Venturini captain of the team received the Lion’s Club trophy for the most valuable player voted on by the players.


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 16-19
Santa Clara 28-8
Los Gatos 21-19
Mission of San Francisco 16-11
Chaminade 32-13, 27-18
Practice record 5-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Pacific Grove 24-7, 29-9
Monterey won, 16-14
Salinas 35-10, 32-16
Boulder Creek 57-17, 77-5
Watsonville won, 38-15
League record 10-0
Season record 15-1
In the last two years the lightweight record is 34-1.

The undefeated team is comprised of: captain, Irving “Lefty” Pelegrini ALL CCAL, Charles Dowden and Derek Curral, forwards; John Jellison, Leonard Ross and Lloyd Hebbron, guards; and center, Bob De Witt ALL CCAL. Subs: Leonard Ross, Hashimoto, Scofield, Trine, Bourriague, Leland Mahood, Payne, Barry Bliss and Bob Puget. Brad Trine, sophomore center has been a pleasing sight as he has a deadly eye on his one handed spin shot. He will be ready to take over next year. The guards Hebbron and the vinegar of the team. Ross, who although at times seems to go half mad is till a hard player to beat. They are both very good on defense and are learning fast how to work with their fast breaking forwards and center.

In one of the closest games of the year played on Monterey’s court, the Cardlets won 16-14. Maybe that was the problem as the ball did not want to go through the basket. At the end of the first quarter it was Monterey 1-0 and another five was added by half time, while SC was getting four. Half time Monterey 6-4. The Cardlet ever present shifting zone defense worked very well as most of Monterey’s points came from outside. SC dominated the back boards, which helped them take 77 shots, 37 more than in an average game. Monterey led until the middle of the last quarter. With the score tied and twenty seconds left on the clock, “Lanky” De Witt scored to win the game.

Cardlets Trounce Salinas 32-16.
The first quarter was a series of thrills with passes the length of the court and a number of pile ups. The quarter ended SC 9-3. Derek Currall came in during the second quarter and Charlie Dowden moved to guard as he is a very deceptive passer and ball receiver. The half ended 16-6. Line up: forwards, Dowden 5, and Pellegrini 2; center, De Witt 12; guards, Ross 5 and Hebbron 1. Subs: Currall 5, Trine 2, Bliss and Mahood.

Cardlets Keep Clean Slate in Gaining Title:
Cardlets won the final game of the season against Watsonville 38-15. The first team had a 20-3 lead, before leaving with three minutes left in the first half. The first team started the second half and up the score to 33-9, before the seconds entered the game. The Cardlets brought the ball down slowly and worked it around until an opening came, then a pass and two points. When the boys got tired of passing, Ross and Dowden started popping long shots. Later in the fourth period the “Mosquito Fleet” of five tiny demons hurled themselves at their larger opponents and held them scoreless. Bobby Puget did score a free throw during this time. The “Wonder” team finished out the last two minutes.
Starting line up: forwards, Pellegrini 11, and Currall 4; center, De Witt 9; guards, Dowden 2 and Ross 3. Subs: Hebron , Payne, Trine and Mahood 2 each, Puget 1, Bliss, Scofield, Hashimoto and Bourriague 0.

Cardinal Babes Trim Big Brothers 23-19.
The game started out on even terms until a late spurt by the limited team, who sunk shots from all corners of the gym to end the quarter ahead 10-7. In the second quarter the speed of the game increased, but the scoring did not. Only two points were scored in the second quarter as it ending 12-7. At the end of the third quarter the lightweights still led 19-13. The final quarter found the heavyweights putting on the steam trying to pull ahead and did close the gap by two points to only lose 19-23. The game was a very clean one with only 16 fouls called. Seven by the heavyweights and nine by the lightweights. Line ups for the Lightweights: Pellegrini 8, Dowden 4, De Witt 6, Hebbron 2, Ross 3. Subs: Curral and Mahood 0. Heavyweights: Leonard 8, Venturini 9, Fought 1, Loehr and Mullins 0. Subs: Gibbs 1 and Smith 0.

ALL CCAL selections: Bob DeWitt and Irving Pellegrini.


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 2-1, 3-1
Chaminade 6-2, 2-1, 1-0
Santa Clara 3-7
Stanford Frosh 4-3
Practice record 6-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 6-4
Watsonville 3-3
King City 3-4
Gonzales 5-3
Watsonville 3-0 to make up the tie game
League record 3-1 tying Watsonville for co-championship
Watsonville won playoff game 4-1
Season record 9-3.

“Spread those bats out. Don’t say that word. Be sure to walk in back of the catcher.” These are familiar phrases spoken, when the Cardinal nine is in action to throw off all bad luck and to summon good. The baseball team is the most superstitious lot on the entire campus. The bats have to be lying in a certain way and if players say the wrong thing, they think a dreadful taboo will come upon them.

Two happenings make things look much brighter for the Cards. They are a happy and loose ball club and Tony Vierra, a veteran from last years championship team, is not having to work now and is back ready to contribute to another championship. Maurice Smith seems to have a magnet in his glove, when the last out comes to him, the horsehide disappears into the deep confines of his back pocket.

Bill Holton throws very hard, while mixing up hooks and drops, struck out 11 and allowed only four bingles in the 2-1 win against San Jose. Barney Norvell went three for three and Pelligrini and Holton went two for three. The Cards played errorless ball and had six hits. The top ball chasers in the outfield are Norvell and Vierra.

Cardinals Lick The “Hill Top” Panthers 2-1 in their local series to determine the best team in Santa Cruz. A single to center field by Tony Vierra scored “Wild” Bill Holton from third base and broke up the extra inning game in the eighth. Pellegrini went the first five innings and then traded with Holton in right field. Holton finished pitching the last three innings. Mullins handled seven hard ground balls without a bobble and started a double play to Leonard at shortstop to Smith at first.

The Cards pitching staff is going to be tested, having to play six games in two weeks. A pretty tough order. The hope is the other teams will be in the same position.

In the 4-3 win over the Stanford frosh, Leonard and King poled out long triples. Leonard also had two singles. The squeeze play netted two runs causing the days of tiresome practice to be forgotten.

Cardinals Pound Cowboys for First League Victory 6-4.
The first CCAL inning of the 1938 season was really tops as the Cards batted clear around and scored three runs. Barney Norell handled two fly balls that would have done considerable damage if missed and smashed two hits.

Cards beat Gonzales, Spartans 5-3.
Therman Fought came in fast made a nice catch and threw to Maurice Smith to double the man off third base for the final out. Veteran of three sports, Irv “Lefty” Pellegrini threw third strikes past ten batters, walked only one and went three for three at the plate. In the third, Fought singled, went to third on Pellegrini’s second hit and scored on Loehr’s hit. The Cards scored four runs in the fifth inning, when Mullins singled, advanced on King’s single and scored on an infield out. Two hits and two errors later allowed three runs to score for a total of five for the game. SC hitters and the number of hits they had:: Pellegrini 3, Loehr 2, Fought, Mullins and King one each for a total of 8.

The starting line up in 3-0 win against Watsonville to force a playoff follows with name, position, times at bats – hits:
Therm Fought, 3B, 4-2
Irving Pellegrini P, 5-2
Bob Loehr C, 4-1
Maurice Smith 1B, 4-3
Bill Leonard SS, 5-0
Barney Norvell LF, 5-0
Bill Holton CF, 4-0
Captain, Ray Mullin 2B, 3-0
freshman, Ernie King RF, 2-0 Ernie was very active in many sports during his career at SCHS.
Other players: Tony Vierra, Peterson, Okino, Verhines, Newhart and Mungai.

Cards Lose Title Battle Against Cats By Score of 4-1.
Lefty just did not have the old smoke on the ball and the Cats raked him for ten singles. This is where all the games piled up and Lefty’s arm got worn out. The Cards only came up with three hits, while striking out numerous times. Players other than the line up used in the last league game against Watsonville: Leland Mahood, Tony Vierra and Don Gibbs.

Irving Pellegrini started as a freshman manager for the baseball team. As a sophomore he pitched some and each year his role has increased to where he is the ace pitcher and clean up hitter. He was looking for a championship in all four of his years at SC. He got them.

Bob Loehr is in his fourth year on the team and along with Therman Fought are considered to be the best all around players. After nine games, freshman Ernie King was the leading hitter. He is also a top golfer.


Monterey beat Salinas by one point for the CCAL championship. Determining the winner came down to the last race the relay. Pacific Grove was third with 18 beating the Cardinals by ¾ of a point, pushing them to fourth place. Only four Cards placed at the meet. Lightweights surprised and took second at CCAL meet. Eight boys placed.

SC scored 10 points at NCS and 2 points at STATE.

In the preseason at an indoor meet in San Francisco, Larry McLean ran the 60 yard high hurdles in 7.7 seconds, which is .5 seconds faster than the existing CIF mark. He should be going on the record books as holding a new interscholastic track record.

At the CCAL and NCS meets Larry Mc Lean won both hurdle races. In the CCAL meet Larry also tied for first in the high jump. This gave him a total of 12 ¼ points or two thirds of points scored by SC. At STATE, held at Hollister, Larry was fifth in both the 120 high hurdles and the 220 low hurdles, each earning one point for a SC total of two. Larry was the back bone of the Cardinal track team. He was a constant point winner. Larry broke both the low and high hurdle records at the very competitive King City Invitational, which brings in top notch competition from a wide area.

Dick Shively was second in the 220 and third in the 440 at both the CCAL and NCS meets.
Dick did not score at the STATE meet.

At CCAL, Bill Leonard took third in the broad jump and Bob Williams tied for third in the pole vault.

At the CCAL meet, lightweight Lee Macauley set CCAL records in the 120 high hurdles at 14.5 seconds and in the 220 low hurdles in 19.2. Lee matched the scoring of MacLean with 12 ¼ points. Lee won a third place in the low hurdles at NCS.

At the CCAL meet:
David Braverman took first in the discus with a toss of 119’8”.
Bill Fisher took third place in the 100 yard dash.
Stanley Breeden was third in the 220.
Bill De Venny took third in the pole vault.
Ernie King found time from baseball, to tie for third in the shot put and take a second in the football throw.
Dixon was second in the high jump.

Santa Cruz and San Benito county track meet
The Cards won the Santa Cruz and San Benito county track meet.
Santa Cruz 45
Hollister 44
Watsonville 19
Boulder Creek 14.
Dick Shively broke the 440 record with a 53.8 time.
Larry MacLean sweeps hurdles and also won the high jump.
Others who placed second: Dogliotti, shot put; Fenner Angell, football throw.
Those who placed third: Clarence Alexander in the century; Ray Mullin, low hurdles; D. Coen, 440; Williams, pole vault; Attilio Dogliotti, discus. Julian Hayford competed in the hurdles.

CCAL lightweight meet
At the CCAL lightweight meet Hollister won with Santa Cruz second.
Lee Macauley won the 120 low hurdles and tied for first in the high jump.
De Venney won the pole vault.
Carmean took firsts in the football throw.
Bill Fisher was second in the 100 and third in the 50 yard dash.
Stanley Breeden was second in the 220 and third in the broad jump.
Santa Cruz took a clean sweep of the pole vault. In order of finish, Carmean, Bill De Venney and J. Coen.
Leonard Ross took third in the shot put.
Coen second in the 660.
Other members of the team: Dick Voris, Bill Scofield, Bob Puget, Mas Hashimoto, Joe Hornbaker, Whaley, Weaton, Rasmussen, Dickson, O’Hara, Sellick and Bill Yockey.


SC won the championships by winning all matches with league schools. In their last match of the season the Cards swamped Monterey 9-2. Monterey had been scoring overwhelming victories against other league schools. Santa Cruz did not win the league tournament as the doubles team from Watsonville won and Trine for SC lost in the finals of singles? Which is considered the winner?

Number one man Brad Trine lost as did sixth man Dedrick. Winners in order of the ladder: Ashton, Bliss, George Becknell, Hall, Bill Murray. All three doubles teams won. The teams were composed of Ashton and O’Hara, Trine and Becknell, and Barry Bliss and Sam Hall.

But in the league tournament where the top players play against each other in individual matches, SC number one player Brad Trine lost in the finals. In a team play off, the doubles team of Trine and Bliss beat Ashton and O’Hara to represent SC at the tournament. The doubles team from Watsonville beat Brad Trine and Barry Bliss and will be going to NCS at Stanford this year.


Irving “Lefty” Pellegrini helped the baseball team to its fourth straight title. Pellegrini was the ace pitcher and also hit in the clean up spot. He was team captain, plus ALL CCAL in lightweight basketball for the title winning undefeated team. Pellegrini started his baseball career in freshman year as the manager, worked his way up, playing a more important role on the team each year. He ended up as the major cog his senior season. He went on to play professional baseball spending some time on a major league roster.

Another key member of the 1938 baseball champs was Therman Fought. Fought was also a veteran third baseman and best hitter on the team. In 1939 Fought was starting fullback on the second place football team, a starter and ALL CCAL on the title winning “Best of the decade” basketball team. He was captain of the team, a three year starter and filled in as catcher when needed.

Robert Loeher catcher and clean up hitter. Robert had two good pitchers to handle Lefty Pellegrini and Bill Holton, who became the ace the next year. Loeher also was a guard known for his ball hawking, aggressive play on the basketball team. Loeher was as fullback in football. He was an accomplished athlete and was first team in three sports, winning 8 letters.

Center, Lyle Loehr was elected captain of the football team and was unanimous choice for ALL CCAL.

Larry Mc Lean at the CCAL and NCS meets won both hurdle races. In the CCAL meet Mc Lean also tied for first in the high jump. This gave him a total of 12 ¼ points or two thirds of points scored by SC. At STATE, held at Hollister, Mc Lean was fifth in both the 120 high hurdles and the 220 low hurdles, each earning one point for a SC total of two. Mc Lean was the back bone of the Cardinal track team, he was a constant point winner. Mc Lean broke both the low and high hurdle records at the very competitive King City Invitational, which brings in top notch competition from a wide area.

Lightweight Lee Macauley played football for 2 years along with running track. He set CCAL records in the 120 high hurdles at 14.5 seconds and in the 220 low hurdles in 19.2. Macauley won a third place in the low hurdles at NCS and plans to continue his track career and education at Salinas JC.

Ray Mullins has played and lettered in more sports than any other athlete at SCHS. As a freshman he played lightweight football and track as a hurdler. As a sophomore Mullins added lightweight basketball to his calendar. In junior year Mullins lettered in three sports and just missed lettering in track as there were too many conflicts with baseball. Mullins played lightweight football and basketball for 2 years. Pole vaulted and ran the 120 low hurdles in track. Mullins was a 3 years starter for baseball teams winning the league titles each year. Mullins has 7 letters, an outstanding feat for which the student body will present him with a Silver Trophy, four lightweight, and three varsity letters.

Bill Leonard played football, basketball and baseball. In football Leonard was a safety and fullback, in basketball he was the best ball handler and a good shooter. In baseball he was the short stop his last two years on title winning teams hitting in the fifth spot.

Ray Fomasi was a hard luck player at SCHS, but ended in a blaze of glory as the captain, and ALL CCAL, guard on the undefeated lightweight basketball team of 1937. This year Fomasi was a first string back on the heavyweight football team. His first year he played lightweight basketball and track. Junior year early in football he broke his arm. After getting doctors clearance, he came back strong, but another more destructive injury to his knee put him out of circulation for a while, but Fomasi persevered and came out strong.

Francis Venturini did not play sports his first year in school, but made up for it his next years. “Vent” played forward and gained experience on the varsity basketball team his junior year. In his senior year, he came on. He was captain of the team and played almost every minute at the center post. Venturini received the Lion’s Club trophy for the most valuable heavyweight basketball player voted by the players.

Johnny Davis, a sophomore was a pitcher, a lightweight back on the football team and a guard on the basketball team. In his junior year he advanced to the varsity in all three sports.

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