Download complete overview and stats: 1917



List: Opponents, SCHS score – opponent score

League games:

Santa Cruz vs. Pacific Grove, 37-24;

Santa Cruz vs. Monterey, 44-19;

Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville, 52-15;

Santa Cruz vs. King City, 33-21;

Santa Cruz vs. Gilroy, 34-31

League Champions Santa Cruz, 5 – 0

Games against other league champions: 

Santa Cruz vs. Lodi, 27-33;

Santa Cruz vs. Livermore, 33-21

Santa Cruz Overall record, 6-1 (lost to Lodi).

With the absence of football in the league, basketball was pressed to the front.  When Captain Babcock made the first call for practice, thirty young athletes responded.  The interest was so great that a series of interclass games were arranged in order to choose the best players.  The squad was gradually reduced to fourteen, who constituted our first and second teams.

The members of this outstanding team were:  Forwards, Dake, Wolfe and Jones;  center, Denton;  guards, Captain Babcock, Jones.  Extras, Thomson and Prescott.

After the first team had succeeded in defeating the Alumni, they felt that they were ready to begin what proved to be a winning season.

The first game was played against Pacific Grove.  The team was inspired by the great send off given them by the student body.  Although the game was never in doubt, the P.G. men never knew die and played until timers ended the first victory for Santa Cruz 37-24.

After an early defeat in the season, the Alumni strengthened by the presence of Manildi  a member of the California University 145lb. team, entered the game determined to make up for their former defeat.  The score was close throughout  the game and with one more minute to play the  high school team rallied and won by the close score of 33-31.

Although Monterey had the same team that represented her the year before, considered one of the strongest in the league, they could not over come the speedy “basket merchants” of Santa Cruz and fell easy victim by a score of 44-19.

The local team was fully prepared to meet Watsonville, the hardest team in the league, when they played the team that had defeated them the previous year.  As Santa Cruz has always had the honor of making the first point, they again duplicated the performance and won easily 52-15.

Our team started to show the effects of a long hard season and after taking a few nights’ rest played the aggressive team from King City.  Although the score shows a rather close game, it proved to be much slower than the previous games.  But by keeping a safe distance ahead, the locals saw to it that the visitors did not get too near them.  SC 33,,  KC 21

What proved to be the closest and hardest fought game of the season was staged in the Opera House in Gilroy, where the  team from Gilroy put up a scrappy game.  Many were the misunderstandings between the umpire and referee during the game.  The slippery dance floor, to which the visitors were not used, obstructive platforms on both sides and flimsy baskets, all made the game harder for our team.  In spite of these handicaps they closed the league series with a victory over Gilroy 34-31, becoming the best team the C.C.A.L. had ever entered.

After winning the championship of the C.C.A.L., it was decided as the team was not content with stopping, to play the champions of other leagues. It began by playing the Lodi team, champions of the Central Alameda League.  Here the Cardinals received their first defeat by a close score of 27-33.

The last game was with the Livermore High team, who were champs of the Bay Cities League. Here our team redeemed themselves by winning a 33-31 game.

TRACK  After a most successful basketball season, the young athletes of the school began road work in preparation for the hard grind of the track season.   The team was sad to hear that Jones and Denton would be unable to help Santa Cruz High for the track season.  The team trained with increased vim and vigor in their attempt to place a good team on the field

The scores for the C.C.A.L. meet was held in Monterey were Salinas 38, Santa Cruz 31, King City 19, Hollister 12, Monterey 8, Gonzales 6 and Pacific Grove 3.

In the 440, Phillips and Puget set a pace for the other contestants by winning first and second places.  Puget, in the half mile, proved that he was capable of doing all that was expected of him, by taking first and establishing a new record of 2:11.

First place winners:  Phillips – 440;  Trotts – Shot Put;   Puget – 880

Second place winners:  Marlin – mile;   Santa Cruz – relay;   Puget – 44

When Bobby Wolfe, our speedy sophomore, fell in the hurdles, a wave of disappointment spread over the SC supporters, because we had expected he would win.

Then came the relay upon which depended our chances of winning the meet.  A yell from the crowd after the start caused Hodges to stop, thinking that someone had jumped the gun.  By this time Salinas and King City were well on their way.  Hodges took after them and did the best he could under the circumstances, but they had gained too great a lead for any runner to close in.  The other SC runners managed to close in and overtake King City, but couldn’t beat Salinas.   But now the meet was over.  Salinas had emerged victors with Santa Cruz close behind and although we feel the loss of this meet keenly, yet we can look back and say the Santa Cruz High School did her best.



A great deal of interest has been shown in debating this year.  We consider this year a success in spite of the fact that we did not win the championship of the state, because it does not always take victory to make a successful year.  There have been two divisions of inter-scholastic debating this year.  A new debating league, the Coast Counties Debating League was formed.

The interscholastic debating, which always causes the most intense excitement, is under the direction of the University of California.  At the beginning of the year a tryout was held, and after much deliberation the judges selected Preston Bentley, Clifton Hubbard, Bernard Pillsbury and Kenneth Knight to uphold S.C.H.S.  Each debater worked hard on every question, and after the speeches were written the ones to debate were chosen.  Bernard Pillsbury gave up his place in order to join the C.C.D.L. team.

Redwood City  vs. Santa Cruz

In the first debate of the season  the subject was, “Resolved that the Direct Primary in California should be abolished.”  At Redwood City, James Leonard and Preston Bentley, with snappy speeches and well-thought out rebuttal, won from Sequoia by a 3-0 decision.

Santa Cruz vs. Campbell

The same evening Elsinore Jensen and Carroll Trefts debated Campbell at home on the affirmative side of the same question.  Nothing but praise was heard from the audience for the Santa Cruz team.  Everyone was looking for a decision in our favor, when the judges’ 2-1 decision in favor of Santa Cruz was announced.

Mountain View vs. Santa Cruz.

In the second debate Amy Wagner and Clifton Hubbard were selected to go to Mountain View to defend the negative side of the question, “Resolved, that the President of the United States should be elected for a term of six years and should be ineligible for re-election.”  With convincing arguments they defeated the team at Mountain View and brought home a 3-0 decision.

Santa Cruz vs. Sequioia

Santa Cruz had another opportunity to meet Sequoia High of Redwood City.  Carroll Trefts and Kenneth Knight showed their ability to uphold the affirmative side of the same question by winning 2-1.

Santa Cruz was then champion of the district.

San Luis Obispo vs. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz met California Polytechnic High in a dual debate.  The subject was, “Resolved, that cities in the United States with a population of over 30,000 should adopt the City Manager form of government.”   Preston Bentley and James Leonard were again selected to uphold the negative side of the question.  The boys put up a splendid debate, but with the disadvantage of being away from home were only able to win one judge to their side, losing by a 2-1 decision.

At home Elsinore Jensen and Kenneth Knight defended the affirmative side of the same question against California Polytechnic High.  Mr. Knight put up a splendid main argument and Miss Jensen’s clear voice rang through the auditorium in her closing rebuttal.  Everyone was sure that no speech could surpass that excellent rebuttal.  The judges awarded a 3-0 decision in favor of Santa Cruz.

The last debate of the season was the second inter-district debate.  Great was the excitement, because upon the result of this debate depended  whether Santa Cruz should go to Berkeley with four other school and try for the championship of the state.  The subject was, “Resolved, that the State of California should adopt the Unicameral form of legislature.”

Clifton Hubbard and Amy Wagner were selected to go to Napa to defend the negative side of the question.  Napa has a reputation of producing the best debaters in the state, and they lived up to their reputation.  Our debaters put up a good fight and did all in their power to defend Santa Cruz High, but Napa was a hard opponent and we lost by a 2-1 decision.

At Home Carroll Trefts and Elsinore  Jensen defended the affirmative side of the question against Napa’s other “crack” team.   Miss Jensen’s eyes flashed with their usual fire and luster when she is in the thick of a debate, and she gave some of the best rebuttals that was ever heard in our auditorium.  There was no doubt that the debate was very close both at home and at Napa, for no one knew until the judges’ decision were read that Santa Cruz had lost 2-1.

Napa is now champion of the state, having won by a unanimous decision of the judges.  We feel honored to think that we had the opportunity to meet such a splendid team of debaters.

Looking  over this year’s record we find that Santa Cruz won five debates and lost three, and received sixteen judges’ decisions against eight received by their opponents.

A great deal of the success of the debates is due to the patient work of our coach, Mr. Hagestad.  Untiringly he listens to the debaters rehearse their speeches, and unselfishly he gives his time to the training of the debaters.

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