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Coaches: Bill Wood, varsity football. Richard Roth assistant varsity football. Al Weimers football and swimming. Tex Ronning football and wrestling. Don Dempewolf, football and track. Doug Severin, junior varsity football and basketball. Myron Viner lightweight football assistant. Jack Alzina lightweight, C and D basketball. Tony Foster, golf. Eade Jordan, tennis. Ray Hunter assistant junior varsity football, junior varsity baseball and assistant varsity basketball. Bill Dodge, basketball and baseball. Mel Fishburn, cross country and track.

FOOTBALL practice games: San Jose 7-26, Edison of Stockton 6-20, Riordon 0-47. Practice record 0-3. League: Monterey 0-34, Watsonville 7-27, Seaside 0-25, North Salinas 0-13, Soquel 0-35, Salinas 6-33. League record 0-6. Season record 0-9.

Most of the team were juniors. The amount of desire the Cards had could not save the day, because without experience the chances were slim.

Linemen starters: Pete Christensen, Bill Muhly, Dennis Henderson, Brian Loehr, Keith Parkhurst, Frank Cardini, Jim Dalman, Randy Leonard, Bill Bowen and Bob Agosti. Quarterback, Bill Gilbert; backs, Don King, Perry Brantley and Bob Scott. Others who are returning lettermen: Gary Reime, Tom Tucker, Andy Schlee, Ron Durkin, Randy Brewster, Dick Fine, Mike Medina and Rob English.

Other team members: Hansmann, Brewster, Bowen, Haney, Ogilvie, Rittenhouse, Archie Lopez, Hansen, Dahlen, Nichols, Fine, Hazelton, Gillespie, Payne, Tucker, Stolle, Del Loney, Vincent, Brad Warze, Ken Oaks, Webber and Beauregard.

Breaks Defeat Cardinals. Two Fourth Quarter TD’s by San Jose Rout Cards 27-7. San Jose scored first and on the following kickoff Jim Dalman returned it 82 yards for a score and Pete Christensen kick the extra point to tie the game up 7-7. The worst break for the Cardinal was losing two line backers in the first half. Tom Tucker went out with a broken leg and Brian Loehr suffered a twisted ankle. Another bad break came when Rob English ran 80 yards on a punt return, but it was nullified by a roughing the kicker penalty. Later San Jose picked up 15 yards on roughing the kicker and continued on to score, when without the penalty it would have been the Cards ball. Diminutive Bob Scott, a scrappy 150 pound back, turned in some nice running with gains of 28 and 10 yards on a drive from their own three yard line. A plus for the Cards was when the defense repulsed the Bulldogs at the goal line. Then a bad break for the Cards. Behind the running of Scott, the Cards drove to the Bulldog 35 before being stopped by and interception. This years team has only one thing in common with last years team and that is losing. It is a much stronger defensive unit, but much weaker offensively after losing Bob Pederson and Dennis McNeely. With them this would be a championship caliber club. Converted quarterback from end, Bill Gilbert gives the appearance of an athlete who will improve with every game. Gilbert connected on 5 of 16 pass attempts for 81 yards. Those receiving the passes were Christensen for 32 yards, Ron Durkin 21 and Scott 28. Net yards for rushers were Scott 63, Durkin 5, Gilbert 10, Brantley 2. Selections for linemen of the week were Keith Parkhurst and Jim Dalman.

Redbirds drop second contest to Edison of Stockton 6-20. This will not be a vintage year for SC football fans. The defense did an admirable job, but the offense was punchless. The Cards gained 18 yards on the ground. Don King carried for 14 yards, Perry Brantley 10, Scott 3 and Durkin 2. Gilbert completed 8 of 21 passes for 80 yards. The lone SC score came on a 51 yard drive sparked by a 31 yard pass from Gilbert to Ron Durkin. On the last play of the game Christensen caught a seven yard aerial from Gilbert in the end zone.

Too Many Ifs For Cardinals. Santa Cruz’ Best Game Is Not Enough As Watsonville Win 27-7.
Before 2500 fans at foggy Memorial field. IF the Cards could have eliminated five or six IF’s, they might have tied or won the game. One fact of which there are no ifs-ands or buts, this was SC’s best game of the season. The offense showed cohesion for the first time and the defense is definitely improved. After the Cats had scored twice, the Cards found a big gap on the right side of the Watsonville line and the Card backs started to zip for yardage. Bob Scott ran in from the three yard line and Pete Christensen kicked the extra point to end the half down 7-14. The Cards had a chance to score again before halftime, when Jim Dalman forced a fumble on the Cat 39 yard line and Mike Hansmann recovered. The Redbirds were on the five yard line when the gun went off. Pete Christensen stopped a Cat drive with an interception at the five yard line. Other top defenders were Bill Muhly, Dennis Henderson and Mike Hansmann. Perry Brantley, a 180 pound fullback, was particularly effective turning in runs of 14 yards twice and another five yarder for a total of 51 for the game. Gilbert gained 40, Scott 27, Gary Reime 18 and Ron Durkin 4. Gilbert completed 5 of 11 passes for 73 yards. Christensen caught three passes for 53 yards and Scott one for 14 and Dalman one for 6.
Players of the week for November were lineman, Bill Muhley and back, Perry Brantley.

Benjamin Leads Monterey Assault On SC in 34-0 Toreadore win. Benjamin broke open a tight ball game with a 95 yard TD run and the Redbirds never recovered. The die was cast when SC staged a long 69 yard drive to the Monterey three only to run out of downs. Gilbert hit on nine of 21 tosses for 124 yards. Jim Dalman caught 3 for 63 yards, Randy Leonard 4 for 31 and Ron Durkin 2 for 30. For the second straight week, Perry Brantley led the SC ground game. The burly fullback carried the ball 18 times for 66 yards. Scott went 35 yards on 7 carries.

Seaside clobbers SC 25-0. New Seaside Team, Outcome Old Hat. Seaside the new member of the MBL proved to be the classiest team to appear at Memorial field this year. Seaside scored in every quarter. Gilbert hit 4 of 9 passes for 48 yards. Christensen caught three passes for 42 yards and Dalman one for 6. Scott led the rushers with 43 yards, Durkin 18, Brantley 17, Reime 14. Seaside gained 357 yards to the Cards 92.

Riordan ‘11’ Conks Cardinals 47-0. The best Cardinal drive came in the second quarter when the Cards roared through the vaunted Riordan defense for 65 yards, but ended in despair when a Gilbert pass bounced off an ends finger tips on the Riordan two. The second long drive found Bob Scott and Perry Brantley carrying the ball. The Cards went for five first downs in the drive. As the Cards neared the goal line, Pete Christensen had a 13 yard run and caught a seven yard pass from Bill Gilbert to put the ball on the Riordan five. After four downs the ball had not moved. Rushing was led by Brantley with 54 yards, Scott 26, Christensen 26, English 12, Florek 3 and Bilardello 4. Some players from the JV’s were moved up to play in this game and they were active in the second half. Three players who stood out were Wes Bergazzi, John Florek and Dave Bilardello.

Cards Best Game Makes North High Scrap For Victory 13-0. Plagued by the DT’s, (disciplinary troubles), illness and injuries, the Cardinals still managed to have their finest night of the season. No one, coach Bill Wood included, expected them to be in the game all the way and give the Vikings all the competition they could ask for. Wood in one week took the remnants of his squad, added a few unseasoned JV’s and came up with a respectable team.
Bill Muhly, a bearcat all night on defense, snatched a ball in the air in the Vikings territory, but the offense was only able to advance one yard. The next scoring opportunity happened just before halftime, when the Cards moved 36 yards to the Viking 12 in seven plays, but the gun stopped the drive. Perry Brantley and Don King, a converted defensive back, earned most of the yardage. Unsung quarterback Buzz Colton, up from the JV team, showed courage under fire and despite a heavy rush kept his head. He threw five times with no completions or interceptions. Rushers were Brantley 77 yards, King 53, Webber 13, Scott 8 and Colton -11. Wood was happy over his teams performance. “They made mistakes, but they were honest mistakes.” He was proud of his teams effort and commented, “we will be tougher as time goes on.” It is doubtful if Wood was referring to the final two games this season, but the Cards could be on the road back with daylight returning in 1966. (The team and players did improve and continued to improve while the players were at SCHS)

Knights Take Charge of SC The Moment They Take Field. Final Score 35-0. On a bitter cold night, some 3500 fans were disappointed the traditional “Big Game” was not closer. Juniors Pete Christensen and Bill Muhly impressed for the Cardinals. Christensen gained 24 yards and almost got away once or twice. One step faster or a little bit more blocking might have scored at least once. Other rushers were Scott 22 yards, Brantley 10 and Colton -18. Colton completed 4 of 13 passes for 50 yards. Receivers were Christensen 23 yards, Oakes 21 and Brewster 6.

Cards End Year With Touchdown On Final Play in 6-33 loss to Salinas. The score was the first score in six games. The drive started on the SC 39 and took 13 plays to complete. Bob Scott lost two yards and Perry Brantley fumbled, but he managed to recover and gain a yard. Then things picked up. Salinas was penalized 15 yards to put the ball on the Card 45. Now for the big play of the evening. Young Buzz Colton, who spent most of the evening running for his life or being battered to the ground, found Don King open on the south sidelines. A short swing pass and King was galloping in the open, but he was caught at the 10. Brantley lost two. Colton hit Randy Leonard for six, Pete Christensen moved it two more and the Cowboys were again charged with a personal foul moving the ball to the two. Scott skittered around left end for one. Colton’s pass was blocked. With two seconds on the clock, the Cards were charged with being off sides and the ball was moved back to the six. All appeared lost. Another incomplete pass and the situation was dark. Then just an instant before the gun sounded, Colton pitched out to Christensen, who raced around right end, cut back and dived into the promised land. It mattered not the Christensen’s attempt for the extra point was blocked. Rushing yards were Christensen 39, Scott 20, Brantley 18, Webber 5 and Colton -6. Colton completed 3 of 10 passes for 56 yards. Receivers were King 45 yards, Leonard 6 and Scott 5.

Don King as a defensive back was the lone Cardinal to be named ALL LEAGUE.

LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL Practice games: Watsonville 26-6, Camden win. Practice record 2-0. League Monterey 13-13, Seaside 12-12 ended as a win by forfeiture, Watsonville tie, North Salinas 13-7, Soquel 35-0 and Salinas 6-38. League record 3-1-2 for second place. Season record 5-1-2. From the Trident.

Players, linemen: senior ends, Chuck Comstock and Sam Gillen; senior guard, Phil Langrish. Junior tackle, Gene Rochelle and center, Tom Stagnaro. Sophomore quarterback, Mike Puget. Backs: Seniors, at defensive back Meryl Craig and Ed Brantly. Senior fullbacks Herb Thomas and Bill Glendhill.

There was no listing of other players names to be reported here or additional scores.

Against Watsonville in a practice game 26-6 win, the first touchdown came in the second quarter when quarterback Mike Puget threw a long pass to Chuck Comstock. The Cardlets scored three times in the second half.

A hard fighting offense led by Bill Glendhill and Meryl Craig kept a well played game in the hands of the Cardlets over Camden. The crushing attack was led by Herb Thomas, who scored two SC touchdowns and Mike Puget whose fast thinking and quick feet kept the squad going. One other score came on a pass from Puget to Pat McClure. Halfback Ed Brantly was impressive moving the ball with authority many times while setting up scores. This was the second straight victory.

The squad was not able to add the third straight, but did tie their arch rival the Wildkittens with a strong second half and the strength of Puget’s left arm.

Herb Thomas played an exceptional game offensively and defensively and scored both touchdowns against Monterey. Sam Gillen intercepted a pass and ran 50 yards for a touchdown, but it was called back for clipping.

Against Seaside marked the first time Meryl Craig was used for any length of time in the quarterback spot. The defensive unit was made stronger by the addition of fast end Don Lowery. Don was one of the outstanding player of the game along with Herb Thomas, who is beginning to become a permanent fixture in the news. The tying touchdown was scored on a pass from Mike Puget to Sam Gillen, but the PAT failed again. The game ended in a 12-12 tie, but Seaside had to forfeit the game later.

After playing to three straight ties in league play the Cardlets with alert defense and lots of sweat beat first place North Salinas 13-7. The first score was a 12 yard pass from Mike Puget to Ed Brantley. The final score came on a crushing ground attack led by and finished off by a two yard run by Herb Thomas. Others who were lauded by the coach were Meryl Craig, Don Lowery, Rusty Willingham and of course Mr. Thomas. The defense recovered three fumbles and intercepted aerials. Bob Bishop set up the first score with an interception.

The most promising players on this years team have been senior ends Chuck Comstock and Sam Gillen; guard Phil Langrish; defensive back Meryl Craig; fullback Herb Thomas; Junior tackle, Gene Rochelle; center Tom Stagnaro; halfback Ed Brantley, hustling but inexperienced Buzz Colton and sophomore quarterback Mike Puget.

JV FOOTBALL games: San Jose 6-26, North Salinas 7-0,
There was no listing of players names to report here or additional scores.

The lone score against San Jose came on a option pass, run play on which Tim Holz threw a perfect pass to big end Wes Bergazzi, who received good interference from Jerry Malmin to reach the end zone. The SC defensive unit trapped the Bulldogs 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage a couple of times.

In the game against North Salinas, on a long drive Keith Swehla ran for 11 yards, Dave Bilardello for 7, John Florek for 5 and Wes Bergazzi for 20 down the sidelines in one series of downs, but were not able to punch it in. John Florek’s pass to Steve Biles was the first score of the game and the PAT was good for a 7-0 lead before the half and it held up as the final score. Top linemen were Bob Henderson and Jerry Malmin.

CROSS COUNTRY Both squads lost to North Salinas due to not getting enough five through ten runners to place. SC did have the race winners as Tom Estrada won the varsity race and Chuck Cristiansen took first and Don Gledhill took second in the JV race.

In a three way meet with winner Watsonville, the Cards took second place and Seaside third. The Cards Tom Estrada took third, Dan Jasper seventh and John Freeman tenth. The junior varsities Bob Pescador placed fifth and Ron Vellutini tenth. The Pajaro Valley Country Club course was more hilly then any course the team had run before.

Varsity runners were Tom Estrada, Danny Moon, Bob Pescador, Dan Jasper, John Freesmann, Frank Trowbridge and Steve Lane.

Junior varsity runners were Sam Leask, Pete Yuhase, Ron Vellutini, Bob Barry, Bob Waggoner, Nike Lopez, Mike McCormack, Kevin Swehla, Dan Mathews, Tony Alvarez, Chuck Christiansen and Rick Alvarez.

BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS WENT TO CAMELLIA TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS in Sacramento. Practice games: Fremont 56-68 (co-champions of the Santa Clara Valley league), Andrew Hill 75-36, Dads Club; Mora 79-53, North Salinas 68-53, Monterey 55-54 Dads Club champions. Carmel 76-49, Sunnyvale Holiday Tournament; Berkeley 64-63, Blackford 40-70 (champions of the West Valley league), Cupertino 42-53. Santa Clara 72-46. Practice record 8-3. League: Salinas 47-33, 55-47; Watsonville 76-62, 50-52; Monterey 51-33, 69-48; Seaside 76-58, 55-74; Soquel 33-34, 73-52; North Salinas 52-38, 71-49. League record 9-3. Record at end of league 17-6 according to the Sentinel.

MBL Standings and season records were SC 9-3, 17-6; Seaside 8-4, 13-7; Watsonville 7-5, 12-6; Soquel 6-6, 10-11; Salinas 6-6, 10-8; North Salinas 5-7, 12-8 and Monterey 1-11, 5-15.

At the Camellia Tournament of Champions in Sacramento The Cards lost to Highlands 44-57, Piedmont 54-68, La Sierra 82-85. Season record 17-9.

Santa Cruz merchants help promote SCHS opening basketball game of the year by giving away free tickets to anyone who asks for them. Cabrillo College is also helping by allowing the Cards to play the game at their large gym. Merchants participating are: Bariteau’s Cleaners, Bruce’s Pharmacy, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Dads’ Club, Hackbarth’s, Leibbrandt & Puget, Merritt Rambler, Mobile Dealers in Santa Cruz: Bob’s Corner at Mission and Laurel, Brownie’s at corner Pacific & Cathcart, Bryan & Davison at corner Ocean and Barson, Howard’s at corner Soquel & Morrissey, Rossi’s at corner Pacific and Washington, Taul’s at corner Seabright and Pine, Penney’s, Quality Paint Store, Sportsman’s Shop, Sylvania Employees Association and United Cigar Store. All Santa Cruz High owes a note of thanks and appreciation to these good businesses.

Players by position with the majority of the time starters first. Forwards, Glenn Griffin, Don King, Doug Koskela, Wes Bergazzi, Don Cacace and Bill Gilbert. Center, Larry Griffin. Guards, Pete Christensen, Buddy Smith, Greg Gordon and Tom Eklof. Transfer forward Jim Hyde played in the last ten games.

Cards Lose To Big Indians 68-56. (Fremont ended the season as co-champions of the Santa Clara Valley league) The Cardinals, while showing signs of brilliance in the first period and near the end of the game, on a whole were unimpressive. The Cards were down 27-29 at half time, but Fremont came out in the third period and blitzed the Cards 6-22. Buddy Smith impressed with 14 points, hitting six of eight shots. Greg Gordon, while scoring only three points could develop into a much needed play maker. Four of the Fremont first team ranged in height from 6’ 3” to 6’ 6”. The Indians dominated the offensive boards 14-7. The Cards charts showed the two teams tied for rebounds, but it did not seem so. The Cards shot 51 percent on 21 of only 39 shots, but Fremont took 25 more shots. The Cards were only 14 of 31 from the foul line (which troubled them the whole season). Scoring were Larry Griffin 21, Smith 14, King 7, Glenn Griffin 4, Koskela and Gordon 3 apiece, Christensen and Gilbert 2 apiece, Bergazzi and Eklof 0.

Seven hundred fans attended the Merchants Night game at Cabrillo in a SC 75-38 win over Hill with everyone on the team getting a good amount of playing time. Top rebounders were Larry and Glenn Griffin each with 12, Don King 10 and Doug Koskela 9. Top shooters were Greg Gordon who sank 4 of 8, Glenn 6 of 13, Buddy Smith 3 of 7 and Larry 5 of 12. The Cards did better at the free throw line in this game making 23 of 40, but still are not doing well. Scoring: King 6, Koskela 6, Larry 17, Smith 9, Gordon 8, Glenn 17, Christensen 6, Gilbert 0, Bergazzi 4, Cacace 2 and Eklof 0.

SC Sets Scoring Mark After Overcoming Bit Of Early Doldrums to beat Mora Central of Watsonville 79-53 in the opening round of the Dads Club Invitational tournament. The previous high score for SC was 75 against North Salinas in 1962. The Cards only led 14-13 at the end of the first period. The pressing, fast breaking Cards had mostly layups once they got untracked. The Cards made 32 of 72 shots, but should have scored more as they had only six attempts of more than 15 feet. Scoring: Christensen 0, Smith 16, King 8, Gilbert 0, Bergazzi 2, Glenn 20, Larry 25, Cacace 2, Gordon 6 and Eklof 0.

Santa Cruz’ Late Rally Put the Cards into Championship Game with a win over North Salinas 68-53.. North Salinas gave the Cards a real scare being down only two points at half and three to start the last quarter. Plus Larry Griffin had fouled out within a minute of the end of the third quarter. With Larry out the Cards came to life and blitzed the nets for 12 consecutive points to go ahead 60-47. The Cards sank 29 of 76 attempts from the floor, but only 10 of 29 from the charity stripe. Assist leaders were Pete Christensen with seven, Don King five, Buddy Smith four and Glenn Griffin three, which indicates the team game the Cards played. North Salinas won the boards 50-43. Glenn was on the boards for 12 rebounds. Scoring for the Cards were Glenn Griffin 23, King 2, Larry Griffin 15, Smith 19, Christensen 7, Koskela 0 and Gordon 2.

The big play of the game came in the last seconds of a 55-54 win over Monterey in the Dads Club championship game. Larry Griffin made the first slam dunk with a flourish. It was the first dunk by any player on a SC court. Down by one, ten seconds to go, Monterey in bounded the ball just behind the half court line and as the dribbler crossed the half court line, the Cards stepped up in a half court trap doubling the ball and as the dribbler attempted a pass across court Larry leaped in the way of the pass for an interception. He had clear sailing for the dunk and a one point win. A partisan crowd of 900 fans went wild, mobbing Griffin like he was Ringo of he Beatles. SC controlled the boards 34-27. Larry had 11 rebounds and Glenn 9. Buddy Smith had six assists. Larry was getting good shots even with Toreadors all over his back and his stomach, while sinking 10 of 17 shots. Scoring for the Cards were Glenn 7, King 6, Larry 22, Smith 8, Christensen 2, Gordon 2 and Koskela 8. Doug Koskela, who only started playing high school ball as a junior last year on JV was pulled up to varsity this year to fill in when flu bug hit the team. He quickly made a place for himself on the varsity and started many games. (The next game at Monterey ended with a 18 point win for SC.)

Larry Griffin was named the Dads Club MVP. Buddy Smith and Glenn Griffin were also picked on the All Tournament team.

Scoring a easy 76-49 win over Carmel with the Griffins play a half a game apiece and Smith out with illness the rest of the team stepped up and Don King in particular. Don made seven of 11 field goal attempts and hauled in 11 rebounds. Assist leaders with three apiece were Pete Christensen, Larry and Glenn. Scoring were Glenn 14, Koskela 5, Christensen 9, Gordon 2, King 16, Bergazzi 2, Bill Gilbert 8, Eklof 2, Larry 13 and Cacace 5.

Gordon Fires Up SC Comeback against Salinas to win 47-33 in the MBL opener. Unsung Gregg Gordon with great hustle all over the Hartnell gym got assistance from teammates Pete Christensen and Don King, other unsung heroes with limited varsity experience kept the Cards in the game the first half with the score 16-18 in favor of Salinas. The Cards pulled ahead 22-20 with 4:20 left in the third quarter. The first half the Cards seemed tight and not their normal selves and played the deliberate style of Salinas, but in the second half they came out and started to play loose in their running aggressive way. Christensen had four assist, scored 10 points, drove to the basket well, got himself open for good shots, which indicates he is starting to come into his own. Don King had four assists and 10 rebounds. Glenn Griffin played good defense, had ten rebounds and four points. Larry Griffin hauled in 12 rebounds and scored 16 points. Other players and points scored were Gordon 5, Bill Gilbert 2, Don Cacace 2, Tom Eklof 2 and Wes Bergazzi 0. (Smith and Koskela were out with the flu that has hit most teams and a lot of players this season. The effect of the illness lasted much longer than a normal cold.)

In the opening game for the Cards at the 16 team Sunnyvale Holiday Tournament, the Cards fought an uphill battle to sting the defending tournament champion Berkeley High Yellow Jackets 64-63. For SC, the hair raising breath taking victory was the Cards seventh triumph in a row and by far their best game to date. As a unit the Cards had 17 big assists indicating good team work. Larry Griffin grabbed 11 rebounds and scored 31 points and was just three short of the tourney record. It was Larry best individual performance of the season so far. He sank a game tying one and one free throw with 1:15 left to play and then calmly made the big payoff bonus shot. There were other players on the floor beside Larry. Doug Koskela a 6” 5” senior was a key man on the boards grabbed seven rebounds and scored 10 points in the second half. Pete Christensen passed off for seven assists, made seven steals and hauled in five valuable rebounds despite standing only 5’ 10“. Greg Gordon had four recoveries. Glenn Griffin had quite possibly his best game to date with three assists, seven rebounds and 11 points. Buddy Smith’s speed proved invaluable as he harassed the Yellow Jackets into fumbles and bad shots. He scored ten points below his average, but he had missed the last two games from illness. Larry Griffin went 11 for 24 from the floor and 9 for 13 from the foul line. From the floor the Cards hit 22 of 56 shots for a 49.4 average. It was from the free throw line, where the Cards have been their poorest up until now, that SC won the game hitting 20 of 34. SC got into a bad one and one situation in the first half as the Cards appeared eager and tense, but were down only two points at the half. Berkeley sprinted away from the Cards 46-34, but the Cards scored eight consecutive points. Berkeley went ahead 52-44, but SC kept the pressure on without fouling and kept whittling the margin down. The Cards made seven free throws in one and one situations to cut the score down to 56-57 with five minutes to play. Koskela then came through making a rebound shot, a pair of free throws, another rebound shot for 6 points and a 62-61 lead with two minutes to play. Berkeley went ahead 62-63, before Larry made his two one and ones to put the Cards ahead. Koskela came up with two big rebounds to keep the Yellow Jackets from scoring. A big victory for the Cards without starting forward Don King out with the flu. Scoring was Larry 31, Glenn 11, Koskela 10, Smith 3, Christensen 6, Gilbert 2 and Gordon 1.

Cards Tomahawked By Good defense. How can a team look so good one day and so bad the next? Blackford battered, bruised and killed the Cards 40-70. Could it be the effort put forth against the perennially strong Berkeley team effected the Cards play. (Blackford won the West Valley league championship) For the first time this year the Cards lost the opening tip, which was a clue of things to come. The 6’7” Dennis Atwrey (Who played in college and the NBA) does not have the offensive moves of Larry, but scored 23 points, did a good job defensively and controlled the boards with 13 rebounds. Koskela topped the Cards in rebounding with 9, but had trouble controlling the ball against the hacking Braves. Larry followed by with 7. Except for some fine hustle and good floor play in the closing minutes by Wes Bergazzi and the general hustle of Pete Christensen, the Cards were lifeless as a Christmas turkey carcass. Scoring: Glenn 0, Koskela 7, Larry 13, Christensen 6, Smith 4, Gordon 0, Gilbert 7, Bergazzi 1, Edwards 2, Cacace and Eklof 0.

In the seasons second league game, Watsonville kept the score tight through half time with the Cards ahead only 39-38. But the home boys turned it on in the second half to win 76-62. Dave Mercer who scored 34 points in the game was held to only one bucket in the third quarter as the Card filled in on defense to help cut off his drives for the basket and allowed the Cards to outscore the Cats 20 to 9 and extend their lead. The Cards controlled the boards 41-30. Each Griffin had 10 and Koskela 7. Both Griffins shot well from the floor. Larry was 11 of 17, Glenn 8 of 17 and Smith 7 of 14. Except for the Berkeley game, this was probably the Cards best all around effort so far. They sank 32 of 63 shots for a 51 percent average and 12 of 23 at the charity stripe. To indicate how well the Cards played as a team, they had 19 assists five each by Larry, Smith and Christensen. The starting line up with their points scored at forwards, Glenn Griffin 17 and Don King 2. At center, Larry Griffin 28. At guards, Buddy Smith 15 and Pete Christensen 6. Doug Koskela added 6 and Don Cacace 2.

After three games the Cards are tied for the league lead with a surprising 51-33 win over Monterey. Larry Griffin had 23 points and 15 rebounds. Senior, Doug Koskela had 12 rebounds and 6 points Pete Christensen had seven of the 11 Card assists and scored two points. Glenn Griffin scored only nine points, but held the Toreador leading score to half his normal average. The fast breaking Cards had only 18 shots outside the free throw lane and sank 21 of 62 shots for 34 percent shooting. In the Cards favor was their aggressive, but not overly aggressive play as the Cards committed a low of nine fouls in the game to keep the Toreadors from ever getting into a one and one free throw situation. Don King added 3 points and Buddy Smith 8.

SC Grabs Undisputed MBL lead in ‘Meat Grinder’. At the Civic before a crowd of 1000 the Cards won their tenth game of the season 76-58 against previously unbeaten in league Seaside. The contest was marred by 53 personal fouls. Buddy Smith was the only Card to foul out. The Cards started strong taking a 18-8 lead in the first period. Two thirds of the Cards points were scored by Larry and Glenn each with 25 points. Glenn seems to have found a home at guard as he is a fine dribbler and good driver. Buddy Smith is now playing forward on offense and guard on defense. Glenn will still cover the opponents best scorer. Glenn’s only weakness is not passing ahead to open men as he goes down court. Scoring wise Glen hit 8 of 18 from the floor and 9 of 12 from the foul line, plus grabbing seven rebounds and passing for three assist. This was by far Glenn’s best game of his career. For the brothers together, this game was their best performance, though Larry has had better individual games. Larry hit 10 of 23 from the field and 5 of 7 from the line, while collecting 12 rebounds and dishing out four assists. Pete Christensen led in assists with six and had 7 points. Doug Koskela led in rebounds with 11 and had nine points. Greg Gordon impressed with six points, five rebounds and went a perfect 2 for 2 at both the foul line and from the field. The Cards controlled the boards by a slim margin 41-37. They also made 26 of 68 field goal attempts, not overly impressive considering the amount of good shots they had. The bad spots for the Cards was at the free throw line. shooting as they made only 24 out of 47 attempts, just barely 50 percent. They also entered the lane too soon on four occasions. Scoring: Glenn 25, Koskela 9, Larry 25, Christensen 7, Smith 2, King 0, Gordon 5, Eklof 2, Bergazzi and Gilbert 0.

Capacity Crowd At Ragged Tilt. Soquel pulled out a 34-33 win in the last seconds. Ironically after such a close, but poorly played battle, both combatants are now tied for the MBL lead with 4-1 records. Both teams were ice cold from the floor and from a spectators view, not a good game except from the torrent of emotions generated by the close score. The score was tied three times and the lead changed hands nine times. With two minutes left in the second quarter, the Cards led 20-10. Then Soquel scored eight unanswered points to make it 20-18 at half time. For five minutes in the third quarter the Cards did not get a shot off, though they did score nine points in the quarter. In the final quarter they made four fouls shots, period. SC led 32-31 with seventeen seconds left in the game. With 10 seconds left, Soquel rebounded their missed free throw and scored for the win. Both squads were nervous, which was obvious to most of the fans. Whether it was because of the big crowd, the “traditional game” atmosphere or just one of those nights that will happen once in a while, nobody knows. The Knights and Cards were so “tight”, they had trouble hanging on to the basketball let alone putting it through the hoop. SC hit or missed often enough to record a sorry 13 of 50 attempts for 26 percent. Soquel was slightly better 26.4 percent. The Cards, a team that likes to play more or less a race horse type of basketball, did not run successfully and Soquel was able to burn them once on a long pass for a lay up. Scoring: Koskela 3, Smith 9, Larry 13, Christensen 3, Glenn 4, Gordon 1 and King 0.

Vikes Ground Cardinals, Then Birds Spree, 52-38. SC grounded for 12 minutes, took of in a flurry in the second period to regain undisputed first place in MBL. The Cards scored ten consecutive points to overcome a North Salinas 17-10 lead and won going away. It was a bruising contest featuring the two biggest clubs in the league. North Salinas controlled the boards 32-26. Their 6’ 6” center turned in his best game of the year with ten rebounds and 20 points. SC had one of its best efforts as far as balanced scoring goes. The Cards had only 11 assists as a unit, but had three players score in double figures, Larry Griffin 16, Pete Christensen and Glenn Griffin 10 and Doug Koskela followed with 9. Other scorers were Don King 4, Buddy Smith 2 and Greg Gordon 1. Larry was bottled up pretty well by the 6’6” center and a collapsing defense, but still made 8 of 13 shots, had 8 rebounds and passed off better. Christensen had another fine night, not passing off as much, but moving all over the court and coming up with loose balls. Smith was an asset with his hustle. Glenn had 7 rebounds and as usual did a good defensive job against the Vikings best scorer. King played his best game since his illness. SC shot 21 for 55 a 38 percent average. But at the foul line they were worse than the SF Warriors with Wilt Chamberlain going 10 for 25. Scoring: Koskela 9, Smith 2, Larry 16, Christensen 10, Glenn 10, Gordon 1 and King 4. MBL records at this point are SC 5-1, Soquel 4-2, Seaside 3-2, Salinas 2-2, North Salinas and Watsonville 2-3 and Monterey 0-6.

Christensen Paces Cardinal Victory 55-47 over Salinas. The Cards will have to play better in the next two weeks to capture their first championship since 1958-59. They face three tough foes on foreign courts. The Cards are now 12-4 for the season. Christensen made six of nine shots for a personal high for his career and had four assists. Buddy Smith after a good start in December and then getting sick has slowly gotten back in his grove scored 12 points. Both Christensen and Smith are short, but are quick and aggressive on defense and going after loose balls. Don King started in place of Koskela and scored 5 points. Gregg Gordon for Glenn Griffin scored 4 points. Glen Griffin ended up with points. King and Smith were on the boards, although they only had nine between them. King had several offensive tips. Larry Griffin was not up to his usual game, but still had nine rebounds, two assists, hit 7 of 16 shots and had 16 points. The score was tied 28-28 at halftime. The Cards led only 28-26 on the boards. SC hit 23 of 57 shots for 40 percent, but was a dismal 9 for 24 from the line. Scoring: Smith 12, Larry 12, Christensen 12, Gordon 4, King 5, Koskela 0 and Glenn 6.

The Cards beat Santa Clara with a third period spurt that ended with a 72-46 victory registering their tenth consecutive “home” win this year. SC has not lost at home, since losing the MBL championship game to Watsonville in the last game of the 1963-64 season. The Cats are the Cards next opponent. Jim Hyde a 6’ 5” transfer from Alabama made an impressive, if tense, debut. He scored five point, five rebounds, and two assists and played about half the game. Both sides employed pressing defenses and play was rugged under the backboards, which was controlled by the Cards 41-29. The Card defense was sharp. The contest was close until the end of the third quarter, when the Cards pulled away 53-34 and substitutes finished out the game. The Cards hit 27 of 73 shots for 37 percent. The Cards have been getting good shots all season, while normally keeping their shooting averages in the forties. Santa Clara was forced into bad shots because of the Card defense, shot only 25 percent. Once again, free throws plagued the Cards, who made 18 of 37 barely 50 percent. Larry Griffin did make six of eight from the line. Scoring: Larry Griffin 24, Koskela 8, King 8, Smith 7, Christensen 7, Bergazzi 5, Hyde 5, Glenn Griffin 3, Gordon 3, Eklof 2, Gilbert and Cacace 0.

(This article is like every thing else reported here is from the Trident or the Sentinel is from the paper unless it is within parentheses. This report as most of this basketball section is from the Sentinel sports editor). Watsonville Clips Cards’ Wings In Overtime 52-50. The Cards have yet to prove they can win on the road. It is the Redbirds fifth loss away from home. The game ended with fans, players and coaches going to the officials and the time keeper. SC fans may have been justly unhappy. Three big decisions went against them. With 2:30 to play and the score tied 46-46, Larry Griffin drove baseline for a lay up, but his soft touch shot balanced dead still on the metal strip that extends from the backboard. Under basketball rules this is a dead ball, but no whistle was blown and action came to a stop. Soon after Don King jumped up and tipped the ball as in getting it down. The ball was given to Watsonville on the basis of a player can not touch a ball on the rim. A heated discussion took place. (It was a dead ball and action stopped). Watsonville made a jump shot at the end of the third quarter that was declared good by the officials to put the Cats ahead 43-41. The officials obviously did not hear the buzzer, because of the crowd. We were sitting right next to the time keeper and know for a fact that the buzzer sounded before the shooter put the shot in the air. (the following added comment, is not from the Sentinel, when in doubt it is the scorekeepers call.) This next call can not be debated as it happens all the time and is an officials call, which is sometimes wrong) With the score Cats 50-48, Christensen tried to throw Larry Griffin a bounce pass and it hit Larry’s defenders leg and went out of bounds. It was the Cats ball again and it was in the overtime period. Watsonville went into a stall and as the clock went down the Cards fouled and the Cats went up by four. Smith made a lay up with 5 seconds left to make the final Cats 52-50. The Cards tried to call time out, but the officials did not see them as time ran out. NOW TO GAME ACTION. Both sides deserved to win for it was a well played, exciting game. The score was tied 14 times and the lead changed hands four times. Neither team shot a fabulous percentage. The Cards went 19 of 60 for 32 percent and the Cats 18 of 52 for 35 percent. At the foul line SC was above average for them hitting 12 of 17, while the Cats sank 16 of 20. SC led in rebounds 35-29. The biggest lead by either side occurred when Watsonville led 6-1 in the opening minutes and SC opened up a 29-24 advantage early in the third quarter. At the end of the half the score was tied 23-23. At the end of the third quarter the Cats led 43-41. The Cards outscored the Cats 7-5 in the fourth quarter to tie the game as both teams tried to control the ball and kill the clock, which they continued in the overtime period. With the score tied and 1:15 left on the clock the Cats stalled for the last shot, but the game went overtime. In overtime the Cards controlled the tip, but missed the following shot and Watsonville came down and scored. Then came the wrong call on the out of bounds play and the Cats stalled. With 1:25 left to play, Christensen and Smith doubled teamed the ball handler and Christensen stole the ball. Smith streaked down the floor open and unseen, so the pass was made to the next closes man, who over threw the wide open Smith. The Cards fouled, but they picked the wrong player Dave Mercer, who had score 32 points against them the first game and 20 this game. He did not miss his two shots. Larry Griffin played well and shot well and was the only Card to score in double figures with 26 markers. Other Card scorers were Glenn Griffin 7, Smith and Christensen 6 apiece, Koskela and Hyde 2 apiece, and King 1.

SC Wins, But Monterey Jinx Remains As Koskela Hurt. Despite humiliating Monterey 86-48, the Toreadors are still holding a home court jinx over the Cards. Senior forward Doug Koskela, who has started more than half the Cards games, broke his right ankle as he was nudged going in for a lay up and crashed into the close by wall. SC has made a big improvement in its last two games. They sank free throws, a big weakness of the past as the team sank 30 of 43. Glenn Griffins confidence came back as he sank 15 of 17 from the foul line, Larry five of seven and Don Cacace six of eight. The big difference in the game was on the boards with SC in control 37-19. Jim Hyde had 11 rebounds and Larry nine rebounds to top Monterey’s total. The score at halftime was SC 34-28. SC played a man to man defense the first period, but Larry picked up his third foul and the Cards switched to a very effective zone defense. Glenn literally stopped Monterey’s top scorer cold holding him to six points. SC scoring was Larry Griffin 29, Glenn 23, Cacace 8, Christensen 7, Smith and Hyde 4 apiece, King 3, Koskela, Gordon, Bergazzi and Eklof 2 apiece.

Seaside Tallies 22 Straight Points to Win 74-55 and Take League Lead with a 7-2 record with three more games to play and SC is 7-3 with two games left. It means in order for the Cards to win the title it won’t be of their own doing as someone else will have to defeat the Spartans. (Salinas beat them and Monterey stood up and ended their season with their only league win of the season by defeating their closes rival.) In the Seaside gym with both teams extremely tense, Seaside went out to a 6-0 lead and it was not until 4:30 left in the quarter until Larry Griffin put the Cards on the scoreboard. The score was 17-14 with 5:50 left in the half, when Seaside playing very tight defense went on a 22 point run and the half ended 14-37 Seaside. Every time the Spartans scored the Redbirds tried harder and the harder they tried the more mistakes they made. It was like the Blackford game all over again. Buddy Smith was the top Card on the floor this game scoring 10 points, giving out two assists and hauling in six rebounds, despite his short height. Glenn Griffin had four assists to go with his 15 points. Larry Griffin had 20 points. The Cards had a bad night at the foul in going 9 of 28, while Seaside hit 22 of 35. There’s a strong wind a blowing at Santa Cruz’s championship candle. The candle wick is not cold yet, the the big red flame is showing black today. Scoring; Hyde 1, Smith 10, Larry 20, Christensen 5, Glenn 15, Gordon 0, King 0, Bergazzi 2, Cacace 2 and Eklof 0.

Santa Cruz ‘5’ Rolls Over Soquel, 73-52. The Cardinals let out the clutch and kept their hands off the choke to defeat Soquel and clinch at least a tie for the MBL championship. There was no choking up under pressure this time for the Cards, who were counted out of the race last week. Winless in league Monterey beat Seaside to put the Cards up one game with only North Salinas left to play. A win will send the Cards for their first visit to the Camellia City (Sacramento) Tournament. To give credit where credit is due, the Knights played better ball then when they upset the Cards in the first game. Glenn Griffin made the difference, although brother Larry scored 29 points to set a new SCHS career scoring record at 1088 points in three seasons. Jim Smith tallied 1071 from 57-59 and oddly enough, he led the Cards to their last championship in 1958-59. Pete Hamm was held to 13 points as the Griffins doubled teamed him most of the time. Glenn was tipping the ball back up on the offensive boards in the first half. In rebounding, Larry had 11, Hamm 8, Jim Hyde who is now starting at a forward spot hauled in 7 and Glenn with 6. SC had the boards 34-26. From the floor Larry was 10 of 28, Glenn 8 of 18 and Hamm 6 of 22. To illustrate the two teams were more relaxed, SC sank 21 of 29 free throws. Despite the hot handed Griffins the Cards shot 33 percent from the floor with 26 for 78 shots. The score was 11-4 halfway through the first quarter as Glenn tallied seven quick points. The halftime score was SC 40-29. At the end of the third period it was 60-44 and SC slowed its offense to kill the clock. With 2:30 left in the game Larry came out and got a standing ovation from most of the overflow crowd of 1200 fans at the Civic Auditorium. There is another thing to mention. Larry out scored Hamm by 16 points, he now trails Hamm by four points, 241 to 245 in league play. Dave Mercer of Watsonville is close with 235. However, Larry can ill afford to go after the scoring title as SC must beat North Salinas for the clear title. (After the game a college coach commented that Larry definitely was a Division I scholarship player. Later on the University of Oregon offered Larry a full ride.) Scoring: Hyde 2, Smith 8, Larry 29, Christensen 7, Glenn 19, Gordon 2, King 6, Bergazzi, Cacace, Eklof and Gilbert 0.

Cards Win MBL. Smith, Larry Griffin Pace Santa Cruz Win for the first basketball championship in six years. A capacity crowd of 1160 cheered crazily as Larry came off the auditorium floor for the last time. The Cards played inspired ball and their best “team game” of the year. This is evidenced by four players scoring in double figures. Buddy Smith played his most outstanding game of his entire career as he was all over the court scoring 14 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and handing out three assists. Smith was jumping so high, he might have been able to stuff the ball had the occasion arisen for the 5’ 10” senior. Larry Griffin, who was four points behind the league leader, passed on trying for the scoring title for some great team work. Griffin had seven assists and all time high for the Card center, who last year set a school record for scoring with 482 points in a season. Larry settled for 14 points this night. Larry’s “little brother” Glenn a 6’ 3” junior had an outstanding night with eight rebounds and 15 points. Don King who shared a forward spot with 6’ 5” transfer Jim Hyde tallied 10 points and had eight rebounds. Hyde shucked off a gimpy knee to score nine points and grab eight rebounds. The Cards were tense and nervous at the beginning of the game, but led at the end of the first quarter 15-13 and 32-26 at halftime, before pulling away the second half. At the end of the game the players embraced each other matter of factly. Glenn Griffin climbed up on the backs of several teammates to strip the net off the basket nearest to the Card bench as a souvenir.
The Cards overwhelmed a big North Salinas team on the backboards 46-19. The Cards got off 90 shots, but only sinking 24. The Cards have conquered their old nemesis, sinking 23 of 38 foul shots. Eight of the 15 misses were during the tense beginning of the game. Scoring: Smith 14, Larry 14, Christensen 3, Glenn 15, King 10, Hyde 9, Gordon 4, Bergazzi 0, Cacace 2 and Eklof 0.

In the first round of the fourth annual Camellia City Tournament of Champions at the 3000 seat capacity pavilion at Sacramento High School, the Highland Scots used ball control and red hot shooting to down the Cards 44-57. As expected the Cards were stage struck at the outset. In the first quarter the Cards made two of eight field goal attempts, while Highland made seven of 14 to lead 18-7. SC did not lose much ground during the remainder of the game, the damage had been done. The score at intermission was Highland 30-18. When the Cards made their run near the end of the third period, they appeared to be relaxed and seemed to come to life. SC reduced what was a 16 point margin to nine as Glenn Griffin sparked the drive. One thing is certain, the Cards did not live up to their potential, for they lost to a team they could have beaten with the same type effort they made in their last two MBL encounters. From the coach, “The players really wanted to win this one, maybe that was the trouble, as it has happened before. There is a problem with putting too much pressure on yourself.” The Cards made 17 of 50 shots for a 34 percent average. This represents 40 less shots then they took in their last game. One of the reasons for this was the ball control game the Scots’ played, but their sharp shooting 50 percent from the field and 79 percent from the foul line also was a factor. The most impressive Cardinal was Don King, who sank four out of five shots all long jumpers. Larry Griffin scored 18 points and had 11 rebounds all off the offensive boards. SC had the boards 31-26. Scoring: Hyde 2, Smith 5, Larry 18, Glenn 9, Christensen 2, King 8, Gordon, Bergazzi, Cacace and Eklof 0.

Cards lose their second game in the tournament to Piedmont of the East Bay 54-68. The Redbirds played better than they did in their opening loss, but defensive lapses near the end of the first period and at the start of the second quarter made a difference. Most common was a mix up in the switching man to man that left a man free. Still the Cards were only down 26-31 at half. With 1:22 left in the third quarter the Cards were down 38-41. Buddy Smith drove for a lay up to make it 40-41, but at the end of the quarter it was 40-49. Larry Griffin, who was butchered under the bucket had 11 points on 5 of 17 from the floor, while gathering in 14 rebounds. The deliberate offensive style of their opponents slowed the Cards down and they were not able to play at the faster pace they prefer. Scoring: King 0, Smith 13, Larry 11, Christensen 4, Lenn 8, Hyde 9, Gordon 4, Bergazzi 4, Cacace 1, Eklof and Frank Edwards 0 up from JV‘s 0.

After two mediocre games at the Camellia tournament the Redbirds came up with one of their better performances in a 82-85 loss to La Sierra, the pre tourney favorite, who was undefeated until last week. The two teams set a tournament record for a total game score with 167 points. All of the Cards gave their all last night. The real hustlers were Don King, Pete Christensen, Jim Hyde and the brothers Griffins, who combined for 52 points between them. Larry spearheaded the Card attack guiding 29 points through the rim, plus turning in some good defensive labors. Glenn added 23 points plus his tough play. Sophomore Wes Bergazzi played extensively throughout the tourney and showed that he could play with the big boys. The score was tied 15 times and the lead changed hands on another nine occasions, before La Sierra took it away. With 1:18 left in the game and the Cards down 75-81, the Cards made a frenzied rally double teaming their opponents. Don King and Buddy Smith tallied quick buckets to make it 79-81, but the over eager Cards started fouling. The game was decided at the foul line as La Sierra made 27 of 43 from the line and the Cards were 14 for 22. SC outscored the Longhorns from the field by 10 points. Both teams shot 45 percent from the field. The Cards were 34 of 77 and La Sierra hit 29 of 65. SC won the boards 43-36 with the Cards having 20 offensive rebounds. Christensen played one of his best games in recent weeks. He had six of the Cards ten assists. Larry Griffin shot 12 for 19 from the floor and had 17 rebounds. Hyde was next with ten rebounds. While the Cards were winless in this tourney, it should be remembered that all their foes were cool reacting league champs that would not rattle under the Cards pressure tactics. Except for La Sierra, the first two opponents played a deliberate ball control offense, which is a different style of game from what the Cards like to play. La Sierra was probably the best of the three teams SC faced. Scoring: King 8, Smith 2, Larry 29, Christensen 8, Glenn 23, Hyde 8, Gordon 0, Bergazzi 4 and Eklof 0.

Brothers senior Larry Griffin and junior Glenn Griffin were selected All MBL players for the second year in a row.

LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL Practice games: Andrew Hill lost, Fremont 63-36, Carmel 63-33, Salinas Invitational; Seaside 77-55, lost to Salinas and Soquel. Record to date is 3-4. Mora 53-33. Practice record 4-4. League Salinas 22-67, loss; Seaside loss, 68-80; Soquel 50-57, 59-52; North Salinas 67-72, 30-57; Watsonville 39-43, loss; Monterey 40-43, loss. League record 1-11. Season record 5-15.

Players: guards, Steve Ghidinelli, Dave Billardello, Everett Yee, Gary Grellman Allen Badger and Jay Harold. Inside players: Mike Puget, Don Fassio, Lolly Lowery, Lee Lue, Don Lowery and Rich Cordero.

Scoring for the first two games of the season were Bill Yue and Everett Yee each with 24, Steve Ghidinelli 15, Scott Huchinson 15, Don Lowery 13, Mike Puget 4, Lollie Lowery 4, Don Fassio 3, Dan Bilardello 2 and Gary Grellman 2.

In the 63-36 win over Carmel, play maker Everett Yee topped scorers with 15 points followed by captain Steve Ghidinelli with 10 and Bill Yue with 9. Mike Puget was impressive as he moved the ball and set up many scores. The second half was played by the substitutes.

Freshman Lollie Lowery has been turning in a great job at center scoring 14 points in the Soquel battle and 17 against Salinas along with forward Mike Puget. The coach stated the rebounding has been the crimp in the Cardlet structure all year. For three losses in a row the last two minutes of the games have been the difference.

The Cardlets played very well against Watsonville deserving to win as they played just as hard as any team in the league. Don Fassio had a good game scoring 8 points and hauling in a number of rebounds. Junior Steve Ghidinelli showed good hustle and had 9 points. Everett Yee poured in 10.

Exceptional players were Everett Yee, Steve Ghidinelli, Dave Bilardello and Mike Puget.

JV BASKETBALL Practice games: Andrew Hill 56-26, Carmel 20-30, Santa Clara 57-45,
League: Salinas 40-58, Soquel 29-45, 36-49; Seaside 29-56, lost by one point.

Starters in the first league game against Salinas were Frank “Spider” Edwards, Steve Decker, John Florek, Tim Holz and Dennis Henderson. Edwards led the team with 22 points. In the Carmel game the same players started and were on the boards retrieving almost every missed shot. Tim Holtz led the scoring with 13.

Scoring in the Seaside loss were Frank Edwards 9, Ron Gray 5, Dana Hendershott 4, John Florek 4, Steve Decker 4 and Ron Vellutini 3.

In the Santa Clara 57-45 win the Cards played their best game of the year. The coach Doug Severin comments were “The squad has been working a lot harder lately and we deserve to win more. ”the mental attitude has been great.” Dana Hendershott the most improved player, Frank Edwards and team captain John Florek are the top scorers.

Ron Vellutini has been the leading scorer hitting in double figures all season.

C BASKETBALL games: Salinas 33-41, North Salinas 28-52

Starting line up for the first two games: guard, Allan Badger; forwards, Mike Agnone and Scot Pitman; posts, Gary Grellman and Lollie Lowery. Substitutes: Chick Van Selus, Gary Adams. High point man in the Salinas game was Gary Grellman with 14 points.

D BASKETBALL games: Salinas 34-22, North Salinas 25-25
Won their first three games using a zone press defense and a fast break offense.

Players; Tom Hughes, Don Torchio, Steve Canepa, Kip Herren, Fred Avery, Tim Kennedy and Dave Cecy

WRESTLING Finished the year with a 12-2 record to place third in the regular league season and third at the MBL tournament. They tied for eighth place in the Gonzales tournament. The team scored four points at the Northern Coast Section meet.

Five wrestlers qualified for the Northern Coast Section II tournament. The are Brian Loehr at 191, who led the pack going undefeated in dual matches, placed first in the MBL tournament and took a second place in the Gonzales tournament. Brian scored two points for taking fourth place at the NCS meet. Gene Rochelle at 145, was 13-1-4 for the year, placed second in the MBL tourney. Gene also took a fourth place at the NCS meet for two points. SC scored four points at NCS against the best wrestlers in the Northern part of the state. Others who qualified, but did not score at NCS were David Anderson, at 175, but who took first in the MBL meet; Ken Gledhill, at 133 took first in the MBL; Ed Kaping, at 127 took third in the MBL.

Wrestlers who placed fourth at the MBL tourney were Bob Scott, 154; Tony Alvarez, 112 and Kip Herren, 95 who also placed in the Gonzales tourney and got a second at the novice tourney.
Seven wrestlers reached double figures in wins this year.

During the holidays the Cards remained undefeated by dumping Awalt 29-23, Los Altos 32-15, Half Moon Bay, Monterey and Seaside. In these matches Gene Rochelle has stayed unbeaten and untied in the 145 pound class. Ken Gledhill, 138; David Anderson, 175 and Brian Loehr, 191 have won four and tied one.

In later matches the Cards defeated Salinas 27-17 and lost to Watsonville and Seaside. David Anderson at 175 got the only pin against Seaside and is undefeated for the season. Brian Loehr remained undefeated by decisioning his man at 191 to make his record 7 wins and one tie.

Against Awalt the winners by pin were at 103, Darrell Strite; 138, Glen Gledhill; 145,Gene Rochelle; 191, Brian Loehr. Winner by decision was 120, David Gray. Those whose matches ended in draws were 112, Tony Alvarez; 127, Ed Kaping; 175 and David Anderson. Other wrestlers and their weights were 95, Kip Herren; 133, Maurice McMullen; 154, Bob Scott; 165, Noah Metcalf and heavyweight, Archie Lopez.

Against Los Altos the winners by pin were 95, Kip Herren. Winners by decision were 112, Tony Alvarez; 120, David Gray; 127, Ed Kaping; heavyweight, Archie Lopez.
Winner by forfeit was 103, Darrell Strite. Match ending in a draw was 191, Brian Loehr. Other wrestlers were 165, Bob Scott and 165, Jenkins.

Varsity members: Gene Rochelle, Bob Scott, Jerry Malmin, Dave Anderson, Bryan Loehr, Archie Lopez, Kip Herren, Darrell Strite, Tony Lopez, John Lincoln, Ed Kapping, Ken Gledhill, Tom Stagnaro, David Gray and Maurice McMullin.

Junior Varsity members. George Hightower, Rusty Rogers. Jim Sutherland. Gary Hansen, Tim Miller. Bill Grever. Gerry Johns. Larry Wylie. John Garcia. Steve Belcher. Herb Thomas. Kevin Swehla. Richard Gledhill. Ken Belch. Allen Rochelle. Tom Paris. Pat Provenzano. Brendon Baer.

BASEBALL Practice games: Saratoga loss, Serra loss, Del Mar loss, Bellarmine 4-1, Buscher won, Wilcox won, Salinas Lions Club Tourney: Soquel 6-3, Seaside 1-7 and Monterey 1-3. League: Salinas 4-1, Watsonville 0-5, North Salinas 3-2, Monterey 3-1,
League record 7-5, third place. Season 13-12 not complete.

Catchers Phil Langrish and Bob Scott; pitchers, Co-Captain Ron Durkin, Steve Welch and Glen Griffin; 1B, Wes Bergazzi; Infielders: Steve Ghidinelli, Everett Yee, Greg Gordon, Tom Crichton, Pete Christensen. Outfielders: co-captain, Buddy Smith also 1B, Gary Neuman, Dave Trybom and Bill Gilbert, also a catcher.

For their first win of the season the Cards upset highly regarded Bellarmine 4-1 behind the classy three hitter thrown by Ron Durkin. Bill Gilbert led the hitters going 2 for 4.

In the win against Buchser Glenn Griffin and Steve Welch combined to throw a two hitter as the Cards ran by the Bruins.

Lefty Ron Durkin pitched a strong game in a 4-1 win over Salinas. The following day in a contest that had been postponed twice Glenn Griffin went the distance against Wilcox striking out 10 for a win. Freshman Tom Critchton broke the ice in the eighth inning with a 345 foot double after a walk and a single by Greg Gordon to put the Cards ahead.

Ron Durkin gave up seven hits, walked four and struck out two, but lost to Watsonville 0-5, when the Cards made five errors in one inning. Dave Trybom, Greg Gordon and Bill Gilbert had the only hits for the Cards.

Against North Salinas the Cards jumped off to a quick 3-0 lead in the top of the third inning. Senior first baseman Buddy Smith figured in all the runs. In the first inning he collected a line drive single and later scored on Bill Gilberts sacrifice fly. In the third he hit a two run homer to right center to end the Card scoring. North Salinas came right back in the third and scored two runs off starter Ron Durkin for their only runs of the game. Steve Welch came in later to finish the game.

The Cards lone win at the Salinas Tourney was against Soquel 6-3 with the Cards getting nine hits. The top hitter in the loss to Seaside was Bill Gilbert with two hits. In the loss to tourney champion Monterey, Glenn Griffin gave up only three runs. Buddy Smith went 2 for 3.
On the Saturday following the tourney the Cards lost to the Alumni 3-5. Buddy Smith and Bill Gilbert each had two hits. Starting line up was Critchton 2B, Gordon 3B, Smith 1B, Gilbert LF, Neuman RF, Trybom CF, Christensen SS, Langrish C and Ron Durkin P.

The Cards pulled off the surprise of the MBL season beating Monterey 3-1, while Monterey still has a three game league lead. The Cards jumped off to a quick 1-0 lead when Dave Trybom led off with a line shot single to center and immediately swiped second, then scored on a Bill Gilbert single. Ron Durkin was masterful walking one and striking out five. Monterey lone run came in the last frame, but the Cards had scored two in the bottom of the sixth. The Cards played errorless ball and made some good thinking plays to keep Durkin out of the doghouse. SC is now in second place with a 4-4 record.

Buddy Smith Bill Gilbert and Ron Durkin were selected for the ALL MBL team.
The team was selected by seven coaches and three sportswriters. A normally 12 man team was upped to 14 this year. With some players, playing more than one position, it was decided to let the players coach use their own discretion on which position to use for their players. League champion Monterey had four players on the team and third place SC had the next highest number with three. Outfielder Bill Gilbert, the fourth place hitter in the league with a .378 average along with fellow outfielder Buddy Smith, the fifth place hitter in league with .353 average. Pitcher Ron Durkin had a fine ERA of 1.57, with a 6-5 record also pitched a no hitter against Salinas. (Ron’s record would have been better, if the Cards could have give him more one or two runs game. His big game of the year was a 1-0 victory over Bellarmine.)

JV BASEBALL Mora varsity 5-6, Bellarmine 3-1, won two and lost one at the Hollister JV Tournament to take the Consolation title.
League: Watsonville 0-5, Soquel 5-4, Monterey 1-7, North Salinas 9-3,

Pitchers: Ted McCarroll, Mike Puget, Dana Hendershott and John Castro. Catchers plus playing the infield: Dave Bilardello and John Florek. Infielders: Tim Holtz, George Arnott and Gary Grellman. Outfielders: Dave Trybom, Bill Muhly, Steve Brown and Jim Sutherland.

In the opening game of the season against the Mora varsity Ted McCarroll started and turned in four impressive innings, followed by John Castro who went the next two innings and Mike Puget just out from basketball finished the last inning. McCarroll was robbed of a home run by a leaping catch over the centerfield fence at the upper diamond. Dave Trybom led the Card attack going 2 for 4, while also making some good fielding plays.

Masterful one hit pitching by Mike Puget and timely hitting by shortstop Tom Crichton led to a 3-1 win over Bellarmine. The Cards struck quickly in the first frame. After lead off man George Arnott struck out. Ted McCarroll drew a two base error to end up on second. Crichton then slammed a double down the third base line to score McCarroll. John Florek rapped a base hit driving in Crichton.

In the 5-4 win over Soquel the bright spots were the homers hit by shortstop George Arnott and first baseman Tim Holz.

TRACK At the MBL meet Watsonville won the championship with Santa Cruz third. The Cards were also third at the Dads Club Relays.

May 15. Cards Third In MBL Track Finals–Watsonville Romps To Victory. Watsonville 73, Seaside 57, SC 41, Monterey 33, North Salinas 29, Salinas 19, Soquel 14. SC’s bulk of points came in the pole vault as three Cards were in the top five. Del Loney, whose previous best was 12-3, won the event clearing 12-3. Ron Vellutini took second and Mark Angell cleared 11 feet for fourth place. Larry Griffin participated in three events and finished among the top men in all. Big Grif cleared the high jump bar at six feet for first place. He was fourth in the broad jump and third place in the 120 high hurdles. Two Cards established school records. John Freesemann finished fourth, while establishing a new school record of 4:33.2 Tom Estrada, now the leagues second best two miler shaved more than six second from his previous school record finishing at 9:52.6 Other SC placers: 440, Trowbridge fifth. 880, Gillespie fourth. Brantley took fifth in the shot put and discus.
Lightweights: Monterey 88, North Salinas 42, Salinas 35, Seaside 34, Watsonville 33, Santa Cruz 14, Soquel 1. SC placers: Don Fassio was the top Cardlette placing second in the high jump at 5-6. 330, Larson second. 1320, Whitaker fifth. 440 relay team of Bill Yue, Greg Larson, John Thomas and Don Lowery took fourth place, while breaking the school record with a time of 45.9. Broad jump, Yue fifth.

May 23. At the North Coast Section track meet at Campbell, Watsonville took fourth place in the varsity. A Soquel shot putter took second place, to give Soquel five points. SC was held scoreless in both the varsity and lightweight competition.

March 17. SC Distance Events Cop Varsity Nod. For the first time in many a year the Cards were able to beat Soquel in a dual meet winning both the varsity 68-54 and lightweights 99-14.
SC took eight of 14 events, showing strength particularly in the distance runs and field events.
Larry Griffin was a triple winner, copping the high jump at 5’ 6”, the 120 high hurdles with a tine if 16.6 and the broad jump of 19’ 8”. Del Loney won the pole vault at 12-0 was third in the 120 high hurdles and second in the 120 low hurdles. John Freesemann won the 880 in 2:.8. Danny Moon took the two mile in 10:39.6 and Tom Estrada broke the tape in the mile with a 4:45.5 as SC swept the first places in the distance events. 880 relay, SC won in a time of 1:40.3. Vellutini placed in three events: second in the 100, the high jump and the pole vault.
Chuck Comstock placed third in the pole vault and 120 low hurdles. Brantley was second in the shot up and was third in the discus. Other placers: 100, Thomas fourth. 220, Trowbridge third and Lane fourth. 440, Lane third, Pescadora fourth. 880, Trowbridge second. Mile, Gillespie second. Two mile, Jasper. Shot put, Lopez fourth.
Lightweights: SC 99, Soquel 14. Ed Brantley won the 75 yard dash in 8.5, 120 low hurdles and the broad jump at 19 feet to became a triple winner pacing the lightweights.
Gregg Larson won the 330 in 39.3 and was second in the 75.
Whitaker was first in the 1320 in 3:395
Brooks was first in the 70 high hurdles in 11.1, fourth in 120 low hurdles
Brantley won the 120 low hurdles in 14.5, the broad jump at 19 feet
SC won the 440 relay in 49.9.
Lolie Lowery won the high jump at 4-9, second in 120 low hurdles
Angell won the pole vault at 10-6
Mendez won the shot put at 41-3 and took third in the discus.
Garry won the discus at 106-5.
Other placers: 75, Thomas second. 150, Lowery third and Deirflinger fourth. 330, D. Lowery second and Yue third. 660. Alvarez second, Gregory third and Todd fourth. 1320, Pitman second and Alvarez third. 70 high hurdles, Becker second Bartell third and Azzaro fourth. High jump, D. Lowery second and Fassio third. Broad jump, Yue second, Thomas third and Kirksey fourth. Pole vault, Swehia third. Shot put, Becker second, Gordon third and Stagnaro fourth. Discus, Stagnaro second.

March 21. Records Fall As Monterey Tops SC, Soquel Thinclads in a three way meet with Monterey scored 85 points SC‘s 45 and Soquel’s 10. The SC-Monterey match up was tied 42-42 after ten events, then Monterey scored nine points in the 220 to overtake SC’s early lead. Monterey won the three way meet with 64 points, SC 48, Soquel 39. The Cards swept the pole vault with Del Looney in the forefront at 12 feet followed by Ron Vellutini at 11’ 6” and Chuck Comstock at 10’ 6”. John Freesemann won the 880 clocked at 2.02.6, which knocked off 3.6 from his previous best time. Dan Moon won the two mile in 10.3 and Tom Estrada won the mile in 4.45. Other placers: 440, Lane third. 880, Trowbridge second. Mile, Estrada second. Gillespie third. Two mile, Jasper second and Christensen fourth. 120 high hurdles, Comstock third. 120 low hurdles, Comstock third. High jump, Vellutini fourth. Polo vault, Comstock second. Shot put, Brantley second and fourth in the discus.
In the lightweight meet the score was SC 99 and Soquel 14. In the three way meet Monterey won with 84 points, SC 45 and Soquel 10. The SC winners were Angell in the pole vault at 9-9, and Garry in the discus at 111-8. Second place finishers were Fassio in the high jump, Brantley in the broad jump, Ford in the pole vault, Mendez in shot put and Stagnaro in discus. Third place finishers were Lowery in the high jump, and Gordon in the shot put.

March 28. SC Cardinal Track Team Wins Swimming Event. Neither cold, wind nor rain could keep SC from beating Salinas 61-52. Salinas nipped the SC lightweights in the final event, the 440 relay to win the meet 59-55. The varsity meet pretty much as expected, with SC strong in the distance and field events and the Cowboys powerful in the sprints and hurdles. SC won eight out of the 14 first place finishes in the contest. Larry Griffin led the way with two of the wins. He won the high jump with a leap of 5-10 and the broad jump at 19-3. Ron Vellutini cleared the bar at 12-0 for first in pole vault. Perry Brantley hurled the discus in 123-4 and the shot put over 40 feet. John Freeseman broke the Memorial Field 880 yard run with a 2:02, knocking two-tenths of a seconds off his old mark. Tom Estrada won the other distance event in 4:41.5. Trowbridge won the 440 in 54.9 and Lane was third. Mile, Christiansen third. Two mile, Moon second and Jasper third. 120 high hurdles, Griffin second and Comstock third. 120 low hurdles, Comstock second. High jump, Vellutini second and Richardson fourth. Pole vault, Comstock second. Shot put, Brantley second. Vellutini was second in the 100. Freesemann was second and Gillespie was third in the 220.
Lightweights: Salinas 59, SC 55. Card winners were Larson in the 150 dash in 16.4 and the 330 in 38.5. Whitaker in the 1320 in 3:37. Fassio in the high jump at 5-4. Yue in the broad jump in 17-8. 75 yard dash, Thomas second and Diflinger third. 150, Diflinger third. 330, Don Lowery second and Yue third. 660, Beasley second, McKune third. 1320, Pitman second, Alvarez third. 120 low hurdles, Brooks second. High jump, Don Lowery third. Pole vault, Cabico second. Shot put, Larson second. Discus, Mendez second.

April 4. In a triangular meet at Watsonville including Soquel. Varsity scores were Watsonville 92, SC 43 and Soquel 18. Lightweights were Watsonville 95, SC 38 and Soquel 8. Tom Estrada established a new Cardinal record in the two mile with a 9.59 clocking beating his previous record of 10:07.3. Ironically, this was the first time Estrada ran the event this season.
Other SC first place finishers were John Freesemann in 880, Larry Griffin in 120 high hurdles and Ron Vellutini in pole vault. Larry Griffin took second in the broad jump and high jump. Those who improved on their personal bests were Norm Gillespie in 880, Frank Trowbridge in 440, Perry Brantley in shot put and Griffin in broad jump. Griffin also took two seconds in the broad jump and the high jump. Freesemann took third in the 220. Trowbridge third in 440. Gillespie third 880. Christianson third in mile. Moon third two mile. SC took second in the 880 relay. Angel second pole vault. Brantley third in shot put.
Lightweights: Watsonville 95, SC 38, Soquel 8. 75 yard dash, Yue, third, Dirflinger fourth. 330, Larson first and Lowery fourth. 660, Beaslay first and Mukvin third. 1320, Whitaker second. Brogies fourth in 70 high hurdles. 440 relay, SC second. High jump, Lowery tied for second. Broad jump, Yue second. Shot put, Larson second, Mendez third and Stagnaro fourth. Discus, Mandel fourth.

April 14. Griffin Takes 2 Places In Big 38 School Meet. Griffin was one of the only two SC area men placed in the final competition. Larry Griffin was the only Cardinal to place at the King City Relays. Larry placed third in the high jump and broad jump. In the broad jump he broke the school record set back in 1931 at 20’ 11” by more than a foot. In the high jump, he had his best jump of the year at 6’ 1” one inch short of his best last year.

April 25. Wildcats Pull Away to 67-51 Win. In the three way meet including North Salinas, who scored 32 point. Winners for SC: 880, Gillespie in 2:03.2. Two mile, Estrada in 10:10.3. 120 high hurdles, Griffin 17.0. Shot put, Perry Brantley at 47-9 and discus at 146-11. 100 yard dash, Vellutini fourth and tied for first in the pole vault at 12-6. 220, Freeseman third and in the 440 he took third. 880, Trowbridge third. Mile, Moon third and Jasper fourth. Two mile, Christensen third. 120 low hurdles, Gillespie second and Pescudor fourth. High jump, Griffin third and in the broad jump second.
Lightweights: Watsonville 66, North Salinas 48, SC 26. Placers were in the 75 yard dash, Dierfling fourth. 150, Larson fourth. 330, Larson second and Lowery fourth. 1320, Whittaker second. 70 high hurdles, Brooks fourth. 120 low hurdles, Lowery fourth. High jump, Fassio second, Lowery third. Broad jump, Yue third. Shot put, Larson second, Mendez third and Stagnaro fourth. Discus, Gerry third.

At the Blossom Hill Relays Larry place third with a broad jump of 21’ 6 ¾ “ and won the high jump with another 6’ 2” jump. The distance medley team placed fourth. The runners and their distances run were Gillespie, 1320 in 3:23; Trowbridge, 440 in 53; Freesmann. 880 in 2:.03 and Moon, mile in 4:52 for a total time of 11:22.3.

May 6. At the Dads Club Relays the top three teams were within seven points of one another. The winner was Seaside with 57, Watsonville 55 and SC 50. The lightweights placed fifth five points away from third place. In the varsity meet, Larry Griffin won the high jump and was third in the high jump. The trio of Ron Vellutini, Del Looney and Mark Angell high lighted the pole vault placing first, second and fourth respectively. Vellutini vaulted 12’ 3” for the win, which was the best recorded in the area this season. Perry Brantley was third in the shot put and fourth in the discus. SC’s two mile relay team of Dan Jasper, Frank Trowbridge, Norm Gillispie and John Freesemann took second. In the 210 Shuttle High Hurdles, SC was fifth. SC was second and also in the Two Mile Relay, 880 Relay and 360 Shuttle Hurdles. SC was third in the sprint relay,
Lightweights: SC was fifth with 30 points. Monterey won with 75. Gerry was fourth in the discus. Fassio fourth in the high jump. Yue four in broad jump. SC was second in the 440 relay, second in distance relay, third in the sprint relay, fourth in the One and a half relay.

Personal bests for some of the Santa Cruz thinclads: Ron Vellutini–12’6”–pole vault; Bill Yue–18’11 ½”–broad jump; Perry Brantley–146’ 11”–discus; Perry Brantley–47’ 8 ¾”–shot put; Gregg Larson–44’ 7 ½”–long jump; Tom Stagnaro–41’ 4 ¾”–shot put; Norm Gillespie–2:03.2–880; Frank Trowbridge–2:06.3–880; Danny Moon–4:49.5–mile; John Whitaker–3:30.2–1320.

Some of the track members were listed with the Cross Country team in the Cardinal.
Cross Country and Track members: Danny Moon, Bob Pescadore, Dan Jasper, John Freesemann, Frank Trowbridge, Tom Estrada and Steve Lane, Sam Leask, Pete Yuhase, Ron Vellutini, Bob Barry, Bob Waggoner, Nike Lopez, Mike McCormack, Kevin Swehla, Dan Mathews, Tony Alvarez, Chuck Christensen, Rick Alvarez.

Record holders as of 1965. Tom Estrada and Larry Griffin broke school records this year.

Varsity: Chaney, A.–120 yd. high hurdles, 15.6–1957; DeMelloPine, C.–low hurdles, 20.5–1963; Warsenburg, M–100 yd. Dash, 10.0–1931; Haas, J–440 yd dash, 51.5–1963; Young, D.–880 yd. Run, 1:59.0–1935; Vorhees, L–1 mile, 4:35.2–1932; Estrada, Tom–2 mile, 10:07.3–1964; Chaney, A–shot put, 53’4 ½”–1952; Netoff, Dennis– discus, 149’ 4”–1961; Peterson–broad jump, 20’ 11”–1931; Griffin, L–high jump. 6’ 3”–1964.

Lightweights: Williams, M–70 yd. High hurdles. 9.6–1960; Macaulay, Malcolm–low hurdles, 12.8–1943; Mene, J– 75 yd dash, 7.9–1947; Silva–150 yd. Dash, 15.3–1954; Buckner, Bruce–330 yd. Dash, 37.1–1960; Wright, A–660 yd run, 1:28.7–1947; Forbes, E–1320 yd. Run, 3:24.0–1954; Torchio–shot put, 49’10 ¾”–1939; Braverman, D–discus, 119’ 8 ½”–1938;Macaulay, Malcolm–broad jump, 21’1 ½”–1942; Cardiff, E–high jump. 5’8 1/2”–1943.

On the basis of being first place finishers at the MBL meet Del Loney and Larry Griffin would be considered ALL MBL.

SWIMMING SC won the MBL relays at Watsonville scoring 88 points to second place Watsonville’s 71, Monterey 64, North Salinas 50, Seaside 28, Soquel 20 and Salinas 8. Coach Al Wiemer’s comment “We beat everyone at their strongest, it was a great team effort.” The squad won four out of the seven relays. The Cards team of Steve Cowden, Roger Dunham, Bob Rittenhouse and Todd Booth won the 400 meter relay. The team of Leif and Mike Hopper, Mike Murphy and Hunter Hammond won the 400 meter backstroke relay. The Cards also won the 400 yard freestyle. Scott Mowery, Todd Booth, Steve Cowden and Bob Ley won the 400 yard breaststroke. A new trophy now sets in the trophy case in the main hall at SCHS. After receiving the trophy coach Al Wiemer’s jumped for joy off the 3 meter board clothes and all.

Steve Cowden is the outstanding Man of the team. Steve won the MBL league breast stroke championship and is the current holder of the school, pool and MBL league breast stroke records. Steve began his swimming career as a sophomore and has progressed unbelievably in two years to become the teams strongest swimmer. Hunter Hammond a 6’ 5” senior is the teams strongest backstroke swimmer. Bob Rittenhouse also a senior is the outstanding sprinter. Sophomore Todd Booth is considered the teams strongest swimmer in any event. In the diving category, Bruce Haney heads the team followed by Jim Gillespie. Sophomore Mike Murphy has challenged several school records in the last meets and is considered a top contender for several others.

In a 50-45 victory over Watsonville, Rob Ley won the 100 yard fly stroke and the 220 yard freestyle. Todd Booth won the 400 and 100 yard freestyle events. Hunter Hammond, who is credited with being the most improved swimmer and who also showed the most outstanding individual effort of any team member at the Watsonville meet.

The team easily beat Gilroy in a dual meet 79-23.

Later in the season the team lost several of its best swimmers and lost dual meets to Monterey (score not given) and Robert Louis Stevenson 25-60. The lightweight score was 38-48. Scott Mowry was the only swimmer to win as he did in the 100 yard breaststroke. Lightweight winners were Bruce Dileman, Dave Withrow and Maarten Kerkhove a double winner in the 100 yard individual medley and 100 yard backstroke. SC won the diving competition in both varsity with Bruce Haney and lightweights with Gillespie.

SC dropped a slippery decision to a speedy North Salinas squad 45-49. Coach Wiemer’s comment “We had great team spirit, and still have a chance to win the league tournament.” Steve Cowden, Scott Mowry and Hunter Hammond were the shining stars all placing either first or second in their respective races.

Varsity swimmers: Hunter Hammond, Murphy, Piffero, Pearman, Rochelle, Dunham, Rittenhouse, Tosta, Rideout, Wildman, Ley, Long, Mowry, Mike Hopper, Steve Cowden and Todd Booth.
Junior Varsity: Fearnehough, Hayford, Brooks, Phillips, Yates, Stubendorf, Gillespie, Withrow, Woodworth, Marten and Baer.

The team started training during x period at seven in the morning starting on December first to get ready for the first meet at the end of February. Almost everyone is back from last season and there are guys coming back who will be league champs. The top man is Steve Cowden who will be defending his league title (above shows that he did). Also there is Hunter Hammond, Todd Booth, Bob Ley, Scott Rochelle, Mike Hopper and Steve Piffero, who all have outstanding possibilities,. Divers are Jack Nichols and Bruce Haney.

TENNIS Tomorrow our battered, but hopeful tennis squad will enter the MBL finals with the hope of avenging some of the losses handed them during the regular season. The chance hinges on the performances of Bob George and John Bishop. The last match was a loss to North Salinas 2-7. Bob George won his singles match and the doubles team of George and Steve Wood won.

Team Members listed in order of play. Number one man, two, etc: Steve Blencoe, Steve Wood, Bob George, Rick Halterman, Bob Johnson, John Bishop and Wick Haxton.

GOLF went through the season without a win. John Berkler was the outstanding player of the year as he collected two holes in one as well as placing third in the state championships.

Bob Berkler is perhaps one of the best high school golfers in Northern California stated his coach Tony Foster. The golf team is looking toward better years as the team is made up of a good group of sophomores and freshman. Team members: George Pappas, Bob Borelli, Mike Stolle, Bruce Berry, Tim Kennedy, Bob Duffy, John Wilson, Bob Berkler and Steve Canepa.


Larry Griffin, who was four points behind the league leader, passed on trying for the scoring title for some great team work. Griffin had seven assists and all time high for the Card center, who last year set a school record for scoring with 482 points in a season. Larry settled for 14 points this night as the Cards won the MBL title. Larry ended up with the most points scored by a SC player.
Larry Griffin was the only Cardinal to place at the King City Relays. Larry placed third in the high jump and broad jump. In the broad jump he broke the school record set back in 1931 at 20’ 11” by more than a foot. In the high jump, he had his best jump of the year at 6’ 2” one inch short of his best last year. At the Blossom Hill Relays Larry place third with a broad jump of 21’ 6 ¾ “ and won the high jump with another 6’ 2” jump.
Larry held the school record in the high jump of 6’3’ as of 1965

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