Athletes of the 1920’s

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1922 Leo Harris best defensive back in the league. Played at Stanford and

lettered in 1925 and 1926,where he was an all coast tackle. He also played for the Santa Cruz Legion team, like a semi pro team, against the other Legion and military team in the area. After Stanford went on to coach at Fresno High for 5 years where he built up two power houses in football and basketball. In football made the Valley section finals three times. Winning once from Taft and losing twice to Bakersfield, the oil town and perennial champs. In basketball won the league title all five years and winning two Valley Section titles. A promotion to Fresno State as frosh football coach and head basketball coach. Item in the Sentinel of 1934, Leo Harris brings his Fresno State team, , to practice at Pasatiempo golf course. He was Athletic Director at U of Oregon for 25 years. Also a member of the NCAA rules committee for football.

Raymond Kirby fastest back an all around football player in the league. Played baseball for SCHS and one of the local semi pro teams while still in high school. An article in the Sentinel remarked that a couple of hot shots to the hot corner gave the young third baseman some trouble. He had three sons who were top athletes at SCHS. Rich who led the football team in scoring in 1948 plus pitching. Bill ALL CCAL lineman 1n 1950 and also played baseball as a pitcher and fielder. The youngest John played football, basketball and baseball making ALL CCAL in all of them.

Tony “Duke” Valine tackle in football. Tony a good all round athlete took third in the discus and shot at the Northern Cal track meet. Tony went to star at Santa Clara University from 1925 to 1928 earning ALL COAST and ALL AMERICAN honors. Later he became the Director of Civil Defense.

The track team was first in the CCAL and beat power house teams from Berkeley, Alameda and San Jose.

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