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This years football team is playing all their games at opponents field, because of new turf being planted on Memorial field. Normally this would be a big financial burden on Santa Cruz as the normal procedure is for the home team to keep all the proceeds. Fortunately the other league teams agreed to give the proceeds to Santa Cruz, when the game should be our home game. As a matter of fact, from a monetary viewpoint, the deal is very satisfactory. All the league schools, Watsonville, Monterey and Salinas draw packed houses, which means that Santa Cruz will make more money than they would at home.

Football Program Sales Net $50. the lettermen’s society has made $50 from the programs this Fall and will add that to the money they take in from the basketball concessions to spend from $40 to $50 to buy trunks for the newly formed wrestling team. This is the second time since school opened that the Lettermen have come forth with money for needed articles in the boys’ PE department. They also paid for three fourths of the new public address system for the football field.

Coaches: Roger Baer, varsity football and baseball; Stu Fowler, varsity basketball, track and lightweight football. Charles Smith, lightweight basketball and golf; John Carey, tennis. Emmett Thompson, junior varsity basketball and assistant track.

FOOTBALL practice games: Santa Clara 0-13, James Lick 30-0. Practice record 1-1. League: Salinas 32-19, 18-13; Watsonville 0-20, 6-34; Monterey 0-20, 0-20. League record 2-4. Season 3-5

Starting line up: ends, Keith Bull, Ed Geyer, Frank Boehme and Dean Towne; tackles, Carl LaMothe and Pete Johnson; guards, Chuck Brooks and Dick Nielsen; center, Fred Wagner. Backs: captain, Tom Neri, Bob Scofield the only junior, Don Waltrip, Richard Kirby and Ed Karston. Other top players: Larry Marker, Tom Wilson, Keith Cutler, Ray Shields, Art Adams, Geyer and Richard Hays.

Trident column. Casualty: It would appear that Lefty Waltrip is going to accumulate a set of China clippers. His two upper front teeth were jarred out in the first half against the Cowboys. Smiling a broad grin, he inserted a mouth protector and waltzed back to the field to make few more yards and a TD. Nice going Lefty.

Cardinals Unsaddle Befuddled Cowboys 32-19. Spearheaded by a powerful running backfield of Scofield, Neri and Waltrip the Cards came out ahead at the Lettuce Bowl. The first touchdown was scored on a 6 yard plunge by Bob Scofield after hard running by the Cards set up the TD. Waltrips’ pass to Geyer scored the conversion and made the score 7-0. Salinas then scored two touchdowns. SC marched fast and strong after the kick off and went down to the Salinas 5 yard line, where Walrip boomed through for the score. Brooks’ successfully converted and the score was 14-12 SC. SC took the second half kick off and scored almost at will as they powered 58 yards with Neri going over for the score making it 20-12. Salinas followed with a 64 yard drive for a touchdown making the score 21-19. After that Salinas seemed to tire as the Cards scored two more times. The Cards scored two more times to make the final score 32-19. (There was no mention of how the scores were made).

Cards Defeat Salinas Again 18-13. Utilizing speed as a terrific weapon, the Cards took the Cowboys to the tune of 18-13 before 1800 fans at Memorial field. It was like a three ring circus the first half. Both teams ripped up and down the field to score twice each with Santa Cruz short only a conversion of breaking even at the half. Quarterback, Ed Kersten turned his own third quarter fumble into the winning touchdown after fullback, Bob Scofield tallied the first two SC scores. The passing of Kersten was outstanding. The Salinas coach said, “Those passes just broke our backs.” This is the first game that the Cards have been able to complete any passes at all. One of the game’s most beautiful runs was by Waltrip three plays into the third quarter, when he broke away from his own 40 and ran the length of the field to be called back near the line of scrimmage for stepping out of bounds. With his legs churning piston like, he left the whole Salinas team in his wake. The stats were fairly even except the passing, where the Cards led 84 to 21. Running was 221 to 238. There was only one punt in the game and it was by SC for 44 yards. Fumbles lost SC 2 and Salinas 3.

ALL CCAL selections: Pete Johnson at tackle played there on offense and defense, who proved himself to be the fastest charging lineman. Pete learned the fastest and put his knowledge to use. Don Waltrip better known as “Lefty” was an alternate back. He has played four years of football, two years on lightweights and two on varsity. Lefty has the ability to cut and weave up the football field. Lefty is one of those sensational seven letter men.

Keith Bull, heavyweight football player with the highest scholastic average during the season was awarded the Lowell Bready sweater in honor of a former Santa Cruz newspaper man killed in action in World War II. Team physician, Allan J. Pederson presented the sweater on behalf of a group of interested people and friends of Bready at an assembly for the student body.
Keith intends to go to the University of California next year where he will study engineering.

Trident “Batting the Breeze” column, the San Francisco Chronicle makes no bones about Roland Brooks of Watsonville being one of the finest prep school players they have seen in a good time. This writer believes, it will be a lucky college that takes him. (this is another sample of the integrity and willingness of the writers of the Trident to report with an open mind)

LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL practice games: Santa Clara 0-6, Junipero Serra 39-6. Practice recore 1-1. League: Salinas 13-6, 0-13; Watsonville 6-19, 0-19; Monterey 13-26, won by forfeit. League 2-4. Season 3-5

Starting line up: ends, Bruce Royer and Towne; tackles, Bill Bell and Bob Johnson; guards, SkipTara and Larry O’Brien; center, Bob Smith; backs: captain, Ron Dillehay, Lefty Van Sickle, Marty Norman, Ron Hager, Jim Vomvolakis, Pete Thomas and Norm Bedell. Other top players: Chuck Moreno, Dave Herman, Pat Camera and Don Metcalf.

Cardlets Bury Junipero Serra 39-6. Pete Thomas made three touchdowns, while Ron Hager made two and Lefty Van Sickle one. Don Metcalf played a very good game in the backfield. The Line charge both offensively and defensively was especially good. Special praise goes to game captain, Dick Towne. Larry Brown first string defensive guard was lost for the season.

Cardlets defeat Salinas at their Lettuce Bowl 13-6. Marty Norman tried a field goal in the first half, but it was wide right. Halfback Al Van Sickle scored both SC touchdowns in the second half. He first intercepted a pass and ran it in for a score. With three minutes left in the game, Van Sickle rambled 32 yards for a score. Normans conversion was good to make the final score 13-6. In the Salinas game despite the fact that the quarterback had sprained his thumb in the first half and could not throw a pass if he had to, our mighty midgets came out with the win..

Both ALL CCAL selections are juniors: Marty Norman has played three years at left halfback and as the place kicker and Bill Bell at tackle.

JV FOOTBALL Holy Cross varsity 19-30, Boulder Creek varsity 12-7, Watsonville 31-50, split their games with Salinas 18-12, 12-19. These results were all that were found.

In the 18-12 win over Salinas, Al Cheney made three long touchdown runs of 50, 55 and 43 yards. A run of 60 yards was called back due to a penalty,

(The training the players received this year must have been very good as many of the players went on to good careers with the varsity.)

Letter winners: Mahlon Foote, John Anthony, Darrrell Millslagle, Allan Cheney, Tom Carrithers, Henry Papa, Alton Fox, Warren Perrigo, Roger Hope, Jack O’Connor, Don Wilcox, Arnold Gregg, Dan Smith, Alton Fox, Harold Burger, Robert True and Ed Cunningham.

CROSS COUNTRY is being organized for the first time this year. Dean Towne, acting captain, requests anyone interested in running two and a half miles to contact him.

BASKETBALL practice games: Madera 42-53, Fremont 31-32, Gilroy 33-23, Holy Cross 45-23, Washington win, Willow Glen 27-36, San Jose Tech 34-28, Campbell 24-39, James Lick win, Santa Clara 32-31. Practice record 6-4. League: Watsonville 36-42, 31-39; Salinas 26-48, loss; Monterey 24-25, 36-61. League record 0-6. Season 6-10

Starters: Duane Watters, Bob Blasich, Pete Van Houten, co-captain, Ron Walters, Ray Shields, co-captain, Don Waltrip, Don Burrows and Art Adams. Others: Warren Perrigo, Don Borrows and Ray Shields.

Walters’ Last Second Shot Ties Game Up. The Cards evened up their win-loss record in practice games by downing San Jose Tech in a thrilling overtime period 34-28, after they had trailed most of the game. With one second left on the clock, the Cards behind by two points. Ron Walters dropped in the tying markers on a lay in shot. While holding the visitors scoreless in the overtime, Bob Blasich made two field goals and Pete Van Houten made one field goal to end the scoring at 34-28.

Cardinals In Win Over Santa Clara 32-31. With the Panthers leading at half time 13-8, the Cards offense paced by Art Adams and Duane Watters began to click. Through the rest of the game the Cards steadily cut down the half time margin until at the end they prevailed by one point and that is all that matters. Scoring and positions: forwards, Waltrip the shortest of the Cards at 5’7”, 2 and Watters 7; centers, Burrows 2 and Blasich 4; guards, Walters 3,Van Houten 2, Adams 9 and Shields 3.

Although at the bottom of the league, the Cards played hard every game. Lacking height against the taller teams, the Cards used a “stall the ball” tactic in most of their game.

Bob Blasich and Ron Walters tied for eighth man on a seven man ALL CCAL team, just missed making the all league team by one vote.

LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL practice games: Gilroy 30-23, Washington, Willow Glen, San Jose Tech 28-30, Campbell 39-20, James Lick , Santa Clara 34-32. Practice record unknown. League: Watsonville 32-39, 30-22; Salinas 22-27, loss; Monterey 34-41, 32-40. League record 1-5. Were not able to find all the practice games scores, so have no season record.

Starters: Marty Norman, Don Metcalf, Dave Ingols, captain Fred Migues, Pete Thomas and Ron Hager. Others: Joe Monachello, Jim Vomvolakis, Lefty Van Sickle, John Drew, Aldo Mazzei, Bob Johnson.

Cardlets Lose Final Practice Encounter to San Jose Tech 28-30. This was only the second game of the preseason that the Cardlets lost and it was to a team who had all their starters back from last year. Now if they can carry this over to the league?

Cardlets Lose Tough one 34-41. the Cardlets went out to an early lead on the long shots of Don Metcalf and Marty Norman and held a 10-8 lead at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter the Monterey scoring machine and league leading scorer, Canepa started connecting to tie the score at half time 21-21. He continued his scoring in the third period for a 31-28 lead for Monterey, who padded their lead by another four points to end the scoring ahead 41-34. Scoring and positions: forwards, Mecalf 9 and Norman 11; centers, Thomas 4 and Hager 3; guards, Migues 3 and Ingols 4.

Cardlets Knock Over Kittens by 30-22 Score. With the Cardlets playing up to their potential for the first time this year, they led 17-12 at half time. In the later part of the third quarter, SC put the game on ice with the help of Ron Hager’s five points to go ahead 26-18. Both teams scored four points to make the final score 30-22. Scoring and position: forwards, Hager 9 and Ingols 2; centers, Migues 9 and Thomas 0; guards, Metcalf 4, Norman 6 and Van Sickle 0.

The Cardlets also ended up in the cellar. They had all the breaks go against them, but their spirit never dimmed.

ALL CCAL selection Fred Migues one of seven selected.

C BASKETBALL scores: Los Gatos 33-30, 36-35; Santa Clara 31-29, 34-25; Lincoln 31-30, Salinas 3-10, Watsonville 24-19, Gonzales 25-12, Carmel 33-17 and Pacific Grove 30-9. Season record 9-1

Lettermen and total points scored: Joe Monachello 49, Sherman 41, Phil Baker 27, Bob Branstetter 8, Clifford Busenhart 20, Ron Busenhart, Len Klempnauer 15, John Drew 10, Jim Fitzpatrick and Jim Zachary 5. Other players: Jim Allen, Maitland Churton, Ray Ewing, Jack Richey and Jim Zachary.

D BASKETBALL scores: Los Gatos 22-17, 13-8; Santa Clara 16-14, 21-14; Salinas 14-16 in OT, Lincoln 18-21, Watsonville 16-19, Gonzales 30-10, Carmel 21-1 and Hollister win. Season record 7-3. Lettermen: Dave Ingols 78, Jack Church 58, Aldo Mazzei 11, Ed Coutts 46, Hartin 14, Gilbert Hoyt 6, Bill Marlow, Dick Mendonsa 34 and Al Nunes.

Junior Varsity basketball took third place in the Recreation league and defeated the Salinas JV twice. Team members: Dick Breckon, Devitt, Al Peirona, John Simkins, Rich Kirby, Don Childers, Gary Paden, Jim Gilles, Dean Noren, Taylor Lovelace and Stelzer.

WRESTLING a new sport was introduced to SC this year in the form of wrestling. The team took part in three Bay Area tournaments and was honored by the right to hold the Bay Area Senior Limited Tournament in Santa Cruz. Most of the wrestlers are juniors and sophomores, which will help next year.

The team won 4 out of 11 matches against San Jose to lose 18-33. The Cards winners were Maity Churton, Doyne Weaver, Richard Anderson and Marvin Parker.

Cardinals Dropped by Sequoia High 6-41. Only two boys won matches. Doyne Weaver, who is a ninth grader at Mission Hill, who has lost only two matches this year at 112 pound class. The other is “Irish Killer” Jim McCung at 154 pounds.

Team members and their weight classifications: Alfred Rasiche, 112; Allan McLean, 120; Bernard Shreman, 127; Edwin Miller and Clyde Prresley 127; Todd Brown and Dave Herman 133; Pete Likins, 138; Todd Likins, 133; G.len Parker, 127; Marvin Packer, 133; Dick Anderson, 120; Matty Churton, 103; Dee Larsen, 154; Bill Bell, 138; Chew and Doyne Weaver, 112; Ron Dixon, 191; Harold Burger, 165; Jim McClung. 154; Wetzle, 175; Miller, 127; Jack Mann 154 and George Foster.

BASEBALL CCAL CHAMPS FIRST TIME IN 8 YEARS. Practice games: Carmel 8-4, Los Gatos win, loss; Fremont won, 14-3; Santa Clara 12-2, 8-4; Bellarmine 15-3, 5-4. Practice record 8-1. League Monterey 8-6, 4-1; Watsonville loss, 4-6; Salinas 11-10, 3-1. League record 4-2 for the CHAMPIONSHIP. season record 12-3.

The Cards were a preseason pick as favorite in the CCAL race, considering every man on the team was a veteran. The team was headed by Ron Walters; ace pitcher, Paul Patrick and Dick Hayes who were ALL CCAL last year. The team has power at the plate and effective pitching staff with a good second pitcher in Fred Migues.

Cards Win First League Game 4-1. the high flying Cards win their fourth straight game to beat Monterey 4-1. Monterey scored a run in the first inning and that was it for them. In the third both Marty Norman and Ron Hager crossed the plate for the Cards. Two Monterey errors allowed Paul Patrick and Carl LaMothe to score in the seventh to end the scoring. Ed Kersten had a triple. Other hitters for the Cards were Hager with two and Norman, Van Houten and Patrick with a hit apiece. Patrick had good control, hit the corners and had a sharp drop. He fanned eight and only walked two.

Hardballers Defeat Salinas 3-1. The Cards edged out Salinas in a well played ball game. Paul Patrick hurled three hit ball. Richard Hayes, Ron Walters and Art Adams scored the only three runs of the game in the fourth inning. Hayes, who had two hits in the game, started the fourth with a single, an error on a ball hit by Walters advanced the runners to second and third. Adams popped a ball up between the infielders and the right fielder for a hit, which scored Walters on a wild throw to third and Adams went to third. Adams was squeezed in by Van Houten with a good bunt. The only other player with a hit was Hager. Batting order and positions: Norman, 2B; Hager, SS; Kersten, 3B; Hayes, LF; Walters, 1B; Adams, CF; Van Houten, RF; La Mothe, C; Patrick, P; Brooks, 2B.

Cards Take One Game League Lead by Defeating Monterey 8-6. Behind the three hit pitching of Freddie Migues, the Cards took a one game lead in the league race. Most of the game was not as close as the final score indicates as the Cards had a 8-1 lead going into the last inning. Monterey started a five run rally with one man out. After the fifth run scored, Migues struck out the next two batters to end the game. La Mothe, Hager and Norman all banged out two hits apiece. La Mothe batted in four runs, Norman two and Hager one. Other Cards who had hits were Hays and Migues for a total of 8 hits. The batting order and positions: Norman, 2B; Hager, SS; Kersten, 3B; Hays, LF; Walters, 1B; Adams, CF; Van Houten, RF; La Mothe, C; Migues, P; Subs; Brooks, 2B and Shields, C.

Going into the last game of the year, the league was a tight race with all four teams having a chance to tie for the championship. Santa Cruz and Watsonville had 3-2 records, while Monterey and Salinas had 2-3 records. (It turned out that the last place teams played the first place teams in the last game. If they both had won, the league would have ended up in a four way tie all 3-3!)

Cards Are CCAL Champs First Time in 8 Years. Defeated Salinas 11-10, While Monterey Upsets Wildcats 1-0. Santa Cruz ends with 4-2 record and the championship. Monterey and Watsonville ended up with 3-3 records tied for second. Fred Migues received credit for the win, which gives him a perfect 6-0 record for the season. The game was not one of the Cards best games of the year as they made nine errors and left 11 men on base. By far their worst performance of the year, even thought it brought them a clear championship rather than a three way tie. Marty Norman and Carl La Mothe each had two hits. Only two players did not get a hit. Lineup and positions for this game: Norman, 2B; Hager, SS; Kersten, 3B; Hays, LF; Walters, 1B; Adams, CF; Van Houten, RF; La Mothe, C; Shields, C; Mingues, P; Kirby, pinch hitter. SC scoring by innings: one in the third, four in the fourth and six in the sixth inning. For Salinas: One in the second, five in the third, three in the fourth and one in the seventh.

Batting averages without the last game. Norman, 378; Kersten, 354; La Mothe, 345; Shields, 333; Walters, 294; Van Houten, 281; Migues, 277; Hager, 220; Hays, 209; Adams, 179; Patrick, 175. Players with less then ten at bats; Kirby, 571; Simpkins, 1000; Van Sickle, 500; Johnson, 142 and Brooks, 125.

Of the 15 men ALL CCAL team picked by the sportswriters and coaches, 5 were from SC. There are four seniors and one junior. Left handed pitcher, Paul Patrick and first baseman Ron Walters were picked for the second year. Patrick was one of three pitchers selected and was the only southpaw. Patrick won two and lost two, showed good control throughout the season, but his earned run average was better than three runs a game.
Walters a lanky left handed hitter and first baseman, played a consistent game, bringing down sky high pegs and sweeping up he low ones to make the opponents chances of reaching first really tough.
Carl LaMothe was a surprise catcher of the year, while slugging out a clean .333. He showed a fair throwing arm that more than once caught an unaware base runner off base.
Second baseman, Marty Norman was second in league hitting .381. There was no argument over the second base position. Little Norman, one of the top hitters for the Cards throughout the season, won the position hands down.
Junior outfielder, Pete Van Houten played a steady game during the season and was picked as a utility player.

The JV team played against other schools beating Watsonville and Salinas, while splitting with Holy Cross.

Jay Vee’s Lose To Salinas 5-2. In the last game of the season the JV’s lost only their second game of the year. “Straight Arrow” Kirby, who was charged with the loss gave up only four hits, but three of them came in one inning. Top hitter in the game was Newton with two. Dillehay, Van Sickel, Phil Walters and Kirby each had a hit. Lineup and positions: Dillehay, SS; Newton, CF; Bedell, 3B; Van Sickel, 1B; Simkins, 2B; Sherman, RF; Bowen, LF; Phil Walters, P; Kirby, P; Carrothers, pinch hitter.

Other JV team members: Manachello, Colburn, Marchi, Hangaard, Jim Vomvolakis, Sharp, T. Reese, Brown, Carrithers, Church, Devitt, Scribner and B. Reese.

JV’s defeat Watsonville 18-3. Al Van Sickle’s grand slam home run accounted for four runs all in one swoop and was the highlight of the game. Joe Monachello also had a home run in the same inning. Rod Coburn and Gordon Hangard teamed up to allow the Cat squad to only four hits.

TRACK CCAL varsity meet scoring: Salinas 86, Watsonville 43, Carmel 33, Santa Cruz and Monterey 23, Pacific Grove 17, Hollister 10, King City 10 and Gonzales 1. Lightweights ended in last place.

The track teams were small in numbers this year and lacked the reserve strength to score well in meets. But had good athletes, who held their own individually.

Smith Places Sixth In NCS Track Finals. Bob Smith the lone SC lightweight entered in the NCS finals at UC Berkeley, finished sixth in he 660, Coach Stu Fowler reported. SC’s only other entry, Art Adams, working under the handicap of a pulled groin muscle failed to top 11 feet in the pole vault and did not place.

At the qualifying meet for NCS three spikers placed. Art Adams took third in the pole vault at 11 feet; Dean Towne took fifth in the mile and lightweight, Bob Smith was fourth in the 660. The varsity scored 2 ½ points and Cardlet, Bob Smith had 2 points. Bob Scofield placed fourth in the 440 finals in the good time of 51.5. Fourth place in this event does not qualify to move on. Keith Bull ended up in sixth place in the 880. Al Cheney failed to qualify in the first heat of the 120 high hurdles and the shot put. Dick Menefee placed fifth in the qualifying race for the 180 low hurdles.
Palo Alto scored 33 points for the varsity championship followed by Salinas with 23. Pacific Grove won the lightweight crown with 34 points, followed by Salinas with 33.

May 3. 12 Cards Qualify At CCAL Trials. Qualifying men in every varsity event except the discus at the CCAL trials in Watsonville. Al Cheney lived up to expectations as he qualified in the century, 120 high hurdles and the shot put. The 195 pound sprinter placed third in the century. In the high hurdles, Cheney turned in the best time of the three heat event, when he ran a 15.5. Cheney came back to place fifth in the shot put with a heave of 45-3. Sprinter Bob Scofield qualified in two events, the 220 and 440. In the 220, he ran 23.1 to win his heat. In the 440, he ran first in his heat with a 53.2. Keith Bull won his 880 heat in 2:09.4. Dick Menefee won his heat of the 180 low hurdles in 21.4. Art Adams qualified in the pole vault with a leap of 9-6 to tie with seven others at this qualify height. Making his second stab at the high jump in competition, Ron Walters came through with the qualifying leap of 5-4 to tie with six others for first place. In the broad jump, Marty Norman surprised the experts, when he qualified for the finals with a leap of 18-11. Dean Towne place second in the mile to qualify. The Card relay team came in fourth ahead of Watsonville and King City to qualify. Salinas won the event, followed by Hollister and Carmel.
Lightweights: Bob Smith was the lone Cardlet to qualify, winning the first heat of the 660 in a good time of 1:31.9.

May 8. Salinas Wins CCAL Track Crown. Scofield Second In 440, Adams Upset In pole Vault; Cards Fourth. CCAL meet scoring: Salinas 86, Watsonville 43, Carmel 33, Santa Cruz and Monterey 23, Pacific Grove 17, Hollister 10, King City 10 and Gonzales 1. SC expected to place second or third, fell to a fourth place tie with Monterey and failed to take a first place in either meet. The record set by Darrell Young of SC in 1936 at 2:07.7 in the 880 was broken by a runner from Carmel at 2:00.1. The most disappointing feature of the meet was the performance of Art Adams. Adams had been considered a sure winner for the Cards. But the lanky athlete seemed to be bothered by a sore ankle that has hampered him all season. Adams took second in pole vault as did Bob Scofield in the 100. Third place finishers were Al Cheney in 120 high hurdles; Keith Bull in 880 and Dean Towne in mile. Fourth place finishers were Menefee in 180 low hurdles and Al Cheney in shot put. Cheney also took fourth in the shot put to qualify in the event at NCS. The top three men in the dashes, runs and hurdles will compete along with the top five in the field events will move on to the NCS qualifying meet Friday at Fremont High in Sunnyvale. The SC relay team was fifth.
The lone lightweight Bob Smith was fourth in the 660 for the Cardlets two point total. SC finished in last place.
The seven SC athletes qualified for NCS qualifying meet were Cheney in 120 high hurdles and the shot put. Bull in the 880, Scofield in the 440. Towne in the mile. Adams in pole vault, Dick Menefee in the 180 low hurdles and lightweight Bob Smith in the 660.

At the CCAL consolation meet for those who did not place high enough to go on to NCS. SC placed third in the lightweight meet and seventh in the varsity affair. The only first place taken by SC in either meet was garnered by Cardlet Bob Newton in the 70 high hurdles in 10.3. Pete Thomas took second in the same event. Ron Walters and Neil Gittins tied for second place in the high jump. Ed Geyer was third in the 220. Darrell Millslagle was fifth in the 440. The relay team took fourth.
In the lightweight division: Bob Newton took first place in the 70 high hurdles and was third in the 120 low hurdles. Other third place finishers were Dave Ingols in shot put; relay team and Ron Dillehay in high jump. Fourth place finisher: Younger a freshman in 330. Fifth place finisher was Vern Huffman in 75 yard dash.

May 24. Cardinals Enter 11 teams At Hollister Relays. Cinder Season Finale. Co-coaches Stu Fowler and Emmett Thompson have set up 11 relay teams. The distance medley team will have Bob Smith running the first 220 yards, Bob Scofield will do the 440, Keith Bull will travel 880, while Dean Towne will finish the race by running a mile. The high jump relay team is made up of Ron Walters, Neal Gittens, Darrell Millslagle and Scofield. The 120 low hurdles team will be Al Cheney, Pete Thomas, Dick Meneffe and Bull. The same four will run the 70 yard high hurdles relay. In the sprint relay, Cheney will run 110 yards, Ed Geyer will run the next 220, then Scofield will run 330 yards and Smith will finish up with a 660 yard run. The 880 relay team is Menefee, Geyer, Schofield and Millslagle. The 440 relay team is Walters, Towne, Bull and Art Adams. Don Burrows, Mahlon Foote, John Simkins and Roger Hope or Farrell Mathues will compose the two mile relay. The broad jump relay squad is Burrows, Marty Norman, Geyer and Millsagle. The shot put and discus relay is made up of Dave Ingols, Al McLean, Pete Likins and Norman Bedell. Both the shot put and discus teams are entered in the lightweight classification.

May 27. Cards Place third In Three Events, along with a fourth and a fifth at the Hollister Relays. The annual event with 24 schools entered, Salinas won the varsity meet and Dos Palos the lightweight meet. SC took third in the 70 yard high hurdles and the 120 low hurdles. Both teams were comprised of Al Cheney, Pete Thomas, Dick Menefee and Keith Bull. The other third place finish came in the distance medley with Bob Smith, Bob Scofield, Dean Towne and Bull on the team. San Francisco’s Poly high won with Carmel second. The pole vault relay took a fifth place. The sprint relay team of Cheney, Ed Geyer, Scofield and Smith took fourth. SC’s two mile relay record set in 1947 at 3:34.8 fell to Willow Glen, who ran a 3:33.

Spikemen Lose To Watsonville In Dual Meet 54-60. The out come of the dual meet came down to the discus event the last event to finished for the day. The Cards won 8 events and tied one out of the 13 events. Watsonville’s superior depth paid off at the end. The Redbirds were only able to capture two seconds and three thirds. Al Cheney won the 120 high hurdles, the shot put and tied for first in the 100 yard dash. Bob Scofield won the 220 and the 440. The 880 yard relay team of Cheney, Darrell Millslagle, Ed Geyer and Scofield took first place even thought they had a bad baton pass. Ron Walters, in his first try at the high jump cleared the barrier at 5’8” to take second to Ken Sears of (Santa Clara University Hall of Fame for basketball and NBA fame. The Sentinel named Ken the top basketball player in the county ever.)
The lightweights did not do so well, capturing only one first by Bob Newton in the 120 low hurdles. Bob Smith captured two second places in the 660 and 150 yard dash.

Additional varsity members: Gene Mazzei, Shields, Norman, Simpkins, Hope, Foote, Oerrugim, Paden and Burrows.
Consistent winners for the lightweights were Bob Smith and Vern Huffman. Other point winners were Bob Newton, Dave Ingols and Pete Thomas. Other members: Pete Likins, H. Adams, Camera, Sutherland, Todd Likins, Smith, MacLean, Mathes, Neston, Huffman, Younger and Murphy.

TENNIS managed to win three matches while losing seven, due to inexperience with many first time players. Only two players returned from last year. At the CCAL finals the Cards lost in the first round.

Card Netsters Sink Indians 4-1. Winners were first man Dick Breckon listed on down the ladder were winners: Roger Diggins, Allan Knotts, and in the doubles Jim Larson and Alfred Raiche. The only losers were Larry Maker and Ken Wilson in doubles. Other team members: Ewing, Millisch, Kotts, McMillen, Don Noren, Kajse and Wilcox.

GOLF team was the best Santa Cruz has produced in many a year. In match play the Cards won 9, lost one and tied one. But lost to Monterey in the league tournament by seven strokes 333 to 340. Scoring for the Cards in the championship rounds were Bob Ewing, 82; Don Samuelson, 83; Jim Samuelson, 84 and Mel Amaya, 91.

There are no seniors on the team, which bodes well for next year. Other team members: Pelz, Bryan, W. Amaya, B Martin, Warner and Hope.

Don “Lefty” Waltrip played 4 years of football. Two years lightweights coming over from junior high to work on his ability to cut and weave up the football field and two terrific years on varsity. Lefty ended his career here by being selected as an alternate ALL CCAL back. Lefty is one of those sensational seven letter men. Lefty was a first team forward and a co captain on the basketball team this year

1942 grad Emmett Thompson is a student teacher here this year. During his stay here he lettered two years in football, three years in basketball and baseball. In 1941 and 1942, he was chosen ALL COUNTY in basketball. This is comparable to the present ALL CCAL ratings without Salinas and Monterey. While at Cal Poly he coached the Mission Catholic High School to their first championship in the 25 years of the schools’ existence by winning five and losing only one.

Pete Johnson at tackle played there on offense and defense, who proved himself to be the fastest charging lineman. Pete learned the fastest and put his knowledge to use.

Keith Bull, heavyweight football player with the highest scholastic average during the season was awarded the Lowell Bready sweater in honor of a former Santa Cruz newspaper man killed in action in World War II. Team physician, Allan J. Pederson presented the sweater on behalf of a group of interested people and friends of Bready at an assembly for the student body.
Keith intends to go to the University of California next year where he will study engineering.

Ron Walter’s was a four time letter winner in baseball. Gaining ALL CCAL honors his last two years. As a senior this year he helped lead the team to the baseball championship. Ron went on to play at San Jose State and to coach successful teams, before going into administration. Walters’ Last Second Shot Ties Game Up. The Cards evened up their win-loss record in practice games by downing San Jose Tech in a thrilling overtime period 34-28, after they had trailed most of the game. Ron was a co captain of the basketball team this year and a first string forward on last years team. Ron did 5”8” in the high jump to place in the track meets.

Paul Patrick was a two time ALL CCAL pitcher. His senior year he helped the Cards to the league championship and a 12-3 season record. Paul relies on trickiness and moxie to control the hitters. Last year against Monterey he only faced 22 batters, one over the minimum need to complete a game. He struck out 13 batters saving his fielders much work. Last year the team was right on the edge for the championship, but lost two close games at the end of the season.

Freddie Migues though not large in stature has a big heart and ended his senior year with a 6-0 pitching record and a win in the last league game to cinch the league championship and a nice 12-3 season record. Freddie along with Paul Patrick almost did the same thing last year as the team was right on the edge for the championship, but lost two close games at the end of the season. Freddie has a fast lightening like fast ball, but his best pitch is his wicked schoolboy curve. During this season he has not given up more than three hits in any game. Fred was captain and starter on the lightweight basketball team. Previous years he has played lightweights also.

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