Download complete file with overview and stats: 1927

Ralph Morrison, varsity football, basketball and baseball
Howard Firebaugh, lightweight football and basketball and head of track
Stevens, tennis
Eva Schultz, swimming.

In the 1920s students came from the Santa Cruz mountains in the east, Aptos in the south, and as far north as Felton to attend Santa Cruz High School – making Santa Cruz High the largest high school on the California’s central coast.

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
San Jose 7-7
Lowell 0-14
Centerville 0-12
Monterey 7-0
Pacific Grove 18-6
Practice record 2-2-1
League games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Watsonville 35-0
Hollister 13-13
Salinas 0-26
League 1-1-1
Season 3-3-2. A big improvement over last years last place finish.

Although all other sports have combine their A and B leagues into one, football still has an A and B league.

Varsity linemen:
Ends: Rittenhouse, Cureton and senior captain Jack Sinnott was a defensive demon
Tackles: Tom Vanatta and Harold Smith were the regulars; Back ups: Gerlach, and Stevenson.
Guards: Durst, Hoover, Houck and Long. Center, Caldwell
Quarterback: Sutfin
Halfbacks: Anthony, Iverson; Handley and Mazzoni
Fullback: senior Joe Dien, one of the best offensive players in the league
Top reserves: Mort Sinnott, Foster, Pitzer and Butler.


(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Salinas 6-6
Hollister 36-0
Watsonville 32-0
A league record of 2-0-1.

In lightweight football, SC and Salinas tied for the championship, forcing a play off game to battle for the chance to make the NCS playoffs. At the end of the game the score was 0-0. The ensuing over time was settled by each team taking four downs, alternating possession of the ball after every play, the team gaining the most yards won the game. Santa Cruz won 2-0. In the next step to the NCS play off against San Mateo, Santa Cruz played the B league champs, Monterey High School. Monterey won that game 0-7, but Santa Cruz made a good show of it.

Ends: Jimmie O’Connor and Stephens
Tackles: Nutter and Lantange
Guards: Hansen and Higgins
Center: Trask
Quarterback: Tex Beasley
Halfbacks: O’Meara the star running back along with Antonneti and Kirk
Fullback: Niles.

Santa Cruz took the league championship
Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Watsonville 10-15
Palo Alto 11-22
Galileo 18-30
San Jose 24-30
Practice record 0-4
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Watsonville 15-14
Salinas 24-12
Gonzales 49-4
Pacific Grove 17-28
King City 27-23
Monterey 40-18
“A” league record 2-0
Total League record 5-1: SC Champions

Season record 5-5.

For basketball, the A and B leagues were combined and only one game was played against each league team. It was a new step and everyone liked it. With the help of their 7’ center, Spotswood, Pacific Grove won the league wide championship. Although the leagues were combined, the A and B leagues were unofficially recognized and SC took the “A” league cup, beating Watsonville and Salinas.

Leading the team this year are captain Chilton Jones and center Tim Mazzoni, both returning players from last years team. Other starters:
Forwards: Mann, Anthony, Pracht and Caldwell
Guards: Antonetti, Stevens and Mazzoni
Subs: Pracht, Handley, Waterford and Sutfin
All lettermen players will be back next year.

no scores available

The limited boys were led by the tall, “All CCAL” center, Barber.
Other starters:
Second team “All CCAL”, Tex Beasley. Beasley was the only returning starter from last years team.
Hurst, Carl Camis
Guards: Joe Langtangne, Chick Williams, and Arneal
Subs: Bloom, Davis, Leibbrandt, Nutter, and Harrison.

TRACK – the Santa Cruz Cardinals

Santa Cruz were the CCAL Champions in both varsity and lightweights
CCAL league meet results:
Santa Cruz 69
Hollister 47
Salinas 9
Watsonville 8.

Notes from the meet:
At the CCAL meet, Leonard Waterford won the 120 high hurdles in 17:1, tying the CCAL high hurdles record.
The relay team took first place, settin a new record of 1:36.
Captain Joe Dieu and Stevenson took high point honors for the meet, each scoring 14. This score is calculated via a competitors placing, a first place finish is worth 5 points, second place 3 points, and third place 1 point.
Next highest scorers were Hastings 9, Jones 7, Achterberg 6, and Waterford 6. All other scores were 3 or less.

CCAL results
listed by event and place:
First place: Relay runners: Dieu, Waterford, Achterberg, and Hastings
Broad jump: Stevenson first, and Dieu second
High jump: Stevenson first, and Jones second
Discus: Dieu first, and Long third
120 high hurdles: Waterford first, and Jones second
220 low hurdles: Dieu first, and Waterford third
100: Hastings first, and Stevenson second
220: Achterberg first, and Hastings second
880: tie for second, Bruhns and Wheelock
Mile: Voorhees second, and Hoover third
Javelin: Jones second, the longest he has ever thrown 163’ and Young third
440: Adolph Costello third
Shot put: Mazzoni third
Pole vault: Sebe Caldwell third

120 Low hurdles: Antonelli second and Ebert third
220:Whaley second and Antonetti third
Javelin: Harrison second
Relay: second Caldera, Antonetti, Ebert, and Whaley
50: Bloom
High jump: tie for third Kennett, and Williams
Discus: Langatnge third

The SC lightweight team beat Berkeley and Palo Alto in dual meets. Berkeley and Palo Alto are the top two teams in Northern California and are expected to pose a threat at the State meet. SC also beat San Jose, 175 to 60

NCS meet
Santa Cruz only took five men to the NCS meet. Two of the five placed third, Dieu in the 220 low hurdles and Stevenson in the broad jump.
Berkeley won the meet with Palo Alto in second and Hollister in third.

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
San Jose 1-5
Centerville 3-2
Los Gatos 7-12
Watsonville 0-3
Practice record 1-3
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Watsonville 2-7
Hollister 9-3
Monterey 8-10
Salinas 6-5
League 2-2, putting SC in third place.
Season record 3-5

The baseball diamond has been graded and is in unusually fine shape this year.
The three year veteran pitcher, Brandt, was the starting pitcher for most games this year. Hedgepeth also did a good job on the mound.

The starting lineup
(In order of batting order with their name, position, and batting averages.)
Mann 2B, 391
Costello RF, 182
Anthony SS. 250
Hedgepeth P/Of, 231
Bickley LF/C, 177
Langtagne 3B, 348
Sinnot 1B, 118
Iverson CF. 133
Brandt P/OF, 053
Mazzoni C, 095
Beasley P/1B
Patterson OF
Stevens OF

Santa Cruz took the league championships
The tennis championship matches include the top four teams in the league. Each team sends their two top players for singles matches and a doubles team. In the first round of games the first place team plays the fourth place team, and the second place team plays the third. The winners of this round play in the final game. In the first round, SC triumphed over Watsonville, and, in the final game against Monterey, Santa Cruz took the championship.

Homer Davis was the number 1 singles player, while Westly McGriff was number 2. The doubles team was James Carrothers and Fred Grellman. Each player beat Pacific Grove and Monterey.

There was no information about the NCS meet, but the SC players qualified to go.

Tim Mazzoni did not letter until his junior year and then he went on a tear, winning 4 letters this year alone. Mazzoni started in three sports: Fullback in football, guard in basketball, and catcher in baseball. He also lettered in swimming. Mazzoni lettered in football 1927-8, and in track 1926-7.

Joe Dieu arrived from Kansas in 1924 and joined the football and track teams right away. As a junior, Dieu was the mainstay of both the defensive and the offensive lines. In his senior year, Dieu successfully switched to quarterback, no mean feat. This year Dieu was captain of the championship track team and, at the CCAL meet, he tied for high point man earning 14 points.

Chilton “Bull” Jones ended his career with 10 letters. As a freshman Jones lettered in lightweight basketball and track, and set a record in the javelin. As sophomore, Jones won letters in the pole vault, the javelin, high jumping, and in swimming. In his junior year Jones won 2 letters, one as the center and lead scorer of the varsity basketball team, and one when he won 120 high hurdles at the CCAL meet. As a senior, Jones was captain of the championship basketball team and held second team “All CCAL”. He also lettered in swimming. Additionally, on another championship track team at a CCAL meet, Jones scored 7 points, taking second places in the javelin and the 120 high hurdles. He also ran in the relay.

Jack “Swede” Sinnott was the student body president this semester. Sinnott has lettered in football, basketball, and baseball. Sinnott started his freshman year playing lightweight football, each year after he played on the varsity team, and this year he was the teams catain. In baseball, Sinnott lettered for 3 years as the first basemen. In his junior year, Sinnott took second in the 880 against San Jose, finishing with a time of 2:05. Sinnott also ran the high hurdles.

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