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The CCAL has been divided up into “A” and “B” leagues for all sports. This year the “A” league consisting of SC, Watsonville, Hollister and Salinas. The “B” league of Monterey, Pacific Grove, Gonzales and King City.

Interestingly, the SC High School newspaper, the Trident, uses multiple names for other schools:
Hollister: the Prune Pickers, or the Hay Bailers
Salinas: the Spud Diggers, or the Spud City
Watsonville: the Apple Pickers, the Apple Juicers, the Cider City, or the Apple City Boys
San Jose: the Canners, the Garden City Boys, or the Burbankers.

Basketball games will be played at the Casino (on the boardwalk) instead of the Armory this year.

The track barn facilities have become inadequate – two showers for the use by 30 boys, clothes hooks are few and no one dares put clothes into the dusty lockers. The atmosphere of the track barn is damp and musty as the water from the showers is slow to drain off.

From an article in the Trident dated 10/26/21, “The Board of Education gave the okay to rebuild the track barn into sunny sanitary training quarters with 30 steel lockers, a cement floor and six showers. A door in this 24×30 foot dressing room will open into a new 35×40 foot P.E. room with 300 new steel lockers.

“Before the next Trident is published our new track barn under contract to George Reid and Son will be finished. The manual training classes tore down the old building. Our own mechanical drawing department drew the plans. The farm mechanics laid the foundations. The contractors finished the job. Our papas and mamas indirectly paid the bill. Now we have excellent training quarters. We appreciate them and we are thankful.”

Santa Cruz League record, 2-1, second; Overall record, 5-2
Practice games:
Santa Cruz vs. Pacific Grove, 39-6
Santa Cruz vs. San Mateo, 13-0
Santa Cruz vs. San Jose, 16-2
Santa Cruz vs. San Francisco, 7-13
“A” League games:
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 44-6
Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 21-9
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 2-7

Team members:
Ends: Frost, Royse, and O’Neil
Tackles: Johnson, and Cleveland
Guards: Crews, Caldwell, and Valine
Center: Hill
Backfield: Ray Kirby, Leo Harris, Joe Langtagne, and Saunders.

In the league, Watsonville and Hollister have organized 130 pound teams. Most of the players have been on the second team. These 130 pound teams will play the preliminary game to the heavyweights.

At a special meeting the student commission decided that the student body should buy 15 sweaters, 15 pairs of sox, 6 pairs of pants and 7 shoulder pads for use of the football team.

Each year, girls’ athletics have enlarged their presents and taken a more prominent place in the school. This year, girls are being recognized by the Constitution to be on an equal basis with boys’ athletics.

Not only are more sports being added each year, but an increasingly large number of girls have taken an interest and “gone out for a team”.

Last year the girls put out basketball, tennis and track teams, which although they did not all gain high honors were very successful from an athletic viewpoint.

This season hockey was added to the list although not interscholastically.

The girls’ basketball season just opened. They won their first game against Gilroy by the overwhelming score of 46-12. Will the scores read that way throughout the season? The answer depends largely on you, students. Will you back the girls’ teams giving them your support as you ought to do or will you sniff and be indifferent? It is a very difficult thing for a team to win a game without confidence and you can give them that confidence.

The home games were played at the Casino courts at the boardwalk.
Santa Cruz League Champions, 4-1, Santa Cruz overall record, 4-2
Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 19-22, 28-13
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 22-14, 22-13
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 29-14
Playoff game
Santa Cruz vs. Monterey (B League) to see who goes to NCS playoffs, 14-22

Joe Langtagne, Manildi, Royse, Leo Harris, Don Frost, Tony Valine, Carney, Riskin, O’Mera

During a basketball game with Watsonville the SC team was winning. The crowd began to cheer boisterously. The noise from the Watsonville side of the house was incomparably louder than that of their guests. As a result of this inconsiderate yelling while Joe Langtagne was shooting a foul, the referee permitted him to continue shooting until he rung the basket.

The limited team members were: Ingols, Martin, Mellot, Frost, Hill and Organ

The LIMITED (Lightweights) team lost to Watsonville 13-17. From the Trident, “Playing on a canvas covered cheese-box court on Friday the 13th proved to be a jinx for Santa Cruz.”


King City, Monterey, Watsonville scores not available, but Santa Cruz won
Santa Cruz vs. Hollister 2-21
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 14-16

Santa Cruz co-champions with Salinas, both had a 3-2 league record
Santa Cruz lost the tie breaker to Salinas, 6-9

Team members:
Martin C; Warrenburg P/OF; Hagestad 1B; Earnst 2B; Manilde 3B; Rispin SS; Royce P/CF; Trucco LF; Millot RF; Leo Harris LF; Young RF.


CCAL meet:
Salinas 64, Santa Cruz 45, Hollister 43, Watsonville 11

First place finishers:
The 1320 yard relay team broke the league record. Each man runs 220 yards
Members: Valine, Langtage, Rispin, Frost, McHugh and Hill.
McHugh 100 and 220
Carney in javelin.

Second place finishers:
Kilford, mile. Frost, 220 low hurdles
Royse, pole vault
Rispin, 440

Third place finishers:
Leo Harris, 880
Rutherford, high jump
Hill, 50 yard dash
Cleveland, shot put.

Only lightweight in top three places was Meehan, third in shot put.

NCS meet:
Hollister 18, Santa Cruz 6

At NCS the 880 relay team took third with each man running 220 yards was Valine, Rispin, McHugh and Langtagne.

Valine took third in the shot put. Fourth place finishers were Rutherford in the high jump and Kilfoyle in mile. Giving SC 6 points for NCS

Both boys and girls won CCAL.
The girls played at the Casa Del Rey courts and the boys at the high school

Girls team members:
Singles, Anna Ebert and Agnes Stoodley
Doubles, Isabel Brooks and Marion Manning.

Boys team members:
Singles, Jack Petty and Paul Fairchild
Doubles, Turk Wise and Jack Petty.


1922, Leo Harris best defensive back in the league. Harris played at Stanford and lettered in 1925 and 1926,where he was an all coast tackle. He also played for the Santa Cruz Legion team, similar to a semi-pro team, against the other Legion and military team in the area. After Stanford he went on to coach at Fresno High for 5 years where he built up two power houses in football and basketball. In football he made the Valley section finals three times, winning once against Taft and losing twice to Bakersfield, the oil town and perennial champs. In basketball, Harris won the league title for five years in a row and two Valley Section titles. He was given a promotion to Fresno State to coach frosh football and be the head basketball coach. An item in the Sentinel of 1934, “Leo Harris brings his Fresno State team to practice at Pasatiempo golf course.” He was Athletic Director at University of Oregon for 25 years. Harrison was also a member of the NCAA rules committee for football.

Raymond Kirby was the fastest running back and all around football player in the league. Kirby played baseball for SCHS and for one of the local semi-pro teams while still in high school. An article in the Sentinel remarked that “a couple of hot shots to the hot corner gave the young third baseman some trouble.” He had three sons who were top athletes at SCHS: Rich, who led the football team in scoring in 1948 plus pitching, Bill, who was an all CCAL lineman in 1950 and played baseball as a pitcher and fielder, and the youngest John, who played football, basketball and baseball making all CCAL in all of them.

Tony “Duke” Valine played the position of tackle in football. Tony, who was a good all around athlete, took third in the discus and shot put at the Northern Cal track meet. He went on to star at Santa Clara University from 1925 to 1928, earning All Coast and All American honors. Later he became the Director of Civil Defense.

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