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1960 Jim Hunt, third, CCS

John Rogers, fourth CCS; first Northern California Invitational (NCI) from now on

1961 Ron Miyoko, third, CCS

1962 Ron Miyoko, first, CCS; first NCI

Harvey Rogers, second CCS; second NCI

Mike Owen, second CCS

1966 Kip Herren, second CCS

1967 Kip Herren, third, CCS; third NCI at 120 pounds

1968 Kip Herren, third, CCS; third, CCS; third NCI at 127 pounds

Phil DiGirolamo, second CCS

1969 Gary Rochelle, second CCS

Phil DiGirolamo, fourth CCS

1970 Craig Deane, third, CCS; NCI champion at 145

Bill Scott, fourth CCS

1971 Craig Deane, first CCS; NCI champion at145: Out Standing Wrestler at NCI


1972 Bill Scott, second CCS

Mark DiGirolamo, spent his first three years at Harbor and his fourth year at SC.

He was the North Coast Invitational winner all four years from 1969-72.

Named the Outstanding Wrestler of the NCI in 1972 at 120 pounds


His 1972 life time high school record was 148-3-2

At Cal Poly in 1973, he was a NCAA champion

1975 Gabe Reyes, second CCS

1976 Bob Layton, fourth CCS

Roy Lopez, fourth, CCS. Never lost a dual match in high school

1977 Bob Layton, second CCS

1978 Frank Easter, fourth CCS

Mike Gregoric, second CCS

1982 Dan Prucha, fourth, CCS

To qualify for the Northern California Invitational, a wrestler had to finish in the top four at CCS.

The Outstanding Wrestlers awards at NCI, included all wrestlers at the meet. The Top Wrestler award was voted on by the coaches.

Before CCS expanded to allow up to 30 wrestlers in each weight class, wrestlers had to qualify through what was called the Region IV meet. The following wrestlers placed at the Region IV meet, but failed to finish in the top four at CCS.

Kevin O’Conner, Greg Lopez, Bob Martin, Paul Gabriel, John Munoz, Pat Rodriguez, Rick Hand, Don Dumller, Kurt Likins, Robert Raffaelli, Randy Hand, Richard Matoza and Karl Goin.

The All American awards to Mark DiGirolamo and Craig Deane were issued by the Scholastic Wrestling News.

The following four are the only four SC wrestlers to compete at the college level, during my time of coaching from 1963-82

Mark wrestled at Cal Poly only one year even though he won a NCAA championship. He decided to drop out to become a commercial painter.

Craig wrestled all four years at UCLA.

Kip Herren received a scholarship to BYU, but elected to transfer to San Francisco State, where he went on to do very well. He was a successful high school wrestling coach in Washington and is now superintendent of the Auburn High School District.

Greg Ronning wrestled at California Lutheran University for two years, before the program was dropped. Both years CLU won the Southern California NAIA championships. Greg went to the Nationals in West Virginia and Kansas, but failed to place. He went on to be ordained as a minister and has been the campus pastor at Texas Lutheran University for 19 years in 2010.



League records:

1963 5-4

64 12-2

65 13-4

66 7-8

67 12-3

68 9-4

69 9-4-1

70 9-4

71 11-2

72 8-7

73 8-7

74 16-1

75 12-3

76 9-1

77 10-1

78 10-0

79 6-3-1

80 3-7

81 9-2

Total 178-67-2


1964 Ken Gledhill, 133

Tom Johns, 145

Dennis Rowen, 154

1965 Bryan Loehr, 191

David Anderson, 175

Ken Gledhill, 133

1966 Kip Herren, 101

Ed Kaping, 133

Gene Rochelle, 145

1967 Brendon Baer, 133

Allan Rochelle, 133

Pat Pennell, 145

Jerry Malmin, 165

1968 Phil DiGirolamo, 120

Kip Herren, 127

Allan Rochelle, 145

1969 Phil DiGirolamo, 127

Gary Rochelle, 133

1970 Craig Deane, 145

1971 Kevin O’Connor, 133

Craig Deane, 145

1972 Bill Scott, 127

Mark DiGirolamo, 120

1973 Randy McCullah, 112

Rick Nelson, 145

1974 Luther Harris, 127

1976 Roy Lopez, 95

Bob Layton, 103

Paul Gabriel, 154


1977 Bob Layton, 103

Mike Gregoric, 133

Greg Lopez, 138

Greg Ronning, 145

John Munoz, 165

Bob Martin, 235

1978 Mike Gregoric, 133

Roy Lopez, 103

Greg Ronning, 154

John Munoz, 175

Nacho Lopez, 112

Pat Rodriguez, 138

Frank Easter, 191

1979 Randy Hand, 95

Victor Matoza, 120

Jim Munoz, 127

Mike Gregoric, 133

Greg Saunders, 138

Don Dumler, 154

Rick Hand, 165

Warren Harding, 175

Frank Easter, 191

Roberto Raffaelli, 235

1980 Richard Matoza, 95

Joel Bettencourt, 127

Kurt Likins, 112

Randy Hand, 103

1981 Richard Matoza, 95

Karl Goin, 167

Dan Kean 245

The MBL was split into Northern and Southern Leagues. SC is in the Northern League

1982 Dan Prucha, 126

Joel Bettencourt, 138

Dan Egan, 245

Ronning came back and coached wrestling in 1996

1996 Dan Whiting, 152

Bart White, 171

Travis Roland, 275

Coach Tex Ronning coached 65 league champions. Had a dual meet record of 140 wins, 54 losses and one tie.

Coached league champions in 1968, 1977, 1978 1979 and 1982

Material above from coach Ronning

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