Download complete file with overview and stats: 1925

Ralph Morrison, football, basketball and track
Verne Culbertson, baseball
Doc Fehliman, assistant in baseball and track
Stevens, tennis
Mrs. McAlpine, swimming

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
St Ignatius 0-7
Centerville 12-0
Monterey 0-12
San Jose 6-9
Mountain View 13-0
Practice record: 2-3
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Salinas 0-28
Watsonville 12-28
Hollister 20-19
League 1-2 and season 3-5.

Team members with their weights:
Ends, Stewart Hadestadt 140, Clyde Adams 149, Richard Jardin 155
Tackles, Joe Dien 185, Vic Calhoun, Ed Root, Tom McHugh
guards, Fred Stevens 157, Charles Byram 163, Lyle Ingols 185, John Costella 155
center, Clarence Hargraves 160, John Caldwell
quarterback and captain Dan Frost 146
halfbacks, Oral Beasley 140, Jack Sinnott 150
fullback, Allie Rice 145, Vernon Fridley 145, Harvey Moore 153, Elmer Gravelle160, Chilton Jones, Al White, Moody, Ernest Metz 145, Spence Amick 145, Heine, Ferdinand Brandt 145.

SCHS wins the first limited (lightweight) football championship in the CCAL league. No record of the games or scores.

center, Duncan Heiner 125
guards, R Brant and Clyde Stevenson
tackles, Dien and Campbell
ends, Louis Rittenhouse 130 and Doug Sollars 127
quarterback, O’Connor
halfbacks, Charles Ebert 138 and Earl Handley139
fullback, Mort Sinnott 140
Subs: Kiff, Helm 105, Walter Jenne 127, Joe Walsh 135, George Houck 140, Duncan Heiner 125, Gorman Woody 103 and Le Roy Harrison 125.

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Santa Clara 13-12
lost to Campbell
lost to Monterey
Boulder Creek 20-12
Practice record: 2-2
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Hollister 8-5, 17-22
Watsonville 6-11, 10-13
Salinas 19-10, 7-9
League 2-4 Overall 4-6.

John Caldwell, Dan Frost, Tex Beasley, Clarence Hargraves, Lyle Ingols, Chilton Jones, Morton Sinnott, Anderso, McMurry and Allie Rice.

Watsonville won the A league title and King City the B league title. King City beat Watsonville to go to NCS and won their first game against Palo Alto 30-26 to advance to the finals against Lick of San Francisco.

League games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
King City 11-4
Monterey 6-4
Watsonville 3-2
Salinas 6-4
Hollister 7-4
League Champions 5-0
NCS game:
San Jose 0-12
Overall 5-1

Santa Cruz were the undefeated CCAL champions for the second consecutive year. The players went into the NCS playoffs feeling confident, but lost to San Jose by an unexpected score, 0-12. Although notable, the loss shouldn’t diminish the league success, nor all the first-rate work of the team during the regular season. Every game was well played.

Clarence Hargraves was the top pitcher in the league, winning all five league games. At bat Hargraves had a .475 batting average and hit clean up. The impressive skills of Elbert Andrews, a third year as starting catcher and captain of the team, allowed Hargraves to throw worry-free games from the mound all season.

The batting order:
(listed in order as batters name, position and batting average):
Tex Beasley 3B, .200
Frost SS, .272
Jack Sinnott 1B, .381
Clarence Hargraves P, .475
Brandt LF, .250
Clyde Adams CF, .212
Iverson RF, .187
Elbert Andrews C, .260
Hagestad 2B,.111
Other players:
Hedgepeth, Vic Calhoun, Morton Sinnott, James Mann, Cureton and Patterson.

Limited (lightweights) Basketball:
Santa Cruz had a 4-2 record in league for second place. With a season record of 4-3.
The top players for the lightweights:
captain Joe Walsh, Joe Sollars, Joe Giffra, Iverson, Kaiser and Barrett.


Santa Cruz took second place in the league.
Hollister 128, SCHS 50, Salinas 36, Watsonville 11

First place winners:
Sebe Caldwell in the lightweight Javelin.

Second place finishers were:
John Caldwell in the Javelin
Jack Post in the 100
Jack Sinnott in the high hurdles
Ed Root in 880


Third place finishers:
Ed Root 880
John Caldwell in javelin; John still holds the NCS record of 160 feet he made last year. Webster

Forth place finishers:
Benton in the mile.

John Caldwell was second in the javelin.
Webster Benton took seventh place in the mile.


Hyman “Dink” Wilzel won #1 player honors at the league and NCS games; Hyman Witzel made it to the STATE semi-finals at UC Berkeley.
In doubles Kenneth Emigh and Ted Strickland won at league, but were eliminated early at NCS.
Others who competed in the league matches at Del Monte:
Jess Wilson in singles
In doubles Ware and Ben Black

GCCAL Girls tennis won the championship over Pacific Grove and Monterey
Bee Crofoot and Gladys Izant prevailed in all their matches.

With Gladys Izant as their pitcher, the girls team has kept pace with the boys all season, both remain undefeated.

(listed as name, position and batting average):
San Jose 13-13
Watsonville 33-0
Hollister 5-4
Record 2-0-1.

At the league and NCS tournaments, Hyman “Dink” Wilzel won the honor of #1 player. Dink made it to the semifinals at STATE held at UC Berkeley

Webster Benton took fourth in the mile at the NCS meet.

John Caldwell took second in the javelin at the CCAL meet. At NCS Caldwell placed third, but he still holds the NCS record he threw last year, 160 feet. At STATE Caldwell placed second. Last year Caldwell was not able to make the STATE meet at Taft. However, had he been there, he may have won in javelin as his throws at previous meets were longer than the one that took first place. In addition to his impressive abilities in javelin, Caldwell was a center on the football team and a starter on the basketball team.

Clarence Hargraves was the top pitcher in the league, winning all five league games. Hargraves had a .475 batting average, hit clean up, and was key in winning the championship. In addition to baseball, Hargraves was the starting center on the varsity football team and a starter on the basketball team.

Oral Beasley was a starting back on the football team, a starter on the basketball team, and the third baseman on the championship baseball team.

Jack Sinnott was a starting back on the football team, a first baseman hitting .381 on the baseball team, and, at the CCAL track meet, took second in the high hurdles.

Ed Root played as a starting tackle on the football team. In track, Root took second place at the CCAL meet in the 880 and at the NCS meet, against the top athletes from over 30 schools, Root placed third place in the 880.

Dan Frost was the captain and quarterback on the varsity football team and a starter on the basketball team.


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