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The boys and girls soccer teams both won the SCCAL and the CCS Championships and made history doing it.

FOOTBALL Practice games: Stevenson 17-0, Carmel 13-20, Yerba Buena 37-6. Practice record 2-1. League games: Harbor 17-7, Aptos 29-36, Monte Vista 15-33, Scotts Valley 21-13, Watsonville 10-33, SLV 7-27, Soquel 12-7. League record 3-4 tied for fourth place. Season Record 5-5.

Yearbook. Team members: Jim Anderson, Shane Relph, Alex Eklof, Reuben Miller, David Esparza, Jared Hunter, Evan Hansmann, Clint Warmuth, Steve Marchisio, Luke Wetmore, Jason Garcia, Mike Durland, Eric Schofield, Nick Borough, Paul Croghan, John Martisius, Tim Morton, Andres Alvarez, Chris Kamaha’o, Keith Woessner, Willie Palmer, Jared Jenkins, Danny Concepcion, Chad Allen, Steve Pinther, Jeremy Duke, David Esparaza,
Head Coach Faltas and assistants Jessie Trumbull, Thornburg, Arellano and Lenzner.

Yearbook. Team members: Micheal Frye, Paul Hoffert, Kaj Kibak, Michael Figueroa, Jeff McCormick, Nick Tom, Adam Cress, Tyler Wood, Jason Paris, Nate Whizen, Jamal Hunter, Christian, Scargill, Matthew Bailey, Jose Hernandez, Kyle Milburn, Joe Escobar, Dylan Windt, Joseph Mata, Matt Merel, Michael Vega, Brett Miller and James Vega.
Head coach Erik Redding and assistants Bythael Ratliff and Brad Hiller.

Yearbook. Julian Alvarez, Austin Bates, Dario Bortolin, Evan Benevento, James Carpenter, Alex Dunton, Andy Earnest, Erhan Ethem, Larry Figueroa, Adam George, Brian George, Nate Hunter, Daniel James, Chad Jessen, Chris Marchisio, Kyle Martin, Wes Matthews, Torrey Noel, Marco Palmero, Cesar Patino-Eusse, Jason Pollasterini, Josh Pursley, David Scott, Tony Serna, Jeff Weaver, Will Wetmore and Matt Wyatt.
Coaches not listed.

Yearbook. The team ran in only five meets. One of the meets was the Stanford Invitational. The squad was small with only six boys and two girls. They were boys Jonah Stuart-Brundage, Chris Bartlow, Victor Dubin, Jim Owen, Kennan Schreher and Connor Murphy. Girls Lauren Tashima and Christina Ando.

Yearbook. Roster: Lauren Robinson, Caren Barcelo, Antonia Hogg, Danielle Braun, Jenny Whiting, Shannon Symth, Cassidy Devine, Jessica Rose, Heather Loosely, Anna Simmons and Carmin Powell. Coach Kendra Kirkpatrick.

No JV team listed in yearbook.

Yearbook. Roster: Pat Jacobson, Nick Robertson, Kent Cramer, Mike Bellim, Sabastien Honnef, Cody Griggs, Andrew Lezin, Andres Zapacosta, Chris Jacobson, Marshal Somers, Donald Salter, John Daly, Max Shultz, Tommy Hall, Johnny Orlando, Mitch Crews, Luke Cordero, David Hill and Pat Maloy. Coaches Jeff, Terry and Nick.

Yearbook. League record 14-0, season record 31-7 and made it to the CCS semi-finals. It is the first girls volleyball team at SC that has gotten that for at CCS.

The team was not able to play or practice at the SC gym, because of construction, so their home games were at Mission Hill. The team was led by five seniors, Mia Azzaro, Flaura Coren, Katie Hanson, Jill Himlan and Emily Read.

Other team members: Robin Terry, Andrea Woliczko, Kim Auer, Jessica Wyant, Meaghan Barisone and Flaura Coren. Head coach Kim Cave assistant Erik Nelson.

Yearbook. Roster: Noel Devine, Logan Vanderpool, Alisha Baskett-Griffin, Jessica Cooper, Amber Eklof, Alisa Elb, Ana Fraser, Kelly Gleitsmann, Ariana Grova, Hilary Herd, Kim Mathews, Carolee McKay and Lisa Owens. Coach Eric Nelson.

BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL three way tie for the SCCAL championship

Practice games: Monta Vista of Cupertino 99-31, St. Francis of Mt. View loss.
San Louis Obispo Tournament: Crespi 71-49, Gilroy 75-44, Santa Margarita 37-50 second place.
Dad’s Club Tournament: Watsonville 71-54, Paso Robles 76-67, Soquel 66-63 for the championship.
Palma Tournament: Seaside 85-42, Salesian 59-44, Soquel 51-68 for second place.
Modesto Tournament: Laguna Creek of Sacramento 55-56, Sierra 55-46. East Union of Manteca 65-85, Laguna Creek 59-45. Practice Record 10-5.
League: Harbor 73-47, 70-40; Monte Vista 55-73, 56-45; Soquel 55-59, 65-51; Watsonville 62-59, 93-65; Aptos 60-45, 69-35; SLV 72-55, 83-49. League record 10-2 tied with Soquel and MVC for the regular season title, but won the SCCAL playoffs for the league title.
In the SCCAL playoff, beat Watsonville 74-54 in the semifinals and won the final ?
League record 10-2 in three way tie with Soquel and Monte Vista, both beat SC in the first round to give SC a 1-2 start. Then SC came back and won the next nine straight. SC got a fourth seed in CCS and a first round bye.
CCS Division III playoffs: second round, Terra Nova 77-58, quarterfinals, Jefferson 62-52 and lost to Riordan 58-66 in the semifinals for the second straight year.
Season record 23-9 from the Sentinel.

Roster listed by name, year in school and height: Josh Rhodes, 12, 6-7; Cameron Rhodes, 10- 6-3; Ian Swift, 12, 6-6; Scott Walls, 12, 6-7; Emanuel Townsend, 12, 6-2; George Murphy, 11, 6-1; Trevor Williams, 12, 6-1; Nick Miller, 10, 6-2; Maurice Stewart, 11, 6-3; Nick Tom, 10, 5-11; Chris Futch, 11, 6-0; Ryan Beach, 11, 5-7; Benes-Trapp, 11, 6-5;Djibrail Anthony, 10, 6-0; Graham, 12, 6-4; Heft-Neal, 11, 6-1. Five foot five freshman guard, Junior Russell was brought up from the junior varsity to play in CCS. Head coach Pete Newell and assistant Louie Baity.

Sentinel preseason write up on November 23. Coach: Pete Newell twenty-eight season. Last season: 30-4 overall. 12-0 in league for championship. Returning seniors are Josh Rhodes 6-7 forward; Emmanual Townsend 6-2, point guard and Ian Swift 6-6 center. Newcomers none. Outlook: We hope to compete in the league, Newell said.

Nov. 23. SC defeated Monta Vista of Cupertino 99-31. SC went out to a 24-5 lead in the first quarter and 47-18 at halftime. SC scored 32 points in the third period. Scoring: Josh Rhodes 21, Trevor Williams 14, Stewart 11, Swift 10, Townsend 2, Heft-Neal 8, Graham 6, Murphy 2,
No rebounds or assist available.

Nov. 29. In the first game of the SLO Tournament, SC defeated Crespi 71-49. In a low scoring first quarter SC was ahead 9-6 and the action picked up some in the second quarter with SC ahead 25-19. In the third quarter, SC was ahead 50-36. SC was 7 of 15 for 47%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 26, Swift 1, Trevor Williams 8, Graham 7, Townsend 4, Stewart 4, Walls 5, Trapp 4, Tom 1, Miler 1. Everyone on the team played and had a something on the summary, but DJ Anthony. Rebounds: Swift 8, J. Rhodes 7, Stewart 5, Townsend 3, Williams 3, Graham 4, Murphy 1, C. Rhodes 1, Walls 1. Assists: Townsend 6, Stewart 3, Graham 3, The following had two, J. Rhodes, Benes- Trapp, Heft-Neal, Williams, Stewart. C. Rhodes 1, Futch 1 Walls 1.

Nov. 30. In second game of the SLO Tournament, SC defeated Gilroy 75-44. SC came out shooting in the first quarter and took a 22-6 lead. In the second quarter Gilroy outscored SC 12 to 7, but SC was still ahead 29-18. SC scored 28 points in the third period to increase its lead to 57-26. Scoring: J. Rhodes 20, Swift 9, Stewart 7, Graham 6, Futch 6, Walls 6, Tom 5, Williams 5, Townsend 3, Heft-Neal 3, Murphy 2, C. Rhodes 3. Everyone played. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 7, Swift 6, Townsend 4, Graham 4, Stewart 4, Williams 3, C. Rhodes 3, Walls 3, Benes-Trapp 3, Tom 3, Heft-Neal 1, Murphy 1. Assists: Townsend 7, Graham 5, J. Rhodes 3, Swift 2 Benes-Trapp 2, Tom 3, Futch 2. The following had one assists: Beach, Heft-Neal, Williams, Stewart, C. Rhodes, Walls. SC made 7 of 13 foul shots for 54%.
Dec. 1. In the championship game, Santa Margarita defeated SC 50-37. Santa Margarita outscore SC 17-9 in the first quarter an in the second quarter SC outscored Santa Margarita 14 to 12, but was still behind 23-29. In the third quarter, SC scored only two points to be down by eleven points 25-36. SC hit 10 of 15 foul shots for 67%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 14, Williams 8, Stewart 4, Graham 3, Swift 3, Townsend 1, Walls 2, Benes-Trapp 2. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 7, Stewart 5, Townsend 2, Graham 3, C. Rhodes 1, Swift 2, Walls 2. Assists: Townsend 3, Heft-Neal 2. The rest one. Beach, Williams, Graham, Swift, Walls Benes-Trapp. All the players who got into the game are listed above.

Dec. 6. In the first game of the Dads Club, SC defeated Watsonvile 71-54. In the first quarter SC took a 19-12 lead and at halftime led 34-24. In the third period SC was ahead 53-34. SC was 6 of 14 at the foul line for 48%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 31, Stewart 9, C. Rhodes 6, Futch 6, Townsend 0, Heaft-Neal 3, Williams 5, Murphy 2, Graham 0, Anthony 0, Swift 2, Walls 2, Benes-Trapp 4, Tom 1. Rebounds: Stewart 6, Swift 5, Graham 3, Murphy 2, C, Rhodes 3, J. Rhodes 2, Futch 1, Walls 3, Benes-Trapp 3, Tom 1. Assists: Stewart 4, Swift 4, Townsend 3, J. Rhodes 1, Heft-Neal 1, Williams 1, Graham 2, Benes-Trapp 1.

Dec. 7. In the second game of Dads Club, SC defeated Paso Robles 76-67. In a tight first quarter it was SC 18-17 and at halftime 33-28. In the third quarter, SC was ahead 55-43. SC was 9 of 18 at the foul line for 50%. Scoring: Swift 23, J. Rhodes 20, Walls 8, Williams 8, Townsend 6, Graham 4, Heft-Neal 2, Stewart 3, Futch 2. Rebounds: Swift 8, J. Rhodes 7, Williams 5, Stewart 5, Walls 3, Graham 2, Townsend 1, Heft-Neal 1. Assists: Futch 1, Williams 2, J. Rhodes 2, Townsend 1, Stewart 1, Swift 3, Heft-Neal 1, Graham 1.

Dec. 8. In the Championship game of the Dads Club, SC defeated Soquel 66-63 for the Championship. In the first quarter SC went ahead 19-14 and at halftime, SC was out in front 31-27. In the third quarter Soquel tied the score 53-53. SC outscored Soquel 13-10 in the final quarter. SC was 11 of 21 foul shots for 52 %. Scoring: J. Rhodes 22, Heft-Neal 15, Swift 11, Townsend 9, Graham 4, Williams 3, Stewart 2. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 13, Swift 6, Stewart 3, Walls 2, Townsend 2, Heft-Neal 1, Graham 1. Assists: Townsend 6, Swift 3, Heft-Neal 1, Graham 1, J. Rhodes 1.

Dec. 13. In the first game of the Palma Tournament, SC defeated Seaside 85-42. In the first quarter SC was ahead 21-13 and 39-25 at halftime. In the third quarter SC was ahead 62-35. In the fourth quarter SC outscored Seaside 23 to 7. SC hit 10 of 18 foul shots for 55%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 20, Swift 12, Graham 11, Townsend 7, Fulch 9, Benes-Trapp 6, Heft-Neal 5, Williams 5, Murphy 4, C. Rhodes 2, Walls 2, Stewart 2, Anthony 0, Miller 0, Tom 0. Rebounds: Graham 7, J. Rhodes 6, Steward 4, Swift 4, Walls 3, Anthony 1, Murphy 1, C. Rhodes 2. Assists: Graham 4, Townsend 3, J. Rhodes 3, Fulch 3, Williams 2, Heft-Neal 1, Murphy 1, Swift 2.

Dec. 14. In the second game of the Palma Tournament, SC defeated Salesian coached by former SC point guard Billy Mellis 59-44. Salesian led 15-14 in the first quarter, 30-22 at halftime and 36-29 at the end of the third quarter. In the fourth quarter SC came alive out-scoring Salesian 30 to 8 led by J. Rhodes with 7, Graham 7, Williams 6, Townsend 4, Swift 4 and Fulch 2. SC was 11 of 23 from the foul line for 48%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 15, Walls 10, Williams 9, Graham 9, Swift 6, Townsend 7, Heft-Neal 3, Steward 0, Murphy 0, Miller 0, Benes-Trapp 0, Tom 0. Rebounding: Swift 9, J. Rhodes 8, Townsend 7, Graham 7, Walls 7, Heft-Neal 2, Williams 4, Futch 1. Assists: Graham 4, Townsend 3, J. Rhodes 3, Williams 3, Swift 1.

Dec. 15. In the Championship game of the Palma Tournament, Soquel defeated SC 68-51. Soquel top scoring had 32 points. Soquel went out to a 17-12 lead in the first quarter and 32-24 at halftime. In the third quarter it was Soquel 50 to 37. SC was 6 of 11 at the foul line for 54%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 2, Swift 9, Townsend 6, Williams 5, Graham 3, Heft-Neal 2, Wall 2, Stewart 2. Rebounds: J. Rhoads 8, Swift 7, Graham 3, Townsend 2, Heft-Neal 1, Futch 1, Walls 1. Assists: Townsend 2. Wil1iams 4, Graham 3, Swift 2, Futch 2, Walls 1, Stewart 1.

Dec. 19. At St. Francis of Mt. View in a practice game, SC lost 49-65. St. Francis went ahead 21-15 in the first quarter, 37-26 at halftime and 57-38 in the third period. SC was 9 of 13 at the foul line for 66%. Josh Rhodes didn’t play. Scoring: Swift 17, Trevor Williams 7, Graham 7, C. Rhodes 5, Townsand 4, Heft-Neal 4, Stewart 3, Walls 2. Anthony 0, Miller 0, Tom 0. Rebounds: Swift 7, Stewart 4, Walls 4, Townsend 3, Graham 3, Williams 1, Futch 1, C. Rhodes 2. Assists: Swift 5, Townsend 3. Rest had one: Heft-Neal, Futch, Walls, Stewart, Williams.

Dec. 26. In the first round of the Modesto Tournament, Laguna Creek of Sacramento sneaked past the Cards 56-55. SC went ahead 11-10 in the first quarter and Laguna Creek went ahead 30-19 at halftime and 47-40 in the third quarter. SC outscored Laguna Creek 15 to 9 in the fourth quarter. At the foul line, SC shot 9 out of 17 for 53%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 16, Walls 10, Swift 8, Graham 6, Fulch 5, Benes-Trapp 4, Williams 4, C. Rhodes 0, Stewart 2, Townsend 0. Heft-Neal 0. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 1, Swift 5, Graham 3, Benes-Trapp 3, Walls 2. Assists: Swift 4, Heft-Trapp 3, Williams 3, Fulch 1, Stewart 1.

Dec. 27. In the second round of the Modest Tournament, SC defeated Sierra 54-46. SC went ahead 10-6 in the first quarter and 21-17 at halftime. In the third period it was 42-32. Sierra outscored SC 14-12 in the fourth quarter. SC was 14 of 20 from the foul line for 70%. Scoring: Williams 14, J. Rhodes 11, Stewart 8, Swift 6, Townsend 4, Beach 1, Heft-Neal 2, Graham 5,Walls 0, C. Rhodes 3, Benes- Trapp 0, Futch, 0, Tom 0, Anthony 0, Murphy 0. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 9, Walls 5, Graham 4, Stewart 4, Townsend 3, Beach 1, Wil1iams 2, Swift 2, C. Rhodes 1. Assists: J. Rhodes 3, Townsend 4, Williams 4, C. Rhodes 3, Heft-Neal 1, Swift 1, Graham 1.

Dec. 28. In the third round of the Modesto Tournament, SC lost to East Union of Manteca 85-65. East Union led 14-13 in the first quarter, then SC went ahead 35-23 at out scored SC 27 to 12. SC made 12 of 22 fouls shots for 55% average. Maurice Stewart was unable to play.
Scoring: J. Rhodes 19, Williams 17, Swift 17, Walls 0, Rhodes 2, Graham 4, Townsend 3, Futch 2, Heft-Neal 1. Rebounding: J. Rhodes 12, Williams 10, Swift 5, Futch 3, Graham 2, Walls 1. Assists: Townsend 4, Williams 4, Graham 4, Futch 3, J. Rhodes 1, Heft-Neal 1, Swift 3, Walls 2.

Dec. 29. In the fourth round of the Modesto Tournament, SC defeated Laguna Creek of Sacramento 59-45. Laguna Creek went out to a lead of 13-9 in the first quarter and was ahead 24-19 at halftime. SC out scored Laguna Creek 21 to 12 in the third quarter and 19 to 9 in the fourth. SC was 8 for 16 in foul shots for 50%. Emmanuel Townsend was not able to play. Scoring: Heft-Neal 13, Graham 11, J. Rhodes 9, Swift 6, Beach 2, Wil1iams 4, Stewart 2, Benes-Trapp 5, C. Rhodes 1, Miller 2, Walls 0. Rebounding: Benes-Trapp 5, J. Rhodes 4, Swift 4, Graham 2, Stewart 2. Five players had one: Beach, Futch, Heft-Neal, Wil1iams, C. Rhodes. Assists: Graham 6, Swift 4, Futch 4, Beach 3, Wil1iams 2. Five players with one: J. Rhodes, Anthony, Stewart, Benes-Trapp, C. Rhodes. SC is now 11-5 overall.

Sentinel. Jan. 5. Confident Santa Cruz Boys Beat Harbor 73-47. Cards’ Rhodes, Swift, Walls In Double Digits. SC sent a clear message in the SCCAL opening win over Harbor. The Cards will not let up at any point in the game, not even leading by 20 points. SC close contact play resulted in a slough of Harbor turnovers. Harbor was able to stay close for one quarter, but quickly fell into a deep hole for the rest of the game. A determined Harbor team kept the SC home crowd from exploding, by not allowing a slam dunk by Rhodes or Swift. Neither player was lifted by coach Newel until SC had a 61-37 lead. With the win, SC improved to 11-5 overall. Three Cards scored in double digits: Rhodes 19, Swift 18 and Scott Walls 13.
After taking a 18-13 first quarter lead, SC put Harbor away in the second quarter outscoring Harbor 14-2 over the next 4:30. “We’ve been working on defense all week, so we just tried to get a lot of steals,” Rhodes said. “Harbor’s been a good defensive team the last couple of years.” SC watched its lead soar in the third quarter, when Rhodes laid the ball in, drew a foul, and hit the ensuing free throw. After a Pirate turnover, Rhodes drained a three pointer for a 52-30 lead. Both teams switched from a man-to-man to zone defenses throughout the game. Having trouble controlling the ball under SC pressure, the Pirates looked to the post where they got some scoring.
Stats: Scoring: J. Rhodes 19, Swift 18, Walls 13, Williams 7, Futch 5, Graham 3, Murphy 3, C. Rhodes 3. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 1, Graham 7, Walls 6, Tom 1, Beach 2, Futch 1, Williams 1, Murphy 1, Swift 2. Assists: Futch 5, Graham 5, Williams 4, Beach 2. Five players have one: C. Rhodes, J. Rhodes, Anthony, Heft-Neal, Murphy, Swift.

Jan. 8. Monte Vista Christian defeated SC 73-55. MVC led in points scored every quarter, in the first period 14-10, 26-20, 48-34. (Former SC All SCCAL basketball player Eddie Hightower’s Son Marcus was a starter for MVC.) SC made 10 of 18 foul shots for 56%. Scoring: J. Rhodes 10, Swift 9, Murphy 8, Williams 7, Miller 4, C. Rhodes 3, Benes-Trapp 2, Stewart 3, Anthony 2, Beach 2. Rebounding: J. Rhodes, Swift 8, Stewart 2, Miller 2, Benes-Trapp 2, Walls 1, C. Rhodes 1. SC is 11-6 overall and 1-1 in league.

Jan. 10. Soquel downed SC 59-55 in a tight game throughout. SC was ahead 18-15 in the first quarter, 37-34 at halftime, 48-46 in the third quarter, when Soquel outscore SC 12 to 7 in the fourth. SC was 4 for 8 from the foul line for 50%, while Soquel was 19 of 30 for 63%. (a slight difference in fouls called.) Scoring: J. Rhodes 25, Swift 11, Walls 12, Heft-Neal 3, Wil1iams 2, Stewart 2, Beach 0, Futch 0, Benes-Trapp 0, Tom 0. Rebounding: J. Rhodes 10, Swift 9, Walls 7, Heft-Neal 5, Stewart 1, Benes-Trapp 1, Tom 1. SC is now 11-7 and 1-2 in league.

Jan. 12. SC downed Watsonville 62-59 in another tight game. SC was ahead in the opening period 13-11, then Watsonville when ahead 34-27 at halftime and stayed ahead in the third quarter 48-43. SC then outscored the Cats 19 to 11 in the fourth quarter to go ahead. SC was only 4 for 10 a the foul line at 40%. Watsonville was 3 for 6, which shows that very few call were made by the officials. Scoring: R. Rhodes 16, Walls 14, Swift 11, Heft-Trapp 12, C. Rhodes 6, Tom 1, Beach 0, Futch 0. Williams 2, Murphy 0. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 9, Walls 4, Swift 4, C. Rhodes 3, Stewart 2, Heft-Neal 2, Tom 2.

Jan. 15. SC defeated Aptos 60-45. SC led 16-3 at the end of the first quarter and 29-11 at halftime and 45-26 in the third period. SC was 6 of 10 at the foul line for 60%. Scoring for SC was in good balance: J. Rhodes 12, Stewart 9, Williams 8, Swift 6, Walls 6, Heft-Neal 6, Miller 4, Benes-Trapp 4, Futch 3 Murphy 2, C. Rhodes 0, Tom 0, Anthony 0, Beach. Beach 0. SC is 13-7, 3-2 in league.

Jan. 18. In the last league game of the first round, SC defeated SLV 72-55. Everyone who suited up played. Some players are out injured. SC went ahead 15-7 in the first period, 32-29 at halftime and 50-38 in third period. SC was 7 for 12 at the foul line for 58%. Scoring: Wal1s 26, J. Rhodes 12, Futch 9, Stewart 8, Williams 7, Swift 6, Benes-Trapp 2, Tom 2. Rebounding: Walls 9, Stewart 7, J. Rhodes 6, Williams 6, Benes-Trapp 3, Heft-Neal 1, Beach 1, C. Rhodes 1, Tom 1. Record 14-7, 4-2 League.

Jan. 25. In the first game of the second round of league, SC defeated Harbor 70-40. In the first quarter SC outscored Harbor 20-10, at halftime 33-18 and the third quarter 50-26. SC was 6 of 13 from the foul line for 46%. Scoring: Walls 14, Swift 11, J. Rhodes 10, Williams 8, Stewart 6, Futch 5, Benes-Trapp 5, C. Rhodes 5, Heft-Trapp 2, Miller 2, Townsend is back from injury. Again all who suited played. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 13, Swift 10, Walls 10, Stewart 5, C. Rhodes 4, Murphy 2, Benes-Trapp 2, Miller 1, Tom 1, Heft-Neal 2.

Sentinel. Jan. 30. Santa Cruz 56, Monte Vista Christian 45. CARDINALS MAKE IT LOOK EASY. Two MVC Starters Hampered By Minor Injuries. For four years, post player Josh Rhodes has been one of the best players in the SCCAL. Gone are the wide-eyed rookie days of Rhodes past. This season, he is the senior veteran expected to lead the team toward a defense of its SCCAL championship. With thoughts of avenging an earlier loss foremost in his mind, Rhodes scored 21 points and pulled down seven rebounds. His efforts led SC past a short handed Monte Vista team 56-45. “After the MVC loss, we knew we didn’t put all of our effort into that game,” said Rhodes, who is 6-7 and 215 pounds. “That made us mad. We felt we didn’t play to our potential. Then we felt we should have beaten Soquel. We were up the whole game, but lost in the last minute. We were really fired up tonight.”
SC 16-7 overall and 6-2 in league travels to undefeated Soquel next. The Mustangs 6-8 center is out indefinitely and their best shooter and point guard was hamper with a deep thigh bruise and left early in the third quarter. Ian Swift, the tallest point guard in the league at 6-6, sank a field goal to give SC a 4-2 lead with 5:37 remaining in the first quarter. The Cards never trailed again, out rebounding MVC 36-22 and shutting down its offense with a well executed man-to-man defense. “We’ve been playing well since the Monte Vista game. We’re playing with more confidence and more intensity. Our defense was the result of playing hard off the ball and trying not to give them open looks when they did shoot. We also did a good job with the defensive boards,” said Newell. SC held a 25-16 lead at the break and had a 40-24 lead midway through the third quarter. MVC closed the gap to 40-33 in the fourth quarter.
University of Iowa coach Steve Alford was at the game to catch his already signed recruit Rhodes in action. “I’m out here strictly to see Josh tonight,” Alford said. “I’m hoping he can bring some athleticism and scoring to what we want to do out front next year. He’s got a great body for a senior in high school. He’s strong. Not a lot of kids have both that strength and athleticism in high school.”
All the players suited played. Scoring: Josh Rhodes 21, Heft-Neal 3, Williams 2, Swift 9, Walls 8, Stewart 11, Cameron Rhodes 2. Rebounding: J. Rhodes 10, Swift 9, Wal1s 9, Wil1iams 7, Stewart 4, Heft-Neal 2, Townsend 2, Benes- Trapp 1. SC 16-, 6-2 league.

Sentinel. Feb. 1. Santa Cruz Boys Win Sixth Straight. At the beginning of league SC posted a deceptive 1-2 league record. SC lost consecutive games to Monte Vista and Soquel to begin the SCCAL season. SC has turned the tables and beaten both foes within the last three days. SC played like a team on a mission as the Cards beat Soquel with a punishing defensive effort for a 65-51 victory. The loss was the first for Soquel in league. Two of Soquel’s three losses have been to SC. The first came in the Dad’s Club tournament championship game 66-63. Soquel beat SC 59-55 three weeks ago.
Point guard, Ian Swift set the tone early. He scored the first points of the game after SC 17-7 overall and 7-2 in league, won the opening tip off. Swift scored seven of his squads 15 first quarter points. “We knew it was going to be hard coming in here against their home crowd,” said Swift, who finished with 16 points and eight rebounds. “We threw different defenses at them and tried to deny the ball to their big scorers.” The plan worked, as Swift and Maurice Stewart harried the SCCAL’s leading scorer Chase Curtiss (son of former SC athlete Tom Curtiss) with swarming defense. He scored three of his 17 points in the first half. Power forward Matt Paul (son of former SC all league basketball player Dave Paul) had a combination of defenders including Josh Rhodes, Scott Walls and Emmanuel Townsend pressuring him. With five minutes remaining in the game, Soquel had cut SC’s 12 point lead to four at 49-45. But a quick basket by Swift followed by Rhodes’ five straight points put the game out of reach. Rhodes led all scorers with 18 points. “We have to stay focused and can’t look past Watsonville. We have to finish the week strong,” Swift said.
Scoring: J. Rhodes 18, Swift 14, Stewart 9, Walls 7, Townsend 3, Futch 2, Heft-Neal 3, Miller 1. Only one player didn’t play. Rebounds: Swift 10, Walls 10, J. Rhodes 10, Stewart 8,
Heft-Neal 2, Townsend 1, Williams 1, Miller 1, C. Rhodes 1. SC 17-7, 7-2 in league.

Feb. 2. SC got close to 100 points, but stopped at 93 as the whole squad got playing time. SC came out ahead 93-65 over Watsonville. SC was ahead 30-18 in the first quarter and 48-35 at halftime and 67-49 in the third quarter. Scoring: J. Rhodes may have broken the SC record for individual scoring in a game with 42 points, followed by Walls 12, Swift 10, Heft-Neal 8, Stewart 7, Beach 5, Townsend 2, Williams 5, Beach 5, Miller 2. Rebounds: J. Rhodes 17, Swift 7, Walls 7, Townsend 2, Anthony 1, Heft-Neal 2, Williams 2, Miller 2, C. Rhodes 1.

Feb. 5. SC nearly doubled Aptos’ score winning 69-35. SC went out to a 18-11 lead in the first quarter, 30-13 at halftime and 50-26 in the third quarter. SC hit six of 14 foul shots for 43%. Scoring: Townsend is getting his game going after missing time earlier, scoring 12. He to took over the point position as Swift was unable to play. J. Rhodes 16, Walls 12, Tom 5, C. Rhodes 5, Wil1iams 5, Murphy 3, Miller 2, Benes-Trapp 2, Futch 2, Anthony 2, Stewart 1, Beach 0, was the only player not to score. Rebounding: Tom was the only Card not to get a rebound, but he scored. J. Rhodes 14, Walls 11, Benes-Trapp 9, Murphy 6, Stewart 4, C. Rhodes 2, Williams 3, Futch 3, Townsend 2, Beach 2, Anthony 1, Heft-Neal 1, Miller 2,
SC is not 19-7, 9-2 in league.

Feb. 8. SC defeated SLV 83-49. SC led 25-7 in the first quarter, 40-18 at halftime and 57-31 in the third quarter. SC went 4 for 11 from the foul line for 36%. All players entered the game and only two didn’t score. Scoring: Walls 19, J. Rhodes 15, Wil1iams 11, Swift 11, Heft-Neal 6, Futch 4, Stewart 4, Murphy 3, Townsend 2, Anthony 2, Miller 2, C. Rhodes 2, Tom 2. Rebounding: J. Rhodes 15, Wal1s 13, Swift 7, Benes-Trapp 4, C. Rhodes 3, Tom 2, Townsend 2, Heft-Neal 2, Wil1iams 1, Stewart 2, Miller 1. Only four players didn’t get a rebound.
SC 20-7, 10-2 in league.

Feb. 10. SC Lands Top Seed. Cards On Top After Three-Way Season Tie. “He who picks last picks first” may be an unfamiliar adage to SC before Friday night. But with nothing to separate SC, Soquel and Monte Vista all with 10-2 records and tri-champions of the SCCAL their coaches met with the league commissioner to determine the seedings for the league tournament. Whether he was merely being polite or choosing to allow others to determine his fate, coach Newell let the other two coaches select one of the three envelopes before them. After accepting the hand he was dealt, Newell opened his envelope first and took out the slip of paper with Number 1 on it.
The three time defending tournament champion SC will have a bye in the first round and then play the lowest seeded team remaining on Thursday in a semi-final game. SC won nine consecutive games to go 10-2. In the final week of the regular season, the Cards welcomed back three year varsity player Emanuel Townsend, who had missed most of the season with a hand injury. “Emanuel’s given us quality time at both wing positions and inside,” Newell said, “We’re playing with more confidence now. Everybody seems to know their roles better. We’re playing more as a unit.”

Feb. 15. Rhodes Leads Cardinals To Title Game. SC crushed Watsonville 74-54 in the semifinals of the SCAL Championship Tournament. SC 10-2 in league and 20-7 overall, played with an intensity that only comes from a team that’s cohesion is reaching a high level. “We’re having a lot of fun right now,” senior Josh Rhodes said. “But at the same time we’re also playing hard and I think its showing now.” Rhodes led all scorers with 29 points. Rhodes displayed his considerable versatility, by being able to hit everything from a three point goal to a one handed slam dunk. He also played with passion on defense, one the reasons he ended up in a tie for tops in rebounding with 11. Rhodes handed out several assists of the no look variety and contributed four steals and three blocked shots.
He said some fans doubted the team after starting the league season 1-2, but the team kept faith in each other. “We weren’t worried about the losses,” he said. “The playoffs are a whole different story, but I think we still need to work on our defense.” Nearly equaling Rhodes pace was senior point guard Ian Swift, who scored 21 points and collected six rebounds.
Scoring: J. Rhodes 29, Swift 21, Stewart 8, Walls 6, Townsend 4, Anthony 3, Williams 2, Miller 1. Rebounding: J. Rhodes 16, Stewart 6, Swift 5, Walls 3, Townsend 4, Williams 4.
Heft-Neal 1. SC

Feb. 21. Lineup Doesn’t Fail SC. SC defeated tenth seeded Terra Nova 77-58 in the first round of CCS Division III playoffs. After introducing a new look starting lineup with Emmanuel Townsend and Junior Russell, who is up from the JV team, instead of Josh Rhodes and Scott Walls, SC got off to a slow start. Just three minutes into the game, Terra Nova held a 10-5 advantage. At this juncture, coach Newell inserted he’s “reserves” to see what they could do against the Tigers 2-3 zone defense and quick passing attack.
With Walls, Rhodes and Sam Heft-Neal in the lineup, things started to click for the fourth seeded Cards with a 22-8 record. With under a minute remaining in the quarter, SC trailed 19-16. But on the next possession, Rhodes wedged his way inside the zone for a slam dunk to cut the margin to one point. Terra Nova tried to bring the ball up court, but good defense by Chris Futch and Heft-Neal created a turnover, which Walls converted at the other end for two points. SC took the lead at 20-19 on the play. Cameron Rhodes worked a bit of magic with a steal and bucket as time expired to end the first quarter and give SC a 22-19 advantage.
Terra Nova only allowed SC to score seven points in the second quarter and narrow the SC lead to one point. When Josh Rhodes, Walls, Heft-Neal, Maurice Stewart and Ian Swift took the floor in the second half, it didn’t bode well for Terra Nova. SC came out of the locker room energized, especially on the defensive side of the ball. SC’s aggressive defense led to numerous turnovers and scores in transition. SC outscored Terra Nova 31-16 in the period and took an insurmountable 60-43 lead into the fourth quarter. Heft-Neal stood out during the run, scoring seven points and playing smothering defense on Terra Nova’s point guard. So did Swift, who scored six points after being shut out in the first half and he grabbed four rebounds in the quarter.
During the fourth quarter, Newell continued tinkering with his lineup, at one point playing a pair of brothers, Josh and Cameron Rhodes and Ian and Austin Swift plus D.J. Anthony. Heaft-Neal led SC with 14 points, Josh Rhodes tallied a double-double with 14 points and ten rebound and Ian Swift chipped in 13 points all in the second half.

Feb. 24. Sneaky Frosh Head Santa Cruz Charge. To the surprise of many, a freshman led them.
Making his second varsity start, squirrel-like point guard Junior Russell sparked SC to a 62-52 win over Jefferson from Daly City in the CCS quarterfinal. The diminutive Russell, called up from the potent junior varsity squad for the playoffs, gave the Indians fits as he weaved in and out of traffic to find open teammates and generally made a nuisance of himself on defense. It was Russell and his quick hands, who was a major reason Jefferson committed 20 turnovers. “I can’t say enough about how he played,” Coach Newell said of Russell, who helped the JV’s to a 25-2 record. “He really toughened up the defense.”
The Jefferson Coach said, “That freshman came in and played big. We didn’t see him on any of the game films.” Russell keyed a 15-0 SC run to open the second half, a stretch that saw the Cards make 7 of 11 shots and commit zero turnovers, which proved to be the deciding five minutes of the game. SC went from being down two at halftime to up 13 with three minutes left in the third quarter. Jefferson turned the ball over five times and got off only two shots in that span.
While the freshman was the spark, the Cards played most of the game without one of their top seniors, Josh Rhodes, who sprained his ankle in the second quarter and did not return. SC’s scoring was balance and Newell used ten players. Ian Swift had 12 points to lead the Cards. Rhodes scored 11 points in his short stint was the only other SC player in double figures. “I thought we could beat Jefferson without Josh,” Newell said. Guys like Sam Heft-Neal, Scott Walls and Russell, who scored eight points were more than enough.

Feb. 28. Santa Cruz Boys Felled By Riordan Again. For the third time in four years, Archbisop Riordan ended SC’s season. The top seeded Crusaders, led by a combined 40 points from twin towers Marquise Kately and John Tofi, who were the big guns in last years semifinal game as well, staved off a furious fourth quarter rally to hold off the number four seeded Cards 66-58 in the CCS Division III semifinals for the second year in a row. Many fans exited the building when Riordan claimed a 22 point lead early in the fourth quarter, but they missed a 13-0 run by the Cards that would narrow the deficit to four points in the final minute. “For a lot of us seniors, this is it,” said Card standout Ian Swift. “We wanted to go out with dignity if we were going to lose and I think we did that.” SC ends up 23-9 overall.
Riordan, the number five ranked team in the Cal-Hi Sports Division III poll, improved to 27-3, faces their league rival Sacred Heart Cathedral also from San Francisco. SC’s four year starter Josh Rhodes, who will play next season for the University of Iowa, didn’t start because of an ankle injury sustained in the victory over Jefferson. He came off the bench midway through the first quarter after raucous Crusader fans taunted Swift for an air ball on a free throw. Rhodes finished with four points.
Much of the offensive work went to Swift and Scott Walls: both finished with 11 points along with teammate Trevor Williams. Emmanuel Townsend led the Cards with 12 points. Riordan extended its four point lead to 12 by halftime. SC saw the game fall apart further in the third, when Tofi, a tough and well built center. scored seven of his game high 22 points. But the Cards gained some comfort behind freshman point guard Junior Russell, a late addition to the team in the final quarter. Williams hit a pair of three pointers, and eight straight points, to spark a 13 point run. Townsend showed his athletic ability by driving to the basket in traffic and scored six straight points in a 11-1 run late in the game. A three pointer by Sam Heft-Neal and a follow from Cameron Rhodes narrowed the deficit to 62-58. But Tofi added a pair of baskets, including a dunk on a breakaway to end the game. “We were trying to pound the ball down low,” said the 6-7 center. “That’s been our game plan all season.”
From the CCS Official Box Score, the minutes played in this game. Starters: Townsend 24:29, Russell 16:54, Rhodes 21:16, Ian Swift 26:43, Trevor Williams 22:32, Walls 23:35. Substitutes:
Heft-Neal 10:29, Beach 1:42, Austin Swift 2:41, Stewart 12:01, Norteye 1:55.

From the team score book up to the twenty-ninth game as of February 19. Listed by name, games played, total points scored, highest points scored in a game and average per game for the top six players.
J. Rhodes 28 532 19.0
Swift 28 299 10.67
Walls 28 206 7.35
Tre. Williams 29 191 6.58
Stewart 27 131 4.58
Heft-Neal 29 108 3.72

On team offense SC scored on 134 three pointers, 630 two’s and 259 foul shots, 1921 total points for a 66 points per game average.
On team defense the opponents scored on 104 three pointers, 470 two’s, 299 foul shots, 1551 total points for an average of 54 points per game.

REBOUNDING by name, games, rebounds, highest rebounds in a game and average per game.
J. Rhodes 28 317 17 11.32
Swift 28 184 10 6.57
Walls 28 146 13 5.21
Stewart 27 108 8 4.0

Yearbook. Eric Van Vliet, Austin Swift, Billy Pedersen, Marek Nold, Tim McManus, Adam Cress, Michael Norteye, Kyle Milburn, Ariel Ben-Levi, Tony Sanders, Steven Perez, Matt Merrill and Junior Russell. Coach Charles Burks.

Sentinel. Jan. 30. SC 61, MVC 55. SC record 24-1 overall and 9-1 in league. High scorers: Merrrill 17, Russell 11, Austin Swift 10 and Peterson 11. (these are all that are listed)

Yearbook. Roster: Cliff Sammet, Kyle Garrett, Colton Battle, Andy Kolassa, Kevin Grellmann, Trevor Burns, Paul Dinkins, Jarod Ottley, Sergio Escabar, Alex Dunton and Julius Freeman. Coach Kristy Netto.

Sentinel. Jan. 30. SC 51, MVC 37. SC record 9-1. Top scorers: Cliff Sammet 24, Trevor Burns 10 and Paul Dinkins 10.

Feb. 1. SC 46, Soquel 41. SC is 10-1 in league. Top scorers: Sammet 18.

Yearbook. Team members: Irene Whitney, 12, 5-10; Lauren Tashima, 11, 5-9; Andrea Woliczko, 10, 5-9; Kelly Gleitsmann, 9, 5-9; Zabia Bryan, 10, 5-8; Cici Smith, 12, 5-4; Tameka Blue, 12, 5-5; Jill Himlan, 12, 5-7; Frannie Sorenson, 10, 5-5; Bracley Williams, 11, 5-3; Anika Dunkell, 11, 5-6. Coach Pat Jones. Assistants: Danny Paz and Annette Guerero.

Sentinel. Feb. 1. Soquel 49, SC 46. Soquel improved to 21-2 overall and 9-0 in league. Back to back three pointers by Francine Sorenson and Tameka Blue helped spark a scoring frenzy for SC in the second quarter. Soquel began to turn the ball over under full court pressure and the Cards converted the steals into layups. SC out scored Soquel 24-6 in the quarter and led 32-25 at the break. But the momentum began to swing back to Soquel in the third quarter. Soquel still struggled against the press, but their defense began to force turnovers as well.
With the game tied 37-37 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, forward Andrea Woliczko scored six quick points to counter Soquel’s offensive production. Soquel tied the score 43-43 with 2:28 remaining. With 11 seconds left Soquel was ahead 47-46. SC had to foul for a chance to get possession and Soquel made both free throws. SC quickly got the ball up court, but couldn’t get a good look to score the necessary three pointer to tie.
“This is a game I really wanted to win,” said junior Anika Dunkell, who made 7 of 8 from the foul line in the first half. “I knew the game was starting to slip away, but I thought we had it back. The first time we lost to them last year, I was heart-broken. The worst thing this time was the game was so close.” Scoring: Dunkell 9, Woliczko 15, Blue 14 and Sorenson 8.

Yearbook. Roster: Shelly Meze, Anastasia Fouse-Cabrera, Shannon Smythe, Amanda Ornellas,, Marissa Kluzniak, Alysa Gintert, Jenny Whiting, Clare LaBerge, Lindsay Wallraff, Jamara Craft, Elisa Elb, Shorme Norte, Ariana Grova and Monica Stevens, Coach Monique Jones.

Yearbook. Roster: Kris Kibak, Billy Jo Butler, Jared Jenkins, Drew Frampton, Dash Pomerantz, Andres Alvarez, Marco Palmero, Kaj Kibak, Erik Erickson, Danny Concepcion, Jason Pollastrini, James Welsch and Steve Pinther. Those with just first names mentioned are Pete, Karl, Kyle, Mark and Kenny. Coach Mr. Aarogan.

Sentinel. Jan. 24. When wrestlers from Aptos and SC get together for their annual dual meet, the competition is more friendly than the average league rivalry. It makes sense because the coaching staffs have bonds and during the SCCAL off season, they combine forces for recreational freestyle wrestling.
It was obvious the Mariners 43-19 victory over SC meant little in the race for the league title. The meet was important, because it gave the teams younger, less experienced wrestlers a chance to compete at the varsity level. SC freshman Jamie Welsh at 125 pounds was defeated by a Aptos freshman by pin in 53 seconds. SC junior Danny Concepcion was involved in the most crowd pleasing match of the evening. He struck first with two point takedown in the first period and evenly won 8-2. “I’m starting to do well,” Concepcion said. “I’m a little banged up and have a calf problem. I want to move more and stay intense the rest of the way.” In the 171 pound class, SC sophomore Kaj Kaibak was in the match of the night. Kaibak took a two point lead in the second period, but his opponent had an escape, takedown and two near falls to go ahead 8-2. Just before the end of the period Kaibak scored two points on a reversal. Kaibak scored a quick reversal in the third period to make the score 8-6. The match ended with Kaibak losing 10-6 after losing on a reversal.
Coach Pete Gustafson was impressed with his young team. Kaj wrestled a super match at 171. Little by little, our program and the young guys are making strides. Jamie Welsh and Kyle Martin are freshmen and Erik Erickson and Kaj are sophomores and they did a nice job. SC winners included Jared Jenkins at 189, Kris Kiback at 215, Danny Concepcion at 135 and Drew Frampton at 140.

League: Harbor 1-0, 2-1; Watsonville 1-0, Soquel 3-0 League record 7-1-2 champions
CCS Division II playoffs: First round, Branham 2-0. Quarterfinal Menlo 3-0. Semi-final, Sequoia 2-1. Final, Pioneer 1-1 tie in four overtimes, for the Co-Championship.
Overall record 15-2-3

Yearbook. Although shunned for the last decade, the team proved they were the team to beat this year. By beating Harbor twice and Watsonville once, they took the SCCAL championship. They breezed their way through CCS into the championship game, which ended in a tie and the game was decided a co-championship. They are the first SC team to win the championship since 1991, where it was also decided as a draw. With the bond between the two teams, boys and girls, it is no wonder they both won CCS and supported each other so well.

Roster: Pete Van Sant, Wes Seath, Graham Gelwicks, Ulysses Marquez, Scoot Anderson, Ryan Thacher, Nick Alvarez, Andrew Ow, Simon Mandel, David Esparza, Guillermo Sesente, Antonio Martinez, Alex Diego, Luke Shaw, Mike Polhamus, Victor Garcia and Saulo Gomez.
Head coach Semi Sabankaya and assistant Mr. Diego.

Sentinel preseason write up on November 20. Coach: Semith Sabankaya, first season. Last year; 8-6-2 overall and 5-6-1 in league. Returning: Juniors: Pete Vansandt, goalkeeper; David Esparza, defender; Ryan Thatcher, midfielder; Wes Seath, forward, 4 goals, 1 assist.
Sophomores: Matt Skenary, forward, 5 goals, 4 assists and Graham Gelwicks, defender.
(no position or year in school) Nick Alvarez, Will Crick, Alex Diego, Simon Mandel, Guillermo Sensente and Jose Avila.
Newcomers: Juniors: Michael Polhamus, goalkeeper, transfer from Bellarmine; Scott Anderson, midfielder, transfer from Bellarmine. Ulysses Marquez, Antonio Martinez, Andrew Ow, Lee Phong and Lucas Shaw. Comments: SC will be strong once again this season with the teams blend of experience young returnees and newcomers.

Sentinel Dec. 15. CARDS DERAIL PIRATES. Santa Cruz Hands Harbor First Defeat Of Season 1-0. SC beat Harbor the defending SCCAL champion, 1-0 in a physical, caution-riddled match at Memorial Field. SC sits atop the league standings with a league record of 2-0 and a 6-1-0 overall record. First year coach Semih Sabankay, said his young, but talented squad performed admirably against the champs. “We played an even match tonight, The kids on our team are very young and need to learn discipline. Our defense held them off and on our one good chance, we put it in.”
The Cards goal came in the forty-seventh minute on a low shot to the far post from 15 yards out by forward Wes Seath. The play culminated a series of SC attacks that started the second half. It began when defender David Esparsa sent a long ball along the right sideline to midfielder Guillermo Sensente, who maneuvered through a forest of Harbor defenders, before sending a perfect through ball that Seath collected in full stride. The play was a sample of Sabankaya’s coaching philosophy, a blend of the long ball and the short passing game. We’ve been working on that play in practice. We want to overlap our halfbacks and then look for the open passing lane,” said Sabankaya. Seath says the play also worked because the Cards try to stay in constant communications while on attack. “I saw an opening up field and told Guillermo to put it through the defense. Then I saw the far post and put it there.”
After SC took the lead, the match took a turn for the worse. In an attempt to control the physical play, the referee, who had issued just one caution, yellow card in the first half, passed out five warnings and an ejection to a Harbor player in the second half. The flow of the match was interrupted by the frequent breaks in action.
After the ejection in the sixty-second minute, Harbor had to play with just ten players. The Harbor coach said, “SC is for real. They are strong at every position. They earned the win. I thought their defense was very solid too.” Bellarmine transfer Michael Polhamus stopped two long range laser beams that almost pulled Harbor even. Polhamus recorded a shutout and collected six saves.

Jan. 24. In The Nick Of Time. Guillermo Sensente Saves Santa Cruz’ Top Standing. Pirates Fall 2-1 In Final Minute. With 21 seconds remaining, SC midfielder Guillermo Sensente sent an off balance shot past the Harbor goalkeeper to give SC a 2-1 win. SC is atop the SCCAL with a 6-1-1 record. Time was winding down, the game was tied 1-1 and the first year coach of SC, Smih Sabankaya sent all his players forward.
After receiving Scott Anderson’s throw-in pass from 25 yards out, Ryan Thatcher cut the ball and took it to the right sideline. Sensente was on the receiving end of Thatcher’s pass. His first attempt bounced back toward him from the goalkeeper. While falling down, Sensente knocked his second attempt into the back of the net. “We knew it was the last minute of the game,” said Sensente, a junior. “It was a tough, intense game. “We felt motivated by the SC fans who were watching. We felt we had to score and win the game to show everyone in the league who we are.”
SC improved to 9-1-1 overall. Harbor is 3-2-2 in league and 10-3-3 overall. SC took an early 1-0 lead on Anderson’s goal in the fifteenth minute. Anderson collected a loose ball in front of the Harbor goal and kicked it past the goalie for the score. But SC appeared to lose some focus after that. Multiple fouls and other errors crept into the Cards play, allowing Harbor to establish some momentum and set up several scoring opportunities. A Harbor freshman tied the game in the twenty-third minute, with Harbor putting together a well executed attack.
The remainder of the game was evenly played and appeared destined for a tie. Sabankaya said, “We started well, We started like league leaders. But after we scored, we relaxed. We wanted to sit on a 1-0 lead, but it didn’t work out. But our kids didn’t lose their composure after the Harbor goal. We know we can beat anyone in the league and then some.”

Jan. 26. Cards Earn Win Over Wildcatz. Santa Cruz Gets tenth Victory Of Year. In terms of raw talent, little separates the top three SCCAL teams, SC, Watsonville and Harbor. But talent alone does not determine the league champion. In a workman like 1-0 victory over Watsonville, SC earned its tenth victory of the season and improved its SCCAL mark to 7-1-1 and 10-2-1 overall, to give SC 22 points. Three points are earned with a win an one point for a tie. With 4-2-2 league records, Watsonville and Harbor and Harbor have to win at least three of their remaining four matches.
SC played outstanding defense as well as Watsonville until the fifty-third minute, when Nick Alvarez scored the only goal of the match. The scoring play began after a Watsonville corner kick was cleared out of the area by sweeper David Esparsa. His long ball found center halfback Guillermo Sensente at midfield. Sensente trapped the ball, then with a sudden burst of speed, split the Wildcatz defense in half. As two defenders arrived to slow Sensente’s run, he sent a high pass into the goal box to Alvarez. “the pass was pretty great, right were it needed to be. It landed right there in front of me and when I looked up I saw the corner of the net,” Alvarez said. Alvarez sent the ball into the net with a powerful right footed shot past the frozen goalie. “I think this game was the biggest of the season,” Alvarez said.
Watsonville was momentarily stunned, but soon recovered to resume the attack. In the final 20 minutes the Cats unleashed 6 shots on goal. But SC stopped the attack before Watsonville could equalize. Goalkeeper Michael Polhamus and fullbacks Victor Garcia, Scott Anderson and Esparsa headed the defensive stand. The Watsonville coach, “They really packed the box and it made it hard to get quality shots.” Watsonville nearly scored in the twentieth minute on a strong header that glanced off the post and out of bounds.
“I’ll tell you that was one even match. I thought we missed too many chances to score in the second half. Things have gone the right way for us this season,” said coach Sabankaya. “We’ve only lost two games this season to Alisal and Watsonville. We won’t collapse. The kids are looking forward to the playoffs and know they have to play hard to get there.”

Feb. 5. Wildcatz Win, Lose. Watsonville Beats SLV, But Santa Cruz Claims SCCAL Title.
Watsonville came from behind to beat SLV 2-1, but SC beat Soquel 3-0 on Monday to claim the title. Watsonville is now 12-2-5 overall and 7-2-2 in league, while SC is 9-1-1. No write up of the SC game, there was a box score. SC 3, Soquel 0. By halves: first 1-0, second 2-0 for final 3-0. Scoring: Saulo Gomez on a assist from Scott Anderson. Guillarmo Sensente on an assist form Anderson. Anderson unassisted. Saves: Michael Polhamus 2. Records: SC 12-2-1 overall and 9-1-1 in league. Final game against Aptos.

Feb. 14. Stingy Defense Spells Victory For Santa Cruz. In a defensive battle, SC defeated Branham of San Jose in the first round of the CCS Division II playoffs. Both teams won their respective leagues, SC taking the SCCAL 9-1-2 and Branham went 11-2-1 in the West Valley Athletic League. In the end the stingy SC defense tipped the balance in favor of the home team. The Cards and goalkeeper Michael Polhamus, led the section in fewest goals allowed per match, 0.43 goals against average. SC 13-2-2 overall will play at Seaside in a quarterfinal match against Menlo.
In addition to Polhamus, the solid SC defense was anchored by stopper Victor Garcia and sweeper Scott Anderson. Anderson, who normally starts as a midfielder, played in place of regular sweeper David Esparsa, who was forced to sit out with too many cautions. “I have to say the guys in front of me have made it easy to play keeper this season,” said Polhams, who had one save and several key stops against Branham. “Coming into CCS, we have to get up for every game. We went out arrogant today. We thought we would kill these guys, but they played very well.”
Branham, a school only three years old, was making its first CCS appearance. It was SC’s twenty-third appearance. Branham outplayed SC and had several scoring chances in the first 15 minutes, but it was Polhamus with his lightning fast reactions off the line that kept SC close. Going into the second half, coach Sabankaya knew it was time for the Cards to settle down and play their brand of soccer. “In this kind of tournament the first and last games are the most important and hardest to win. We are very inexperience and the guys were nervous in the first half, but we were different in the second half.”
The second half opened with an immediate scoring opportunity for the Cards, as forward Wes Seath sent a nice ball to Alex Diego deep in the Bruins’ end. Diego’s run set the tone, but it was up to Polhamus to keep the slate blank. Branham made a dangerous run, but Polhamus was there to cut the attack short, intercepting the pass. About 14 minutes later, Ryan Thatcher worked his way free in the an incredible individual effort on the left wing. As he dribbled downfield, Thatcher spotted several teammates near the top of the area and sent a perfect cross to the middle. The first player to get a chance at the cross was Nick Alvarez, who hit nothing but air on his full volley attempt. The ball was collected by Jose Zavala who turned and saw the goalkeeper out of position and sent a low well placed shot into the net.

Feb. 17. Hungry Santa Cruz Overwhelms Menlo. Many teams are plagued by injuries this deep into the season, but not SC. After an off season dedicated to improving strength and endurance, the Cards are reaping the benefits and avoiding those nagging injuries that can psychologically and physically undermine a team. Looking fresh, hungry and indomitable, the third seeded Cards advanced to the CCS Division II semifinals by overwhelming sixth seeded Menlo 3-0 at Seaside High.
“We were much more physical and fitter than Menlo was, coach Sabankaya said. “I give credit to our kids. We worked hard in the off season. Physically, were getting stronger. That’s why we are injury free.” SC improved to 14-2-2 overall. SC faces seventh seeded Sequoia in the semi-final game at PAL Stadium. Menlo was 12-5-4 overall and won the PAL Bay Division, which is the Peninsula leagues top division.
SC took a 1-0 lead early in the game, when Guillermo Sensente scored on a well executed set play. Ryan Thatcher stepped up to take an indirect kick just inside the penalty box. He stepped over the ball and lightly brushed it forward to Sensente to blast past the goalkeeper in the eighth minute. SC scored again in the twenty-ninth minute, when Sensente sent a hard shot from 20 yards out directly at the goalkeeper. The ball bounced off the goalies hands and to the left side. Jose Zavala took advantage and drove it into the net to make the score 2-0. Wes Seath scored the third goal in the fifty-fifth minute. Seath sent a well struck direct kick from the far left side of the box, which brushed a Menlo defender attempting to clear it out with a header. The ball went past the outstretched hands of the goalie for a 3-0 SC lead.
Goalkeeper, Polhamus got some help from sweeper Victor Garcia near the end of the game to preserve the shutout on a Menlo corner kick. “I saw the Menlo player center the ball and another player go up, said Garcia a junior, “But I threw myself across and behind Michael and the ball went through his hands. I was barely able to hit it with my left toe, but I cleared it.” Eleven of the 14 SC wins have been shutouts. Polhamus recorded seven saves in the game and reserve goalie Nicholas VanSant had two.

Feb. 21. Cardinals Win A Keeper. Net-minder Polhamus Keys 2-1 Semifinal Victory Over Sequoia. Maybe SC should take a lead from its goalkeeper and play aggressive soccer all the time. A lackluster first half by SC morphed into an all out second half that led to a 2-1 win over Sequoia of Redwood City in the semifinals. SC 15-2-2 moves into section finals at PAL Stadium against Pioneer of San Jose.
In the first half, the only SC player who played aggressively over the first 40 minutes was keeper Michael Polhamus, who constantly charged out of the box to take balls way from the Cherokee forwards. His fearless approach resulted in Sequoias lone goal on a header dropped over the charging Polhamus. The goal was only the eighth allowed by SC this season. On the other end of the field, third seeded SC struggled to get off a decent shot. One wouldn’t come until the second half after coach Sabankaya switched to a 4-3-3 attack that opened up the offense. The tactical switch paid almost immediate dividends.
In the fiftieth minute, Guillermo Sensente scored unassisted, taking a loose ball and drilling the ball from the left side into the right corner of the net. Eight minutes later, Wes Seath took a crossing pass from Sensente to make it 2-1, the final margin. “I was in the right pace at the right time and just put it into the net,” Seath said of his goal. “A couple of defenders missed and I got to the ball.”
Sabankaya said it was the play of Polhamus that ultimately made the difference in the game. “We will go as far as our goalkeeper takes us. I think he is the best keeper in the state and one of the best in the nation. We have two league teams in the CCS finals, Watsonville in Division I and us in division II. That tells a story. The league has turned our young kids into seasoned veterans” And perhaps, section champions.

Feb. 23.
SPLIT DECISION. Santa Cruz Plays To Tie, Shares Title. For the second time in school history, the SC boys soccer team won a CCS Division II co-championship, tying top seeded Pioneer 1-1 in an exciting match at PAL Stadium in San Jose. Both teams had plenty of scoring opportunities during regulation, with Pioneer out shooting SC 12-9. However, in the two 10- minute overtime periods and then the two 5-minute sudden death overtimes, the Cards dominated, unleashing six shots to Pioneers none. “We could have won it. I feel this is just the beginning of many good things to come. It was certainly a well played and even match. Both teams deserved this, said coach Sabankaya.
The result gives SC a record of 0-1-2 in three CCS finals appearances. SC lost in its first try at a section title, 4-1 to Watsonville in 1989, before tying Gilroy in 1991 for the Division II co-championship. SC was 15-2-3 overall and gave up only five goals in league play. In three CCS playoff games, the team allowed just one goal to Sequoia.
Therefore it came as quite a surprise, when the Mustangs 15-2-5 overall jumped out to an early lead on a goal two minutes into the match, when they scored on a corner kick from the left side. Pioneer’s fast start spurred SC into action. After mounting several attacks, the Cards caught a lucky break, when Pioneer was called for a handball while trying to stop Guillermo Sensente in their penalty area. The infraction resulted in a penalty kick, which was calmly converted by Saulo Gomez in the tenth minute.
Although both teams threatened to break the tie on numerous occasions in the next 100 minutes, good goalkeeping by both goalies prevented either from taking the lead. Michael Polhamus, who seemed to be disappointed with his effort on the Pioneer score, was like a stone wall the rest of the match. By the end of the game he had nine saves, many of them were spectacular and played many dangerous balls wisely. The Pioneer goalie was also solid. He made seven saves in the match, three of which came in the first 5-minute overtime frame, when SC peppered the Mustang goal with six shots.
Defenders Lucas Shaw and David Esparza and midfielders Ryan Thacher and Scott Anderson were effective in stopping the dangerous runs by Pioneer players. The SC offense, dormant for much of the first half was led by Sensente, Gomez, Alex Diego, Wes Seath and Nick Alvarez. “We’re stoked to be co-champions. In the first half they came at us strong, but we regrouped. We haven’t made it this far in ten years. It’s just the beginning,” a tired but happy Thacher said during the awards ceremony.
Just three seniors played for SC this season. They are Gomez, Andrew Ow and Antonio Martinez. The remainder of the roster was made up of nine juniors and six sophomores. With tough players like Polhamus, Esparza, Anderson and Sensente returning, its easy to see the Cardinals improving even more next year.

Juniors: Michael Polhamus, SCCAL goalkeeper of the Year.
Scott Anderson, All SCCAL at midfield
Ryan Thacher, All SCCAL, defender
Sophomores: Victor Garcia, All SCCAL, forward
Graham Gelwicks, All SCCAL defender
Alex Diego, All SCCAL, midfielder
Guillermo Sensente, All SCCAL, forward
Mathew Skenazy, All SCCAL, defender

Yearbook. The team beat a majority of their opponents.
Roster: Marcel Cathrein, Sebastian Honnef, Phuong Le, Lowell Hope, Sean Noble, Tim DeGrasse, Cody Griggs, Nat Curry, Jermaine Esparza, Juan Marquez, Juan, Julian Alvarez, Jose Sesente, Walter Singaram, Rob Goodman, Ali Sabankaya, Chewy, Derek Talbot and Alan Diaz. Coach Mark Conner.

League games: SLV 1-1,1-0; Aptos loss, 2-0;
League record 8-2-2 for third place. CCS playoffs: Quarterfinals, Capuchino 3-0. Semifinals, Valley Christian 2-0. Finals, SLV 1-0 in four overtime for the CCS Division III championship.
Overall record 16-3-2.

Yearbook. They played heart felt soccer all season long defeating SLV 1-0 and Aptos 2-0 and had a draw with Harbor 1-1. Their season placed them third, the best place SC has received, With the majority of the players seniors and juniors, they had one of their strongest teams which showed the rest of the county that SC is made of heart and determination. They kept their running tradition going by receiving a number one seed into CCS playoffs and moving all the way to the championship game with SLV, which they won 1-0nin the last sudden death overtime. With the continuing tradition of CCS champs on the soccer field, of course we’ll see them on the national team later in life!

Roster: Emily Reed, Britsy Bruland, Gretchen Haussler, Brittany Vidales, Nina Peeples, Ily Iglesias, Ali Hatcher, Jessica Shindle, Nicole Perez, Julie Odron, Min Pomper, Sarah Frampton, Nichole Ciaocca, Sarah Langley, Jessica Shaffer, Tina Fuller, Holley Van Sant, Jenny Putt, Lauren Takahashi, Emily Schwertley, Sarah Fang and Leigha Bare. Coach Jose Sierra.

Sentinel preseason write up. Nov. 19. Coach: Jose Sierra tenth season. Last year: 12-7-4 overall and 5-5-2 in league. Lost to Cupertino in CCS Division III final 1-0. Returning: Seniors: Sarah Frampton, forward, 6 goals and 2 assists; Ali Hatcher, defender and Leigha Bare, forward.
Juniors: Brittany Vidales, All SCCAL, goalkeeper; Jessica Shaffer, midfielder with 3 goals and 7 assists; Britsy Bruland, All SCCAL, midfielder with 6 goals and 5 assists; Jenny Putt, All SCCAL defender; Tina Fuller forward with 5 goals and 3 assists; Jessica Schindler, defender, 4 goals and 4 assists.
Newcomers: Seniors: Nia Peeples, midfielder and Emily Reed, forward. Junior transfer, Min Pomper, defender and freshman Nicole Caiocca.

Sentinel. Dec. 12. Cards, Cougars Draw 1-1. Santa Cruz Slips Through SLV’s Tight Defense In Second Half. SC was trailing SLV 1-0, when forward Tina Fuller took advantage of a SLV defensive error and scored in the seventy-eighty minute to tie the score. SLV, which finished in second place last year is now is 4-1-2 overall. SC which finished fourth last season is now 9-1-1. overall. SC controlled the midfield throughout the game and launched a well organized attack in the first half. “We started to pass the ball well. We were able to go through pretty easily. We were just waiting for the first goal to come, but it didn’t. We had two very good opportunities to score. I think if we would have gotten a goal there we would have been in good shape,” Coach Sierra.
The first half ended in a 0-0 tie. SLV had just two shots on goal in the second half, but they scored on their first attempt in the forty-sixth minute. SLV, which opened the game conservatively, played even more cautiously with its 1-0 lead. Time after time in the second half, SLV’s defenders refused SC a clear shot by packing in the box.
As time was running out, SC attacked the goal with increased intensity. Britsy Bruland’s shot appeared to be on target with close to ten minutes remaining, but the ball hit the right goalpost. Fuller then had another good opportunity, but her attempt narrowly skimmed the top of the goal. The next time the ball came her way, Fuller dribbled it straight up the middle and her defender failed to pick her up. The goalie got her hand on the ball, but it trickled past her to tie the game.

Sentinel. Jan 18. Santa Cruz Edges Past SLV 1-0. Forward Tina Fuller and her teammates, “had the intention of taking a lot of shots. Anything we could.” Fullers shot in the sixty-third minute wasn’t a high percentage shot, but the lofted kick from 30 yards out slipped underneath the crossbar to give SC a 1-0 win. SLV coach, “The goalkeeper couldn’t reach that shot if she was prepared. The trajectory on that shot was un-savable.” With the win, SC improved to 12-3-1 overall and 4-2-1 in league.
Both coaches considered this game as very important, as the two teams played to a tie 1-1 in league opener. Neither team could establish a clear advantage throughout the hard fought game. But Fuller gave her teammates reason to celebrate as she collected a throw in pass from Min Pomper near the left sideline, turned and quickly sent a game winner into the upper right hand corner of the goal. The SLV goalie was All league last year. “That was an impossible shot. It was a beautiful shot, but an impossible one. It came in with an amazing arc, the spin on it just sent it into the high corner of the net. I did my best to block it, but it was like a professional shot.”
SLV’s best opportunity came near game’s end, when the SC defender fell down and cleared a path, but SC goalie Brittney Vidales guessed correctly and caught the attempt. “This was a big win. It’s the first game of the second half of league and my team came out the second half and worked hard to get the victory. We matched up well with SLV. Our midfielders played a little bit better and I think that was the difference,” Coach Jose Sierra. SC had 13 shots on goal and SLV had 10. Vidales had three saves and SLV had six.

Feb. 1. SC 4, Monte Vista 0. Goal by Bruland on an assist by Reed. Goal by Caiocca on assist from Haussler. Pomper unassisted and Bare unassisted. Record SC 14-3-2 overall and 6-2-2 in league.

Feb. 8. Fifth Time’s A Charm: Santa Cruz Beats Aptos. Cardinals Win On Soggy Field. After losing four straight matches to Aptos, SC was fired up to have one last shot at Aptos. SC made the most of their opportunity, defeating Aptos 2-0 under wet and slick conditions in the league finale for both teams. Aptos is 9-3-0 in league and SC is 8-2-2 in league.
“I think that was the most solid the team played all season. We’re peaking at the right time for the playoffs, as usual. The team was much more aggressive tonight,” Coach Sierra. SC took the lead in the thirty-eighth minute on a goal by junior forward Britsy Bruland. The shot was taken from point blank range directly in front of the goal. The play started after SC repulsed an Aptos attack, that ended with a weak shot. Goalkeeper Vidales collected the shot and spotted right winger, Jessica Schaffer in the clear. Vidales delivered the ball to Schaffer, who dribbled down the sideline until she was fouled. The penalty set up a direct free kick taken by Min Pomper from about 23 yards out. Pomper’s shot sailed over the Aptos wall and was blocked by the goalie, who deflected the ball down into a melee of players. Bruland won the ball, shot and scored.
The second goal was the result of a SC counterattack. After two corner kicks by Aptos, SC cleared the ball to striker Tina Fuller, who dribbled nearly the length of the field before sending a shot off the crossbar. The ball deflected into the goal box to Ali Hatcher, who didn’t hesitate and sent SC ahead 2-0 in the sixty-fifth minute.

Feb 17. SC Contains Capuchino. Cards Notch fifteenth Shutout of the Season. SC the number one seed of the CCS Division III playoffs, showed little signs of rust in a 3-0 quarterfinal victory over number eight seeded Capuchino. SC had a bye in the first round. SC 14-3-4 overall, controlled the game from the outset, needing just seven minutes to post the initial score. Jessica Schaffer, one of 14 SC players with prior CCS playoff experience, set up the goal with a tough run into the heart of the Mustang’s defense. As Shaffer penetrated the penalty area, SC forward Emily Read demonstrated the proper way to move without the ball, making a diagonal run to Shaffers left. Schaffer passed to Read, placed the shot where the goalie had no chance of stopping the ball, in the lower left corner of the net.
Just as it looked like SC would score at will, Capuchino regrouped to hold SC scoreless for the next 39 minutes. Two juniors, stopper Jenny Putt and goalkeeper Vidales, turned away Capuchino’s best attacks at the first half. In the twenty-third minute, Putt quashed a dangerous run with a bone jarring tackle near the top edge of the penalty area. In the thirty-fifth minute, Vidales saved the Mustangs best shot of the match.

“You have to be physical and willing to sacrifice your body in the playoff,” said Putt of her collision. “Our defense has been together for a long time. We’ve been to the playoffs before and can rely on each other to get the job done.” Vidales credited the defenders with making her job easy. “It’s always helpful to have strong defenders playing in front of you. Our team is so close, both on and off the field, we have chemistry.” In their last 11 CCS playoff games, the Cards have allowed one goal, last year in the Division III championship game against Cupertino. This shutout is the teams fifteenth this season and the total for the last three years is 46.
Sierra was not happy with the teams first half of play, His lecture at halftime, sparked his team to keep attacking. Wing Ali Hatcher scored the second goal in the forty-sixth minute with a long shot that hit a Capuchio player before ricocheting into the goal. Under the barrage, Capuchino’s defense started to crack. SC took 11 second half shots to only one for Capuchino. Read iced the win with her sixty- fifth minute goal. Britsy Bruland, Jessica Schindler, Min Pomper, Tina Fuller and Leigha Bare stood out in the victory. “Our goal is to get to the CCS final and to win. If we can keep our intensity we may reach our goal,” Coach Sierra.

Feb. 22. ‘I Do’ Won’t Stop Cards. SC defeated Valley Christian in the semifinals 2-0. Coach Sierra will not be able be at the finals against SLV, as he will be getting married that afternoon. SC went ahead 1-0 just three minutes into the game, when Ali Hatcher rocketed a shot from about 18 yards out. Tina Fuller added a second goal with about two minutes left on the clock. Goalkeeper Brittany Vidales was pretty lonely during this game as Valley Christian had only a handful of shots. “My defense is the best. I’ve played with some of my teammates since fifth grade. We’re all best of friends, very close,” Vidales said.

Feb. 24. Cards Outlast SLV In Four OT’s to win 1-0. Tina Fuller was the only SC player to score against SLV in the three games the two teams played this season. The first match ended in a 1-1 tie, the second in a 1-0 SC win and again today in a 1-0 win. The SC win came in the 107 minute with just three minutes and 11 seconds away from the end and a co-championship shared by the two teams. Card players were ecstatic with their 1-0 quadruple overtime victory and the CCS championship.
The win capped and amazing three year run for the Cards, a team that has appeared in three straight CCS Division III championship matches. SC beat Menlo 1-0 in 2000, before falling to Cupertino 1-0 in 2001.
Securing its second CCS title was no easy task. “It was a perfect finish to the season,” junior forward Britsy Bruland said, “We’ve been to the finals before and know what is expected in them and from our teammates.” Still the Cards chemistry didn’t help against the SLV defenders.
But in the second of two five minute sudden death periods, Bruland came through for her team. Before Bruland scored, SLV nearly scored, which would have given SLV the title. After the miss, Goalkeeper Vidales sent a long ball up the left wing to Bruland, who dribbled full speed along the sideline looking for a chance to send the ball to a teammate. Ten yards before Bruland reached the end-line, she turned on the ball and sent a high cross to the center of the penalty box. There, it found Emily Read, who sensed Fuller to her right and pushed the ball into her direction, “I jumped up and hit it with the outside part of my right foot,” said Fuller. “It wasn’t a hard shot, I barely got my foot on it, but when I saw it roll in, I was stoked.” Coach Jose Sierra did not attend the match, because he was preparing for his wedding. Boys coach Semith Sabankaya substituted. “This was another very evenly played match. I think we were able to substitute more freely, because we had more players,” said Sabankaya. In addition to 11 starters, SC had ten reserves waiting for a chance to play. Conversely, the entire SLV Out of their 21 matches played, SC shutout their opponents 17 times.

Yearbook. Roster: Kayla Ivy, Leigha Noble, Christine Garcia, Erica Anderson, Emma Sanders, Emma Price, Emily Paddon, Beth Cato, Alex Glendhill, Mya Delacroix, Lauren Lewis, Candice Stein, Ashley Muhly, Katie Martin, Nicole Linear, Beth Osbrone, Miriam Tolentino, Bianca Boegel, Julia Gabriel and goalie Marie Knox. Coach Wyatt.

Yearbook. Roster: Neil Walton, Kyle Hartz, Travis Bearden, Lauren Gagnier, Luke Wetmore, Paul Croghan, Nick Tanza, Steve Marchesio, Matt Hawkins, Neil Kunkle, Robbie Swenson, Pete Carroll, Simon Mandel, Keith Woessner, James Vega, Michael Vega and Trent Lindgren.
Head coach Bob Kittle.

The following players made the ALL SCCAL team and the Sentinel ALL COUNTY team: Peter Carroll, senior first baseman; Paul Croughan, junior pitcher; Kyle Hartz, senior outfielder; Neil Kunkel, senior catcher;
In addition to the league and all county team, Travis Beardon made the Cal Hi Sports Medium Schools All State team.
Neil Walton was named the SCCAL Most Valuable Player and the Sentinel All County Player of the Year. The San Jose Mercury named Neil to the ALL CCS Baseball team. He was also named to the Cal-Hi Sports Medium School All-State team.

Yearbook. Roster: Cliff Sammet, Alex Stuart, Adam Crees, Tyler Wood, Michael Brown, D. J. Anthony, Kenneth Taylor, Trevor Burns, Paul Dinkins, Phil Rider, Jeff Weaver, Will Wetmore, Jason Paris, Dylan Windt, Wes Matthews, Johnny Orlando, Adam Spear and Mark Adams. Head coach Jessie Turmbull.

Yearbook. Roster: Sammy Fielding, Andy Kolasa, Brett Morrie, Forrest Otake, Justin Allegri, Chris Marchisio, Austin Bates, Susu Stowell, Ben Rose, Tyler Strickland, Mike Nicholas, Mark Cortez, Derek Castro, Ryan Brady, James Carpenter, Alex Dentin and Derek Talbot.

Yearbook. Roster: Andrea Wolizcko, Megan Christopher, Merissa Grellmann, Rachael Pena, Nicole Perez, Juilanna Redell, Jamila Pemberton, Molly Laughlin, Regina Verducci, Jenna Mann, Rachel Ellis, Logan Vanderpool, Megan Nutt and Keshia Caviglia. Head coach Lou Caviglia and assistant Bob.

Yearbook. The team opened the preseason 8-3. The season promises to be a winning one. This team is explosive. Good talent, great attitude and a whole lot of fun.

Roster: Jennifer Whiting, Amanda Ornellas, Marissa Kluzniak, Ashley Muhly, Lisa Owen, Claire LeBerge, Liliana Valdes, Paloma Aquino, Lauren Lewis, Jenna Escobar, Noel Devine, Aly Gill, Stacey Gill, Stacey Kerr, Natasha, Noland and Kendra Carmichael. Head coach Kim Cave and Joe Escobar.

Not included in yearbook.

Not included in yearbook

Yearbook. Two pages of pictures but only a few names shown. Names listed: David Hill, Irene Whitney, Laurel Tanza, Mike Belli, Jessica Gintert and Mitch and Lucas.

Yearbook. The team had seventeen exceptional players, who worked hard to make the season a winning one. They had morning practices throughout the season. They competed in six high level tournaments with some of the best teams in the state. With only two returning starters, goalie Rachael Budnick and field player Irene Whitney, the up and coming JV players as well as the returning players had to fill the seven gaps left by the seven graduates. Under the guidance of new coach Aubrey Miller, the team proved better then ever. Not only did the talent and skill level run deep, but the team spirit did also. How many teams do you know go into their games with faces covered in war paint and a killer attitude?

Roster: Arlene Alvarez, Sarah Frampton, Amy Lezin, Mary McCormick, Caitlin DeWorken, Jessica Malley, Molly Miller, Alicia Weeks, Leonora Bittleston, DeeAnn Larson, Lacey Piper, Angie MacLeod, Greta Carroll, Rachael Budnick, Molly Laughlin, Amber McQugh and Irene Whitney.

Yearbook. Roster: Jessica Arnold, Phia Foxworthy, Nikira Hernandez, Sarah Kunkel, Quinne Salameh, Maia Lipshutz, Carmen Stryrker, April Carpio, Alice Gill, Maggie Jacoby, Zoe Latta, Reje McGuire, Roseann Scrivens, Jessica DeSmet, Annie Harper, Marisa Kluzniak, Kate Lewis, Linnea Powell and Katia Stewart.


Sentinel. Feb. 24. SC 76. Scotts Valley 10. With only two swimmers and no varsity team, Scotts Valley didn’t have much of a chance. SC had two double winners: Dave Hill in the 100 individual medley and 100 breaststroke and Sebastian in the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke.


Sentinel. Feb 24. Scotts Valley 86, SC 66. No information about SC.

Yearbook. Lacrosse is a brutal yet skillful sport in which players use a stick with a net on it to catch a small hard ball. To score the ball must get past the goalie in front of a small net, Only three names are listed on the page, Alex Diego, Robert Deyl and Sean Arlt.

Yearbook. Roster: Ryan Graham, Andrew Ow, Scott Walls, Pete Van Sant, Tyler Read, Ryan Beach and Lars Davenport. Coach ?

Yearbook. Roster: No last names except for Josh Calder and Liam Murphy. Felix, Josh, Imean, Jared, Ryan, Connor, Danny, Nickil and Wes.

Yearbook. Roster: Erik Hutchison, Chris Kelly, Akbar Whizin, Reuben Miller, Tim DeGrasse, Matt Bailey, Bennett Bilgere, Greg Worhen and Steve Crump. Coaches Pete Pappas and Dennis Mullen.

March 4. Sentinel preseason write up. Coach: Pete Pappas, thirtieth season. Home course: DeLaveaga and Pasatiempo. Lineup: starting with number one in order; senior Eric Hutchinson, senior John Roberts, sophomore Greg Worthen, sophomore Matt Bradley, Senior Chris Kelly and senior Rueban Miller. Outlook: SC returns its entire lineup, including four year starters Huchinson and Roberts, who qualified for CCS a year ago. “We’re going to win some matches this year,” Pappas said. “We’ve always had some trouble with getting that fifth score. The change in the rules of having six golfers, but only counting the top four will help us, while giving two players varsity experience.

Yearbook. Roster: Merrissa Grellmann, Jessica Gintert, Charlotte Sylvan and Monica May.
Coaches Dennis Mullen and Sylvan.

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