Download complete file with overview and stats: 1926

James Bradshaw, varsity football, lightweight basketball and track
Ralph Morrison, lightweight and midget football, varsity basketball and track
Stevens, tennis
Harding, baseball
Eva Schultz, swimming
Levy, track

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Monterey 7-0
Redwood City 0-0
Centerville 3-0
San Jose 21-0
Mountain View 36-0
Practice record: 4-0-1
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Hollister 7-13
Watsonville 6-7
Salinas 13-14
League 0-3
Overall 4-3-1
Salinas took CCAL championships. They went on to beat Tamalpias in NCS play, 35-0.

James “Rabbit” Bradshow, the star running back at Nevada State, took over coaching for coach Morrison.
Team members:
ends, senior Steward Hagestad was good at detecting plays, while junior Bob McKeag was a long ball threat, and junior Jack Sinnott stopped runners behind the line.
Center, senior Charles Hargraves directed the line.
Tackles, Loren Wright, was a hard hitting linemen and senior, Lyle Ingols stopped opponents thinking with his head, as well pushing his weight around.
Guards, senior, Ed Root, the lightest man on the team, and junior, Joe Dien, whose weight and skill made him hard to get through.
Quarterback, Mort Sinnott passed to McKeag for an important touchdown against Salinas.
Halfbacks, captain Tex Beasley and senior Webster Benton cleverest open field runner on the team.
Fullback, Chilton Jones could always gained a yard through the line. His words and actions invariably put “the old pep“ into the rest of the team.
Allie Rice filled in the backfield positions where ever the “Rabbit” saw fit to place him. Top subs: Kirk, Mazzoni, Jones, Goldner, Moore and McMurray.

Coach Bradshaw will be gone for three weeks, traveling by boat to Hawaii to play with the San Francisco Olympic Club football team against the Hawaiian All Star team. The SF Olympic Club is undefeated, beating the University of California and Stanford.

Lightweight Football
Stopping all opponents from scoring, Santa Cruz High’s lightweight football team took the league championship undefeated. They were good enough to practice against the varsity team.
League games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Sunnyvale 0-0
Hollister 33-0
Salinas 20-0
Watsonville 20-0
League record 3-0-1.

Lightweight Linemen: Caldwell, Dean, Houck, Rittenhouse, Trask.
Backs; captain Arne Iverson, Anthony, Cureton, Mazzoni

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Pacific Grove 20-16
San Jose 25-17
Palo Alto 7-21
Dinuba 17-23
Campbell 14-30
Sacred Heart 20-23
King City 30-14
Practice record: 3-4
League Games
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Salinas 14-15, 22-9
Watsonville 16-15, 17-18
League 2-2. Overall 5-6.

Basketball is starting earlier this year.
Senior varsity members:
forwards, Oreal Beasley, Clary Hagstead and Kermit Lindstedt
guards, Allie Rice and captain Lyle Ingols
Other team members: Chilton Jones, Mazzoni, McKeag, McMurry,, Sinnott, Walsh, Kaiser, Anthony, Emigh and Watterford.

Championship news
The B league champions, Pacific Grove, beat the A league champions, Watsonville, for the right to go to NCS. At NCS, St. Ignatius of San Francisco beat Pacific Grove, 23-19. In turn, St. Ignatius was defeated by city rival Sacred Heart.
Dinuba was undefeated in the San Joaquin Valley.
Patterson, a small school with only 150 students, beat Stockton, the 5 year champions of their region. Napa won the North West area title.

Lightweight Basketball
Santa Cruz High’s lightweight basketball won the league championships.
Team members:
forwards, Bud Beasley, senior captain Iverson and Charles Mann
center, Caldwell
guards, Antonetti, Stevens, Mann and Pracht
Other players: Barnett, Bloom, Camis, Morelli, Whaley, Leask, Brown, Dean and Griffra.

In the league playoffs between the A and B league champions, the Santa Cruz Cardlets beat King City, 15-8. After the game King City fed and entertained the boys, a wonderful tradition that gives players time to get to know each other in a different setting. The Cardlets next game was across the Bay in Marin county against Tamalpais. Even with Tamalpais’s 6’1” center, SC prevailed, 13-12. In the finals, Redwood City’s, Sequoia High, a part of the Peninsula Athletic League, came out ahead of Santa Cruz, 7-21.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score SC-rival)
Hollister 2-4
Monterey 10-14
Salinas 7-8
League 0-3.
The lack of winnings was likely due to the early start of the baseball season and a lack of practice games, SC had just one weekend of practice before the season started.

Captain Clary Hargraves has played on two championship teams. Last year, while hitting a .475 average, he pitched and won all five league games. Now going into his third year, the pressure is on for Hargraves to match his success of previous seasons, a challenge to be sure. But Hargraves is an excellent player and likely to meet the demands put on him.

If Hargraves happens to get into trouble, Brandt and sophomore, Ellworth Hedgepeth, a bright prospective pitcher, are there to back him up.
Other team members:
Tim Mazzoni, catcher
Jack Sinnott, 1B
Stew Hagestadt, 2B
Carl Mann, SS
Outfielders, Arne Iverson, Allie Rice and Charles Mann
Subs: Johnson, Norman Young, Jack Peterson and Henry Oline.

One baseball player, “Shorty” Oline, was deeply honored by his fellow students. He was voted an honorary SC at the student body meeting held on May 14. For four years, “Shorty” steadily and faithfully worked to make the big nine on the baseball squad. Unfortunately, his size and the difficult position for which he tried, prevented him from making the big nine. Even so, “Shorty” was one of the best assets of the team. He was on hand for every practice and game, even though it meant he would have to walk 6 miles home. His dedication inspired us all.

In the 1920’s, elementary schools went from first to eighth grade. The four elementary schools in Santa Cruz had their own league.
This years elementary school standings:
Mission Hill 4-2
Branciforte 3-3
Bay View 3-3
Laurel 2-4

CCAL meet
The CCAL meet was held at Memorial Park before 2,000 spectators, many even brought tents to set up on the green. The scene took on the appearance of a camp ground. The proceeds from the meet amounted to the most ever collected.

Hollister 100, Santa Cruz 87, Salinas 28, Watsonville 18.

The Cards had a lot of first and second place finishers at the CCAL meet. For SC to score this many points, it took the best marks of the year from the following participants:
Antonnetti in 220
Mazzoni in shot put
Bull in pole vault
Diec in discus and broad jump.

First place finishers:
John Post in 220 and 440
Joe Dieu in broad jump and discus
Chilton Jones high hurdles and member of 880 relay
Bull in pole vault
Members of the winning 880 relay team were Cureton, Dieu, Hargraves and Post.

Second place finishers:
Clarence Hargraves, 100
Jack Sinnott 880
Linstedt, mile
Vanetti, javelin.

Other finishers:
Eugene Cureton, fourth in 100 and fifth in 220
Moody third in 220 low hurdles.

NCS meet
At the NCS meet Santa Cruz scored 7 points

John Post took second in 440
Cureton fourth in 100 and fifth in 220
Clarence Hargraves sixth in 100
Kermet Lindstedt third in the mile – the Trident reported that Lindstedt may have placed higher had he not gotten car sick going around all the curves on the old road to San Jose.

Participants at NCS that did not place:
Art Bruhns and Jack Sinnott in 880
Chilton Jones in high jump
Joe Dieu in discus and broad jump.

State meet:
At STATE John Post took second in the 440, the only 3 points SC earned at the meet.

San Jose Running Carnival in San Jose, CA:
The meet involved running an 880, 100, 50, 220, and 440 distance.
The Santa Cruz medley relay team won over Berkeley, Santa Clara, and Modesto – all highly respected teams. The SC team members were each given a desirable wining cup as a trophy. At the time everything was about winning the cup.
Members of the team are listed in order run and distances: \
At the start Jack Sinnott 880, Clarey Hargraves 100, Morris Bloom 50, Cureton 220 and John Post 440.

Lightweight first place finishers:
Antonetti 50 and 220
Dick Hastings 100
Worth Brown broke the lightweight record in the pole vault with a 10’5” jump and ran the relay
Tim Mazzoni in shot put

Members of the first place relay team:
Hastings, Antonnetti, Whaley and Brown.

Young took second place in the javelin.

Third place finishers:
Kennett in high jump
Whaley in broad jump.

The Santa Cruz tennis team won the CCAL Championsips again this year.
Ken Emigh won the singles title
Ben Black, who placed second in singles, paired up with John Wilson to win the doubles title. There was no report on how they did at NCS.
Other members of the team were Jesse Wilson, John De Wood, and Alvin Dinsmore.

Swimming is an interclass sport with several dual meets in the plans.

John Post won the 220 and 440 at the CCAL meet. At the NCS meet and the STATE meet he came in second.

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