Download complete file with overview and stats: 1940


Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis
Walt Wattenburger, assistant in varsity football and track.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Palo Alto 6-13
Commerce of San Francisco 2-14
Roosevelt of Fresno 0-20
Practice record 0-3.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 0-12
Salinas 0-32
Monterey 0-0
Watsonville 7-13
record in league 0-3-1
Season record 0-6-1

Starting lineup:
ends, Bob Voris and Ted Foster
tackles, Tom Butler and Delbus Colclough
guards, Bob Steele and Don Falconer
center, Dick Voris
Backs John Davis, Ugo Armanini, Vic Ghidinelli and George Ponza.

Other members: Gross, Harvey, Scaroni, Curtis, Newhart , Mitchell, Morgan, Stocking , Edmund, Nicholoson, Paul Juhl, L Davis, Freeman, Gage Diedrickson, Spitoni, Gozzi, Angell, DeVanney, Booth, Fought, Rasmussen and Good.

In the last game of the year against Watsonville, the lone league touchdown of the year was scored by Angell who sneaked for a half yard to cross into pay dirt, after doing most of the running and line bucking to get it there. Another threat to score came when Johnny Davis passed to his brother Lou, who out ran everybody on the Cat team except the Cat safety, who made the tackle after a good 33 yard gain. Dick Voris again was the Cards’ mainstay, while Delbur Colclough played a bang up game at tackle.

Co-captain, center, senior and top man on the team Dick Voris rightfully was chosen on the ALL CCAL team.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Los Gatos 6-0 and 13-0.
Practice record 2-0

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 0-0
Salinas 13-0
Monterey 0-6
Watsonville 7-0
second in league with a 2-1-1 record
season 4-1-1.

Starting lineup:
ends, George Becknell and Art Kitahara
tackles, A. Demos and Cottera
guards, Coen and Yockey
center, Bob Puget
backs Bernie Boourriague, Ernie King, Dover and M. Demos.

Others members: Rossi, Stanley, Manildi, Dean, Brownfield, Parsons, Scotland, Haber, Meyers, Cunha, Foss, Okino, Campbell, Mario Esposito, Berg, B. Snyder, Otsuki, Bob McCullah and Adcock.

In their final game of the year the Cardlets were a little sloppy the first half. Spectators all agreed that after the half, they acted like a different team. Bernie Bourriague was in there with his usual fire and pep. Jimmy Dover and Mike Demos shared the running honors. Ernie King held the spotlight with his exceptional passing. Kitahara and Becknell did their share of snagging the little pigskin from the air. Bourriague finished off his last season, by carrrying home the bacon past the goal line. Coen, Yockey, Dixon and Art Demos are the unsung heroes for they are the boys who get their faces plowed in the muck, while the backfield men take credit and glory for their brilliant run of one or two yards. Dickson and Stanley ably filled in for injured players.

A new rule this year. In over time a shooting team has the choice of either taking the foul shot or taking the ball out of bounds. (The idea was to cut down on teams fouling poor foul shooters.)
Another new CCAL rule states, if there is no scoring after the first overtime period, the game ends in a tie. In the Monterey game this is what happened.
(The probable reason this rule was put in was to stop a team from holding the ball and not taking a shot until the last seconds. In that case if they did not score, they did not lose anything, because they would have another chance the next over time period and hold it again till the end of the period and keep doing it until they scored. There was no 35 second shot clock then.)

Double championships for SCHS. Both the heavyweights and lightweights came out on top.


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Chaminade 19-20, 23-19
Los Gatos 31-17
San Jose 29-14
Palo Alto 16-45
Practice record: 3-2

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Monterey 19-14, 36-16
Watsonville 25-24 OT, 36-13
Pacific Grove 42-23, 44-14
King City 29-12, 20-13
Boulder Creek 37-22, 27-13
Salinas 29-25, 31-24. Salinas ended up second with only two loses against SC. Undefeated in league for the second straight year at 12-0.
Season 15-2

League standings:
Santa Cruz 12-0
Salinas 10-2
Watsonville 8-4
Gonzales 7-5
Pacific Grove 4-8
Monterey 3-9
King City 2-8
Boulder Creek 0-10.

This was like a repeat of last years dream team, both going undefeated in league with 12-0 records. The Cards usually piled up such a large score in the first half that the games were accentually over at that time. The only game in question was the first game against Watsonville a tie at regulation time. In overtime the Cards won 25-24. In the return game it was 36-13.

Returning starters from the basketball team of the DECADE were forward Bill Foote, who led the team in scoring this year with 125 points an average of 12 points a game and captain and center Brad Trine who scored 86 points. They knew how to win and inspire the rest of the team to another undefeated season.

The rest of the starting line were: guards, Don Griffin hustler all over the floor, John Jellison and Hugo Armanini. First off the bench subs: center, Talbert Newhart and forwards, Bob Voris and John Paul Juhl filled in for the inside positions. Others on the team: Long, Gomez, Dickson, Booth, Landless, Mitchell, J Davis and Coen.

Cards in Overtime Win From Watsonville. Trine–Foote Star in 25-24 Victory.
Sinking a free throw with a little less than a minute left to play in overtime, captain Brad Trine scored the only points of the overtime period to beat the Cats. Earlier in the overtime, Watsonville had a free throw opportunity, but with the new rule available to them, they took the ball out of bounds instead, but did not score. The lead changed hands six times in regular play to end in a 24-24 tie. Bill Foote and Brad Trine were the offensive stars getting all their points on sucker shots (lay ups) inside the foul circle. On the other hand, Watsonville made most all their points outside the circle. Scoring: Foote 13, Trine 9, Armanini 2, Griffin 1, Juhl, Newhart and Voris 0.

Cards Wallop Cats 36-13.
Playing their best type of basketball, the Cardinals ended their cage careers never being headed during their last game of the season. The varsity five waded through the Watsonville defense for all kinds of shots and a good many went through the net. The victory was a special surprise to the fans in that the previous tussle was a close affair. Brad Trine played his best game of the season, scoring 12 points and turning in a very neat defensive job. The game started off fast with the Cards taking a 11-3 lead at quarter time and increased it to 16-6 at half time. Everybody scored in this half. Third quarter, the lead was increased to 23-9. In the fourth quarter after making 11 points in rapid fire to leave the floor holding a 34-11 lead. The sophomores took over with three minutes to play and held their own, making two foul shots to one Watsonville basket. Don Griffin turned in his best game on defense and had fire on offense. Bob Voris and John Jellison also played good defense and set up offensive scores for Trine and Foote. Top scorer Bill Foote was closely guarded on his usual one handed push ins, but managed to score nine points.

Bill Foote has been consistent in scoring in double figures this year. In the big games against Salinas, he score 18 out of the team 29 points and 21 out of the 31 points in the last game. These were the only two defeats suffered by Salinas in league.

Future basketball starters and stars who came over from the junior highs to be on the team and get in some action were Dick Fassio who was selected Northern California outstanding player of the year when he was a junior and Emmett Thompson a three sport man, (who played at Cal Poly and later coached the Cards to championships.)

To show how dominate the Cards were they placed three men on the Trident first ALL CCAL team: Bill Foote, forward; Brad Trine, center and Donald Griffin, guard.


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Chaminade 28-15, 24-11
San Jose Tech 40-18
Santa Clara 21-17
Los Gatos 16-11
Practice record 5-0

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 12-14, 31-24
King City 17-9, 23-12
Boulder Creek 44-6, 64-6
Monterey 20-20, 38-8
Watsonville 22-9, 29-15
Pacific Grove 31-15, 25-23.
League record 10 ½ wins and 1 ½ losses.
Season record 15½ wins and 1 ½ loses.

League standings:
Santa Cruz 10 1/2–1 ½
Salinas 10-2
Pacific Grove 8-4
Watsonville 6-6
Monterey 4 1/2–7 ½
Gonzales 5-7
King City 0-10.

The only loss came from the first game against Salinas. To prove that they were champs they won 31-24 the second time. The same with Monterey. The first game ended in a 20-20 tie, because of new rule allowing only one overtime, if there was no scoring in the overtime period. If still tied, each team gets half a win and half a loss. The next time Monterey saw the real Cardlet team, who won 38-8.

lightweight basketball team

forwards, Bob Puget 5’6”, Dick Jeantrout. and Jim Smethers
veteran center and leading scorer, George Becknell
guards, Bernie Bourrigue and Art Kitahara
Top sub Ernie King
Other team members: Tom Otsuki, Jimmie Wilson, Bill George, Rose, Mario Esposito, Donald Todd, Earl Ratzman, Fred Dixon and Stanley.

In the first game against Monterey, the game went into overtime with the score 20-20. In the three minute overtime both teams shot freely, but neither team could connect for the much needed point. The reason why the game ended in a tie is given at the top of the basketball section. Becknell dropped in a free throw with only seconds on the clock to tie the score. He was also high scorer for the game with 11 points. The Cardlets were trailing 11-16 going into the last quarter. Then the Cardlets scored 9 points to the Toreadorbabes 4 to even the score 20-20. This was the toughest league game. In the next meeting SC won easily 38-8.

Cardlet Quintet Slaughter Kittens. Becknell Leads Babes to 22-9 Win.
Watsonville found it tough sledding against the guard combination of Bourriague and Kitahara. The Cardlets held a substantial lead the entire game and the subs showed up extremely well and playing a lot. Bob Puget and Bernie Bourriague, two of the classiest players in the league, turned in outstanding performances on offense and defense. Ernie King, Becknell, Kitahara and Jim Smethers led the junior players. King scored nine points to take high scoring honors, while Becknell scored eight points to add to his previously made record breaker point total. Other scorers: Puget and Kitahara 4 each, Bourriague and Jeantrout 2 each.

For a span of 16 years from 1926 to 1942 the lightweight team won 11 titles.

George Becknell broke “Lefty” Pellegrini’s scoring record by 24 points with 96. Bob Puget followed with 64.


Practice game:
SC vs. Chaminade, 2-1.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Watsonville 7-1, 6-1
King City 10-0, 3-0
Hollister 3-4, 3-4
Salinas 4-1
League record 5-2 for second place.
Season 6-2
Salinas cancelled their game because of lack of practice.

The team was led by pitcher Brad Trine had a successful season losing only to league champs Hollister by one run each time. Seniors, Bernie Bourriague and John Jellision stabilized the team. Others on the team:
George Becknell C
Paul Juhl and Leibbrandt at 1B
Infielders, Kitahara 2B
Rose 3B
Danny Dedrickson SS
outfielders Doug McNeil, Joe Scaroni, Vic Ghidinelli, Buddy Yeoman, Art Netto also a P and Mike Demos.

Returnees for next year are:
Dick Fassio Of and pitcher
Johnny Davis pitcher and OF
Ernie King SS
Malcom Macauley INF
Emmett Thompson 1B.

Some highlights of the season. Against King City, Brad Trine had 17 strike outs with 11 coming in a row. He had a no hitter going into the seventh. Another big strike out game was 12 against city rival Chaminade. Brad also had a one hitter and several 5 hit games. Brad missed two no hitters by one hit. He pitched in 8 games and allowed a total of 8 runs for an ERA of 1.00 (very good). Brad was captain and center on the undefeated basketball team. Against Hollister for the championship, Trine threw a 4 hitter, but 11errors led to a 3-4 loss.

John Jellison from Aptos tripled and doubled and threw out a runner at home to take player of the week honors. Lloyd Rose had a five hit game. George Becknell had two games in a row with multiple hits, 3 for 4 and 2 for 3.

Joe Brovia a major player for the Cardinals last year, while only 17, left school to try out with the triple AAA San Francisco Seals. The league was called the major league of the West Coast as no major league team was West of St Louis. The league sent many players to the major leagues. Joe DiMaggio was one of the brightest from the Seals. Joe was sent to one of the Seals farm teams for the year. The Legendary Seals manager Lefty O’Doul was impressed by Joe’s hitting power. Joe spent many years on the Seals team and had a short time in the majors.

WIN CCAL CHAMPIONSHIP for the first time in ten years.
Both teams won all their dual meets.

Heavyweights took third at CCAL.
The varsity took second at the Monterey Relays.
At the prestige’s King City Relays against 23 schools from a wide area, the varsity came in sixth and the lightweights finished third.

Both teams won championships of the County meet.
Santa Cruz 43
Watsonville 35
Hollister 27
Boulder Creek 9

Santa Cruz 52
Hollister 43
Watsonville 19
Boulder Creek 0.

Heavyweight top scorer was Marshall Broughton with a first in the mile, second in 880. Marshall ran a 4:58 mile, which was better than any times made by winners at any meets in the area.
Second place finishers: Jack Coen 440 and Fred Dixon high jump.
Third place Paul Juhl in 120 high hurdles.
Fourth place: Richard Thompson 440 and Breeden in both the 220 and broad jump.
Other heavyweight participants at the meet; Scofield, Breeden, Morgan, Rasmussen. Field events Vic Ghidinelli, Dick Voris, Whitman, Steele, John Jellison,

Heavyweights going to the NCS meet at Antioch are Marshall Broughton in mile; Fred Dixon high jump and Jack Coen in 440.


Fourteen of the Cardlets qualified for the CCAL finals and they beat Gonzales by three points to earn the championship. First place finishers for the lightweights were: Mario Esposito in the discus, Blaine in broad jump and Ernie King in shot put.
Second place finishers: Jim Smethers in shot put and Roy Deems in 220 and 50 yard dash.
Third place finishers: Troyer in 160 low hurdles, freshman Wesley Curtis in 440 and Roy Deems in 100.
Fourth place finishers: Miller in shot put; Puget and Phillips tied in the pole vault.
Fifth place finisher: Ernie King in the 160 low hurdles.
Other participants for the lightweights Okino, and McCullah

LIGHTWEIGHTS took SEVENTH PLACE AND THE VARSITY TWELVTH out of the 40 top schools participating.

First place finishers at the NCS meet: Mario Esposito in discus and Ernie King in shot put.
Second place finishers: Roy Deems in 220 and Jim Smethers in shot put. Troyer and King both hit hurdles in the 120 low hurdles, but they still scored. Troyer taking third and King fifth.
Fourth place finishers: Freshman Wesley Curtis in 440; freshman Lolis Simpson sensational high jumper; Miller in the shotput; Bob Puget and Phillips tied in the pole vault.


match scores:
Monterey 1-10
Salinas 1-10
Watsonville 9-2
Pacific Grove 4-7
It was a big blow to the team, when Eugene Shatkin could not play at the league finals. Monterey broke the Santa Cruz string of 5 straight titles. Team members were Brad Trine number one singles player, Foote, Evans, Searle, Smethers, Daniels, Van der Grift and Nicholson.


This is the first year that golf has been recognized as a major CCAL sport. It has been such a success that there is little chance of its falling back into the minor sport ranks. The only draw back to the sport as a competitive sport for the Cards is the difficulty for the players to practice.

Pacific Grove won again by one point when the Cards were without a full squad. Many members of the team played other sports at the same time. In those shooting in the “80” group: Bob and Dick Voris, Ernie and Dick King and Tom Butler. In the “90” group Jimmie Smethers, Jim Wilson, Jim Phelps, Bob Searle, Malcomn Macaulay and David Nelson.


Bernie Bourriague three years of playing lightweight quarterback in football and basketball as a guard. Bourriague was a major contributor on two lightweight championship basketball teams, played good defense, and played second base on the championship baseball team.

This years undefeated basketball team had a talented group of athletes well versed in other sports as well. The two returning starters from the 1939 BEST OF THE DECADE team were forward Bill Foote leading scorer with a 12 point average and center Brad Trine considered the best inside defensive player on them and an inside scorer.

Bill Foote outstanding forward and ALL CCAL player who led the team to a undefeated season. Foote has been consistent in scoring in double figures this year. In the big games against Salinas, he score 18 out of the team 29 points in the first game and 21 out of the 31 points in the last game, these were the only two defeats suffered by Salinas in league. Foote usually was at the head of the ladder in tennis. He has also played golf, but can not work it in now that he is one of the top tennis players. Foote also is a leading ping pong player on campus.

Brad Trine was the MVP and ALL CCAL on the baseball team. He was a dominate pitcher in each. In 8 games pitched, Trine allowed only 8 runs for an ERA of 1.00 or one run a game. Ace pitcher for two championship teams, who said baseball was his favorite sport and probably what he was best in. Last year had a couple of shut outs. His top games this year was striking out 17 in one game with 11 in a row. Trine missed two no hitters by one hit, pitched in 8 games and allowed a total of 8 runs for an ERA of 1.00 (very good). Trine was also center on the undefeated varsity basketball team, most valuable player, good scorer and best defensive player. Additionally, he was center on a couple of undefeated lightweight basketball teams and first man on the tennis team

John Paul Juhl went out for basketball this year for the first time and with his athletic ability worked his way into the starting line up. Paul is the oldest of the four Juhl brothers, who all played for the Cards, and was considered the best all around athlete in school. In baseball he was the starting first baseman. At the same time in track, he did the high jump and ran the hurdles, scoring in the dual meets, took third at the CCAL meet in the 120 high hurdles. Juhl went on to play on the Hartnell football team that played in the Rose Bowl for the State Junior College championship in 1942 along with Dick Voris. From there he went into the service as many did and graduated from San Jose State. He coached a section championship basketball team at Lodi high and later coached at Los Gatos, beating SC at one time.

Dick Voris captain of the football team and ALL CCAL center. He also participated in track and was one of the regular golf players. Voris was one of the top golfers, shooting in the low to mid eighties, on this near miss championship team. Additionally, Voris also participated in track. Voris went on to play on the Hartnell football team that played in the Rose Bowl for the State Junior college championship in 1942 along with Paul Juhl. He played at San Jose State and became a football coach at Junior Colleges, four year colleges and pros.

Johnny Davis has been a first stringer since his sophomore year. Normally an infielder, he became the ace pitcher for the title winning team. Davis played on two undefeated lightweight basketball teams and for two years lightweight football. This year he was a starting back on the varsity football team and a reserve guard on the undefeated league champion varsity basketball team. In baseball he continued with the success he had last year as the ace of the staff for most of the season.

Bob Voris played three sports, football, basketball and golf through out his career. In football he was injured early, but came back and did a job at the end position. Voris earned his letter on the championship basketball squad at the guard position were he set up many other tallies. His height made him a good defensive player. One of the top golfers, shooting in the low to mid eighties, like his brother Dick, on this near miss championship team.

Mike Demos is a two letterman in football and baseball. Football was Demos’s best sport, starting for two years in the backfield. His husky build was an advantage backing up the line and few got past him. His offensive play was brilliant and he led the team on many long drives. In baseball Demos was an outfielder famous for his hard catches. Many supposed hits were just another out when hit in Mike’s fielding position.

Jack Coen is a three year letterman in track. In his sophomore year Coen broke the CCAL lightweight 660 yard record. The same year he took a third in the pole vault at the county meet. The last two years he has been a heavyweight. This year Coen was second in the 440 at the CCAL meet. Coen played three years of lightweight football. This last year, he was one of the strongest linemen in the CCAL. Coen played all, but a few minutes of the season.

Marshall Boughton proved to be one of the best distance runners in many years by leading the Cards to an undefeated dual meet season and team glory in the bigger meets. Boughton was the heavyweight top scorer for the season and was first in the mile, second in 880 at the CCAL meet. Boughton ran a 4:58 mile, which was better than any times made by winners at any meets in the area.

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