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FOOTBALL Practice games: Pacific Grove 26-20, Gilroy 7-14, Monterey 49-35, King City 50-0. Practice record 3-1. League: Harbor 40-0, SLV 33-15, Watsonville 10-44, Scotts Valley 31-9, Soquel 27-28, Aptos 6-12. League record 3-3 tied for third. Regular season record 6-4. CCS Division IV playoffs: Saratoga 28-25, Valley Christian 20-48. Season record 7-5.

Yearbook. A long summer of hard work and intense practice put the Cards into the CCS playoffs for the first time in ten years. “Hard work, team unity and perseverance made this yar unforgettable. I enjoyed coaching these men,” stated Head coach Basile Faltas.

Roster: Jeff McCormick, Robert Deyl, Kaj Kibak, Michael Frye, Michael Figueroa, Austin Bater, Nic Tom, Adam Cress, Jamal Hunter, Chris Marchisio, Tony Serna, Martin Case, Jared Ottley, Adam George, Eric Bernard, Steven Perez, Will Scally, Larry Figueroa, Johnny Scargill, Evan Benevento, Billy Pederson, Jason Paris, Michael Norteye, Torrey Noel-Gonzales, Marco Palermo, Christian Ramos, Kyle Milburn, Will Wetmore, Christian Leanos, Matt Merrill, Wes Matthews, Brett Miller, Joe Escobar and Alez Dunton. Head Coach Basil Faltas and assistants Jesse “Bubba” Trumbull, Bytheal Ratliff, Eric Redding

JV and FRESHMEN FOOTBALL teams were pictured together in one photograph.
Yearbook. Roster: Nick Baily Luca Iriguchi, Matt Edmonds, Michael Garcia, Robbie Emberson, Michael Marques, Derek Castro, Kyle Martin, Marcus Flores, Josh Pursley, Gary Villareal, Jesus Reyes, Brian George, Alex Geise, Daniel James, Cody Howe, Chris Taku, Vince Smithers, Cahd Jessen, Carlos Reyes, Colin Jenkins, Tai Williams, Patrick Montejano, Justin Tanimoto, Jerry Leon, Josh Jellicka, John Mata. K.C. Schmidt, Danny Frentz, Joe Concepcion, Jesus Becerill, Jose Gaona, Travis Moody, Alex Serna, Lucas Pruger, Joe Patron, James Rooney, Alex Gomez, Alfredo Salas, Sergio Escobar and Osvaldo Reyes.
Coaches Matt Windt, Tiny, Bull and Darryl Jessen.

Yearbook. Roster: Michael Brown, Jonah Stuart-Brundage, Austin Worth, Sebastian Honnef and Justin Johnson. Coach Victor Dubin.

Yearbook. Roster: Christina Ando, Kara Lewis, Vanessa Gibson, Alisa Elb, Kaja Gibbs and Melani Kamaha’o.

Yearbook. Roster: Jenny Whiting, Rachel Castro, Carlene Lohnberg, Talayeh Ghezel-Ayagh, Genevieve Mount, Heather Loosley, Noel Divine, Claire LaBerge, Andrea O’Donnel, Kylan Slakey, Angela May and Stave Braun. Coach Amelio Aragon.

GIRLS GOLF Yearbook. The team lost only two games this season. Coach Dennis Mullen has retired from teaching, but still coaches the girls golf team.

Roster: Maxi Moss, Nicki Ciaocca, Molly Heft-Neil, Elizabeth Hewitt, Beth Cato, Ashley Green, Emma Huchison, Monica May, Ariana Grova and Katie Martin, Head coach Dennis Mullen and assistant Ken Jordan.

BOYS WATER POLO made the CCS playoffs.
Yearbook. They gave 100% every game. They proved that you can still have fun, while working hard. The game is played something like mixing basketball, wrestling and soccer all in eight feet of water.

Roster: David Putnam-Pite, Jack Boston, Sasha Rosewood, Mike Belli, Marshal Somers, Blaze Young, Cody Griggs, Andreas Zappacosta, Pat Russo,Vince Cordo and Chris Jacobson. Head Coach Aaron Silverman and assistant Big Dan.

Yearbook. Roster: Temo Peranda, Hunter Armor, Alex Wright, Aaron Park, Mike Powers, Sterling Worth, Mircea Forte and Neil Cruz. Coach DR and Aaron.

Yearbook. The girls rallied each other to play at their own personal best and each team member helped out n their won special way. They were aggressive and determined to play their best. They had good attitudes even if they lost.

Roster: Krista Mattson, Grace Radick, Sierra Cross, Kristen Calhoun, Bonnie Katz, Carin Thoit, Leanna Kelly, Logan Tyler, Talisa Rodriguez, and Kaleihy Dennehy. Coach Andrea.

Yearbook. Roster: Regi McGuire, Krista Mattson, Aly Gill, Carin Thoits, Jessica Sommers and Amelia Berisoni.

Season record 23-12.
Yearbook. This hard working team won their first two games in the CCS playoffs, almost making it to the championship match. Since a lot of the girls are returning next year, they will have their sights even higher.

Roster; Katie Merrill, Rhiannon Dunphy, Amber Eklof, Carolee McKay, Lindsay Walls, Katie Robinson, Tara Kelly, Andrea Woliczko, Jessica Graham, Ashley Phillips and Kim Auer. Coach Kim Cave.

Yearbook. Roster: Becca Coleman, Monica Rees, Ashlie Lamere, Natalie Hall, Annie Daly, Lauren Welsh, Hannah Shull, Rachele Wyant, Alexis Tashima, Hila Mehr, Shantee Kingsland and Marissa Alvarez. Coach Tami King.

Yearbook. Roster: Elizabeth Ahn, Carly Johnson, Elyse Brokaw, Anna Ekloff, Fern Lightfoot, Alyssa Lantry, Stephanie Dickey, Tori Cardinale, Anika Wong and Cole Conroy. Coach Michaela Stark.

From Mbayprep: Practice games: Wilcox 57-30, Valley Christian 60-49, St. Francis of Mt. View 60-50. San Luis Obispo tournament: Villa Park 60-53, Lompoc 70-33, San Luis Obispo 58-46, Edison of Fresno 55-59. Dads Club: SLV 66-55, Paso Robles 67-55, Watsonville 49-42 for championship. Palma Tournament: North Salinas 67-60, Seaside 71-48, Ygnacio Valley of Concord 66-37 for championship. Soquel Tournament: Los Altos 69-51, Palo Alto 46-48, Watsonville 56-35. Practice record 14-2
League: Scotts Valley 60-42, 76-54; Harbor 63-41, 68-28; Watsonville 72-60, 71-53; Soquel 71-35, 50-49; SLV 74-54, 64-33; Aptos 56-42, 69-67. League record 12-0.
SCCAL playoffs: Harbor 70-63 and Aptos 59-41 in the finals for SCCAL championship all alone for SC.
CCS Division III playoffs: Monterey 81-75, Branham 67-56 and Burlingame 51-56 in the semifinals. Overall record 30-3.

League standings from Sentinel by school, league record and overall record.
SC 12-0 30-3
Harbor 8-4 17-13
Aptos 8-4 17-13
Soquel 8-4 16-14
Watsonville 3-9 10-18
SLV 3-9 7-17
Scotts Valley0-12 3-20

Yearbook. SC has a long legacy of excellence in basketball. Coach Pete Newell has created a dynasty. You can’t mistake a basketball player strutting down the hall, they stand head and shoulders above the rest. The games are fast paced and full of excitement. If you don’t keep your eyes on the court you will miss all of the subtle moves the team has perfected. Charles Burks opens the gym for extra practice before and after the regular team practice. It was another year at the CCS playoffs.

Roster by name, year in school and height: EricVanVan Vliet, 11, 6-10; Travis Haussler, 11, 6-7; Stephen Hill, 11, 6-5; Mick Miller, 12, 6-3; Austin Swift, 1, 6-3; Chris Sharp, 10, 6-6; Jesse LoBue, 10, 6-5; Cliff Summet, 11, 6-8; Akim Anderson, 11, 6-3; Kevin Grellman, 11, 6-2; Billy Pederson, 11, 6-2; Michael Norteye, 11, 5-10; Casey Marx, 11, 6-3; Kevin Konopelski, 10, 6-0; Julius Freeman, 11, 5-9; Kyle Milburn, 12, 5-10; Matt Merrill, 12, 5-9; Paul Dinkins, 11, 5-9; Junior Russell, 11, 5-6.

The following information comes from the official SC scorebook

Nov. 28. SC 57- Wilcox 30. Starters: Paul Dinkins 2, Kevin Konopelski 5, Cliff Sammet 20, Eric Van Vliet 8, Jesse LoBue 5. Akim Anderson 4, Chris Sharp 4, Travis Haussler 2, Austin Swift 5, Casey Marx 2 Played but did not score: Nick Miller, Julius Freeman, Steve Hill, Kevin Grellman. Foul shooting 6 for 17, 35 percent.

Nov. 29. SC 60- Valley Christian 49. Starters: Konopelski 2 Swift 12, Sammet 13, Van Vliet 15, LoBue 6. Played: Dinkins 10, Sharp 0, Nick Miller 2 Haussler 0, Casey Marx 0, Anderson 0. Foul shooting 12 of 17 for 71%.

Dec. 2. SC 60-St. Francis of Mountain View. Starters: Konopelski 0, Swift 9, Sammet 20, Van Vliet 6, Lo Bue 2. Played: Dinkins 1, Anderson 5, Miller 14, Sharp 3, Marx 0, Haussler 0, Anderson 0, Freeman 0. Top rebounds: Van Vliet 7, Sammet 5, Dinkins 3. Foul shooting 11 of 22 for 50%.

Dec. 4. First round of the SLO tournament: SC 60-Villa Park 53. Starters: Konopelski 3, Swift 11, Sammet 18, Van Vliet 10, Miller 6. Played: Anderson 6, Merrill 2, Norteye 2, Marx 0, Freeman 0. Haussler 0, Lo Bue 0, Dinkins 0, Merrill 2, Sharp 2. Tops rebounds: Sammet 8, Swift 8, Van Vliet 5, Miller 2. Foul shooting 7 of 16 for 43%.

Dec 5. Second round SLO tournament: SC 70-Lompoc 33. Starters: Freeman 4, Dinkins 3, Haussler 6, Marx 6, Sharp 9. Played: Konopelski 0, Norteye 2, Swift 6, Anderson 2, Pederson 3, Sammet 21, Van Vliet 8, Miller and Grellman 0. Tops in rebounds: Haussler 11, Sammet 8, Sharp 7, Van Vliet 6.

Dec. 5. In the third round SC 58-SLO 46. Starters: Norteye 4, Swift 8, Sammet 26, Van Vliet 5, Miller 2. Played more than one quarter: Konopelske 5, Haussler 2, Sharp 2, Freeman, Dinkins each 0. Played one quarter: Mark 0, Pederson 0, Anderson 4.
Top rebounders Sammet 16, Van Vliet 8 Sharp 4.

Dec. 6. Fourth round and the tournament finals SC 55-Edison of Fresno 59. Starters: Norteye 6, Swift 13, Sammet 12, Van Vliet 5, Miller 6. Played: Sharp 4, Dinkins 0, Konopelski 6, Marx 0, Anderson 0, Pederson 0, Haussler 3, Merrill 0. Tops rebounds: Sammet and Sharp 6, Van Vliet, Miller and Haussler all 4. Foul shots 13 of 22 for 59%.

Dec. 11. First game of the Dads Club tournament. SC 66-SLV 55. No mention of starters. Russell 10, Milburn 2, Merrill 1, Konopelski 3, Norteye 2, Pederson 2, Sammet 29, Anderson 5, Haussler 4, Grellman 2, Sharp 6. Foul shots 16 of 36 for 44%.

Dec. 12. Second round SC 67-Paso Robles 55. No mention of starters. Russell 16, Norteye 2, Swift 17, Pederson 5, Sammet 18, Van Vliet 9. Foul shots 11 of 17 for 64%.

Dec. 13. Finals of tourney SC 49-Watsonville 42. SC champions. Russell 6, Milburn 2, Konopelski 2, Norteye 2, Swift 6, Pederson 6, Sammet 11, Van Vliet 12, Miller 2. Foul shots 13 of 17 for 80%.

Dec. 18. In first round of the Palma Tournament SC 67 defeated North Salinas 60. Starters: Russell 8, Norteye 1, Swift 18, Sammet 22. Miller 2, Haussler 2, Pedersen 3, Konopelski 0, Anderson0, Marx 2, Hill 0, Milburn 0, Dinkins 0, Freeman 0. North Salinas went out to a 11-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. SC went ahead 33-21 at halftime. Third quarter SC 49-36. Foul shots 21 of 31 for 69%.

Dec. 19. Second round of Palma Tournament SC 71, Seaside 48. Starters: Russell 19, Norteye 2, Swift 10, Sammet 16, Van Vliet 13. Haussler 2, Pedersen 2, Miller 0, Freeman 1, Dinkins 5, Melburn 1, Merrell 0, Hill 0, Konopelski 0, Marx 0, Anderson 0, Lo Bue 0, Grellman 0.

Dec. 20. Third round and championship game of Palma Tournament SC 56, Ygnacio 37. Starters: Russell 17, Norteye 2, Swift 8, Sammet 18, Van Vliet 7. Pederson 0, Haussler 2, Merrill 2, the following played but didn’t score: Konopelski, Marx, Pederson, Anderson, Miller. The first half was tight with SC ahead 8-7 in the first quarter and then Ygnacio went ahead 19-17 at halftime. SC went ahead 34-27 at the end of the third, then pulled away in the fourth.
SC is the Palma Tournament champions.

Dec. 30. At the first game of the Soquel Tournament SC defeated Los Altos 69-51. Starters: Russell 4, Swift 6, Pederson 4, Van Vliet 11, Miller 11. Freeman 2. Dinkins 2, Milburn 4, Hill 2, Marx 2, Norteye 0, Sammet 11, Haussler 6, Lo Bue 3, Grellman 1. Foul shots 8 of 24.

Jan. 2. Second game in a tight game Palo Alto defeated SC 48-46. First quarter SC 13, Palo Alto 9 and SC held the lead at halftime 22-20. The third period ended up tied 35-35 as well as the ended of the game 43-43. The Palo Alto’s best player scored the winning two pointer. Sammet scored the Cards three points. Starters: Russell 7, Norteye 0, Swift 2, Sammet 20, Van Vliet 8. Pederson 7, Sharp 2, Miller 0, Haussler 0, Lo Bue 0, Freeman 0, Dinkins 0.

Jan. 4. Third game of the Soquel Tournament SC 56, Watsonville 35. There was a different starting lineup. Konopelski 0, Anderson 0, Sammet 10, Haussler 9, Grellman 0. Sharp 6, Miller 5, Lo Bue 7, Van Vliet 4, Pederson 0, Swift 10, Marx 2, Merrell 3. Rest didn’t score: Russell, Freeman, Hill, Milburn, Dinkins. SC was ahead 22-16 at halftime. In the third quarter SC held the Cats to one point. SC is now 15-2.

Jan. 6. In the first league game SC defeated Scotts Valley 60-42. Starters: Russell 6, Norteye 2, Swift 4, Sammet 14, Van Vliet 9. Miller 7. Lo Bue 4, Haussler 0, Sharp 2, Grellman 0, Pederson 3, Anderson 2, Marx 2, Konopelski 5. Didn’t score: Freeman, Dinkins, Milburn, Merrill Hill. SC took a 37-12 at halftime as Scott Valley was held to two points in the second quarter.

Jan. 9. SC defeated Harbor 63-41. SC went ahead 18-5 in the first quarter and 40-18 at halftime. Starters: Russell 25, Norteye 0, Swift 10, Sammet 8, Van Vliet 5. Haussler 4, Lo Bue 5, Pederson 6. Played but didn’t score: Freeman, Milburn, Merrill, Konopelski, Marx, Anderson, Grellman, Sharp.

Jan. 13. SC defeated Watsonville 72-60. SC led 27-9 at the end of the first quarter and 39-23 at halftime. Starters: Russell 14, Swift 11, Norteye 0, Sammet 17, Sharp 6 . Merrill 2, Konopelski 2, Anderson 4, Pederson 2, Miller 4, Haussler 4, Lo Bue 4, Hill 2, Freeman 0, Milburn 0, Grellman 0, Marx 0.

Jan. 15. SC defeated Soquel 71-35. SC was ahead 19-7 at the first period and 44-15 at halftime. Starters: Russell 12, Norteye 0, Swift 10, Sammet 11, Van Vliet 9. Pederson 3, Anderson 5, Miller 6, Haussler 4, Lo Bue 4, Sharp 4, Milburn 2, Merrill 1. Played but didn’t score: Freeman, Konopelski, Marx, Grellman.

Jan. 17. SC defeated SLV 74-54. Starers: Russell 14, Norteye 0, Swift 11, Pederson 13, Sammet 7. Sharp 11, Lo Bue 2, Haussler 6, Miller 2, Konopeski 6, Merrill 2. Played didn’t score: Grellman, Marx, Hill, Van Vliet, Milburn, Freeman. Soquel went out to a 18-16 lead and held on to a 34-32 lead at halftime. SC scored 23 points in the third quarter to go ahead 55-44.

Jan. 23. SC defeated Aptos 56-42 in their closes league game. The first quarter was tied 14-14 and Aptos led 28-26 at halftime. SC outscored Aptos 17-10 in the third quarter and in the fourth 13-4. Starters: Russell 9, Swift 11, Pederson 2, Sammet 8, Van Vliet 6. Miller 14, Sharp 2, Lo Bue 2, Norteye 2. Played but didn’t score: Freeman, Milburn, Merrill, Konopleski, Grellman.

Jan. Starting the second half of the season with SC undefeated in league with a 7-0 record and 21-2 overall. Defeated Scotts Valley 76-54. Starters: Marx 2, Miller 7, Freeman 2, Merrill 2, Haussler 4. Van Vliet 14, Sharp 2, Lo Bue 5, Sammet 17, Pederson 5, Swift 12, Norteye 2, Grellman 0, Anderson 0, Hill 0, Millburn 0, Dinkins 0.

Jan. 30. SC 68, Harbor 28. First quarter SC led 15-8 and at halftime 27-15. In the third quarter SC doubled the score to 48-23. Starters: Russell 12, Norteye 6, Swift 8, Sammet 11, Van Vliet 16. Miller 2, Haussler 4, Milburn 3, Hill 2, Sharp 2, Pederson 2. Played but didn’t score. Freeman, Dinkins, Marx, Merrell, Lo Bue, Grellman. Tops in assists: Swift 8 and Russell 3. Tops in rebounding: Sammet,9, Swift 5 and Van Vliet 4.

Feb. 3. SC 71, Watsonville 53. SC led 19-14 in the first quarter and held the Cats to four points in the second quarter, which ended 31-19. In the third quarter each team scored 19 points as Watsonville came back. Starters: Norteye 8, Swift 27, Pederson 0, Sammet 25, Van Valiet 6. Merrill 2, Miller 2 Freeman 1. Those who played but didn’t score: Sharp, Millburn, Hill, Marx, Konopelski, Haussler, Lo Bue, Grellman.

Feb. 5. SC 50, Soquel 49. SC led 14-7 in the first quarter and 26-10 at halftime. Then Soquel out scored SC 16 to 13 in the third quarter and 23-11 in the fourth to almost stop SC’s unbeaten record in league. Starters: Norteye 8, Swift 9, Pederson 2, Sammet 15, Van Vliet 12. Haussler 2. Played but didn’t score: Sharp and Lo Bue. Only eight players played for SC. Russell was not available to play.

Feb. 7. SC 64, SLV 33. Starters: Norteye 5, Swift 7, Pederson 2, Sammet 19, Van Vliet 12. Miller 2, Haussler 4, Sharp 4, Konopelski 3, Merrill 2, Lo Bue 2, Mark 2, Freeman 0, Milburn 0, Hill 0. At halftime the score was SC 26, SLV 12.

Feb. 13. In double overtime SC defeated Aptos 69-67. SC has had two close scores in league, one game against Soquel by one point and this one by two. Aptos took a 17-12 lead in the first quarter, but SC went ahead 32-26 at halftime. Aptos went ahead by two points 45-43 in the third quarter. The score was tied 59-59 at the end of regulation. Each team scored six points in the first overtime to end up 65-65. In the second overtime, Swift and Sharp scored two pointers, while Aptos only scored on two foul shots.
Starters: Norteye 4, Swift 21, Pederson 2, Sammet 19, Van Vliet 15. Sharp 4, Miller 2, Merrill 2. Played didn’t score: Lo Bue, Haussler, Konopelski, Milburn.

March 3. In the CCS Division III playoffs, Burlingame defeated SC 56-51. Burlingame went out to a 17-13 lead in the first quarter and then held the Cards to 7 points in the second quarter to take a halftime lead of 33-20. The Cards came out strong and outscored Burlingame 20 to 13 and close the gap to 46-40 at the end of the third quarter. SC won the fourth quarter 11-10 to get the difference in the score at five points. Russell was still not able to play his normal game and scoring just two foul shots. He did play a limited time in all four quarters. Starters: Russell 2, Norteye 8, Swift 20, Sammet 11. Van Vliet 4. Pederson 6. Players who didn’t score: Sharp, Miller, Milburn, Merrill.

SCCAL ALL LEAGUE selected by the league coaches: Austin Swift won the honor of being the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER and Pete Newell COACH OF THE YEAR. Cliff Sammet was named to the first team and Junior Russell to the second team.

Yearbook. Roster: Gary Smith, Ryan Scofield, Adam Hyman, Jake Pino, Taylor Vaughan, John Kim, Alex Geise, Jared Carlsen, Sean Lynch and Michael Marques. Coach Charles Burks.

Yearbook. Roster: Jens Mordgaard, Gabriel Shield-Estrada, Nathaniel Carver, Mashawn Gonzales, Bryce Burk, Kevin Cosio-Summer, Evan Milburn, Robert Sanders, Cody Boaz, Finn Ellis, Dayne Quist and Jacob Norquist. Head Coach Kristy Netto and assistant Phil Netto.

From Mbay.Prep. Practice games: Gator Classic: Eastside Prep 69-57, Sacred Heart Prep 39-64, Presentation 21-49. Alisal 75-39, St. Francis Mt. View 38-39, San Mateo 57-22. Burlingame Tournament: Gilroy 76-42, Burlingame 63-65, Presentation 49-48, St. Marys of Berkeley 40-68. Mitty Classic: Soquel 43-50, Notre Dame 44-52. Oakland 63-53. Practice record 6-7. league: Scotts Valley 69-40, 66-37; Harbor 53-29, 43-23; Watsonville 70-21, 74-28; Soquel 33-51, 54-66; SLV 63-24, 67-26; Aptos 67-51, 65-55. League record 10-2 for second place. SCCAL playoffs: in the semifinals defeated Aptos 71-52 and lost to Soquel 44-53 in the finals.. CCS Division III, defeated Willow Glen 87-67, St. Ignatius 52-50, Saratoga 67-52 and lost to Sacred Heart Cathedral 52-56 in the finals. Overall record 20-11.

Yearbook. During the preseason the team was a bit shaky, but once the league season started the girls started to get used to each other and recognized their individual roles on the court. There hard work and teamwork helped them make the CCS playoff. By post-season the “Chemistry” of the team was at its best. Frannie Sorenson said, “Coach Jones really pushed us to do our best and play to our ability.”

Roster: Jenny Whiting, Shelley Mez, Marissa Kluzniak, Andrea Woliczko, Alysa Gintert, Lindsay Wall, Jessica Graham, Katie Belville, Amanda Ornellas, Tara Kelly, Hannah Shull, Zabia Bryan, Frannie Sorenson, Cori Ankele, Anastasia Fouse-Cabrera and Lindsay Wallraff.
Coach Pat Jones.

From Mbay.prep. Scoring by name, games played, points scored and average per game
Sorenson 28 359 12.82
Woliczko 26 319 12.27
Graham 30 290 9.67
Kluziak 31 196 6.32
Belville 28 146 5.21

ALL SCCAL Forwards: Andrea Woliczko, Jessica Graham and Marissa Kluziak and Guard Francine Sorenson

Yearbook. Roster: Stephanie Dickey, Lianna Kelly, Cassie Garner, Alexis Tashima, Carly Johnson, Cole Conroy, Monica Rees, Katrina Jenkins, Brittany Williams and Eriana Neiblum-Lamkin. Coach Stephanie Hughes.

Yearbook The help and experience the team received from the teammates who went to France a year ago was invaluable. Their skills have improved greatly and they use the tips for training and matches. The team had an exceptionally good year. Coach Corona instills a of history and a driving passion for the sport, plus keeping them focused and in shape.

Roster: Kaj Kibak, Cam Zachreson, Timothy Clark, Ben Bowman, Collin Jenkins, Peter Fuller, Neil Cruz, Alec Zachreson, Aaron Park, Jeff Rossini and Luke Hart. Head Coach John Corona and assistant Isaac.


Yearbook SC graduated ten seniors from the squad that had won two CCS titles the past two years. They started the season by tying Gilroy, who was the CCS Division I runner up last year.

Like the saying goes, “the offense sells tickets and the defense wins championship,” That’s exactly what the SC defense did. In the preseason and the first round of league, the Cards allowed ten goals. In the second round of league and the CCS playoffs, they only allowed three goals. The defense was made up of Jose Santiago, Luke Shaw, Walter Singaram, Juan Ponce, Juan Marquez and goalie Pete Van Sant.

Roster: Ryan Ismail, Julian Alvarez, Alonso Ortega, Jose Santiago, Juan Ponce, Alan Diaz, Alex Diego, Lowell Hope, Juan Marquez, Ali Sabankaya, Walter Singaram, Tim Degrasse Eduardo Chavez, Marcel Cathrein, Pete Van Sant, Graham Gelwicks, Matt Skenazy and Luke Shaw. Coach Semi Sabankaya

Yearbook. As they would always say to one another, “there is no I in TEAM” and ”If you can’t except losing, you can’t win.”

Roster: Marcel Cathrein, Michael Jed, Jason Kaye, Zachary Fang, Cesar Villa, Reed Johnson, Michael Love, Victor Moreno, Raf Ragnell, Nathan Van Zandt, Dustin Sharp, Austin Worth, Jery Leon, Armando Anaya, Steve Young, Joey Zambrano, Mario Ruiz, Alex Gomez, William Alvarez and Adolfo Gonzales. Coach Aragon

From Mbay.prep. Practice games: San Benito 4-0, Menlo Atherton 1-0, Santa Catalina 3-3, Live Oak 0-3. Practice record 2-1-1
League: Scotts Valley 1-1, 1-0; Soquel 0-1, 2-1; Aptos 0-1, 0-1; SLV 0-1, 2-1; Watsonville 6-0, 1-1; Harbor 0-0, 2-3. League record 4-5-3. CCS Division III playoffs lost to Mercy of Burlingame 3-4. Overall record 6-7-4.

Yearbook. After losing eleven seniors from last years league and CCS championship team, many felt there was no way this years team would make CCS. The season had a rough start, but in the second half, the girls beat some of the tough teams and worked their way into the CCS playoffs. In their first game at CCS, after playing double overtime, the Cards eventually lost on penalty kicks.

New coach, Jay Gomez made some changes in the defensive formation, that no other local high school team had ever tried before. It took awhile to get used to, but once the team got the hang of it there was no chance for the other team to get past their strong defense. The defense stayed tough and was led by the best freshman in the league, Chelsea Muir.

Roster: Nicole Caiocca, Katie Merrill, Laura Schwartz, Beth Cato, Cocco Virostko, Leah Noble, Christine Garcia, Julie Odron, Alisia Munoz, Marie Knox, Chelsea Muir, Claire Johnson, Suise Oliver, Savannah Harry, Bianca Boegel, Miriam Tolentino, Lauren Takahashi, Hannah Martin and Beth Osborn. Head coach Jay Gomez and assistant Mark.

From Mbay.Prep. ALL SCCAL Chelsea Muir, defender

Yearbook. The Cards all had heart and the determination of winning every game. They played their games through all kind of weather, neither rain or shine could stop these players from playing the sport they love so much.

Roster: Zealand Reynolds, Kari Farrell, Annie Yabroff, Molly Heft-Neal, Rachel McGowan, Daloma Phillips-Fernandez, Becca Coleman, Elysa Jauregui, Kaja Gibbs, Emma Hutchinson, Hannah Emberson, Sylvia Rubio, Whitney Ramos, Meilani Kamaha’O-Bowman, Karen Munoz, Vanessa Guerrero and Yvette Lopez. Coach Mark.

Practice games: Brophy Prep of Phoenix Arizona tourney: Carmel tourney: Leland St. Ignatius NMC Arcadia Tourney: Valley Christian Tourney:
League: Watsonville Harbor SLV Soquel Scotts Valley Aptos

SC won the league with a 10-2 record followed by Soquel 9-3, Scotts Valley 7-5, Aptos 6-6, Harbor 4-8, SLV 3-9, Watsonville 3-9.
SCCAL post season playoff: Aptos 2-1, but lost to Scotts Valley in the championship game
CCS playoffs: defeated Lincoln in the first round, Mt. View 4-1 in the quarterfinal and Monterey in the semifinals 9-4, but lost to Burlingame in the finals of Division II 4-8.
SC’s overall record 24-13..

Yearbook. The team works year around to become the best team that they can be. It paid off last year, when they won the league and CCS Division three. Practice starts at 1:00 during lunch through fourth period on the field and in the weight room and even after school. They train the year round, on and off season.

Roster: Kenny Taylor, Brandon Hennessey, Alex Stewart, Alex Myers, Drew Gagnier, D J Anthony, Michael Brown, Pete Feurtado, Will Wetmore, Paul Dinkins, Dylan Windt, Trevor Burns, Zack Fleming, Drew Gagnier, Alex Stewart, Justin Allegri, Wes Matthews

From Mbayprep.com stats: Brian Hennessey had a 9-2 season record for third place in the area. D.J. Anthony was fifth in stolen bases with 7.

In the semifinals of the SCCAL tournament
Cards Escape Aptos. Santa Cruz Ekes Out 2-1 victory.
If SC is to win back to back CCS baseball championships, they will have their superb defense to thank for it. Michael Brown pitched five innings for the victory, allowing five hits and no walks as SC 21-11 won in the second round of the league playoffs at Harvey West Park. “Our defense is so great. Today they just made plays they had to make for us,” Brown said. SC did not make an error, while Aptos made three costly errors. With the score tied 1-1 an over throw by Aptos’ catcher to third base allowed Anthony to score in the fourth inning for the winning run. Anthony had reached first on an infield hit, stole second and was stealing third when the ball went into the outfield. (His running set up the score.)
To seal the game, SC’s defense still needed a big play. In the top of the seventh, the lead off batter was hit by a pitch by relief pitcher Brandon Hennessey. The next batter flied out for the first out The next hitter singled down the right field line and the ball was fielded cleanly by Anthony, but the batter didn’t hesitate rounding first and was going for second. Anthony delivered a perfect throw to second getting the batter for the second out. Hennessey then struck out the next batter for the third out to end the game.
“We play good defense, that’s our key. If we throw strikes and just let the other team put the ball in play, we’ll always have a chance to win,” Coach Kittle.

May 20. UNDER PRESSURE. Reigning CCS Champ Cardinals Insist They’re Not Feeling The Heat. “This team hates to Lose. I think that loss to Scotts Valley was a wake up call. I know after that game, we were like, why did we lose to Scotts Valley? But baseball is that way,” said pitcher Michael Brown.
Not every athlete handles pressure the same. One might think SC baseball players live for it. Hip hop blared from the dugout stereo system as the Cardinals smiled and joked during the otherwise regimented practice for their CCS opener. Its go time. The second seeded Cards 21-12 on the season are going against fifteenth seeded Lincoln in CCS Division II.
“You are the number two seed,” coach Kittle told his players. “Act like you’re the two seed. Play like you’re the two seed.” Kittles brief lecture was interrupted by outfielder D.J. Anthony, who did a mock celebration. “D.J., I know I don’t have to tell you,” Kittle said.
The Cars behind talented starters Michael Brown and Brandon Hennessy and a scrappy offense, hope to win it all. Brown, who will play for CSU Dominguez Hills next season will start the first game. Hennessey a transfer from MVC who has signed with San Jose State will throw the second game. Sophomore talent Drew Gagnier and freshman Dayne Quist coming out of the bull pen, the Cards believe they have the pitching that can help them win it all.
Winning CCS has been the Cards goal all season and is stressed during each and every game. With such emphasis placed on winning it all, one might think these players were ready to explode from the expectations. “Pressure is not like that,” Anthony said. “Pressure is a relative term. Pressure is for a team that’s not really prepared. We don’t have pressure. This is the natural progression of our team.”
Under Kittle, the Cards hold a 9-3 record in the post season. Including this year, they’ve made CCS play in five of his eight seasons as coach. They’ve reached the semifinals three times and steamrolled top seeded Carmel 13-2 in last year’s Division III final for the schools first section title in the sport.
Despite the Cards past success, this years team had lofty goals, to repeat. They had a good returning corps of players and a nice blend of talent coming from junior varsity. However, after the second game of SCCAL play, three returning starters were kicked off the team for violation if team rules. “The day we got the news, the team agreed. We’ve got to step it up,” Anthony said. “We never wavered in our belief that we could win another CCS title.” In the teams first game without the exiled players, the Cards booted SLV 13-3.
“A lot of people probably thought we were going to fold after we lost those guys,” Anthony said. “But that next game, I think we quieted a lot of people. Some would argue we’ve gotten stronger, as a team with the loss.”
If anything, the loss depleted the Cards of a bench that could come in and contribute. Kittle was left to fill holes at second base, center field and the number two pitching spot. Now, the bulk of the Card lineup is made up of juniors. Zack Fleming moved from third to second, Justin Allegri took over third base, Will Wetmore took over center and Brown stepped in as the team’s second pitching ace. Paul Dinkin’s, Wes Mathews, Dylan Windt and Anthony, all are battling for one spot in the lineup, essentially became starters.
Another blow was dealt when Trevor Burns was lost to a broken foot in the regular season finale as the Cards won the SCCAL title. But in the SCCAL tournament, the top seeded Cards were upset 4-3 by third seeded Scotts Valley, a team they beat twice in the regular season by a total of 25-7. Suddenly a team that at times looked dominant appeared vulnerable. “If we lose, we come out harder the next game,” said Brown. “We always pick it up when we need to, as long as we stay focused.”
So stay focused and have fun, Cards, because the pressure is on. Jim Seimas.

In the first game of the CCS playoffs, SC defeated Lincoln of San Jose and Mt. View 4-1 in the quarterfinal. SC’s next game is against Monterey, who beat Los Gatos 5-4 in ten innings. This will be a semifinal game at San Jose Municipal Stadium.
Saturdays intensity level was sky high. Not only was it a playoff game, it was a possible preview of a future NCAA Division I pitching match up. The Mt. View pitcher has a scholarship to Stanford and SC’s Brandon Hennessey to San Jose State.
“The dugout was awesome,” said Hennessey, who escaped a bases loaded, no out jam in the sixth inning in his complete game victory. “I’ve never been part of anything like that. This is my first time at CCS. I just fed of their emotion.”
Paul Dinkins squeezed in Will Wetmore for a 1-0 lead. On the play, the 6-3 Mt. View pitcher knocked over Dinkins with a hard tag as Wetmore scored. “That was big,” Wetmore said of the squeeze play. “I don’t think anyone thought we were going to score on this guy. It was nice just to know we could score.
Thanks to a three run fourth inning, the Cards didn’t need to bat in the seventh inning as they were home team. The Mt. View pitcher struck out nine, walked three and hit two batters. Both teams had four hits. Hennessey had seven strike outs, one walk and hit one batter.
In the fourth, Wetmore singled, stole second and move the final two bases on wild pitches. Anthony walked, move to third on the pitchers two errant throws and scored on Dylan Windt’s single. Number nine hitter Justin Allegri drove in the final Card run on a two out two strike single to score Windt.
In the fifth, Mt View hit a home run for their score. SC had turned a double play before the homer to clear the bases.
In the sixth Hennessey escaped a bases loaded, no out situation created by a hit batter and two singles. The first out was an infield pop up. The next batter was hit on the forearm, but the umpire ruled he was not hit. The hitter chopped the ball back to Hennessey, who went home to Pete Feurtado at the plate for a force and Feurtado went to Dinkins at first to complete the double play.
“We got a break when that guy got hit, But we played defense and that’s why we won,” coach Kittle.

SC beat Monterey in the semifinals 9-4.

The Cards lost to Burlingame 8-4 in the CCS Division II finals.

ALL SCCAL first team: junior catcher Pete Feurtado, junior shortstop Alex Stewart, junior second baseman Zak Fleming, junior outfielder Trevor Burns; senior pitcher, Brian Hennessey; senior outfielder D. J. Anthony.

Yearbook. Roster: Ben Nordstrom, Dayne Quist, Sean Mullis, Joel Williams, Alex Dunton, Lucas Pruger, Michael Garcia, Robbie Yurich, Andy Kolasa, Eric Navaroli, Chris Marchisio, Justin Scott and Chris Sharp.

Yearbook. Roster: Brandon Bagnell, Dustin Harison, Mike Hughes, Will Alvarez, Steve Young, Thomas Mohamed, Winston Amaro, Amar Patel, James Rooney, Kyli Tannen, Ray Rios, Robbie Emberson, Bryce Burk, Hunten Armor, Patrick Anderson, Mike Powers, Tim Blanc, Cody Boaz and Alex Geise.

Yearbook This years team came into the season with a young team of sophomores and juniors, no seniors.

Roster: Skye Haney, Ashley Muhly, Katie Christopher, Logan Vanderpool, Jenna Escobar, Stephan Anderson, Marissa Alvarez, Noel Devine, Julianna Redell, Ashlie Lamiere, Kaitlyn O’Brien and Shantee Kingsland. Head Coach Kim Cave and assistant Joe Escobar.

Yearbook Roster: Tara Kelly, Kari Jordan, Anna Eklof, Jessica Ruiz, Stephanie Dickie, Cassie Garner, Lauren Vargas, Elyse Brokaw, Julia Marchionna, Monica Rees, Alyssa Lantry, Samantha Rose, Christal McCrary, Kendra Carmichael, Katie Damon and Lauren Welsh. Head Coach Tami King and assistant Dan.

Yearbook. Track is a sport for anyone and everyone, because there are so many different events on can participate in, athletes have a lot of events to choose from. With over seven coaches every athlete has individual attention. Many of the track team are multi-sport participants taking advantage of the opportunity to gain speed and endurance.

Roster: Travis Haussler, Mike Frye, Fern Lightfoot, Seb Honnef, Jonah Stuart-Brunage, Zachary Fang, Luis Sanavia, Moritz Rueth, Chris Taku, Jerry Leon, Mike Marquez, Jared Ottley, Taylor Reinhold, Pete Van Sant, Karlton Hester, Jens Nordgaard, Katie Merill, Olivia Morgan, Romonica Stephens, Zabia Geisreiter-Bryan, Monica Terry, Jenny Whiting, Matt Merill, Kyle Milbern, Devon Modrak, Marilyn Morris, Alexis Tashima, Austin Worth, Guerrero Villarreal, Sarah Harris, Kaylin Slakey, Alexis Bartlow, Mailani Kamaha’O, Molly Heft-Neal, Bobby Sanders, Michael Norteye, Torrey Noel-Gonzalez, Lianna Kelly, Anastasio Fouse-Cabrera, Evan Milburn, Kara Lewis, Vanessa Gibson, Brian Williams, Michael Davis, Justin Johnson, Kaja Gibbs, Julie Odron, Clare Ross, Monica May, Kyra Rodriguez, Llylyn Throop, Whitney Ramos, Emma Hutchison, Jessica Kliger, Katrina Jenkins, Brittany Williams, Catlin Weaver, Alex Hays, and Jessica Kruger.
Long distance coach, long jump coach, hurdle coach Don Roberts, sprint coach, high jump and triple jump coach and field events coach, in the team picture, but no names.

Yearbook. Over 45 students joined the teams this year. Many of them rise before day light to train for an hour before school begins and then do another workout after school.

Roster: Blaze Young, Perri Wells, Lean Pine-Campbell, Ana Davenport, Monica Tanza, David Putnam-Pite, Patrick Rosso, Jack Boston, Kathryne Robinson, Danielle Warren, Aly Gill, Regeana McGuire, Mary Mc Cormick, Greta Carroll, Kirsten Calhoun, Mircea Forte, Vincent Sordo, Shannon Smyth, Lindsay Robinson, Krista Mattson, Brianna Skanderup, Shauna Dietz, Grace Randick, Chris Jacobson, Marshall Somers, Mila Bock, Carly Fuhrman, Carin Thoits, Hannah Shull, Talisa Rodriguez, Ciera Cross, Lindsay McDermott, Hila Mehr, Laisa Gouvea, Ivy Chung, Katerina Wrangell, Jessica Somers, Jean Davenport, Katie Malcom, Marisela Chavez, Amelia Barisone and Kaleigh Dennehy. Two coaches are shown in the picture, but not named.

Yearbook. Roster: Daniel Brown, Sean Lynch, Rafael Rangell, Phil Ryder, Ross Toshitsune, Ryan Webber, Justin Tanimoto, Ali-John Sondossi, George Patrikeyev, Jesse Renteria, Brett Pearson, Lucas Heller, Alok Pandey, Ryan Ismail and Jerry Chiang and John Kim.
Coach Will Powers.

Yearbook. Roster: Greg Worthen, Sean Liechti, Derek Talbott, Greg Auer, Bennet Bilgere and George Bilgere.

Yearbook. The team is fortunate to have two very experienced coaches. Bob Shaw, who coached a world championship team and Andrew Briers, who plays for the professional San Jose Stealth. The team starts training in the middle of the winter sports season. They run mile after mile and have a small practice. Lacrosse is a fast paced aggressive sport. Top players were Robert Deyl, Mike Fig, Luke Shaw, Lowell Hope and Graham Gelwicks.

Rosters: Jake Pino, Tyler Reed, Mike Fig, Robert Dely, Mitch Suits, Dustin Keller, Graham Gelwicks, Tim McManus, Zack Schalvarjian, Brian George, Jordin Cloar, Adam George, Lowell Hope, Scott Millang, Andrew Woodhead, Dario Bortolin, Matt Edmonds, Kyler Geracij, Michael Jed, Matt Greenburg, Alex Curtin, Forrest Ohtake, Neil Foster, Ben Rose, Alex Diego, Luke Shaw, Danny Haber, Jonathon Coleman, Danny Frents, Adam Spear, Zac Letner, Brad Davies, Carlos Rubio, Johnny Orlando and Chad Jessen. Coaches Bob Shaw and Andrew Briers.

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