1965 – 1969


The following sports: cross country, water polo, swimming, wrestling and track are sports
where individuals can qualify to advance in competition. The first names listed will be for those who qualify for the next step in competition, such as NCS or CCS region or qualifying meet, NCS or CCS finals, Northern California, State and All American. Depending on the sport or the round of competition, an athlete can qualify for the next round by placing from first to fourth. In girls swimming, one can qualify for CCS by swimming under the qualifying time for the event.

All other sports will list only the first string All League and Sentinel All County team members, plus any other honor the athlete might have won.

Up until the mid sixties, SC was in the North Coast Section, which covered from Marin and Napa counties to Monterey county. Then the Central Coast Section was formed to cover schools in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties.

1960 FOOTBALL Bill Scally and John Rogers
Second team All Coast, John Rogers

BASKETBALL Dave Young and Steve Smith
Lightweight: Rich Bascau

WRESTLING Jim Hunt, Roy Miyoko and John Rogers and Warren King named outstanding wrestler at league meet
NCS Hunt third, Rogers fourth
NCI Rogers took first place

BASEBALL Dave Young, Steve Smith, Mike Murphy and Ron Worrell

TRACK Claude Schmidt. Don Swan and Bruce Buckner

1961 FOOTBALL Bruce McPherson

BASKETBALL Steve Smith and Al McCommon
Smith was listed eighth in scoring in Northern Cal by SF Chronicle
Lightweights Mark Conrad and Roger Blanchard

WRESTLING Ron Miyoko and Mike Owen both league champions. NCS champion Mike Owen
NCS third, Ron Miyoko

BASEBALL Al McCommon, Steve Smith, Wally Walker, Don Gerig and John Pierce. San Jose Mercury Central Coast baseball team: Al McCommon, Steve Smith and John Pierce

TRACK Bruce Buckner, Dennis Nettof, Claude Schmidt and John Van Ness

1962 FOOTBALL Bruce Buckner and Bill Burja
Lightweights Frank Fujimura and Bill Thuringer

BASKETBALL Steve Smith. Smith was named by the San Jose Mercury to the a Central Coast All Star squad. The SF Examiner selected Smith to the All North Coast All Star team, which covers from Marin and Napa counties to Monterey county. The SF Chronicle placed Steve on the All Northern Cal third team.

WRESTLING To NCS Rod Biashiki, Ron Miyoko, Harvey Rogers, Mike Owen, Frans Lind and Ray Lowry.
NCS second, NCI Mike Owen
Champion NCS and NCI Ron Miyoko

BASEBALL Mark Schultz, Mike Murphy and John Pierce

TRACK NCS Claude Schmidt, John Reed and Sam Bartlett
Schmidt qualified for STATE

SWIMMING AND DIVING Ken Strong, Karl Halbach and diver Mike Owen

1963 FOOTBALL Dave Netto, Rich McCombs, Mark Schultz, Eric Taylor and Bill Thuringer.
Eric Taylor, first team Northern Cal, played in North-South Shrine game, scholarship to UCLA,
Dave Netto, second team Northern Cal, scholarship to Stanford.
Lightweight: Stan Pillsbury

BASKETBALL Mark Conrad and Roger Blanchard
Lightweight: Paul Kadotani

WRESTLING Eric Taylor and Scott Ferguson qualified for NCS
Mike Owen MBL champion, undefeated in dual meets.
Mike Owen Champion NCS, voted the Outstanding Wrestler.
NCI champion.

BASEBALL Dave Netto, Mark Schultz, Rick Wilkins, Bob Pederson, Gary Bowen

TRACK NCS Chuck DeMello Pine

SWIMMING Ken Strong,

1964 FOOTBALL Bob Pederson, Dennis McNeely and Kim Joslin

BASKETBALL Larry Griffin
Lightweight: Pete Pappas

WRESTLING NCS Ken Gledhill, Tom Johns and Dennis Rowen

BASEBALL Pete Pappas, Bob Pederson and Buddy Smith

TRACK NCS Del Looney, John Freesmann, Larry Griffin, Tom Estrada,
Ron Vellutini

SWIMMING NCS Steve Cowden, Rob Ley, Todd Booth and Bruce Haney

1965 FOOTBALL Don King

BASKETBALL Larry Griffin and Glenn Griffin

WRESTLING David Anderson, Ken Gledhill and Ed Kaping
NCS Brian Loehr, Gene Rochelle

BASEBALL Buddy Smith, Bill Gilbert and Ron Durkin

TRACK Tom Estrada, Larry Griffin

SWIMMING Steve Cowden

GOLF Bob Berkler

1966 FOOTBALL Tom Stagnaro
Lightweight: Dave Cecy

BASKETBALL Glenn Griffin CO-MVP, selected to play in the CCS East- West game
Lightweights: Gary Ghidinelli, CO-MVP and Kirk Waller

WRESTLING CCS Tony Alvarez, Edward Kaping, Gene Rochell, Brian Loehr
NCI Kip Herren

TRACK CCS finals Byron Wilson, Ron Vellutini, Greg Larson as individuals, plus a part of the 880 relay team with sophomore Dan Lowery
STATE Byron Wilson

BASEBALL Dana Hendershott and Greg Gordon

SWIMMING Todd Booth (Question on others)

1967 FOOTBALL Lightweights: Jim Bartell and Jim Hopper

BASKETBALL Wes Bergazzi and Tom Foster
All County Bergazzi, Foster, Gary Ghidinelli, Kris Sorensen
Lightweights: Kirk Waller, Grant Wilson

WRESTLING All won at MBL and qualified for CCS finals Brenden Baer, Allan Rochelle, Pat Pennell, Jerry Malmin
Kip Herren took third at CCS and NCI

BASEBALL Tom Crichton, Dana Hendershott, Wes Bergazzi, George Arnott and Dave Trybom. All were ALL SCCAL and All County

TRACK Tom Mitchell, Dave McCune
CCS Region III Baynard Smith, Don Lowery, Walt Edwards
Relay team of Lowery, Roy Dierflinger, Smith, Wilson.
Bryon Wilson won at CCS, then to STATE

SWIMMING Todd Booth, Maarten Kerkove, Johann Kerkove and Jake Moran.
Lightweights: Jim Hopper, Jack Halderman and Ed Douglas
The medley relay team of Dave Withrow, Ed Douglas, Bruce Zenner, Jim Foster and Jeff Rice qualified along with the 200 yard freestyle relay team of Jim Foster, Dan Foster, Ed Douglas and Jim Hopper Divers Dave Withrow and Harley Gilespi qualified.

1968 FOOTBALL ALL MBL Walt Edwards MVP, Kirk Waller, Scott Graff, Jerry Malman, Jim Sutherland, Tom Mitchell and Gary Ghidinelli
All County Jerry Johns, Dan Poston, Tom Crichton plus ALL MBL
Players Edwards, Graff, Malman and Ghidinelli

BASKETBALL Gary Ghidinelli, Tom Foster, Kris Sorensen, Dan Rodriques. Foster and Sorensen All CCS tournament.
Lightweight: Bill Kypreos, Bob Nunes

WRESTLING Phil DiGirolamo, Kip Herren, Allan Rochelle MBL winners plus, Jerry Malmin, Tom Mitchell and Pat Pennell all qualified for CCS.
CCS DiGirolamo second, Herren third and Malmin all qualified for NCI.
Herren third at NCI.
Herren over four years ended with 103 wins, 19 loses and one tie

TRACK CCS Walter Edwards, George Hightower, Tom Mitchell
STATE Al Marshall
Lightweights: Doug Huskey, CCS relay team Willie Head, Alan Rochelle, Murray Fleming and Dee Herren

BASEBALL Tom Critchton, Gary Ghidinelli, Rod Fleming, Dale Lyster and
Kris Sorensen

SWIMMING Johann Kerkove, Maarten Kerkov
Relay team of Johann and Maarten Kerkov, Don Foster, Jeff Rice
Lightweights: Dave Withrow, Bryon Foster


BASKETBALL ALL SCCSL Gary Ghidinelli MVP, Tom Foster, Kris Sorensen, Dave Paul. plus Grant Wilson All County.
Lightweight: Bill Kypreos
Ghidinelli selected All CCS by San Jose Mercury, honorable mention SunKist All American Team, MVP at Dads Club and Cabrillo Tourneys
Foster All CCS tournament
WRESTLING Paul Pennell, Craig Deane, Dee Herren
CCS and NCI Gary Rochelle, Phil DiGirolamo

BASEBALL ALL SCCAL and All County Kris Sorensen MVP, Gary Ghidinelli, Rod Fleming, Dale Lyster and Bill Kypreos

TRACK Chuck Spray, Don Roberts, Dennis Baldwin and Steve Mendoza
Lightweights: Eloy Villa and Tom Elms
San Jose Mercury top times in all track events in CCS. Al Marshall had the top times in the 100 and 220. Tom Mitchell third in shot put.
At CCS Marshall won both the 100 and 220. The relay team took first place. Mitchell third in shot put.
CCS and STATE Al Marshall, Tom Mitchell as individuals
440 relay team of Marshall Willie Head, Murray Fleming, Gay Hayden

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