Athletes – families with multiple generations

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This is special to have more than two in a family active in athletics at the same school. If you fit in this category, please e-mail the alumni office at scalumni@cruzio, com or send a note to the alumni office at 531 Lincoln Street, SC 95060, so we can add your information to this list.

KIRBY’S: Ray, father; Bill Rich, John

VOMVOLAKIS: George, Jim, Nick

NETTO’S: Manuel, father; Phil and Dave, sons; Kristy, granddaughter

LYSTERS: Dale, Gary, Jim

ELLIS; Steve, Doug, David

FLEMINGS: Murray, Rod and Scott

TRYBOM’S: Dave, Steve,

PUGET’S: Bob, Mike, Monte

JUHL: Wes,

GEORGE’S: Chris, two brothers a sister, uncle Mike DiTano

MACAULEY: Ray father, Lee, Ray, Malcum

WILSON’S: Bob, father; Esther, mother; John, son; Kathy, Joanna, daughters

Raymond Kirby fastest back an all around football player in the league. Played baseball for SCHS and one of the local semi pro teams while still in high school. An article in the Sentinel remarked that a couple of hot shots to the hot corner gave the young third baseman some trouble. He had three sons who were top athletes at SCHS. Rich who led the football team in scoring in 1948 plus pitching. Bill ALL CCAL lineman 1n 1950 and also played baseball as a pitcher and fielder. The youngest John played football, basketball and baseball making ALL CCAL in all of them.

Netto family athletic history at SCHS. As far as we know the Netto’s are the only family of three generations to make ALL LEAGUE basketball all for two years in a row.

In 1933 at NCS Manuel was second in the football throw. In baseball averaged 13 strike outs a game. One hit Monterey and had 3 hits himself. Won all 4 league games with ERA of 2.5. Captain of the team. He pitched a fine game in win against Santa Clara 5-4 and hit a triple. In 1932 pitched in bad luck. For one example struck out 6 in 3 innings but had no support as Santa Cruz had 10 errors in loss to Sequoia. Manuel pitched well the whole season, but was hurt by too many errors. Comment in Trident was Manuel has great stuff when he hits his stride.

Manuel Netto was first team for two league championship teams, basketball and baseball. Manie; was a major factor in both teams success. In basketball he was ALL CCAL along with Raymond Carpenter. Manuel was a leading scorer with a high point game of 18 in last game of the season. In 1931 and 1932 his basketball teams ended up in second place one game out of first. Manuel was a first string player during 1932 and a leading scorer and rebounded. In track Manuel placed first in the CCAL football throw. Yes it was a league and STATE track event.

Manuel was later a mainstay of city league, which packed the civic auditorium regularly for games. Manuel oldest son Phil, was also a two year ALL CCAL center and was the leading rebounded and scorer on a league championship team. Manuels granddaughter Kristy also was a top basketball player at SC and at Cabrillo College and Bethany College. At the present time she is the boy’s junior varsity coach at SC with winning teams and championships.

Son Phil was selected All CCAL in basketball in 1956 and 1957. In senior year selected to All North Coast and All Coast Teams. Played at Hartnell College and San Francisco State. In the service played for US Army basketball teams up and down the East Coast. Selected as an alternate on the All Service team in the second year. Went to New York for the 1964 Olympic team trials. Played a season with Baltimore in the CBA.

Came home to start coaching: Youth basketball, 13 years; Special Olympics, 13 years; Junior High, 4 years; High School basketball, 7 years. Phil is still in the process of staying up with the changes in the game and helping out were need in any role from setting up court, individual coaching of players, helping coach to actually coaching a team. Last year Phil coach a Mission Hill sixth grade team to a winning season and he and the kids had a good time.

Granddaughter Kirsty Netto was selected All SCCAL and All Santa Cruz county by the Sentinel in basketball for two years 1986 and 1987. Played two years 1987 and 1989 at Cabrillo College. Then two years at Bethany College 1996 and 1997. At Bethany she was selected first team All Cal-Pacific conference, NAIA DII.

Kristy started coaching Special Olympics for 13 years; Mission Hill Junior Highe for 4 years, SCHS boy’s freshman team 5 years. At present in the second year of coaching the SCHS Junior Varsity boy’s basketball team. In the 2005-2006 her team won the SCCAL Junior Varsity championship with a record of 21-6.

Youngest son Dave was an excellent athlete himself. He received a scholarship to play football at Stanford where he played a guard position. In his first year he pitched for the freshman team. At SCHS he played football, baseball and basketball. His senior year he was all league in football and baseball. Helping lead his teams to championships. In baseball his team won the Spring Monterey tournament and the end of the season tournament for Champions, before CCS playoffs started, in San Rafael. He ended up with a 10-1 record pitching. The team ended with a 21-4 season record playing against the best teams in the area. The football team was 4-0-1 in league and 7-0-1 for the season. In basketball he hurt his ankle and was not able to play much until the end of the season.

Dave played three sports all four years. In his junior year he was first team in football and baseball and helped pitch the baseball team to a championship. In football the team went 3-1 for second in league and 6-3 for the season. Dave was a big contributor on both teams.

After leaving school Dave helped coach the high school baseball team and handled the local 17 to 18 year old summer league team. Dave was an excellent coach with a lot of knowledge and a way of presenting information to the players and getting the most out of them. If Dave would have gone into coaching full time, he would have been one of the best.

The SCHS Wilson Athletes, John, Kathy and Joanna, have become known for being competitive and cooperative in sports. They’ve been active for many years and are experienced in many sports fields. Inspiration for these athletes came from two former SCHS athletes–their parents.

Mrs. Esther Wilson, while at SCHS player soccer, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis and softball. She enjoyed all sports, but felt tennis to be the most rewarding. Mrs. Wilson still plays tennis once a week with some “old” friends who attended SCHS a “few” years ago. She also enjoys shooting baskets with the family once in a while. Highlights of her sports career include being PE honor student at graduation and Santa Cruz Junior Tennis Champion when she was 16, 17, and 18 years old.

Mr. Bobby Wilson is quite active as well. At SCHS he participated in basketball and baseball. His highlights came after high school when he played softball in the army. The team when from East coast to West coast winning several softball tournaments. Mr. Wilson still enjoys shooting baskets with the family, hunting and fishing. His favorite sports are basketball, baseball, football and volleyball. Bob has been in charge of running the Dad’s Club tournament for over thirty years and is still going strong,

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson’s ideas on sports are very explicit. Mr. Wilson stated, “All kids are good athletes when the game is fun. When it’s not fun, get out! Most important is to be competitive, have fun and be a good sport. Sportsmanship is very important, I feel that the game teaches you that.”

Mrs. Wilson enjoys almost every aspect of sports. “Watching people really try to do their best, having fun doing it and not giving up.” Sportsmanship and the close friendships that spring up between players coaches and fans are very important to her.

In a family with so many athletes, it is rather surprising to find very little, if any, competition between each of them. Instead there is a lot of support and praise. When the kids watch each other in competition they are just as tense as the participant.

John remarked, “When I see my sister make mistakes, I don’t get upset. I feel I should help her but sometimes my advice from the sidelines puts pressure on her performance, causing her to try too hard and not allowing her to relax.”

Joanna stated, “I encourage them by cheering for them at their games. I don’t criticize their performance, but I try to give credit when they make a good play.”

This great family of athletes has contributed more than their share in the promotion of athletes at SCHS. As a close, supportive family, they have put up with each others moods, crazy hours and have boosted each others’ morale. They try to help each other to perform as best they can. Because of this, a Wilson has yet to give up, no matter how bad things get. SCHS is lucky to have John for one more year and Joanna for another three.

Mrs. Wilson feels that sports are especially fun in their family because everyone has different interests; “Susan is a bike rider, swimmer and volleyball player. Joanna likes most all sports, but loves horseback riding and is a great runner. Kathy can play any sport well but is a very good tennis and softball player. John likes to play anything but especially enjoys hunting and fishing.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson enjoy having so many sports activities taking place in a week. Mrs. Wilson said, “It is very enjoyable watching our children and their friends play. It is equally enjoyable watching Kathy coach her team. I am much more tense watching the kids play than if I were playing.

The kids are active participants in sports too. Kathy, a 1980 SCHS graduate, played basketball, softball and tennis, John, a junior, played quarterback in football and guard in basketball. In baseball, he pitches, plays first base and the outfield. Joanna, a freshman, has played JV volleyball, guard in varsity basketball and starting centerfielder in varsity softball.

Although they enjoy all sports they get involved with, the Wilson’s each have their favorites. John’s is baseball “Because it’s more easy-going and more individual.” Kathy likes “All sports for different reasons.” While Joanna’s favorite is “Horseback riding because it’s individual. I can do it by myself and it’s different every time.”

Each of the Wilson’s has had their own special moment in sports. Joanna’s was “When the girls basketball team went to CCS this year.” Kathy said her highlight was “When I came in third in a CCS tennis tournament with my partner Gwyn Adams.” John’s highlight was a 50 yard pass, which led to a touchdown that tied a football game with Aptos last November.

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