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Jesse Trumball, varsity football and assistants Erik Redding, Jeff McCormick, Danny Garcia and Dante Macleod. Bytheal Ratliff, head junior varsity football and assistants Tracey Schultz and Sunny Davila. Greg Brock, cross country and track. Danny Robertson, boys water polo. Aldo Olivieri, JV water polo. Mark Townsend, girls water polo and JV swimming. Bob Pearson, girls JV water polo. Semih Sabankaya, boys soccer and assistant Ali Sabankaya. Scott Anderson boys JV soccer. Jay Gomez and Mark Hogenhout, girls varsity soccer. Tim De Grasse, girls JV soccer. John Corona, wrestling. Pat Jones, girls basketball and assistants Monique Jones and Danny Paz. John Tinetti, JV girls basketball. Charles Burks, basketball and assistant Duane Garner. Jerry Fusari, JV basketball. Bill Domhoff, frosh basketball and JV girls volleyball. Thomas Silverstein, girls tennis. Dennis Mullen, Pete Pappas and Terry Ow, girls golf. Pete Pappas, boys golf. Bob Kittle, baseball and assistants, Mike DiTano, Darryl Ratliff, Jesse Trumball and John Gillette. Matt Windt, JV baseball. Sharon and Rachel Pena, softball. Bob Pena, JV softball. Ryan Morper, lacrosse. Greg Brock, track and assistants Anthony Brown, Bob Sanders, Marcus Brown and Don Roberts. Julian Sunn, boys tennis. Kimberly Gomez and Jeff Wickum, girls and boys swimming. Gilly McGraw and Shar Bushgen, girls volleyball. Phoebe Miller, JV volleyball. Kristen Kenney, freshman swimming. Surf team, Mr. Virostko, advisor, Joey Hutson, head and assistant Gretchen Bock.

Practice games: Sacred Heart Cathedral 0-50, Watsonville 19-22, Seaside 14-21, Alvarez 30-20. Practice record 1-3. League: Scotts Valley 20-31, Harbor 27-14, SLV 27-20, Saint Francis 0-13, Aptos 34-12, Soquel 14-25. League record 3-3. Season record 4-6.

League standings listed by league record, followed by the overall record.:
Scotts Valley 6-0-0; 10-2; St. Francis 4-2, 7-4; SLV 3-2-1, 5-4-1; Soquel 3-2-1, 5-4-1; SC 3-3, 4-6; Harbor 1-5-0, 4-6; Aptos 0-6-0, 2-8

Yearbook. Team members: Trey McNeil, Gino Delucci, Ben Damon, Michael Schuhe, John Warren, Drew Johnson, Daoud Anthony, Zeke Sanders, Anthony Martin, Chad Boling, Peter Miller, Cole Collins, Kodi Bell, Tristan Gavin, Evan Langer, Andrew Mowbray, Eric Colombini, Tyler Miller, Daniel Ikalani, Alex Fennel, Miguel Nunez, Ted Kovatz-Wildenradt, Trevor Ross, Bob Bahr, Emilio Alas, Alex Lerikos, Felipe Jauregui, Gustavo Cortez, Calvin Ohtake, Ryan Evans, Marcus Padilla-Bates, Alex Ayers, Jaime Baeza, Sean Linkletter, Dylan Fukaim Derick Delucci and David Armstrong. Coaches: Head Coach Jesse Trumbull and assistants, Danny Garcia, Dante McCleod, Erik Redding and Jeff McCormick.

David Armstrong received the coveted Spartan award for being to top player on both the football and wrestling team.

Sacred Heart Cathedral 50, SC 0.
Scoring by quarters at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco
SC 0 0 0 0 0
SHC 21 14 15 0 50

Team stats SC SHC
First downs: 7 19
Total offense: 186 522
Rushing yards: 26-113 42-435
Passing yards: 73 87
Comp-att-int: 11-7-1` 2-2-0
Fumbles-lost: 1-0 1-0
Penalties- yards: 1-5 5-30

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Derick Delucchi 3-1, Sanders 2-16, Gino Delucchi 6-74, Peter Miller 6-19, Marcus Padilla-Bates 6-5, Dylan Fukai 2-7, Miguel Nunez 1 minus 9
Passing: Gino Delucchi 11-17-73-1 interception
Receiving: Daniel Ikalani 4-66, Alex Lerikos 1-2, Sanders 3-10, Nunez 1-3

Watsonville 22, SC 19
Scoring by quarters
Watsonville 0 14 0 8 22
SC 12 7 0 0 19

SC scoring
Derick Delucchi 7 yard run. Kick block
Sanders 16 yard run. Run of extra point failed
Gino Delucchi one yard run. Trevor Ross kick

Team stats WAT SC
First downs: 12 14
Total offense: 204 302
Rushing yards: 34-42 27-172
Passing yards: 162 130
Comp-att-int: 12-18-1 9-19-1
Fumbles-lost: 3-1 3-2
Penalties- yards: 7-45 12-120

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Zeke Sanders 9-98, Derick Delucchi 6-36, Marcus Bates 8-26, Daniel Ikalani 2-19, Gino Delucchi 2 minus 7.
Passing: Delucchi 9-18-11-130, Miller 0-1-0-0
Receiving: Ikalani 4-55; Sanders 3-48, Ben Damon 1-17, Daoud Anthony 1-10
Defensive stats: Interceptions: Tyler Miller; Sacks: Tristan Gavin, 2.5; Evan Langer 0.5; Recoveries: Evan Langer
SC record 0-2.

Seaside 21, SC 14
Scoring by quarters::
SC 0 7 7 0 14
Seaside 7 7 0 7 21

SC scoring:
Sanders 73 yard punt return. Trevor Ross kick
Sanders 20 yard pass from Gino Delucchi. Ross kick

Team stats SC SEA (missing part)
First downs:
Total offense: 92 342
Rushing yards: 20-31 48-292
Passing yards: 7-61 7-50
Comp-att-int: 7-16-61-0` 7-14-50-0
Penalties- yards:

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Miller 3-39, Bates 1-5, Ikalani 3-2, Sanders 3 minus 5, Gino Delucchi 10 minus 10.
Passing: Delucchi 7-18-61-0
Receiving: Sanders 3-32, Derick Delucchi 2-18, Ikalani 2-16
Defensive stats:

Santa Cruz 30, Alvarez 20
Scoring by quarters:
SC 10 7 7 0 30
Alvarez 0 6 0 14 20

SC scoring:
Sanders 55 yard run. Ross kick
Ross 31 yard field goal
Sanders 13 yard run. Ross kick
Sanders 80 yard kickoff return. Ross kick
Sanders 21 run. Kick failed

Team stats SC ALV
First downs: 6 17
Total offense: 142 316
Rushing yards: 24-113 43-189
Passing yards: 29 127
Comp-att-int: 4-10-1 12-35-1
Fumbles-lost: 2-2 4-2
Penalties- yards: 11-97 7-70

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Sanders 8-124, Bates 4-11, Derick Delucchi 1-1. Gino Delucchi 8 minus 7, Ikalani 2-minus 12
Passing: Delucchi 4-10-1-29
Receiving: Ikalani 2-12, Sanders 1-11, Anthony 1-6
SC record 1-3

Scotts Valley 31, SC 20
Scoring by quarters
Scotts Valley 7 10 0 14 31
SC 7 7 0 6 20
SC scoring:
Peter Miller 2 yard run, Ross kick.
Gino Delucchi One yard run. Ross kick
Sanders one yard run. Kick failed

Team stats SV SC
First downs: 16 16
Total offense: 379 316
Rushing yards: 34-267 50-230
Passing yards: 112 86
Comp-att-int: 7-11-0 4-11-1
Fumbles-lost: 1-0 1-0
Penalties- yards: 6-45 7-70

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Sanders 22-104, Miller 16-81, Gino Delucchi 9-60, Ikalani 2-4, Bates 1-1
Passing: Gino Delucchi 4-11-1-86
Receiving: Ikalani 3-82, Ben Damon 1-4
Defensive stats: Sacks: Peter Miller

Santa Cruz 27, Harbor 14
Scoring by quarters:
SC 14 7 0 6 27
Harbor 7 0 0 7 14
Santa Cruz scoring
Sanders 35 yard run. Ross kick
Gino Delucchi 5 yard run. Ross kick
Sanders 17 yard run. Ross kick
Sanders 19 yard pass from Delucchi. Kick failed

Team stats SC HARBOR
First downs: 18 12
Total offense: 333 362
Rushing yards: 45-229 25-62
Passing yards: 104 300
Comp-att-int: 8-11-1 11-20-1
Fumbles-lost: 2-1 2-1
Penalties- yards: 8-55 17-97

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Sanders 15-138, Bates 6-50, Gino Delucchi 10 minus 2, Ikalani 2 minus 4
Passing: Delucchi 8-11-1-104
Receiving: Ikalani 4-47, Anthony 2-28, Sanders 2-24
SC record 2-4 overall, 1-1 league

Santa Cruz 27, SLV 20
Scoring by quarters:
SC 7 13 0 7 27
SLV 0 10 7 3 20
SC scoring
Sanders 86 yard run> Ross kick
Anthony 67 yard pass from Delucchi. Ross kick
Sanders 2 yard run. Kick failed
Ben Damon 12 yard pass from Delucchi. Ross kick
Team stats SC SLV
First downs: 15 15
Total offense: 318 272
Rushing yards: 35-176 39-167
Passing yards: 142 105
Comp-att-int: 10-15-1 8-19-1
Fumbles-lost: 3-1 3-0
Penalties- yards: 2-20 8-50

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Sanders 13-132, Gino Delucchi5-18, Bates 4-8, Ikalani 3-6, Derick Delucchi 7-5
Passing: Gino Delucchi 10-15-1-142
Receiving: Anthony 4-99, Ikalani 5-31, Damon 1-12
Defensive stats: Sacks: Evan Langer 0.5 and Felipe Jauregui 0.5;
SC record 3-4 overall and 2-1 league

St. Francis 13, SC 0
Scoring by quarters
St. Francis 6 0 0 7 13
SC 0 0 0 0 0
SC scoring:

Team stats SF SC
First downs: 11 5
Total offense: 189 115
Rushing yards: 41-135 24-22
Passing yards: 54 93
Comp-att-int: 4-10-0 10-18-1
Fumbles-lost: 3-1 2-1
Penalties- yards: 7-35 6-55

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Ikalani 5-16, Gino Delucchi 7-11, Miller 2-4, Bates 1-2, team 1 minus 4, Sanders 8 minus 7
Passing: Delucchi 8-17-93-1, Miller 0-1-0-0
Receiving: Anthony 4-52, Ikalani 3-30, Sanders 2-11
SC record 3-5 overall and 2-2 league

Santa Cruz 34, Aptos 12
Scoring by quarters:
SC 7 6 14 7 34
Aptos 0 6 0 6 12
SC scoring:
Sanders 39 yard pass from Delucchi. Ross kick
Sanders 32 yard pass from Delucchi. Kick failed
Sanders 61 yard pass from Delucchi. Ross kick
Delucchi one yard run. Ross kick
Marcus Padilla-Bates 6 yard run. Ross kick

Team stats: SC APTOS
First downs: 17 17
Total offense: 356 271
Rushing yards: 36-197 34-170
Passing yards: 159 101
Comp-att-int: 6-12-0 9-22-2
Fumbles-lost: 0-0 1-1
Penalties- yards: 6-55 1-5

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Ikalani 1-16, Sanders 11-52, Bates 3-25, Miller 3-12 Derick Delucchi 5-3, Gino Delucchi 6-87,Ted Kovats-Wildenradt 1-2
Passing: Gino Delucchi 6-11-0-159, Ted Kovats-Wildenradt 0-1-0-0
Receiving: Sanders 3-132, Ikalani 2-21, Miguel Nunez 1-6
SC record 4-5 overall and 3-2 in league

Soquel 25, SC 14
Scoring by quarters”
Soquel 6 0 0 19 25
SC 7 7 0 0 14
SC scoring:
Sanders 32 yard pass from Delucchi. Ross kick.
Gino Delucchi 5 yard run. Ross kick

Team stats SOQ SC
First downs: 17 12
Total offense: 383 228
Rushing yards: 58-282 21-75
Passing yards: 101 153
Comp-att-int: 6-13-0 10-17-1
Fumbles-lost: 1-0 2-2
Penalties- yards: 3-30 6-55

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Derick Delucchi 3-46, Sanders 5-28, Ikalani 4-22, Miller 3-5, Gino Delucchi 6 minus 26
Passing: Delucchi 10-17-1-153
Receiving: Ikalani 3-64, Sanders 2-42, Anthony 3-34, Anthony Martin 1-11, Miller 1-2
Defensive stats: Sacks: Peter Miller one; Felipe Jauregui and Alex Fennell 0.5 apiece.
Batted balls: Calvin Ohtake and Miller one apiece.
SC record 4-6 overall and 3-3 in league

ALL SCCAL Zeke Sanders, senior Co-Most Valuable Player. First team offense: Tyler Miller, senior, linebacker. Second team offense: Eric Colombini, sophomore lineman. Daniel Ikalani, senior, wide receiver. Gino Delucchi, senior, quarterback. Second team defense: David Armstrong, lineman. Peter Miller, junior linebacker and kicker. Dylan Fukai, junior defensive back. Honorable mention: Doud Anthony, Felipe Jauregui, Derick Delucchi, Gastavo Cortes, Calvin Ihtake and Ben Damon.

Yearbook. Team members: Michael Adams, Zack Henry, Matthew Dietz, Chase Simons, Byron Williams, Lincoln Evert, John Hargens, Joseph Calvo, Aldo Garcia, Lroma Dmitriyev, Michael Gangloff, Eric Mullis, Pearce Hutchins-Fuhr, Bjorn Berg, Brady Halbleib, Chris Cassel, Rafael Reyes, Trevor Clark, Joseph Rocha, Danny De Leon, Michael Serrano, Ethan Gomez, Dominic Bonner, Brent Thiebout, Alberto Olmedo, Julio Flores, Patrick Sepe, Evan Fujino-Lafleur, Jacob Renteria, Jason Patel, Francisco Garcia, Justin Kovats-Widenradt, Chris Kovats-Wildenradt, Jonah Hodges, Andre Dennehy, Jasmin Williams, Nick Locatelli, Jake Camar, Bakari, Broadnax, Cesar Enriquez and Robert Schultz. Head Coach Bytheal Ratliff and assistants Tracey Schultz and Sunny Davila.

Yearbook. The girls had a very powerful roster leading them to a top fifteen spot at the State meet. Next year the girls team will return six of the seven spots on the squad. With a little improvement, the girls could be CCS champs. At the Early Bird Invitational at Toro Park, Cassidy Burr ran the fastest time of anyone in the county in 21:17.
Team members were Lauren Woods, Elle Sanders, Kelsey Johnson, Trilly Nielsen, Kelsea Moriarty, Cassidy Burr, Erin Coffey, Elena Venable, Fearon Hosmer, Amanda Cole, Tanya Naranjo and Madelynne Sapp.

On the boys side the team was very young, but talented. They should be a threat in a few years. Senior Brennan Lynch was second at the State meet and plans to run for a Division I college program next year. Brennan won first place in all divisions of the senior races at the Early Bird Invitational at Toro Park with the fastest time of 15:42.
A key part of this program is our great coach, Ex-Stanford All American, Coach Greg Brock. Team members were Jan Schulze, Colin Boyle, Anthony LeFrance, Weston Gomez, Chris Esposito, Dezman Marshall, Devlin O’Brien, Slater Meehan, Brennan Lynch, Matthew Cox, Juan Salinas, Jordan Jenkins and Mat Allen.

Yearbook. Impressive Players, Impressive Victories.
The team had yet another outstanding year, ending the season undefeated in league with a league sweep of singles, doubles and team SCCAL crowns. The girls credit their victory to third year coach Thomas Silverstein, who paved their way to success using focused, fun and playful tactics. Under Coach Silverstein, the team has now earned three consecutive league titles, while winning 36 SCCAL matches in a row since 2006. Alyssa Roberg, aka “Stud” by her coach and teammates. Using her spirit as both a team player and leader. Alyssa finished off her final year on the team by winning her fourth consecutive SCCAL singles title. In doubles, Amber Pipa and Suzanna Wong, normally singles players, playing together for the first time and captured the SC CAL doubles title by beating the team from Scotts Valley. Keiko Kurita rounded out the impressive singles lineup, finished the regular season undefeated at number three singles, before being sidelined by a injury. The other singles players were Amber Pipa, Suzanna Wong, and Alyssa Roberg.

Team members: Pauline Seftel, Chelsea Heil, Lauren Lambert, Luci Shook, Alyssa Roberg, Halina Cathrein, Catherine Sordo, Suzanna Wong, Keiko Kurita, Shannon Green, Alice Mintz, Kelly Brokaw, Amber Pipa and Kelly Daies. Coach Thomas Silverstein.

ALL SCCAL Alyssa Roberg, Most Valuable Player. First team: Amber Pipa, Keiko Kurita and Suzanne Wong.

Live Oak tournament: Clovis 4-18, Sunnyside Fresno 7-11, Sobrato of Morgan Hill 14-8. Padre Invitational: Carmel 7-10. Practice record 1-3.
League: Aptos 8-15, 10-9; Soquel 8-20, 6-19; Harbor 8-7, 12-14; SLV 14-6, 19-5. League record 4-4. In SCCAL playoffs lost to Soquel 2-22. Overall 5-8

Yearbook. The team just missed making the CCS playoffs. After coaching the JV team for five years, Danny Robertson took over the varsity this year and Aldo Olivieri, became the JV coach, who was an inspiration to the team. The team improved much over last year, led by senior Any Scott and junior Rudy Raimondi. MVP/team captain Andy Scott, “After four great seasons at SC, I am looking forward to reaching a new level of play at Johns Hopkins University in the fall.”

Team members: Robby Hayes, Jonathon Shonick, Sam Smith, Andy Scott, Eliot Geise, Aaron Marquez, Viva Hansen, Alex Ivany, Rudy Raimondi, Carson Staudt and Jackson Zucker-White.

Rudy Raimondi led in scoring with 14 assists, 23 shots taken, 15 steals and was second in goals scored with 36 Andy Scott was the top scorer with 44 goals followed by Raimondi 36, Aaron Marquez 11, Johnny Shonick 10, Carson Staudt 9 and Sam Smith 4. Goal keeper Viva Hansen had 18 saves.

ALL SCCCAL First team Andy Scott, senior. Second team Rudy Raimondi, junior
Honorable mention: Johnny Shonick and Viva Hanse.

Yearbook. The team had a great season despite not having many players, but still were able to defeat many of their opponents in the SCCAL and tournaments. Mats Allen and Cole Gamer were big contributors to the teams success along with returning players Alex Kirkles and Darrin Scott. Team members: Darrin Scott, Alex Kirkles, Pheonix Pelstring, Cole Gamer, Bryce Suba and Mats Allwn.

Practice games: Watsonville, Monterey Tourney: Monterey 12-7, Evergreen Valley 16-1, Gilroy 10-5, Aptos 8-10. Los Gatos tourney: Valley Christian 14-5, Salinas 8-4, Harker School 11-4, Stevenson 9-4. Practice record 7-1.
League standings: Aptos 8-0, Soquel 6-2, SC 4-4, SLV 1-6, Harbor 0-8. SC in third place.
Lost to Soquel 6-11 in semifinals of league tourney.
Overall 11-6 according to Bmayprep.com.

Yearbook. The team started out slow at the beginning of the season, but came together at the end and had a 14-11 record this season. Team members: Heather Mullowney, Nikki Dussault, Alex Rubi, Kristen Kelly, Sophie Calhoun, Adriane Baade, Bianca Grossi, Kelsey Rollo, Ashley Harried and Nicole Pettel. Coach Mark Townsend.

ALL SCCAL Kelsey Rollo, Sophomore of the Year. First team: Sophie Calhoun and Kristen Kelly juniors. Second team: Kelsey Rollo and Bianca Grossi, junior. Honorable mention: Adrianna Boode and Heather Mullowney.

Yearbook. Was undefeated in league games to take the SCCAL championship. Team members: Team co-captain and MVP Kaila Pearson, Molly Gilholm, Alex Scott, Marie Schott, Alexandra Pianzola, Bailey O’’Regan, Kaila Pearson, Lauren Powers, Melissa Shott, Ashtyn Karachristos, Nikki Duffy, Sol Frota, Allie Wiegel, Julia Powanda, Vanessa Miranda, Amanda Chavez, Scout Jessee, Anya Kraus, Chloe Mullowney, Dede Eckart and Lisa Duffy. Coach Bob Pearson.

Practice: Burlingame tournament: Burlingame 1-2, Harbor 0-2. Practice record 0-2. League: St. Francis 0-3, 0-3; Mt. Madonna 2-3, 1-3; Harbor 0-3, 1-3; SLV 0-3, 1-3; Scotts Valley win, 3-0; Aptos 0-3, 0-3; Soquel 2-3, 3-0. League record 3-11. Overall record 3-13.

Yearbook. New coach, new way to play. Luckily, Coach Gilly McGraw was a great fit. Before school started, Gilly had the players conditioning and by the time the season started the girls were fit. Later the team lost some of their best players for the season. The girls still managed to triumph over Soquel, Scotts Valley and Pajaro Valley and even managed to take a game from Harbor.

Roster: Krista Dickey Nicole Peterson, Mckenzie Sisk, Riley Sisk, Sarah Saxton, Rose Carman, Franny Gardner, Justine Vicknair, Gabrielle Corbett, Kira Wong, Chelsea Cater, Hailey Worthen and Pamela Cabrera. Head Coach Gilly McGraw and assistant Shar Bushgen.

ALL SCCAL second team Rose Carman, junior.

Yearbook. Spectacular Season. Team had a great run ending with a 12-3 record. The girls worked hard for every win and watching the level of improvement within three short months was amazing.

Team members: Edie Sullivan, Katie Attema, Kallista DeHart, Phoebe Zajac, Marley Hemmen, Pauli Pappas, Naomi Baxter-Rubach, Katie Corollo, Hailey Sims, Alyssa Strong, Nicole Stellman, Jamie Fensley and Analisa Espinoza-Lopez. Coach Phoebe Miller.

Yearbook. Team members: Miranda Mead-Newton, Sophia Sierra, Danielle Robin, Camille Johnson, Isobel Press, Carmella Roberts, Helena Epps, Alexis McNeal, Caroline Park, Lauren Yien and Alyssa Rodriguez. Coach Kristin Kenney.

Yearbook. This year with only two returning, the team dealt with another year of just learning the basics. However, the three coaches, Pete, Denny and Terry were always supportive and knew the right things to say. Next year six players will return. Team roster: Maggie Myall, Gianni Tinetti, Monica Meyer, Emma Cook, Michelle England, Anne Soanes and Mikella Suter. Coaches Pete Pappas, Dennis Mullen and Terry Ow.

ALL SCCAL Michelle England
From Mbayprep. Practice games: North Monterey 57-45, 56-44; Pajaro Valley 50-70, Gilroy 46-50, Seaside 57-49, Dads Club: Watsonville 48-39, Harbor 59-60, Soquel 63-41. Los Gatos 45-60, Alisal 66-62, St. Mary’s of Albany 27-74, Pajaro Valley 61-75, Monte Vista Christian 62-40, Monterey 43-65, Hollister 52-50. Practice record 8-7. League: SLV 55-42, 59-60; Scotts Valley 46-47, 56-34; St. Francis 50-63, 42-49; Soquel 50-46, 64-56; Aptos 49-64, 52-59; Harbor 51-55, 42-74. League record 4-8. League playoffs: Scotts Valley 53-42, Aptos 37-59. CCS playoffs: Soledad 77-39, Harbor 49-61. Season record 14-17.

Yearbook. “You’ve got to motivate yourself before you can motivate others and always, you most support each other.”
The preseason ended with about an equal number of wins and losses. January in league went fairly well, but then dropped off some. At the end there was some improvement and the team made the CCS playoffs and lost a close game to Harbor. The team gained a lot of confidence and experience and with good players on the JV team, the Cards should be much improved next season.

Team Roster: Matthew Hopkins, Taylor Kientzel, Cole Collins, Eli Ledwith, Benjamin Damon, Sean Conroe, Zen Maki, Keith Williams, Gabriel Moscovici, Michael Johnston, Robby Pappas and Rudolph Raimondi. Coach Charles Burks.

ALL SCCAL Second team, Taylor Kientze, junior, forward. Honorable mention: Sean Conroe, Zen Maki and Ben Damon

Yearbook. With many freshman on the team facing other teams with many sophomores, the Cards lost the chance to win the championship, losing to a very good Aptos team. For a squad so young, second place was a very good record. Many of these freshmen will move to the varsity next season and will be in contention for a lot of playing time. Some will be returning to the JV team and will work to continue this teams good record. We all agree that we couldn’t have had this great record without our coach, Jerry Fusari.

Team Roster: Ti DeMeo, Walker Hansen, Jamie Saint John, Johann Schmidt, Clayton Conroy, Mike Adams, Michael Gangloff, Dominic Bonner, Forrest Brown, Chris Martin, Derick Delucchi, Joseph Marden and John Wylie. Coach Jerry Fusari

Yearbook. “It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Case in point: The team played against bigger teams almost every game. We lost only one game and it was by one point in the last second. In the Aptos game, we were down 20-4 in the first quarter, but fought back to win! SC didn’t back down and instead played a fast, fun style of hoops under coach Bill Domhoff. Behind team MVP Jonah Hodges, Beto Olmedo, Etai Levy-Richards, Yabi Abraham and the most improved player Drew Boisen, SC crushed league competition and took the title with a 11-1 record. Overall it was a great season and everyone is looking forward to coming back next year.

Team Roster: Daniel Peterson, Patick Sepe, Yabi Abraham, Connor Millslagle, Anthony LaFrance, Brady Halbleib, Beto Olmedo, Drew Boisen, Jonah Hodges, Etai Levy-Richards, Jacques Jackson, Max Sunberg, Anthony Whiting, Zahir Yahya, Joia Hansen and Bakari Broadnax. Coach Bill Domhoff.

From Mbayprep. Practice games: Mills Classic: Ceres 77-30, Half Moon Bay 45-22, Mills 47-41 for tourney title. Salinas tournament: RLS 59-26. Salinas 62-25; North Salinas 54-50 for title. Alisal 65-32, Notre Dame 52-34. West Coast Jamboree: Terra Nova of Pacifica 61-38, Marin Academy of San Rafael 63-28, Redwood of Larkspur 57-34, Fortuna 60-33 for title. Practice record 12-0. League SLV 69-26, 58-30; Scotts Valley 54-29, 72-40; St. Francis 27-43, 42-51; Soquel 64-43, 50-44; Aptos 67-43, 50-37; Harbor 63-13, 53-19. League record 10-2. League playoff: Aptos 63-44, St. Francis 36-40. CCS playoffs: Half Moon Bay 52-41; Santa Catalina of Monterey 50-38, Mercy of San Francisco 42-32 for the CCS championship. At the Northern California playoffs: Marin Catholic of Kentfield 31-57. Season record of 26-4

Yearbook. Pride: Players Respect, Intense Defense Every time.
The team has taken on every challenge and has learned to work as a true basketball team. We have an exceptionally deep bench, which not only makes subbing easier, but also creates an even bigger extended family. Everyone has worked extremely hard and it has helped make this a tightly knit team. We not only are together at practice, but spend most every weekend with each other. We had three goals to start the season and we met them all and surpassed a goal of winning just one tournament, by winning all three. As the season comes to a close, we don’t need to say goodbye, because we know these lifelong friendship an memories will last forever.

Team members: Kaja Vaughan, Elle Sanders, Gianna Tinetti, Hannah Sullivan, Caylah Novak, Morgan Rollo, Shaunay Day-Smith, Pauli Pappas, Micaela Whalen, Nikki Duffy, Leah Bratton, Malia Santos, Sheena Conroe and Maggie Myall. Ball persons: Cameron and Haley Jones. Coaches Pat and Monique Jones.

ALL SCCAL Malia Santos, guard and Gianna Tinetti, forward, first team. Second team Elle Sanders, junior, forward. Third team: Kaja Vaughan, senior center. Honorable mention: Leah Brattan, senior guard.

GIRLS JV BASKETBALL League record 6-6.
Yearbook. The team had a great year under coach John Tinetti. With five returning players, the team worked hard and players developed their individual skills. Team Roster: Ari White, Trillium Neilsen, Marie-Alizee Schott-Atkins, Analisa Shield-Estrada, Kelsey Rollo, Kalista DeHart, Jennifer Figueroa-Ricoelit, Chloe Bombardieri, Kiana Perez and Amanda Chavez.

Yearbook. First place finishers in the league meet were Timo Karachristos at 103 pounds and Aaron Marquez at 135. Key additions to the team this year were Jonathan Enriquez and Justin Hazen, who helped fill some missing spaces in the team from last year and made us a more complete team. Everyone worked together to make our team effort complete and we have great prospects for next season.

Team members: Dylan Keel, Andrew Schuchard, Justin Hazen, Jonathan Enriquez, Trevor Kumec, Cody Kiff, Kodi, Bell, Calvin Ohtake, David Takahashi, Timo Karachristo, Elvis Diaz, Nicholas Rossini, Joseph Calvo, Aaron Marquez, Roy Ortega, Philip Ahn and Rafael Reyes.
Coach John Corona.

ALL SCCAL and League winners: Timo Karachristos, 103 pound senior with a 10-4 record. Aaron Marquez, 135 pound, junior with a 25-10 record

Practice: Woodside 1-3. Homestead Tournament: Fremont of Sunnyvale 5-0, Wilcox 3-0, Mitty 0-3, Evergreen Valley 2-0, Palo Alto 1-3, Leland 4-2, Homestead 1-1 in the quarterfinals. Practice record 4-3-1. League: St. Francis 5-0, 6-0. SLV 3-0, 3-0; Scotts Valley 3-0, 4-0; Soquel 1-0, 4-0; Aptos 4-2, 4-0; Aptos 4-2, 4-1; Harbor 2-1, 3-1. League record 12-0-0. CCS playoffs: Prospect 1-1, but SC lost on kick off. Prospect went on to win CCS. Overall record 16-3-2.

Yearbook. SC soccer has been known for its good soccer teams with many titles. This year with seven seniors, new and returning players, the Cards were the first SC team in at least ten years to finish the league season undefeated. But none of this would have happened without the help of four freshmen, who all displayed great talent and lot of potential for the future. The freshmen showed everyone that they deserved to be on the varsity by demonstrating a great amount of heart in the game. The Cards have worked hard with drills, sprinting, dribbling and passing, never forgetting their Cardinal spirit. Each player always put forth his best effort and the team gave their all each game all season long.

In the first round of the CCS playoffs, the Cards lost to Pioneer after four overtimes in penalty kicks after leading 1-0 with only seconds left in regular time.

Team members: Jan Schulze, John Chronopoulos, Giovanni Giattino, Massimo Migliore, Erin Choi, Trevor Ross, Tanner Akol, Gerardo Hernandez, Goalie Kevin Halasz, Shakaim Redovan, Slater Meehan. Vincent Cheung, Miguel Grandados Gutierrez, Sean Trancoso, Ethan Gomez, Diego Pio, Oscar Gonzales, Cesar Aguilar, Filiman Richardson and Edwin Chavez. Head Coach Semih Sabankaya and assistant Ali Sabankaya.

ALL SCCAL Cesar Aguilar, Forward of the Year. Trevor Ross, Defender of the Year. Kevin Halasz, Goalie Keeper of the Year. First team: Filiman Richardson, John Chronopoulos, , Shakaim Redovan, Slater Meehan, Diego Pio. Second team: Tanner Akol, Gerardo Hernandez, Ethan Gomez and Giovanni Giattino,

Yearbook. The team called themselves “TD” which means Team Domination! We would obliterate the competition with our beautiful planned plays from out coach Scott Anderson and assistants Lalo Gonzales and Adolfo Gonzales. Even our second team would win games. We tied the varsity in a practice game and they went on to win league, so we thought that made us pretty good. Half way through the season, we lost our most important game, but somehow we managed to win league anyway, because we’re “TD”.

Team members: Leif Christiansen, Aksel Dregelid. Miguel Poblete, Bryan Alvarado, Edwin Naranjo-Valles, Chris Kovats-Wildenradt, Jose Essqueda, Ronnie Diaz, John Shore, Gabriel Frota, Edwin Amezcua, Juanito Aguilal, Danny Gonzalez, Matt Mosenthine, Ruben Arreola and Justis Kovats-Wildenradt,

Practice: Tri-Valley Classic. Santa Teresa 2-1; Castro Valley 0-1; San Ramon Valley 1-1, Monte Vista, Danville 0-5, Bishop O’Dowd, Oakland 0-1. St. Margarets tournament: St. Margarets of San Juan Capistrano 1-1, Sage Hill, Newport Beach 6-0, Notre Dame Academy of LA 1-1. Practice record 2-3-2. League: Harbor 1-1, 5-1; St. Francis 8-0, 5-0; Soquel 5-0, 3-0; Aptos 2-1, 3-1; Scotts Valley 2-0, 2-1; SLV 3-0, 3-0. League record 11-0-1, league champions. CCS Finals: Woodside Priority 0-0 tie with SC winning on one and one kicks. Santa Catalina 8-2, Sacred Heart Prep 1-2. Overall record 15-4-5.

Yearbook. Cards Continue To Dominate the SCCAL. The team finished the season with 16-4-4 overall record, while winning the SCCAL crown for the third straight year, plus winning the Tartan Tournament of Shootout Championship in San Juan Capistrano defeating hosts St. Margaret’s 4-3 in Pks (penalty kicks) after tying the score 1-1 in overtime and making the finals of CCS playoffs. SC lost to Sacred Heart Prep 2-1. This success continues the Cardinal Soccer Legacy; the girls made it to the CCS finals six out of the last nine years and won the CCS Championship in 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007.

This years success was an amazing accomplishment given that two key senior starters, team co-captains Kelsey Johnson and Keiko Kurita, who were sidelined with knee injuries. SCCAL Player of the Year Lauren Miller said after the CCS Championship loss, “It would have been a different world with Kelsey and Keiko, but the whole team stepped it up for the finals.”

Team members: Riley Sisk, Natalie Jed, goalie Stephanie Busch, Jackie Bates, Ashlee Wilhelmsen, Lauren Miller, Carly Bagnall, Hannah Fleisler, Luci Shook, Keiko Kurita, Elena Venable, Sofia Coelho, Bailey O’Regan, Kate Mosentine, Kelsey Johnson, Sara Lezin, Haley Worthen, Jordan Jenkins, Catherine Sordo, Cassidy Burr and Mandy Cole. Coaches Jay Gomez and Mark Hogenhout.

ALL SCCAL Player of the Year Luara Miller. First team: Stephanie Busch, Catherine Sordo,
Jordan Jenkins, Elena Venable and Ashlee Wilhelmsen, Second team: Natalie Jed, Sofia Coelho, Sara Lezin, Kate Mosentine.

Yearbook. The team ended with a respectable 7-1-3 record (7 wins, one loss and three ties)
Team Roster: Alyssa Strong, Jade Lewin, Tara Laughlin, Cory Bratby-Rudd, Taylor Burdick, Kelly Hiner, Allie Wiegel, Hans O’Regan, Annie Yabroff, Miranda Emanuel, Isabelle Goldstein, Davene Ballantine, Marina Carono, Lindsay Wall, Helena Epps, Anana Pacheco, Carmela Roberts, Julie Young, Aly Pomerantz, Maddy Cullen, Lauren Yen and Maddy Sapp. Head Coach Tim DeGrasse

Los Gatos Lions tournament: Bellarmine 6-5, Los Gatos 7-8, Leigh 2-4
Wilcox tournament: Valley Christian 5-4, Wilcox 4-5 Monterey 5-7. San Diego tournament
Practice games: Monterey 5-7, 3-5; Leigh 2-4, Mitty 0-6, Jesuit, Carmichael, 7-11, Davis 7-2. San Diego Lions Tournament: Fallbrook 15-6, Viewmount, Bountiful, Utah 8-7. Villa Park 4-5. Sharks Crown Classic in San Jose: Bellarmine 3-9, Santa Clara 8-7, Wilcox 2-15, Los Gatos 5-6.
Elk Grove 4-8. Practice record
League: Aptos 2-3, 2-1; SLV 6-3, 7-2; Harbor 5-2, 9-4; Scotts Valley 0-3, 3-4; Soquel 8-7, 10-0; Saint Francis 17-0, 20-1. League record 9-3 for second place. CCS playoffs: Half Moon Bay 6-7. Season record 15-16.

Yearbook. Cards positioned to retain top spot in SCCAL. With the most wins in the league in the twenty-first century, this Card squad is prepared and ready to win SCCAL and CCS. With great games at San Jose Muni and Banner Island Ballpark, the Cards continue the winning tradition of SC Baseball.

Team Roster: Ti DiMeo, Ryan Navarolli, Michael Johnston, Tristan Gavin, Jared Rosso, Peter Miller, Collin Ferguson, Ben Damon, Gino Delucchi, Erik Colombini, Ryan Roubal, Trevor Ross, Dylan Mori, Dustin Torchio, Eli Kass, Liam Healey, Robby Pappas, Paul Webster and Chris Freeman.

Number four seeded SC lost in the first round of CCS Division III to thirteenth seeded Half Moon Bay.

June 13. Coach Bob Kittle has been hired by Cabrillo College as their baseball coach. He is leaving SC after turning the program around and returned it to prominence, not just locally but in the CCS. His teams won seven SCCAL titles and made the CCS playoffs 10 times. His team won the CCS Division III title in 2003, the schools first in the sport, and reached the Division II final in 2004 and Division III final in 2008.

ALL SCCAL First team: Gino Delucchi, senior catcher; Colin Ferguson, sophomore pitcher; Dustin Torchio, senior infielder; Paul Webster, junior outfielder; Second team: Ryan Navarolli, pitcher, Peter Miller, infielder; Eli Kass, outfielder.

Yearbook. At press time the JV team was looking to win their eighth straight league title. The JV’s has lost only five league games in the last seven seasons. Roster: Kodi Bell, Ryan Roubal, Eric Colombini, Terry Wood, Dominic Elkin, Stuart Akeson, Derrick Delucchi, Sam Zahler, Torin Foss, Brian Adams and Zach Seftel.

Yearbook. A new ten team league involving teams from the SCCAL, MBL, TCAL and MTAL leagues, should be highly competitive. Roster: Grady Theilen, Aldo Garcia, Trevor Clark, Connor Millslagle, Zach Hill, David Ledwith, Clayton Conroy, Michael Moise, Ryan Bettar, Etai Levy-Richards, Anthony Whiting, Nick Vargas and Ryan Dong.

Practice games: Watsonville tournament: Watsonville 4-8, Los Altos 0-7, Morro Bay 2-4, Watsonville 0-5, Carmel 6-9 in the tournament and in double hitter at Carmel 5-4, 5-8. Practice record 1-6. League: SLV 1-5, 0-10; St. Francis 11-1, 15-2; Aptos 0-13, 3-7; Soquel 1-11, 2-13; Scotts Valley 3-8, 2-0, Harbor 13-0, 5-0. League record 5-7. Seasons record 6-13.

Yearbook. Fresh talent combines with experience. Senior pitcher Lisa Conway is back for her final season and is expected to lead her team to a successful season. Team roster: Lisa Conway, Allie Morris, Michelle McCrary, Sedona Keenan, Alex Scott, Casi King, Alyssa Rodriguez, Taylor Clark and Kelsey Jackson. Coaches Rachel and Sharon Pena.

ALL SCCAL Alex Scott, freshman, first team. Second team, Lisa Conway, senior and Alyssa Rodriquez. Honorable mention: Allie Morris, Michelle McCrary,

Yearbook. Talented freshmen round out the team. Team roster: Natalie Williams Cori Brathy-Rudd, Audrey Smith, Angie Young, Lisa Wolbert, Allie Caldeira, Sydney Scott, Jaime Fenisey, Lauren Scott, Taylor Clark, Min Becker and Leilani Allen. Coaches Rachel, Bob and Sharon Pena.

Both boys and girls were second in the SCCAL meet. The boys had participants in CCS and State meet. Girls had participants in CCS.

Yearbook. Cardinals building a Track and Field Powerhouse. Track and Field is actually six different sports this year as the Cardinals fielded a large team. “The team this year is very young, but we have great athletes and for the first time, I really believe we can compete for the team title in both boys and girls. I have been lucky over the last four years, being able to watch both Zeke Sanders and Brennan Lynch compete and grow into great young men. I hate to see them go,” coach Anthony Brown. “After not coaching for 15 years and before that having been the head track coach at SC, it’s a real pleasure to be back working with these great kids,”

Yearbook: Ian Hoppis, John Warren, Caleb Rabadan, Dylan MacDonald, Zeke Sanders, Parker Allwart, Andrew Carlton, Elle Sanders, Gianna Tinetti, Westin Gomez, Evan Langer, Michael Schube, Taylor Kentzel, James Beihl, Daoud Anthony, Brady Halbleib, Dezmen Marshall, Chris Martin, Yabi Abraham, Gustavo Cortes, Sebastian Stock, Danny Robertson, Brennan Lynch, Katie Carollo, Dominic Bonner, Chase Simons, Alex Lerikos, Byron Lerikos, Anthony LaFrance, Analisa Shields-Estrada, Truman Williams, Carmela Roberts, Jenny Figueroa, Dylan Fukai, Kelsey Moriarty, Gabe Frota, Sophie Ballard, Kris Kovats-Windenradt, Haley Sims, Emily Hightower, Johan Hodges, Grace Bonnet, Taylor Miller, Elana Venable, Sage Farrel, Sara Wegmuller, Lindsey Wall, Sophia Sierra, Nick Locatelli, Alejandra Figueroa, Erin Coffey, Tanya Naranjo, Mandy Cole, Jacqueline Salinas, Juanita Aguilar, Joia Hansen, Juan Salinas, Zahir Yahya, Kalista DeHart, Cesar Aguilar.
Coaches: Greg Brock, Anthony Brown, Marcus Bryant, Don Roberts, Will Roberts and Bob Sanders.

Sentinel May 22, 2009. Boys and Girls Track and Field. Final SCCAL top four marks for just SC, by the event, name of the individual or team, their place and the time or distance.
4X100 relay: SC, second,, 44.06
1600 meters: Lynch, second 4:17.01
110 hurdles: Biehl, second, 15.83, league champ
110 hurdles: Rabadan, third, 16.23
100 meters: Sanders, first, 10.35, league champ
800 meters: Lynch, third, 1:58.36
300 high hurdles: Biehl, first, 40.75, league champ
200 meters: Sanders, first 22.48, league champ
3200 meters: Lynch, first, 9:19.98
4X400 relay: SC, third, 3:39.60
Shot put: Warren, third, 44-4
Discus: Warren, first, 135-3, league champ
Long jump: Kientzel, fourth, 20-2
Triple jump: Kientzel, first, 43-8, league champ
High jump: Kientzel, first, 6-0

4X100 relay: Santa Cruz: first, 51.23, league champs
1600 meters: Sanders, second, 5:16.5
400: Venable, second, 58.24
400: Roberts, third, 1:01.95
800: Sanders 2:16.86, league champ
300 hurdles: Hightower, first, 48.81
200: Venable, third, 26.54
4X400 relay: SC, first, 4:01.94, league champ
Long jump: Tinetti, fourth, 16-7
Triple jump: Tinetti, first, 36-7, league champ

CCS championships at Gilroy high.
Listed by place, event, name, year in school and time or distance.
2 100 meter Zeke Sanders 12 10.84
4 Triple jump Taylor Kientzel 11 45-00.00
2 200 meter Zeke Sanders 12 22.11

5 800 meters Elle Sanders 11 2:15.15

Zeke Sanders advances to the state meet in both the 100 and 200 meter dashes.

Friday June 6 preliminaries to qualify for the finals on Saturday. ‘I’m Ninth In The State of California, That’s Not Too Shabby, Especially In The 100.’ Zeke Sanders, SC Sprinter.

Senior Sprinter Becomes First SC High Runner To Reach Finals In More Than Four Decades.
The starting gun fired twice, signifying a false start in Heat 2 of the boys 200 meter dash trial at the California State Track and Field championships at Buchanan High in Fresno. The judge pointed to Lane 2, where SC senior Zeke Sanders was seeded. Sanders hit his head in frustration, but quickly shrugged off the disqualification. He’s already done enough for one day. Earlier, Sanders turned in the ninth fastest time in the 100 trials, becoming the first SC track athlete to reach the state finals in at least four decades, according to longtime coach and unofficial team historian Don Roberts.
Though six Santa Cruz County athletes qualified for state, Sanders has only one of the left and the other runner is in a race that has no qualifying trials. Everyone runs in the finals in the 3,200 distance race.
Sanders has gotten good at dealing with false starts. In the CCS 100 trials, he won his heat after the runner next to him left too early. In the state trials, his heat also got called back on a false start call. But Judges determined more than half the heat, including Sanders had left early and let the entire field restart. On the second try, Sanders finished fourth in 10.68. That smothered his previous personal best of 10.90, set while taking second at the CCS finals and even beat his goal time of 10.75.
In addition, it earned him the final qualifying spot into the finals, making him the first Cardinal runner to get that far since at least 1968, according to Roberts, who has been coaching at SC since 1979. “A top six finish is a realistic goal,” said father and coach Bob Sanders. “Its gong to be hard, “ Sanders agreed, “I’m going to have to push it to the max.”

SC’s Sanders Finishes Ninth. Zeke Sanders felt the eyes of 9,517 anxious spectators peer down on him as he settled into the starting blocks for the 100 meter dash, the premier event at the California Track and Field championships at Buchanan high in Fresno. To the right of the SC sprinter were eight of the fleetest boys in the state. On of them held the fastest time in the nation.
Behind Sanders was history. It has been 80 years since a SC athlete had placed at the California meet and an estimated 40 years since one had made the State finals. And ahead of Sanders was the finish line and the rest of his life.
Sanders reached it in 10.86 seconds to take ninth in the final event of his prolific high school career behind the nations top 100 runner, who did 10.38. Sanders didn’t make any more history than he had Friday night, when he ran a personal best 10.68 to qualify for the last spot in the 100 final, but he was content all the same. “I’m one of the nine fastest guys in the state, that’s a pretty good goal,” Sanders said, “It feels good to be done, but all the fun meets come at the end. I’ve been so blessed by God with my high school athletic career. There’s a lot of stuff I could do that people would die for.”
Sanders has made two state championships in the 100, finding eighth in his heat last year in 11.05. He also won three straight SCCAL league titles and two 200 titles. That’s just in track. He shined in football and is headed to Oregon State on scholarship.
Sanders said he was going after the SC record of 10.64 in the 100, just .04 second faster than his preliminary time. It would have been sweet to nab it since his father and coach, Bob Sanders, still holds the school record in the 110 high hurdles.
The elder Sanders said he didn’t care if his son set the record. He didn’t even mention to Zeke that he could have become the first Cardinal to place at state since Larry McLean placed fifth in both the 120 and 220 yard hurdle in 1938. He just wanted to see him run. “I’m really happy to be able to watch his last event in high school,” Bob Sanders said. “I’m happy for him to do so well at the state meet. He brought his ‘A’ game to an ‘A’ meet.

Notes: SC sprints and hurdles coach Don Roberts called the state meet, “one of the top junior track meets in the world.” Several athletes proved him right Saturday.

Yearbook. The team boasted the largest team in recent memory, with 53 swimmers. Returning coaches are Kimberly Gomez, Jeff Wickum and JV coach Mark Townsend. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the opening of the new pool scheduled for June of 2009.

Team Rosters
Girls: Jena Nordgaard, Miranda Mead-Newton, Sophie Calhoun, Adriane Baade, Molly Giholm, Kaila Pearson, Marie-Alizee Schott-Atkins, Hana O’Regan, Ashley Harried, Bailey O’Regan, Megan Samit, Rosie Pozos, Katie Attema, Alyssa Strong, Heather Mullowney, Rachel Roehl, Alany Sabankaya, Tarra Laughlin, Abby Morse, Sarah Kletzer, Kelsey Rollo, Nicole Dussalut, Taylor Burdeck, Kristen Kelly, Pimwalle Katchinthorn, Ashtynk Karachristos, Camille Parsoweault, Rachel Olivares, Caitlyn Birch, Paris Toews, Lisa Duffy, Nicole Pedal, Lindsey Ress, Anya Kraus, Andrea Eckhardt, Lauren Yen and Chloe Mullowney.

Boys: Michael Putnam-Pite, Phoenix Pelstring, William McAneny, Cole Gamer, Rudy Raimondi, Andy Scott, Mats Allen, Alex Ivany, George McAneny, Aaron Marquez, Matthew Cox and John Bouwsma,

League 8-2 for second place.

Yearbook. A deep team gives Cards a competitive edge. Thanks to three important ingredients, the Cards had a great season: a terrific new coach Julian Sunn, returning veteran players and a fresh infusion of new talent. Coach Sunn is a player for the nationally ranked UCSC Slugs. Sunn provided team members with great technical advice, as well as critical strategy during matches. He was fortunate to have returning team standouts, including number one singles player Chris Kaye, Tony Yang and team twins Sam and Jacob Imsland to provide leadership to the unusually large team of 18 players. In addition, the Cards were fortunate to gain several new players that brought years of experience to the team, including Justus Walls, Walker Hansen and Jesse Honig. At press time, halfway through the season, these combined forces have led the Cards to second place in the SCCAL. The only loss has been to tennis powerhouse Aptos.

Rest of the team: Dylan Manning, Ted Kovats-Wildenradt, James Alas, Marcus Alfred, Nathan Ramos, Miguel Poblete, Justice Kovats-Wildenradt, Emmett Ballassone and Asher Well

No Cards made the CCS individual playoffs.

Yearbook. Small team.. Bright future. The team got off to a tough start as they struggled to find enough players to fill a six man varsity roster. With a little work the roster was filled and we developed a solid team that could compete in our league. The younger players really improved and gave us an edge later in the season. Five players will return next year. Team roster: Anthony Martin, Collin Boyle, Sean Linkletter, Trae McNeil, Scott Sheppard, Matthew Dietz, Neal Pope. Coach Pete Pappas.

ALL SCCAL Honorable mention Sean Linkletter.

From Mbay.Prep for scores: Aptos 3-13, Pacific Collegiate 8-9, 5-16; Harbor 4-14, 2-14; Watsonville 2-3, 1-12, SLV 2-12, 4-14. Record 0-9.
Walker Hum All League.

Yearbook. The team started the year with new Coach Ryan Morper and tons of Cardinal Spirit. The team is growing this year, gaining power and skills with the help of players who stayed on the team for several years. Returning players include Captains Strider Wilson and Walker Hum as well as Danny Wamsher, Allen Freeman, Sarah Wolbert and Maggie Murakami.
Rest of the team: Mac Bass, Emilio Fairweather-Alas, Daniel Wagman, Andrew Shuchard, Celestino Rodriguez, Kai Christenson, Felipe Jauregi, Devlin O’Brien, Jesse Aguiar, Ramona Gonzales and Diego Vergara. Team mascot Jack. Coach Ryan Morper

ALL SCCAL First team, Walker Hum, senior. Second team: Daniel Wagman, senior.

Spirit, teamwork and a good dose of fun! The team came back from Cheer Camp with the “Spirit Award” along with the “Most Improved”. The team entered competition this year and came back with a trophy and just missed qualifying for Nationals! Go Cardinals.
Cheer captains were Alejandra Figueroa, Kristin Carmichael and Crystal Martinez. Kristin reflects on the year and states, “We have a very diverse team with lots of levels of experience. Everyone works really hard.”

Cheer Squad: Seniors showing the “Spirit Award” Cassi King, Crystal Marinez, Alejandra Figueroa, Kristin Carmichael and Katie Lee. Rest of the squad: Kasi Hummel, Danielle Johnson, Hannah Rogge, Audrey Smith, JulieAnn Arbagey-Torres.

Yearbook. Surfs Up! The teams mission is to encourage students to participate in healthy and safe encounters with the Pacific Ocean. The draw to the surf comes in many forms: body surfing, boogie boarding and long boarding. Some members compete on the team and others enjoy the club aspect, which is more low key. One of the scores SC put up was a 598 to 370 win.

Team members: Michael Dermott, Dean Bloom, John Wilson, Ian Aitken, Tyler Gottsegean, Logan Banks, Shaun Burns, Pete Mueller, Lionel Goodman, Ryan Attema, Daisey Brightman, Bailey O’Regan, Grady Nixen, Maurice Rogers, Jeff Peterson, Cody Burks, Elizabeth Patron and Juliana Alksne. Advisor Mr. Virostko and coach Joey Hutson and assistant Gretchen Beck.

June 5. PCS, Santa Cruz Win Trophy Regatta. A split sailing team representing Pacific Collegiate School and SCHS won the Spring Stevenson Trophy Regatta hosted by the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club. The winning team of Patrick Tara, Marie Nielsen and Sebastian Stock won three of the seven races and never finished lower than third. In doing so they brought the trophy back to the North end of the bay for the first time since Soquel won it in 2003.

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