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The extended reporting this year gives a good sample of the sports writing of the day in the Trident yearbook.

It was moved and carried that the members of the girl’s basketball team be awarded letter SC’s.

The basketball season has just started, but the boys have been practicing with great punctuality and marked enthusiasm.

The girls, too, deserve praise for their efforts. With such a beginning and such determination, nothing but compete victory for the Cardinal and White can be the results of the season. There will be about five games this season. The first game will be with King City. In addition to the boys league game there will be a preliminary game between the Santa Cruz girls and the King City girls.

Santa Cruz vs. King City, 75-23
Santa Cruz vs. Watsonville 38-49
Santa Cruz vs. Salinas 31-22
Santa Cruz vs. Pacific Grove–SC win
Santa Cruz vs. Monterey 39-52
League and season 3-2

Starting line up:
Forwards: I. Dake and J. Lang
Center: G. Lang
Guards: S. Huffman and L. Royse
Subs: W. Denton, H. Van Gorder, P. Leibbrandt, Watson, E. Frank, and C. Brudjes.

The third game of the season was played at the ”Apple City” whose boys won the game by good hard playing, excellent teamwork and perfect basket shooting. The court was of the “cracker box” variety. There where no out of bounds and people stood on the court to view the game. About the middle of the second half Glenn Lang and Leonard Royse were called off the floor having four personal fouls charged against them. (at that time only 4 fouls were allowed per game). The Apple pickers only led by two points at half, but ended up winning 49-38.

After a 31 to 22 win against Salinas, the players were treated to a delicious banquet. The tables were decorated with violets and Johnny jump ups. At each place was a little bunch of these flowers and in the center of the large table was a basketball nearly covered with strewn violets and jump ups. At the conclusion of the feasting, the Santa Cruz visitors were entertained at a dance in the basketball hall. Everyone who went to the game came home with a feeling of deepest regard and appreciation for the royal treatment he had received.

The last game of the season on Friday, April 4th at the Armory. The most important basketball game of the season was played. The rooting section was right there, both in quantity and quality. Our school song made the hit of the evening. But in spite of rooting, songs and good playing, Monterey captured both Miss Championship and the Cup for this year. The boys played a hard game and fought like tigers to the last whistle. The first half ended in favor of SC 23-18. But for some unexplained reason, the boys failed to check a rally by Monterey, which was started by Noach to rally themselves. Monterey took home the bacon with a score of 52 to 39. Monterey is not to be congratulated for her good teamwork or fast playing, she was lucky in having Noach, a wizard at shooting baskets.


Starting line up for girls:
Forwards: M. Hovek and M. Coats
Centers: C. Stewart and A. Elliott
Guards: captain M. Inman and D. Seely
Subs: M. Enright, A. Wright and P. Trapwell.

Girls interscholastic basketball, after a long rest, has come into its own again. At the beginning of the term, the girls worked with little idea as to whether they would secure any games or not. They practice faithfully, never the less, though it was March before a game was secured with King City on our court at the Armory. Score 40-10 SC.

Having proved their ability to hold their own and even to come out on top in this sport, the girls practiced harder than ever. Eagerly wishing for another opportunity to show their power.

After two weeks of anxious waiting, the girls hailed with joy the news of a game at Salinas. Victory again awaited them. This time the score was 13-6, a score which shows that the victory was not an easy one.

No more games could be secured, but the season closed with girls interscholastic basketball again established on a solid footing. Much of the success of the team was due to the faithful work of our coach, Miss Le Baron.

February 28, 1919:
Girls basketball was accepted as a sport.
The track meet is to be held at Salinas on May 24.

April 11, 1919:
To date the teams have not had a very high degree of success.
We lost in basketball and debating. The girls only in basketball have a perfect score.
No reason for the defeat in debating. The reason for defeat in basketball is lack of a coach.

SC Champions
Santa Cruz 65
Salinas 32.5
Watsonville 21
Hollister 21
Pacific Grove 1
Gonzales 1
Monterey .5

SCHS won the cup for the third time. Saturday, May 24th, was THE great day. By one o’clock there were two hundred Santa Cruz rooters in the Salinas bleachers. This was one of the largest high school crowds that ever followed our team to an outside town. They went to help us win the cup ”for keeps” and they did it too.

There were seven schools represented. All had well trained teams and enthusiastic rooters. The Watsonville, Santa Cruz and Salinas sections of the bleachers were especially filled. The yells this year had greater volume and more pep than has been noticed before. Our Arthur Jenne was the handsome and cleverest yell leader there, a real ”Belle o’ the Red”.

New records:
William Denton broke the shot put record by 3 and one half inches. A record that had stood for fourteen years.

In the 220 hurdles Santa Cruz took all three places. Winner, Irving Dake breaking the record by one-fifth of a second.

Milton Watson set the record in the 120 yard high hurdles. Anyone who beats it must go faster than eighteen and two-fifths seconds.

Results by event:
Listed as distance or time, first place finisher with the name of the school, SC second or third place finishers.
100 yard dash, 11 seconds, Irving Dake, SC
220 yard dash, 25 seconds, Yakushi, Watsonville
440 yard dash, 55 seconds, Black, Salinas; second place, Harold Van Gorder, SC
880 yard run, 2 minutes and 7 seconds, Earl, Hollister; third place Ellwood Hunter, SC
Mile, 4 minutes, 57 seconds, Bliss, Watsonville; second place, Malio Stagnaro, SC
Three quarter mile relay, Santa Cruz, first
120 yard hurdles, 18 seconds, Milton, Watson; second place, Wilfred Meadows

Pole vault, 10’10”, Black, Salinas; second place, Irving Dake, SC
Shot put, 44’8”, William Denton, SC; second place, Thomas Kimball, SC
Broad jump, 19’7”, Cushman, Hollister; second place, Leonard Royse, SC
Javelin, 139’, Holm, Salinas; 2nd place, Thomas Kimball, SC; third place, William Denton, SC
Discus, 97’3”, Hollister, Hollister; second, William Denton, SC
High jump, 5’6”, Harold Van Gorder, SC
Other participants: Goodwin Hammer, Glenn Lang, Roy Montague, Harold Ponce, and Carroll Trefts

BASEBALL was due principally to the Cadet Corps and especially to Major W.G. Byrne that baseball had a place on the athletic list this year. Each of the two companies chose a captain, Glenn Lang from company 97 and Carroll Trefts from company 117. All to the cadets who desired, tried their skill at the bat. Many a hotly contested game was played between the companies.

The first interscholastic game was played at Hollister on Saturday, May 31. The Boys and girls who went over from Santa Cruz in machines reported a very exciting game. Score: Santa Cruz 7; Hollister 13. On the following Saturday a return game was to be played on our own athletic field.


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