Download complete file with overview and stats: 1935


Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track and golf
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis.

This year SC won championships in Basketball, Baseball and Tennis.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Commerce (SF) 0-33
Montezuma 13-6
Palo Alto 7-19
Los Gatos 7-20
Pacific Grove 20-7
Gilroy 25-6.
Practice record 3-3.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 30-0
Monterey 12-6
Salinas 0-32
Watsonville 0-7
League 2-2, SC took third place.
Season 5-5.

The following is an excerpt from ‘Sport-O-Torial’, a column in the first Trident of the year. We all know that support is needed for any enterprise. Football teams are no exception. If you do not come to support the Cardinals, came to see if they are worth supporting. To you the Cardinal gridders we say, tonight we challenge you to show the doubters that you are worthy of supporting. Give all you have to prove your worth. Then if the students see fit to support you, you will be far on your road to championship honors.

The Red and White had 47 candidates report for the heavyweight squad and 54 for lightweights. Our perpetual rivals, the Apple City Wildcats reported a record grid turnout of a hundred candidates. Doctor McPherson has been selected to care for injuries to players.

Side note: After playing three years of football without one loss, Salinas bowed to St Ignatius of SF 13-0.

For the first game of the season Commerce High, last years San Francisco city champs, came to town and beat our boys handedly. In their previous game at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, Commerce High tied Sacred Heart before 6,000 excited fans.

First league game headlines: Cardinals beat Hollister. Cards turn table in surprise victory, 33-0. Lynn and Clemenson make most large gains. The experts were wrong again. They predicted Hollister as potential league champs and SC as the cellar dweller. Brad Lynn, Bill Clemenson and Don Rodriguez took turns running the ball from near their own goal for a score. Lynn did the final honors for the score. Johnson converted. In the second quarter the Cards started from mid field, then with the biggest play being a pass from Rodriguez to Johnson got down to the 20 yard line. Lynn made one of his squirming, twisting runs for his second goal. Clemenson bucked over the conversion. In the third, Lynn and Clemenson ran it down to within inches of the goal and Rodriguez took it over. Lynn roamed around end for his third score and Johnson converted. Clemenson intercepted a pass and ran 35 yards for a score. The whole team played well, but Brad Lynn and tackle, Roy Connolly were the brightest spots for the Cards.

In the 12-6 win against Monterey, Rodriguez lived up to his name as a passer by whipping passes to Cecil Hedgepeth for touchdowns in the first and last quarters. The “Dons” brothers, Johnson and Rodriguez, were outstanding. Johnson did some classy running back of punts, while Rodriguez showed real passing ability. Harold Wells was particularly impressive in the line.

Starters for the final game:
ends, Cecil Hedgepeth, Ray Hedgepeth, Bill Cantwell, George Nelson and Tom Williams
tackles, Bill Pinard, Elmont Gransbury, Marvin Newman and Roy Connolly
guards, John Sapone, Harold Wells and Abie Haber
centers, Leland Vandiver and Louis Mazzachelli
quarterback, Don “Chick” Johnson
halfbacks, Brad Lynn, Mert Wilson, Marion Sloan and Bill Clemenson
fullback, Don Rodriquez.

Top players: Brad Lynn, Cecil Hedgpeth, Bill Clemenson and Louie Haber.


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Montezuma 7-0
St Francis of Watsonville 13-0
Los Gatos 20-0
Pacific Grove 20-7
Practice record 4-0.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Hollister 0-8
Monterey 0-12
Salinas 22-0
Watsonville 0-12
League record 1-3.
Season 5-3.

Starting line up:
ends, Bob Williams, Tudder, Decoto and Don Ley
tackles, Elmer Hoover, Earl Tefertiller and Willis Schmidt
guards, Charles Martin, Beverino, Curtis, Sapone, Pappas and Lyle Loehr
center, Marsden Peterson
quarterbacks, Frank Masamori and Wilson
halfbacks, Mel Padilla, Sloan, Nelson, Burchett and Charley Bennett
fullback, Ira Noah.
Subs: Scott, Beck, Gaxiola, Iwanaga and Radford.

In the first game of the season against Montezuma, Mel Padilla from Aptos proved to be a valuable find, displaying a fine passing ability. He also did a respectable job of punting. A pass from Padilla to Bob Williams late in the first quarter resulted in the only score of the game. Frank Masamori bucked over for the extra point.

Scoreless wonders win from Salinas 22-0.
In the first quarter, Schmidt blocked a punt and recovered the ball on the Salinas 11 yard line. Noah then carried for 8 yards, and Burchett ran the ball over the line for a touchdown. Later in the game, Ley passed the ball to Hoover for the final touchdown of the game.

Both the varsity and lightweight basketball teams won CCAL this year.

The rules changed this year. The center jump after each basket was done away with, a rule that drastically slowed games. Now the only time the jump-ball will be used is at the start of quarters and on held balls.

Took the championships

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 16-27
Chaminade 26-21
Montezuma 26-24
Palo Alto 24-19
Sequoia 18-23
Pacific Grove 18-21
Boulder Creek 15-10
Los Gatos 22-24
Practice record 4-4.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 18-13, 23-24
Monterey 17-16, 35-19
Watsonville 14-10, 20-13
League record 5-1.
Season record 9-5.

League standings:
SC 5-1
Watsonville 4-2
Monterey 3-3
Salinas 2-4.

The varsity squad starters:
forwards, Brad Lynn, and Ben Holsey
center, Russell Mullins and guards, Don Johnson and Cecil Hedgepeth
Subs: Andy Maranta, Kyle Pyle, Pinkham, Willard Lentz, Tilio Rosellini, Harry Davis, Stocking, Young, Reese, Clemenson, Edmunds, Thorpe, Casimer Forde and Stan Miranda.

After five practice games, the coach along with co-captains Don Johnson and Benny Holsey, decided to cut the squad to ten players. The team was picked on the following qualities: playing ability, mental attitude, improvement in play, possible improvement, number of semesters in school, dependability and training. The rest of the players will play together as a team in the City League.

The starting line up for the first league game against Salinas (SC won 18-13):
Forwards, Brad Lynn 2, and Cecil Hedepeth 6
center, Ben Holsey 4
guards, Don Johnson 2, and Russell Mullins 4
Sub, Willard Lentz. Others on squad: Karl Pyle, Stan Miranda, Norman Thorp and George Twitchell.
Game notes:
Russ Mullins shown the brightest for SC. Taking advantage of his height he continually rebounded the ball off the backboards. He also played his best defensive game of the year.
Don Johnson played his usual strong game at guard.

In a practice game with Pacific Grove, SCHS reserve players played most of the game but lost 18-21. Starters for this game:
forwards, Miranda 3 and Lentz 4
center, Mullins 2
guards, Johnson 7 and Thorp 2
Subs: Twitchell and Pinkham.

Card heavies beat Monterey 35-19 to keep a one game lead in the league. The first quarter of the game ended with the score standing at 9-8 for SC. At half time SC led 16-12. With Ben Holsey leading the attack, the third quarter found SC scoring right and left over Monterey and ended with SC leading 25-18. In the fourth quarter, SC scored 10 points, while Monterey only scored one point.
Scoring for the Cards: Holsey 10, Lynn 9, Mullins 7, Johnson 6 and Hedgepeth 3.

Over 300 SC students made the bus trip to Watsonville to help our boys beat Watsonville 20-13 to take the CCAL championship. The large turn out was a result of a bit of fiery oratory from “Doc” Fehliman, which lit the long waiting fuse and blew the student body into action. The principal went into the action, by reducing the cost for transportation in half from 20 cents to 10 cents. Playing on a larger court before a full capacity crowd and a cheering local supporters, the Cardinals showed great ability in hitting the basket. The Cards led throughout the game. At half time the Cards led 5-2.
Starters and their points:
forward, Lynn and Holsey 2 each
center, Mullins 9
guards, Johnson 0 and Hedgepeth 4
Subs: Plyle 2, Davis 1, Miranda, Lentz, Miranti and Forde.

Players selected All CCAL were Don Johnson, Ben Holsey and Brad Lynn.

Co-Champions with Salinas

The lightweight squad was cut to ten players

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Montezuma 26-15
Chaminade 16-10
San Jose 10-19
Palo Alto 11-15
Pacific Grove 11-12
Boulder Creek 17-10
Practice record 3-3.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 21-16, 15-21
Monterey 14-10, 13-11
Watsonville 12-11, 10-15
League record 4-2 co-champions.

League standings for lightweights:
SC 4-2
Salinas 4-2
Monterey 3-3
Watsonville 3-3
To see who would go to NCS playoffs, Salinas played SC and won 22-17.
Season record 7-6.

Line up at the start of the season:
forwards, Bob Williams and Chuck Bennett
center, Don Ley
guards, Al Newlove and Woodrow Richardson
Subs, Sid Carter, George Wilson, Bill Hertle, Venturini, Sweeney and Alvin Harris.

In a game against Salinas the squad beat Salinas 21-16. The starting line up and the points they scored during the game:
Forwards, Bob Williams 6, and Chuck Bennett 5
center, Don Ley 4
guards, Woodrow Richardson 0 and Al Newlove 4
Subs: Sid Carter, Bill Hertle and Ernie Venturini 2
Other players: Alvin Harris, Charles Bennett and George Wilson.

In a practice game against Pacific Grove the substitutes for the lightweight team played most of the game, SC lost 11-12.
Players and scores:
Forwards, Hertle 0 and Venturini 2
center, Harris 2
guards, Wilson 1 and Richardson 3
Subs: Carter 3 and Williams 0.

The Cardettes win over Monterey was the hardest fought game of the year. Both teams played strong defensively with the first quarter ending 2-2, at half it was SC 5-3, and by the third quarter Monterey had tied the score again 7-7. “Woody” Richardson dropped in the winning field goal for the final score of the game, SC won 13-11.
Scoring and playing: Richardson 4, Williams 3, Bennett, Newlove and Carter 2 each, Ley 0.

In the last league game of the season, Watsonville beat SC 10-15, forcing the Cardlets into a tie with Salinas for league championship. The first quarter between SC and Watsonville ended 2-2, at half time Watsonville held the lead 8-9, and neither team scored in the third quarter. In the forth quarter SC player Ley scored one point while the Wildkittens scored 6 points and won the game. Starting players and points:
forward Williams and Bennett 2 each
center, Ley 4
guards, Richardson and Newlove 2
Subs: Carter, Wilson, Hertle, Venturini and Harris.

In the playoff game against Salinas, the Cardlets, led by captain Al Newlove, ran up a 13-7 lead in the first half, playing way over Salinas’ heads. But Salinas came back in the third quarter to tie the game and then take the lead. From then on SC was on the defensive. In the end Salinas won 17-22.

SC won the league championships

practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Montezuma 28-1
San Jose Tech 8-7 end of season game
Watsonville 4-3
Mountain View 4-3
Chaminade 4-4, 7-3
Practice record 5-0-1.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Watsonville 0-8
Gonzales 13-6
Gilroy 10-4
Gilroy 16-8
Watsonville 8-2
League record 4-1 SC league champions. Salinas and Monterey did not play again this season. At the end of the season SC beat San Jose Tech (champs of the PAL league) 8-7.
Season record 9-1-1.

Since the upper field next to the new tennis courts is being graded, renovated and a new backstop put up, SCHS has secured the Community Athletic Park on California Street, for all of this years games. With a fine playing field and a turnout that is expected to be one of the largest in SCHS history, it’s hoped that baseball will become more popular.

In preparation of the start of the season, the Community Park is filled with young, anxious ball players working out on Sundays.

Howard Knapp and Bill Clemenson split the pitching duties in the first league game against Gonzales, Knapp was credited with the win. Stan Miranda led the hitters with 3 hits. Catcher, Don Knapp and Hedgepeth followed with 2 hits each.

Bill Cantwell scattered four hits in the 4-3 win over Watsonville for SCHS second league win.

In the 16-8 win over Gilroy, Nicholson hit his third home run of the year. Les Ley and Howard Knapp also hit home runs. Don Knapp slammed out two triples and a single. Howard Knapp relieved starter Cantwell and pitched good ball for six innings. Clemenson allowed one hit in the last frame.

The Cardinals Won the CCAL Baseball Championship with an 8-2 win over Watsonville. With the inspiration of over one hundred loyal student/fans, the whole team played a magnificent game, making up for their 0-8 loss earlier in the season. Bill Clemenson was the hero of the game allowing only 3 hits. Up through the third inning there was no score. In the forth inning Watsonville plated their first run. In SCHS’s half of the fifth inning, the Cards scored 6 runs on 7 hits. Watsonville scored another run in the sixth and SC scored 2 more in the seventh. Captain and SS, Jim Nicholson was the hitting star of the game with a home run and a single. Don Ley and Davis also contributed two hits to the Cards 10 total hits.
The line up listed in place in the batting order, then by name, position and batting average:
Jim Jessen 2B, 261
Don Knapp C, 273
Cecil Hedgpeth RF, 381
Les Ley 1B, 333
Harry “Red” Davis LF, 333
Emmett Freitas CF, 273
Don Ley 3B, 273
Bill Clemenson ace P. 250
Other players:
Stan Miranda 273
Howard Knapp 428
Cantwell 200
Joe Panattoni, Clark, George Twitchell, John Mazzoni, and Willard Lentz.

After the league season the Cards played San Jose Tech, who won the PAL (Peninsula Athletic League, covering schools in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties). San Jose not only won their league, but beat the Frosh teams from St. Marys and Stanford. Goiong into the last inning of the San Jose-SC game the Cards were down 2-7. But the Cards scored 6 runs to win the game 8-7.

All but a few returning players for next year continue playing Legion ball after the high school season ends. With games being played against the same local towns and players that the high school plays, the Legion league is not much different than the high school league. In this league Bill Clemenson continued his torrid strike outs per game, averaging double figures for high school and legion. In one impressive three game stretch Bill averaged 17 strike outs a game.

The team placed third in the CCAL meet, scored 10 points at NCS and 3 points at STATE

Darold Young, a transfer as a senior from Turlock, broke the CCAL 880 record and nearly broke the mile record as well. Young scored 76 points this season.

Lloyd Dodd took a first in the 220 low hurdles.
Ernie Pinkham took third in the football throw.
Cecil Hedgpeth high jumped 5’10 for second place.
All qualifyed for NCS.

NCS Meet
Darold Young took first in the 880 and mile.
Lloyd Dodd in the 220 low hurdles and Ernie Pinkam in the football throw qualified for NCS, but did not place.

Darold Young took third in 880. With all his success Young earned a scholarship to Cal.

Other members of the team:
Brad Lynn 100 and 220
Rosellini, Biggs, Johnson, Mazzachelli, Pacheco, Ryan, Cantwell, Nicholson, Maranta, Gransbury and Mullins.


Engle took a first in the 440 and a third in the 220.
Harry Hillipsen took a first in the 660.

Other team members: Nittler, Schmidt, Allison, P. Lynn, Macaulay, Carter, Thompson, Davis and Wackerman.

SC took the league championships and scored points at NCS.

Senior, Bill Bibbins was the number one tennis player in the league two years in row. Bibbins made it all the way to the finals of STATE this year. He also played tennis and golf.

Doubles team Arthur Melliar and Fred Vanselus won league and advanced to NCS where they made it to the semi finals.

Other team members: Norman Thorp, Don Johnson, Clarke Johnson, Ranold Dekkert, Mervin Jeantrout and George Wilson.

After winning league championships for 13 consecutive years, the tennis team had gone three years with out the cup. This year the team is back on track again.


Brad Lynn has been one of the best athletes at SCHS. Playing football, basketball and track for 3 years. This year he was an All CCAL basketball player on the championship team. Even as a sophomore running back in 1932 Lynn made long runs. He was All CCAL in football on a 4-2 league team and in 1934 Lynn set a new record for the lightweight discus. Lynn went on to Notre Dame to play football. At Notre Dame Lynn lettered as a half back on the 1937 team with a 6-2-1 record. At the time Notre Dame was a power house in football. They were the team of the whole country. Fans took them as their own whether they went to Notre Dame or not.

Ben Holsey was a three year starter in basketball. He was also All CCAL this year on the championship team with Brad Lynn and Don Johnson.

Darold Young broke the CCAL 880 record and nearly broke the mile record as well. At the NCS Young took first in the 880 and the mile. At STATE took third in 880 two yards behind the winner in his fastest time for the year. Young earned a scholarship to Cal.

Senior, Bill Bibbins was the number one tennis player in the league two years in row. Bibbins made it all the way to the finals of STATE this year. He also played tennis and golf.


Leo Harris, a SCHS grad, All COAST tackle for Stanford, and now the head football coach at Fresno State, brought his team to Santa Cruz for preseason practice at the first fairway of the SC golf Club. He is being assisted by a former SCHS coach, “Rabbit Bradshaw”, who was an assistant football coach at Stanford last year. Local gridders on the squad are Bill Staples, Dave Beaver and Philip Souza, all prominent in athletics here. On the Fresno teams game schedule are local opponents, Santa Clara, San Jose State and UC Ramblers.

Dario “Si” Simoni played a good game as tackle for San Jose State against Stanford until he was forced out by a leg injury.

Former Cardinals at Fresno State.
Kenny Gleason, captain of last years SCHS team is the starting fullback for the frosh team. Another starter is end Reno “Duck” Rosellini.
On the Varsity, Phillip “Sac” Souza is a third stringer.
Other SC athletes at Fresno are Loren Nickels, David Beaver, Howard Kelly and Roy Bergazzi, who will later played on the first baseball team for Fresno.

Johnny Haslam is playing first string quarterback for the freshman team at the Southern Methodist University in Texas.

Wayne Osborne, who played in the Pacific Coast league last year has moved up to the major leagues this year.

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