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Jesse Trumball, varsity football and assistants Erik Redding Scott Vitali, Jeff McCormick, Rich Price and Dante Macleod. Bytheal Ratliff, head junior varsity football and assistants Tim Morton, Tracey Schultz, Sunny Davila and Mark Hodges. Greg Brock, cross country. Nick and Danny Robinson, boys water polo. Mark Townsend, girls water polo. Semih Sabankaya, boys soccer and assistants Ali Sabankaya and Mike Palhamus. Gonzales and Scott, boys JV soccer. Jay Gomez and Mark Hogenhout, girls varsity soccer. Tim and Hanna, girls JV soccer
John Corona, wrestling. Pat Jones, girls basketball and assistants Monique Jones and Danny Paz. Danny Paz, Grova and Coach T. Charles Burks, basketball and assistant Duane Garner. Jerry Fusari, JV basketball. Bill Domhoff, frosh basketball and JV girls volleyball. Thomas Silverstein, girls tennis. Coach Gary, JV girls tennis. Dennis Mullen, Pete Pappas and Terry Ow, girls golf. Pete Pappas, boys golf. Bob Kittle, baseball and assistants, Mike DiTano, Darryl Ratliff, Jesse Trumball and John Gillette. Matt Windt, JV baseball. Bob and Rachel Penna and Tina Cutter, softball. Sharon Pena, JV softball. Ari Mello, lacrosse. Greg Brock, track and assistants Anthony Brown, Bob Sanders, Marcus Brown and Don Roberts. Coach Doug and Mr. H, boys tennis.

Practice record: Sacred Heart Cathedral 12-18, Watsonville 35-7, Alvarez 55-6, Monterey 26-14. Practice record 3-1. League: Harbor 49-0, SLV 28-14, Saint Francis 56-7. Aptos 21-20, Soquel 7-19, Scotts Valley 14-17. League record 4-2. CCS playoffs: Seaside 17-7, Del Mar 42-7, Pacific Grove 21-14 for the CCS Small Schools Division championship. Season record 10-3.

League standings, by league and over all season
Soquel 5-1 6-5
SV 5-1 7-5
SC 4-2 10-3
SLV 4-2 6-4
Aptos 2-4 5-5
Harbor 1-5 1-9
St. Francis 0-6 0-10

Yearbook. Team members: Max Myers, Quinn Garner, Jamie Tasknick. Drew Johnson, Andrew Odron, Trae McNeil, Edgar Olivia, Gino Gelucchi, Josh Strong, Zeke Sanders, Daniel Estrada, Chad Boling, Andy Rivas, Guaraci Ferreira, Salvadore Patino, Raymond Cramer, Peter Miller, Nick Gemme, Joseph Papa, Eric Ruiz, Daniel Ikalani, Chris Murray, Travis Whitley-Johnson, John Matthews, Daniel Onesto, Alex Frnnell, Erik Rodriquez, Alvaro Flores, Trevor Ross, Nick Carolla, Francisco Taborda, Elmer Flores, Tyler Miller, David Armstrong, Dwight Miller, Marco Zamora, Marcus Padilla-Bates, David Delean and Valdo Chavez.
Coaches: Jesse Trumball, head coach and assistants Eric Redding Scott Vitali, Jeff McCormick and Tim Morton.

Sacred Heart Cathedral of San Francisco 18, SC 12. Max Meyers scored on a 31 yard pass from quarterback Gino Delucchi in the third quarter. Raymond Cramer scored on a two yard run in the fourth quarter. SC was down 6-0 at halftime.

Scoring by quarters:
Sacred Heart Cathedral 0 6 0 12 18
SC 0 0 6 6 12

SC scoring:
Max Myers 31 yard pass from Gino Delucchi. Pass failed for extra point each time
Raymond Cramer 2 yard run.

Team stats SHC SC
First downs: 18 9
Rushing yards: 50-332 34-156
Passing yards: 48 61
Comp-att-int: 4-15-1 4-19-1
Fumbles-lost: 2-2 3-1
Penalties- yards: 8-46 6-50

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Alvaro Flores 10-73, Zeke Sanders 5-42. Raymond Cramer 9-27, Davis Deleon 1-4, Jamie Tashnick 2-4, Travis Whitley-Johnson 1-2, Gino Delucchi 5-minus 2.
Passing: Gino Delucchi 4-19-1-77
Receiving: Edgar Oliva 2-42, Max Meyers 1-21, Quinn Garner 1-4
Defensive stats: Interceptions: Murray
Fumble recoveries: Whitely-Johnson and Eric Ruiz

SC 35, Watsonville 7. In the first quarter, quarterback Gino Delucchi threw a 36 yard pass to Max Meyers. Alvaro Flores scored on a 33 yard run. Raymond Cramer ran for the two point conversion. In the second period, Meyers caught a pass from Delucchi for 15 yard TD. In the third period Chris Murray scored on a 14 yard run. Cramer kicked the extra point. Murray scored the final TD in the fourth quarter on a 47 yard run. Cramer again kicked the extra point.

Scoring by quarters
SC 14 7 7 7 35
Watsonville 0 7 0 0 7

Team stats SC WAT
First downs: 20 12
Rushing yards: 39-337 32-128
Passing yards: 87 100
Comp-att-int: 3-11-0 11-23-1
Fumbles-lost: 2-0 1-1
Penalties- yards: 6-61 3-25

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Flores, 13-116; Cramer 13-102; Murray 3-79, Sanders 5-30, Deleon 4-10; Josh Strong 1-7
Passing: Delucchi, 3-10-87-0
Receiving: Meyers 2-51, Garner 1-26
Defensive stats: interception: Marcus Padillo-Bates

SC 55, Alvarez 6.
Scoring by quarters
Alvarez 0 6 0 0 6
SC 21 20 7 7 55

SC scoring from first to last: Quinn Garner84 yard pass from Gino Delucchi, Raymond Cramer kicked extra point.
Max Meyers 16 yard pass from Gino Delucchi. Cramer kick.
Zeke Sanders 5 yard run, Cramer kick
Cramer 21 yard run and extra point kick
Edgar Oliva 23 yard interception return. Kick failed
Cramer 5 yard run. Trevor Ross kick
Peter Miller one yard run. Ross kick
Eric Ruiz 6 yard run. Ross kick

Team stats ALV SC
First downs: 7 15
Total offense 55 333
Rushing yards: 22-12 45-233
Passing yards: 33 100
Comp-att-int: 4-18-3 4-6-0
Fumbles-lost: 5-2 1-0
Penalties- yards: 2-10 7-60

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Cramer 8-81, Marcus Padilla bates 7-34, Sanders 5-32, DeLeon 3-27, Guaraci Ferreira 2-10, Alvaro Flores 4-14, Jamie Tashnick 2-7, Ruiz 1-6, Josh Strong 5-5, Miller 1-1.
Passing: Delucchi 3-4-0-93; Miller1-2-0-7
Receiving: Quinn Garner 2-77, Max Meyers 1-16. Edgar Oliva 17
Defensive stats: fumble recoveries: one, Oliva
Interceptions three: Oliva, Ruiz and Nick Carolla
SC record 2-1.

Santa Cruz 26, Monterey 14.
Scoring by quarter
SC 7 13 6 0 26
Monterey 7 7 0 0 14

SC scoring: Chris Murray 72 yard run. Cramer kick
Zeke Sanders 86 yard kick off return. Cramer kick
Sanders 63 yard pass from Delucchi.
Murray 7 yard run.

Team stats SC MONT
First downs: 10 10
Total offense: 267 151
Rushing yards: 37-206 42-103
Passing yards: 61 48
Comp-att-int: 2-3-0 2-4-0
Fumbles-lost: 3-1 7-2
Penalties- yards: 3-15 5-25

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Murray 9-115, Cramer 11-57, Sanders 10-41, Deleon 4-2, Delucchi 3- minus 9
Passing: Delucchi 2-3-0-61
Receiving: Sanders 1-63, Garner 1- minus 2
Defensive stats: Fumble recoveries: Murray and Jamie Tashnick one apiece.
SC record 3-1.

Santa Cruz 49, Harbor 0
Scoring by quarters
Harbor 0 0 0 0 0
SC 35 14 0 0 49

Team stats HAR SC
First downs: 11 10
Total offense: 75 268
Rushing yards: 21- 13 23-194
Passing yards: 88 74
Comp-att-int: 18-33-3 4-5-0
Fumbles-lost: 5-1 2-0
Penalties- yards: 1-15 9-80

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Sanders 2-80, Cramer 3-38, Delucchi 2-20, Strong 2-20, Tashnick 3-19, Ferreira 3-15, Deleon 2-11, Murray 1-2, Miller 1 minus 11.
Passing: Delucchi 4-5-0-74, Miller 0-0-0-0
Receiving: Meyers 3-66, Garner 1-8
Defensive stats: Fumble recoveries: Erik Rodriquez one. Interceptions, three: Garner, Tashnick and Travis Whitley-Johnson.
Sacks: SC eight, Oliva 4.5, Whitley-Johnson one and Rodriquez 0.5.
SC record 4-1 overall and 1-0 in league

Santa Cruz 28, SLV 14
Scoring by quarters
SLV 7 0 7 0 14
SC 7 7 7 7 28

SC scoring:
Sanders 67 yard pass from Delucchi. Trevor Ross kick.
Sanders 28 yard run. Ross kick
Sanders 2 yard run. Ross kick
Sanders 2 yard run. Ross kick

Team stats SLV SC
First downs: 15 13
Total offense: 274 328
Rushing yards: 35-148 34-188
Passing yards: 128 140
Comp-att-int: 11-20-1 3-8-1
Fumbles-lost: 3-0 2-1
Penalties- yards: 8-76 8-75

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Deleon 9-66, Cramer 8-40, Sanders 8-36, Murray 4-5, Delucchi 2-3.
Passing: Delucchi 3-8-1-140
Receiving: Garner 2-73, Sanders 1-67
Defensive stats: Interceptions: Sanders
Sacks three: Ferreira 1.5 and number 77, 0.5.
SC record 5-1 overall and 2-0 in league.

SC 56, St. Francis 7
Scoring by quarters
SC 7 35 7 7 56
St. Francis 0 0 0 7 7

SC scoring:
Flores 32 yard run. Ross kick the extra points on all the TD’s
Sanders 20 yard run
Tashnick 4 yard run
Meyers 19 yard pass from Miller
Sanders 35 yard pass from Miller
Miller one yard run
John Mathews 27 yard run
Mathews 35 yard run

Team stats SC SF
First downs: 14 4
Total offense: 366 68
Rushing yards: 32-294 34-50
Passing yards: 71 9
Comp-att-int: 4-9-0 1-8-1
Fumbles-lost: 5-1 1-1
Penalties- yards: 7-60 2-20

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Mathews 7-96, Cramer 5-69, Sanders 4-56. Flores 3-43, Miller 3-18, Murray 1-5, Tashnick 1-4, Josh Strong 5-1, Ferreira 1 minus 2.
Passing: Delucchi 2-5-17, Miller 2-4-54
Receiving: Sanders 3-52, Meyers 1-19
Defensive stats: Interception: Travis Whitely-Johnson, one
SC 6-1 overall and 3-0 in league.

Santa Cruz 21, Aptos 20.
Scoring by quarters
Aptos 7 7 0 6 20
SC 7 0 7 7 21

SC scoring
Myers 12 yard pass from Delucchi. Ross kick after each TD
Cramer 11 yard pass from Delucchi
Sanders 7 yard run

Team stats APT SC
First downs: 10 16
Total offense: 161 304
Rushing yards: 39-126 45-205
Passing yards: 95 99
Comp-att-int: 5-11-0 6-13-0
Fumbles-lost: 1-0 1-1
Penalties- yards: 4-25 2-20

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Sanders 5-50, Cramer 9-48, Murray 7-46, Delucchi 8-26, Deleon 7-25, Tashnick 2-5, Flores 2-5
Passing: Delucchi 6-13-99
Receiving: Myers 4-70, Sanders 1-24, Cramer 1-5
Defensive stats: Peter Miller one sack
SC record 7-1 overall and 4-0 in league.

Soquel 19, SC 7.
Scoring by quarters:
SC 0 0 0 7 7
Soquel 0 0 12 7 19
SC scoring: Myers 34 yard pass from Delucchi. Ross kick

Team stats SC SOQUEL
First downs: 13 15
Total offense: 335 282
Rushing yards: 21-38 51-279
Passing yards: 297 3
Comp-att-int: 19-32-3 1-7-3
Fumbles-lost: 6-5 2-1
Penalties- yards: 11-105 6-65

Individual stats, by carries and yards gained: Cramer 7-43, Murray 3-11, Deleon 2-6, Flores 2 minus 4, Delucchi 6 minus 18.
Passing: Delucchi 16-27-3-284, Miller 3-5-0-13
Receiving: Myers 10-185, Flores 2-35, Murray 1-26, Garner 2-19, Oliva 1-15, Garner 2-15, Carmer 2-15, Strong 1-2
Defensive stats: Interceptions for SC three: Murray 2 and Ruiz one
Sacks: Oliva one. Fumble recovery one by number one
SC 7-2 overall and 4-1 in league.

Scotts Valley 17, SC 14
Scoring by quarters:
SC 0 7 0 7 14
SV 7 0 7 3 17

SC scoring:
DeLeon 4 yard run. Ross kick
Deleon one yard run. Ross kick

Team stats SC SV
First downs: 16 10
Total offense: 235 205
Rushing yards: 44-135 32-102
Passing yards: 100 103
Comp-att-int: 7-14-1 10-14-0
Fumbles-lost: 4-1 1-1
Penalties- yards: 5-25 3-25

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Cramer 13-44, Deleon 8-41, Flores 8-20, Murray 5-18, Delucchi 10-12,
Passing: Delucchi 7-14-1-100
Receiving: Myers 5-79, Cramer 2-21
Defensive stats: Sacks: Ferreira. Fumble recoveries: Number one.
SC record 7-3, 4-2 in league

CCS Small Schools playoffs first game: SC 17, Seaside 7
Scoring by quarters:
SC 0 6 0 11 17
Seaside 0 7 0 0 7

SC scoring:
Chris Murray 24 yard pass from Gino Delucchi.
Murray 3 yard run. Cramer kick
Trevor Ross 34 yard field goal with 5:52 left in the game.

Team stats SC SEASIDE
First downs: 12 5
Total offense: 219 152
Rushing yards: 51-145 17-58
Passing yards: 74 94
Comp-att-int: 6-14-1 6-26-2
Fumbles-lost: 3-2 2-2
Penalties- yards: 11-80 4-25

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Cramer 16-72, Tashnick 10-34, Deleon 8-24, Murray 4-18, Flores 4-2, Miller 1-2, Strong 1-0, Delucchi 7 minus 22.
Passing: Delucchi 6-14-74
Receiving: Murray 3-46, Myers 3-17, Garner 1-11
Defensive stats: Interceptions: John Mathews two.
SC records 8-3 overall

Santa Cruz 42, Del Mar 7
SC Scoring
SC 14 14 6 14 42
Del Mar 0 0 7 0 7

SC scoring
Flores 4 yard run. Ross kick every extra point.
Flores 50 yard run.
Myers 85 yard run with a blocked field goal try
Marcus Padilla-Bates 8 yard run
Cramer 26 yard run

Team stats SC DM
First downs: 17 10
Total offense: 333 120
Rushing yards: 46-234 25-47
Passing yards: 99 73
Comp-att-int: 4-7-0 8-24-3
Fumbles-lost: 3-3 1-0
Penalties- yards: 8-90 6-50

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Flores 9-88, Cramer 14-77, Padilla-Bates 7-51, Garner 1-17, Tashnick 2-12, Murray 3-8. Strong 2-5, Mathews 3-2, Delucchi 4 minus 22.
Passing: Delucchi 4-7-0-99
Receiving: Myers 2-53, Garner 2-46

SC 21, Pacific Grove 14

Scores by quarters
SC 0 7 7 7 21
PG 0 6 8 0 14

SC scoring
Garner 10 yard pass from Delucchi. It was a drive of 14 plays and 83 plays. Ross kicked all three extra points
Padilla-Bates 11 yard run
Sanders 14 yard run

Team stats SC PG
First downs: 16 11
Total offense: 234 157
Rushing yards: 40-108 30-107
Passing yards: 126 50
Comp-att-int: 11-18-1 4-11-1
Fumbles-lost: 0-0 1-1
Penalties- yards: 3-35 5-40

Individual stats by carries and yards gained: Cramer 13-53, Flores 8-28, Padilla-Bates 7-22, DeLeon 3-7, Sanders 4-3, Garner 1 minus 1, Delucchi 7 minus 4
Passing: Delucchi 11-18-1-126
Receiving: Sanders 3-41, Garner 3-38, Myers 3-29, Cramer 2-18
Six seeded SC has a 10-3 record and Pacific Grove the number one seed is 11-2.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR About the football game with help about the players from the coaches.
Congratulations to the Santa Cruz High School CCS championship football team and coaches for the fine season and excitement they created for the alumni and community members, especially during the final at San Jose City College.
The coaching staff is dedicated to the welfare of their athletes. It is practically a year around project for those not out for another sport. Coaches work with them to maximize their body condition by running and weight training, plus they monitoring the academic progress of their players. Players go to camps and play in passing leagues in the summer.
Former players repay the training they received at SCHS by coming back to their old school and impart the knowledge they learned here to the next crop of athletes. On the varsity football staff are the following SCHS graduates: head coach and defensive coordinator Jesse Trumbull; offensive line coach, Jeff McCormick; running backs coach, Matt Windt and tight ends and kickers, Bytheal Ratliff, plus JV coaches who get the players ready for varsity, Tracey Schultz, Mark Hodges and Tim Morton. Other varsity coaches are offensive coordinator, Rich Price; wide receivers coach, Dante MacLeod; defensive line coach, Erik Redding and defensive backs and special teams coach, Scott Vitale.
In the following list of players, those who were starters at some point in the season have a * before their names. Only two players normally started on both offense and defense. In no way is this saying that other members of the team were less important. Substitutes and practice players are every bit as important.
To have a good football program the core of the squad takes dedicated players, who are in the program for all four years of school. There were seventeen senior players, who were the underpinnings of this team and spent all four years developing their football skills. Those who were the foundation of this team were *Raymond Cramer, *Quinn Garner, Edgar Oliva, *Jamie Tashnick, *Andrew Odron, *John Mathews, Josh Strong, David Deleon, *Alvaro Flores, *Elmer Flores, *Joseph Papa, *Erik Rodriguez, Nick Gemme, *Marco Zamora, Andy Rivas and Valdo Chavez.

Others who have played for three years or one year were important to the team as well. Three year players were *Daniel Estrada, *Marcus Padilla-Bates, *Travis Whitley-Johnson, *Gino Delucci, *Chris Murray, *Zeke Sanders, Chad Boling, *Drew Johnson, Dwight Miller, *Tyler Miller, Trae McNeil, Alex Fennell, *David Armstrong and *Max Meyers. Second year players were *Peter Miller, *Guaraci Ferreira, *Eric Ruiz, Miguel Nunez, Cole Collins, Ben Damon, Felipe Jaurgui. First year players were Bryce Jacobson, Trevor Ross, Nick Corolla, Emilio Fairweather-Alas, Salvadore Patino, Francisco Taborda and Daniel Oneto.

OFFENSE averaged 30 points a game and 300 yards a game
Listed by player, position, height, weight and year in school
Tyler Miller T 5-11 205 JR
Elmer Flores G 5-9 190 SR
Drew Johnson C 6-2 220 JR
Marco Zamora G 5-8 220 SR
Joseph Papa T 5-10 225 SR
Quinn Garner TE 6-2 230 SR
Max Meyers WB 6-3 195 SR
Geno Delucchi QB 6-2 220 JR
Raymond Cramer HB 5-11 180 SR
Jamie Tashnick FB 6-2 190 SR
Alvaro Flores SW 5-10 175 SR

Listed by player, position, height, weight and year in school
Daniel Ikalani WR/DB 5-11 150 JR
Bryce Jacobsen WR/DB 5-11 170 SR
Trevor Ross Kicker 5-10 160 JR
Edgar Oliva TE/LB 6-3 185 SR
Miguel Nunez WR/DB 6-0 180 SOPH
Josh Strong RB/DB 6-2 170 SR
David DeLeon RB/DL 5-8 185 SR
Nick Carolla RB/DB 6-0 180 SR
Cole Collins OL/LB 6-0 190 SOPH
Ben Damon OL/LB 6-2 180 SOPH
Chad Boling OLDL 6-0 195 JR
Daniel Estrada OL/DL 6-0 195 SR
Dwight Miller LS/LB 5-11 180 JR
Felipe Jauregui OL/DL 5-8 210 SOPH
Traie McNeil OL/DL 6-0 240 JR
Alex Fennell OL/DL 5-11 238 JR
Nick Gemme OL/DL 6-0 220 SR
Salvadore Patino OL/DL 6-0 190 SR
Andy Rivas OL/DL 5-11 300 SR
Valdo Chavez WR/DB 5-10 170 SR
Francisco Taborda WR/DB 5-10 160 JR
Daniel Onesto OL/D 5-10 245 SR
Emilio Fairweather-Alas OL/DL 5-10 180 JR

RUSHING: by name, carries, yards gained and touchdowns
Raymond Cramer 100 626 5
Chris Murray 60 380 6
Zeke Sanders 44 369 8
Alvaro Flores 44 289 2
David DeLeon 47 217 3

PASSING: by name, completion of passes, passes thrown, yards gained by throws, touchdowns thrown and interceptions thrown
Gino Delucchi 60 129 1210 12 7
Peter Miller 6 12 74 2 0

RECEIVING: by name, receptions, yards gained, touchdowns
Max Meyers 32 608 8
Quinn Garner 13 262 1
Zeke Sanders 6 206 3
Edgar Oliva 4 64 0
Josh Strong 3 42 0

SCORING: by name and total points scored
Zeke Sanders 78
Raymond Cramer 55
Chris Murray 48
Max Meyers 48
Trevor Ross 31

DEFENSE: Allowed an average up 11.3 points a game and gave up 183 yards a game
Listed by player, position, height, weight and year in school
Eric Ruiz NG 5-11 170 SR
Andrew Odron DE 6-2 175 SR
Guaraci Ferreira DE 6-1 180 JR
Erik Rodriguez DT 5-10 225 SR
David Armstrong DT 5-8 180 JR
Travis Whitley-
Johnson OLB 5-9 190 SR
John Matthews ILB 5-11 205 SR
Quinn Garner ILB 6-2 230 SR
Peter Miller OLB 6-0 220 SO
Marcus Padilla-
Bates CB 5-9 160 JR
Chris Murray CB 5-11 175 SR

Quinn Garner, 107; John Matthews, 76; Travis Whitley-Johnson, 75; Zeke Sanders, 43;
David Armstrong, 39.

Edgar Oliva, 10; Guaraci Ferreira, 3.5; Quinn Garner, 2; Erik Rodriguez, 1.5; John Matthews, 1.5.

Chris Murray, 3; Marcus Padilla-Bates, 3; Eric Ruiz, 2; Travis Whitley-Johnson, 2; John Matthews, 1; Andrew Odron, 1; Edgar Oliva, 1.

Addition to Sentinel later. Information from the coaches
Enclosed is the Cards record in football this year and their lineup. Only one player going both ways. What a difference. Last Saturday SCHS won the section small schools championship at San Jose JC. They beat the first three seeded teams to do it.
Quinn Garner is being recruited by at least Utah State, Sacramento State and San Diego State. (Garner eventually went to Utah State and received playing time his first year. He was picked as the lineman of the year for the county. Do not know how he will make it. For three years now he has been injured and not been able to play basketball, which he is very good at. Sophomore year he needed an operation on his right shoulder and last year on his knee. This year he had a problem with a knee, but was able to keep playing. His dad said he should be able to start working out for basketball in a couple of weeks. When he is ready he will be improve the team enough to give them a chance with everyone in the league. No superior teams this year.
The football team had a superior athlete who is fast and counted on by his team mates. He is one of the fastest in the 100 in the area and will forestall basketball which he could be good at to concentrate on track. Any way he hurt his shoulder before the last two league games against teams which tied for league. At the time the team was undefeated in league. Without their ace they fell apart. Fumbled eight times. Once into the end zone which would have gotten them within a touchdown. Next game they played much better and yardage wise won by about 30 yards, but the quarterback fumbled on the Scotts Valley 15. Minutes to play SC ties the score and kicks off short. SV takes it down to the 20, not taking any chances and running down the clock, as they had a good kicker, who I think had nine field goals for the season split the up rights for the win. With the Ace Sanders they would have at least beat SV and tied for the title. Sanders was pick MVP of the league. (Sanders red shirted his freshman year at Oregon State as he was injured in the Spring game as a defensive back)
They were now an at large team as they had enough points to make the lowest ranked division in section. They beat last years small schools division winner Seaside, who won the MBL this year. The MBL now has Monterey, Seaside, North Monterey County of Castroville, Watsonville Hi and two other Watsonville schools Monte Vista Christian and new Pajaro Valley Hi.
The San Jose area has five different leagues. Divided into two different groups. Then each group divides their group into the best, medium and worst teams into separate leagues. The winners of the lower group move up to the higher group the next year. The last place team of a group moves down to the next league. Trying to equalize competition some.
Del Mar was in the last league even though it has around 1500 students and part of the small schools division is below 1000. SC is about 1100. But SC beat them easily, though they lost their quarterback early.
Sanders was able to play in the finals and it is a good thing as they probably would not have won without him. He made the save of the game very early in the game. PG’s top runner is quick and had scored a lot, swept right end and Sanders was playing on the left side. It looked like the runner was going all the way and Sanders took him out of bounds on the 40. Without his speed, the guy was gone. You will read about his offense in the paper. They did not use him that much on offense, but he was the big difference at the end of the game.

New submission to the Sentinel, because of the limit on words.
To keep the momentum going next year and continue the progress made this season, the team will need the participation of some athletes who up to now have not considered football and the benefits that can be gained by been part of the comradeship of a successful team.
Everyone on the team was a vital member of the squad, whether they played first team or were out for football for the first time. A few samples of this follows. Daniel Onesto worked to get his grades up at continuation school so that he could attend SCHS and play football. This desire to play gave him the discipline to keep his grades up and go on and earn his high school diploma.
Senior Eric Ruiz was ineligible last year, but with his dads help and support he brought up his academics to be eligible this year. As the year went on he gained confidence and went on to earn a starting role. He intercepted a pass to close out the last Pacific Grove drive. Eric was selected as an honorable mention all league player.
Francisco Taborda a transfer student from Argentina, played American football for the first time. As the season progressed his football skills improved and his social skills improved even more an his English got stronger. After the first playoff game he announced that he wanted a ring and he got it.
Senior Nick Carolla, who played basketball and baseball, came out this year for his first year of football and filled a spot in the secondary as injuries cut down some of the more experienced players.
Trevor Ross, a junior soccer player, filled the kicking position well and scored points on extra points and field goals. In his first year of football, he made a touchdown saving tackle on a kick off return.
Senior Salvador Patino had never played football, but he made an impression on his coaches by really trying and filled in as a lineman whenever needed and played in a few games during the year.
Senior Bryce Jacobsen worked on the weights and trained with the team, but an injury cut down his season part way through. His increase in strength and confidence has improved his play as a basketball player.
There is a place for you too on next years successful football team.

Sentinel All County team. Player of the Year, Zeke Sanders. Coach of the year Jesse Trumball. Defensive MVP Quinn Garner.
Offensive players: senior, line man 6-0, 195 pound, Daniel Estrada; senior, wide receiver, 6-3, 195 pound Max Meyers; Junior, running back 6-2, 175 pound Zeke Sanders
Defensive players: seniors: 5-10, 225 pound lineman Eric Rodriquez: Linebacker, 6-2, 230, Quinn Garner: defensive back 5-11, 175, Chris Murray.

ALL SCCAL Zeke Sanders, Junior of the Year. First team offense: Daniel Estrada, lineman; Max Meyers, wide receiver. Second team offense: Tyler Miller, junior; Raymond Cramer, running back, First team defense: Erik Rodrique, senior, lineman. Chris Murray, defensive back; Second team defense: Travis Whitely-Johnson, senior and John Mathews, senior linebackers; Honorable mention: Eric Ruiz, David DeLeon, Alvaro Flores, Gino Delucchi, Jamie Tashnick and David Armstrong.

Yearbook. Ted Kovats-Wildenradts and Anthony Martin threw high flying passes to Miguel Nunez, Ben Damon and Dylan Fukai. The team was plagued with injuries to star players Cole Collins, Calvin Ohtake, Tristan Gavin and Alex Lerikos. The team ended with a 1-8-1 record, but the highlight of the season was a monster win over Aptos at homecoming. No matter what the scoreboard said in the end, they gave it all they had.

Team members: Claeb Rabadan, Evan Langer, Michael Schuhe, Cole Collins, Anthony Martin, Tristan Gavin, Ben Damon, John Warren, Dylan Keel, Alex Lerikos, Daniel Flores, Daoud Anthony, Ted Kovats-Widenradt, Jalen Porter, Miguel Nunez, Roma Dmitriyev, Chase Simmons, Matt Reid, Felipe Jauregui, Eric Colombini, Donald Sidener, Matthew Dietz, Byron Williams, Derrick Delucci, Erik Mullis, Gustavo Cortes, Jaime Baeza, Dylan Fukai, Chris Casell, Danny Deleon, Claudio Sandova, Julie Flores, Sean Linkletter, Rafael Reyes, Michael Gangloff, Jasmin Williams, Ricky Wood, Aubrey Wilson, Torrin Foss, Andre Thompson, Diego Pio and Ethan Gomez.

Yearbook. Brennan Lynch qualified for both CCS, where he placed second and at state Brennan was sixth.

Team members: Daniel Saxton, Will Hillman, Devlin O’Brien, Chris Esposito, Dana Burdick, Ben Kletzer, Nick Rossini, Colin Boyle, Colin Meyers, Alex Short, Brennan Lynch,
Coach of both teams, Greg Brock.

Yearbook. Six of the girls qualified for the state meet in Fresno, but Nataliya Munishkina, the top runner was unable to attend and the girls were not able to place well.

Team members: Caylah Novak, Elle Sanders, Justine Miranda, Nataliya Munishkina, Emily Lohnberg, Mckella Sutter, Sarah Wegmuller, Monica Meyers, Kelsey Johnson, Kylie Muhly, Taylor Burdick, Brittney Kelly, Jordan Jenkins, Fearon Hosmer, Genevieve Van Deutekom, Nikki Duffy, Tayna Naranjo-Vega and Amanda Cole.

Yearbook. In addition to the teams SCCAL championship and making it to the second round of the CCS playoffs for the first time, junior Alyssa Roberg won the SCCAL singles championship for the third year in a row and served as an enthusiastic team leader. The doubles team made the finals of the SCCAL doubles championship match. Coach Thomas Silverstein had a lot to do with the teams success. Half the team is graduating, but there is a good nucleus returning.

Team members: Alyssa McNeal, Alyssa Roberg, Amber Pipa, Caroline Simmons, Chelsea Heil, Emily Blythe, Jane Shook, Jessica Silverstein, Lauren Volkmann, Natalile Smithers, Suzanna Wong and Vanessa Silverstein.

ALL SCCAL Alyssa Roberg, senior, Most Valuable Player. Jessica Silverstein, senior MVP. Doubles team of Chelsea Heil, junior and Suzanna Wong, sophomore.

Yearbook. The freshmen worked hard to catch up with the returning players and helped the team to a season with many more wins than loses. Team members: Lauren Wood, Sahara Ray, Lauren Lambert, Laura Aiken, Tamauri Olive, Samantha Moore, Bei Doding, Kelly Davies, Caroline Barrett, Shannon Green and Alice Mintz. Coach Gary.

Practice: Lincoln Tournament: Aragon 5-13, Harbor 13-5, Terra Nova 19-10; Fremont tourney: Fremont Sunnyvale 4-12, Woodside 13-7; Rosenbrock tournament: Harbor 5-7, Wilcox 4-13. Practice record 3-4
League: Aptos 7-15, 9-12; Harbor 6-10, lose; Soquel 7-18, 11-17; SLV forfeits; League record 2-6. Lost to Soquel 9-15 at league tournament. Overall record 5-10.

Yearbook. Team members: Joey Thomas, Michael Landry, Grant Staudt, Andy Scott, Rudy Ramondi, Michael, Putnam-Pite, Elliot Geise, Aaron Marquez, Ben Lezin, goalie Jackson Zucker-White, Carson Staudt. Coaches Nick and Danny Robinson.

ALL SCCAL Andy Scott, Junior of the Year. Michael Putnam-Pite, freshman of the Year. Andy Scott, junior first team. Second team: Rudy Ramondi, sophomore. Honorable mention: Carson and Andy Scott.

Yearbook. Team members: Darrin Scott, Conor Armor, Jonathon Shonick, Sam Smith, Alex Kirkles, Evan Morris, Jackson Armstong, Alex Ivany, Pedro Lopes and Don Val. Coach Danny Robinson.

From Monterey Bay Prep report. Practice games: Clovis Tourney: Yosemite Park 10-0, Golden West of Visalia 10-4, Clovis West 3-7, Kingsburg 10-4, Monache of Porterville 3-5. Monterey Bay Tourney: SLV 5-1, Aptos 6-3, Monterey 18-13, Willow Glen 17-0. Tourney champion. Independence tourney: , St. Ignatius 5-7, Pioneer 11-6, Santa Teresa 10-1, Independence 14-9, Santa Catalina 8-7, Presentation 6-3, Live Oak 2-3. Practice record 12-4.
League: SLV 8-5, 5-2; Aptos 5-2, 8-7; Harbor 18-1, 12-3; Soquel 8-4, 7-4. League record 8-0, league round robin champion. League playoff semifinal beat SLV 6-2. League final lost to Soquel 8-9, which made SC and Soquel Co-Champions of the SCCAL
CCS Division II playoff: Live Oak 8-6. Semifinal lost to St. Francis of Mt. View 4-7.
Overall record 22-6.

Yearbook. One of the best seasons at SC, especially with a win over rival Soquel to win the league title. Coach Townsend was so happy he jumped into the pool in his parka.

Team members: Julia Esposito, Olivia Waller, Claire Putnam-Pite, Olivia Shull, Sophie Calhoun, Karina Tolentino, Lihi Bensley, Terra Weeks, Maya Spencer, Julie Esposito and Michal Ross. Coach Mark Townsend.

Scoring: Stewart 67, Calhoun 52, Ross 50, Spencer 17, Weeks 15.
Shots on goal: Stewart 168, Calhoun 91, Ross 88, Weeks 45, Spencer 42
Assists: Ross 35, Stewart 23, Calhoun 16, Putman-Pite 13, Shull 8
Steals: Putman-Pite 34, Ross 26, Calhoun 18, Stewart 12, Weeks 9
Goals saved: Pitman-Pite 228, Mullowney 2.

ALL SCCAL Seniors, Claire Putman-Pite top goalkeeper, Michal Ross and Rosie Stewart first team. Second team: Seniors, Sophie Calhoun and Terra Weeks. Honorable mention: Olivia Shull and Karina Tolentino.

Yearbook. There were a ton of new players, mostly freshmen. They all did really well. Everyone stuck it out for three hours and six days a week practices. The coaches worked us hard and it paid off with the league title and placing high in tournaments. The team played top teams at the beginning of the season and got dominated. But at the last tournament, we not only beat all of them, to win the Presentation Tournament. We spent a lot of time together between games and practice and started to work as a family.

Team members: Molly Gilholm, Jessica Keating, Bianca Grossi, Alyssa Tselepis, Alex Rubi, Kaila Pearson, Adriane Baade, Kristen Kelly, Kelsey Rollo, Vanesa Miranda, Lauren Powers, Liz Paltron, Nikki Dussault, Heather Mullowney, Nicole Pettel, Melissa Rivas, Ashley Harried, Anya Kraus, Ashton Karachristos, Sarah Kletizer, Sol Frota and Lisa Duffy.

Practice matches: Santa Cruz Invitational: Aptos 0-2, Ponderosa of Shingle Springs 0-2, Pacific Grove 2-0. Monterey 3-1, Santa Catalina 1-3, Sonoma Valley 1-2. Practice record 2- 4. League: St. Francis 0-3, 0-3; Mt. Madonna 0-3, 0-3; Harbor 0-3, 0-3; SLV 3-0, 0-3; Scotts Valley 3-0, 3-0;Aptos 0-3, 3-1; Soquel 0-3, 1-3. League record 4-10. Season record 6-14.

Yearbook. With a new coach and nine new players the season was consumed by establishing a building a new team. The team had victories over Scotts Valley and SLV. There are only three seniors, so the team will be in better position to start next season. Team members: Kaiti Kluzniak, Cassi Tinetti, Riley Sisk, Kala Shelton, Krista Dickey, Robertina Vrenozi, Rose Carman, Sarah Saxton, Hannah Wizin, Megan Bradley, Pamela Cabrera, Maya Frota and Justine Vicnair.

ALL SCCAL Honorable mention: Cassi Tenitti and Rose Carmen.

Yearbook. Team members: Hannah Sullivan, Ashlee Wilhelmsen, Chelsea Cater, Bailey O’Regan, Makenzie Sisk, Kylie Woodhead, Juli Young, Hailey Worthen, Katie Carollo, Kelly Brokow, Pimwalee Kachinthom and Kira Wong. Coach Bill Domhoff.

Yearbook. Team members: Edith Sullivan, Gabby Corbett, Katie Attema, Sedona Keenan, Franny Gardner, Emily Hightower, Angie Young, Marina Carino, Hailey Sims, Alyssa Strong, Naomi Baxter-Rubach and Analisa Espinoz-Lopez.

Yearbook. Some of the highlights this year were: beating Harbor twice, one in a sudden death and the other by a few strokes to place second in league. The other was playing in the CCS playoffs in a down pour. All six girls on the team were returning this year. Erica Sierra, Gianna Tinetti, Lyndsie Slakey, Josie Pappas, Michelle England and Alessia Pope. Head coach Pete Pappas and assistants Terry Ow and Dennis Mullen.

ALL SCCAL Josie Pappas, first team. Second team: Lyndsie Slakey and Alessia Pope. Honorable mention: Michelle England. Dennis Mullen, Coach of the Year.

From Mbayprep. Practice games: Pajaro Valley 63-54, Gilroy 57-61. SLO tournament: SLO 30-71, Ocean View of Huntington Beach 31-74; Lompoc 32-74, San Marcus of Santa Barbara 51-76. Dads Club: SLV 57-45, Watsonville 48-61, Soquel 55-61. Palma tournament: Menlo 53-62, Seaside 66-65, Alisal 46-68. North Monterey 58-81, Los Gatos 63-83, Hollister 55-77, Monterey 82-72. Practice record 4-12. League: Soquel 64-67, 68-70; Aptos 60-48, 48-45, Scotts Valley 90-73, 71-60; Harbor 53-50, 59-52; St. Francis 67-58, 62-54; SLV 79-52, 53-57. League record 9-3. League playoffs: Aptos 55-60. CCS playoffs: Half Moon Bay 44-37, Pacific Grove 56-59. Season record 14-17.

Yearbook. Team members: Erik Rodriquez, Chris Anderson, Glenn Baldemor, Michael Johnston, Zen Maki, Sean Conroe, Derek Daniels, Myron Chandran, Bryce Jacobsen, Justin Hightower, Quinn Garner, Taylor Kientzel, Matt Hopkins and Ian Hoppis, Head coach Charles Burks and assistant Duane Garner.

From Mbayprep. Scoring leaders by name, games played, points scored and average points per game.
Hightower 28 445 15.89
Jacobsen 29 322 11.10
Daniels 13 122 9.38
Conroe 29 268 9.24
Garner 13 91 7.00

ALL SCCAL Justin Hightower, first team. Second team Sean Conroe. Honorable mention: Bryce Jacobsen, senior and Taylor Kientzel, sophomore.

Yearbook. Team members: Sasha Miljkovic, Ben Damon Peter Miller, Tristan Gavin Eli Ledwith, Caleb Rabadan, Anthony Martin, Keith Williams, John Wiley, Rudy Raimondi, Jallen Porter, Cole Collins, Robby Pappas, Tony Cabrales and Kai Zajac. Coach Jerry Fusari.

Yearbook. Team members: Johnny Hargens, Collin Ferguson, Bryan Adams, Michael Adams, Johann Schmidt, Pearce Hutchins-Fuhr, Derric Delluchi, Erik Mullis, Andre Duckets, Joe Marden and Michael Gangloff. Coach Bill Domhoff.

From Mbayprep. Practice games: Irvington tournament: Merced 61-44, Foothill of Pleasanton 33-45, Irvington 51-48. Salinas tournament: Le Grand 60-35, Salinas 43-40, Northgate of Walnut Creek 26-50. Alisal 36-34, RLS 48-45, Notre Dame 44-41; Miramonte of Orindaa 27-69, Burlingame 50-60, American of Fremont 50-61, Milpitas 47-38. Practice record 8-5. League: Soquel 41-45, 30-55; Aptos 43-51, 62-37; Scotts Valley 45-54, 73-40; Harbor 61-47, 40-32; St. Francis 49-58, 34-48, SLV 40-39, 47-37. League record 6-6. League playoffs: Aptos 59-53, St. Francis 44-49. CCS Division IV playoffs: Notre Dame 50-39, Harbor 60-47, Valley Christian 34-50 in the finals. At Northern California Division IV playoffs: Justin Siena of Napa 53-80. Season record 17-14.

Yearbook. Team members: Malia Santos, Nikki Duffy, Sarah Takahashi, Leah Bratten, Caylah Novak, Shaunay Day-Smith, Allison Harger, Cassi Tinetti, Gianna Tinetti, Morgan Rollo, Hannah Sullivan, Kaiti Kluznick, Elle Sanders and Kaja Vaughn. Coach Pat Jones and assistant Monique Jones.

ALL SCCAL Malia Santos, junior guard, first team. Second team, Sarah Takahashi, senior. Third team: Gianna Tenitti. Honorable mention: Cassie Tenitti, senior.

Yearbook. The team took third place in league with a 8-4 record. Team members: Tamauri Olive, Analisa Shields-Estrada, Kelsey Rollo, Micaela Whalen, Margo Myall, Kalista DeHart, Jenny Figueroa, Christine Baldemor, Sheena Conroe and Kelsey Moriarty. Coaches Grova, T. and Dan Paz..

Yearbook. The team whittled down to a small group that loved the sport and were just happy to be there. They all gave it their best effort. At tournaments, they would have to start out traveling to the tournament at 5 a.m. to get weighed in and wouldn’t get home till 10 p.m. They said ‘no pain no gain’ for all the bumps, cuts and bruises one gets from a match.

Team members: Adrew Schuchard, team captain Josiah Frampton, Francisco Taborda, David Armstrong, Aaron Marquez, Dylan Keel, Michael Serrano, Trevor Kumac, Rafael Reyes and Timo Karachristos. Coach John Corona.

Practice: Yerba Buena 1-1. Homestead Tournament: Evergreen Valley 1-1, Valley Christian 1-4, Homestead 2-1, Los Gatos 0-2. Woodside 1-2. Practice record 1-3-2. League: Harbor 2-1, no report; St. Francis 3-0, no report; SLV 2-0, 2-0; SV 1-0, 1-3; Soquel 0-1, 3-2; Aptos 2-1, 1-1. League record 7-2-1. CCS playoff: Gonzales 0-1. Overall record 8-6-3.

Two league games against Harbor and St. Francis not reported.

Practice games: Tournament: Cleveland of Reseda 5-1, Logan of Union City 5-1, Washington of Fremont 4-3. Tartan Shootout. Sage Hill of Newport Beach 6-0, Calvary of Murrieta 2-0, Notre Dame of LA 0-0, Parker of San Diego 0-1 and Empire of Tucson, Arizona 2-1. Practice record 6-1-1. League: Harbor 2-0, 6-0; St. Francis 7-0, 3-0; Scotts Valley 0-0, 0-0; Soquel 5-0, 8-2; Aptos 5-0, 1-1; SLV 4-1, 2-0. League record 9-0-3. CCS playoffs: Stevenson of Pebble Beach 3-0, Woodside Priory 0-1. Season record 16-1-5.

Yearbook. This was the eighth year the team made the CCS playoffs. The team didn’t do as well as hoped, but took second place in league. Five players were lost to injuries and grades. Nine players made all league. Five on the first team and four were on the second team. Kevin Halasz and Fabian Cabrera shared Player of the Year for the SCCAL. Next year the first part of practice will be dedicated to homework to help players pass their classes.

Team members: Shakin Redroban, Josh Strong, Miguel Pacheco, Pedro Lopes, Do Val, Kevin Halasz, Trevor Ross, Jose Chavez, Gerardo Hernandez, Diego Pio, Mario Sandoval-Martinez, Adan Serrano, Vincent Cheung, Cesar Aguilar, Lupe Ojeda, Christian Salgado and Edwin Chavez. Head Coach Semith Samanki and assistants Ali Samanki and Mike Polhamus.

ALL SCCAL Fabian Cabrera, senior Midfielder of the Year. Kevin Halasz, junior Goalkeeper of the Year. Coach of the Year Semith Samanki.
First team: Halasz, Christian Salgado, senior forward; Fabian Cabrera, senior, midfielder; Diego Pio, sophomore and Trevor Ross, junior defenders.
Second team: Jose Chavez, Miguel Pacheco, Vince Cheung and Ethan Gomez.

Yearbook. Team members: Dylan Manning, Leif Christiansen, Henry Ortega, Max Turigliatto, Mossimo Migliore, Jose Solis, Oscar Gonzales, Matthew Como, Steven Smith, Miguel Poblete, Rogelio Ojeda and Christian Guiza. Coaches Scott and Gonzales.

Yearbook. The team won the league in their last league game defeating Scotts Valley 3-1.

From Mbay.preip. Practice games: Tri Valley Classic at Walnut Creek: Cleveland of Reseda 5-1, Logan 5-1, Washington of Fremont 4-3, St. Ignatius 2-1 to win the Classic. St. Margarets of Southern California: Calvary Chapel of Santa Ana 2-0, Sage Hill of Newport 6-0, Notre Dame Academy of Los Angeles 0-0, Francis Parker of San Diego 0-1. Practice record 6-1-1.
League: Harbor 2-0, 6-0; Scotts Valley 0-0, 3-1; Soquel 5-0, 8-2; St. Francis 7-0, 3-0; Aptos 5-0, 1-1; SLV 4-1, 2-0. League record 10-0-2 for the championship.
In the CCS division III quarterfinals SC defeated Stevenson 3-0 and lost to Woodsice Priority of Portola Valley 0-1 in the semifinals. Overall record 17-2-3.

Team members: Natalie Jed, Emily Stover, Lyndsie Slakey, Ashlee Wilhelmsen, Lauren Miller, Catherine Sordo, Kelsey Johnson, Carly Bagnall, Kaiko Kurita, Elena Venable, Lucy Shook, Kate Mosenthine, Hailey Worthen, Mandy Cole, Jordan Jenkins, Natasha Roberts, Stephanie Busch and Sara Lezin. Coaches Mark Hogenhout and Jay Gomez,

Sentinel preview for the league season: Previous season record: 17-1-5 overall and 9-0-3 league for first place and won CCS Division III title.
Coach Jay Gomes, fifth year. Key newcomers: two freshman: Goalie Stephanie Busch and defender Elena Venable. SC is loaded with 17 returnees, four of which were All League performers from last years CCS championship squad. They are the team to beat this year.
Kaiko Kurita missed last season with torn knee ligaments.. The previous year, she scored six goals and had seven assists. Expect big things from her this year.

Rest from Mbay.prep. Leaders stats
Scoring: Miller 25, Johnson and Wilhelmsen 12 apiece, Jenkins 9, Kurita 3.
Assists: Johnson 20, Kurita 12, Miller 7, Wilhelmsen 6, Sordo 5
Goalie saves: Busch 60. Kurita 1

ALL SCCAL Lauren Miller Forward of the Year. Keiko Kurita, mid-fielders; Lauren Miller, forward; Jane Shook and Lyndsie Slakey, defenders; Catherine Sordo and Ashlee Wilhelmsen, forwards. Second team: Stephanie Busch, Natasha Roberts and Elena Venable.


Practice games: Monterey 5-3, Brophy Tournament, Kofa of Yuma Arizona 3-0, Brophy College Prep Phoenix, Arizona 2-12, Buena, Sierra Vista Arizona 14-0. Valley Christian 2-5, Saratoga 10-0, Santa Clara 5-2, Mitty 6-4, Pleasant Grove of Elk Grove 9-8, Jesuit of Sacrament 5-4, Los Gatos 9-2, Fremont 14-5, St. Francis of Mt. View 5-13, Wilcox 10-9, Valley Christian 3-6, Bellarmine 7-3, St. Mary’s of Stockton 3-5, Evergreen Valley 3-2. Practice record 13-5. League: Aptos 4-8, 8-4; St. Francis 30-2, 19-3; Soquel 13-2, 3-6; Scotts Valley 4-1, 9-2; Harbor 6-4, 8-2; SLV 15-7, 16-5. League record. 10-2.
CCS playoff games: Harker 9-0, Scotts Valley 9-5, Pacific Grove 10-3 and Live Oak 2-3 in the finals of Division III. CCS record 3-1. Season record 26-8.

Yearbook. Varsity kicks off great season. After seven straight wins, the Cards are off to a great start. Each player has stepped up to the plate and helped the Cards get a leg up on the league. Some have called the team’s performance “eye-popping”. With this years offense and defense stronger than ever and all star pitchers like Alex Taku, it seems a fair assumption that the Cards are going to have a truly unforgettable season!

Team members: Max Meyers, Dylan Gavin, Alex Taku, Derek Mori, Patrick Freeman, Ryan Navaroll, Gino Delucci, Mark Miller, Nick Gemme, Chris Freeman, Peter Miller, John Matthews, Paul Webster, Dylan Gavin, Chris Murray, Jared Rosso, Trevor Ross, Eli Kass, Dustin Torchio, Dominic Boegal, Parker Watkins and Matt England.

ALL SCCAL First team: Alex Taku, senior pitcher; Dylan Gavin, senior and Dustin Torchio, junior, infielders; John Mathews, senior outfielder; Gino Delucchi, junior utility/DH. Second team: Max Meyers, pitcher; Matt England, infielder; Derek Mori, outfielder.

Yearbook. Team members are juniors and sophomores: Daoud Anthony, Ben Damon Tristan Gavin, Liam Healy, Ted Kovats, Eli Ledwith, Massimo Migliore, J.R. Rosso and Paul Webster.

Yearbook. Team members: Bryan Adams, Stuart Akeson, Erik Colombini, Derek Delucci, Dom Elkin, Colin Ferguson, Torin Foss, Cole Garner, Dylan Keel, Dylan Mori, Andrew Mowbray, Erik Mullis, Matt Reid, Walker Rowe, Zach Seftel, Bryan Williams, Ricky Wood, Terry Wood, Sam Zaler, Michael Schuhe and Ryan Roubal.

Practice games: Monta Vista of Cupertino 0-13, Carmel 1-7, Watsonville 3-4. Practice record 0-3. League: SLV 6-5, 2-15; Scotts Valley 3-13, 3-13; Harbor 0-1, 2-1; St. Francis 0-3, 11-1; Aptos 1-8, 0-9; Soquel 7-15, 1-2. League record 3-9. Season record 3-12.

Yearbook. After three losses in pre-season games, the Cards started off the league season with a 6-5 win over SLV. Coaches Sharon and Bob Pena and Tina Cutter are loved by the team and have a lot of fun with them.

Team members: Michelle McCrary, Shaunay Day-Smith, Whitney Harper, Lisa Conway, Sarah Stowell, Paige Kovats-Wildenradt, Sofia Espinoza-Lopez, Pamela Cabrera, Jesse Feinsey, Allison Harger and Bobbi Pena.

ALL SCCAL Allyson Harger. Second team: Bobbi Pena

Yearbook. Picture, but no names.

Yearbook. Running Circles. Setting Records. Led by seniors Nataliya Munishkina, Alvaro Flores, Ben Kletzer, Cassi Tinetti and Daniel Saxton, the team had a winning record unrivaled in our recent history. Everywhere the track team went this year, heads were turned because of the outstanding talent of all the athletes. Coaches Anthony Brown, Bob Sanders, Greg Brock and Don Roberts were joined this year by the famous Marcus, who returned from retirement to help the Cards win. With a young team, the 2009 season should be just as successful.

There is a team picture, but no names. The only names mentioned were Lindsey Wall, Brennan Lynch, Dezmen Marshall, Myron Chandran and Fearon Hosmer.

Yearbook. (there are pictures of the varsity and JV teams, but no names) The only names are of the 400 free style relay team of Sophie Calhoun, Sarah Kletzer, Mical Ross and Claire Pitnum-Pite. Terra Weeks swimming the 200 yard individual medley. Allyson Blackstone diving

Yearbook. Over The Net. Two new coaches took over the team from veteran coach Will Power, who coached the team the last few years. The team had a lot of fun this year. The team acquired several freshman, including Dylan Manning, Jacob Imsland and Sam Imsland this year. Other team members were Tyler Nodine, Wiley Schultz Chris Kaye, Nick Morris, Trevor Kraus, Ben Rangell and Miguel Poblete, Tony Yang and Theo Lopez. Coaches Doug Cox and Gary Hamilton, first year.

Sentinel league preview: Last years record 8-2. Key returnees: Seniors, Ben Rangell, Tyler Nodine, Wiley Schultz and Theo Lopez. Key newcomers: frshmen Jacob and Sam Imsland and junior Chris Kaye. With three seniors, who have been on the varsity all four years SC has experience and leadership that most other teams do not have.
Coach Cox, “We have a good junior senior team, who has done well against teams we have played so far. Rangel, Nodine and Lopez have been play 2 through 4, leading a team that has gone 3-1 so far with its only loss coming from Aptos. Kay is filling the number one spot. The twins Imsland are the top doubles team.

Yearbook. The team had wins over Soquel and Scotts Valley. Team members: Chris Esposito, Drew Magranet, Mark Miller, Sean Linkletter, Anthony Martin, Colin Boyle. Coach Pete Pappas.

ALL SCCAL Kevin DiTano

SC What? SC You Know!! The squad practiced 2-3 days a week and did exceedingly well after the school not having a team last year. They attended every home and away football game and had a blast cheering in the CCS playoffs. They also cheered for basketball. Things got off to a slow start since the entire roster was not intact until school started, but quickly made up for lost time learning a new routine and stunts every week. By the Scotts Valley game, they had a routine that would have been competition worthy. The team is looking forward to competing next season and are hoping to be ready to compete at the Boardwalk competition in September. Try-outs fro the 1009-2009 season were in April.

Team roster: Gaby Cruz, Julie Torres, Danielle Johnson, Kristin Carmichael. Alejandra Figueroa, Karina Chavez, Stephanie Fogel and Whitney Harper.

From Mbay.Prep for scores: Aptos 1-12, 3-11; Watsonville 2-10,2-16; SLV 1-11; Scotts Valley 1-18; Harbor 6-16; Carmel 7-12, Pacific Grove 1-5; York School 1-12; Pacific Collegiate 8-6. Record 1-10.

Yearbook. Rising To The Challenge. There were not many returning players this year, so a lot of practice time was spent training the new comers. Also the lack of players meant that everyone gets a lot of playing time. Still the experience gained this season with the addition of several freshman with club experience made for a great season. Coach Ari Mello also coaches the UCSC men’s lacrosse team. There were only a few players names listed. They are Daniel Wagman, Will Bass who has played since he was a freshman, Devlin O’Brien and Francisco Taborda. (Others found: Walker Hum Allen Freeman, Danny Wamsher, Stider Wilson, Emilio Fairweather-Alas, Chris Cassel, Zach Henry, Drew Johnson and Eric Ruiz)

ALL SCCAL First team: Walker Hum. Second team: Daniel Wagman. Honorable mention: Alan Freeman

Yearbook. From Dusk Till Dawn. SC has a surf team that participates with other schools in various competitions around California. Members are so devoted to surfing, they don’t mind the freezing Pacific Ocean in bright sun or stormy weather. Members of the team are out searching for that perfect wave. The following are the only names mentioned: Bjorn Temple, Kyle Thiermann, Tyler Nodine, Shaun Burns and Nat Young.

Yearbook. On The Open Seas. We sail with any high school in Santa Cruz County, but right now we sail with PCS. It’s helpful to race with other schools at practice, you learn lots of tips. There are good times, but at times when there is no wind, its really boring. Some times we trade partners while still out to sea. We just jump from one boat to the other.

SC and PCS sailing teams combine for a group shot after the Cardinal Regatta at Redwood City. Pictured: Foreign exchange student, Marco, Carole Harris-Barnett, Marie Nielsen, Ellen Mintz, Mark Hamlin, Makai Velvy, Ben Wallace and Andrew Cowley.

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