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Other than basketball and baseball all the material came from the Trident. A few items like comments by the coaches in the yearbook and the team members were from the Cardinal yearbook, but few names were listed with the pictures.

Santa Cruz High’s Memorial Field was dedicated to those Santa Cruz High students who died during World War I. When the dedication took place on Memorial Day 1924, eleven trees were planted around the stadium in memory of the fallen soldiers. These soldiers were: Pearl Turner, Paul Herriott, Donald Rose, Vance Bliss, Roy Evans, Ruben Wilkenson, Ward Church, Clare Parker Norton Pratt, Kenneth Reed and Barnard Pillsbury.

For several years after the Dedication Ceremony, the High Tow Tong and Girls’ Honor Society gathered each Memorial Day to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

During the stadium’s 57 year history it has been used for: Soccer, Track and Field, PowderPuff Football and Boy’s Football. It’s also been used for many of the same purposes by the other high schools in our district. Throughout its history the facility has had its moments of glory, but none so great as the night of November 11, 1962 when SCHS closed the season by defeating North Salinas High 42-20 to win the CCAL Division A Football Championship before an overflow crowd of 2300. The ‘62 Cardinals finished the season with a 7-0-1 record.

Senior athletes of the year were John Wilson and Ellen Newberry. John has played football as the quarterback, guard in basketball and pitcher/first base in baseball. His drive to win has helped each program. For the third year in a row John was selected All League and All County in baseball. Basketball coach Pete Newell said of John, “Since I have been at SC I can count on one hand the players that have the utmost peer respect that John Wilson has. John is a winner, who always found a way to get the job done.” Asked what has been his greatest highlights in his four years. John replied, “In football making All County and in basketball being chosen to the Dad Club All Tournament team. In baseball making All County and All league for three years has been a great thrill and also pitching 10 innings in a 1-0 win against Robert Louis Stevenson in the CCS playoffs last year.” His greatest challenge is trying to be consistent and to perform my best in each game.” On his playing philosophy John said, ”Trying to out smart my opponent, because my ability might not be as great as his. Thus I can outplay him by being smarter then him.” John is the second person in his family to honored as the senior athlete of the year at SCHS.

Ellen Newberry has played basketball and softball. Ellen was named Most Valuable Player All League and All County softball teams. Softball coach Vic Miguel has had Ellen as a player for four years. Ellen is a very energetic player and her enthusiasm has spilled off to the other players. She has been an intricate part of the success the teams have had over the four years.” Basketball coach Ray Hunter commented, “She has been a scholar athlete for all four years as well as being an important member of the team for four years. On her greatest highlights she said, “A big thrill was almost beating Los Gatos in the Cardlette Tournament for Los Gatos ended up as the number one Girls team in their division in Northern California. Also we got to the quarter finals of CCS this year and finished first last year. In softball this whole season was a highlight and the fun times the team had going to various tournaments.” Her greatest challenge was “Putting 100% into each game and practice, because playing every day tends to make a person mechanical. In each game you have to fully concentrate. Her playing philosophy, “Putting a full effort into every part of the game so you achieve your full potential.”

BOY’S SPORTS AT SCHS by Peter Castillo, Trident Staff
The students of Santa Cruz should feel fortunate that they have one of the best all around athletics program available. Time after time Santa Cruz teams take league championships or place very close to the top due to the good coaching and the commitment they put into making the programs successful. But it is also the athletes who go out, that make the program successful by putting 100% into the program. They execute what they are taught to help make the programs successful.

FOOTBALL Gary Sakamoto was hired last year to replace Ron Mehuron as the football coach. Sakamoto started his second season with a larger and more experienced squad from last year.
Coach Sakamoto summarized his coaching philosophy, “My philosophy is to try and get the most out of our players. I try to get the players to achieve their full potential.” A good example of this was all-county running back Larry Robinson, who after a year of not playing returned to dominate the league. When asked if he thought the program is successful, Sakamoto replied, “I think it is more successful than last year, because we have more athletes. The people who are returning also understand the system better than last year.”

WRESTLING Tex Ronning began coaching the wrestling team in 1963, because he did not want to coach track that year. While attending graduate school, Coach Ronning taught wrestling to college freshmen. At Santa Cruz, Ronning has produced a steady stream of good wrestlers. Outstanding past wrestlers: Kip Herren, who now coaches wrestling Auburn, Washington and will bring his team to SC December 29 for a meet; Mark DiGirolomo, who won the state championship for four years and a NCAA title at college; Greg Ronning, who twice won the Southern California NAIA championship; Craig Deane and returning this year Joel Bettancourt and Karl Goin. In 1967 the team won the Monterey Bay League championship and in 1976-77, 1977-78, 1978-79 seasons the team won the SCCAL championship. This year the toughest league opponent will be newcomer North Monterey County. Coach Ronning summarized his coaching philosophy, “I try to find kids who are intelligent and who also have good balance, strength and coordination. They need to be smart because there is a lot to learn in balance, leverage and strategy. Also the athlete has to be able to compete one on one with another person.” Coach Ronning explained why the wrestling program is so outstanding. “I think the program is successful because the wrestlers put in the extra effort to make the program successful.”

SOCCER Don Dempewolf began coaching the soccer team in 1973 because at the time he was the only person who had soccer coaching experience. Since then Coach Dempewolf has been building the program and last year the team finished 10-0 in league play and also had two other past championships. Coach Dempewolf summarized his coaching philosophy, “I feel that the person who goes out for the team should play. Also try to emphasize to the players that soccer is a team sport and they must play as a team.” On why he feels his program is successful, Coach Dempewolr replied, “Our program is a success because the team has good players and they have dedicated themselves to improve the program. Both I and the players work hard in a joint venture; I put in my time and work and they put in their time and work also.” All county players for last year: Nick Dadigan, Mitch Kimura, Mike Schmall, Chuck Dunbar and Larry Guthrie.

BASKETBALL Pete Newell was offered the coaching position for basketball in 1974. Coach Newell played at San Jose State, the Sub-Pac team while in the Navy and A.A.U. basketball.
Past all-county players since 1974 are: Tony Lopez, Eric Forgaard and Duane Whitley. This year promises to be tough as the Cards schedule is packed with good teams. Coach Newell summarized his coaching philosophy saying, “Basketball is a team game and the players must play as a team. Basketball requires more athletic skill than perhaps any other sport and one must be in shape to play it.” When asked if he thought the program is successful, Coach Newell answered, “In terms of games won or lost it is not successful. But in terms of commitment of the players during the season it is better than average.”

TENNIS Dennis Mullen began coaching tennis in 1970 and since then the team has won one MBL championship and four straight in SCCAL before losing out to Aptos last year. Coach Mullen is an active player and plays often in tournaments. Past league champions are: Pat Swafford, Marc Bullgae, Jeff Currin, Matt Tsugawa, John Brooke, Mike McNeal, Steve Alves, Phil Kashap, Eric Fieberling and Paul Daniel. This year Santa Cruz will face a tough challenge by Aptos and SLV. Coach Mullen summarized his coaching philosophy, “I try to get the players to reach their full potential as players.” Why he thought the tennis program is successful, Coach Mullen responded, “The program is successful because both I and the players put 100% into make the program successful.”

Trident. The polo team has a new coach, Doug Nisbet, who is bringing a new approach to the team. Coach Nisbet coached at Maricosa High School in Southern California from 1972-1976, the 1975 Junior Olympic Nation Championship team and the University of Queensland in Australia for another year. The team has to practice in the morning and afternoon because they have to share the pool with the girl’s swim team. Coach Nisbet, though, gets the most of his players during all sessions. In the spring he’ll be forming an A.A.U. team, junior and senior. Both Coach Nisbet and Steve Hobert, the morning coach, will play with the team. Doug hopes having the team playing tougher opponents will make them stronger next year.
Coach Nisbet summarized his coaching philosophy by stating, “We have to execute what is coached. Also, if you come to practice, no matter how good you are, you should play. Everybody that comes out is a varsity player. Playing time is important because it is the only time for many athletes to play. If you are going to get better you have to play more.” In what he believes is needed to make the team successful, Coach Nisbet answered, “We have to institute our game plan and execute. Also practicing our offensive drills and making sure players can shoot with either hand. Next year the team is planning to go to the CCS playoffs.”

CROSS COUNTRY Greg Brock came to Santa Cruz in February of 1974 to coach track. He began coaching, because he had a very enjoyable experience in running and wanted to share it with others. Coach Brock was twice an All-American cross country runner at Stanford. He placed fifth at the Olympic Marathon time trials in 1972 and last year was 22nd at the Wharf-to-Wharf run. Coach Brock capsulated his coach philosophy remarking, “I try to get a lot of people exposed to the sport and keep them out by not making the practices too demanding.” Two outstanding runners in cross country have been for the boys John Rembao and for the girls Teri Schneider. North Monterey County will be a tough opponent, but no team should be taken for granted. The boys have won the league championship three of the past five years and the girls once.

BASEBALL For almost a quarter of a century Bill Dodge has been the coach of SC’s baseball team. During these years Coach Dodge has produced countless all-county players and league championships. Instead of talking to the coach, Mr. Dodge thought it best to talk to the players on why they felt the program was successful. Clyde Brown, “Our team is good because of the coaching, the talent of the players and the superior training methods.” Bill Domhoff, “Superior talent, good coaching, which makes you work hard and to your abilities, starting training early, and a good little league system in Santa Cruz makes us successful.” Steve Glass, “We are good because of the coaching, attitude of the players and the will and desire to win.” Gino Panelli, “Same as above.”
The water polo league this year is called the Coast Counties Water Polo League, CCWPL. In addition to the SCCAL members, Harbor Aptos, SC, Soquel and Watsonville, four more schools Salinas, Gilroy, Carmel and Hollister are included.

Coaches: Gary Sakamoto, head football. Dee Herren, assistant football and baseball. Ernie Cooper, Kevin Phariss and Tim Morley assistant varsity coaches. Greg Brock, cross country and track. Don Dempwolfe, soccer. Tex Ronning, wrestling. Vic Miguel, softball. Terry Eckhart, swimming. Doug Nisbet, water polo. Dennis Mullen girls and boys tennis. Pete Newell, basketball. Bill Dodge, baseball. Ray Hunter girls basketball, assistant baseball.
Carol Kreppel, girls swimming. Mike Ditano, Steve Pacheco and Rich Castillo, JV baseball.
Dave Fafura, diving coach. Lee Geary, JV soccer.

(yearbook for most teams has no names of players. No JV or fresh basketball information)

FOOTBALL Practice games: Gonzales 13-35, Valley Christian 7-18, Prospect 22-19, Marello 34-7, Washington of Fremont 14-35, Practice record 2-3. League: Harbor 6-26, SLV 31-0, Aptos 18-20, North Monterey 12-36 and Soquel 2-33. League record 1-4 for fifth place. Season record 3-7.

From the Trident. This season was a marked improvement over last year. Coach Sakamoto in his second year at the helm brought 28 scrapers together and formed a team. Quarterback John Wilson and running back Glen Hill led the offensive charge, while Chris Codiga and Karl Goin shored up the defense.

Sentinel. Sept. 18. Gonzales Downs SC 35-13. Gonzales wasted no time in the contest, drawing first blood. On receiving the kickoff, the Spartans drove 74 yards in 12 plays for a touchdown. On SC’s first possession the Cards had to punt and Gonzales went 75 yards in 10 plays to score. The Cards best series of the night came in the closing minutes of the second quarter. With 2:49 left in the half, quarterback John Wilson guided the Cards back to within striking distance. After taking possession of a Spartan fumble, the rally began. The southpaw competed three passes for 36 yards in a 10 play drive and with no time remaining on the clock, hit Craig Strong in the end zone to put the Cards on the board. Bill Domhoff converted the extra point to trim the lead to 14-7. Gonzales scored 14 points in the third quarter. Despite losing, SC walked off the field with a few positive notes. Wilson displayed an accurate and potentially dangerous throwing arm, completing six passes for 63 yards, while Hill rushed for 81 yards in 17 carries.

Sept. 25. Santa Cruz Rallies Against Prospect to win 22-19. Interception Keys Victory. When linebacker Karl Goin intercepted a desperation pass late in the game, it was the turning point in one the most exciting, well played games. Prospect started out rushing 195 yards on 28 carries in the first half. The Panthers led in the game until wide receiver Craig Strong made a fine touchdown catch of John Wilson’s 30 yard pass with 9:43 left in the fourth quarter, proved to be the game winning score. It was Wilson’s third TD pass of the night. Prospect led 19-9 at halftime. Bill Domhoff kicked a 18 yard field goal in the first quarter and kicked two extra points for the night. In the second half the Cards came storming back, led by the powerful running of Andre Jones, as well as the receiving of Strong, who is described by Coach Sakamoto as “one of the finest receivers in the county.” The outstanding players were Andre Jones, who rushed ten times for 72 yards, caught two passes for 62 yards, ran in a two point conversion and scored a touchdown. Wide receiver Strong caught three passes for 95 yards and two touchdowns. Other key players were quarterback Wilson, who completed nine of 15 passes for 190 yards and three TD’s. Eddie O’Brien the stalwart defensive end, who led the second half charge that negated the Panther ground attack. Even inexperienced running back Glen Hill, who was held to seven net yards in the first half, exploded on a few occasions and gained 45 yards on his last nine carries, including runs of 15 and 24 yards. Bill Domhoff kicked two extra points. Coach Sakamoto attributed the difference in the final outcome to, “We were in better condition then they were.” This appeared to be true in the second half as the Cards held them scoreless. Both coaches described the game as one of the cleanest games they had ever experience.

Valley Christian Running Back Overwhelms Cardinals. On a drizzly night at Harvey West Park the Cards lost 18-7 to put their record at 0-2. SC fumbled the ball away on their third play from scrimmage. Valley Christian’s top back scored on their first play from 43 yards out. On the kick off SC returned the ball to their 9 yard line and then marched to the Warrior 38. Glen Hills 28 yard scamper was the top play. In the second quarter after an interception, quarterback Medo Mendez hit Chris Francis for 14 yards and then another toss to Mike Francis for 31 yards. Ron Bailey’s 14 yard burst with two tacklers holding onto his legs as he ran capped the 79 yard drive. Hill’s PAT at the 5:32 mark put SC up 7-6 at the half.
Valley Christian scored to open the second half going ahead 12-7. SC fumbled after the kick off and the Warriors scored their final touchdown to make the score 18-7. The rest of the game was marred by penalties and turnovers. Sakamoto admitted how much it hurt his team. “Just too many missed opportunities, too many penalties,”
Despite the loss, Hill was a standout with 131 yards on 24 carries, plus a pass reception good for 33 yards.

Oct. 2. Santa Cruz ‘Drenches’ Marello 34-7. The Cards displayed an explosive offensive attack blended with a stubborn defensive showing kept the Panthers in check all evening. The offensive club navigated by quarterback John Wilson, hogged the football by keeping possession for most of the night. SC reeled off 56 offensive plays. Craig Strong returned a punt 24 yards to set up the Cards first score. Wilson hit Strong on a three yard pass for the score. Strong is also a starting defensive back. Running backs Andre Jones and Glen Hill combined to score the Cards remaining four TD’s. Jones the workhorse in the contest, carried the ball 20 times for 112 yards. Jones capped the Card scoring with a two yard run in the fourth quarter. Hill powered his way to three Card touchdowns, scoring his first two on 3 and 4 yard runs. The third was the charm as Hill caught a screen pass from Wilson and raced 34 yards eluding Panthers along the way for a score. Wilson completed all six of his passes for 72 yards. The Card defense held Marello to just 95 total net yards. The rushing attack was a minus 2 yards. Coach Sakamoto said, “We had a good pass rush and excellent pass coverage. We have some real weapons on our offensive squad with Jones and Hill. I’m really pleased in their consistency. I saw a significant improvement defensively. We had a good pass rush and excellent pass coverage.”

Oct. 9. Washington Upends Santa Cruz To Score Non-League Victory 34-14. Washington’s defense allowed SC a total of only 161 yards, while gaining 325 yards of their own. SC received the opening kickoff, but was not able to move the ball and had to punt. Punter Mike DiSalvo booted the ball to the Washington 40, where it was fumbled and recovered by Dan Egan, who also recovered another fumble. On the next play Glen Hill rambled around right end for 29 yards to the 11. Two running plays gained four yards. John Wilson found Craig Strong in the end zone for the first score of the night.
Wilson was 7 of 18 passing for 103 yards and one TD. He also threw a two point conversion after the second SC touchdown. Strong a 5-9, 155 senior wide receiver caught three passes for 44 yards. Washington scored in the first and second periods to lead 13-6 at half. The Cards scored in the fourth quarter. SC began the drive on the Washington 39. Wilson fired a 36 yard pass to Strong crossing over the middle. Andre Jones blasted off right guard for the score.

Oct. 16. Harbor Rolls Over SC 26-6. SC took the opening kickoff, but was unable to move the ball and was forced to punt. The snap from center went over punter Mike DiSalvo’s head. By the time DiSalvo recovered the ball, he was tackled on the SC 22. Harbor scored in five plays.
Glen Hill was SC’s most effective and versatile offensive weapon. He carried the ball 12 times for 68 yards and caught six passes for 39 yards. Other rushers were Brown 11 yards in 2 carries; Clemens 9 yards in 3 carries and Johnson 16 yards in one carry. Brown caught 2 pass for 27 yards and Strong caught 2 pass for 64 yards. Harbor gained 294 yards to 195 by SC.

Oct. 24. Hill Leads Santa Cruz Over SLV. Cards Beat SLV 31-0 behind the scoring of Hill and the defense of Clyde Brown. Coach Gary Sakamoto said, “It felt like we hadn’t won in a month. We had a good defensive effort today. But I am unhappy about all the errors. I guess we’re not used to being so far ahead. We got sloppy and tired in the second half. SC may have been ragged in the second half, but the SC offense was precision like in the opening drive of the game. After SLV punted on their first possession, SC took over on its own 43 yard line. Quarterback John Wilson engineered a nine play 57 yard drive that consumed three minutes off the clock. Wide Receiver Clyde Brown capped the drive with a 25 yard prance to the end zone on a reverse.
“Wilson showed good leadership qualities. Our offense does well behind him. He was very consistent today and he was able to scramble out of trouble when he had to,” said Sakamoto. But the main man was junior halfback/kicker Glen Hill. Playing his first year of organized football, Hill is beginning to live up to the potential envisioned by the SC coaching staff. After a solid game last week that Sakamoto called his best of the year, Hill was just short of spectacular against SLV in scoring 18 points and leading the Cards in both rushing and receiving and also kicked a 34 yard field goal. During a time when kickers were practicing kicking extra points, Hill asked Sakamoto if he could try kicking. His first kick hit the score board about 40 yards away. He soon became the regular kicker.
Another standout was tackle Ken Lira, who plays both ways and helped SC control the line of scrimmage. “What can I say …the shut out speaks for itself. It was a big advantage scoring first. That was one of the keys,” Sakamoto said.
Hill scored two touchdowns, rushed for 101 yards in 21 carries, caught three pass for 58 yards and kicked a 34 yard field goal to top it off. Brown intercepted two passes, recovered a SLV fumble and ran 25 yards on a reverse for a touchdown. Wilson completed 8 of 13 passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. SC out gained SLV 303 to 123 yards. Rushing yards and carries other than Hill: Fullback Clemens 11 carries for 52 yards; Brown 3 for 20; Johnson one for 10, Whitley 3 for 5 and Wilson 4 for 2. Receiving by catches and yards gained. Strong 4 for 44; Hill 3 for 58 and Johnson one for 11. SC is now 1-1 in league and 3-3 overall.

Oct. 30. Critical Santa Cruz Mistakes Leave Aptos A 20-18 Winner. It’s been said it is better to be lucky than good. Saturday afternoon, SC was good and Aptos was lucky. Aptos depended on an interception, a crucial pass interference call and a fumbled kickoff return to put two touchdowns on the board in the second half, while only gaining 21 yards in total offense. In addition, SC lost two first half scores on a penalty that would have given the Cards a three touchdown lead early in the second quarter. SC also had a few big breaks, but in general failed to capitalize on them. An early fumble killed an Aptos drive in the first quarter, a key pass interception and a fumbled onside kick kept SC hopes alive in the fourth quarter. On offense, the receivers were the dominant players.
Glen Hill, who scored all three SC touchdowns caught five passes for 80 yards and had a 46 yard pass and run called back when a teammate jumped off side. Defensive back Marvin Johnson intercepted a pass in the fourth quarter. Quarterback John Wilson drove the Cards to a TD in five plays, capping the comeback with a 39 yard scoring pass to Hill for a TD. The two point conversion attempted failed. The Cards successfully pulled off an onside kick attempt on the ensuing kickoff, but then fumbled and recovered it again on the Aptos 45. Wilson drove the Cards to within striking distance, but the 27 yard field goal attempt failed.
Even though Aptos won the game on the scoreboard, SC dominated most of the game on both offense and defense. Wilson completed 13 of 23 passes for 175 yards and two touchdowns. Aptos held Hill to 34 yards in nine carries, but gave some openings to Clemens, who gained 81 yards in 17 carries. For SC, 5-10, 165 pound Andre Jones gave up his starting fullback position to help his team’s beleaguered defense and play defensive tackle.
Coach Sakamoto, “Jones is a player who selflessly has sacrificed offensive speed and quickness to our defensive line.” Jones forced a fumble, recovered another and pressured the Aptos quarterback into several key mistakes. Other top players were quarterback John Wilson and fullback Pete Clemens on offense. Linebacker Gino Panelli, lineman Steve Jackson and Craig Strong on defense.
SC out gained Aptos 285-183 yards. Five players caught passes, listed by name, passes caught and yards gained.
Hill 5 80
Strong 3 52
Brown 3 23
Johnson 1 11
Bogaard 1 8

Nov. 6. Second Half Surge Downs Cardinals 36-12. North Monterey clinched a SCCAL co-championship. SC coach Gary Sakamoto walked on to the field following the halftime intermission, glanced at the scoreboard (which read visitor 7, SC 6) and smiled. “I really don’t care what the outcome of this game is, I couldn’t be happier with the way we played in the first half. This has made it all worthwhile.”
Unfortunately there were 24 minutes of football left. The Condors turned what had been a close, hard fought game into a rout by exploding for 22 points in the third quarter. NMC 4-0 in league, 6-0-1 overall, clinched at least a tie for the title and their third straight CCS playoffs. SC had all the momentum in the first half. SC moved the ball almost at will and could easily have taken a 10-7 lead into the locker room, if not for two misguided snaps on a 32 yard field goal attempt by Glen Hill in the first quarter and a PAT try in the second quarter following SC’s first touchdown.
Hill was the offensive standout rushing for 105 yards on 16 carries, catching three passes for 51 yards , including a fourth quarter screen pass from Wilson good for a 34 yard TD. “I thought Glen played his best game of the year by far. We were pretty effective over all. I think everybody has underestimated us this year. We do have some good players. John passed very well tonight. He was 13 of 27 for 153 yards. He has really matured as a quarterback,” said Coach Sakamoto. SC entered the game after losing three starting defensive players to injury and illness in the past week. Marvin Johnson, appendicitis; Bill Domhoff and Mike DiSalvo, knees. Early in the second half, defensive tackle/fullback Andre Jones, who in the second quarter scored on a 7 yard run, suffered a compound fracture-laceration of the little finger of his left hand.
SC limited NMC to only 106 yard in offense in the first half. NMC scored first in the second quarter on a nine play drive. SC came right back driving from its own 38 in eight plays and in 3 minutes. The big play was an eight yard run by Hill and a face mask penalty gave SC the ball on the Condor 31. Jones scored, but a bad snap on the PAT prevented SC from tying the score.
To start the second half NMC blocked a punt and took over on the SC 30. Four plays later NMC scored and they were on a roll. SC mounted their final touchdown march with 4:40 left to play. Hill kept the five play drive alive with a 31 yard run and capped it with a 34 yard TD catch on a perfectly executed screen pass from Wilson. Clemens on three carries rushed for 7 yards; Jones 4 for 11; Brown 3 for 13 and Panelli 2 for 20. Strong caught 5 passes for 69 yards; Brown 3 for 12; Bogaard 2 for 21 and Hill 3 for 51.

Nov. 8. Soquel’s Big Plays Top Santa Cruz 33-2. SC ‘s only score came on a safety by Chris Codiga on a fumble recovery. Time of possession can at times be the most meaningless of football stats. In the first half Soquel controlled the ball for only six of the 24 minutes, but had a 20-0 lead. Three long, single play scoring drives by Soquel broke the heart of the gritty Cards in the first half. Then a 97 yard kickoff return to start the second half effectively ruined any hope of a Card comeback.
Craig Strong played well for SC at offensive end, defensive back and kick returner. Strong caught six passes for 91 yards, despite being double teamed. Quarterback John Wilson played well, completing seven passes for 102 yards in the face of a ferocious Soquel rush. Several times Wilson engineered long drives, only to see them end in turnovers. SC’s defense played with great tenacity, but were vulnerable to the big play. Clemens carried for 41 yards in ten carries. Hill was held to 7 yards in ten carries, but did catch a pass for 11 yards. The Cards ended up with zero net rushing yards, but had 102 in the air. Soquel had a total of 262 yards.
SC ends the league season 1-4 for fifth place in a six team league and a 3-6 overall record, which is an improvement over last years 1-7-1 record.

Nov. 22. SENTINEL ALL COUNTY TEAM. Junior Glen Hill a 6-2, 185 pound junior running back/kicker. Senior John Wilson 5-10, 150 pound quarterback. Senior Craig Strong a 5-11, 155 pound wide receiver. Honorable mention were Chris Codiga and Clyde Brown.

ALL SCCAL quarterback John Wilson and wide receiver Craig Strong. Special team kicker Glen Hill. Honorable Mention: Hill, Chris Codiga, Ed O’Brien and Clyde Brown.

Nov. 6. Undefeated North Monterey gave SC its first loss of the season 28-0. The game was largely decided in the first half, when NCM scored 22 points and managed to point toward a shutout. NMC added another touchdown in the game’s final minute of play.

FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL Prospect 0-13 Harbor 12-16, SLV 12-12,Aptos 0-19, North Monterey 43-0, Soquel 0-36

Yearbook. SC did not have a prosperous year as far as winning went. They did have some outstanding athletes including Mitch Wright, Kevin Grindy, Ron Bailey and Bill Burr. They gave everything they had in each game. The teams best game came against SLV.

(No names of players in yearbook)

Boys varsity: Harbor, North Monterey, SLV, SC, Soquel, Marello and Aptos.
Girls varsity: Soquel, SC, Aptos, North Monterey, SLV, Harbor and Marello.
Boys frosh-soph: North Monterey, Aptos, SLV, Harbor, Marello, Soquel and SC.
Boys junior varsity: North Monterey, Aptos, SLV, Harbor, Marello, Soquel and SC.

The girls team with six very dedicated girls made it to CCS as a team for the FIRST TIME EVER! They placed second in league and the region. Team members were Robin Grant, Celeste Deck, Danielle Howe, Natalie Duffy. Leaders were Deck and Howe.

The boys placed fourth in league and qualified for the regions. Various injuries and changing courses due to rain held them back. This was coach Greg Brock’s last year as coach at SC.
Team members were Joe Vitug, Sunil Bald, Don Louv and Dan Kliegal. Leaders were Louv and Kliegel.

INDIVIDUAL places and times for the top ten runners, by name, place and time in the league
Boys varsity: none
Girls varsity: Howe, 2, 11:16; Grant, 7, 43.0 and Deck, 10, 11:53.
None for frosh-soph or junior varsity.

Sentinel Nov. 25.
In the CCS girls team races, SC was thirteenth and Aptos fourteenth.
The top three teams and the top nine individuals advance to NorCals.

Girls League standings: Soquel 6-0, SC 5-1, Aptos 4-2, SLV and North Monterey 3-3 and Harbor and Marello 0-6.

Sentinel Nov. 15. At the SCCAL championship meet at Aptos, Harbor nosed out North Monterey for its second straight boys crown. In the girls action Soquel topped the runners up SC for the title. North County won both the boys frosh-soph and junior varsity titles. Due to the inclement weather the 4.8 mile course was run in three loops around the Aptos parking lot. The dirt course normally used was just like ice.
In the girls meet Danielle Howe took second place in 11:16.

Sentinel Nov. 19. Santa Cruz Area Runners Dominate Region Meet. Harbors Santos won the boys race and Soquel’s Muth won the girls race. The SCCAL teams swept the top three team places in the CCS Region IV championships at Crystal Springs Park 2.93 mile course. “this is probably the greatest day our league has ever has in the Region championships,” said the Soquel coach, whose team took the girls regional title for the fifth straight year.
The top three teams in each division qualify their runners for the CCS championship finals along with the other top 13 boys and top seven girls. SC’s Danielle Howe finished sixth in 20:10 to qualify for the CCS finals.
How did the SCCAL fare for placing at the meet, by school? SC was fifth, Watsonville eighth, Soquel tenth and Aptos twelfth. In the girls, SLV was tenth.

Trident Oct. 9 preseason write up. Coach Brock’s comments: “In my eight years coaching the team this is the smallest turnout ever. There are not enough athletes out to have a junior varsity team, but I’m pleased with the attitude of the people who are out, because they work hard and seem to be very motivated. Top returning runners are Stefan Ruiz, a CCS qualifier last year. Sunil Bald, division winner at the Johnny’s Ten Mile race this summer. Russ Kliegal, who placed in the top half of the varsity division in his freshman year. Danielle Howe, the top girl runner. Robin Grant, division winner at the Valentine’s Day Race and the Marianne’s Fun Run this year. Celeste Deck, who ran a 5:51 mile as a freshman and Sue Ingersoll, division winner of a ten kilometer race last February.

Sentinel Oct. 9. In the first meet of the season, SC girls beat North Monterey 28-30, on the SC 2.08 mile course at UCSC. SC swept the first three places with Danielle Howe finishing first, Celeste Deck, second and Sue Ingersoll taking third.
In the boys, North Monterey won 24-30, but SC had an individual best by Dan Louv in 12:00 for fifth place.

Oct. 11. At the twelfth annual Aptos Invitational meet with 26 schools and over 300 runners entered the 2.4 mile races. In the small schools boys division, SC was third. Don Louv finished in eleventh place and Dan Kliegel came in twelfth place. Both received medals.

Sentinel Oct. 16. In a three way meet, the SC girls defeated SLV and Marello (but no scores were give) Danielle Howe ran a 14:12 to lead a first through fourth place finishes for the Cards. Celeste Deck took second in 14:34 followed by Sue Inersoll in 14:52 and Robin Grant in 15: 35.
SLV boys edged SC 28-29. Stefan Ruiz took third place in 11:47. SC is 0-2 in SCCAL meets.

Sentinel Oct. 21. At the twelfth annual Soquel Invitational with an estimated 1,000 runners from 50 schools, there will be nine different races on the 2.5 mile course.

Sentinel Oct. 23. In boys action at Soquel’s grueling 2.4 mile course, SC defeated Harbor 27-33 and Marello (no score) in a three way meet. Hans Beenhakker was the top SC runner coming in second overall in 14:22. Don Louv fourth place in 14:27; Dan Kliegel sixth place in 14:31
In the girls meet SC won both meets, as Harbor and Marello ran incomplete. Celeste Deck paced SC in 17:38 for second place overall.

Sentinel Oct. 30. Cardinals Pile Up Cross Country Wins. SC didn’t dominate the individual honors, but both the boys and girls swept three way meets.
The boys defeated Aptos 20-40 and Marello 20-41. SC’s top finish was at third place, by Dan Louv with a 11:46 and the Cards took the next five spots to take command.
SC girls defeated Aptos 24-32 and Marello was incomplete. Danielle Howe led a top three finish, taking first place in 13:54, followed by Robin Grant in 14:25 and Celeste Deck one second later in 14:26. The trio gave the Cards a big boost to the double win.
In the boys frosh-soph, Aptos won both meets as both SC and Marello were incomplete. The same thing applied to the junior varsity meet.

Sentinel Nov. 6. North Monterey finished the SCCAL season undefeated in dual meets for a 6-0 record. SLV and SC were in second place at 4-2 records. Other records; Harbor 3-3. Aptos 2-4, Soquel 1-5 and Marello 0-6. The championship is based on points awarded for dual meet wins and the finish in the championship finals.
In this weeks meet SC boys defeated Soquel on their 2.25 mile course 26-30. The Cards top runner was Hans Beenhakker third in 11:50.
SC girls were beaten by Soquel 24-34. Cards top runners were Danielle Howe in second place in 13:46 and Robin Grant in third place at 14:09.

GIRLS TENNIS UNDEFEATED LEAGUE CHAMPIONS with a 10-0 SCCAL record. To show their dominance in league they beat Harbor 6-1. They narrowly lost the Region IV championship to Santa Catalina 3-4. In a banner year the Cards only lost three matches all season.

Trident Dec, 12. Coach Mullen, “Big highlights for the team was going undefeated in league. Leslie Alexander being the first number one singles player to go undefeated in league since 1973. April Janow and Alicia Kitsuse were league champs in doubles, which qualified them to participate in the CCS matches. A proud achievement for the team was winning 67 out of 70 points in league.”

At the end of the season, Leslie Alexander, Alicia Kitsuse, Kim Bianconi, April Janow and Kara Jernstrom played in the SCCAL championships. April Janow and Alicia Kitsuse were league champs in doubles, which qualified them to participate in the CCS matches. Kim and Kara were third in doubles. Leslie was second in singles. There were eleven girls on the team. Coach Dennis Mullen.

Trident Oct. 9. In the first practice match SC narrowly lost to RLS 4-3. Number one singles player Leslie Alexander lost 1-6, 1-6 and number two Alicia Kitsuse lost 3-6, 1-6. No. 3. Cathy Corvino won 6-3, 6-2. No. 4, newcomer Danielle Machotka won 7-5, 6-4. Number one doubles team of Kara Jernstrom and Stephanie Dekking lost in a close three set match. No. 2 Marnie Monroy and Hope Adams lost in three sets 3-6, 6-3, 0-6. No. 3 Kim Bianconi and April Janow won 6-0, 6-0. In JV play, junior Rachael Frosch won 6-2, 6-2.

During league play there was no competition as the awesome Cards lost only three match points out of a possible 70. Their only loss came in a preseason match against Robert Louis Stevenson.

At the half way point of the league season the team is undefeated and beat Marello, Soquel and SLV 7-0 with out losing a set.

Harbor was the match of the season! Both teams were undefeated in league play and Harbor has some strong players, but they didn’t stop the Cards as they walloped the Pirates 6-1. Leslie Alexander won 6-1, 6-4 in a superbly played match. Alicia Kitsuse and Cathy Corvino both walked off with victories. Danielle Machotka lost in a close match. All three doubles teams won while allowing the Pirates to win no more than three games per match.

Kara Jernstrom was voted MVP and Leslie Alexander and Alicia Kitsuse were voted Most Inspirational Players.
SCCAL doubles champions Alicia Kitsuse and April Janow will be meet a doubles team from St. Frances of Mt. View in the first round of CCS.

JV GIRLS TENNIS had nineteen girls out. The only one mentioned in the yearbook was Deidre Nitzberg.

BOYS WATER POLO Games: RLS 6-10, Hollister 8-6, Salinas 2-8, Aptos 5-8,
Yearbook. The team is still warming up to new Coach Nisbet’s new style of playing water polo. He is organizing a summer program to be called the Steamer Lane Water Polo Club to give the players more experience in how water polo needs to be played. Joe DeHart’s job as goal keeper helped the team stay competitive.

Out of the first four games played the team has won one and lost three. Against Aptos the Cards zipped to a 4-0 lead, but Aptos got more organized in the second period and ended up winning 8-5. Coach Nisbet, “I was very pleased with the Aptos game. Robert Marangi and David Houghton, two guys that don’t usually score just blasted away.

Sentinel. The league this year is called the Coast Counties Water Polo League, CCWPL. In addition to the SCCAL members, Harbor Aptos, SC, Soquel and Watsonville, plus Salinas, Gilroy, Carmel and Hollister.

Sentinel. Oct. 5. Harbor 13, SC 1. Harbor had a first half lead of 7-0. Harvey scored for SC.

Oct 22. Aptos 10, SC 5. Aptos had a 5-0 halftime lead. SC cut the spread to 6-4 after three quarters. Frosh-soph: Aptos 10, SC 6.

Nov. 3. SC 13, Gilroy 9. SC got off to an early lead and with a seven goal effort by junior Robert Maranghi, rolled to clinch a spot in the league tournament. The CCWPL tournament is to be played at Hartnell on Friday and Saturday. The top eight of the leagues nine teams will compete. In frosh-soph action SC edged Gilroy 14-13 behind Bodi Tunheim’s ten goals.

At the CCWPL Tournament Aptos defeated SC 12-11 to eliminate SC from the tournament. Scoring by quarters with SC first: first quarter 0-6, 4-2, 2-2, 5-2. Scorers: Mitchell and Mockus 3 each, Maranghi and Harvey 2 each and Little 1.

GIRLS SWIM UNDEFEATED SCCAL CHAMPIONS in the first year of the league. Practice meet Half Moon Bay 115-47. League dual Meets: Soquel 100-72, Notre Dame 101-63, Pacific Grove 91-56, Watsonville 122-25, Seaside 133-34, Harbor 86-91 and North Salinas 85-83 for a 6-1 record (which does not agree with article below)

Trident. In these first six meets the team scored a hundred or more points in five of them and the sixth their score was 91. All routs. Coach Carol Kreppel smiled broadly and said, “this team is putting out a great effort. They have a goal and they’re striving for it. This is a truly remarkable, terrific team.” Come out and see these girls swim, if your eyes are that fast!
The team is really living up to Coach Kreppel’s expectations. Since the league relay meet in which they emerged third, not a dual meet has been lost.

Sentinel Nov. 4. Santa Cruz Accomplishes ‘First’ SC captured first place in the dual meet competition of the Southern Division of the Southern Girls Swimming Conference by edging North Salinas 85-83. SC finished the dual meet competition with a 7-0 record, followed by North Salinas with a 6-1 record. However, the league championship meet at Hollister will determine the league champion. “We’re half way there. It feels wonderful. The girls are all elated about it,” Coach Carol Krepple. It is the first time SC has ever finished the dual meet season undefeated. SC won just two events and took another by forfeit, but fared well in second and third places to take the overall competition. Susan Hackbarth won the 50 free in 28.56 and Christina Raffaelli won 100 butterfly in 1:02.40 and SC won diving by forfeit.
Frosh-soph SC finished in a three way tie for first with Soquel and Watsonville.

Sentinel Nov. 8. Santa Cruz Girls’ Swim to First-Ever League Crown. Team scoring: SC 261, North Salinas 217, Notre Dame 187, Soquel 50, Pacific Grove 126, Hollister 91, Watsonville 62 and Seaside 59.
The Cardinals dominated the finals of the Southern Conference’s Southern Division League Championships at Hollister. SC scored 261 points to run away from all challengers to cap a season in which the Cards were undefeated in league dual meets. Individual winners were Cristina Raffaelli, who won both the 200 free in 2:02.38 and the 100 butterfly in 1:02.29. Tami Sjoberg won diving with 265.20 points to edge Tric Shady with 255.10. The third Card diver Cheryl Eustice took fourth. All three qualify for CCS. SC qualifiers for CCS are Raffaelli, the 100 fly and 200 free; Loni Lau, in 500 free and in 100 breast; the 200 medley relay team of Lau, Julie McPherson, Susan Hackbarth and Raffaelli, who placed second in the league meet. Lau placed second in the 500 free in 5:41.93 and 100 breast in 1:15.84. The 400 free relay team took third.
Hackbarth placed fifth in the 100 free and seventh in the 50 free. Shady placed fourth in the 100 breast. Coach Carol Kreppel said all SC times were personal best. Since this year was the first for the swim league under the new Southern Conference realignment play, all winning times automatically qualified as league records.
Soquel won the frosh-soph competition with 257 points, SC 227, Watsonville 206, Notre Dame 181, North Salinas 124, Pacific Grove 49, Hollister 27 and Seaside 6. SC had three first place swims. Two by Tara Dellamora in the 50 free in 31:09 and the 100 free in 1:10.20 and Janice Rosebaugh won the 50 breast in 41.65.

Trident Oct. 9. Tami Sjoberg and the 200 yard medley relay team of Julie McPherson, Susan Hackbarth, Lau and Christina Rafaelli all advanced to CCS where Rafaelli placed. Other top swimmers were Cheryl Eustice, Colleen Mulholland, Trish Shady, Ann Marie Mockus, Lynn Bargiacchi, Jilly Ellis, Erin Mahaney, Amy Houser and top freshman talent such as Loni Lau and Niki Gaushos.

Sentinel Sept. 27. Cards Topple Half Moon Bay 115-47. SC swept all eleven events. Susan Hackbarth, Lani Lau and Cristina Raffaelli led the Cards with two individual event victories, while also swimming on a winning relay team. Other SC winners: 200 medley relay team of McPherson, Lau, Hackbarth and Matejcek in 2:10.25. The 400 free relay team of Zwerling, Matejcek, Mockus and Raffaelli, in 4:25.55. Tammy Sjoberg won diving with 78.45 points. Mockus won the 500 free in 6:46.19. McPherson, won 100 back in 1:16.26
SC won the frosh-soph also 94-60.

Sentinel Sept. 28. SC downs Soquel 100-72. SC took nine of the eleven events. There were three double winners, Cristina Raffaelli, Susan Hackbarth and Lani Lau. Raffaelli won 200 free in 2:04.92, nearly 22 seconds faster than the second place finisher. She also won the 100 butterfly in 1: 03.15. Hackbarth won 220 individual medley in 2:35.78 and the 100 free in 1:02.91. Lau won 500 free in 5:43.20 and the 100 breast in 1:18.80. SC also won the two relay events, the 200 medley relay in 2:11.15 and 400 free relay (no time). Sjoberg won the diving, (but no points mentioned)

Oct. 2. SC Girls Swim To Win over Notre Dame 101-62 in a non-league meet. Raffaelli set a new school record in the 100 yard free in 58.72 and won the 200 free in 2:04.44 and swam the anchor leg of the 400 medley relay to win by nearly 20 seconds. Other double winners: Lau, 100 breast in 1:18.22 and the 500 free in 5:41.33 and McPherson, 100 back in 1:13.36 and 200 individual medley in 2:39.97. Other winners: Tic Shady in diving. The 200 medley relay team of McPherson, Lau, Hackbarth and Matejcek won in 2:09.60. The 400 free relay of Zwerling, Matejcek, Mockus and Raffaelli won in 4:27.52.
SC won the frosh-soph 85-72.

Oct. 9. Cards Remain Undefeated with a strong victory over Pacific Grove 91-54. SC upped its record to 3-0. Two Cards had double victories: Lani Lau in 100 free in 1:01.19 and 100 breast in 1:19.03 in addition to swimming the second leg of the winning 200 medley relay team. Cristina Raffaelli won 200 free in 2:04.17 and 500 free in 5:35.36.
SC won the frosh-soph 119-27 to up its record to 3-0.

Oct 16. Santa Cruz Scores Sweep of Watsonville 122-25. Cristina Raffaelli, Susan Hackbarth and Lani Lau were double winners. Raffaelli won 200 free in 2:03.65 and 100 butterfly in 1:03.88. Lau won 200 individual medley in 2:37.5 and 100 breast in 1:19.6. Hackbarth won 100 free in 29.85 and 500 free in 6:15.26.
Watsonville won frosh-soph 87-81.

Oct. 23. Card Swimmers Prevail. Taking 10 first places in eleven events, SC Smashed Seaside 133-34, in the Southern Conference girls swimming league of eight teams. SC is now leading with a 5-0 record. Lani Lau and Cristina Raffaelli were double winners. Lau won the 200 free in 2:11.36 and the 100 breast in 1:21.17. Raffaelli, ranked second in the CCS in the 100 butterfly won the event in 1:03.87 and the 50 free in 26.28. Other first place finishers were Tammy Sjoberg, diving; Susan Hackbarth, 100 free, Erin Mahaney, 500 free and Julie McPherson, 100 back.
SC won the frosh-soph by forfeit.

Oct. 28. Records, But No Win For SC. Harbor held off SC for a 91-86 win. SC held an early lead and remained close. SC set a new school record of 2:05.13 in the 200 medley relay. Raffaelli won the 200 free and 100 butterfly, while Lau won the 500 free.
SV downed Harbor 96-64 in frosh-soph.

Trident Dec. 12. SC’s tremendous depth of talented swimmers and divers allowed SC to sink all their opponents. The JV team finished second in league after a heartbreaking defeat to Soquel in the last match.

Yearbook. SC dominated the league with their depth, which allowed them to sink their opponents. The team was loaded with talent and used that talent for all it was worth. The swimmers and divers combined efforts in order to bring home an undefeated record and win the SCCAL championship. The highlight for the squad was going undefeated and the team spirit.

ALL SCCAL Divers: Tami Sjoberg, Tric Shady, Cheryl Eustice, and relay team including Julie McPherson, Loni Lau, Christina Raffaelli and Susan Hackbarth. Qualified individually for CCS Cristina Raffaelli and Loni Lau.

Practice matches: Leland, loss; RLS, win; Gilroy, loss and Gonzales, win. Practice record 2-2.
League: Soquel win, loss; Aptos, two losses; Harbor, two losses; Marello, two wins; SLV, two wins; North Monterey, two losses. League record 5-7 and overall 7-9.

Yearbook. League record 5-7 and Overall 7-9, but lost some close matches. Played with great enthusiasm and team spirit. Their record was 7 wins and 9 losses doesn’t reflect their overall season effort. Their best games were against Soquel in the league opener winning 15-8, 11-15, 15-10: In a loss against league leading Aptos in another good effort after winning the first set before losing 15-12, 13-15, 5-15 in a hard fought match: And doing the same against league champion Harbor going 15-11, 3-15, 9-15.
Team members were Lissa Wright, Debbie Papa, Stephanie Giudici, Marcy Johnson, Kristina Barrett, Megan Blake

Trident Oct. 9. In the preseason, in their first match against Leland, SC lost a tough three set match 13-15 13-12, 11-15. SC beat RLS 15-3, 15-1 and a day later lost to Gilroy in a tight match. Then the Cards rolled over Gonzales 15-4, 15-2.

Sentinel September 30. SC bounced back from an early setback to defeat Soquel 8-15, 15-3, 15-8. Megan Blake and Steph Giudici keyed the SC defense. SC is 2-2 overall.

Trident. After winning the league opener against Soquel the Cards lost in the second round 8-15, 9-15.

October 2. SC received outstanding play from Marcy Johnson, Kristina Barrett and Steph Giudici that forced Aptos to three sets, 8-15, 15-12, 15-5 to win. SC is 1-1 in league and 2-3 overall.

October 28. Aptos struggled to beat SC 12-15, 15-13, 15-5. Lissa Wright contributed a solid game with sets and defense.
SC’s junior varsity beat Aptos 15-6, 15-7.

November 11. Harbor clinched the SCCAL title and remained undefeated with a tough three game victory over SC. After losing the first game 6-15 Harbor rallied back to win the next two games 15-1, 15-5.
Trident. Against Harbor, SC played a good game with the score 2-2, the game was called, because a referee leaning against the net pulled up six boards from the floor.

Trident. SC takes Marello 15-6, 15-1 and in the second round 15-2, 15-4.

Trident. SC defeated SLV 15-4, 15-5 in the first round and 15-1, 15-3 in the second round.

North Monterey junior varsity beat SC 15-13, 15-8.

Harbor finished Fourth In CCS.

BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Practice games: Seaside 62-64, Watsonville 54-66, Mitty 63-65, Los Gatos 49-52. Dads Club Tournament: Watsonville 43-47, Soquel 60-50, Marello 48-44 for consolation title. Carmel Tournament: Westmont 43-46, Carmel 51-41, Hollister 60-55 for the consolation title. Alisal 65-47, Carmel 61-43. Practice record 6-6. League: SLV 41-38, 61-58 OT; Soquel 56-46, 68-60; Aptos 38-51, 60-69; Marello 57-32, 65-61; North Monterey 62-49, 65-61 in 2 OT; Harbor 45-50, 72-63. League record 9-3 tied for second.. Season record 15-10 before playoffs. League playoffs: SLV 54-47 and Harbor 49-57. The Cards overcame a 1-7 start to finish the season with a 9-3 second place tie in league and finished with a 16-11 overall record.

Sentinel preseason write up of November 26. SC is a team in search of an “identity.” Coach Pete Newell’s team is young, but experienced and may be on the verge of being a strong contender for the SCCAL title. “I think as we enter the season that our greatest strength is depth and our greatest weakness is we lack an identity.” said Newell, whose Cards were 2-8 in the league last season and tied with Marello for last place. Hopefully, sometime in December the players will come to the realization they have the talent to be competitive with anyone we play against,” said Newell. The most talented Card is Kaydon Coburn, a 6-5 senior forward, who was on the team briefly last season. However, he was “removed” from the team just before league started because of discipline reasons. In Coburn, SC has a dominating player, one of the best raw talents in the league. “He’s definitely a very gifted young man. He’s an important part of our team,” Newell said.

Players are listed by year in school then position and height.
Returning players are seniors: John Wilson, G, 5-10; Kaydon Coburn, F, 6-5; Ricky Lyons, G, 6-1; Craig Whitesell, F, 6-2.
Returning juniors: Steve Glass, F, 6-2; Bill Domhoff, G, 5-11; Glen Hill, F, 6-2; Craig Strong, F, 5-10; Kevin Kinney, G, 5-10; Josh Shaw, F, 6-1; Ron Esche, F, 6-3
Sophomores: Neil Whitesell, F, 6-3; Dan Dalbey, G, 6-1 and Sean Miller, G, 5-7..

Furious Santa Cruz Rally Not Enough. Santa Cruz opened the season with a tough loss to Seaside, 62-64 on November 28. Trailing by 16 points going into the final quarter Santa Cruz rallied, but fell a little short. Senior guard John Wilson led the SC surge by scoring all his 11 points in the fourth period as the Cards outscored Seaside 23-9. Kaydon Coburn led SC in scoring with 15 points, while teammates Ricky Lyons and Craig Whitesell added 12 and 6 points respectively. Whitesell led the rebounding with nine as SC enjoyed a 29-28 advantage on the boards. SC led 19-18 at the end of the first quarter. With the score tied 35-35 in the middle of the third quarter, Seaside reeled off 16 unanswered points to take a 51-35 advantage. “We lost our aggressiveness and started playing tentatively. We began turning the ball over on their press, before we regained our aggressiveness down the stretch. Our defense started forcing them into turnovers and it was a great comeback,” said Coach Newell. Scoring: Coburn 15, Neil Whitesell 6, Wilson 11, Lyons 12, Hill 4, Shaw 6, Glass 6, Domhoff 2, Craig Strong 0 and Kinney 0.

The Cards lost to Watsonville 54-66 with Watsonville exploding for a 22 point third quarter, while SC only scored 6. The Cards made a comeback in the fourth quarter outscoring Watsonville 25-19. “We got out hustled, period,” said Coach Newell. “ We played like 12 point losers. It was just everything the Cats did seemed to work and everything we did seemed to go wrong.” SC led 11-9 at the end of the first quarter and Watsonville led 25-23 at half. Scoring: Domhoff 12, Lyons 10, Coburn 9, Strong 2, Craig Whitesell 3, Wilson 0, Hill 4, Glass 6, Neil Whitesell 6, Kinney 2, Dalbey 0 and Miller 0.

Mitty Rally Overtakes Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz lost to Mitty 65-65 in which four Cardinal players fouled out. The Cards top player Kaydon Coburn fouled out in the third quarter. Fellow starters Craig Whitesell, Ricky Lyon and Steve Glass followed him to the bench in the fourth quarter. “You’re finishing the game with basically four guards and asking a couple of kids to play positions they’ve never played before. Still they did a great job,” said coach Newell. Without our starters fouling out, Newell believes SC was in line for a victory. “ The kids played super hard and deserved a better fate.” Bill Domhoff led the scoring with 15 points followed by Josh Shaw with 14 points, no other Cards scored in double figures. Santa Cruz held a 6 point halftime lead and a five point lead going into the fourth quarter, but Mitty out scored the Cards 19-10 in the last quarter. Scoring: Coburn 4, Craig Whitesell 6, Wilson 5, Lyon 6, Glass 8, Domhoff 14, Shaw 14, Kinney 5 and Strong 0.

Dec. 6. Another Close One (Now Three) For Winless Santa Cruz. In another heartbreaker to Los Gatos 49-52. Three out of Cards four opening losses have been by three points or less. The Cards appeared to be in control at the end of the first period ahead 21-10. SC had committed only two turnovers in the first period, turned the ball over 15 times in the second quarter to end the half tied 33-33. In the third period SC went 2 of 15 from the floor, scoring only 4 points to Los Gatos’ 11. SC got their game under control in the fourth period and slowed the game down and tied the game with 4:39 left. The teams exchanged baskets and then Los Gatos rattled on a 6-1 streak and then held off a SC rush of four quick points in the last 30 seconds. Scoring: Coburn 11, Strong 4, Craig Whitesell 4, Wilson 0, Lyon 11, Neil Whitesell 6, Glass 0, Domhoff 9, Dalbey 2, Shaw 2 and Kinney 0.

In the opening game in the Dad’s Club Tournament, December 9, Watsonville again beat Santa Cruz 47-43 as the Wildcats rallied in the fourth quarter to win. Free throw shooting was a sore spot for SC as they went 1 for 9 for the game and 0 for four in the fourth quarter. It was a physical game pitting SC’s man-to-man against the Cats 1-3-1 zone. Neither team was able to score until nearly five minutes had elapsed in the game. Although SC led for the entire second and third quarters they were never able to extend their lead to more than four points. Red hot shooting by SC going 12 of 23 in the second and third quarters cooled off to 3 of 12 in the fourth period. Watsonville grabbed the lead for good with 5:46 remaining with two free throws, which led a late surge of seven points for the Cats. SC out rebounded the Cats 28-27, but committed 19 turnovers to 12 for the Cats. Scoring: Coburn 16, Glass 4, Craig Whitesell 0, Wilson 3, Lyon 8, Domhoff 2, Strong 2, Hill 6 and Neil Whitesell 2.

Now in the consolation bracket, the Cards trailed by one at the half. Santa Cruz then exploded in the second half to defeat Soquel 60-49. The first quarter ended tied 16-16. The second quarter, Soquel went ahead by one 30-29. In the third period the Cards broke away scoring 10 points, held Soquel to two points and then out scored the Knights by three in the final period. Scoring: Coburn 7, Craig Whitesell 14, Glass 2, Wilson 3, Strong 0, Neil Whitesell 3, Shaw 8, Hill 8, Dalbey 0, Domhoff 8 and Lyon 6.

In the consolation round finals, the Cards were upset by Marello 48-44 in overtime.
A last second field goal by Marello pushed the game into overtime, where they took control. Kaydon Coburn lead the Cards with 22 points. Scoring: Coburn 22, Craig Whitesell 0, Glass 4, Wilson 6, Lyon 4, Hill 3, Neil Whitesell 2 and Dalbey 4.

Santa Cruz began the Carmel Invitational Tournament with a 46-43 loss to Westmont. “We’re just trying to catch up with the law of averages. When we do that, we’re going to ride that wave for about a dozen close victories,” said Coach Newell. Six of the seven games the Cards have lost have been by four or less points. SC led 17-12 at the end of the first period, but Westmont outscored them 12-6 in the second period to go ahead 24-23 at half. SC went ahead 37-34 going into the final period. SC was ahead 43-40 with 3:24 left in the game, but did not score again. “I thought we played well enough to win. We executed well, but we just can’t do what needs to be done at the end to win. In the game, we kept getting the same good shots. We must have missed 20 shots inside 10 feet,” said Coach Newell. SC hit 17 of 53 shots for 32 percent. Coburn led all scorers with 23 points. Scoring: Coburn 23, Strong 1, Neil Whitesell 2, Wilson 0, Lyon 6, Hill 2, Glass 4, Domhoff 3, Shaw 2 and Esche 0.

In the second round of the Carmel Tournament, against the Carmel Padres, Santa Cruz controlled the game from the tip-off to win 51-41. “We had control of the game from the second quarter until six minutes to go when they pulled to within two. We kept our composure and executed when we needed to and reestablished control. This was our best defensive effort of the year and everybody contributed for us. If we make our foul shots, we would be winning the close ones and winning these games by 20 points. We’re coming along. I’m not concerned with the overall record, I’m concerned with our improvement as a team,” said Coach Newell. The Cards foul shooting when 9 for 22 in foul plagued contest were 45 fouls were called. Scoring: Coburn 13, Strong 4, Neil Whitesell 6, Wilson 0, Lyon 6, Hill 8, Glass 2, Esche 2, Domhoff 8, Kinney 0, Craig Whitesell 2, Miller 0 and Shaw 0.

Cards beat Hollister 60-55 for the Carmel Tournament consolation tile. Buoyed by the depth of its bench SC exploded for 25 points in the second quarter to go ahead 36-25 at half time. Bill Domhoff, Glen Hill and Steve Glass came off the bench to key the second period surge and finished the game with 12, 13 and 12 points respectively. “We have a lot of people on this team who can play. If some guys aren’t in their natural rhythm, then we have the bench that can pick up the slack,” said Coach Newell. SC shot over 50 percent from the floor for the first time this season, hitting 24 of 47 shots. SC out rebounded Hollister 28-19 led by Glass with seven. The Cards were out scored 16-6 in the third quarter to close the gap to SC 42-41. Leading by one going into the final period, Santa Cruz outscored Hollister 18-14 in the final quarter. The Cards record is now 3-7. Scoring: Coburn 2, Shaw 3, Neil Whitesell 0, Wilson 4, Lyon 8, Hill 13, Glass 12, Domhoff 12, Craig Whitesell 4, Dalbey 2, Esche 0, Miller 0 and Kinney 0.

The Cards won their last two practice games.
Cards Rout Alisal. In another strong performance, Santa Cruz rolled over Alisal 65-47. Putting together their best first quarter of the season, when they scored 23 to Alisal’s 8 and kept improving the scoring difference. The score at halftime was SC 40-22. SC out rebounded Alisal 36-26 with Steve Glass collecting 10. John Wilson, although not scoring, had six assists and five steals. SC was 29 of 53 for 54 percent shooting. Scoring: Coburn 20, Shaw 6, Neil Whitesell 0, Wilson 0, Lyons 12, Hill 13, Glass 6, Esche 0, Craig Whitesell 0, Domhoff 6, Dalbey 0, Kinney 0 and Miller 0.

Santa Cruz continued its winning ways with an easy 61-43 victory over Carmel. Patience is a virtue, at least for SC against Carmel. Going for high percentage shots, the Cards connected on 21- of 40 field goals for 52 percent and added 19 of 28 from the foul line. Senior Craig Whitesell, whose all around play led the Cards with 12 points, 11 rebounds and handed out five assists. Kaydon Coburn scored 18 points and registered 10 rebounds. Eighteen of his points came in the second half and 10 came in the fourth quarter. The Cards finished their practice schedule 5-7. The Cards led 28-18 at half. “We were quicker than they were and we were very patient in our offense. Instead of passing the ball three times and taking 12 footers, we passed the ball six times and made lay ups. We are playing with much more confidence now than at the beginning of the season. Much of it is we have a greater understanding of what we’re attempting to do on the court. And our defense has improve every game,” said Coach Newell.
Scoring: Coburn 18, Hill 8, Craig Whitesell 12, Wilson 2, Lyon 6, Glass 4, Shaw 8, Esche 0, Kinney 2, Dalbey 1, Miller 0 and Domhoff 0.

Following a 50 minute delay because of a power ‘brown out’ Santa Cruz began league competition with a 41-36 victory over San Lorenzo Valley. SC shot 18 for 70 and SLV shot 18 for 48 from the field. From the foul line SC shot 5 for 14 and SLV shot 0 for 3. “I think playing for the first time in 10 days had more of an effect then the delay. I feel fortunate that we came away with the victory,” said Coach Newell. The game would have been called in another five minutes. Glen Hill led the Cards scoring 11 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. SC had a 37-33 rebounding advantage. No scoring available.

Cards Make It Seven as the Cards overcame a slow first half to defeat Soquel 56-46. Keyed by an explosive third quarter charge, SC ran away to their seventy straight victory. SC’s current 8-7 record is even more impressive considering the Cards opened their season by losing six of their first seven games. “The whole objective of December is to improve and have your team peaking for league. I think our record shows we have done that. We still have a long way to go, but we’re gaining confidence every time we step on the basketball court,” said coach Newell. The Cards led 28-23 at half time. Soquel started the second half in a man-to-man defense rather then their normal zone defense. The Cards found it to their liking and utilized their team speed to outscore Soquel 11-2 in the first four minutes of the period. Leading the charge was senior center Kaydon Coburn, who quickly poured in seven of his game high 19 points in that span. Coburn picked on Soquel’s defensive ace repeatedly for easy lay ups. The defender obviously frustrated pick up three quick fouls and headed for the bench. By the time the Card scoring flurry was over, they held a solid 43-31 lead and were not seriously in trouble after that. “We went to an entirely new offense in the second half, one they had not seen before. Before they could make an adjustment, we had expanded our lead. In the first half they played a triangle-and-two, so we ran our zone offense. When they opened in a man defense, we went with our secondary man offense with Kaydon in the middle of the court. That offense is designed to get him the ball and it worked pretty well,” said Coach Newell. Coburn certainly knew what to do with it as he hit 7 of 11 shots. The Cards buoyed by at least a dozen lay ups, connected on 23 of 40 shots for a torrid 58 percent. Glen Hill added ten points in a reserve role. The Cards are 2-0 in league.

Aptos 51, Santa Cruz 38. In a match up of the previously unbeaten, the teams leaned on each other with some physical defense throughout the contest. Aptos Coach Bill Warmerdam, “They were so tight on us, that we couldn’t run our patterns worth a hoot.” The 13 point victory was not as easy as it might look. SC was within six late in the game. SC with top scorer Kaydon Coburn was limited to four first quarter points, stayed on the Mariners heels with Steve Glass getting inside for 17 points.

SC’s Coburn Dominates Inside, Cards Nab Easy Victory, behind Coburn’s 26 points, Santa Cruz defeated North Monterey County 62-49. Most of Coburn’s baskets came from inside the key, as the Condors couldn’t stop the 6-5 senior forward-center once he got down low. SC outscored North County 10-2 in the first four minutes of the game. The Condors came right back and out scored SC 16-7 in the final four minutes to go ahead 18-17 at the end of the quarter. “They came out in a half court trap. We executed well and got lay up after lay up early in the game. We got an early lead, but then we relaxed, said Coach Newell. The Cards went ahead 31-29 at halftime. SC jumped out to a six point lead in the first four minutes of the second half and then began to slow the ball down. “I wanted to get them out of their zone,” Newell said. The strategy failed to get the Condors all the way out of their zone, but North County could not handle the Cards spread offense, as SC out scored them 8-4 in the final four minutes of the third period to lead 45-35. When North County stretched their zone, it made them more vulnerable as they had more area to cover and that left openings for the Cards to drive..

Defense Leads Cards. SC held Marello to one first half field goal and coasted to a 57-32 win. While SC employed a full court trapping zone press, Marello was forced into nine turnovers in their first ten possessions. SC jumped to a 10-2 lead, which they never relinquished. The plan was to keep the ball away from the Panthers big center and it did, as he was only able to put up three shots in the game and he was the second leading scorer in the league. He fouled out with four points near the end of the third quarter. Kaydon Coburn had the assignment to stop the center. Coburn prevented him from getting the ball where he likes to. Coburn had a great weekend scoring 26 points last night against North County and tonight doing the job on Sinnott. Coburn led the Cards in points with 12, five steals and grabbed seven rebounds. Steve Glass was another Card who turned in a stellar performance. Glass was the game’s top rebounder with 10, scored nine points and came up with four steals.

Pirates Hold Off Cardinals In Crucial SCCAL Contest. Harbor opened up a 25-14 halftime lead on the strength of some incredible shooting. The Pirated connected on 10 of 14 shots from the floor. But it was Harbors tight zone defense that caused disaster for the Card offense. The Pirates stayed back and took away the Cards inside game, forcing them to take outside shots. The Cards were successful on 5 of 27 shots for a miserable 18.5 percent in the first half. Coach Newell said his team hustled in defeat. “We never quit trying to overtake them. Our bench stood to encourage their teammates most of the second half.” With 5:24 left in the third quarter Harbor went ahead 31-18. Playing a full court trapping press, the Cards forced Harbor into three turnovers and several bad shots, while scoring a run of 11 straight points and pulling to within two points at 29-31. Harbor then scored six of the quarters eight points to regain a 37-31 lead. In the fourth quarter the teams exchanged baskets and turnovers, but not the lead. SC had several opportunities, but came away just short. Glen Hill led the Cards in scoring with 12 points and Kaydon Coburn pulled down seven rebounds to lead the Cards. SC is now 4-2 in the first round of league play and 10-9 overall.

To start the second half of league action SC defeated SLV 61-58 in overtime. Kaydon Coburn got five of his 21 points in the overtime period. “The key play of the game came when Bill Domhoff coming out of backcourt with his eyes up and made a three quarter court pass to Coburn under the basket, who dropped the ball into the bucket to put SC ahead to stay. What a play? That turned the whole game around,” said Coach Newell. Then SLV called time out by mistake, as they had used up all their time outs and were called for a technical foul. Coburn sank the technical shot and SC took the ball out of bounds. That virtually put the game on ice for the Cards. Glen Hill followed Coburn’s 21 points with 16 of his own. Ricky Lyons held an ace SLV player to only two field goals, which coach Newell said, was an important factor in the game.

Cards Overcome Slow Start, Hold Off Knights. Santa Cruz unleashed a 25 point second quarter on their way to a 68-60 victory over Soquel. The Knights took advantage of seven first quarter turnovers by the Cards and jumped to an early 15-4 lead. “Our sluggishness can be attributed to finals, end of season staleness and not having Glen Hill to pick us up as he was ill,” said Coach Newell. At the end of the quarter it was Soquel 15-8. Kaydon Coburn came off the bench late in the first quarter to ignite the Cards. SC then outscored Soquel 10-2 in a four minute stretch and tied the score when Ricky Lyons took a pass from Coburn for a lay in with 5:06 remaining in the first half. Cardinal Craig Whitesell had a personal scoring battle going on with the Knights at one point in the second quarter. With SC trailing 21-25 and 2:48 to go, he went on a tear, scoring on six free throws and two lay ups to give the Cards a 31-30 lead, their first since the opening bucket of the game. Early in the second half SC made another 14-6 run over the Knights with hard nosed defense that caused seven third quarter turnovers and good shot selection produced six lay ups to go ahead 51-44.

Down by nine points in the fourth quarter, Santa Cruz rallied to push the game into overtime with North Monterey County. After two overtime periods Santa Cruz won 64-60. “A superlative defensive effort allowed us to catch up and tie the game in regulation. In the overtime periods, it was just who was going to outlast who. We were fortunate enough to hang on to win.,” said Coach Newell. SC played both overtimes without the services of center Steve Glass and forward Glen Hill, both having fouled out of the game in the fourth quarter. Newell pointed to the shooting of Ricky Lyon and Hill in the fourth quarter as providing the offensive spark for the comeback. Lyon and Hill both finished with ten points apiece. Craig Whitesell contributed 11 points off the bench and Coburn added 10 points.

After shutting out Marello in the first period, SC went on to win 55-44. Marello was limited to three shots in the first period, because of numerous turnovers forced by the Cards half court man to man pressure defense. The Cards were hot from the field connecting on 21 of 43 shots for 49 percent. Kaydon Coburn led the scorers with 16 points followed by Steve Glass with 11.

Cards Upset Pirates In SCCAL Crucial 72-63. SC’s front line was too much for Harbor and moved into a second place tie with Harbor. The Cards had little trouble with Harbors zone defense. “Against a zone, you take what you can get. Tonight, we were able to penetrate the openings in the zone and got great shots. This win is very gratifying, because we had to win. Otherwise we would be out of the race. Now we have good momentum moving into the last two weeks of the season,” said coach Newell. SC took advantage of its shooting opportunities, connecting on 33 of 52 shots for a red hot 63.5 percent. The two teams played it close in the first half and SC ended the half ahead 35-31. The difference being the Cards ability to score last in both quarters. With four seconds remaining in the first quarter and on a tip by Coburn with two seconds left before intermission. A steal and a basket by Craig Whitesell with 2:25 remaining in the third period capped a streak which saw the Cards outscore Harbor 15-6, giving the Cards an 11 point bulge. The Cards were able to maintain their edge throughout the final period to win. Glen Hill got two of his 24 points on a slam dunk that brought the crowd to its feet. Hill also pulled down eight rebounds. Coburn pitched in with 17 points, six rebounds and six assists. SC is now 6-2 tied for second in league and 12-9 overall.

Aptos Fends Off Santa Cruz In Double Overtime 69-60 in the league season finale. The game was won on the free throw line where Aptos was 31-38 and Santa Cruz 6 for 23. Aptos showed an abundance of poise by hitting 19 of 20 from the charity stripe in the fourth quarter and the two overtimes. They were 8 for 8 in the second overtime. SC hit 3 for 16 in the fourth quarter and overtime. “That’s the game. We lost the game on the line. But no game is that simple. We had our chances,” said coach Newell. A 16 foot bank shot by Ricky Lyon with three seconds left in the first quarter gave SC a 14-10 lead. SC increased its lead to nine points at the 3:40 mark of the second quarter, when Kaydon Coburn scored two of his 16 points on a lay up after receiving a pass from Glen Hill, one of his five assists in the game. SC led 23-18 at halftime. Aptos broke ahead 36-31 at the end of the third quarter. But SC fought back by dominating a four minute stretch of the fourth quarter, grabbing most every rebound, forcing Aptos into hurried shot and scoring ten points in a row to hold a brief three point lead. SC suddenly went cold and Aptos on the strength of its foul shooting converted ten straight free throws to gain a five point lead with only 20 seconds remaining. This lead did a disappearing act. An eight foot bank shot by Craig Whitesell, a steal by John Wilson who passed to Steve Glass for a lay up and it was 50-49 for Aptos with 14 seconds left. As the Mariners brought the ball down the court against the pressing Cards, somehow the feet were quicker than the eye, as Glen Hill literally ran a circle around a Mariner, knocked the ball away and headed back the other way. Hill slipped a pass between two defenders to Steve Glass, who was fouled as he was going for a lay up and received two foul shots. Glass missed both foul shots, but Hill rebounded the last miss and was fouled. He missed the first, but made the second to send the game into overtime. An eight foot jump shot by Hill with 14 seconds to play in overtime, necessitated another overtime. But this was not the Cards night as they were outscored 12-3 in the last overtime in what may have been the most exciting game of the season. Aptos ends up with a league record of 11-1 in first place and SC tied for second at 9-3 with Harbor.

Cards Take It Down To Win As Usual. In the opening round of the Shaughnessy (league) Playoffs, Santa Cruz defeated San Lorenzo Valley 54-47. The Cards defeated SLV three times this year and in the previous two games, both were not decided until the final 30 seconds of play and this game was no different. After playing a tentative first half, the Cards came alive in the third quarter and then held off a final SLV charge. SC beat SLV by keeping their poise in the waning moments, despite a furious Cougar comeback attempt. SC appeared to have the game well in hand with a 49-43 lead and only 29 seconds remaining to play. A technical was called on a protest of a time out and SLV made both foul shots and retained the ball. But Glen Hill picked off an errant pass and head up court and was fouled. SLV claimed Hill had walked and received a technical. John Wilson made the two technical tosses and Hill made his first free throw and SC had all the breathing room it needed.
Hill and guard John Wilson performed almost flawlessly in a pressure packed game. Hill closed the night with a team high 16 points, eight of them in the fourth quarter as he hit 7 of 10 shots from the field. Despite the final dramatics, Wilson’s steals in the third quarter undoubtedly led to the turning point in the game. SLV scored the first points of the second half to go ahead 25-19. Then SC and Wilson immediately went to work. On the ensuing possession, Wilson scored quickly on a driving lay up, then picked off an inbounds pass and scored again. Kaydon Coburn intercepted the next SLV pass and scored to knot the score 25-25. After the two teams traded baskets, Wilson stole another pass and drove the length of the court for a lay up to put the Cards on top to stay. Both teams shot similar percentages from the floor and from the free throw line, while SC held a slight rebounding edge. A big difference was that SC made 14 turnovers in the first half, but only two in the second half. SLV committed five turnovers in the first half, but then came apart and made 15 in the second half. The Cards move on to play Harbor there next.

Santa Cruz’s drive to the CCS playoffs finally ran out of gas as they lost to Harbor 57-49. It was the second quarter that did the Cards in as Harbor was able to open a 29-21 halftime lead that Santa Cruz could not close. The win assures Harbor of a CCS playoff berth and ends the Cards season. Harbor still has a chance to be co-champions with Aptos, if Harbor can beat them on Saturday. Harbor led at the end of the first quarter 11-8. Harbors front line split the scoring in the second quarter as the Pirated took a 29-21 halftime lead. As it turned out, the third period was the pivotal one. The period SC needed to catch up in went to Harbor 13-10 and their lead went to 42-31 entering the final eight minutes. “This game showed we never could put together three or four baskets in a row. Harbor was very patient in its offense and played a very active game,” said coach Newell. Junior forward Glen Hill had the duty of guarding Harbors top scorer in the Cards man to man defense. Hill allowed only ten shots, but Hart made eight of them. SC led by Coburn’s 12 points, Rick Lyons 9 and Steve Glass 8 points, played hard to the end, trying desperately to come back in the final minutes, even though the game was all but over. “I was very proud of them. They never stopped playing all the way to the final buzzer. It’s just our best wasn’t quite good enough tonight. Harbor played a fine game and deserved to win,” said coach Newell. SC was ice cold from the free throw line and so was Harbor. SC went 9 of 23 from the line and 20 of 50 for 34 percent from the field. SC concludes its season at 16-11.

In the Yearbook. The highlight of the season for coach Newell was “during the first Harbor game, when the bench stood during the entire second half in support of their teammates on the floor.” “Overall we had a fine year on the court. Throughout the season the players played as hard as they could. They played together and were fine representatives of SCHS. Part of the success can be traced to the outstanding support of the parents, community, and particularly the students. I would like to give a special thanks to the cheerleaders, the band and the High Tow Tong.”

From the Trident — Highlights of the season included Hill’s slam dunks against Harbor and SLV, a double overtime victory over North Monterey and unity among team member that became the catalyst for tremendous support from students, parents and community.

From the San Jose Mercury. Final Rankings before the CCS playoffs had Aptos number 11 and Harbor fifteenth. Harbor Hart was third in scoring and Hill of Aptos was ninth. Jefferson who beat Aptos and won the CCS title was ranked fifth.

Sentinel final SCCAL Top 20 individuals stats of Feb. 18.
Individual scoring by place, name, games played, total points, high game and average per game.
5 Coburn 23 327 26 14.2
15 Hill 21 203 24 9.7
3 SC team 24 1335 72 55.6

On defense the Cards were second with 1273 points allowed with low game of 32 and an average per game of 51.8.

Sentinel All County first team included Kaydon Coburn and Glen Hill. Honorable mention were John Wilson and Steve Glass.

Kaydon Coburn a 6-5 senior center and Glen Hill a 6-2 junior forward were chosen for the ALL SCCAL first team. Ricky Lyons was picked for the All Defensive team. Honorable mention: John Wilson, Steve Glass, Ricky Lyon and Craig Whitesell.
Coach Pete Newell was voted a Co-Coach of the Year

BOYS JV BASKETBALL had a winning season. Leaders were Kevin Grindy and Mitch Wright.

GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Practice games: Notre Dame of Salinas 47-34, Alisal 62-23, Seaside 53-67, Pacific Grove 52-45, Leland 27-43, Hollister 62-31. Cardlette Tournament: St. Francis 49-30, Lynbrook 41-34 and Los Gatos 56-61 in overtime for second place. Practice record 6-3. League games: SLV 59-34, 64-33; Soquel 53-43, 62-46; Aptos 41-43 in overtime, 31-50; North Monterey 71-38, 44-35; Marello 84-23, 72-25; Harbor 58-39, 64-32. League record 10-2 for second place. Final league standings: Aptos 12-0, SC 10-2, Soquel 7-5, Harbor 6-6, North Monterey 4-8, SLV 2-10, Marello 1-11. League playoffs; Soquel 70-53 and Aptos in finals 30-49. CCS playoffs: Pacific Grove 47-33, Seaside 58-47, Los Gatos 28-73. Complete season record 19-7.

Sentinel preseason write up on Nov. 27. As defending SCCAL champions, ninth year coach Ray Hunter knows the Cards are going to have their hands full this year. But with three starters back, two transfers and an abundance of talented underclassmen ready to make their mark, SC has a very good chance to improve last years 16-7 overall record. Leading the returnees are ALL SCCAL selections Serena Novo a post player, who averaged 15 point a game last year and Ellen Newberry the Cards floor general from her point guard position. Kim Bianconi is the third starter back as a post player. “We are going to have to rely on our skills to get by people, because we aren’t going to out-muscle anybody,” said Hunter. “We have a lot more of a bench this year and we were pretty deep last year. We will press all over the court from the locker room until the time we get back home.” Roster by year in school, name position and height. Seniors: Ellen Newberry, G, 5-4, Serena Novo, P, 5-9. Juniors: Kim Bianconi, P, 5-8, Joan Darrow, P, 6-0, Kerry Kinney, W, 5-8, Muriel Meyers, G, 5-6, Johanna Wilson, W. 5-6. Sophomores: Fonsella Brown, W, 5-6, Sheral Vaclavik, P, 4-10, Patty Weybright, P, 5-11, Tanya Wright, G, 5-3.

Nov. 29. Cardinals Open Year With Two Victories.
SC 47, Notre Dame of Salinas 34. Novo scored 15 points and Bianconi had ten. After a slow first quarter with SC ahead 6-2, SC outscored Notre Dame 15-4 in the second quarter to go ahead at halftime 21-6. Other scorers: Hill 4, Kerry Kinney 5, Newberry 7, Wilson 4, Wright 2.
SC 66, Alisal 23. Both wins were keyed by a decided rebounding edge. “We just ate them up on the boards,” said Coach Ray Hunter. Who singled out the play of front liners Serena Novo, Kim Bianconi and Kerry Kinney, who combined for 37 points against Alisal. The fast break went very well, even though we missed about 12 layups, but overall our outside shooting was pretty good.” Scoring: Bianconi 8, Brown 11, Kerry Kinney 12, S. Kinney 2, Newberry 6, Novo 17, Wilson 4 and ? 6.

Dec. 2. Seaside Dominates Santa Cruz with their center scoring 33 points and pulling down 18 rebounds in a 67-53 win. Seaside won the game in out rebounding SC 58-38. SC remained close until the fourth quarter. SC managed to tie the score 42-all at the end of the third quarter. Seaside out scored SC 25-12 in the fourth. (no SC names in write up) Scoring: Bianconi 14, Brown 2, Kerry Kinney 15, Newberry 9, Novo 9, Wilson 4.

Dec. 11. Leland 43, SC 27. SC ran out to a 8-0 lead in the first two minutes. But the girls ran out of gas, rather air as the cold bug has limited the teams physical capabilities. “We were 0-12 in the first quarter on layups. We could have blown them out if we had made those. But after a while, we couldn’t get up and down the floor,” said Coach Hunter. Serena Novo was the lone Card in double figures with 10 points. It was the second loss in five games for SC. Other scorers: Bianconi 6, Brown 3, Hill 1, Newberry 6, Wilson 1.

Dec. 13. Santa Cruz Pours It On Hollister. Employing a tenacious, ball hawking, man-to-man defense, SC was able to take the ball and the game, 62-31 away from Hollister. “We like pressure and we love to press,” explained Coach Ray Hunter. SC’s defense caused 19 first half turnovers, 11 of those in the opening period and used the advantage to take a 12-6 first quarter lead. Offensively, SC moved the ball well, only giving up the ball 11 times in the whole contest and hit the outside shot consistently to open up a 28-14 lead at the intermission. After playing zone the first half, Hollister went to a man-to-man to start the second half and the Cards really went to work. Taking advantage of superior personnel, SC worked the ball to the inside for easy shots, resulting in an amazing 9 for 12 or 75 percent in the third period. With the score now a lopsided 46-21, the Cards had little to do, but empty the bench. Nine of the 11 Cards scored. Senior guard Ellen Newberry, scored 13 points mainly on short jump shots. SC shot 40 percent from the floor and made 6 of 11 from the line. Scoring: Kerry Kinney 11, Bianconi 10, Darrow 8, Novo 6, Hill 4, S. Kinney 4, Wilson 4, Brown 2.

Dec. 16. In the first game of the Eighth Annual Santa Cruz Cardlette Invitational tournament, the Cardlettes beat St. Francis of Mountain View 49-30. Taking advantage of its superior quickness, the Cards jumped out to a early 10-2 lead, then coasted the rest of the way. “We were quicker and pressed all over the court and as a result we got lots of easy baskets off of bad passes and steals,” said Coach Hunter. SC forced 27 turnovers and won the rebounding battle 41-25. SC held the Lancers scoreless until the 1:27 mark of the first quarter. There is no “fear-of-shooting” in the Card pattern offense. When we have the ball within 15 feet of the basket, unless guarded, the offense ends and the shot goes up,” Hunter said. The shooting and rebounding of SC’s two post players was the key to victory. Kim Bianconi scored 16 points and Serena Novo had 13. Other scorers: Kerry Kinney 8, Newberry 6, Wilson 4, S. Kinney 2.

Dec. 18. Santa Cruz Into Cardlette Finals. With a 41-34 win over Lynbrook in the semifinals. Defense marked the play of SC. “We played a lot better defense than a lot of people thought we would. They like to run a lot, but our defense held them down. SC’s defense sparkled in the second half, when they held Lynbrook to two field goals. The first field goal wasn’t until three minutes left in the game. “We changed our presses a lot tonight. It disrupts the other team. It makes things happen,” SC had balanced scoring with Kim Bianconi and Ellen Newberry each scoring ten points, Serena Novo 8, Fonsella Brown 6, Johanna Wilson 4, Kerry Kinney 3.

Dec. 20. Santa Cruz Girls Lose Title To Los Gatos In OT. SC took the number one ranked team in CCS, Los Gatos to overtime, but ran out of steam down the stretch and faltered losing 61-56. A nervous Card team turned the ball over ten times in the first quarter and found themselves behind 14-4. After two quick Los Gatos buckets to start the second quarter, the Cards began to find their rhythm. Behind a balanced scoring attack, six Cards scored in the period and a hard nose, physical defense that caused 13 Los Gatos turnovers got SC back into the game and only trailing 26-14 at halftime.
Three long jump shots by Kerry Kinney and more ball hawking defense put SC on top 38-30 halfway through the third quarter. The tournament MVP led the Wildcats back to within four points at the end of three quarters. The Cards representative on the all-tournament team Serena Novo was spectacular at both ends of the court, hitting jump shots, diving for loose balls and gathering rebounds against the taller Wildcats. “We had it in our grasp,” said coach Hunter. A few costly errors at the end of regulation, while Los Gatos’ superior height and the Cards inability to break the Cats full court zone press led to the overtime period. SC couldn’t score in the last two minutes of the game. Los Gatos tied the score with six seconds to go on a follow shot of a missed free throw. The overtime was all Los Gatos, who won it 7-2. SC outscored Los Gatos 40 to 26 in the middle two periods. Scoring: Novo 21, Kerry Kinney 15, Bianconi 10, Brown 4, Wilson 4, Newberry 2.

Jan. 13. SC 59, SLV 34. After shaking of the cobwebs of the long layoff, the Cards looked like world beaters against SLV. “We were a little rusty. It took us half of the first quarter to get unhinged. We were in the right places, but the timing was all wrong,” Coach Hunter. The first quarter ended deadlocked at 8-8. SC exploded in the second quarter outscoring SLV 18-4. “I hope we can keep this up. We are getting tougher as we go along, too,” said Hunter, whose Cards opened their SCCAL championship defense on a high note. Junior forward Kim Bianconi scored 22 points and pulled down 12 rebounds. Senior center Serena Novo scored 15 points, while dishing off 14 assists. Senior guard Ellen Newberry caused seven turnovers off the Cards press.

Jan. 15. SC 53, Soquel 43. SC shot out to a quick ten point lead by halftime. “he offensive difference in the game, said the Soquel coach, was Serena Novo, who scored a game high 21 points followed by Bianconi 11 and Newberry ten. SC is a good disciplined team.” Other scoring: Brown 4, Kerry Kinney 7.

Jan. 17. Mariners Take ‘Round One’ In OT. Aptos dropped in a 10 foot shot with ten seconds left in overtime to give Aptos a 43-41 victory. With the score tied at 41 all and 23 second left in the overtime period, Aptos called a time out. With about 15 seconds left, there was a drive down the right side of the key and the dribbler stopped about ten feet from the basket. At first she was well covered, but SC dropped back to try and protect inside and left her with a wide open shot, which she made. SC was led by Novo, who scored 14 points followed by Bianconi and Kerry Kinney each with ten points. SC controlled the game 80 percent of the time as they led for most of the game until late in the fourth quarter. With 48 seconds left in regulation, Aptos went in front by two, but Novo hit a short jumper to send the game into overtime. Aptos dominated the boards 45-23. Scoring: Bianconi 10, Kerry Kinney 10, Newberry 7, Novo 14.

Jan. 24. Cardinals ‘Press’ Their Way Past Marello for a 84-23 win. SC employed a full court press throughout the contest until 1:40 left in the game. Many irate fans shouted at SC coach Ray Hunter near the end of the contest, attempting to persuade him to remove the press. Regarding the press, Hunter said, “We play our game whether we’re ahead or behind. Any team we play doesn’t get any good out of it either. They need to learn how to handle the press. That’s part of basketball.” Serena Novo scored 23 points and Kim Bianconi 21. Joan Darrow and Fonsella Brown each scored 11. Coach Hunter, “Joan Darrow looked a lot better tonight and we need her to come off the bench on a regular basis. I was pleased that the girls who aren’t playing regularly got to play a lot tonight. I was happy about that.” Other scoring: Hill 2, Newberry 5, S. Kinney 2, Kerry Kinney 2, Wilson 7, Wright 2.

Jan. 27. Santa Cruz Runs Past Harbor. Kim Bianconi dropped 22 points to lead SC to a 58-39 victory over Harbor. Bianconi turned in an outstanding performance at every level. Beside her scoring where she hit 9 for 18 attempts, she hauled down eight rebounds and stole the ball five times. Most of Bianconi’s points came from inside the key. From that position, Bianconi baffled the Harbor defenders time after time. “That’s her game. Down on the baseline trying to stop her is like trying to catch wildfire. She played a great game,” coach Hunter. “Serena Novo was responsible much of the time for Bianconi receiving the ball as she was setting Kim up.” Novo had seven assists, ten points, six rebounds and five steals. SC employed a half court trap defense for most of the game, instead of the full court press, which they had used in the past. The half court trap forced 36 Harbor turnovers. Johanna Wilson was the high scorer off the bench with six points. SC is 5-1. Other scorers: Brown 2, Darrow 2, Hill 4, Kerry Kinney 5, S. Kinney 2, Newberry 5.

Jan. 31. Fourth Quarter Card Blitz Downs Marello. SC scored 32 points in the fourth quarter, enough points in itself to win the game as SC posted a 72-25 win over Marello. The half court press was not as effective against Marello as the full court press. Marello only trailed 25-13 at halftime. Kim Bianconi scored 20 points and Serena Novo 17. Other scorers: Wilson 9, Newberry 8, S. Kinney 6, Brown 4, Wright 4, Hill 2, Darrow 2, Kerry Kinney 0, Weybright 0.

(Two league games without Sentinel write-ups had the scoring, which follows)
SC 64, Harbor 32. Scores by quarters starting with the first quarter: SC 18-6, 36-12, 54-22, 64-32. SC scoring: Newberry 4, Novo 16, Bianconi 22, Brown 2, Kerry Kinney 16, Hill 5, S. Kinney 1.

SC, 71, North Monterey 38. Scores by quarters starting with the first quarter: SC 20-3, 28- 18, 39-24, 71-38. SC scoring: Bianconi 15, Brown 8, Darrow 1, Hill 8, Kerry Kinney 10, Newberry 12, Novo 10, Wilson 2, Wright 2.

Feb. 3. SC 64, SLV 33. SLV jumped out to an early 11-2 lead, but SC recovered to take a 13-12 advantage at the end of the first quarter. SLV broke the Cards full court press for layups, but then dropped back into its half court press and too the layups away. SC dominated inside, outscored SLV 35-12 in the second half. Serena Novo led all scorers with 22, followed by Ellen Newberry 14 and Kerry Kinney 12. Other scoring: Wright 2, Bianconi 8, Wilson 2, S. Kinney 2, Hill 2.

Bianconi Led Santa Cruz Girls Blast Harbor 64-32. Kim Biaconi was 10 for 19 from the floor for a 53 percent proficiency and add two free throws to score 22 points, while making five steals and hauled down eight rebounds. SC employed a swarming defense, switching intermittently from a full court press to a half court trap. Harbor turned the ball over 33 times. SC made 19 steals and Novo led with nine. Novo scored 16 points and Kerry Kinney was right behind with 14. SC shot 42 percent from the field. “We played last night and ran a lot. We were a little tired and it showed,” said coach Hunter, who was pleased with the performance of 5-7 freshman wing Ann Hill, who scored five points off the bench. Harbor out rebounded SC 50-40. Novo led the Cards with 12 rebounds followed by Kinney and Bianconi each with eight.

Feb. 7. Santa Cruz ‘Two’ Much For Condors. North Monterey played ‘two’ SC teams, the Cards first string, which was more than the Condors could handle and the Card reserves, who were no match for the condors front liners. SC’s first string posted its reserves a huge lead and the Cards captured their tenth SCCAL victory 44-35. It took a while for SC to penetrate the Condors zone, but when they did the buckets came fast and easy. At the same time the Card offense was rolling, the SC defense took control of the game, which is no surprise because SC‘s best offense is its full court pressing defense. So dominating was the Cards press, the Condors put up only two shots in the last three minutes of the first quarter, in which SC outscored the Condors 10-0. Early in the second half, with SC leading 32-8, coach Hunter inserted his second team and except for a short spurt in the beginning of the final quarter the reserves played the rest of the way. Scoring: Novo 144, Bianconi 14, Newberry 7, Brown 4, Kerry Kinney 3, Wilson 2, Darrow, Hill, S. Kinney. Weybright and Wright didn’t score.

SC 62, Soquel 46. SC played a near perfect first quarter to blow Soquel off the floor as SC established a 24-3 lead by the end of the quarter. “We pressed them in the first quarter, then put our second team in the second quarter. Everyone for us played at least half the game,” said coach Hunter. Kerry Kinney led the charge in the first quarter getting 12 of her 14 points in the period with three buckets off steals and three long range bombs. Scoring: Bonconi 16, Brown 4, Kerry Kinney 14, Newberry 10, Novo 18. SC is now 9-1 in league.

Feb. 10. Mariners Run Over Cards 50-31. Aptos 5-10 center and best player scored 28 points and pulled down 22 rebounds as she took control. Coach Ray Hunter comments, “She looked great. She did one heck if a job. There was no way of stopping her. We were trying to cover up inside and block the passing lanes and keep her from getting the ball, then they would hit an outside shot.” Aptos was in front of SC 20-16 at halftime, but came out and outscored SC 16-5 in the third quarter to lead 36-21 going into the fourth quarter. Aptos was hot from the field connecting on 21 of 50 shots for 42 percent, while SC was 14 of 59 for 23 percent. Kim Bianconi was the top scorer for SC with eight points. Aptos is now 11-0 and SC 10-2, both losses to Aptos.

Feb. 19. Santa Cruz Runs Away With Victory Over Soquel. The Cards earned a trip to the CCS playoffs and another shot at Aptos by virtue of a resounding 70-53 victory over Soquel, who could not handle SC’s infamous full court press. Soquel committed 41 turnovers and SC turned them into easy baskets and a 50-25 third quarter lead in the second round Shaughnessy playoff game. Bianconi, Newberry and Novo combined for 49 points, 22, 14, 13 respectively, Bianconi and Novo effectively nullified Soquel’s inside game that beat Harbor to get to this game. SC scored the first eight points of the second period to jump to a 16-10 advantage. SC maintained the lead on the strength of an effective passing game, one which netted 15 assists on the way to a halftime lead of 36-20. Bianconi was able to drive through the Soquel man-to-man defense and score on short range shot usually before the stunned Knight could make their transition from offense to defense. At the end of the third quarter SC had a 25 point lead. Hunter then gave his starters a rest and Soquel closed to 14 points and the starters returned. Novo had six assists and Kerry Kinney handed out five.

Before the last league game of the season the following article appeared in the Sentinel on February 10.
Aptos-Santa Cruz Games Mean More Than Rivalry boys and girls. Although the Mariner girls edged the Cards 43-41 in overtime earlier in the season, this nights title encounter wasn’t even close as Aptos blasted SC 53-31. A one sided score like that is truly the exception, rather than the rule, admits SC coach Ray Hunter. “Its really been even. We’ll split during league, they’ll win two, then we’ll win two. Either way there can’t be more than a one or two game difference in the nine years we have been playing.” In the nine years that the two girls’ team have played each other for the league honors, Aptos has won four titles, Santa Cruz four and the pair have been co-champions once. The players don’t necessary say any thing, but its understood, when the two teams play its going to be a white-knuckler. It will be a physical game and that’s an unsaid fact.

Feb. 21. Aptos Makes Clean Sweep Of Santa Cruz. At the SCCAL championship playoff final, Aptos made it three in a row over SC topping the Cards 49-30. The Mariners wasted little time jumping out in front 15-2 in the opening quarter. SC was ice cold shooting 2 for 14 in the period. SC usually a good shooting team, appeared nervous and tentative in the early going, when almost half of their shots were air balls or barely drew iron. SC shot a miserable 21 percent in the contest, 14 for 66. Aptos’ ability to control the boards proved to be too much for SC as their offensive rebounds often gave them two and sometimes three extra shots. In contrast SC seldom took more than one shot in an offensive sequence. SC got untracked in the second period. Behind Kim Bianconi’s eight points they pulled to within seven at 21-14 halfway into the quarter, which was as close as the Cards got in the game. Aptos employed a box and one defense to neutralize the talented Serena Novo, who was limited to eight points. Kim Bianconi led the Cards with 10 points. In the third period, the Cards took 12 shots before Kerry Kinney hit a 12 footer.

Feb. 24. Santa Cruz Girls ‘Wake Up’ In Time, Stop Pacific Grove. The low post combination of Kim Bianconi and Serena Novo combined for 34 points to led SC over Pacific Grove, the Mission Trail Athletic League winner 47-33 in the first round of the CCS playoffs. SC will tackle third seeded Seaside The MBL champion with a 21-3 record at Hartnell on Friday.. Last year Seaside defeated SC in the second round before finishing among the top four in the CCS Tourney. PG started the game in a slow down, which appeared to put SC in a trance during the first half, as PG led 18-16 at halftime. SC quickly got on track in the third quarter outscoring PG 17-6. Coach Hunter credited the turnaround to his team’s half court press, which quickly forced three turnovers to open the second half. “Once we got PG moving, our tempo picked up. We just didn’t dictate the tempo in the first half.” Bianconi, who scored 18 points in the game, while hitting 7 of 11 shots and Novo, who pumped in 16 points on 8 of 16 accuracy, also led SC to a 40 percent shooting performance. Novo grabbed eight rebounds and made five steals, while Bianconi had five rebounds and Kerry Kinney made five steals. Although only four Cards scored, individually, Hunter said he was pleased with the play of guards Ellen Newberry and Fonsella Brown, who each were credited with four assists. “They didn’t have to score, because once we got going we just concentrated on getting the ball inside to Bianconi and Novo.” Normally the top scorer for PG, who scored 25 points against the Cards in a practice game earlier in the season was held to four points.

Feb. 28. Good ‘D’ Cards Surprise Seaside. Defense led the way to SC’s dominated the third ranked Seaside 58-47 in the second round of the CCS playoffs. “We played defense very, very well tonight. Everybody did their job,” said coach Ray Hunter. “We figured we had to stop Seaside’s two best scorers and we did. We wanted to make Seaside’s other players shoot the ball. In SC’s man-to-man defense, Serena Novo guarded one of the top players and Kerry Kinney covered the other. Hunter was extremely happy with the play of Kinney. “She did a heck of a job making her opponent work hard for every shot.” SC played the entire game in a full court press, harassing the Spartans continually and it created 28 turnovers. Ellen Newberry was the top ball stealer with seven. At one point in the game, she stole the ball three times in less than a minute. Novo, Kim Bianconi and Fonsella Brown each had three steals. “Fon did a good job tonight. When she has a good night, it makes everybody go. She’s sort of an inspirational player,” said Coach Hunter. Brown was the Cards third leading scorer with 12 points. Novo led with 20 points followed by Kinney 13 and Bianconi with nine. Both teams scored 16 field goals, but SC had 16 points from the foul line, while Seaside only scored five. Seaside had 22 fouls, while SC had 14. “That was probably the most free throws we’ve gotten all year. We just don’t get fouled that much. We shoot pretty well from outside, so we don’t get fouled as much as other teams,” Hunter said. Seaside out-rebounded SC 42-25, but the missed numerous rebound shots right under the basket. Much of SC’s success was credited to their relaxed play. SC players were laughing and joking throughout the contest and Hunter felt this attitude had spilled over from the teams practice the day before. “We had an excellent practice yesterday. They were loose and alert,” Coach Hunter. “All five of the players Novo, Bianconi, Newberry, Brown and Kinney played well. No one let down tonight.”

March 3. Santa Cruz Girls Run Into ‘Buzzsaw’. “I knew we were going to hit a buzz saw tonight,” Those were the words of Coach Ray Hunter after watching his Cardlettes fall to undefeated and number on ranked Los Gatos Orange-Crush 73-28 in the third round of CCS playoffs. Los Gatos is now 27-0. (Los Gatos went on to win the Northern California crown and advance to state) “Los Gatos didn’t play well in their previous game, so I figured they were going to be up for the game tonight,” Coach Hunter. Los Gatos left no doubt at the outset of the contest who the victor would be and took a 25-4 lead into the second quarter. Los Gatos shot 57 percent from the field, while SC shot 23 percent. Kim Bianconi led SC in scoring with seven, followed by Serena Novo and Kerry Kinney with six points each. Kinney had six rebounds followed by Novo and Ellen Newberry with five rebounds each. SC committed 24 turnovers and Los Gatos 22. Hunter was happy with the play of his squad over the entire season. “We improved all along. We played up to a lot of big games.”
Aptos beat Mitty 61-53 in the third round to make it into the final four.

From the Trident. The Cardlettes rolled over their league opponents except Aptos and had a great season taking second place in league. They lost to Los Gatos for the Cardlette tournament championship in overtime. Some highlights in the season were holding Lynbrook to two field goals in the second half. Serena Novo had 19 points against Pacific Grove in a 52-45 win in their practice game. She scored 21 and 22 points against SLV. Against Marello she had 23 points,
High scoring, junior Kim Bianconi had four 20 plus games. They were against SLV was high scorer with 22 points. Against Marello she scored 21 and 20 points. Against Harbor she scored 22 points
Against North Monterey, the SC press forced 25 turnovers and against Harbor 33 turnovers.
The highlight of the season for coach Ray Hunter, who is in his eighth season has won four championships and has never had a team finish below second place, was the championship game of the Cardlette tournament against Los Gatos. It was the best played game of the season even though they lost in overtime. Los Gatos got off to a quick 14-4 lead, but SC rallied to close the lead to two points at half time. At the end of regulation game, Los Gatos scored a last second field goal to tie the score 54-54. He summed up the season by saying, “Its been a very enjoyable season with a lot of the players were returning ones, thus making it enjoyable working with them.”

Senior Serena Novo had a banner year in basketball being named All League, All County and to the Cardlette All Tournament teams. Another big accomplishment was her team making the third round of the CCS playoffs. The biggest highlights of her four year varsity career was making All League as a sophomore and beating Aptos to win the SCCAL championship last year. Her coach for all four years was Ray Hunter, who said of Serena’s importance to the team, “She is our controlling force on the boards and also her motivating force. She has matured as a player. She has become very game wise and has the ability to feel when there is a change in the tempo of the game.”
Serena sums up her playing philosophy saying, “It is to give all you can in every game and to make a minimal amount of mistakes, so that you do not have to look back and think about all the things you should have or should not have done.”

Sentinel All County first team included Serena Novo and Kim Bianconi. Honorable mention were Ellen Newberry and Kerry Kinney.

SC had two on the ten player ALL SCCAL first team selected by the coaches. Senior 5-9 center, Serena Novo and junior 5-8 forward Kim Bianconi. Ellen Newberry was picked for the seven player ALL SCCAL DEFENSIVE team. Honorable mention were Kerry Kinney and Fonsella Brown.

JV GIRLS BASKETBALL not available.

WRESTLING LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Winning the league tournament with 156 points. The second place team was Carmel with 126 points.
Practice matches: Mt. Pleasant 33-30, San Jose 34-33, Saratoga 38-28 and Lynbrook Loss.
League: North Monterey 26-42, Aptos 36-35, Hollister 41-17, Palma 44-21, Carmel 49-19, Soquel 68-12 and SLV 60-12. League record 6-1 for the championship.

The wrestling league this year includes the normal SLV, Soquel, Aptos, SC and North Monterey, but with the addition of Carmel, Hollister and Palma. From the league tournament the top three finishers will qualify to move on, instead of the two before.

Sentinel. March 5. At the state meet, Dan Prucha at 130 pounds lost his first round match by 10-5 to be knocked out of competition. A picture by Bill Lovejoy accompanies the article.

Sentinel. March 4. Top SC wrestler was Dan Prucha a senior transfer from Nebraska, who placed fourth in the State championship tournament there as a junior. Dan started wrestling at the age of twelve, while in California, wrestlers don’t usually start until junior high. But in the Mid-West wrestling is one of the main sports. In his four tournaments this year, he won two and placed second in two, while qualifying for the State meet.
Going into the State meet Prucha has a 27-4 record. Two of the setbacks, one a 3-1 loss in overtime at the Westmont Tournament and a pin in the finals of the Cabrillo Classic were against Monterey’s 130 pound wrestler, who won his division at CCS. His other two loss came in the CCS championship tournament. Comments from Coach Tex Ronning. “He’s capable of beating anyone. Even though he lost two at CCS, he has the skills to beat anyone. That’s partly because he never going to get whipped out of a match. In my 19 years coaching at SC, I rate Prucha as one of the top all-time wrestlers. He has great he has great heart of wrestling. He does things, because he wants to do them. He’s mentally tough. He’s very good on his feet. He has a lot of background on freestyle wrestling has been since he was young. He doesn’t relay on strength, he has very good balance, agility and quickness. Confidence is another factor, which makes Prucha tough. In the Cards first match of the year, Prucha moved up a weight to cover a hole in the lineup and pinned the larger wrestler in 37 seconds.

Sentinel. Feb. 14. At The SCCAL Championship Tournament. Card Wrestlers Turn Feeling Into Reality. “We had a feeling all week, said coach Tex Ronning, “that we could do it.” And the Cards did it in impressive style, winning three individual titles. Senior Dan Prucha at 129 pounds pinned his man 42 seconds into the third period. Joel Bettencourt at 141, pinned his man in 1:06 of the second period and Dan Egan won the heavyweight crown with a pin in the first round. SC wrestlers finished as runner-ups in five more weight classes. “It was a team win. Ten of our 13 wrestlers placed in the top four. That shows good balance,” said Coach Ronning. The top three finishers in each division advance to the CCS Championships at West Valley College. The top four individual finishers at the CCS tournament will go to the State meet. Talking about the SCCAL meet, “Any thing can happen in a tournament. We got some good seedings for the match and we got a few breaks,” Ronning said. In the league format, the seasons overall champion is decided by a combined score, which is determined by dual meet record and team placement in the league final tournament. SC outscored Carmel 155-135 for the league championship. SC had three individual league champions and how they did it follows: Prucha battled to a 2-2 score after two rounds. In the third round he pulled a reversal and the pinned his man 42 second into the last round. Bettencourt at 141 pounds held a slim 2-1 lead, when he pinned his man at 1:06 of the second round. Egan was too strong for his man and pinned him in just 1:48 of the first round. Bill Burr, Juan Gonzales, Duke Lee, Karl Goin and Lambert all finished second to qualify for the CCS championship meet.

Feb. 21. At The CCS Championship Tournament. Five Area Wrestlers Advancing To State. Dan Prucha is the lone SC entrant. Prucha finished in fourth place in the 126 pound division, losing 12-4 in the third place match. Prucha began the tournament with a third period pin. In the second round, he won with a second period pin. In the third round he won a 12-6 decision over the Mount Hamilton Athletic League most outstanding wrestler. In the semifinals Prucha lost a 5-4 decision. That forced Prucha down to the consolation bracket were he won a 3-1 decision, which moved him to the third place match. The top four finishers qualify for the State meet at Independence High in San Jose, which qualifies Prucha.

Trident. The Cards had three league champions–Dan Prucha with a 23-2 season record, Dan Egan at 20-4 and Joel Bettencourt, who came out late in the season, There were five second place finishers. They were Bill Burr, Juan Gonzales, Duke Lee, Karl Goin and Bill Lambert. The highlight of the season was having eight SC wrestlers win their second round matches to give SC 124 points going into the finals. All of these wrestlers went to the CCS meet.
Dan Prucha by placing fourth at CCS qualified to participate at the State wrestling tournament.

Sentinel. Dec. 4. Cards Pin Mt. Pleasant 33-30 in their first competition of the season. SC was led by pins from Don Prucha at 138 in 37 seconds, Bill Lambert at 200 in 37 seconds and Dan Egan at 245 in 1:20. At 98 pounds, Bill Burr won by decision 13-8. At 105 Martin Corona blanked his opponent 3-0. At 155, Mike Tracy won by decision 9-6 and Martin Corley at 185 won by forfeit.

Sentinel. SC wrestlers who placed at the SCCAL Novice Tournament. At 98 pounds, second place Ronzano. 155, second place McLean. 167, second place Butts and third place Hohnhorst
245, first place Lira.

Sentinel. Dec. 6. At the Aptos Takedown Wrestling Tournament SC took fourth place in the eight team tourney. SC won two individual championships. Senior Dan Prucha pinned all three of his opponents in the 132 pound class. Senior Dan Egan in the heavyweight division also pinned all of his opponents, including his teammate Ken Lira in the final match. Bill Burr at 98 pounds took second place. Fourth place finishers were Martin Corona at 105, Troy Strong at 145 and Bill Lambert at 200.

Dec. 13. SC Cardinal Matters Overtake SJ Bulldogs 34-33. SC with their backs to the wall, came up with a furious comeback. Trailing by over 20 points, SC closed the match with five straight individual victories, four by pins, to earn the win and raise its record to 3-1 on the season. Going into the final match of the night, the Cards needed a pin to insure a team victory. Heavyweight Dan Egan pinned his San Jose opponent in just 11 seconds to cap the comeback drive.

Trident. Santa Cruz began the season, December 3, with a tough 33-30 victory over Mount Pleasant. In the Aptos Takedown Tourney, Santa Cruz placed fourth. Dan Prucha took his weight class pinning all three opponents. In the Branham Team Tourney Santa Cruz lost its opening round match to Lynbrook. In the next match the Cards defeated Saratoga 38-28. Trailing by 20 points with five matches remaining, Santa Cruz rallied to defeat San Jose 34-33.

Sentinel. Dec. 18. The Cards lost their league season opener, 42-26 to North Monterey County. Card winners were Martin Corona at 105 and Don Prucha at 126, who both won by decisions. Winners by pins were at 167 Joe Workman, at 200 Bill Lambert, 245 Dan Egan.

Jan. 15. SC Wrestlers Edge Aptos 36-35. Each team drew two wins through forfeit, but the Cards domination of the lower weight classes gave them a solid advantage. Bill Burr at 95, Matin Corona 105 and Don Prucha at 126 each scored pins, while Juan Gonzales won by forfeit. SC is 1-1 in league and 4-2 overall.

In the San Lorenzo Valley Coast Classic the Cards highest finisher was Dan Prucha, who was runner-up in his division.

Trident. In the Westmont Tournament Karl Goin and Bill Lambert both placed fifth.
The team was hurt late in the season when starters Martin Corona and Troy Strong were injured.

Trident. Against Hollister, Santa Cruz had an easy time with a 41-17 victory.

Jan. 29. Carmel is leading the league with a 3-0 record followed by SC, Aptos and North Monterey at 3-1. SC defeated Palma 44-21 at Salinas. SC now 6-2 overall, got solid performances up and down the weight classifications. Juan Gonzales picked up a quick pin at 112, Duke Lee scored a superior decision 24-0 at 138 pounds. Karl Goin at 167 won by pin, at 105 Ronzano won with a 5-1 decision, at 119 Karst won by forfeit, at 185 Munoz won by forfei, at 245, Egan won by forfeit and Bill Lambert at 200 pounds finished it off with a 7-1 decision.

Feb 3. SC remains tied for first place atop the Southern Division’s Northern Conference with an easy 49-19 victory over Carmel. SC upped its conference mark to 4-1 and now stands at 7-2 overall. SC opened the match on a pin by Bill Burr at 98 pounds, then iced the victory with three straight pins by Dan Prucha at 126, Duke Lee at 132 and Joel Bettecourt at 138. Earning victories for SC, who captured nine of the last ten individual matches were Karl Goin by pin at 167, Bill Lambert at 200 by a 9-6 decision, at 105 Ronzano won with a 5-1 decision, at 119 Karst won by forfeit as did Egan at 245, at 145 Strong won by decision 7-5 and at 185 Munoz had a draw 2-2.

Feb 5. Card Matmen Remain tied. Santa Cruz destroyed Soquel 63-12. There is a three way tie with SC, Carmel and North Monterey all with 5-1 league records. Five Cards scored pins, with Bill Lambert topping it off at the 200 pound weight class. Greg McLean 156, Dan Prucha 126, Kurt Karst 119, Juan Gonzales 112 ad Bill Burr 98 all scored pins. Karl Goin at 167 came close with a 21-5 decision and Rick Munoz at 185 took a 5-0 decision. Lee 133, Bettencourt 138 and Egan all won by forfeit.

Feb. 11. Cards Pin Valley, In the season finale Santa Cruz wrestlers had nine pins in a 60-12 win over San Lorenzo Valley. SC swept all but three individual matches. Cards who had pins were Dan Egan in the heavyweight class, Bill Lambert at 200 pounds, Karl Goin 167, Greg McLean 155 and Duke Lee 132 pounds were among the other Cards who scored pins in the match.

Feb. 21. At the CCS championships at West Valley College, Dan Prucha took fourth place. Prucha started off the championships with a third period pin. In the next match he had a pin in the second round. He had a 12-6 decision win over the Mt. Hamilton league Most Outstanding wrestler to put him in the semifinals. He lost in a 5-4 decision, which forced him into the consolation bracket. He won a 3-1 decision to make it to the third place match. Prucha qualified for the State Tournament on March 5-6 at Independence High in San Jose.
Other SC participants in the CCS event were Joel Bettencourt at 138 pounds. He had a pin, (but there was no other information as it was for) Karl Goin, who earned a early round victory.

Team members were Ken Lira, Shawn Butts, Don Depedro, George Jones, Mike Hanhorst, Rick Munoz, Joel Bettencourt, Karl Goin, Bill Lambert, Dan Prueha, Dan Egan, Troy Stong, Marty Corley, Billy Burr, Mike Ronzano, Martin Corona, Jaun Gonzales, Kurt Kast, Dan Strong, Duke Lee and Greg McLean. Coach Tex Ronning assisted by Larry Maibaum.

ALL SCCAL for winning their weight classifications at the SCCAL meet were Dan Prucha, Joel Bettencourt and Dan Egan.

Practice games: Leigh 1-5, Seaside 1-1, Menlo 0-1, RLS 1-1, Alisal 1-4 and Santa Clara 0-4. Practice record 0-4-2. League: North Monterey 1-2, 2-1; Marello 4-0, 7-0; Harbor 1-0, 1-0; Soquel 4-0, 2-2; SLV 5-0, 0-2; Aptos 4-1, 2-1. League record 9-2-1 for the championship. In the CCS playoffs the Cards beat Gonzales 2-1 and lost to Westmont 0-3. Season record 10-7-3.

Final league standings: Two way tie for first, Santa Cruz and North Monterey 9-2-1; Three way tie for third, Harbor, SLV and Soquel 5-5-2; Aptos 5-7-0 and Marello 0-12.

Sentinel, Dec. 6. Santa Cruz’ Cards Will Try To Defend SCCAL Soccer Title. Last season, it was the Year of the Bird, the SC Cardinals, in the old SCCAL soccer league. The Cards dominated the league with a 10-0 record. This year, its anyone’s guess who will make a run for the title of the new seven school SCCAL. North Monterey a new school to the league, while Watsonville is in the MBL.
Nick Dadigan, the MVP of the league last year is back. Last year the Cards were 3-6 in preseason, but Dadigan was a big reason for the turnaround as he scored 19 goals in league and set a new SC school record with 26 for the season. The Cards lost to RLS 7-1 in the first game of the CCS playoffs.
“I think our keeper, Fred Plagman, will be the best in the league. That’s the big key. We will be able to score some goals. If we have any weaknesses it will be in our defensive backs, who are all playing their first year on varsity. We have the nucleus of a very good team, plus some very talented juniors are up from the frosh-soph team. We aren’t far from putting it together, “said coach Don Dempewolf.
Other senior starters back this year include wing George Abraham, Midfielder Greg DeRenne and utility man Rafael Granados. All SCCAL defensive player senior fullback Mitch Kimura suffered a serious leg injury in a motorcycle accident and will be lost for the season.

From coach Don Dempewolf, “The Cards started off the season without a win until the eighth game. We were not too concerned about those losses, because we played a very tough pre season schedule and tried to play all of the 18 man squad every game. Our first win came in the second league game and the winning attitude carried us to our second consecutive SCCAL title along with it a trip to the CCS playoffs. The Cards played a beautiful game against Gonzales in the first round game, but were a bit nervous in the second round against a tough Westmont team losing 0-3 at the PAL Stadium in San Jose. Morale on the team is high as many players are making plans to defend our SCCAL title for the third straight time. Looking forward to a fun season next year.

The highlight of the season was beating Aptos twice to cinch the league championship and qualify for the CCS playoffs.

Santa Cruz began the 1981-82 season with a 5-0 loss to Leigh, against Seaside the Cards tied 1-1 with a goal from Nick Dadigan. In a muddy battle, Santa Cruz lost to Menlo 1-0. Against Robert Louis Stevenson, Santa Cruz tied the game 1-1 on a goal from Sergio Sierra. Nick Dadigan scored the Cards lone goal in a 4-1 loss to Alisal. Santa Cruz was shut-out 4-0 by Buchser.

Sentinel preseason write up on December 6. Santa Cruz Cards Will Try To Defend SCCAL Soccer Title. Though the SCCAL MVP Nick Dadigan is back, Coach Don Dempewolfe and his young team face a stiff challenge this season. Last year SC went 10-0 in league after a 3-6 preseason. One big reason for the turnaround was Dadigan, who scored 19 goals in league and set a new SC school record with 26 on the season. However, SC lost to powerful RLS in the first round of CCS play 7-1. “I think our keeper, Fred Plageman will be the best in the league. That’s a big key. We are going to be able to score. If we have a weakness it will be our defensive backs, who are playing their first year on varsity. We have a nucleus of a very good team, including some very talented juniors up from the frosh-soph team. We Aren’t far from putting it together,” said Dempewolfe. Senior fullback Mitch Kimura, an All SCCAL pick last year, suffered a serious leg injury and will be lost for the season. Other senior starters back are wing George Abraham, midfielder Greg DeRenne and utility man Rafael Granados.

Sentinel Dec. 6. SC 1, RLS 1. SC gained revenge, of sorts, against RLS, who handed them a 7-1 loss in the first round of CCS last season. SC out shot RLS 16-7. Striker Sergio Sierra scored the first goal, assisted by Dadigan in the first 12 minutes, which held until six minutes left in the game, when RLS tied the score. The entire defensive backfield was praised by Coach Dempewolfe.

Sentinel Dec. 10. Winless, SC Booters Open Defense of SCCAL Title, next week after losing four and having two ties in their preseason tune ups, SC gave up three goals in the first 17 minutes of play on their way to a 4-0 loss to Santa Clara. Santa Clara out shot the Cards by a lopsided margin of 26-4, but SC hung tough the second half, allowing only one goal.

Sentinel Dec. 17. Two Shockers Open League Season. Defending league champion SC, began league play with a 2-1 loss to league new comer North Monterey County. Nick Dadigan, last years SCCAL MVP, scored SC’s lone goal in the first five minutes on an assist by Vince Parish..

Sentinel Dec. 20. Santa Cruz Booters Finally Get Into Win Column. Santa Cruz got its first victory of the year defeating Marello 4-0. Dadigan had two goals and George Abraham and Raul Oliva one apiece. “Believe me, the kids are excited about it. This is what we have been waiting for, a total team effort like we got today,” said Dempewolfe, whose Cards evened their SCCAL record at 1-1 and now stand at 1-5-2 overall. Eleven minutes into the game Greg DeRenne headed a ball to George Abraham, who headed the ball past the goalie. Raul Oliva scored on an assist from Nick Dadigan to give SC a 2-0 halftime lead. Dadigan added two more goals in the second half.

Jan. 19. SC 1, Harbor 0. SC 2-1 in league play gained some needed confidence with the victory. With five minutes left, Lock McVica scored the game winning goal, “We’re come on
and getting stronger. We’re getting more positive. We feel we are still in the hunt,” said Dempewolfe. One player from each side were red carded and the game eventually finished ten on ten. The officials are calling a lot of that this year.

The Cards defeated Marello 7-0 behind Dadigan’s three goals.

Jan. 22. Cardinals upend North Monterey 2-1 for their first loss of the season. SC now stands at 3-1, just one-half a game behind North Monterey at 4-1. Nick Dadigan broke out of a mild slump and scored both SC goals, the first coming 24 minutes into the first half, on an assist from Greg DeRenne. “Dadigan played his best game of the season, he not only scored, but how he passed and played defense,” said Dempewolfe. North Monterey scored five minutes into the second half to tie the contest. Dadigan scored the last goal at the 29 minute mark. “It was really an even game overall,. We had a couple of opportunities in the first half and were really banging on the door several times,” Dempewolfe. SC out shot NMC 17-5. SC is 4-5-2 overall.
SC junior varsity won 1-0 to remain undefeated.

Sentinel. Santa Cruz Booters Shutout Soquel 4-0. SC has been on the verge of a breakthrough in recent weeks, but the 4-0 victory over Soquel was an indication they have turned the corner. “We played a really aggressive game and cam out on the field and did what we have been expecting to do. We didn’t let Soquel do anything. We are getting a lot of solid play from a lot of people,” Dempewolf said. The spreading out of the scoring proved his point. Sergio Sierra opened the scoring, then Rafael Granados made it 2-0 at the half. Nick Dadigan and Carlos Chagolla a sophomore starter, finished it off in the second half. Dempewolf said, “Carlos has been our defensive ace. Then he came up and made a shot from 30 yards. That’s the type of player he is. We’re in the heat of it now, looking ahead to a battle with North Monterey for the SCCAL title.”

Jan. 31. Overtime Penalty Kick Shoots Cards Into First Place. A penalty kick by Sergio Sierra some four minutes into the second overtime led the Cards to a 1-0 victory over Harbor. “We had what I thought was the best soccer match of the season. Both teams deserved to win, but that’s not the way it can be. It was a crucial game for both teams. We’ve really come together. I hate to single out too many guys. Sierra was supported by Nick Dadigan, Carlos Ghagolla, Gregg DeRenne and goalie Fred Plageman. The winning on a penalty kick rarely happens in soccer,” said Dempewolfe.

Feb 2. Cardinals Booters Blank SLV. SC is in full gear atop the SCCAL with a 7-1 record after defeating SLV 5-0. Next come North Monterey 5-2-1 and Soquel 4-2. SC got off to a quick lead, when Sergio Sierra and Nick Dadigan each scored in the first 15 minutes. Then Dadigan scored two more goals 11 minutes into the second half.

Feb. 4. Soquel, Santa Cruz Battle To A Tie, in a crucial SCCAL game 2-2. “In overtime, no one came close. It seemed like the ball was in the midfield the whole time. It was anybody’s game and maybe it was justified it ended up in a tie,” said the Soquel coach. For a while, it appeared SC was going to win. SC who downed Soquel 4-0 last week, trailed 1-0 at halftime. The Cards came back with two second half goals by Nick Dadigan to go ahead 2-1. But with less than a minute left, Soquel tied the score.

Feb. 9. Santa Cruz Wraps Up Soccer Playoff Berth, Others Close. With a 4-1 win over Aptos. “We played a pretty solid game. We’re just getting over the flu. We’re looking strong again and that kind of cut Aptos down a little bit,” Dempewolfe said. SC is 8-2-1 with one game to play. North Monterey is 7-2-1 with two games to play. SC got a key goal late in the first half by Carlos Chagolla, which made it 2-1 with a shot from 25 yards out. Nick Dadigan scored two goals.

Feb. 14. Santa Cruz, North Monterey Tie For SCCAL Soccer Title. Aptos played well, but still fell to front running SC 2-1 and North Monterey won in SCCAL finales, to tie for the title with 9-2-1 records. SC will be the leagues number one representative at CCS. The determination went down to the forth tiebreaker, since both teams have identical league records, records against one another (1-1), scored identical number of goals against one another (3-3). The fourth was the goal differential in all league games, SC (24-23). SC and Aptos battled to a scoreless tie in the first half. SC broke the ice nine minutes into the second half, when Carlos Chagolla scored an unassisted goal. Three minutes later, Aptos scored on a penalty kick. Sergio Sierra kicked a game winning penalty kick with five minutes left in the game. Aptos put a lot of pressure on SC, by taking 28 shots on goal compared to SC’s 14. Because of Fred Plageman’s sterling play which was critical, just one went in for the Mariners.
SC junior varsity was tied for the league lead with Aptos going into the game. SC won 1-0 to win the SCCAL title along with the Varsity.

Feb. 14. CCS Soccer Playoffs. No Matter Where They Play, Cards Plan To Make Impression. The Cardinals want to make a lasting impression and to serve notice to everyone else in the Central Coast Section, that SCCAL teams are not “patsies” and are a force to be reckoned with. Despite posting a 9-2-1 league record this season, as opposed to last seasons unblemished 10-0 mark, Dempewolfe feels, ”This team is stronger than last years. We have more depth,” That statement is an indication of the parity that has been achieved in the SCCAL. One thing for certain says Dempewolfe, “We win or lose, together, as a team. Our league is good and we deserve more recognition in the section. Last year we had two overtime games and the rest we won handily. But, this year, we’ve had tough matches with North Monterey, Aptos, Soquel and SLV.” Dempewolfe became involved in soccer, when the athletic director asked him to take over the new program nine years ago, and it’s gotten better every year. With more enthusiasm and participation, soccer as a whole has improved in the league, a reflection of the growing popularity of the sport in the country and the improved competition at the high school and college levels. SC got off to a slow start this year registering a 0-4-2 preseason record. “We played some fine teams in the preseason, I wanted the team to get the idea of what we were up against in regard to the competition outside the SCCAL. It was more than that, I wanted for them socially as well as athletically. I wanted them to rub elbows with people from different areas. It’s good for them socially as well as athletically. There is more to athletics than wins and losses.”
Besides Chargoll, DeRenne, Dadigan and Plageman, Dempewolfe singled out juniors Andrew Harvey, Jason Mosher, Chico Ruiz, Michael Kimura and sophomores Raul Oliva and Vince Parrish as contributing greatly to the success of the program. “Nobody in the league has a stronger bench than we do and many times this year the bench sparked the team. That’s important to me. We have a frosh-soph program at SC and they deserve a lot of the credit. Coach Lee Geary led his team to the league championship by beating perennial league champs Aptos 1-0. They will form the nucleus of this program’s future.”

Sentinel Feb. 18. Cards Post CCS Soccer Victory, The Cards began the CCS playoffs with an impressive 2-1 win over Gonzales. Santa Cruz held Gonzales scoreless until 36 seconds remaining when Gonzales scored on a penalty kick. SC controlled the tempo and the ball for most of the afternoon. “We were bounding out there. We were good in the air, It’s a shame we didn’t score more in the first half as we took it to them. SC took 12 shots on goal and had six corner kicks and Gonzales took only four on goal shots. Nick Dadigan converted one of the shots after taking a pass from Vince Parish. Two other possible scores, which would have made the match a runaway: Right wing Jason Mosher on a pass from Dadigan, just missed about three feet wide to the right. Winger Parish had a shot miss, when the goalie tipped his shot away. Andrew Harvey and Chico Ruiz played their best games of the year anchoring the defense that seldom made goalie Fred Plageman work up a sweat. He turned away every shot, all six of them, except for the penalty shot. Sergio Sierra played well in the midfield, missed his first penalty kick of the year. After the miss, it took 45 seconds, when Dadigan celebrated his eighteenth birthday, by taking the ball down the left side and out maneuvered two Gonzales defenders before shooting the ball into the left corner of the goal as he was falling down. Dadigan’s second goal came with less the 10 minutes left. The victory avenged last year’s setback to Gonzales in the first round of CCS.

Feb. 31. Cardinals Just ‘Minutes Away’ From CCS Win. Soccer is a game of steals and takeaways. Unfortunately for SC, minutes can’t be taken away from a match after it has been completed. In the second round of CCS, Santa Cruz lost to Westmont 3-0. After holding Westmont scoreless for 10 minutes, the admittedly “nervous” Cards saw Westmont explode for three goals in less than 10 minutes and then were able to hold Santa Cruz scoreless. “Take away eight to ten minutes at the beginning of the game and its even,” said Coach Don Dempewolfe referring to all the time it took West Valley Athletic League Champion Warriors to bounce to its 3-0 edge. At this point, the Cards could have let down. Instead, they picked up the tempo and began to play with the aggression to match their physical counterparts and held Westmont scoreless the remainder of game. “I’m proud of the team and not a bit unhappy. They had some quick people.” The Cardinals seem to be a team with a future, losing only three players to graduation. As if they would like to start all over again, the Cards stayed to watch part of the following contest, beginning to wait for next year.
The first score came on a 40 yard penalty kick, which was lost in the sun by stellar goalie Fred Plageman and it slipped through his hands and rolled toward the net, where a Westmont player kicked the loose ball into the open net for the first score. Just a minute and a half passed before the Warriors, seeded fifth in the playoffs and received a first round bye, took advantage of a defensive mistake and scored again. Five minutes later, Westmont’s best player dribbled through two defenders to score.

The Cards were outscored by their practice opponents 4 to 16, outscored their league opponents 33 to 9, were outscored in the CCS playoffs 2 to 4 and for the whole season they outscored their opponents 39 to 29.

Stats for players:
Single game high score by a player — Nick Dadigan 3
Pre-season total scoring — Nick Dadigan 3
League season total scoring — Nick Dadigan 16
Post season total scoring — Dadigan 2
Overall season scoring — Dadigan 21

Stats for the team:
Highest game score — Marello 7-0
Shut outs — six
Consecutive wins — seven
Consecutive losses — three

Individual scoring for the season
Nick Dadigan 3 16 21 Nick scored the Cards only two goals in CCS
Sergio Sierra 1 5 6
George Abraham 0 3 3
Raul Oliva 0 3 3
Carlo Chagolla 0 1 1
Rafael Ganados 0 1 1
Vince Parish 0 1 1
Lock McVicor 0 1 1
Total 4 31 37

Other team members were Jason Mosher. Sander Williams, Larry Espinosa, Samuel Diaz, Phil Edholm, Mike Kimura, Mike Harvey and Andrew Harvey.

In his eighth year as soccer coach Don Dempewolf’s teams have won two league championships and has a record of 81 wins, 66 losses and 11 ties.

ALL SCCAL selections were Nick Dadigan as offensive player of the year for the second year..
First team ALL SCCAL were Sergio Sierra, Greg DeRenne, Carlos Chagolla and Goalie Fred Plageman. Honorable mention were Rafael Granados, Andrew Harvey, ChiCho Ruiz, Raul Olivia and Vince Parish.

All County selections were Dadigan, Plageman, Sierra, DeRenne and Chagolla.

JV SOCCER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Practice games: Seaside 2-0, Menlo 2-2, RLS 2-2 and Alisal 1-2. Practice record 1-1-2. League: North Monterey 0-2, 1-0; Harbor 3-0, 2-3; Soquel 2-1, 6-1; SLV 5-0, 3-0 and Aptos 1-1, 1-0. For a league record of 8-1-1 giving them the best win-loss percentage of any SC soccer team in its history. Season record 9-2-3.

The Cards outscored their practice opponents 7 to 6, outscored their league opponents 28 to 8, for the whole season they outscored their opponents 35 to 14.

Coach Dempewolf, “this frosh soph team had the most successful season in the history of soccer at SCHS. They had great offensive punch led by Jose Sierra and Bob Adams with strong support from Carlos Eusse. This years team scored a total of 35 goals and gave up only 14, thanks to the solid goal keeping by Cidi Ruiz and great defensive play by Ethan Alpert, Jim Courtright, Art Danner, Darren Hunter and many others. The season won-loss percentage was an outstanding .818. By far the best ever. Thanks go to Lee Geary for an outstanding job as the F-S coach. His leadership was invaluable to the team and to the entire soccer program at SC. Many of his young players will move up to varsity competition next season with good sound fundamentals. I am sure they will continue their winning ways at the varsity level and help us defend our SCCAL championship next season.

They out scored their practice opponents 7 to 6 and their league opponents 28 to 8 for a season difference of 35 to 14.

Stats for players:
Single game high score by a player — Jose Sierra 3
Pre-season total scoring — Jose Sierra, Bob Adams and Jim Courtright 2 each
League season total scoring — Jose Sierra 11
Overall season scoring — Jose Sierra 13

Stats for the team:
Highest game — Soquel 6-1
Shut Outs — 6
Consecutive wins — 4
Consecutive losses — 1

Individual scoring for the season
Jose Sierra 2 11 13
Bob Adams 2 7 9
Carlos Eusse 1 5 6
Jose Gallardo 0 3 3
Jim Courtright 2 0 2
Darren Hunter 0 1 1
Brian Wipke 0 1 1
Total 7 28 35

Other team members were Karl Jacobson, Steve Funk, Brian Dietseh, Richie Zavala, Art Danner, Randy Espinosa, Noel Howe, Matt Williams, Ethan Alpert, Jared Williams and Cidi Ruiz. Coach is Lee Geary.

BASEBALL Practice games: Watsonville 13-0, 5-8; Morro Bay 13-1, 9-4, 11-4; Hollister 5-2, Alisal 2-0, North Salinas 0-5. Practice record 6-2. League: SLV 6-0, 7-1, 20-3; Marello 14-3, 4-3, 15-1; Aptos 5-6, 14-2, 3-4; Soquel 5-2, 3-4, 2-9; Harbor 6-0, 11-2, 4-1; North Monterey 3-2, 6-1, 13-9. League record 14-4 for third place. Season record 20-6 before CCS play offs.
League standings: Aptos 16-2, Soquel 15-3, SC 14-4, Harbor 8-10, SLV 7-11, North Monterey 2-16 and Marello 0-18. CCS playoffs: Robert Louis Stevenson 1-0, extra innings. Peterson of Santa Clara loss. Overall record 21-7.

Returning senior starters are John Wilson, Clyde Brown and reserve Mark Ripley. Junior starters are Steve Glass, Glen Hill, Gino Panelli and Dave D’Esposito. New varsity players are juniors Ricky Munoz, Randy Criswell and Mitch Wright. Sophomore Medo Mendez. Freshman Kevin Grindy. Bob Adams and Shawn Savadkohi did spot time with the varsity when needed from the JV’s.

Feb. 28 Sentinel pre-season write up. SC may be young, but they’re certainly not inexperienced. Although only three seniors are back, six players are returning starters from last years league runner up team. “We have more power this year, better defense and good pitching. We are a more rounded team this year.” One area the Cardinals expect to be strong this year is pitching. Of the 13 players on the roster, six should see some action on the mound. “We have more capable pitchers than we have ever had. Everybody is going to pitch some during the preseason. We won’t be afraid at this point to put any of them into the game.” Leading the talented Card mound staff is two time All SCCAL selection John Wilson, who plays first base when not pitching. Also returning is right hander Gino Panelli, who threw well as a reliever last year. In addition sophomore Medo Mendez and junior Dave D’Esposito are up from the JV team and should see action. “Overall we have pretty good team speed and intelligent players. As a coach staff, we’re really happy with our team. The attitude has been good and the workouts have been excellent.

Cards Blank Cats 13-0 in their season opener at Watsonville. The Cards scored a pair of runs in the first inning, when Mendez walked and stole second. Hill the clubbed a two run homer over the left field fence. The other big blow of the game came on a three run triple by DH Mark Ripley. Steve Glass tripled, stole a base and went 3 for 3. Others with RBI‘s were Wilson 2, and one each for Mendez, Panelli, Grindy, D‘Espositio and Domhoff. Comment, “It certainly helped our confidence. We think we have some good hitters. The Cat coach wanted to know how many games we have played.” Only one batter did not get a hit. Panelli started and went four innings giving up two hits, walked two and struck out four for the win. Sophomore Medo Mendez had a good first outing going two innings giving up one hit, walked two and struck out one as darkness cut the game to six innings. Cards had no errors. Lineup: Brown 3B, 5-1; Mendez LF, 3-2; Hill CF, 4-1; Glass SS, 3-3; Panelli P, 3-2; D’Esposito RF, 3-1; Domhoff C, 3-0; Ripley DH, 3-1; Wilson 1B, 3-2; Criswell 2B, 3-2 and Grindy LF, 1-1.

In their second game of the season the Cards collected 14 hits again and defeated Morro Bay 13-1. Medo Mendez pitched a complete game three hitter, giving up one run, walked four and struck out 12. In addition to his pitching Mendez went 4 four 5 at the plate, drove in a run, scored two runs and stole a base. Ripley again drove in three runs, but this time it was in the first inning. Brown, Mendez, D’Esposito and Wilson each drove in a run. Lead off man Clyde Brown went 2 for 4 and scored three runs. Cards had one error. Lineup: Brown 3B/SS, 4-2; Mendez P, 5-4; Glass SS, 3-1; Panelli 2B, 3-1; Ripley LF, 4-1; D’Esposito RF, 4-1; Domhoff C, 3-1;Wilson 1B, 3-1; Grindy CF/2B, 4-1, Criswell 3B, 0-0, Hill CF, 0-0 and Munoz C, 1-1.

The Cards won the first game of a double hitter against Morro Bay 9-4. John Wilson started an went four innings, gave up two hits, allowed two earned runs, walked one and struck out six for the win. Panelli went three giving up two hits, no earned runs, walked three and struck out five for the save. Glass and Ripley both drove in two runs. Those with one RBI were Hill, Pinelli and Wilson. Cards had three errors. Lineup: Brown 3B, 5-1; Mendez 1B/LF, 4-1; Hill RF/P, 5-2; Glass SS, 5-3; Ripley LF, 3-1; D’Esposito DH, 4-1; Domhoff C, 3-1;Wilson P/1B, 4-1; Grindy CF, 2-0; Criswell 2B, 0-0; Pinelli P, 1-0 and Munoz PH, 1-1.

In the second game of the double header the Cards won again 11-4 behind the pitching of Dave D’Esposito and Glen Hill. D’Esposito went four innings giving up four hits, four earned runs and walked four. Hill went three innings giving up two hits, no runs, walked three and struck out four. Brown and Panelli had two RBI’s followed by Ripley, D’Esposito and Munoz each with one. The Cards had two errors. Lineup: Brown SS, 4-2; Mendez CF, 4-2; Hill LF, 5-2; Panelli 2B, 5-3; Ripley DH, 3-0; Wilson 1B, 3-2; D’Esposito P, 3-1; Grindy RF, 2-1, Criswell 3B, 0-0, Munoz C, 3-0 and Glass SS, 0-0.

Led by the pitching of lefthander John Wilson and a three run sixth inning rally unbeaten SC posted its four victory with a 5-2 win over Hollister. Wilson hurled seven innings, allowing four hits, walked three and struck out six, while throwing just 88 pitches. Comment, “ It was his best game in two years. He knows what he’s doing and is in control of what he is doing.
Panelli had a double. One RBI’s each for Mendez, Wilson, Panelli and D’Esposito. Seven batters had hits. Cards had three errors. Lineup: Mendez 1B, 3-1; Wilson P, 3-1; Glass SS, 3-1; Panelli 2B, 3-1; Ripley DH, 3-1; Domhoff C, 2-0; Brown 3B, 2-0; Grindy CF, 2-1 and Munzo LF, 0-0.

D’Esposito, Mendez Spark SC Cardinals to 2-0 victory over Alisal. D’Esposito started on the mound and went five innings giving up two hits, walked one and struck out three for the win. Mendez earned the save going the last two innings giving up one hit, two walks and struck out one. Sophomore Mendez also score both of the Card runs and had two hits. Glass and Domhoff drove in the runs. The Cards had three errors. Lineup: Mendez CF/P, 3-2; Wilson 1B, 2-1; Glass SS, 2-0; Domhoff C, 3-0; Ripley LF, 3-0; D’Esposito P, 1-0; Brown 3B, 0-0; Grindy RF/CF, 3-1; Criswell 2B, 2-0; Adams C, 0-0; McCoy PH 1-0 and Munzo RF, 0-0.

Santa Cruz Pounds Marello Prep 15-3 in the first league game as four SC pitchers combine to strike out 14 Prep batters on a cold, rainy day at Santa Cruz High Upper Diamond. (The Cards played other games at the high school instead of Harvey West as it is one of the few fields playable.. The game was played in a constant drizzle. Neither team has been on a field for over a week, because of the rainy conditions.) “It was like preseason,” said Card starter John Wilson. “It was easier, because we knew we would not face many people, so we threw hard for two innings. If we stick together and stay healthy, we should do well.” Wilson started and went two innings followed by D’Esposito and Mendez for two and Pinelli finished the last inning. Marello was limited to four hits and struck out 13 times. Both Mendez and D’Esposito had two doubles. Wilson and D’Espositio both had three RBI‘s. Glass, Ripley, Brown and Criswell each had an RBI.. The Cards had five errors. Lineup: Mendez 1B/P, 5-3; Wilson P/1B, 2-2; Glass SS, 5-2; Domhoff C, 2-1; Ripley RF, 3-3; D’Esposito LF/P, 3-3; Brown 3B/SS, 4-1; Grindy RF/CF, 3-1; Criswell 2B, 2-0; Adams C, 0-0; Savadkohi LF, 1-0, Wright 3B, 0-0 and Munzo RF, 0-0.

SC Blanks SLV 6-0 in a make up game behind Gino Panelli’s two hit shutout. Panelli pitched a complete game allowing two hits, walking two and striking out 13. The Cards scored four runs in the second inning. Panelli led off with a walk was singled to third by Domhoff and on a double steal scored. Domhoff stole third and was driven in by D’Esposito, who then stole second and was driven in by Ripley. Brown sacrifice him to second where he was driven in by Mendez. The Cards had two errors. RBI’s Ripley 2, Mendez, Domhoff and D’Esposito one each. Lineup: Mendez CF, 3-1; Wilson 1B, 3-1; Glass SS, 4-0; Panelli P, 3-1; Domhoff C, 3-3; D’Esposito LF, 2-1; Ripley DH, 3-2; Brown 3B, 2-0; Grindy RF, 3-0; Savadkohi PR, 0-0, and Munzo PH, 1-0.

Aptos Saved By Seventh Inning Relief Against Cards‘ Comeback Efforts. As the cliché goes, “No team deserved to lose.” Neither team were having anything to do with giving up in their tightly played game. But on the scoreboard the Mariners proved victorious 6-5 Tuesday night at Harvey West. Aptos scored an unearned run in the first inning and added another unearned run in the fifth to go ahead 2-0. In the top of the sixth the Cards came back scoring three runs. Wilson led off with a single and scored on Glass’ triple. Panelli drove in Glass with a double. Domhoff singled in Glass with no outs, but the Cards could not capitalize. In the Aptos half of the inning, Wilson set the side down in order by picking off a runner at first. In the seventh inning Brown reached base on an error and took second on a pass ball. Grindy singled him home and stole second. He eventually score on two infield outs, putting the Cards ahead 5-2. Aptos came back to score four runs on one hit, three errors, one hit batsman and a walk. Wilson pitched well enough to win, but took the loss instead. He started and went six and one third innings allowing one earned run, gave up four hits, walked six and struck out nine. Panelli got the last two outs allowing no runs or hits, walked one and struck out one. One RBI each for Wilson, Glass, Panelli, Domhoff and Grindy. Panelli doubled. The Cards had five errors. Lineup: Mendez 1B, 4-0; Wilson P, 4-3; Glass SS, 4-1; Panelli 2B/P, 3-1; Domhoff C, 3-2; D’Esposito RF, 2-0; Ripley LF, 3-0; Brown 3B, 2-0 and Grindy CF, 2-1.

Cards lose to North Salinas 1-5 even though Card hurlers gave up only one earned run.
Mendez started and went four innings giving up three hits, one earned run, walked three, struck out four and took the loss even though he pitched well. D’Esposito went two innings allowed one hit, no earned runs and struck out two. Domhoff drove in the one run, stole two bases and was on base every time up. The Cards had six errors. Lineup: Mendez P, 4-0; Wilson 1B, 2-0; Glass SS, 2-1; Panelli 2B, 1-0; Domhoff DH, 1-1; Ripley LF, 2-0; Brown RF, 3-0; Grindy 3B, 3-1; Munoz C, 3-0; Criswell 2B, 1-1; Adams CF, 0-0 and D’Esposito P, 2-1.

Wet, Windy Conditions Fail To Slow Cardinals 5-2 winners over Soquel. The game was played at Santa Cruz’s Upper diamond and was the only local game played. Wilson started and went five innings allowing no earned runs, four hits and two walks for the win. Panelli went two innings, allowed one earned run, one hit, three walks and struck out two for a save. SC scored two runs in each of the first and third innings and one in the second inning. Lead off hitter Mendez started the game off with a single, but was forced at second by Wilson. Domhoff doubled Wilson to third. Wilson scored on a ground out by Glass. Panelli drove in Domhoff. In the second, D’Esposito tripled and scored on a Brown ground out. Mendez led off the third inning with a single and was sacrificed to second by Wilson. Domhoff was safe on an error with Mendez going to third. Domhoff stole second. Glass walked to load the bases. Mendez scored on a sacrifice fly by Panelli and Domhoff went to third. Domhoff and Glass pulled off a successful double steal to score the fifth and final run. RBI’s were Panelli 2, Glass and Brown one each. Triple by D’Esposito. Double by Domhoff. Each team had only one error. Lineup: Mendez 1B/CF, 3-2; Wilson P/1B, 2-0; Domhoff C, 3-1; Glass SS, 2-0; Pinelli 2B/P, 2-1; Ripley DH, 3-0; D’Esposito RF, 2-1; Brown LF, 2-0; Grindy 3B, 2-0; Criswell 2B, 0-0 and Adams CF, 0-0.

Panelli’s Hurling Leads Santa Cruz Shutout 6-0 over Harbor. Junior pitcher Gino Panelli in a complete game win struck out 13 batters, walked three and scattered four base hits in a game played at SC Upper Diamond in the wind and cold. No other teams played. Panelli has now struck out 29 and walked only six in 16 innings and not allowed an earned run in league play. SC received timely hitting from the heart of its batting order, led by Panelli and Glass with two hits each. Wilson, Glass and D’Esposito each drove in two runs. Wilson drove in his runs with a double. The Cards had a clean game with no errors. Lineup: Mendez CF, 2-1; Wilson 1B, 2-1; Domhoff C, 4-1; Pinelli P, 4-2; Glass SS, 2-2; D’Esposito RF, 2-1; Ripley DH, 2-0; Brown LF, 3-0; Grindy 3B, 2-1 and Criswell 2B, 0-0.

During Spring break Watsonville downs Cards 8-5. Wilson started and went one and one third innings giving up two hits, four earned runs, walking five and striking out two for the loss. Panelli relieved for two and two third innings giving up four hits, one earned run, one walk and struck out four. Mendez pitched two innings gave up two hits and gave up no runs or walks. Mendez picked two runners off first base. Mendez and Grindy had doubles. Domhoff had a triple. RBI’s were Domhoff two and one each for Pinelli, Glass and Ripley. The Cards had one error. Lineup: Mendez 1B/P, 3-2; Wilson P/1B, 1-0; Domhoff DH, 4-1; Glass SS, 4-1; D’Esposito RF, 4-2; Grindy 3B, 4-1; Ripley LF, 4-1; Brown CF, 2-0; Criswell 2B, 2-1; Munoz C, 0-0; Panelli P, 2-0 and Adams CF, 1-0.

The Cards 2-0 lead against North Monterey, a new school in Castroville now in the SCCAL, evaporated into a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the sixth inning. In the top of the seventh with one out Mendez was safe on an error and went to third on two consecutive wild pitches. Wilson put down a squeeze bunt and Mendez scored on a bad throw to score the winning run in the 3-2 win. Panelli went six innings striking out 13, allowed one earned run, three hits and walked six for the win. Mendez pitched the seventh giving up one hit, walked one and struck out one for the save. Wilson and D’Esposito drove in runs. The Cards only had one error.
Lineup: Mendez CF/P, 4-0; Wilson 1B, 2-1; Domhoff C, 4-0; Glass SS, 2-1; D’Esposito RF, 2-1; Pinelli 2B, 1-1; Grindy 3B, 2-0; Ripley LF, 2-0; Brown DH, 2-0; Criswell 2B, 2-0 and Adams CF, 1-0.

Cards beat SLV 7-1. Wilson started and pitched six innings allowing no earned runs, one hit, walked two and struck out six for the win. Mendez pitched the last inning as he did in the last game allowing no runs, one hit, one walk and struck out one for the save. “Wilson’s a tough pitcher,” admitted SLV coach Bob Beach. “He was throwing strikes, moving the ball around and we were having a tough time. He changes speeds well, has good location and that kept our guys off balance all night long.” With this game Wilson’s league ERA is down to a microscopic 0.36. The senior was no slouch at the plate, either collecting a pair of hits to run his SCCAL batting average to .500, while knocking in his eighth and ninth runs. “I was more in the groove tonight,” said Wilson. “I worked on my windup all week and it showed. I like pitching in this ballpark too and it makes a difference. It’s our home field and the team as a whole plays better here. We have a lot more confidence.” The win left the Cards at 12-3 for the season. The game marked the return to action of center fielder Glen Hill, who missed the majority of the season while recovering from hernia surgery. RBI’s were Wilson 2, Mendez, Domhoff and Grindy one each. Cards had one error. Lineup: Mendez 1B/P, 4-2; Wilson P/1B, 4-2; Domhoff C, 4-1; Glass SS, 3-0; Pinelli P, 3-0; D’Esposito LF, 3-1; Grindy 3B, 2-1; Ripley RF/LF, 1-0; Brown CF/RF, 2-0; Hill CF, 1-1; Criswell 2B, 0-0, Adams RF/CF, 1-0; Munoz C, 0-0 and Savadkohi CF, 0-0;

SC Barely slips past Marello 4-3. Marello scored in the first inning and Mendez tied the score in the third without the aid of a base hit. He walked, stole second and scored on a pair of wild pitches. “Lead off man, Medo Mendez has been our best base runner this season.” He sparked the three run sixth inning with the Cards down 1-3 leading off with a double. An infield error put runners on first and second. Hill sacrificed and got a bunt single loading the bases. Glass singled in two runs and Panelli drove in the third run on an infield out. Mendez started and pitched four innings giving up three hits, two earned runs, walked four and struck out five. D’Esposito pitched the last three innings giving up two hits, no earned runs or walks and struck out five for the win. The Cards had two errors. Lineup: Mendez P/RF, 3-2; Wilson 1B, 3-0; Hill CF, 4-2; Glass SS, 4-2; Pinelli 2B, 2-1; Grindy 3B, 3-1; Ripley LF, 2-0; Brown DH, 1-0; Munzo C, 2-0; D’Esposito P, 2-0; Criswell PH, 1-0, Adams LF, 1-0; Hill CF, 1-1; Munoz C, 0-0 and Savodkdhi RF, 0-0;

Cards Turn Into Early Birds, Aptos Becomes Worm. SC hitters feast, which produced a 14-2 victory, solidifying the Cards in first place with a 8-1 league record. “We need a game like this to get it going, When you have a lead, everything comes your way,“ explained Steve Glass who had a big day at the plate going 3 for 4, including a double and three RBI’s. Dave D’Esposito went 2 for 4 with a home run and two RBI’s. John Wilson went 2 for 3 with a home run (his first in his high school career) and two RBI’s. Wilson a senior, in his third year of playing in the Aptos-Santa Cruz rivalry series, which is always hotly contested and usually has a bearing on the eventual SCCAL champion. He admits there is more excitement generated in these clashes than in most other games. “Sure I get excited, but I’ve had my troubles with them in the past,” Wilson said. “We have lost tight games here in the past two years.”
Before the Mariners took the field for the start of the critical SCCAL game, Card lead off batter Medo Mendez was already digging his left foot in to the batters box in preparation for his turn at bat. Apparently Mendez was not the only Card who was anxious to hit as they produced 14 hits to go along with their 14 runs. D’Esposito and Wilson had home runs. Hill, and Glass had doubles and Panelli had two. RBI’s were Glass three, Wilson, Hill and D’Esposito had two, Domhoff and Panelli each had one. Panelli started and went four innings giving up two hits, no runs, walked five and struck out six for the win. Wilson finished the last three allowing two earned runs, five hits, walked two and struck out one for a save. The Cards had two errors. Lineup: Mendez RF/1B, 3-2; Wilson 1B/P, 3-1; Hill CF, 4-1; Glass SS, 4-3; Domhoff C, 4-1; Pinelli P/2B, 5-2; D’Esposito LF, 4-2; Grindy 3B, 3-0; Brown DH/RF, 4-1; Munzo C, 0-0; Criswell 2B, 0-0 and Savadkohi, CF, 0-0;

Soquel Upsets Santa Cruz 4-3, Now In First. Two pivotal double plays preserved the Knights win. One was with the bases loaded and only one out. The other came in the last inning with one out, runners on first and second and the heart of the Card order due at the plate. The Cards jumped out with a home run to straight away center by Hill in the first inning on an 0-2 count. Wilson pitched a complete game giving up five hits, three earned runs, walked three and struck out four for the (undeserved loss). RBI’s were Panelli two and Hill one and he also had a stolen base to go with his HR. The Cards had three errors. Lineup: Mendez 1B, 4-1; Wilson P, 4-1; Hill CF, 3-2; Glass SS, 2-1; Pinelli P/2B, 5-2; Domhoff C, 3-0; D’Esposito LF, 3-1; Grindy 3B, 2-0 and Brown RF, 3-0.

Cards had fire power getting 19 hits to take Harbor 11-2. Big innings for the Cards were the third when they scored three runs and the sixth when they collected five runs. They scored in five of the seven innings. Panelli started and went five innings giving up five hits, two earned runs, one walk and struck out seven for the win. Mendez pitched two innings giving up no runs, hits or walks while striking out four. The Cards played and errorless game. RBI’s were three for Mendez and Glass; two for Hill and Panelli; one for Wilson. Doubles: Mendez two and Panelli one. Hill had a triple and two stolen bases. Mendez and Brown one triple. Top hitters were Brown 4-4, Mendez 4-5, Grindy 3-4 and Hill 3-5. Cards had no errors. Lineup: Mendez DH/P, 5-4; Wilson 1B, 3-1; Hill CF, 5-3; Glass SS, 5-1; Pinelli P, 3-2; Domhoff C, 4-1; D’Esposito LF, 3-0; Grindy 3B, 4-3; Brown RF, 4-4; Criswell 2B, 0-0; Ripley RF, 1-0; Munoz C, 0-0; Savadkohi LF, 0-0.

Cards Top North Monterey 6-1. Wilson tosses a complete game three hitter striking out nine to push the Cards back into a first place tie with Aptos. “His fast ball was really moving,” said catcher Bill Domhoff about Wilson, who had one of his most successful outings of the season. RBI’s were D’Esposito two, Wilson, Hill and Domhoff one each. Hill had a home run and Wilson a double. The Cards had two errors. Lineup: Mendez 1B, 3-0; Wilson P, 2-1; Hill CF, 4-1; Glass SS, 3-2; Pinelli 2B, 3-0; Domhoff C, 3-1; D’Esposito LF, 2-1; Grindy 3B, 1-0 and Brown RF, 2-2.

SLV Loses Game and Top Player in five inning game 20-3. Since the score was 14-2 at the end of the third inning both teams started substituting. When one of the SLV players was injured and unable to continue playing in the sixth inning, the game could not continue as a team must be able to put nine players on the field and SLV could not. Hill doubled in a run in the first inning and drove in three runs with a home run for a total of five RBI‘s. “All in all it was a good outing for the team. We hit the ball hard,” said centerfield Hill who has just gotten back into action. “I’m still not totally comfortable out there, because I can’t run full out yet. When I concentrate at the plate I hit the ball good.” Panelli started and went three innings giving up four hits, two runs, four walks and struck out two for the win. Mendez went two innings giving up three hits, one run, one walk and struck out two. RBI’s: five for Hill and Panelli; D’Esposito four; Glass, Grindy and Ripley two; Munoz one. Hill and Panelli home runs. Glass and Wilson doubles. Lineup: Mendez DH/P, 5-1; Wilson 1B, 3-1; Hill CF, 3-3; Glass SS, 6-3; Pinelli P/2B, 5-3; Domhoff C, 3-1; D’Esposito LF, 5-2; Grindy 3B, 2-1; Brown RF/3B, 3-1; Criswell 2B, 0-0; Savadkohi RF, 0-0 with two walks and two runs; Munoz C, 0-0 with two walks and Ripley RF, 2-2.

Cards score seven times in the third to put the game against Marello away early, pounding out 16 hits to win 15-1. Panelli was perfect at the plate going 3 or 3 with two RBI’s. He wasn’t the only Card to break out the heavy artillery. Wilson was 4 for 5 with a double and two RBI’s. Hill was 2 for 4, but hit the ball to the wall at Harvey West three of his four times at bat. Mendez started and pitched four innings giving up no runs, two hits, walked three and struck out four for the win. “He was getting better as he went along, but it was prearranged to split the pitching for this game. D’Esposito threw the last three innings giving up no earned runs, two hits, walked none and struck out six. SC and Aptos are tied for first place with 12-2 records will play a Wednesday night game at Harvey West in a big game. Lineup: Mendez P, 3-1; Wilson 1B, 5-4; Hill CF, 4-2; Glass SS, 4-0; Pinelli 2B, 3-3; Domhoff C, 3-1; D’Esposito LF/P, 2-1; Grindy 3B, 3-0; Brown RF, 3-2; Criswell 3B, 1-1 Savadkohi RF, 0-0; Wright 2B, 1-0; Adams CF, 1-0; Munoz C, 1-1 and Ripley LF, 1-0.

Mariners Strike Late (Again). To Keep First Place (Alone). The Cardinals had a 3-0 lead going into the last inning. Somehow, somewhere between the bottom of the sixth inning and the bottom of the seventh, Aptos magically turned a pleasant SC vision into a startling déjà vu.
As was the case the first time Aptos faced SC at Harvey West, the Mariners produced the winning runs in the last inning. This time it was four unearned runs, scored after two were out in the top of the seventh, that brought Aptos a 4-3 victory and a one game lead in the league race. Adding more salt to the wound, Card pitcher John Wilson struck out the Mariners designated hitter on a knuckle ball that behaved or misbehaved, so radically it slipped past the catcher allowing the tying run to score. The game would have been over with the Cards winners 3-2. SC gained the lead in the fourth inning, when Hill singled, stole second and was sacrificed to third by Panelli. Glass walked and stole second. Domhoff in attempting squeeze bunt was called for stepping out of the batters box. With two outs D’Esposito was intentionally walked to load the bases. Senior Clyde Brown on a 2-2 count single to drive in Hill and Glass. In the sixth with two outs Brown bunted for a base hit and went to second on Grindy’s single. Mendez singled in Brown for the 3-0 lead. The first six innings gave no indication as to what would happen in the seventh. SC pitchers Gino Panelli and Wilson combined to strike out seven Mariners and limit their hard hitting lineup to two hits. With one out and a base hit in the sixth, Wilson replaced Panelli and walked the first batter, but then struck out the third and fourth hitters in the Aptos lineup. The seventh started with a walk followed by a strike out. An infield error put the second runner on base. The next batter struck out. On a full count the batter walked to load the bases. On a two strike no balls count, the next pitch went to the backstop scoring a run and putting runners on first and second. A single scored the fourth run. A come backer to the mound finally got the last out. (The King brothers had the two hits that drove in the runs.) Panelli started the game and went five and one third innings giving up no earned runs, three hits, walked three and struck out five. Wilson pitched one and two thirds innings giving up no earned runs, two hits, three walks, struck out five and took the loss (he did not deserve). The Cards out hit Aptos 7-4. Leading Card hitters were senior Clyde Brown, who went 2-2 with two RBI’s. Freshman Kevin Grindy when 2 for 3. RBI’s were Brown two and Mendez one. The Cards only two errors came in the last inning. Lineup: Mendez DH/1B, 4-1; Wilson 1B/P, 3-0; Hill CF, 3-1; Pinelli P/2B, 3-0; Glass SS, 2-1; Domhoff C, 4-0; D’Esposito LF, 2-1; Brown RF, 2-2; Grindy 3B, 3-2 and Criswell 2B, 0-0.

Soquel Clinches second place and a CCS playoff spot with a 9-2 victory over Santa Cruz. The Cards scored first in the third inning when Hill reached first on a force out and was doubled home by Glass. Card starter Gino Panelli faced the minimum of nine batters in the first three inning. In the fourth a walk, stolen base and a single tied the score. In the fifth Hill singled, stole second and was doubled home by Glass again. Two errors and a sacrifice fly allowed Soquel to score two runs and go ahead 3-2. Three hits, one of which was a catchable bloop double, two walks, an infield error and a dropped third strike ended with six runs scored.
Panelli went five and two third innings giving up four earned runs, six hits, walked three and struck out four for the loss. Wilson pitched one third of an inning giving up one hit, two walks, one earned run and struck out two. D’Esposito pitched one inning giving up one hit and getting three outs on fly balls. Glass had two doubles and two RBI‘s. Brown, Hill and Grindy had stolen bases. The Cards had six hits to Soquel’s eight. The Cards left nine runners stranded on base and had the bases loaded with no outs in the sixth when the score was 2-3, but could not score. Cards had four errors. Lineup: Hill CF, 4-1; Wilson 1B/P, 2-0; Glass SS, 3-2; Panelli P/2B, 4-0; Domhoff C, 3-0; D’Esposito LF/P, 2-0; Brown 2B/LF, 2-1; Grindy 3B, 3-2; Ripley DH, 2-0; Munoz C, 1-0; Wright PH, 0-0; Adams LF, 0-0 and Savadkski CF, 0-0.

Cards down Harbor 4-1. Junior Dave D’Esposito knocked in the eventual winning run with a triple in the third inning, then pitched four frames of one hit ball to earn the victory. The hitting star was Steve Glass with a 4 for 4 day including a double and an RBI. The Cards had a hit every inning for a total of ten, but couldn’t come up with the big hit when needed. The score was 2-1 going into the seventh. Two insurance runs were added, when John Wilson doubled and scored on Glass’ single. Glass went to third on a throwing error and scored on Panelli’s squeeze bunt. Wilson started and went three innings giving up four hits, one run, walked one and struck out two. D’Esposito went four innings giving up one hit, no runs, one walk and four strike outs for the win. He faced only two batters over the minimum in a fine performance. Wilson and Panelli had doubles. D’Esposito had a triple. RBI’s Glass, Panelli and D’Esposito one each. Cards had no errors. Lineup: Hill CF, 4-0; Wilson 1B/P, 4-2; Glass SS, 4-4; Panelli 2B, 2-0; D’Esposito LF/P, 4-2; Brown 2B/LF, 2-1; Grindy 3B, 2-0; Domhoff C, 3-1; Mendez 1B, 1-0; Ripley DH, 2-0; Munoz LF, 0-0 and Adams RF, 0-0.

Cards Out Slug North Monterey County 13-9. It was a case of bolting out to a huge lead, then trying to sail along to a victory, which did not happen. The Cards scored a run an inning for the first three innings, then added six in the fourth inning on six hits. At the end of the fourth the score was 9-2 the Cards. The Condors scored four in the fifth and the Cards scored two to make it 11-6. The last two innings saw both teams score. Dave D’Esposito started and went two innings giving up two hits, one earned run, no walks and struck out two. Medo Mendez went three, gave up three hits, no earned run, walked three and struck out four. John Wilson went two innings, giving up three hits, two earned runs, walked two and struck out two. Cards had four errors. Glass had seven consecutive hits over two games, until lining out in the seventh. Doubles: Glass and Hill. Triple: Hill. RBI’s: Glass 5, Mendez and Ripley two, Hill, D’Esposito, Wright and Domhoff one each. Stolen bases were Glass two and one each for Brown, Wilson, Hill, D’Esposito, Domhoff, Munoz and Ripley. Lineup: Brown RF/3B, 1-0 with four walks and three runs; Wilson 1B/P, 4-1 with three runs; Glass SS, 4-3; Hill CF, 4-2; D’Esposito P/ RF, 3-1; Grindy 3B, 2-0; Domhoff C, 3-2; Panelli 2B, 4-1; Ripley LF, 4-2; Munoz C, 0-0; Mendez P/1B, 3-1 and Wright RF, 2-0.

SCCAL statistics from the Sentinel
Cards top SCCAL in hitting top three teams listed.
School AB R H AVE
Santa Cruz 508 139 178 350
Aptos 499 160 161 323
Soquel 475 111 121 255

Cardinals listed by their place in the league hitting order and their average by the Sentinel staff. 2) Glass 450; 3) Hill 442; 7) D’Esposito 388; (9) Wilson 386; (12) Mendez 370; (16). Panelli 340; (18) Brown 333; (25) Ripley 308; (29) Domhoff 304.

From the Sentinel staff, Panelli with and ERA of 1.05 was second in the league in pitching and had a 6-1 won loss record. Wilson was fourth with an ERA of 1.50 and a won loss record of 4-3.

By team vote. Most valuable player, captain and best defensive player–Steve Glass. Best hitters– Glass and Glen Hill. Mr. Hustle– Mark Ripley. Most improved– Clyde Brown. Cardinal Club Sportsmanship– Kevin Grindy.

Best Birds in league
:Average– Glass .459; Hill .442; Wilson .400; Mendez .390 and D’Esposito 388
Home runs– Hill 3. Wilson, D’Esposito and Panelli one each.
Triples– Hill 3, D’Esposito 2. Glass and Mendez one each
Doubles– Glass 6, Wilson, Panelli and Mendez 5 each
RBI’s– Glass 23, D’Esposito 19, Panelli 17, Wilson 14
Walks–Wilson 13, Glass and Brown 9, D’Esposito 8
Stolen bases– Glass 9, Hill 8, Wilson and Domhoff 7 each
Least number of strike outs– Glass and Wilson 3 each; Brown, Grindy and Domhoff 4 each; D’Esposito and Panelli 5

LEAGUE hitting stats by at bats, runs, hits, average, two base hits, triples, runs batted in, sacrifices, walks and stolen bases.
Glass 61 14 28 459 6 1 23 1 9 9
Hill 43 20 19 442 2 3 13 2 6 8
Wilson 55 21 22 400 5 0 14 4 13 7
Mendez 59 17 23 390 5 1 10 2 5 3
D’Esposito 49 13 19 388 2 2 19 3 8 5
Panelli 52 9 19 365 5 0 17 3 6 0
Brown 40 15 14 350 0 0 4 2 9 6
Domhoff 56 12 17 304 2 0 8 0 1 7
Grindy 44 10 13 296 0 0 5 2 7 4
Ripley 30 3 6 200 0 0 8 1 3 4
Criswell 7 2 1 143 0 0 1 0 2 0
Munoz 7 1 1 143 1 0 1 0 6 2
Adams 4 0 0 000 0 0 1 0 0 0
Savodkshi 1 4 0 000 0 0 0 0 4 0
Wright 3 0 0 000 0 0 1 0 1 0
TOTALS 511 141 182 356 28 7 125 20 80 55

LEAGUE pitching stats from the Sentinel, by innings, runs, hits, earned runs per seven innings pitched, doubles, walks, strike outs, wins, losses and saves.
Panelli 47 30 1.05 4 0 1 32 69 6 1 1
D’Esposito 15 8 1.87 3 0 0 6 20 3 0 0
Wilson 43 35 1.50 4 1 0 25 45 4 3 0
Mendez 19 12 2.58 1 0 1 13 26 1 0 1
TOTALS 124 85 1.72 12 1 2 76 159 14 4 2

Best Birds for the season
Average– Glass .460; Mendez .402; Hill .400; Wilson .392 and Panelli .384
Home runs– Hill 4; Wilson, Panelli and D’Esposito one each
Triples– Hill 4, Glass and D’Esposito two each; Domhoff and Mendez one each
Doubles– Glass 8, Wilson 7; Mendez and Panelli 6 each.
RBI’s–Glass 29; Panelli and D’Esposito 23 each; Ripley 20, Wilson 19 and Hill, 16
Walks– Wilson 16, Brown 14, Glass 12 and D’Esposito 10
Stolen bases– Glass 14, Domhoff 11, Hill and Brown 9 each.
Least number of strike outs– Wilson and Domhorr 4 each. Mendez 5, Glass 6

COMPLETE SEASON Hitting stats by at bats, runs, hits, average, two base hits, triples, runs batted in, sacrifices, walks and stolen bases.
Glass 87 23 40 460 8 2 26 2 12 14
Mendez 92 30 37 402 6 1 13 3 8 7
Hill 60 24 24 400 2 4 16 2 7 9
Wilson 79 23 31 392 7 0 19 6 16 7
Panelli 73 14 28 384 6 0 23 3 8 1
D’Esposito 75 19 26 347 3 2 23 4 10 8
Brown 67 22 22 328 1 0 8 3 14 9
Grindy 68 12 20 294 0 0 7 2 8 5
Domhoff 79 16 21 266 2 1 13 1 4 11
Ripley 58 8 13 224 2 0 20 1 5 4
Criswell 17 4 3 177 0 0 1 0 5 0
Munoz 15 2 2 133 1 0 2 0 7 2
Adams 5 0 0 000 0 0 1 0 1 0
Savodkshi 1 4 0 000 0 0 0 0 4 0
Wright 3 0 0 000 0 0 1 0 1 0
TOTALS 779 201 267 343 38 10 173 27 110 77

SEASON Pitching stats by innings, runs, hits, earned runs per seven innings pitched, doubles, walks, strike outs, wins, losses and saves.
Panelli 56 11 38 1.38 6 1 1 38 82 7 1 2
Wilson 56 12 35 1.50 5 1 1 34 58 6 4 0
D’Esposito 26 6 15 1.62 6 0 0 11 25 5 0 0
Mendez 36 9 22 1.75 3 1 1 24 44 2 1 2
Hill 3 0 2 0.00 0 0 0 3 4 0 0 0
TOTALS 174 38 112 1.52 20 3 3 110 213 20 6 4

May 23. Write up for the Sentinel All County team. Five Cards were selected on the first team. Senior John Wilson hit a sizzling .386 and though he was only 4-3 as a pitcher, he has a fine ERA of 1.50 in 42.1 innings of work.
MVP runner up junior Steve Glass was the number two hitter in the league with a .450 batting average and was generally recognized as the best defensive short stop in the county. He scored 14 runs and collected 14 RBI’s and along with teammate Gino Panelli were the cornerstone of the Cardinals this year.
Gino Panelli junior pitcher/second baseman hit .340 and was 6-1 on the mound with a 1.05 ERA, struck out a league high 68 in 46.2 innings
Electrifying junior centerfielder Glen Hill, who missed nearly a third of the season coming off and operation hit .442.
Junior outfielder/pitcher Dave D’Esposito hit .388 and owned a 3-0 pitching record to go along with hies 0.93 ERA and was Santa Cruz’ most improved player this year.
Also on the Sentinel ALL COUNTY honorable mention list were Bill Domhoff, Medo Mendez, Clyde Brown and Mark Ripley.
Santa Cruz lead the team with five members followed by Aptos with four, Soquel two and Watsonville, SLV and Baymonte Christian one each.

On the twelve man ALL SCCA:L team were senior John Wilson, for the third straight year and juniors Steve Glass and Gino Panelli. Of seven players on the honorable mention list were Glen Hill and Dave D’Esposito.

Roster: Scott Thiebout, Bob Adams, Kevin Hodges, Keith Hodges, Rob Morris, Bill Burr, Greg Bainum, Pat McCoy, Jim Courtright, Casey Noland, Adam Darling, Ethan Alpert, Wade Wallace, Mark Shepard, Steve Springer, Darren Hunter, Shawn Savaokohi and Kenny Wheeler.
Coaches Rod Fleming, Steve Pacheco, Mike DiTano and Rich Castillo.

Practice games: Monterey 2-4, 5-5 in 8 innings; RLS 32-0, Gonzales 9-2, Hollister 18-2, Watsonville 21-10. Practice record: 4-1-1. League: SLV 2-1, 11-6; Soquel 10-5, 5-1; Harbor 17-2, 4-6; North Monterey 11-2, 4-2; Marello 15-1, 25-0; Aptos 7-0, 7-5. League record 11-1 for first place. CCS playoff: Mitty 0-4. Overall record 15-3-1.

Sentinel preseason write up Feb. 28. “This year seems to be solid. We have a lot of returning players. In fact, everyone is back except for one starter. We have all the experience,” said coach Vic Miguel. Four starters are on the basketball team and will be late in arrive to play. Some practice games will be played without them. “I think we’ll do better offensively this year. We’ll get the ball out of the infield. Hitting should be one of our strengths and defensively we should be sound,” Miguel said. He is expecting juniors Kim Bianconi and Tricia Shady to carry the offensive load. Anchoring the infield defense are four returning starters: seniors Ellen Newberry a fourth year starter at shortstop and second year starter Lisa Wright at second base. Junior starters from last year, Colleen Mulholland at first base/pitching and third baseman Kim Bianconi at third. “We were at our best at the end of last season, so hopefully we can carry that over to this year. The Cards start off the league season against last years league champion SLV. Other senior players: Barbara Babbage inf.; Lisa Brown OF starter returning; catcher/inf, Steph Giudici; Shannon Whitesell OF. Other Juniors: Sheri Glass, OF returning starter; Robin Neri, returning starting P; Kerry Kinney OF. Sophomore starting OF and power hitting sophomore Fon Brown.

Trident. Top returning starters are seniors Ellen Newberry and Lissa Wright. Juniors Colleen Mulholand, Kim Bianconi, Trish Shady, Shannon Whitesell, Sherri Glass and Stephanie Guidici. Sophomore Fon Brown. Junior lefty pitcher Robin Neri is back on the mound with more experience this year.
The girls easily took the league this year with a 11-1 record. Defeating SLV, while being no hit in 10 innings, was the most exciting game of the year.

Two Run HR Downs SC 4-2 in a loss to Monterey in a non-league opener. “It was the first game jitters,” said coach Vic Miguel, explaining the setback. “Also, there are four players still playing basketball in the CCS playoffs. This gave the coach a chance to see some of the reserves in game action. Actually there were only nine players on hand for the first game. Martha Pepito and Lissa Wright knocked in a run apiece for SC. Wright was also 2 for 3 at the plate.

Sentinel March 4. SC In Shutout. SC erupted for 18 runs in the first inning on their way to drubbing of RLS 32-0. SC went to the plate 22 times in the first inning and banged out eight hits, the big blow was a two run homer run by Colleen Mulholland. Kim Bianconi singled four times ad drove in four runs. Trish Shady and Mulholland each had two hits and also picked up four RBI’s apiece. Pitcher Robin Neri gave up only two hits, walked two and struck out four. SC is now 2-0.

March 5. Cards Ride Six Run Burst. Led by a six run sixth inning SC came away with a 9-2 victory over Gonzales. “I was more pleased with the defense than with the offense. Defensively, we held them pretty good,” said coach Miguel. SC was in front, 3-0 before exploding. Tricia Shady was 3 for 4 and Shannon Whitesell clubbed a two run triple in the third inning.

March 7. Santa Cruz Expects Tough Game, Doesn’t Get It. For a while Coach Vic Miguel thought his Cards were in for a ball game, but found out differently as SC blasted Hollister 18-2. “It started out to be a good game, we scored three runs in the first and they came back with two in the bottom of the inning. Hollister walked 15 Cards and committed six errors. Pitcher Robin Neri scattered three hits, walked five and struck out two with Steph Giudici at catcher, as the Cards raised their record to 3-1. Colleen Mulholland led the hitting attack with four singles and Sheri Glass added two more. Shannon Whitesell stroked a two run triple in the first inning to send SC off to the races. She had three RBI’s as did Glass and Ellen Newberry. Newberry walked three times with the bases loaded. SC had nine hits and two errors. Bianconi and Brown had RBI’s

March 10. After eight innings rained stopped the game against Monterey. Coach Vic Miguel said, “Darkness and rain set in and the umpire called it. It was a very good game and very close all the way. SC came from behind to tie the game in the seventh inning 5-5. Monterey scored two runs in the first inning and SC tied the score in the bottom of the third and then score another two in the fifth on two walks, a bunt single by Lisa Wright, a run scoring hit by Colleen Mulholland and a sacrifice bunt by Kim Bianconi to go ahead 4-3. But Monterey came back in the top of the sixth to go ahead 5-4. In the bottom seventh SC tied the score on two walks and an error to send the game into extra innings. Bianconi had a double and three RBI’s to help the Cards cause. Mulholland and Brown had RBI’s. Tricia Shady, Ellen Newberry and Wright all had two hits. Neri went the distance giving up five hits, while SC collected ten. SC also had only two errors to five by Monterey. SC is now 3-1-1.

March 14. Santa Cruz Stumbles, But Beats Watsonville 21-10. Walks, Errors Plague Game. Combined the two teams allowed 30 walks and committed 14 errors. SC was responsible for 14 of the walks and six errors. SC scored 14 runs in the first two innings. SC scored eight runs on one hit in the first inning. The only hit was a triple by Ellen Newberry. In the second inning SC score six runs on one hit a single by Kim Bianconi. Bianconi and catcher Steph Giudici each had two hits. The two teams had planned on playing two five inning games, but scrapped the idea due to the length of the game.

March 18. High Scoring Win For SC Girls, 36-5 over Hollister. SC scored 14 runs in the bottom of the first inning as 17 batters went to the plate. SC drew nine of the 21 walks they received in the game in the inning. Lisa Wright and Bianconi each contributed two run doubles. Mulholland started on the mound and went three innings and Kim Bianconi went the last three. “They are not the starting pitchers, so it was good to see relievers come in and do a good job,” Miguel said. The game was called after six innings due to darkness. Lisa Brown had a home run. RBI’s were Brown 8, Bianconi 6, Wright and Mulholland 4 apiece, Guidici, Glass and Kinney three apiece and Whitesell one.

March 24. Santa Cruz Walks Past No-Hitter. Tricia Shady drew a bases loaded walk, on a full count, in the bottom of the tenth inning, which carried SC to a 2-1 victory over defending league champion SLV in the SCCAL opener. SLV’s starting pitcher, who was the leagues MVP last year, threw a no-hitter, but was victimized by lack of control as she walked nine Cards, including three in the tenth inning. The coach Miguel’s comments, “It was as good a girls softball game as you will see.” The game would not have seen extra innings if it were not for some sneaky base-running by Ellen Newberry. Newberry walked with one out in the bottom of the sixth and moved to second on a walk to Lisa Wright. Kim Bianconi sacrificed the runners ahead with a bunt and then Newberry pulled a quick one on the SLV infield. Appearing as if she was picked off third, Newberry waited until the catcher threw the ball to third and then raced to the plate sliding in just ahead of the return throw to tie the score 1-1. SLV took an early lead in the top of the second on two singles and an infield out. Shannon Whitesell scored the winning run for SC, who have a 6-1-1 record. Robin Neri started and went the distance allowing five hits, striking out four and giving up three walks for the win.

April 14. SC 10, Soquel 5. Walks were a deciding factor in the game. Both teams had seven hits, but Soquel walked 18 and SC walked only one. The score was 4-4 going into the fourth inning. Then Soquel walked the first three batters in the inning and then Fon Brown cleared the bases with a three run double, paving the way to a five run inning for SC. Rainy weather and Easter vacation has cut back on practice and games. Robin Neri pitched a complete game for the win. She gave up seven hits and walked only one. She also knocked in two runs. Sheri Glass doubled, was 2 for 3 and a RBI. Bianconi had an RBI.

April 16. Cardinal Girls Take Advantage Of 13 Free Pass, Top Pirates. SC breezed by Harbor 17-2. SC took advantage of 13 walks. Four walks in the fourth inning contributed to five runs and seven walks in the fifth added eight more runs. Neri gave up two unearned runs, five hits, while walking three and striking out one. SC went ahead 3-1 in the first inning. With one out, Newberry walked and stole second, then scored on Lisa Wrights fly ball that was dropped. A bunt single by Bianconi moved Wright to third. Bianconi stole second and Wright scored on a wild pitch. Later Bianconi scored on an error. SC had eight hits and three errors. RBI’s: Brown 3, Wright and Mulholland 2 apiece. Giudici and Bianconi one apiece.

April 21. The SC-North Monterey game was the most competitive of the day and SC won 11-2. SC scored two runs in both the first and second innings, blew the game open with a five run fourth frame and then added two more in the fifth. SC is 4-0 in league and 9-1-1 overall. Neri pitched a complete game allowing six hits, five walks and struck out one. “She doesn’t blow the ball by anyone, but she’s able to keep control. The rest we do on defense. The defense is clicking and working well together,“ Miguel said. Trish Shady and Sheri Glass were both 2 for 3 at the plate. SC had eight hits and committed only one error. Bianconi and Brown each doubled. RBI’s were Bianconi 3, Newberry and Brown 2 each. Wright and Mulholland each one.

April 28. There’s No Stopping Red-Hot Santa Cruz. SC now is 6-0 in league after beating Marello 15-1. SC scored four runs in each of the first three innings. Robin Neri ran her league pitching record to 6-0 with a three hitter, seven strike outs and three walks. Newberry had three hits, with two extra base hits, a double and a home run and an RBI. Glass had two hits and two RBI’s. Other RBI’s were Bianconi and Mulholland two apiece. Brown and Shady one each. SC had nine hits and no errors.

April 25. Cards Down SLV, Keep League Lead. SC maintained first place in the SCCAL with a 11-6 win over SLV. SC banged out 10 hits. Seven of the hits came off the bats of Tricia Shady, Colleen Mulholland and Sheri Glass. Shady went 2 for 3, scored three runs and stole four bases. Mulholland was 3 for4, with a pair of doubles and three RBI’s. Glass was 2 for 4 with a RBI. SLV picked up three quick runs in the first inning to jump ahead 3-2 on three walks, a sacrifice fly and two singles. Neri had trouble getting the ball over the plate in the first two innings, walking four and hitting one batter. She settled down the next five innings to allow SLV only four hits in those innings. She gave up six hits for the game, while walking eight and striking out two. SLV was flying high until the third frame, when SX exploded for four runs to take the lead 6-3. SC’s runs came on two walks, two SLV errors, singles by Shady and Glass and a double by Mulholland. SLV made 9 errors in the game, which helped SC. After the third inning SC picked up a run in the fifth and two runs each in both the six and seventh frames. SLV scored two in the sixth and one in the seventh.

SC 25, Marello 0. SC didn’t score until the third inning, when it tallied one run. But the flood gates opened after that with 5, 10 and 9 runs scored in the next three innings as the game went only six innings. Mulholland started on the mound and completed the game giving up only two hits and no runs. She also hit a triple. Wright and Newberry hit home runs and Brown had a double. RBI’s: Wright 5, Newberry and Brown 3 apiece and one each for Shady Bianconi and Kinney.

May 2. Three Hits Enough For Santa Cruz To Down Aptos. “It was the night before the prom and our girls heads were not in he game,” Miguel explained. Although only managing three hits, SC downed Aptos 7-0 to remain undefeated in league. Three walks and three Aptos errors gave SC four runs without the benefit of a base hit in the bottom of the first inning. Other than the first inning it was a pitchers duel. Neri gave up three hits, issued two walks and fanned five. “Our defense came through for us again.” said Miguel. ‘We pride ourselves on our defense. A couple of times they had runners in scoring position and we were able to hold them off. SC added two insurance runs in the bottom of the third on a walk, an error and RBI singles by Colleen Mulholland and catcher Steph Giudici. SC added its final score in the fourth inning, when Kim Bianconi laid down a perfect bunt to score Trish Shady from third. RBI’s: Mulholland, Giudici and Bianconi. SC had three errors.

May 9. Santa Cruz, SLV Both Assured Of CCS Berth. Led by the pitching of Robin Neri, the Cards downed Soquel 5-1. SC is now 9-0 in league with a one and a half lead over SLV, which is 8-2 going into the final week of the season. Neri fired a three hitter, walking three and striking out one batter. “Robin pitched a very controlled game and kept us right there the whole time,” Miguel said. “Defense was another factor in the victory. Soquel had runners in scoring position, but some fine defensive plays by us kept their scoring to one run.” Soquel’s only run came on a home run. Ellen Newberry went 2 for 3 with an RBI and Tric Shady was 2 for 3, including a triple and an RBI. Mulholland had an RBI.

May 12. Cards Suffer First SCCAL Softball Loss To Harbor 6-4. Harbor finished their season with a win for a 7-5 record. SC is now 9-1 with two games remaining. SC scored a pair of runs in the top of first inning, but Harbor tied the score in the bottom half of the frame. SC had only three hits in the game. (all the rest of the article was about Harbor)

May 13. SC Triumphs. Three Aptos fielding errors in the top of the seventh inning helped SC avoid an upset as SC took advantage of the errors to score two runs to win 7-5. Aptos had taken a 5-4 lead in the bottom of the second inning, but SC knotted the score on a walk and an RBI single by Lisa Wright in the fourth inning. SC was held to five hits, but were given six walks. Ellen Newberry had two RBI’s. SC had two errors. Neri allowed six hits in a complete game win in her second consecutive day of pitching.

May 16. Santa Cruz Flattens North Monterey 4-2. For the third straight game, the Cards were flat, but they had enough to close the regular season with a win and the SCCAL championship with a 11-1 record. Three of the Card four runs were unearned and came in the fourth inning, when SC scored on two walks and two errors. SC had taken an early 1-0 lead in the first inning. Trish Shady led off with a single and was sacrificed to second, then third and scored on Kim Bianconi’s single. North Monterey scored twice in the bottom of the sixth to draw close, but Robin Neri retired them in order in the bottom of the seventh to insure victory. Neri walked one and struck out one in her win.

May 19. Santa Cruz Falls, SLV Wins In CCS Softball Playoffs. SC thought they were going to play Westmont, but due to upsets in the West Valley Athletic League, Coach Miguel did not find out that SC would be playing Mitty instead. Unfortunately, the Mitty pitcher faced just 22 batters, just one over the minimum as she breezed to her fifteenth victory with only two losses. Two Cards, who tried to steal, were cut down by the all league Mitty catcher. The pitcher gave up just three singles, walked no one and Lisa Wright was the only SC player to reach second base and it was in the first inning.
The game took just 1:12 to play, moved quickly, because SC pitcher Robin Neri also hurled a consistent game herself, allowing just three hits, three walks, which Mitty bunched together for four runs. Mitty sent eight batters to the plate in a three run third inning, which saw the Card infield unable to make the close plays that could have ended the rally. Neri set Mitty down the rest of the game, as she retired ten of the last 11 Monarchs she faced. “When you make the playoffs, the last game is almost always a loss,” said a reflective four year starter Newberry. (Very True)

Sentinel May 25. Card Shortstop Is Softball MVP. Senior shortstop Ellen Newberry was selected by the league coaches as the SCCAL Most Valuable Player and five of her teammates were selected for the first team. They are listed by position, name, and batting average. Senior, second baseman, Lisa Wright, .273. The other four are juniors, third baseman Kim Bianconi, .404. First baseman, Colleen Mulholand, .400. Right fielder Tric Shady, .396 and pitcher Robin Neri, 10 wins and one loss in league. Honorable mention were Fonsella Brown, Stephanie Giudici and Sheri Glass. SC won the SCCAL championship with a 11-1 record.

Ellen Newberry was named the most valuable player (MVP) on both the All League and All County teams. All League and All County first team players were Kim Bianconi, Colleen Mulholand, Trish Shady, Lissa Wright and Robin Neri. The same five as on the SCCAL team.

JV GIRLS SOFTBALL no information

May 16. SCCAL track and field finals at Cabrillo College was won by North Monterey with 152 points. SC was last with 13 points. The top four finishers will move on to the CCS Region IV meet at Gilroy. Joe Vitug took second in the 300 meter low hurdles in 41.2 and Jackson was third in the in the shot put at 42-4 to be the only Cards to move on to the region meet.
Soquel won the girls title with 151 points and SC was sixth with 28. Lisa Delucchi won the 100 meters in 13.0 and the 200 meters in 26.4. Howe was third in the 800 meters in 2:31.0. Murray was third in the 100 meters in 13.4. The 1600 meter relay team place second in 4:38.0. Barrett was third in the triple jump at 29-8. All four move on to the region meet.
Girls frosh-soph was won by SLV with 132 points and SC was fifth with 41. Kelly Holmes was a triple winner with wins in the 100 meters in 13.2, the 200 meters in 27.5 and 400 meters in 62.5. Houser won the mile in 6:09.5.
Boys frosh-soph was won by Harbor with 144 points and SC was fifth with 44. McLean placed was second in the 70 high hurdles. Hilger was third in the 800 in 2:14.0.SC was third in the mile relay in 4:04.6. Francis was second in the high jump at 5-10.The frosh-soph do not go on to Region competition.

May 23. League Fares Well At Region IV meet. The top three placers qualify for the CCS finals at San Jose City College. Wit Woliscko was fifth in the high hurdles.
In the girls varsity competition SC came in seventh. Lisa Delucchi was four in both the 100 and 200 meter dashes, just missing going on to CCS.
Girls frosh-soph finished twelfth with 8 points. Hilger was third in the 800 meters.

March 24. SC defeated Valley Christian 62-50. Joe Vitug won the low hurdles in 43.5, the 440 in 55.0 and ran a leg on the winning 440 relay team. Vaughn Polanco won the 220 in 26.2 an ran on the relay team along with Craig Strong, who won the pole vault at 9-6. Kllegel won the two mile in 11:10.0. The 440 relay team of Vitug, Woliczko, Strong and Polanco won in 49.1. Jackson won the discus at 123-4. The mile relay team won, but no time listed.
Girls beat Valley Christian 62-43. Junior Kristen Barrett provided the Cards with three individual victories and Danielle Howe added two more to pace the SC charge. Barrett won the shot put at 29-7, the discus at 93-8 and the high jump at 4-6. Howe won the 880 in 2:42.4 and the 330 low hurdles in 57.6 and ran a leg on the winning mile relay team. Lisa Delucchi won the 220 dash in 28.0 and also ran a leg on the relay team. Davis won the 440 1:23.4. Deck won the mile in 6:23.8. The mile relay team of Dunkell, Kaey, Delucchi and Howe won in 4:38.0.

Marello defeated SC 85-51. SC winners were Vitug the 110 high hurdles in 17.6 and the 330 low hurdles 43.9. Beenakken the mile in 4:55.47. Jackson the shot put at 42-4. Strong the pole vault at 10-0. Francis the high jump at 5-6.
SC girls defeated Marello 76-49. Double winners were Keay the 400 meters in 1:09.34 and the long jump at 13-8. Delucchi the 100 meters in 13.0 and 200 meters in 27.9. Other SC winners were Dunken the 800 meters in 2:41.7. Deck the two mile in 13:46. Barrett the triple jump at 29-8. Howe the mile in 6:24.78. The 440 relay team won in 58.3 plus the mile relay team.

April 16. North Monterey beat SC 109-27. The only Card winners were Joe Vitug in the 330 low hurdles in 41.2 and Sunil Bald the mile in 4:58.5.
SC girls defeat North Monterey 60-51. SC had only five athletes available for the meet, but that’s all they needed as Danielle Howe, Lisa Delucchi and Kristen Barrett each won three events. Howe won the 800 meters in 2:36.7, the mile in 6:10.2 and the 300 meter low hurdles in 57.1. Delucchi won the 100 meters in 12.6, the 200 meters in 27.1 and the long jump at 12-4. Barrett won the triple jump at 29-1, the high jump at 4-8 and the shot put at 30-11. SC remains undefeated in the SCCAL at 2-0 and 3-0 overall.

April 17. At the thirteenth annual Kiwanis Relays at Cabrillo College the SC boys took third places in the distance medley relay in 11:40.1, the 4×400 meter relay in 3:53.9 and the discus for a total of 392.6 feet.
The girls took first in the 4×200 meter relay in the closes finishes of the meet was the SC’s team of Regina Murray, Kelly Holmes, Ginger Brown and Lisa Delucchi edged out Aptos by three-tenths of a second 1:54.2 to 1:54.5. SC was third in the sprint medley relay in 4:50.0 and third in the long jump with a total of 51-3 feet. SC came in last with 48 points.

April 23. Harbor downs SC 95-40. Harbor 3-1, took all but four events as SC fell to 0-3. Card winners were Beenhakker the 800 meters in 2:08.4. Woliczko the 110 high hurdles in 17.2. Vitug the 330 low hurdles in 40.0. Strong the pole vault at 10.0.
Harbor girls stop SC 81-42. Lisa Delucchi was the one bright spot for SC winning the 100 in 13.37 and the 200 meter in 27.5. Other winners were Dunkell the 800 in 2:45.2. Holmes the 400 meters in 1:06.7. Deck the 1600 meters in 6:08.9. Barrett the shot put at 32 feet. Both teams have identical records 2-1 in league and 3-1 overall.

April 25. At the Pacific Grove Invitational meet SC boys scored eight points. Joe Vitug was second in the 330 low hurdles in 41.8 and second in the 120 high hurdles in 17.3.
SC girls tallied nine points. Lisa Delucchi won the 220 in 28.1.

April 30. SC upset SLV by two points 69-67. It was SC’s first victory of the season. SC had three double winners. Steve Jackson won the shot put at 41-5 and the discus at 127-1 for a personal best. Joe Vitug won the 100 meters in 11.9 and the 300 low hurdles in 40.77. Chris Francis won the triple jump at 35-10 and the high jump at 5-4. Other winners were Wolizcko the 110 meter high hurdles in 16.5. Craig Strong the pole vault at 11-0.
The SLV girls defeated SC 72-57. Lisa Delucchi was a double winner winning the 100 in 13.58 and the 200 in 27.9. Other SC winners were Holmes the 400 meters in 1:04.6. Howe the two mile in 13:18.0. Barrett the high jump at 4-4.

May 5. Aptos 90, SC 24. Joe Vitug was the lone Cardinal to take a first place winning the 330 low hurdles in 43.2.
Aptos defeated the SC girls by only 42-36. SC boasted two triple winners. Lisa Delucchi, who won the 100 meters in 13.4, the long jump in 12-4 and the 220 in 27.8. Kristen Barrett won the discus at 91-3, triple jump at 30-6 and the shot put at 30-8.

May7. Soquel topped SC 77-57. Wit Woliczko was a double winner taking the 110 meter high hurdles in 17.3 and the discus at 98-5. Other Card winners: Joe Vitug the 300 meter low hurdles in 41.4. Chris Francis the high jump at 5-8 and Craig Strong the pole vault at 10-6.
SC finished the league dual meet season with a 1-5 record.
Soquel defeated SC girls 65-49. Kristen Barrett was a triple winner for the Cards and Lisa Delucchi was a double winner. Barrett won the shot put at 30-2, discus at 95-10 for a personal best and the triple jump at 29-5. Senior Lisa Delucchi ran the fastest time in the 200 meters in the league this season with a time of 26.7 and also won the 100 meters in 12.85, but her best time this year is 12.2 tops in league. SC ends up at 2-4 in league dual meets.

Trident June 17. This was not an exceptionally good year in the won-loss record, but there were many fine personal efforts. Joe Vitug and Steve Jackson helped the boys and for the girls it was Lisa Deluchi and Kristen Barrett. The highlight for the boys was their sole SCCAL victory over SLV. For the girls it was against North Monterey, where only five girls participated and they won.

BOYS SWIMMING finished second in the league behind perennial powerhouse Harbor. Jeff Mockus and Nick Dadigan both went to the CCS finals. The teams biggest highlight was being competitive in each meet and giving all their opponents tough meets.

The team dove into the season with a victory over Woodside on March 4. The next day they lost to Monterey 32-42. Jeff Mockus was the lone double winner taking the 50 yard freestyle in 24:61 and the 500 yard freestyle in 5.34:56.

Top returning starters are senior Jeff Mockus; juniors Matt Saunders, Bruce Cline and Marty Little and sophomore Dave Houghton. Newcomers with some experience with surfing or water polo are senior Nick Dadigan, sophomore Eric Mitchell, freshman Rob Henry and Robert DeGennaro

Other team members were Michael Flatte, Dave Houghton, Bodi Tunheim, Andrew Harvey, Jason Saunders, Todd Hoberg, Greg Moise, Ben Hindin and Lou Chaplain. Coach Terry Eckhart and a new full time diving coach Dave Fafura.

Some scores: Salinas 5-2, North Salinas 5-0, Watsonville 7-0, Los Gatos 1-6 and RLS two losses.
The Cards easily went through league play, only losing four individual matches out of 80 played. The team lost in the Region IV championships to RLS 5-2.

Paul Daniels took the SCCAL singles crown for the second year in a row.

Varsity members: Peter Castillo, Anthony Castro, Duke Lee, Ron Esche, Devon Teachout, Eddie O’Brien, Paul Daniels, Jeff Newman, Andrew Kashup, Walt Alexander, Paul Brooke and Matt Kwan. Coach Dennis Mullen

The team lost only three matches this year and two of them were to Robert Louis Stevenson a top team in the section. Individually, Brooke was the leader in victories, at 15-2. Castillo was 13-3 for his senior year, while Newman was 13-4.

The team started the season with a 5-2 victory over Salinas. In two tough matches Paul Daniels won 2-6, 6-3, 6-2. Jeff Newman also won 2-6, 6-2, 6-4.

In a rain shortened match the Cards defeated North Salinas 5-0. Duke Lee won 6-2, 6-1 and Paul Brooke won 6-2, 6-3 for easy victories.

SC blanks Watsonville 7-0.

Los Gatos give SC their first defeat 1-6. The lone victory came in doubles, where the team of Anthony Castro and Peter Castillo won 7-6, 6-3.

Sentinel April 28. Cards Perfect Again. “They’re in a league by themselves, as the scores this year indicate,” said the Soquel coach as SC downed his team 6-1in the league finale. The victory capped a perfect, 8-0 league season. Number one player Andrew Kashap lost in three sets, 0-6, 7-5, 0-6 for SC‘s only loss. During the league season, SC never lost more than one match and most of the time none were lost.

At the end of the season comments. “I was very pleased with our performance and as a team and I believe we improved tremendously,” said coach Dennis Mullen. “We are a relatively young team and I hope the kids learned from the season.” Of his five singles players, Mullen is only losing two to graduation, number one Paul Daniels, who dropped a tough three-set battle in his last match of CCS and number five Peter Castillo. Number two Andrew Kashap, number three Jeff Newman and Paul Brooke are all sophomores as is Devin Teachout, who is playing number two doubles. Walt Alexander, who plays number one doubles with senior Ed O’Brien is only a freshman. Coach Dennis Mullen.

ALL SCCAL Paul Daniels took the SCCAL singles crown for the second year in a row.

JV members: Eric Bertrand, Matt Smith, Craig Dale, Josh Shaw, Dan Trebbien, Doug Potter, Danny Sidman, Ken Atkinson, Branden Hughes and Timothy Berger.

GOLF no team this year.


Senior Serena Novo had a banner year in basketball being named All League, All County and to the Cardlette All Tournament teams. Another big accomplishment was her team making the third round of the CCS playoffs. The biggest highlights of her four year varsity career was making All League as a sophomore and beating Aptos to winning the SCCAL championship last year. Her coach for all four years was Ray Hunter who said of Serena’s importance to the team, “She is our controlling force on the boards and also her motivating force. She has matured as a player. She has become very game wise and has the ability to feel when there is a change in the tempo of the game.” Senior Serena Novo had a banner year in basketball being named All League, All County and to the Cardlette All Tournament teams. Another big accomplishment was her team making the third round of the CCS playoffs. The biggest highlights of her four year varsity career was making All League as a sophomore and beating Aptos to winning the SCCAL championship last year. Her coach for all four years was Ray Hunter who said of Serena’s importance to the team, “She is our controlling force on the boards and also her motivating force. She has matured as a player. She has become very game wise and has the ability to feel when there is a change in the tempo of the game.” Serena sums up her playing philosophy saying, “It is to give all you can in every game and to make a minimal amount of mistakes, so that you do not have to look back and think about all the things you should have or should not have done.”

Senior boys athlete of the year was John Wilson. John has played football as the quarterback, guard in basketball and pitcher/first base in baseball. His drive to win has helped each program. For the third year in a row John was selected All League and All County in baseball. Basketball coach Pete Newell said of John, “Since I have been at SC I can count on one hand the players that have the utmost peer respect that John Wilson has. John is a winner, who always found a way to get the job done.” Asked what has been his greatest highlights in his four years. John replied, “In football making All County and in basketball being chosen to the Dad Club All Tournament team. In baseball making All County and All league for three years has been a great thrill and also pitching 10 innings in a 1-0 win against Robert Louis Stevenson in the CCS playoffs last year.” His greatest challenge is trying to be consistent and to perform my best in each game.” On his playing philosophy John said, ”Trying to out smart my opponent, because my ability might not be as great as his. Thus I can outplay him by being smarter then him.” John is the second person in his family to honored as the senior athlete of the year at SCHS. Quarterback John Wilson was 6 for 6 passing for 72 yards and a touchdown strike to Craig Strong against Marello. In a loss to Fremont, Wilson completed 7 of 18 passes for 108 yards. Wilson completed 8 of 13 passes for 113 yards and a touchdown against SLV. In basketball, John Wilson was an honorable mention ALL SCCAL selection and also was on the All Dads Club Tournament team. John, although not scoring, had six assists and five steals against Alisal. Against SLV in the first game of the league playoffs, John performed almost flawlessly in a pressure packed game. Despite the final dramatics of the game, Wilson’s steals in the third quarter undoubtedly led to the turning point in the game.

Senior girls athlete of the year was Ellen Newberry, who has played basketball and softball. Ellen was named Most Valuable Player All League and All County softball teams. Softball coach Vic Miguel has had Ellen as a player for four years. Ellen is a very energetic player and her enthusiasm has spilled off to the other players. She has been an intricate part of the success the teams have had over the four years.” Basketball coach Ray Hunter commented, “She has been a scholar athlete for all four years as well as being an important member of the team for four years. On her greatest highlights she said, “A big thrill was almost beating Los Gatos in the Cardlette Tournament for Los Gatos ended up as the number one Girls team in their division in Northern California. Also we got to the quarter finals of CCS this year and finished first last year. In softball this whole season was a highlight and the fun times the team had going to various tournaments.” Her greatest challenge was “Putting 100% into each game and practice, because playing every day tends to make a person mechanical. In each game you have to fully concentrate. Her playing philosophy, “Putting a full effort into every part of the game so you achieve your full potential.”

Against Marello, Glen Hill ran for two touchdowns and caught a 34 yard touchdown pass.
Glen Hill scored two touchdowns, rushed for 101 yards, caught three passes for 58 yards and kicked a 34 yard field goal to top it off against SLV. This game is just a sample of what he has done this year in football. Glen was selected to the first team ALL SCCAL basketball team. In an upset win over Harbor, Glen Hill got two of his 24 points on a slam dunk that brought the crowd to its feet and was a highlight of the season. It also put SC’s record at 6-2 and gave them a tie for second place. Hill also pulled down eight rebounds and had the duty of guarding Harbors top scorer in the Cards man to man defense. Hill allowed him only ten shots. Against SLV, Hill performed almost flawlessly in a pressure packed game. Hill closed the night with a team high 16 points, eight of them in the fourth quarter as he hit 7 of 10 shots from the field.

Clyde Brown intercepted two passes, recovered a SLV fumble and ran 13 yards on a reverse around end for a touchdown. Clydes main contribution to the football team this year has been his fierce play in the defensive backfield.

April Janow and Alicia Kitsuse were girls tennis league champs in doubles, which qualified them to participate in the CCS tennis matches.

Paul Daniels took the SCCAL singles crown for the second year in a row and led his team to its fourth straight league championship.

Peter Castillo the number five player was 13-3 for the season. Los Gatos a top team in CCS, gave SC their first defeat 1-6. The lone victory came in doubles, where the team of Anthony Castro and Peter Castillo won 7-6, 6-3.

Danielle Howe finishing first in the first meet of the season against North Monterey, on the SC 2.08 mile course up in the UCSC area, to led the girls to a win. At the SLV meet Danielle Howe took first place in 14:12.

Top wrestler was Dan Prucha a senior transfer from Nebraska, who placed fourth in the State championship tournament there as a junior. Dan started wrestling at the age of twelve, while in California, wrestlers don’t usually start until junior high. But in the Mid-West wrestling is one of the main sports. In his four tournaments this year, he won two and placed second in two, while qualifying for the State meet. Dan finished the season with a 23-2 record. He won his weight class at the SCCAL tournament, was fourth at CCS and qualified for the State meet.

Nick Dadigan chosen as soccer ALL SCCAL as Offensive Player of the Year for the second year in a row. He was also an ALL COUNTY pick. Nick led the team in league scoring with 16 goals and for the season with 21 goals. Nick went to the CCS finals in swimming.

Sergio Sierra was a first team ALL SCCAL soccer player. He was also an ALL COUNTY pick.

Greg DeRenne was a first team ALL SCCAL soccer player. He was also an ALL COUNTY pick.

Carlos Chagolla was a first team ALL SCCAL soccer player. He was also an ALL COUNTY pick.

Goalie Fred Plageman was a first team ALL SCCAL soccer player. He was also an ALL COUNTY pick.

Jeff Mockus went to the CCS finals in swimming.. Jeff led the swim team in being competitive in each meet and giving all their opponents tough meets. In a loss to Monterey 32-42, Jeff was the lone double winner taking the 50 yard freestyle in 24:61 and the 500 yard freestyle in 5.34:56.

Kaydon Coburn was selected to the first team ALL SCCAL basketball team. Against Carmel, Kaydon Coburn scored 18 points and registered 10 rebounds. Eighteen of his points came in the second half and 10 came in the fourth quarter. Coburn scored 26 points against North Monterey with most of his baskets caming from inside the key, as the Condors couldn’t stop the 6-5 senior forward-center once he got down low. Kaydon had the assignment to stop Marello’s big center and their top player. He prevented him from getting the ball where he likes to. Coburn had a great weekend scoring 26 points last night against North County and tonight doing the job on Marello’s top scorer, while leading the Cards with 12 points, five steals and grabbed seven rebounds. To start the second half of league action SC defeated SLV 61-58 in overtime. Kaydon Coburn got five of his 21 points in the overtime period. “The key play of the game came when Bill Domhoff coming out of backcourt with his eyes up and made a three quarter court pass to Coburn under the basket, who dropped the ball into the bucket to put SC ahead to stay. What a play? That turned the whole game around,” said Coach Newell. In an upset win over Harbor, which put SC’s record at 6-2 and gave them a tie for second place, Coburn pitched in with 17 points, six rebounds and six assists.

Steve Glass was an honorable mention ALL SCCAL selection. Against Marello, Steve turned in a stellar performance. Glass was the game’s top rebounder with 10, scored nine points and came up with four steals.

Rick Lyons made the basketball All League defensive team.

Craig Whitesell was an honorable mention ALL SCCAL selection.


ALL SCCAL players Kathy Wilson and Andra Farstad are first stringers at Cabrillo. Wilson at catcher and Farstad at third base for a Cabrillo team that was 7-1 to start the season. Both have been hitting well.

See 1988 for story on John Wilson.

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