Download complete file with overview and stats: 1939


Miggs Dressel, varsity football, lightweight basketball and head of track
Merle Briggs, varsity basketball and lightweight football
Stevens, tennis.


practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Palo Alto 0-22
San Jose 6-0
Pacific Grove 35-7
Practice record 2-1

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 20-0
Monterey 7-13
Hollister 13-7
Watsonville 0-0
League 2-1-1, second place.
Season 4-2-1.

Team listed by position, name, year in school and an abbreviation of the other sports they play. BB for Basketball, T for track and B for baseball.
ends were Richard Dunham, SR, and Maurice Smith, SR, BB
tackles, Jack Rittenhouse JR, T
Butler JR and Captain, Attilto Dagliotte, SR, T
guards, Ted Parker, SR, Delbert Colelough JR, and Clarence Verhines, SR, BB, B
center, Dick Voris, JR, T
quarterback, Lloyd Hebbron, SR, BB
halfbacks, Dick Shively, SR, T and Therm Fought, SR, BB, B
Andy Maranta, SR, BB and T.

Other players:
Backfield: Ray Borden, Angell, Freeman, Coen, and Miles.
Lineman: Gozzi, Hope, Foster, Falconer and Nelson.

Cards beat Cowboys for first time in a decade.
The Cardinals defeated the Salinas Cowboys for the first time in eleven years, who this year out weighed the Santa Cruz team fifteen pounds a man. Andy Maranta crashed over center for three yards into hitherto forbidden territory to score standing up with a couple of Cowboys practicing “bronco busting” on his back. The Cardinals scored in the middle of the fourth period, when a beautiful kick by Fought went 65 yards rolling to the Salinas 9 yard line. Salinas’ kick was blocked by Jack Rittenhouse, who fell on the ball in the end zone. Maranta again converted for the extra point. The starters went the whole game. Orchids to the center of the line for a surprise showing against a team that outweighed them 25 pounds per man.

Cardinals lose to Monterey’s powerful team 7-13 and their top runner Dooley Bruno, who on the second scoring drive carried the ball fourteen times and made 72 yards and a touchdown. Monterey scored the first time when they returned the opening kick off to the fifty yard line. As the Cards were watching for Bruno, Chappell did the running and went in to score and take the lead 0-7 after only two minutes of play. The Cards returned the kick off to the 34, then marched 64 yards to the two yard line from where Therm Fought took it in. Two passes netted 44 of the 64 yards. One was a pass from Maranta to Borden for a gain of 27 yards.

Cards win over Balers with power 13-6.
Cards come from behind in nice victory. Fought stars as Cardinals stage last half rally. After a scoreless first half, the Cards received a stern “bawling out” from their coach, which seemed to help. Hollister scored the first touchdown after the half, when Smith, Hollister’s best man on the field, snagged a pass in the end zone. Soon after this a long pass from Maranta to Borden set the Cards up to score. Maranta pushed it over to tie the score. He missed the extra point this time. The Cards drove down the field a few more times led by Fought and by the end of the third quarter had it near the goal line. At the start of the fourth quarter Maranta pushed it over for a score and kicked the extra point.

Cards-Cats battle to tie game.
The hardest fought Armistice Day game between Santa Cruz and Watsonville ended in a scoreless 0-0 tie. Before 5,000 wild cheering football fans on Memorial field. Actually, the Cardinals out did their opponent in every thing, but the scoring. Three times the Card eleven had the ball within the Wildcat ten yard line, but did not have the power to push it over. In the mid-field the Red jerseyed team showed a world of strength, but after getting inside the twenty yard line, lost all their power. The first quarter had the Cards pushing the Cats all over the field. Runs by Maranta, Shively and Hebbron almost set the home team up for a score. Therman Fought gave the stands a thrill, when he picked up a fumble and ran the length of the field for supposed touchdown. But it was called back by the referee as a recovered fumble cannot be picked up and run with. (the rules today would have allowed the touchdown). The third and fourth quarters were very evenly fought. Outstanding for the Cardinals was Jack Rittenhouse, who was a tower of strength in the line. Andy Maranta was probably the best man on the field. His line work brought many favorable comments. One flaw was there was only one completed pass out of the 18 thrown.


No practice games were played.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 0-12
Monterey 0-6
Hollister 6-13
Watsonville 0-12
League and season 0-4.

junior ends, Becknell and Kitahara
tackles, junior, A. Demos and sophomore, Cattera
senior guards, Coen and Yockey; senior center, Bob Puget
backs: seniors, Bernie Bourriague and Mike Demo
Junior backs, Ernie King and sophomore, Dover
Other team members: Stanley, McCullah, Haber, Snyder, Meyers, Manildi, Foss, Dean, Parson, Perdue, Dean, Alvarez, Rossi, Chuna, Berg, Skotland, Stiffler, Okino, Wickson, Bibbins and Otsuki.

The Monterey game was witnessed by 200 students with about 50 percent of them being elementary grade pupils, who made more noise and had more spirit than any shown by the high school students. The lone score of the game came when Monterey intercepted a pass and ran it to the one yard line. The Cardlets valiantly held for three downs, but could not hold on the fourth down to lose 0-6. The starting line up for this game:
ends, Jack Scofield and Lee Macauley
tackles, Bill DeVenney and Aldo Cattera
guards, Hamlin Withem and Bill Yockey
center, Lee Goff
backs, Captain Hershel Scofield, Ernie King, Ugo Armanini and Mark Hashimoto
Others who saw action “Fiddle” Kitahara, Jeff Snow, Jack Oney and Mike Demos.

Cardlets scored first in the Hollister game and their only score of the season for a 6-0 lead.
The lone score came on a pass from Ugo Armanini to Lee Macaulay. Macaulay then drop kicked the extra point. Most outstanding for the Cardlets was little Mike Demos, who ran some punts back for nice gains. Hollister came back to win the game 6-13.

League champion Watsonville was given all they could handle by the Cardlets. But once again the Cardlets went down in defeat, but this time in perhaps glorious defeat, looking like a football team. They put up a great fight, but it was not quite good enough. They were organized, fought hard, and were together better than any time this year. The big play of the game for the Cardlets was when a Kitten runner broke away for what looked like a sure touchdown and Ernie King nailed him from behind. Lee Macaulay and Bill DeVinney were standouts in the line. Geoff Snow, who played most of the game for the first time this year was a decided improvement in the line up.

There were only a few closely contested league games. The closes was the last game of the season against rival Watsonville.

Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 29-41
San Jose Tech 19-23
Palo Alto 25-33
Santa Clara 36-20
Chaminade 28-18
Practice record 2-3.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 40-27, 39-23
King City 64-14, 36-8
Gonzales 44-18, won
Pacific Grove 36-25, 45-19
Monterey 29-8, 46-8
Watsonville 47-25, 28-20
League record 12-0. Season 14-3.

League standings:
Santa Cruz 12-0
Watsonville 6-4
King City 5-5
Gonzales and Salinas 4-6
Monterey 3-7
Pacific Grove 2-8.

Returnees from last year are the leagues holder of the scoring record for a season, Andy Maranta, Therm Fought, Bill Foote, Clarence Verhines, Maurice Smith, Bill Royse, Bob Voris and Don Griffin. Three new key team members came from the 1938 and 1939 undefeated lightweight championship basketball teams: center, Bob De Witt; guard, Lloyd Hebbron and forward, Brad Trine. The three key former lightweights made an impact on this team.

It was a new varsity squad, a different team from the first three games, that took the floor against Salinas winning 40-27. A score that was music, sweet and swinging to hundreds of rabid Santa Cruz fans. Salinas did not play well, as the Cowboys took 71 shots and made only 11. SC took 55 shots with 50 of them within 10’ of the basket making 17. A much better percentage because of the greater accuracy possible with closer in shots. Scoring: De Witt had 21, Maranta 12, Foote and Fought 1 each, Hebbron 5, Verhines, Griffin, Voris and Royse 0.

Due to unprecedented cooperation, the School Board approved the use of the new school bus to be used for all the trips for the rest of the year. We all thank them for this act of kindness.

The Cards ran into a center, who acted like a blocking back in football, setting screens for the King City forwards, who took 41 shots and scored 25 points between them. In the process the Cards guarding the forwards were taking a beating every time they ran into the center and got picked off. The Cardinals looked good, but there is plenty of room for improvement. They were again out shot by their opponent and won the game on free throws. Verhines took his first shot of the year and to everyone’s amazement sank it. Scoring: forwards, Maranta 12 and Foote 7; center, DeWitt 6; guards, Fought 4, and Verhines 2. Subs Trine and Smith 0.

Heavies trounce Pacific Grove in a rough game 36-25.
Maranta goes out on fouls in the third quarter, when the Pacific Grove scorer added an extra foul to his name, when he still had one more to go. Trine looked good at center and led the scoring with 11.

Maranta stars in 39-23 massacre of Salinas.
The Cards easily penetrated the Cowboy’s attempted defense and scored at will. Maranta and DeWitt led the scoring with 19 and 12 points.

In a 64 point game against third place King City team, the scoring: De Witt 20, Maranta 18, Foote 16, Fought 3, Royse and Griffin 2 each, Trine 1, Verhines 0, Smith 0. Final score 64-14.

Playing one of their cleanest games of the season, the Cards played the entire first half without having a foul called on them, ending up beating Pacific Grove 45-16. Leading scorers Trine 17, DeWitt 13 and Maranta 12.

The big moment to end the season undefeated was completed with a win over Watsonville 28-20. It was a worn out team, having to play six games in two weeks. The team preserved for posterity DeWitt’s great record of having never lost a CCAL game in three years of competition as a lightweight and varsity player. He is a great player and well deserves that unusual record.

Trident column Sinclair speaks:
For the third time in twenty years Santa Cruz has won the CCAL heavyweight pennant outright without having to share as co-champions. One in 1920, again in 1935 and the greatest team of them all, in 1939. That’s a great record. No other team in the CCAL has been in so many playoffs, no team has lost so many playoffs as Santa Cruz. That is the way it has been in the past.
Added information: In 1920, SC had a 7-0 record for the championship. In 1927 the league schedule included all the schools with Pacific Grove going undefeated to gain the overall championship. Santa Cruz beat the other A league schools and was given the A league cup at the board of managers meeting. There was some question about this, since the league said it was all one league and not broken up into A and B leagues. In 1929 SC was in a tri-championship with Pacific Grove and Monterey, with Pacific Grove winning the playoffs. In 1933 there was a co-championship with Salinas, which won the playoff. In 1936 Watsonville tied SC and won the playoff. It has been a frustrating time, especially with practically all the games very closely contested affairs.

The coach gave the team a bean feed at his home on the Pasatiempo golf course. Rifle shooting, golfing, ping pong and archery were enjoyed under the not too careful watching of “Hawksaw” the coach.

ALL CCAL selections were Andy Maranta, Bob DeWitt and Therman Fought


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
San Jose 12-27
San Jose Tech 17-14
Palo Alto 18-33
Santa Clara 19-17
Chaminade 35-20
Practice record 3-2.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 13-25, 36-13
King City 19-9, 36-8
Gonzales 19-13, lost
Pacific Grove 24-21, win
Monterey 27-13, 28-19
Watsonville 15-26, 12-14.
League record 8-4 for third place.
Season record 11- 6. Salinas won the league with only the one loss given to them by the Cardlets.

League standings:
Salinas 9-1
Pacific Grove 8-2
Santa Cruz 8-4
Monterey 5-5
Gonzales, King City and Watsonville 2-8.

A disastrous third quarter against Salinas proved too much for a much improved Cardlet team. It was the third quarter, when Salinas scored 12 points to the Cardlets zero. The Cardlets were the better team in the fourth quarter, but not enough to make up for the third period. Final score was 13-25 with the difference of 12 in the third. Scoring: Puget 6, Bliss and Becknell 3 each, Jellison 1, Mahood, Armanini, Jeantrout, Bourrriague, Ward and B. Scofield 0.

Mahood won the game for the Cardlets both offensively and defensively against King City 19-9 in a slow game. It was the first time this year Mahood showed what he could do. Jellison also played well. Scoring: forwards, Puget 1 and Bliss 2; center, Jellison 7; guards, Mahood 9 and Becknell 0.

In the 24-21 win over undefeated Pacific Grove, Mahood was a power on the boards and led the team in scoring. Bicknell was handicapped by the low ceiling and his arch shots landed in the rafters. Scoring: Mahood 9, Bliss 5, Bicknell and Jellison 4 each, Armanini 2, Jeantrout 0.

The rampaging last place Watsonville Wildkittens, whose only two wins were against the Cardlets won 12-14. Starters and points scored: forwards, Bourrriague and Jeantrout 4; center, Jellison 4; guards, Scofield and Armanini. Subs Mahood 1, Puget 3, Bliss and Ward. Missing was a team star out with poor grades.

Lightweights ALL CCAL selections were John Jellison and Ugo Armanini


Practice games:
(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Santa Clara 8-2
Chaminade 4-0
King City 1-2, 1-4
Practice record 2-2.

(listed as the team Santa Cruz High played then the score, SC-rival)
Salinas 11-0, 5-4
Hollister 5-9, 4-2
Watsonville 1-3, 3-2
Monterey 13-0, 11-0
League 6-2, Champions.
Season 8-4.

The two coaches by mutual agreement decided not to play off the tie. Hollister said it was too close to graduation and SC was dubious about playing after the teams performance the last two games.

In his first appearance on the mound freshman, John Davis, who shared the starting duties with junior, Joe Brovia, gave up 3 singles, 2 walks and struck out 2 for the win. When not pitching Davis and Brovia played in the outfield.

Brovia hurls two hit game and fans 13 in 11-0 win against Salinas. Smith hits homer. Joe Brovia and Maurice Smith were the big guns of the Cards each going 3 for 4 at the plate and they had 4 of the 6 extra base hits.

Davis still at Branciforte Junior High pitched a no hit game as Cards skunk the Toreadors 13-0. The carrot topped right hander pitched a no hitter and struck out 13 in his second performance in a SC uniform for the greatest record ever for a CCAL pitcher. Davis used his head more than his arm in this victory and caught every corner on the plate for strikes. Many times Johnny had 3 balls and no strikes on the batter, only to wiff him moments later.

The Cards moved into a threatening spot in the league by beating Salinas 5-4. The Cards started out big in the first inning, when they got two runs on three hits. Kitahara singled, went to second on Fought’s sacrifice and scored on a hard single by Brovia. Ponza knocked in Brovia with a triple. Two runs were scored on singles by Kitahara, Fought and Brovia and then on a wild throw. Davis held the Cowboys to seven hits, three of them in the last inning.

Cards beat Cats 3-2: Ernie King wins game in eighth.
Ernie King in the role of a pinch hitter, singled to center to plate Bob Peterson for the winning run. Peterson and Kitahara had singled and King had fouled off five strikes before he hit a hard bounder which bounced away from the outfielder allowing Kitahara to score also, but his run did not count since the game was over with Petersons run. Davis pitched the first six innings and was replaced by Brovia, who gave up one hit in two innings. Watsonville hit a home run in the sixth to tie the score. The Cards big inning was the fourth when they scored two runs. The difference in the game was only one error was made by the Cards rather then the normal 4 or 5.

Brad Trine limited Monterey to three hits in a Cardinal 11-0 win while the Cards got 12 hits. The only extra base hits were a double and triple by Davis.

“Joltin” Joe Brovia, pitcher, hitter extraordinary led the Cards to the title.
At the last title deciding game against Hollister, Joe pitched the last 4 innings not allowing a hit, striking out 8. Joe drove home two runs in the fifth with a screaming single to seal the win and eventually the shared championship. Later in the inning Lee Mahood drove Brovia home for the winning run. Johnny Davis struck out 3 in 3 innings. The pitching was outstanding, but the defense allowed the two runs scored by Hollister. The Cards had a big win 4-2. In the outfield, Joe was not the fastest player on the team, but that did not keep him for going all out after balls hit his way. With a runner on third, Joe had to run about 30 yards to make a diving, face in the dirt catch. Joe jumped up and made a perfect throw to third to double the runner off for a double play and run saving play.

A couple of games top hitters against Monterey and Salinas with hits first then at bats ( 3 hit and 4 at bats):
Davis 3-4, 3-3
Fought 3-3 2-4
Kitahara 2-4, 3-4
Vierra 2-3, 2-3
Brovia 3-4, 2-3.

The 1939 baseball team was made up of many fine athletes who excelled in other sports as well. Captain, Mahlon Fought, catcher
pitchers, junior Joe Brovia and Brad Trine, and freshman, Johnny Davis
Peterson, 1B
Art Kitahara, 2B
Ernie King and Joe Gurriere, 3B
Smith, SS
Outfielders, George Ponza, Mahood, Joe Vierra, Verhines, Scofield, Maranta, Rebuffo and Mark Hashimoto.

Unfortunately for the team Joe Brovia left school his senior year to sign with the San Francisco Seals. Joe went on to fine professional career getting a cup of coffee in the major leagues, but starring in the West Coast major leagues called the Pacific Coast league.


CCAL meet
Salinas 38
SC 23
Monterey 17
Pacific Grove 16
Hollister 13
King City 5
Watsonville, Gonzales and Boulder Creek did not score

SC scored 8 points

CCAL meet
Dick Shively won the 220 low hurdles and took a third in the 100.
Fenner Angel won the 120 high hurdles.
The 880 relay team of Ditmar, Fenner Angel, Stan Breeden and Dick Shively set a CCAL record. At 1:34.1.
Stan Breeden was second in the 220.
Bill De Venney set a SC record at CCAL at 11’6”. At NCS he broke his record again with a 12’4 vault.
All of these men will be competing at NCS.

Even with these good results in CCAL competition only the 880 relay team scored at NCS with a fifth place finish the best result for a SC lightweight team up to now. The 880 relay team comprised Ditmar, Fenner Angel, Stan Breeden and Dick Shively. Other participants Bill DeVenney in pole vault and Dick Shively in low hurdles.

Lightweight, Lee Macaulay set CCAL records in the 120 high hurdles at 14.5 and in the 220 low hurdles at 19.2. He took third place at NCS in the low hurdles. Macaulay plans on continuing his education and track career at Salinas JC, which has an exceptional track program. The coach at Salinas, Bud Winters, went on to coach Olympians at San Jose State.

Other heavyweight members: Anderson, Liebbrandt, Sellick, Coen, Rasmussen, Morgan, Griffin, Brazil, Burton, Ogle, Carmean, Williams, Voris, Dogliotti, Schenk, Rittenhouse, Maranta, and Bravermen.

Other Lightweights: Phelps, Sherry, Hashimoto, Perdue, Murray, Scofield, Bob Puget, Phillips, Nakagiri, Yockey and King.


SC beat Monterey easily in final win for their fifth straight title. Team members Jimmie O’Hara was the Santa Cruz Junior Champion, Bill Ashton, Barry Bliss, Brad Trine, Bert Ogle, Sam Hall, George Becknell, Farrell Dedrick and Ross Evans. Frosh Eugene Shatkin was on the Cardlet basketball team, but tennis is his game. Eugene is tall and has the endurance and courage to win. Sophomore, Tom Butler is small, which handicaps him, but he plays regularly and has improved greatly.

O’Hara and Ogle star in tennis victory against San Mateo by a score of 9-2. The Cardinals are undefeated in five tournaments to date.

Netsters defeat Salinas 8-3 in. the coach expected a 11-0 sweep, but Salinas surprised.

Cards win over Cats 11-0. Out of the possible 138 games Watsonville won only 8. Players listed by order of the ladder: Trine, Ashton, O’Hara, Bliss, Shatkins, Butler, Dedrick and Ogle.

Netsters defeat Pacific Grove 11-0. Jimmie O’Hara, second man and Bert Ogle, sixth man won all their matches without losing a game, which is quite an accomplishment. It seems to be getting a habit with them as they have done it repeatedly in past performances.

Over the course of their four league titles, the Cards have captured 525 games to their opponents 232. Led by Bill Ashton who has lost, but 4 games in all his singles matches and Jimmie O’Hara with only 8 losses, the Cardinals hung up a record that they might well be proud of. So with the season gone by, we give a pat on the back to those five old men who have played their last for Santa Cruz, Bill Ashton, Jimmie O’Hara, Barry Bliss, Bert Ogle and Farrrell Dedrick.

Bill Ashton and doubles partner Jimmie O’Hara were champions of NCS and STATE.
Number one singles player, Barry Bliss won NCS and made the semi-finals at STATE.


Second in league to Pacific Grove by 9 strokes.
Dick Voris tied with two Pacific Grove men for low gross at 84 strokes to share medalist honors.
Other team members scoring:
Bob Peterson, 88
Bob Voris, 97
David Nelson, 102
Team total of 362 to Pacific Grove’s total of 371.

In the last regular match of the year the Cards out scored Salinas 17-1. Bob Voris won low honors with an 82. Others who made up the six man team: Bob Peterson 84, Dick Voris 88, Ernie King 89, David Nelson 95, Tom Butler 96.


Andy Maranta in 1937 was ALL CCAL as a sophomore for heavyweight basketball and led the league in scoring with a 11.4 average. Maranta did not attend school in 1938, but worked instead. In 1939 Maranta was ALL CCAL in basketball. Maranta played football, basketball and track for three years. In 1939 Maranta broke the league scoring record and scored 45 points in one game. In track in 1937 Maranta set a new record for the football throw of 213’7” to break Manuel Netto’s record throw of last year by 20’.

Bob De Witt made ALL CCAL for 3 years. Two years on lightweight and this year on varsity.

Therm Fought made 8 letters and was a star in 3 sports. ALL CCAL guard in basketball. This year Fought was captain of the baseball team. Fought has been a star for 3 years and for the first two years played 3B. This year for the benefit of the team he moved to catcher. Fought was also a main cog in the contending football team.

Dick Shively varsity track was first in the 220 and third in 440 at the CCAL meet and was a top runner on the football team for two years. He went on to play football in college.

Joe Brovia was born in Davenport and transferred to SCHS for his junior year. He was a strike out pitcher in high school and a powerful hitter. In one game he struck out 13 and had two doubles and a single going 3 for 4. Not a bad day. In 1940 Brovia left school to work out with the SF Seals. The Seals manager former major league batting champ was impressed with the hitting of the 6‘, 210, 17 year old. He was sent to El Paso of the Arizona-Texas league were he hit for a league high .383 batting average. Joe spent the next 4 years in the service. In 1946 he played with Salt Lake of the Pioneer league and was second in the league in hitting .339. The following year he spent with the Seals again hitting .333 with power.

Lloyd Hebbron played one year of lightweight track, two years on championship light weight basketball teams, two years of outstanding work on the lightweight football team, and one year as a regular on both the varsity football and basketball teams.

Larry MacLean, a transfer student, has had two years of brilliant work on the varsity track team. He was the backbone of the squad. He graduated mid term, so he was not eligible for track this year.

Bob De Witt was one of the main cogs and an ALL CCAL player on this years 1939 championship basketball team. De Witt was ALL CCAL in basketball three times, two as a lightweight and one on varsity. All three where championship teams and went undefeated in league play. In his last season on varsity De Witt scored in the high teens normally, getting into the twenty’s occasionally.

Johnny Davis, a freshman, was on the championship basketball team, but spent most of his time playing for the SCHS team in the city league. He will be playing and doing some pitching on the baseball team this year. He plays football, basketball, baseball and track and excels in them all.

FORMER SC PLAYERS OF THE 1930’S who have continued to play.

Bud Beasley was a three sport star in baseball, lightweight football, and basketball. Beasley went on to play for the University of Nevada baseball team and was a long time Reno high baseball coach. He played minor league baseball and for many years played for the Reno town team. He taught at Reno high school into his 80’s. He and his wife had five children. But still took in foster kids who needed their help.

Joe Lantange helped San Jose State beat Fresno in baseball.

Kenny Gleason captain of football team and outstanding athlete was the starting quarterback for Fresno State varsity in 1936. In 1933 he was a starter on the title winning basketball team.

David Beaver guard at Fresno State.

Hank Leibbrandt was captain of the basketball team at San Jose State winner of the Far Western Conference.

Bill Staples was a regular, speedy hard hitting player on the Fresno State frosh football team.

Bob Hughes a tennis star here is now a member of the tumbling team at Cal.

Hod Kelly of Fresno State was a basketball All Far Western State conference player at guard.

Loren Nichols also of Fresno State was an honorable mention forward.

George Nelson was winning wrestling matches at San Jose State.

Ray Carpenter has won 12 bouts in a row at Cal Poly SLO.

Jim Nicholson last years baseball captain, pitcher and best all around player while trying out for the San Francisco Missions has been sent to Muskogee, Oklahoma in the Western league.

Wayne Osburne former SCHS pitcher is pitching for the Stockton pro team. Later in his career he progress through the leagues to the majors. Osburne who was a top pitcher for the SC was 18-11 with the SF Missions in the Pacific Coast league last year. He has played for the major league Brooklyn Dodgers and the Boston Bees.

1936 grad Bill Clemenson in 1934 as a sophomore pitcher showed his potential even then. In 1935 Clemenson struck out 51 in 39 innings, the team went 5-1 in league and 8-1 overall. Clemenson also played football and basketball. A 1946 Trident article said, “Clemenson is now pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates after spending 4 years in the service. Clemenson was a coach and director of physical fitness program for the army in Tucson. Clemenson is in Spring training with the team in El Centro.” The Sporting News lists Clemenson as an outstanding possibility to start the season in the major leagues. In Spring training with the Pirates he beat the San Francisco Seals 12-2.

1939 basketball championship member and ALL CCAL player Bob De Witt is first string at Modesto JC in 1940. While at SCHS De Witt was ALL CCAL in basketball three times, two as a lightweight, one on varsity – all were championship teams. Both lightweight teams were undefeated. In his last season on varsity De Witt scored in the high teens normally, getting into the 20’s occasionally. De Witt was a first string player at Modesto JC in 1940.

Local boy leaves for tryout with Yankees. “Lefty” Pellegrini, southpaw chucker on the championship baseball teams of 1936 and 1937 was a six letter man at Santa Cruz High. He starred on three baseball teams, played end on the 1937 lightweight football team and played on two championship lightweight basketball teams. Pellegrini holds the scoring record for CCAL lightweights with 125 points in 1938. At the end of that season he was awarded the Lions Club Trophy of Merit. Pellegrini is at present the assistant instructor in the Printing department here at SCHS.

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