How leagues are divided into A, B, C classifications

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These alignments do not necessary apply for all sport. They might in some sports. The leagues, whose teams have the best records and best teams are in the A league. A league might move up or down in classification the following season by how well their teams did. When a team plays other than CCS teams, an opponent who won 75 percent of their games is considered A league. Any other out of CCS opponent is considered a B team. C teams are normally smaller schools, but not necessarily.

Some leagues will have from two to three divisions. The Blossom Valley Athletic League and Mission Trails Athletic League (MTAL) have three divisions. Santa Clara Valley Athletic League (SCVAL) and the Peninsula Athletic league (PAL) have two divisions.

Leagues in the A classification

SCVAL division De Anza Athletic League (DAL)

BVAL division Mount Hamilton Athletic League (MHAL)

West Catholic Athletic League (WCAL)

Santa Cruz County Athletic League (SCCAL)

Mission Trails Athletic League (MTAL)

Tri-County Athletic League (TCAL)

Seven leagues

B Leagues

SCVAL, El Camino Division ECAL

Monterey Bay League (MBL)

MTAL, Mission Division

PAL Bay Division

BVAL, Santa Teresa Division (STAL)

Five leagues

C Leagues

BVAL division West Valley Athletic League (WVAL)

MTAL division Coastal

PAL division Bay

PSAL Private Schools Athletic League

Four leagues

Each league’s top two teams are automatically in the playoffs. Any other team in the league must turns in their record with the number of points earned. Playing an A league team and losing is still worth one point. Teams are motivated to play better teams to earn more points to become eligible for the CCS Playoffs. Losses against any other classification is worth no points.

In baseball there are only three divisions and they are divided by the size of the school. Larger schools are in Division I, next group into Division II and smallest schools into Division III. A division can consist of any group of eight teams. The division will have 8, 16 or 32 teams normally.

In the 2005 school year for basketball, the five divisions are divided by the size of the schools. Schools over 2001 students are in Division I. Division II, 1551 to 2000.

Division III, 1201 to 1550. Division IV, 501 to 1200. Division V, 0 to 500.

In the SCCAL the schools in Division II, Aptos 1, 695. Division III, Soquel 1,326, Santa Cruz 1,208 and Harbor 1,201. Division IV, SLV 1,086, Scotts Valley 877. Division V, St. Francis 157.

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